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#rockbox log for 2002-10-13

00:02:47 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
00:03:20langhaarrockerweren't there plans to put a read_line function into file.c?
00:04:06Bagderyes, there is one I believe for the cfg reading
00:04:19langhaarrockerbut it is static in settings.c
00:05:15Bagderseems a bit stupid
00:05:54langhaarrockerI remember a discussion about read_line, I have about three versions from different patches around here and don't want to write a 4th one.
00:06:19Bagderjust remove the static then, to start with
00:07:02 Join Phantomdjp [0] (
00:07:05Phantomdjphi !
00:07:10Phantomdjphelp again :
00:07:35langhaarrockerWhy is Zagor not around when he's needed. I'm pretty sure that he had the 5th variant of read_line...
00:07:47BagderI bet he does ;-)
00:07:57Phantomdjp***No rule to make target 'lang/.lang', needed by 'build.lang'. Stop.
00:08:17langhaarrockerWhich makefile?
00:08:25Bagderwhat language did you select?
00:08:35PhantomdjpHow to select a language ?
00:08:44Bagderare you using cygwin?
00:08:55*Bagder shrugs
00:09:01*langhaarrocker too
00:09:03Phantomdjpsh-elf tool chain
00:09:05Bagderwelcome to win32 hell
00:09:15Phantomdjpas in
00:10:25Phantomdjphelp me please
00:10:34Bagderthe pure windows make files are in bad shape
00:10:46BagderI strongly recommend the cygwin route
00:11:02hardeepPhantomdjp: try make -f win32.mak LANGUAGE=english
00:12:12hardeepbut I would second Badger's suggestion of using cygwin
00:12:27PhantomdjpI have cygwin BUT don't know how to use it..I ve compile all
00:12:55Phantomdjpbut don't know how to compile the .ajz
00:13:11langhaarrockerHas anyone made cygwin make a uisim for windows?
00:13:22hardeepit's done by the makefile, make sure you've run make in the tools dir before starting build
00:13:26Bagderlanghaarrocker: I don't think so
00:14:07hardeeplanghaarrocker: i've only got it working with VC6
00:14:29langhaarrockerPhantomdjp: if you use it works superb
00:14:58Phantomdjpok tell me ALL what I must to do please
00:15:57Phantomdjpthat is a FULL cygwin ???
00:16:02hardeepPhantomdjp: if you're using cygwin just follow the instructions in
00:16:22langhaarrocker1.) install cygwin
00:16:23langhaarrocker2.) install
00:16:23langhaarrocker3.) cvs checkout
00:16:23DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
00:16:23langhaarrocker4.) mod some paths
00:16:23langhaarrocker5.) make build dir
00:16:23***Alert Mode level 1
00:16:23langhaarrocker6.) run configure
00:16:25langhaarrocker7.) make
00:16:27langhaarrocker8.) be happy
00:16:43CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:16:43*Phantomdjp shoot him
00:17:09*langhaarrocker dropped dead
00:17:18Bagderyou only do this once, and then you'll have your rockbox build environment setup nice and clean forever! ;-)
00:17:24 Quit django|away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:17:51langhaarrockerbesides you want the uisim, too
00:18:07langhaarrockerThen you need VC6, too
00:18:16Phantomdjpuisim can't be done under windows I think
00:18:25Bagdersomeone should make it build with cygwin
00:18:39langhaarrockeryes. someone. please.
00:18:45BagderPhantomdjp: sure it can
00:21:03langhaarrockerBagder: you don't get
00:21:04***Alert Mode level 2
00:21:04langhaarrocker../../firmware/drivers/lcd.c(89) : error C2143: Syntaxfehler : Fehlendes ')' vor ':'
00:21:54Bagderno I don't
00:22:19langhaarrockerIt seems my VC6 doesn't like the inline assembler.
00:22:40Bagderthat file is not for the simulator
00:23:05BagderI bet the makefile is out of date
00:24:25langhaarrockerMy uisimulator\win32\Makefile.vc6 is clean.
00:24:56Bagderyes, but not up to date with the changes in the source tree I mean
00:25:06Bagderlike the lcd file split
00:25:56langhaarrockerbut yours is up to date?
