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#rockbox log for 2002-10-15

00:02:10 Join Aghnar [0] (
00:02:34Aghnarxam:re :)
00:03:29Aghnarand sorry for the last time, i had connections problems :/
00:05:43Aghnaranybody knows why there are so few games ?
00:06:19Aghnari mean, because you can dev in C easily with GCC, many games should have risen !
00:07:26AghnarI plan to make a little game in C, and i was wondering if grayscale (simulated with 2 planes of b&w) was possible on the archos :)
00:08:52xamI don't know, sorry ...
00:09:56Aghnarone other thing, there is missing an executable format for application such as games
00:11:00Aghnarbecause for the moment all demos and games are part of the firmware, it should be really better if there were a launcher for external program :)
00:11:26PsycoXulwell you can make it it's own firmware and load it through the browser via ROLO
00:12:32Aghnaryes but if i make a firmware which consists in only a game it will not be interesting for the user
00:12:56PsycoXulwell yeah, you'd have to interrupt your mp3 playing and all that for it
00:13:27Aghnaryes it is quite difficult to do :/
00:13:55PsycoXulbut some people are talking about loadable modules lately
00:14:14PsycoXuland possibly dynamic mp3 buffer
00:14:21Aghnarand multi - threading :)
00:14:24PsycoXulwhich'll would make that easier and allow for some other things
00:14:37PsycoXulwell i think we've got all the threading we really need
00:16:52Aghnarone other question : is the .lang / .font files must be in the .rockbox directories or can be loaded from everywhere ?
00:17:04Aghnari mean rockbox will not be messed ?
00:17:20PsycoXulthey can be loaded from anywhere, but they'll only be persistent if they're in /.rockbox
00:19:11Aghnaranyone has calculated the pratical debit of the archos in download via USB2 ?
00:19:39Aghnari know it is VERY fast, but i want to know exactly ;)
00:30:09xamAghnar they say "up to 12MB/s" ... at least it's written on the box
00:30:26Aghnarthat's not what i mean
00:30:46AghnarUSB 1.1 THEORIC debit IS 12Mb/s
00:31:01AghnarUSB 2.0 THEORIC debit IS 480Mb/s
00:31:17xamAghnar nope, they were saying 12MBytes per Second with USB 2.0
00:31:23xamAghnar IIRC
00:31:31Aghnarokay :)
00:31:36xamAghnar 480 is the theoretical maximun
00:31:40AghnarIIRC = ?
00:31:48PsycoXul1.1 is 12mbit, and 2 is 480mbit
00:31:55xamIf I remember correctly
00:31:56Aghnaryes i know
00:32:11PsycoXuli think i get close to 12mbit on 1.1
00:32:15Aghnarbut the theori is not interesting
00:32:37xamAghnar I know I wasn't USB1.1 and MBit, but MBytes
00:33:46xamAghnar I remember that it was strange, because it was also the number "12"
00:33:53Aghnarokay, 12Mo/sec => equal with my LAN 100Mb card #miam# :)
00:34:22PsycoXuli would guess that under reasonable conditions, you could get close to 60MBytes/s on usb2
00:34:46radhardWant to see a nice cube addon?
00:34:48xamAgnhar I don't think so. I get 4, maximum 5 MBytes/s transfer rate with 100MBit LAN
00:35:33Aghnarxam => sorry i'm always >10mo with mine :D
00:35:42Aghnarmaybe you have a poor DD
00:35:43xamAghnar and the 100MBit is full-duplex
00:36:01Aghnaryes but if your hard drive can't follow...
00:36:29Aghnarradhard > a 3D cube Demo ?
00:36:33xamAgnar nope, it's just a crosslink cable. And even with my 100Mbit switch. Well, I transfer from linux->windows ...
00:36:46radhardYepp, just look into your email :-)
00:37:21Aghnarit is a firmware, bootable with rolo ?
00:38:44radhardI did some modification to Damien Teney's great cube code, he just inspired me...! No, it's patch, but i can send you a german .ajz, if you like.
00:39:12Aghnaryes i prefer :)
00:39:39Aghnarthe user always prefer ready-to-go program :)
00:43:05radhardYou should receive it any moment.
00:43:35Aghnardon't you have a website for releasing your latest demoS ?
00:44:30Aghnari have one, it is really much more better than diffusing by mail your betas/programs
00:46:25radhardNo, sorry. Also it is not mine, it is just a modification to Damien Teney's amazing cube-code, which he also distributed as patch/email. But nevertheless, that's a good idea. I'll think about it!
00:47:00radhardDoes it work and what do you think?
00:47:11Aghnari'm installing it...
00:47:48radhardYes, the user prefers ready-to-go but this is intended for the developer audience for the moment :-)
00:48:14Aghnargreat :)
00:48:31Aghnarbut there is some perpective error
00:48:36Aghnarit seems to be
00:49:09radhardSometimes you have to adjust your eyes ;)
00:49:37Aghnargood idea, you can control the cube's rotation
00:49:43Aghnarno zoom ?
00:50:23radhardIf you got the wrong starting point, it looks like the rear part is at the front. Well, that comes with ne next version ;) didn't want to implement everything at once...
00:51:14Aghnarerf, i have a beta version of rockbox
00:51:31radhardSpeed mode with all settings 1 but one setting 10 is awesome :)
00:51:47 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/1]")
00:51:54Aghnargive me the patch so i can put it on the 1.4 version :)
00:52:12radhardYou're on the mailing list? Then you already have it.
00:52:29Aghnarno i'm not
00:52:37radhardok. one moment.
00:52:40Aghnarit is worth to be on it ?
00:54:41radhardIf you are interested in the detailed technical discussion, yes it is. You should have a look at the old mail-archives.
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00:55:32Aghnarbut i think that it is quoite strange that there are so few games
00:55:54Aghnarbecause rockbox is quite old
00:55:59Aghnarone year almost
00:56:46radhardWith a little luck I'll find my old hidden line algo. That'd be nice. Oh, feel free to write a game! There has been a snake version, but they threw it out, because noone put further effort in the code.
00:58:10Aghnaran it seems really easy to code, there is already a gfx lib !
00:59:06Aghnarthe line algorithme of the lcd.h is fast ?
00:59:17Aghnari mean ASM written, at least ?
00:59:25radhardIt's always a lot of time to develop a full working software part, like a game.
00:59:53radhardDidn't look at it. I don't think it's in ASM.
01:00:19Aghnarerf i didn't spend so much time on much more complicated games than you can make on the archos !
01:00:30Aghnarsee there
01:02:23radhardNice! Well, I'm not that interested in games on the Archos. At least I want to use it as an mp3-player ;)
01:02:40Aghnari have also started to work on GP32, don't know if you see wha it is :)
01:03:13radhardBut if you want to write one, why not? I always appreciate new stuff to play with, as most of the others do!
01:03:45radhardSorry, never heared of GP32.
01:04:31Aghnarit can also play MP3 ^_^
01:06:40radhardIs this thingy available?
01:06:53Aghnaryes for sure :)
01:07:24Aghnarit has nearly one year
01:07:48radhardARM cores rock, we use them in automotive modules.
01:08:13Aghnaryeah and it is overclockable at 133Mhz...
01:08:19Aghnar... in software !
01:09:02radhardWow. Not bad. Is there a backlight option?
01:09:25Aghnarno but the screen is really good, no GBA problem :)
01:09:45Aghnarit can also play DivX ;)
01:10:15radhardI've got a GBA here, the display is really worse. Hmm, what size of divx will fit on a SMC card?
01:10:24Aghnarand tons of emus have been ported (from the master system to the super NES !)
01:11:08Aghnaron a 128Mo SMC, you can fit one film of 100 min (don't renmeber exactly)
01:11:37Aghnaryou are german isnt'it ?
01:11:50radhardIt has just one major (and thus disqualifying) restriction: No Harddisk! Did you try it? Yes, i am. Lingo?
01:12:09radhardOr just queried me? ;)
01:12:22AghnarNo Harddisk! -> yes it is a console at the base :D
01:12:34AghnarLingo? -> don't understand
01:12:59radhardDid you figure this out through my accent or did you just query me?
01:13:11 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
01:13:22Aghnarit is simple in fact
01:13:39_seb_hi everybody
01:13:44Aghnar"No, it's patch, but i can send you a german .ajz, if you like."
01:13:59Aghnarhi seb
01:14:11radhardHehe, ok, that's easy.
01:14:16_seb_Aghnar, are you in Alsace?
01:14:26Aghnaryes in NAacy
01:14:31_seb_cool :)
01:14:35Aghnarnear Metz
01:14:38AghnarFrench ?
01:14:51_seb_no, American, but I've been to Alsace a couple times
01:14:56_seb_I was in Riquewihr twice
01:15:04_seb_radhard, where in Germany are you?
01:15:25radhardNear cologne. A small town you don't know, i think.
01:15:35_seb_probably not
01:16:31radhardAbout 50km east from cologne. Where is Riquewihr?
01:16:44_seb_It's in Elsass
01:16:52Aghnarradhard -> i asked because with your nick you could have been french ;)
01:17:35radhardSo what is it's meaning in french?
01:18:16radhardYou are the first who wondered about my nick ;)
01:18:38Aghnarradhard ~ radar (same in english :D)
01:19:55Aghnaryou don't speak french ?
01:20:11radhardAh, ok. In fact it means "radiation hardened". That is a process to make integrated circuits more reliable. Mostly used in military appliances, as you might have guessed. No i don't, sorry.
01:20:20_seb_Aghnar: do you speak German?
01:20:56Aghnaryah ich kanne, aber es ist sehr katastophic !
01:21:25Aghnaronly 5years at highschool 4 years ago
01:21:28radhardOk, let's speak english here.. ;) Never mind.....
01:21:36_seb_no, let's speak german and french :)
01:22:10radhardI don't know what my english was like after 4 years, but I think it's been really worse...!
01:22:38radhardHehe, Spassvogel! I won't understand a single word...
01:23:05Aghnarhow old are you ?
01:23:14_seb_jo mach dir keine sorgen, englisch kannst du echt gut :)
01:23:37radhardThanks! Aghnar_ You want to mate me? ;)
01:23:54Aghnarjust wondering
01:24:17radhardnp. I'm 29, no family and a good job. What about you?
01:24:28Aghnar22, student
01:24:39_seb_16 :|
01:25:50Aghnarand how many Go of MP3 ? :D ^_^
01:26:17radhardEnjoy it! Seb: Why :|, you have all this to walk through, and i don't think you have to fear it.
01:26:25radhardmany Go of MP3?
01:26:30_seb_Heh... I have 17 gigabytes
01:26:49radhardWait, I'll have to ask my refry, if i could have another beer.
01:27:10_seb_I think refry = frigo?
01:27:24 Quit hardeep ("Killed by gemini (Requested by panasync)")
01:27:39Aghnar=hard drive ? :D
01:28:07lc_washing machine ? :)
01:28:27_seb_lc, are you another frenchman?
01:29:04Aghnari have 30Go of MP3, my archos is not enough :)
01:29:55radhardrefrigerator, short form. I dont have any mp3s , i beleive. It's just some music files. What is mp3?
01:30:15Aghnarare you kidding ????
01:30:24radhardYou're talking about 30GB, aren't you?
01:30:52AghnarBytes=Octects in french ;)
01:30:54radhardNo, but if i tell you, you'll call the RIAA! And btw. I also buy lots of CDs....
01:31:26_seb_radhard: 1. You are in Germany, not USA. 2. You can have legal MP3s, I have ripped most of my CDs to MP3
01:31:28radhardWho on earth would have figured that out? ;)
01:32:36Aghnarhell the SWAT won't come in your house if you tell us how many gigs you have ! ;)
01:33:09_seb_But I might... when I come to Germany for the WM
01:33:33radhardIt doesn't matter where i am. do you follow latest regulations? Well, it fit's my Archos ;)
01:33:41lc_they should comme to mine. My flat has a lan with 1.6TB on it :)
01:34:01radhard_seb_: Are you on the mailing list?
01:34:08Aghnarok, good night everyone :)
01:34:08_seb_radhard: yes
01:34:17_seb_good night
01:34:51radhardTried the latest cube path? I'd like to hear some opinions...
01:35:00 Part Aghnar
01:35:44radhardI thought it's been a comment on your flat LAN ;)
01:35:57_seb_the cube screensaver?
01:36:10_seb_I only have the player :/
01:36:37radhardOh, sorry. Never mind. 20G?