00:26:10BagderI don't build for nor on windows
00:26:35langhaarrocker:( again noone to blaim.
00:27:07Bagderwell, fix and post the patch
00:27:23langhaarrockerno, I have to do other things first.
00:28:37 Quit Phantomdjp ()
00:31:05***Alert Mode OFF
00:31:17Bagdertime to hit the bed
00:31:20 Part Bagder
00:35:59Hadakaanyone have emacs nearby? (xemacs isn't enough)
00:36:46langhaarrockerI use windows ... :)
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02:00:48 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:19:57radhardWhen i pitch down the time keeps running in seconds. Is that intended?
02:20:47radhardWell i almost think it is known. Have to go to bed. Night!
02:21:37 Quit radhard ()
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05:39:31 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
05:49:25_seb_I decided I'm going to carry around my jukebox for the rest of my life, with my headphones around my neck and the volume all the way up, always playing something, to make a soundtrack for my life.
05:49:40_seb_Which reminds me of a feature request: random track from ENTIRE DISK :)
05:55:31PsycoXuljust make a whole disk playlist
05:55:57PsycoXul 2975 wholedisk.m3u
05:56:15PsycoXuli should update it
05:56:29PsycoXulit'll get up over 3000
06:00:17_seb_that's a good idea
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11:33:01Bagderhi edx
11:33:24edx|notebook"edx Nickname is already in use.".. what the..!
11:34:19 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
11:34:53edxthanks to nickserv ;)
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13:50:57 Join radhard [0] (
13:52:40Mine78A questrion
13:52:55Mine78does the recorder support Variable bitrates or it skip ?
13:53:05Bagderit supports them fine
13:53:15Mine78Even at maximum encoding ?
13:53:22Mine78(VBR High Quality) ?
13:53:25Mine78GREAT !
13:53:32Mine78I bought it today from archos website
13:53:41Mine78I think it will be a GREAT piece of hardware !
13:53:58Mine78Another thing... the rockbox allow ALL FILE EXTENSIONs to be shown ?
13:54:31Mine78Can I set which extensions I want form a menu ?
13:54:41Mine78ex in the cfg file ?
13:55:06Mine78I must recompile all ?
13:55:13radhardIt's only VBR, isn't it? It's a grat piece of software. Hardware is a bit lala, but i am very thankfull for the HD-firmware-feature :)
13:55:16Bagderwhat do you want more specificly?
13:55:40Mine78I would like to be shown only playlist mp3 and txt files
13:55:55Mine78lala= ???
13:56:21edx|notebookput other files into other directories :P
13:56:24 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
13:56:42BagderMine78: atm we have a "dir filter" that shows "music", "all supported" or "all". .txt is "supported"
13:57:16radhardIt's in between. Sound quaity is good, power supply for the harddisk and implementation for the remote is not. But we can deal with that.
13:57:18Mine78can u wxplain this better ? You mean that the recorder will see only a folder called musiic ?
13:57:45BagderMine78: can you please read the docs or at least try the software first?
13:57:53Bagderit works
13:57:57Bagderand it works pretty good
13:57:59 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:58:08Mine78I know i read all the faqs and now I am reading irc logs...
13:58:17Mine78I discover that hardware only 1 week ago
13:58:34radhardJust give it a try!
13:58:43Mine78Where can I find how a .cfg file is structured ?
14:01:07radhardTry first. I don't think you'll need all this to get started.
14:01:34Mine78One last thing... where can I find some WPS files ?
14:01:48Bagderdownload rockbox
14:01:56Mine78got them
14:02:32Bagderthere are at least two WPS files in the release archive
14:02:45Bagderyou mean even more?
14:04:30Mine78yes even more ;-) I saw in pics they are grat
14:04:49Mine78(sorry I know I am boring and u are extremely polite to answer my silly questions...)
14:05:07Bagderwell, poeple tend to post their own wps files on various forums
14:05:19Bagdertry the yahoo archos group and
14:06:01Mine78Another thing... is there an archos font editor for windows ?