01:37:31radhardI thought 6 is enough, but you can imagine, what happened...
01:37:48radhardYou have holidays?
01:38:00_seb_today, yes
01:38:28radhardI just wondered, what a 16 year old boy does in the IRC at that time... ;)
01:39:12_seb_well, I am supposed to be doing homework
01:39:43radhardHehe. Nice homework. Does it have something to to with internet and social affairs?
01:39:53_seb_No, it's calculus :)
01:40:11_seb_Do you have the recorder?
01:40:29radhardNice device.
01:40:30_seb_Do you have a player as well?
01:40:35_seb_Yes, I wish I had it
01:40:50_seb_Mein Vater hat fuer mich den Player bestellt waehrend ich vom Haus weg war, obwohl ich ihm gesagt hatte dass ich den Recorder wollte
01:41:00radhardNo, my account manager told me not to have a player as well... ;)
01:41:22_seb_I've been thinking about maybe selling the player so I can buy a recorder
01:41:32_seb_But I need to save money for college
01:42:01radhardOh, that's a bad story. Do you know about the 14 day return regulation with online ordering?
01:42:46_seb_It didn't really matter to me at the time, only when I found out about Rockbox I wished I had the bitmap display instead of character cell :)
01:42:46radhardOk, that's important too! And rockbox doesn't support recording by now.
01:43:16radhardYeah, that's indeed an advantage.
01:43:54_seb_I think maybe eventually they will lower the price for the recorder, and then I can buy it.
01:45:24radhardWell, since I'm not on holidays, I think i have to go to sleep. Don't pull a long face, maybe you've got some time left for math ;). Yeah, would be great if they lower the prices sometimes. I dare for a 20G recorder ;)
01:45:51_seb_Ooh a 20G recorder :) war gut, mit dir zu reden. Schlaf gut.
01:46:28radhardGute n8! und viel Spass mit rockbox und deinem Player!
01:46:38 Join datazone [0] ([hONZ3zdHJ@
01:46:47 Quit radhard ()
02:07:17 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@dnvr-dsl-gw34-poola245.DNVR.USWEST.NET)
02:22:10 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
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05:25:56 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
05:51:36 Join Zuikan [0] (
05:52:16Zuikanwhat are the bit patterns for the remote?
06:07:00Zuikanor somewhere to get info on how to send data to the data port in the ear jack?
06:19:06 Quit Zuikan ()
06:34:41 Join edx [0] (
06:47:01 Join mecraw12 [0] (~mecraw@dnvr-dsl-gw34-poola245.DNVR.USWEST.NET)
06:50:37 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@dnvr-dsl-gw34-poola245.DNVR.USWEST.NET)
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07:02:36 Join Zagor [242] (
07:10:35 Quit edx ()
07:17:06 Join LinusN [0] (
07:20:03 Join Loser11 [0] (
07:20:09Loser11Anyone in here?
07:21:23LinusNi'm here
07:21:47Loser11with rockbox can you shuffle all your folders or just one?
07:23:04Loser11also im getting a 20 gb archos record for 229$ is that a fair price?
07:23:56LinusNRockbox can only play one dir at a time
07:23:59LinusNuse a playlist
07:25:02LinusN$229 seems fair, but I don't know much about the price level in the US, i live in Sweden
07:25:15Zagorwith a playlist you can shuffle the entire disk
07:25:51Loser11do you suggest archos over the other Harddrive MP3 players? ie. ipod and nomad?
07:26:44Loser11rockbox doesnt freeze the Player like ive been reading happens on some forums and reviews?
07:26:47LinusN(of course)
07:27:27Loser11no i didnt read rock box froze up the jukebox the firmware that comes with it does
07:29:59Loser11how is rockbox better than the factory firmware?
07:31:06Zagorbetter features, better sound, faster
07:31:51Loser11it has better sound?
07:32:11Zagorthat's what people say
07:33:49LinusN(except this one guy who filed a bug report on the quality of the treble EQ setting)
07:33:51Loser11you havent had any probs. with your jukebox?
07:34:00LinusNdefine probs
07:34:22LinusNi haven't had any H/W problems, no
07:34:52LinusNexcept that my unit draws more power than many others when using the SLEEP mode of the hard drive
07:35:47Loser11some people say they had HD problems or the unit wouldnt power on
07:36:05Zagorthose problems are mostly due to low batteries
07:36:59Loser1110 solid hours of use with 1 charge?
07:37:47Zagorthat depends how you use it. fuzz around a lot and it will be empty after 8 hours. play a list and you can get 11 or more.
07:39:01Loser11im getting mine tomorrow i think
07:40:28PsycoXulhey whats to keep players from overcharging with rockbox left idle
07:41:08PsycoXuli see
07:41:14PsycoXuli guess i should be careful doing that then heh
07:41:41 Join elinenbe [0] (
07:41:41ZagorLoser11: don't worry, recorder20 doesn't have that problem. only older models.
07:41:48Loser11what happens if you overcharge?
07:42:03LinusNyour batteries will wear out a little faster
07:42:22Loser11also does archos jukebox support wma files?
07:42:54ZagorLoser11: no, mp3 only
07:43:15Loser11dang oh well
07:43:25Loser11and the recorder 20 doesnt have overcharge problem?
07:44:18 Quit Hadaka (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:44:34Loser11what about the recorder 15?!? thats the one i meant im getting the recorder 20 is 279 i only have 240$
07:44:48Loser11does recorder 15 over charge?
07:45:03PsycoXulrecorders have fancy charging code
07:45:22Loser11oh, its only the players that over charge?
07:45:26LinusNPsycoXul: or rather, recorder charging is software controlled
07:45:37LinusNplayers are hardware "controlled"
07:45:42 Quit Zagor (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
07:46:05Loser11ok thanks for the help you guys!
07:46:46 Quit Loser11 ()
07:47:54LinusNwoo, looks like Zagor's computer died
07:54:18 Join Bagder [241] (
07:54:28LinusNyo Bagder!
07:55:03mecraw12LinusN: maybe Bagder killed Zagor's computer
07:55:19LinusNthat would be just like him
07:55:30*Bagder looks innocent and whistles
07:56:20mecraw12maybe not, afterall, he looks innocent
07:56:49Bagderwhat happened to zagor's computer?
07:57:10LinusNZagor has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:00:40 Join Zagor [242] (
08:02:02LinusNyo Zagor!
08:02:17Zagornope. −−- Disconnected (No route to host).
08:02:23Zagori don't know why
08:02:39Bagderprolly a bostream thing
08:02:51Bagderit's been funny on me the last couple of days
08:02:59Bagdershort glitches
08:05:03Bagderfun cube variations ;-)
08:23:21LinusNBagder: are you going to commit the cube?
08:23:40Bagderonce I've tried it I guess so
08:36:08Zagori'll add that 8MB mod link to the mod page
08:36:21Bagdergood idea
08:36:45 Join calpefrosch [0] (
08:37:35 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpef[away] (
08:39:20LinusNah, finally got the audio feedback working when recording
08:40:15LinusNthen internal mic is picking up lots of noise from the hard drive
08:40:27LinusNbut i don't see how to prevent that
08:50:22Bagderwhy does my info screen pop back immediately?
08:50:48LinusNBecause of the release event
08:51:06Bagderbut that's anded away, isn't it?
08:51:47LinusNthat AND operation is silly
08:51:58LinusNit just removes the REL bit
08:52:13Bagderah true
08:52:20Bagderme fix
08:55:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:56:12LinusNwe should always wait for a key-release, methinks
08:56:34LinusNin this case, we should wait for a key-down, and then key-up
09:05:18Bagderit now says 1.69MB
09:05:37Bagderit makes me want higher res on that thing ;-)
09:06:03LinusNI think that info page is silly
09:08:44Bagderwell I like it for this purpose ;-)
09:09:45PsycoXulso when's the partition info thing gonna show free space?
09:11:17LinusNPsycoXul: that is a FAT issue, not a partition issue
09:11:29PsycoXuli see
09:11:59PsycoXulspeaking of FAT issues, any progress on file writing?
09:12:01LinusNfinding free space requires counting the amount of free clusters in the FAT
09:14:12ZagorPsycoXul: i'm working on file writing
09:16:03 Join Hadaka_ [0] (
09:16:13 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (
09:19:18LinusNBagder: while codepolicing the cube, why didn't you remove the typedefs?
09:19:29Bagderbecause I didn't feel like it
09:20:49LinusNand the mixed-case symbols
09:21:02 Join TotMacher [0] (
09:21:04Bagdergo ahead
09:21:52BagderI don't see any point in enforcing every bit that strict
09:22:01Bagderso those who do may fix those flaws
09:22:15Bagderlike Zagor ;-)
09:24:15Bagderanyone object if I remove the right-side column in CREDITS?
09:24:34TotMacherput me in the credits
09:24:53Bagderwhat's your real name?
09:25:00TotMacherChristian Sprajc
09:25:19LinusNBagder: not really
09:25:56BagderTotMacher: and for what masterpiece should you be included?
09:26:16TotMachermy gigantic comments in irc channel
09:26:45TotMacherhave to work
09:26:51Bagderhehe, cu
09:26:54 Quit TotMacher ()
09:29:34LinusNBagder: auto-generate credits.c?
09:36:08PsycoXulhey how feasible would it be to support on-the-fly decompression of .Z and .gz on the archos?
09:36:14PsycoXuli.e. for reading compressed texts
09:36:37Zagorlibz is big :-)
09:36:40Bagderit would make more sense to decompress it first
09:36:46Bagderwaste disk space and save ram
09:37:19PsycoXuli see
09:37:45PsycoXuli'm mirror'ing this archive of 600MB+ of mostly compressed text, which i plan to throw on there heh
09:38:12PsycoXuli dunno how big it might be uncompressed...
09:39:37PsycoXulyes, that's why i wonder heh
09:40:25PsycoXuli suppose it might have to wait for dynamic mp3 buffer and loadable modules? heh
09:43:51PsycoXulor maybe with file write support, somebody could do a firmware that's just the browser, rolo, and a decompressor... select the file and it writes out a decompressed file then you can load the normal firmware back and view it normally... heh
09:53:46bobTHChi all!
09:54:12bobTHCcan i use 4 caracters for month in my traduction ?
09:54:54LinusNi don't think so
09:55:07bobTHCbecause in french it's on 4 car
09:55:27Bagdernope, you can't
09:57:09Bagderwe should do something different to deal with those darned key release events
09:59:27Zagorwhat's the problem?
09:59:37Bagderit hits us in the face too often
09:59:49Bagdernow I exited the cube screen
09:59:58Bagderand the release event hits the menu
10:00:07Bagderso I get two levels back on each exit
10:00:47Zagorso code should exit on a specific key, and not any key. i don't see the big problem.
10:01:00Bagderit does exist on a specific key
10:01:03Bagderon the DOWN event
10:01:12Bagderand the release event gets received in the other screen
10:01:14Zagorso how can it be double?
10:01:20Bagderwhich exits on that specific key
10:01:33Bagderbut ok, they should exist on the release
10:01:51Bagderdebug_menu.c:175: `MPEG_LOW_WATER' undeclared (first use in this function)
10:03:32mbrBagder: The "3-letter abbreviation for weekday" change is not correct. set_time supports at the moment up to three letter abbreviations
10:04:01adi|homebitch bitch bitch
10:04:09BagderI doubt anyone will use less than the max for that
10:04:26mbrGerman for example will use 2
10:04:35Bagderoops ;-)
10:04:36mbrMo DI Mi Do Fr Sa So
10:05:14LinusNbobTHC: what was your real name again?
10:05:35Bagdermbr: ok, I'll fix the desc
10:07:10Bagderwe have a red build
10:07:39LinusNme fix
10:09:00LinusNBagder: w32 build is your work, i think
10:18:19 Join dug [0] (
10:18:24dughello everybody
10:18:30Bagderhey ho
10:19:10adi|homeis it just me or does the cube just seem off at times...
10:19:18adi|homelike its not exaclty a cube...
10:19:29BagderI get that idea too
10:19:50dugescuse me, but everyone speak french ?
10:19:54Bagderbut I'm not sure if its truly an error or just something that looks odd
10:20:02adi|homesame here...