14:06:15Bagderuse anything that can produce bdf fonts
14:06:28Bagderthen convert the bdf into a rockbox font
14:06:32Bagderusing our tool
14:06:43Mine78but the tool is for linux...
14:06:50Mine78i don't know linux at all
14:06:56Mine78thgere is a source code
14:07:04Bagderfor any platform
14:07:10Mine78isn't it for linux ? Ah ok !
14:07:19Mine78Do u know any win32 bdf maker ?
14:07:36BagderI don't know any for any platform
14:07:40Bagdertry google
14:08:15Bagderbdf if a standard format
14:08:20Mine78... i really suck at compiling... is there a compiled version of your converter ?
14:08:21Bagderthere are many tools for it
14:09:17Mine78I am looking on google but it's all for win or it has to be complied...
14:09:46radhardmine: When you get your player, please do me a favor and try the original OS first. Then install rockbox, lay back and enjoy! After that you can tweak it if you like. btw: There are lots of ready made fonts.
14:10:08 Nick radhard is now known as rad[clicking] (
14:10:22Mine78ok... understood... I will stop making questions... :-P
14:12:52rad[clicking]It's no problem, but you really should try it and be suprised!
14:13:34rad[clicking]I've also been a bit nervous, before i got my Archos. I understand that. ;)
14:13:54Bagderand keep in mind that rockbox is only made because we think its fun
14:14:33Mine78eheheheh I think u are great... I would like to help but I don't have any coding ability...
14:14:46Mine78Do u think will be possible to show BMP and JPG on the recordser ?
14:14:48Bagderwe need lots more than just code
14:14:52Bagdersure it is
14:15:03Bagderwe already have bmp viewer code
14:15:15Mine78it works ?
14:15:28Mine78why don'timplement it ?
14:15:42Bagderbecause there's more to it than just showing the image
14:16:03Bagderlike we'd need to shrink images
14:16:13Bagderand dither the colors to black/white etc
14:16:23Mine78wow...... and for jpg ?
14:17:07Bagderwe don't have any jpeg viewer, but the problem is not to display it
14:17:15Bagderit is what to do with the image
14:17:20Bagderit'll look crap whatever we do
14:17:38Mine78do u have a reason why ?
14:17:51Bagderwe have a tiny screen
14:17:58Bagderwe're only black/white
14:18:24Bagderthere's no magic involved here, just plain logic
14:18:30Mine78Ah so the image is "decoded" but looks bads
14:19:05Bagderimagine your favourite picture. Then imagine the same picture using only black pixels and white pixels.
14:19:21Bagderthen make it teeny-weenie small
14:19:30Mine78yes I understand...
14:20:29rad[clicking]mine: Maybe one day you also got the compiler running and write some code for a function you're missing. I can help you installing it on your win-machine, if u like.
14:23:03Mine78REALLY ?
14:23:09Mine78Please, tell me !
14:24:34rad[clicking]Not today, if u don't mind. But if u got the player, tested rockbox and want to play around with the code, i'd be happy to help you. Just ask. Today i'm a bit short of time.
14:26:10Mine78OK !
14:26:16Bagderwe also have docs on the site on how to do it
14:27:50rad[clicking]Yes, but it's a bit harder than described in the docs. At least on my machine... ;)
14:28:12Bagderthen the docs should be fixed! ;-)
14:28:28Mine78I thank u all u are all really kind people !
14:28:48Bagderwe just pretend ;-)
14:29:12Mine78Question: are fnt used for archos identical to the fnt in dos or is a differet type ?
14:29:34rad[clicking]Maybe. I have everything written down. If i find time to add it, i'll do. But how - editing the wesite?
14:29:47Bagderrad[clicking]: the site is in the www cvs module
14:30:10Bagderrad[clicking]: just posting to the mailing list is fine too
14:30:10Mine78I cannot find a bdf editor for win except for a cywin version (or something like that)
14:30:11rad[clicking]ooops... missed that.
14:30:49rad[clicking]Mine: you should try to get cygwin up and running, You'll also need that for the compiler.