10:20:04Zagordug: only a few people
10:20:08*Bagder points to bobTHC the frenchie ;-)
10:20:22dugoki, thanks
10:22:59bobTHCbonjor dug
10:23:02dugok... i'm go in english... but it's dangerous :)
10:23:07dugouff..; sauv :)
10:23:34dugen fait, je voulais savoir rapidement ce que vous pensiez de multimedia
10:24:52BagderI love this comment:
10:24:59Bagder"Don't hesitate to buy if you find another player whose firmware is hacked by a team of programmers and everyday you have another nice feature in your MP3 player. "
10:26:24adi|homehehe where was that?
10:27:02 Join matsl [0] (
10:29:37 Join MamaiWK [0] (
10:29:55MamaiWKHello Dug
10:30:23dughello MamaiWK
10:32:34LinusNdug: we think the multimedia is a cool thing, but we have no intention to make any software for it as of today
10:32:52LinusNit is a totally different hardware
10:33:22Bagderand none of us have one
10:33:43dugok LinusN, thanks for you "reponse"
10:33:57MamaiWKDug : answer
10:34:09LinusNde rien
10:34:13MamaiWKah merde c'est con
10:35:06MamaiWKDoes another project, like rockbox, is planed in the near future but for the multimedia version ?
10:35:25Bagdernot by the same people
10:35:39MamaiWKTient un Linus qui parle franchi
10:35:42Bagderbut there are some people who wants to
10:36:10MamaiWKdoes they already have a web page ? source code, doc ... ?
10:36:12Bagderhehe, right, but wants is not the same as can or will :-)
10:36:25ZagorMamaiWK: they only have 20 messages of discussion
10:37:55MamaiWK"only" means they are not enough request for further investigation, and development ?
10:38:24Bagderit means that they need more people, more skill, more time, more research etc
10:38:27LinusNMamaiWK: they haven't examined the hardware, they are only discussing it in general terms
10:38:59Zagorin short: everybody is requesting. nobody is doing.
10:39:15dugj'ai compris moi ;)
10:39:18Bagderthey're all beggars ;-)
10:39:53Zagorupdate, back soon
10:39:54 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
10:40:18MamaiWKI think we could expect a new project soon dedicated for the Arcos, multimedia. It has is big potentiel, don't you think so ?
10:40:42*bobTHC commit francais.lang v1.11
10:40:48MamaiWKDug, t'as plus qu'a ty mettre.
10:41:09MamaiWKc'est le debut pour le multimedia. Sa peut etre interessant, non ?
10:41:15dug:)... ouai, sans les docs technique, a va etre dure...
10:41:27bobTHCtous ce trouve sur internet
10:41:30dugpas trop envi de l'ouvrir le 1er jours ;)
10:41:42 Join Zagor [242] (
10:41:44MamaiWKil faudra ce contenter de l'OS d'Arcos au dbut en fait. sachant que faire un os quivalent prendra un certain temps !
10:41:45BagderMamaiWK: yes, if there's someone DOING something and not just talking
10:42:15Bagderwanna hear my judgement?
10:42:23dugMamaiWK: un achos mm... pour m'aider, a te dis pas ?
10:42:24Bagderwe'll never see a custom firmware for the multimedia
10:42:30Zagorplease speak english here
10:42:44dugok, no problemo ;)
10:42:53MamaiWKbobTHC: les docs technique sont sur le net ?
10:42:59Bagderit's not a judgement, its a guess rather
10:43:02LinusNMamaiWK: making a new firmware for the multimedia is a lot more work than for the MP3 jukebox
10:44:29MamaiWKI think so too. But a much exiting experience
10:44:40LinusNMamaiWK: docs for the multimedia?
10:46:10MamaiWKWere could we find the "only 20" discution thread about the multimedia jukebox plz ?
10:47:07Zagorno, wrong. sorry.
10:47:20Zagorthe first is just a user group.
10:53:37Zagorxfree86 is a strangely closed club...
10:55:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:57:00adi|homemove sokoban levels to an external file and just keep one level in ram
10:57:12adi|homemeaning a data file to read levels in from as you complete the current level?
10:57:39matslBagder: Question about new X11 key event code?
10:57:58LinusNadi|home: excellent ides
10:58:10Bagdermatsl: yes?
10:58:24adi|homeLinusN: i was refering to the todo list.. but thats the general idea, yes?
10:59:12adi|homeonly prob with that is that the data file will need to be on the player/recorder as well.
10:59:19adi|homeno level file, no way to actually play
10:59:30matslBagder: I think key repeat is making it hard to use. Can it be turned of for the simulator?
10:59:44BagderI don't know
10:59:59Zagoradi|home: yes, that's the general idea
11:00:17matslBagder: So I'm right in assuming that I must turn of the key-repeat to use it then.
11:00:49Bagdermatsl: I don't need to do that, my key repeat isn't that insane
11:00:54adi|homeso we are willing to accept that the user with dl a 'data' file onto their player as well in order to play?
11:01:04Zagoradi|home: yes
11:01:26Zagor.rockbox/sokoban.levels or whatever
11:01:53Bagderand we need a Sokoban Level Editor (tm) ;-)
11:02:02matslBagder: Insane? You mean that you are fast
11:02:17Bagdermeaning that I have no problem with the repeat
11:02:26bobTHCnow we use .rockbox directory to store lang & fonts , why not levels and hi scores...
11:02:46matslBagder: have you tried the player simulator?
11:03:11Bagderwhy is that different?
11:03:37matslBagder: i don't know. care to give it a spin?
11:04:17Bagdermatsl: works fine for me
11:04:24Bagderecept for the graphical junk
11:04:24LinusNand later on .rockbox/sokoban/hiscore.txt
11:04:32ZagorLinusN: fine with me
11:04:37matslBagder: Hmm... Strange.
11:05:16bobTHCsomeone will tweak the hiscore...if it's text file.. ;)
11:06:26 Join SillyFly [0] (~luk@
11:07:10SillyFlycan someone tell me what FONT_ASCENT and FONT_DESCENT on a BDF file mean?
11:07:28bobTHCu thin the HP48games emul8tor is a good idea?
11:08:02ZagorbobTHC: could be fun
11:08:03matslBagder: Sorry. I was mistaken. (about the repeat) I can get params in wps but when I use the arrow keys to set tyhe volume nothing happens.
11:08:51LinusNSillyFly: FONT_DESCENT is the number of pixels below the baseline the lower part of, for example' 'g' is
11:08:57Zagor :-)
11:09:06Bagdermatsl: I don't understand you
11:09:24BagderI have found a bug
11:09:47BagderI have a dir with no working mp3 (all 0 bytes)
11:10:02Bagderit's a simulator problem
11:10:11Zagormatsl: your xemacs has eaten 30000 cpu minutes so far on linux3...
11:10:21Bagderxemacs is evil
11:10:42matslZagor: I'll fix! No xemacs is good. eating CPU is bad!
11:11:20Bagderits just that xemacs has a history of doing just that ;-)
11:13:34matslBagder: I know. I'll feed it to the xemacs developers. Now there should be more CPU-cycles to spend on linux3.
11:13:54*Bagder uses plain old emacs ;-)
11:17:22*Zagor is off for lunch
11:17:33 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:19:24Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:20:18Topic"Rockbox Lunch Today. Special Price For You." by Bagder (
11:27:49 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
11:36:39adi|homebahh... cpu-cycles should only be spent on seti
11:41:54adi|home1090 units baby
12:32:17 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
12:55:17***No seen item changed, no save performed.
13:11:18adi|homelinus in the playlist_info struct
13:11:27adi|homedoes that include the full path, or just the filename?
13:11:58Bagderthe full one
13:12:29adi|homeany problem you think if i implement a %pp for the wps?
13:12:34adi|homesorry.. %pn
13:12:36adi|homeplaylist name
13:12:47adi|homewas a feature request and its not bieng used yet
13:13:41adi|homewhy do we have a playlist_amount function rather then just referencing the playlist.amount?
13:15:05Bagderbecause this way we don't give away implementation details
13:15:22adi|homejust seemed C++ish to me :)
13:15:26Bagderbecause the mpeg for example needs the info, and that's firmware
13:15:34Bagderwe can't have the firmware knowing imp details in the apps
13:17:54 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
13:17:58adi|home int dirlen; /* Length of the path to the playlist file */
13:18:13adi|homethat basically is how many chars to the name of the playlist itself?
13:18:39adi|home"/foo/list.m3u == 5?"
13:19:17BagderI guess so
13:19:31adi|homewell.. find out in a sec :)
13:22:14LinusNdo we have any problem making lcd_double_height a no-op on old players?
13:22:25LinusNinstead of #ifdef
13:22:40BagderI don't think so
13:23:02LinusNi'll do that
13:27:09matslSuggestion: Small change to status_draw on player. Now nearly all icons are drawn by status_draw. I suggest all are. Means. no more lcd_icon() from rest of code. Replaced by status_set_XXX or using other status vars. What do you think (I have the code ;-)
13:30:23Zagormatsl: the difference is lcd_icon() actively talks to the lcd controller. status_draw doesn't.
13:31:50matslZagor: status_draw calls lcd_icon.
13:32:19Zagorok, now i read what you wrote... sounds good to me.
13:33:02matslZagor: make it easier for the player simulator too.
13:33:34matslit's on its way!
13:33:51*Bagder buckles up
13:36:06adi|homeif %pp shows the playlist name, should i include the extension or no?
13:36:16adi|home%pn rather
13:36:23BagderI would guess not show it
13:43:16adi|homeokay.. %pn added :)
13:51:08bobTHCthe uplang script dont updat the desc ???
13:51:40Bagderuh no ;-)
13:51:41Bagderme fix
13:52:35bobTHCi "uplang" the french.lang with the new one and only the new string have been added not the description update (for the 3 car max)
13:56:47*LinusN runs the same .MOD on both oldplayer and newplayer now
13:58:18BagderbobTHC: fixed now
14:03:14adi|homeam i correct that when we do have recording working we will not be able to record to other formats then mp3?
14:05:09adi|homeokay.. so the record to wav feature request, can i close that?
14:06:00adi|homehow about the Multimedia archos one you replied to.. can i close that>
14:06:00LinusNwell, you can dream, cant you?
14:06:30adi|homesure i can.. but what does your girlfriend naked in a vat of jello have to do with this?
14:06:55 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
14:07:56adi|homeso, no response.. im closing the Multimedia firmware feature request.
14:09:41Zagordo so
14:11:36Bagderthe set time simulator crash is the lack of rtc_read() simulation
14:11:39 Join vekar [0] (
14:11:54adi|homeis _not_ a bug
14:11:56adi|homecan i kill it>?
14:13:37Bagderin what unit is the year returned from the RTC?
14:13:53BagderI refuse to
14:14:18vekarthanks for %pn, adi|home!
14:14:29vekar(assuming adi|home = adiamas)
14:15:30adi|homeno problem
14:15:36adi|homeany others that you 'must have' :)
14:15:47adi|homei have right and center alignment on my list as well
14:16:39LinusNadi|home: yellow build
14:17:50mbrBagder: Do you think the crash is because of rtc_read()?
14:18:06Bagderbecause of the stupid simulation layer for it, yes
14:18:28mbrThe segfault occurs in vsnprintf()
14:18:43Bagderbecause the rtc_read() doesn't do good enough
14:18:43mbrDon't understand that.
14:19:50mbrThe time/date struct is set to valid values in simulator ..
14:20:14mbrno rtc_read is done.
14:20:20Bagderyes, but not year, day and month
14:20:35Bagderso it reads outside the arrays
14:21:12Bagderdon't worry, me fix
14:21:39mbrOK, I'll watch the diff and (hopefully) understand :)
14:22:07LinusNBagder: i'm about to commit the unified player mod
14:22:24LinusNthis will break the daily build scripts
14:22:27LinusNyou fix?
14:22:35Bagderwhy will they break?
14:23:07LinusNonly two options to the configure script
14:23:21LinusNno ARCHOS_PLAYER_NEW
14:23:29Bagderbut those don't break the build
14:23:37Bagderah ok
14:23:39Bagdernow I see
14:23:49Bagderso go break them
14:24:16Bagdermbr: no more crash now ;-)
14:26:30BagderI can basicly stop building the playerold, right
14:26:32bobTHCit's a very good thing
14:26:45LinusNBagder: rather the playernew
14:26:54LinusNor whatever
14:26:56Bagderwe only have player and playerold
14:27:48 Part vekar
14:28:34BagderLinusN: post a little note to the list about the merge
14:28:39LinusNi will
14:30:39adi|homewhen cron runs.. how can i check what environment it is running with?