14:31:06Mine78I know I tryed to download it but it hangs
14:31:09Mine78i will retry
14:31:33rad[clicking]Well, it's big.
14:32:00Mine78I have adsl
14:32:18rad[clicking]Then retry....
14:32:38rad[clicking]Be sure to select all the compiler stuff!
14:32:56Mine78yes I did but at 1/3 it hangs
14:33:37rad[clicking]Never heared of that. Maybe you could ask a friend to d/l it for you?
14:34:22Mine78I will try tomorrow
14:34:27Mine78I have an exam thursday
14:34:29Mine78I must study
14:34:43rad[clicking]Or try to select everything, then start d/l. I also have to go clicking now....
14:38:11Mine78I re-thank you all I'm going now !
14:38:22Mine78ah I have a web site
14:38:35 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
14:51:45*Bagder added more rubbish :-)
14:53:40*edx just saw :D
14:53:45edxis it compiled yet?
14:53:51edxor do i have to do myself
14:54:00edxdont want to wait for the next daily build to test it :)
14:54:10Bagder6 minutes to bleeding edge build
14:54:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:54:32Bagderis there now
14:54:41edxthanks :)
14:55:18edxdamn.. last day of my holidays today.
14:56:47edxhmm USB just hang?!
14:57:08edxit fragged my whole harddrive
14:57:22edxjust some crappy tmp files on there or something
14:57:35edxand that kind.
14:57:36Bagderuh, did you accidentally download my virus collection instead? ;-]
14:58:20edxthey wont execute just by downloading :P - the USB mode screwed up - after my system nearly hung for 15 seks or something I pulled the cable
14:58:34edxno i got to re-transfer all those files again!
14:58:36edxdamn it.
14:59:14edxis it any use doing something else?
14:59:38Bagderto achieve what?
14:59:43edxrestore files.
14:59:56BagderI don't really know
15:00:22edxok ill just retransfer files.. (my guess is that the file table has been smashed)
15:00:32edxah.. maybe scandisk
15:00:35edxill give it a shot
15:03:39*edx wants USB 2
15:03:45edxtoo slow..
15:03:46Bagderusb 2 is neat
15:04:11edxhad a usb firewire combo card for a while.. but it always rebooted my system when i plugged in a firewire device
15:04:15edxso i sold it.
15:04:25edx(because with win2k the error did not occur)
15:04:33edxwas a driver issue i guess.
15:04:44Bagdersounds like it, yes
15:05:57*edx tests your mod in w32sim while his device is busy
15:07:18Bagderit runs faster on target than it does in the x11 sim for me
15:08:23edxreally?! maybe because of false simulated delay times...
15:08:33Bagderyes, might be that
15:11:53edxbagder, does work for you?
15:12:03edxcan't load the page here (humm?)
15:16:21edxBagder: what does it tell you? couldnt connect? or resolve DNS?
15:16:35Bagderit connects fine, but there's no content delivered
15:16:59edxhe - you saw the new patch? the 3d cube?
15:17:23edxmaybe its really time to get a math.c with the sin/cos values in an array
15:17:28edxand approppriate functions
15:20:05rad[clicking]another thing to approximate?
15:22:35edxill try restarting the server - be back in a few mins
15:22:41 Quit edx ("brb")
15:23:24 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:26:41 Part Bagder
15:30:58 Quit breaker ()
15:32:01 Join edx [0] (
15:32:26edxworks now.. hmm what could that have been?
15:36:52edxBagder.. my compiler doesnt get the asm part there:
15:36:58edx asm("and.b %0, @(r0,gbr)"
15:36:58edx :
15:37:03edxthe ":"
15:37:05edxin lcd.c
15:37:08edxline 89
15:37:10langhaarrockerbagder is gone
15:37:19edxjust noticed.
15:37:28langhaarrockerare you trying to build a sim?
15:37:35edxthe win32 sim, yea
15:37:45langhaarrockerHad the same problem.
15:37:54edxdamn why does it even get there?!
15:38:03langhaarrockerSomewhen the lcd code was split up in recorder and player specific things
15:38:16langhaarrockerThe makefile hasn't been updated, I think.