14:30:45adi|homeie: what bins it has access to
14:31:14adi|homeor does it run with whateer root has
14:31:22Bagdermake a cronjob that dumps 'env' to a file ;-)
14:31:38Schnueffor even to stdout, should get a mail normally
14:31:46Bagderah, even better
14:32:04BagderLinusN: I think it'll build fine now
14:32:10 Part lc_ ("Client Exiting")
14:33:04SchnueffPATH is
14:33:05Schnueff set to "/usr/bin:/bin". HOME, SHELL, and PATH may be overridden by settings in the crontab
14:33:05*LinusN holds his breath
14:33:26adi|homehmm... odd...
14:33:28mbrBagder: AH, now I understand. HAVE_RTC is also defined for simulator ...
14:33:38Bagderright! ;-)
14:33:43adi|homeim getting errors about it not seeing a command, but i see it plain as day in /usr/bin
14:33:46Bagdermakes better simulations
14:34:04LinusNadi|home: is it a script?
14:34:29adi|homea default script in rh
14:34:30Schnueffwhats the first line of the script?
14:34:32adi|homeno bash
14:34:36Schnueffmaybe thats not in path
14:34:42mbrBagder: Yes. But I missed this change.
14:34:59adi|homebash is in /bin
14:34:59LinusNmake sure that the script language binary is also in the path (perl, bash, ...)
14:35:02adi|homeso it should be
14:35:49Schnueffbut if you provide the absolute path to /usr/bin/run-parts you still get the error?
14:36:05Bagder4 minutes and counting...
14:36:45matslZagor: didn't check in the status_draw things right away. Wanna know why?
14:37:31Bagderyou don't wanna wear that silly hat saying "I caused a red build" ? ;-P
14:37:47*adi|home owns the yellow hat
14:37:53matslno problem. I'm used to it ;-)
14:37:58*LinusN has a "red build" tatoo
14:38:17matslI think it is rather cute actually ;-)
14:38:35Bagder"but sometimes they are REEEEED" (great song by Monty Python)
14:38:39LinusNBagder: is the HTML template changed too?
14:38:48Bagderthat is
14:38:56Bagderthe table should adjust itself
14:39:05LinusNthats cool
14:39:09Bagderwe'll see if that works ;-)
14:39:16LinusNin about 2 minutes
14:39:51LinusNhow about the daily build tar file creation?
14:40:10Bagderthe tar file is all the soure, no change there
14:40:20Bagderthe daily target build script is adjusted
14:40:29Bagderbut not the html that shows them
14:42:34Bagderbut the table did the job ;-)
14:43:02adi|homeyour missing a stub
14:43:08matslBagder: (player simulator) I can get <param> display by pressing <RETURN> but I can't get to the set volume display. Can you?
14:43:26Bagdernever tried it
14:44:11matslThat's why we want the X-keys to work properly insn't it?
14:44:48LinusNBagder: i don't get any warnings when i build
14:44:58LinusNdid you rerun configure?
14:45:09Bagderme do that
14:45:12LinusNthen ARCHOS_PLAYER isn't set
14:45:50Bagderargh you
14:45:53matslIs this a good time to do some other check ins or should I wait?
14:45:55Bagderwhy change that?
14:46:08LinusNBagder: change?
14:46:24Bagderwhy do I need to rerun configure?
14:46:50LinusNi am silly
14:47:05BagderI get the warning anyway
14:47:06LinusNor am i?
14:47:10Bagder../../apps/menu.c:109: warning: implicit declaration of function `has_new_lcd'
14:47:11LinusNi get it too
14:47:16LinusNi was blind
14:47:41LinusNbut i don't like having to use HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS when i really want to test for a Player
14:48:03Bagderso? it doesn't affect configure
14:48:14LinusNforget about configure
14:48:28LinusNbut configure doesn't set ARCHOS_PLAYER
14:48:37LinusNit only sets HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS
14:48:50Bagderit sets ARCHOS_PLAYER
14:49:14Bagderbut not the simulator one
14:49:30LinusNand that's why we have ayellow build on the sim build
14:50:20Bagderwe agreed a long time ago to check for features, not models, and that's why the sim makefile doesn't specify models, only features
14:50:59LinusNok, tell me what feature hwcompat should test for?
14:51:14LinusNit has code for each model
14:51:33LinusN#ifdefing for a feature is silly in that context
14:52:17BagderI'm not telling you how to do, I'm explaining why this works like this now
14:52:44LinusNbtw, why doesn't the simulator use config.h?
14:53:04Bagderbecause the sims aren't a player nor a recorder
14:53:11LinusNsetting ARCHOS_PLAYER will automatically set HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLS
14:53:45LinusNBagder: but they simulate a player or a recorder
14:53:56Bagdernot necessarily
14:55:14LinusNno, someone may get the idea of creating a simulator version with a recorder having LCD display, but why?
14:55:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:56:09Bagderbecause I've seen no reason to forbid writing more specific/weird/special test cases
14:56:26Bagderlike the player sim today uses lots of recorder lcd stuff
14:56:35Bagderit makes it a player-hybrid
14:56:44LinusNok, never mind, i'll change the #ifdef
14:57:04Bagderwhere #ifdef PLAYER #else /* recorder*/ would've made it impossible
14:58:14Bagderyou can probably solve it with checking for SIMULATOR, as otherwise it'll have a model defined
14:59:44LinusNfor now, it's only the lcd version check anyway, and that is at least related to the LCD type anyway
15:00:09Bagderah, true
15:00:37 Join TotMacher [0] (
15:00:48LinusNit will be a little different when the HD poweroff function is added
15:02:03LinusNdid we fix the danish peak meter bug?
15:02:31Bagderthe yellow moved
15:02:58ZagorLinusN: yes, that's when we discovered we had to bump the language version
15:03:12Bagderwhich we haven't done yet
15:03:16LinusNBagder: ah, forgot to include config.h
15:04:41BagderLinusN: we should move the simulator stuff out from mpeg.c and have them in a separate stub file, don't you agree?
15:05:05LinusNBagder: i agree, and i don't agree
15:05:26LinusNlots of the mpeg code needs to be duplicated
15:05:32LinusNi don't like that
15:05:41LinusNnot lots, but some
15:07:01Zagoryou mean the function names?