15:38:47edxhm got it/
15:38:50edxit seems )
15:48:28langhaarrockerWhere in the makefiles are preprocessor smbols like HAVE_MAS3587F defined?
15:50:39 Join rad[clickin] [0] (
15:51:29rad[clickin]been thrown out by my provider. It's in /firmware/config-player.h
15:52:21rad[clickin]or config-recorder.h. whatever you need.
15:52:42langhaarrockerseems I have to include config.h
15:53:24rad[clickin]looks like. yes.
15:53:53*langhaarrocker is trying
15:54:54langhaarrockeryes, that was it. Thank you
15:55:27rad[clickin]np. Try to get my agent talking. He wont. That son of...
15:56:13langhaarrockerwhat agent?
15:56:47rad[clickin]MS-agent. He should read the irc-messages, but he only clicks and displays them.
15:57:41langhaarrockerI ended up using trillian.
15:58:36rad[clickin]I have to code a UI for a customer and don't want to miss IRC-messages. So i use the agent settings in mirc. How does trillian manage that? btw what is trillian?
15:59:13langhaarrockera client for aim, icq, irc, ...
16:00:16rad[clickin].cc. I'll have a look...
16:01:01rad[clickin]Thought it's Good software?
16:01:40langhaarrockerI like it. It works, but I didn't try many other things. Had aim, icq and then trilian.
16:02:33rad[clickin]Don't like the AOL stuff. Too sad that thay bought mirabilis.
16:03:20langhaarrockerAnd trillian has more smily simbols that aim...
16:03:35rad[clickin]I'll give it a try and hope there is no backdoor built in... ;) I just remember an email commercial about trillian. But i tend to throw them away immediately.
16:04:58rad[clickin]I hope there's no "buddy-list". I dislike that word, because it sounds very odd in german.
16:05:31langhaarrockerit has buddy lists - at least for aim and icq
16:06:01langhaarrocker(doesn't sound strange to me)
16:06:03rad[clickin]Maybe i can use soft-ice to change the name.
16:07:28 Join Bagder [241] (
16:07:58langhaarrockeredx: could you cure the win32 simulator?
16:08:52 Quit rad[clicking] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:08:56*Bagder runs the cube in the sim
16:09:18langhaarrockerbut not on windows I guess
16:09:30Bagderit looked rather.... strange
16:09:41langhaarrockerthe cube?
16:09:50langhaarrocker(a good movie btw)
16:09:52Bagderyes, it runs so bloody fast in the sim ;-)
16:10:29langhaarrockerhave you tried it on the recorder, yet?
16:10:51edxBagder: maybe it's the compile which corrects the floating point issue?
16:11:08Bagderyes, it gotta be something like that
16:11:13BagderI run it now on the recorder
16:11:16Bagderlooks neat
16:12:01langhaarrockerprobably the sh1 delegates all the fp stuff to micronas :)
16:16:54BagderI slowed down button_get() in the sim
16:17:00Bagderthen it looks a lot nicer
16:21:11edxim trying to fix win32sim right now.. it needs to compile the lang file as well.. argh
16:21:17 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:21:27Bagderwell it needs a lang.h
16:28:32Bagderyou think I should add the cube?
16:32:16edxgenerally, yes - but i couldnt have a look at it so far.. unfortunately
16:32:29edxi mean it's just like bounce - a fun toy ;)
16:44:09edxBagder: what could that be: ../../apps\demo_menu.c(46) : error C2065: 'LANG_BOUNCE' : undeclared identifier
16:44:32Bagderthat you for some reason don't have that in your lang.h
16:45:06edxbut i _do_ have lang.h
16:45:14edxhmm what directory is it supposed to be in?
16:45:37Bagderin your build directory
16:45:51edxi put it to uisim/win32/
16:45:52Bagderthat's how the unix build does it
16:47:28edxah the generated lang file empty.
16:48:05edxperl -s genlang -p=../uisimulator/win32/lang $(LANGUAGE)
16:48:14edxLANGUAGE = english
16:48:22edxis that ok?
16:49:00edxgood. then what's wrong
16:49:11Bagderit's supposed to be the language file, not the language name
16:49:57edxthat would be?
16:50:24Bagderif you check the other sim Makefiles, you see that we 'uplang' first on the selected language
16:50:32Bagderand then we genlang on that generated file
16:50:49Bagderbut you don't actually need to do that if you don't want to
16:51:06Bagderthat way, we can build any-language files fine, always having all strings included
16:51:18Bagderusing english ones for the untranslated
16:52:56edxwhat do those do? $< > $@
16:53:15Bagder$< is the file to the right of the : on the line above
16:53:21Bagder$@ is the file to the left of the :
16:54:16*edx tests
16:54:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:54:37Bagderyou'll become a makefile guru any day now ;-)
16:57:08edxhaha... it works.
16:57:21Bagderyou rule
16:57:26edxyes indeed.. especially things concerining differens between microsoft nmake and linux makes ;)
16:57:38 Quit TotMacher ()
16:57:47edxok.. one thing left
16:57:50edxNMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make '../../firmware/chartables.obj
16:57:54edxdoes that still exist?
16:57:57edxno, does it?
16:58:27*edx hopes..
17:00:33*edx wonders where the executable has gone
17:05:01Bagdertime to do the dishes
17:11:57edxheh... chkdsk repairing my jukebox:
17:11:58edx11377648 KB in 2852 recovered files.
17:17:22edxwhere's that from?
17:17:32edx*the only thing that's missing now :)*
17:19:26edxfont.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _sysfont <−− where's that from?
17:19:59Bagder$(TOOLSDIR)/convbdf -c -o $(OBJDIR)/sysfont.c $<
17:20:07Bagder$(CC) $(APPCFLAGS) -c $(OBJDIR)/sysfont.c -o $@
17:20:29Bagderiow, convbdf generates that c file
17:21:43edxwhat is $< in that case?
17:23:09edxyou can specify, right?
17:23:23Bagderthat's the built-in font
17:23:33edxill have a variable for it
17:24:10edxthere's a chance it might work now..
17:24:19*Bagder holds his breath
17:24:59*edx too
17:25:24edxwhats that
17:26:16edxit wont execute the exe because its in the tools dir and it needs to change dir (?!) very strange
17:26:53edxgot it
17:27:10*edx holds his breath again
17:28:14edxgrmbl.. still a few undefined symbols.. just a matter of time i guess..
17:28:44Bagderwhat symbols this time?
17:29:57edxwait.. lcd_roll
17:31:34edxah right.. you splitted the lcd code
17:31:43edxlcd_player is the other one?
17:32:38Bagderlcd-player.c yes
17:32:45edxyea.. mistyped
17:33:33edxoh.. and that one:
17:34:44Bagderyou need that?
17:34:49Bagderthat must be wrong
17:34:59edxi guess not - i link oscillograph with it - thats propably wrong
17:35:12edxwhats an expression exclude a filename from a variable in a makefile?
17:35:58edxhmm nm
17:36:23edxthats a bit stupid.. it worked before by passig *.* to the compiler and now i need to exclude the oszillosgraph thing
17:37:03Bagderyou could perhaps make that use a #ifndef SIMULATOR
17:37:27edxhmm am I allowed to? ;)
17:38:08BagderI think so, if the alternative is much more work for you
17:38:17edxit certainly is.
17:38:27edxalso, if other files are added my makefiles out-date very fast
17:38:38Bagderof course
17:38:53Bagderwe edit the makefiles very often
17:39:06Bagderthe problem is that you're the only one editing these makefiles
17:39:44edxi dont find time to get into that very often because it always takes at least 30 mins ;)
17:40:37Bagderwell, its there so people can fix it themselves if they must have it fixed
17:42:07edxBagder: are the simuator definitions in the lcd-recorder code now?!
17:42:45Bagderpretty much as before
17:42:55edxlcd-recorder.obj : error LNK2005: _lcd_init already defined in lcd-playersim.obj <−−- what is lcd-playersim
17:43:46Bagderin uisim/common/
17:43:49edxsame problem as before
17:43:54Bagderits for building a player simulator
17:43:55edxi just compile everything in there.
17:44:03Bagderyou're too lazy ;-)
17:44:10edxthat's why im a programmer
17:48:05 Join breaker [0] (
17:49:03*edx bumps his head against the wall
17:49:24edxunresolved external symbol _sleep .. now where's that again..
17:50:05edxand why doesn't the windows full-text search work.
17:52:56*edx feels like he's missing a big part of code - hum
17:54:09edxoh.. got it - i was dealing with .o files while they're .obj in windows
17:55:38edxand there.. finally ... uisw32.exe!!
17:55:42*edx jumps..
17:55:47Bagderbut does it work too? ;-)
17:57:09edxbah... i dont believe this
17:57:19edxi should go to a doctor
17:57:28edxthe exe file is not there any more!!
17:57:33*edx is getting crazy
17:57:45edxwhat's the file sleep is defined in?
17:58:03Bagderyou should provide your own sleep
17:58:43edxhm i actually do.. now why isn't that linked
17:58:45Bagderthe x11 sim has a:
17:58:48Bagder#define sleep(x) x11_sleep(x)
17:59:54edxyes i defined it.. thats an old function
18:00:01edxwould never have worked without ;)
18:00:21edx%.obj: %.c - does that apply to "*.obj" as well?! - it seems like it doesn't
18:01:32BagderI don't know
18:01:59edxok it doesnt because it wont find *.c
18:02:05Bagderdoes nmake even know that kind of stuff?
18:02:12edxyes it does
18:03:38edxaha.. now it works.. - it was indeed that mistake.
18:03:49Bagdersee ya
18:03:51 Part Bagder
18:04:38 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:25:00 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@dnvr-dsl-gw34-poola245.DNVR.USWEST.NET)
18:32:10edxwhere is the browse_root function?
18:47:56 Join Lear [0] (
18:52:21 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020826]")
18:54:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:07:46hardeepedx: tree.c
19:22:04adi|homedude..that cube.c is cool..
19:22:11adi|homethe key events needs work.. but thats cool :)
19:27:30edxyea thats cool
19:34:04edxi dont understand this: the simulator includes a file lcd-playersim.c for the player .. BUT: #ifndef HAVE_LCD_BITMAP (for the whole file)??!
19:50:09 Quit TotMacher ()
19:56:38 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: cleaner, drier, protects even better")
19:58:50 Join Bagder2 [241] (
19:59:32Bagder2edx: how's the sim going?
20:10:21 Join TotMacher [0] (
20:18:54 Quit breaker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:23:20edxBagder! You're back
20:23:25edxall bad.
20:23:27Bagder2back I am
20:23:32edxwell the recorder sim works ok
20:23:34edxbut the player
20:23:35 Nick Bagder2 is now known as Bagder (
20:23:40edxseems like you messed something up:
20:23:54edx#ifdef HAVE_LCD_BITMAP
20:23:59edxfor the whole file
20:24:03edxthant cant be correct
20:24:26Bagderworks for me
20:24:41Bagderthe player sim makefile sets that define
20:24:58BagderI'm not sure why we need an #ifdef there at all though
20:25:06Bagderthis is Mats Lidell work
20:25:12edxi was already wondering why your makefile does not set ARCHOS_PLAYER or something alike
20:25:24Bagdernow you know
20:25:41Bagderthe simulator is not a true unit of any kind, that's why it doesn't set them
20:26:18edxhmm right now (if i leave that define away) it works for the player.. but somehow it runs very slow (some delay must be somewhere in my code which does not apply for the recorder) and the screen size is too large
20:29:08edxbut: at least the recorder works perfectly
20:29:15edxi looked at the cube thingie as well - nice work
20:29:46edxyour rockbox bouncer, too ;)
20:30:19BagderI thought about using that as text viewer ;-)
20:30:45edxthe guy who read a book like this first gets a free t-shirt!
20:31:03Bagderand a free brain damage! :-P
20:32:51 Join datazone [0] ([8sCK42av4@
20:54:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:57:30edxbagder, whats the best allocation unit size for formatting a harddisk for rockbox?
20:57:52BagderI don't know
20:58:47BagderI'm off
20:58:49 Part Bagder
21:01:59 Quit TotMacher ()
21:02:04 Join TotMacher [0] (
21:25:00 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:51:20 Join breaker [0] (
22:05:16 Join calpe[brb] [0] (
22:05:24 Nick calpe[brb] is now known as calpefrosch (
22:05:59calpefroschhi edx
22:06:47rad[clickin]hi frosch!
22:08:59rad[clickin]news: No resistor in my recorder. Short circuit while plugging and unplugging. Sending is possible, the processor has only 2mA drive, but up to 10mA sink. Got PC-Remote working (unidirectional for now, but HW is bidir).
22:09:18calpefroschhi !
22:09:47calpefroschsuper cool. I like to hear this good news..
22:10:10calpefroschso you sent from the -C ?
22:10:44rad[clickin]I've made a hw patch to test both, with resistor and without. Used the digital i/o port for that, since i don't use it. You mean from the Archos processor?
22:10:52calpefroschwhat do you mean with "no resistor" ? Is your archos different from mine ?
22:11:12rad[clickin]I've got a floating line.
22:11:18calpefroschdo you think it will work for me without hw-mod ?
22:11:26rad[clickin]And you've got a problem ;)
22:11:56calpefroschyou sent some commands to the archos, from where do you sent ?
22:12:44rad[clickin]The problem is: with normal headphones your Archos will draw 3mA more than it should. The communication hardware will work.
22:12:55rad[clickin]I send from PC.
22:13:25calpefroschso they waste battery power ?
22:14:05rad[clickin]If you look at the source, you see that the original remote seems to send out multiple characters. Instead of a checksum. Yes, the resistor wasts battery.
22:14:17 Nick rad[clickin] is now known as radhard (
22:15:37calpefroschokey, I think I'm a little bit behind. I don't know the original remote. What do you send to "Play" ?
22:16:13radhardSince i didn't want to write a PC software for testing, i've changed the Archos source. I just press a,b,c,d,e for the functions ;)
22:16:17radhardLazy as i am.
22:17:04radhardBut it should work for you, if you send the characters (0xc1 and such) twice.
22:19:55radhardI might take a look at the source and tell you, if you need to know the characters. And you have to send them fast (byte at byte) since there is a timeout, i think. We also have another problem: We MUST not send push pull, so we can't use the integrated functionality of the SH.
22:23:27radhardfrosch: sudden death?
22:24:17calpefroschsorry, I was away for a wile.
22:25:25calpefroschyou mean we have to modify the hw ?
22:26:08radhardI've had a look at the original remote PCB. The definitively use too many parts ;). No, we don't have to modify, just i had to, so that i can test every configuration.
22:26:34radhardBut there are many things we can't do.
22:27:39calpefroschhmm, that sounds not so good.
22:28:48 Quit TotMacher ()
22:28:48calpefroschI have another Projekt in parallel and don't have so much time. But I'll try it this week to send the command twice
22:29:12radhardWe can't do simple "set port to output and clock out data" transmission, since a suddenly disconnected remote could result in a short circuit between comm and ground. That'll destroy the processsor.
22:30:16radhardNeither I have, but i think i can manage it to write a test program for windows. At least for simulating the original remote, send predefined streams and show received characters.
22:33:41radhardDo you develop on Win or Linux?
22:38:42calpefroschbut also Linux
22:39:03radhardSp maybe you can the program. I'll tell you when it's ready.
22:39:22radhardSo... can use....
22:40:26radhardOk, I think that it for now. I'll write the new stuff in the news next week.
22:40:35calpefroschyes, that would be nice. I have to go now, but I will be in the office tommorow.
22:41:01radhardI'm off too. Just waited for your apperance... ;)
22:42:42 Quit calpefrosch ()
22:42:47 Quit radhard ()
22:52:55 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
22:54:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:59:36 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:01:54*edx gets a little bit of sleep
23:01:57 Quit edx ()
23:11:27 Join PsycoXul [0] (
23:21:04 Quit breaker (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
23:31:53 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (

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