15:07:14LinusNthe tables for the min/max/default values
15:07:58LinusNnot that it is serious if they aren't alike
15:08:48Bagderit just seemed silly that my commit now is made in the same mpeg that is used on target when the fix is all simulator related
15:08:59Bagderno biggie
15:09:27Zagorbut i agree. we should stub as much as possible.
15:09:46LinusNit sure would make mpeg.c cleaner
15:10:06matslBagder: are you making the simulator actually to simulate playing?
15:10:15Bagder*shrug* no
15:10:29*matsl aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh..........
15:10:32Bagderwell, perhaps one day
15:10:49Bagdersimulate playing would basicly mean increase the timer
15:10:57Bagderand call the playlist code
15:11:13LinusNZagor: do we allow SF bug reports on daily builds now?
15:11:36matsli know. seems so simple but hard to do with mpeg.c.
15:11:57Bagdermatsl: right, that's a good reason to not use the actual mpeg.c in simulator builds
15:12:14ZagorLinusN: yes. i'll update that page
15:12:54BagderLinusN: I'd rather see mpeg split in one hw-related and one data-related file, as then we could use the data one in the simulator as is and replace the hw-related one
15:12:55LinusNthat's another reason to use config.h
15:13:08LinusNthe data-related is hw-dependent
15:13:30LinusNor what do you mean by "data"?
15:13:33Bagderwe use defines when we build the simulators as well, that's not a problem
15:13:51Bagderthe problem is the hw-related code
15:13:52LinusNBagder: is HAVE_MAS3507D defined in simulator?
15:14:03Bagderit would be, if we need it
15:14:17LinusNwe do, if we want the settings to be correctly simulated
15:14:26Zagorthat's very unimportant
15:14:45Bagderbut so easily done so we could just as well do it
15:15:13LinusNZagor: it is important if we want to take screenshots from the simulators
15:16:14Zagornot that they are correct
15:17:38Bagderit doesn't matter
15:17:43Zagorno, why would the max value for example be important for the simulator? duplicating this is no biggie.
15:17:45Bagderwe'll have the sim support them
15:20:38LinusNhow do i commit a deleted file without committing the rest in my CVS tree?
15:20:50Bagdercvs ci filename
15:21:00Schnueffno tab completion though :)
15:21:24LinusNSchnueff: :-)
15:22:23bobTHCwhat the H & V resolution and font size for rockbox fonts?
15:22:49LinusNbobTHC: it depends on the font
15:23:15LinusNresolution is pixels
15:23:37bobTHCasking general setting to convert ttf to bdf
15:47:57matslBagder: Any conclusion about the mpeg-thread for the simulator?
15:48:16Bagdernothing for now at least
15:49:29LinusNi think mpeg-stubs.c is the way to go
15:50:03Bagderand duplicate the stuff they can share?
15:50:32BagderI disagree
15:50:54BagderI'd rather have a big #ifdef SIM around all functions in mpeg that the stub offers
15:50:58Bagderand then the sim uses both files
15:51:44LinusNand what about the target?
15:51:57Bagderyou mean MAS type?
15:52:05LinusNi mean mpeg.c
15:52:21BagderI don't understand, what about it?
15:52:23LinusNi thought the point of this action wa to clean up mpeg.c?
15:52:31Bagderit would
15:53:13Bagderyou'd only have one #ifdef and one #endif instead of today's 132 (well I didn't count ;-)
15:53:15bobTHCuwe is here?
15:54:54LinusNtime to go home
15:54:58LinusNbye all!
15:55:01Bagdersee ya linus
15:55:13 Part LinusN
15:55:13*Schnueff .. away too
16:03:10 Quit SillyFly ("Connection reset by peer ( )")
16:04:32bobTHCmaximum size for *.fnt font file ?
16:05:08Bagder9000 bytes actually
16:05:24 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:05:25Bagderbye mats
16:05:51bobTHCouch by default when i generate on from bdf file size is near 280kb !!!!!
16:06:19Bagderthat's because you don't strip out all the bazillion unicode characters
16:06:41 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
16:09:00 Join xam__ [0] (
16:09:07 Nick xam__ is now known as xam (
16:10:16bobTHCi limit it to 128 and the file is around 2.5kb !!!! thanx
16:10:30Bagderlimit it to 256
16:10:44Bagderthen you have the iso8859-1 set
16:11:29bobTHC256>5kb always good
16:13:50bobTHCnot really iso8859-1 compliant because some car miss but better ;)
16:21:09bobTHCwhere can i find a already compiled recoreder sim for win32 ???
16:22:59bobTHCi'm surely blind bust i don't see it on the website...
16:23:17 Quit calpef[away] ("Bye bye, cu l8r")
16:23:37Bagderthere isn't one
16:24:27bobTHCi must compil it myself?
16:24:50Bagderand even then you'll get problems
16:24:50Zagorbottom of daily build page
16:26:41Bagderit needs fixes to build
16:26:52BagderI know edx has made several but not yet committed them
16:27:39BagderbobTHC: the win32 simulators are not very well taken care of
16:30:51bobTHCit's just to test my freshgenerated fonts...
16:31:14Bagderdon't be a chicken, try them on target ;-)
16:31:18bobTHCdon't worry i can wait this night...
16:31:56bobTHCi haven't here !!!
16:32:39Bagderok then, you're excused ;-)
16:33:14bobTHChehe, no i MUST have it with me!!!!
16:44:36elinenbewoooo! who is going to test the new code :)
16:48:42elinenbewell, lemme at it.
16:48:55Zagorelinenbe: this was just test code, not the actual fat code... :-)
16:48:58Bagderthat's only development code, not for live tests
16:51:37BagderI like the gap in the daily build table ;-)
16:51:48elinenbewell, let me at the live code.
16:51:52elinenbeI'm hungry
16:53:23 Quit dug ("Client Exiting")
16:53:23Zagori will check it in soon. but it's FAR from ready.
16:53:31Zagorso you'll stay hungry a while more :-)
16:53:47Bagdernah, he can fix the remaining things ;-)
16:55:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:02:22ZagorBagder: will you cut player-old from the compile status table?
17:03:49Bagderit'll vanish automaticly
17:03:54Zagorah, ok
17:05:46 Join edx [0] (
17:05:51Bagderhi edx
17:08:05BagderZagor: I'm rewriting the cvs log script to output html instead of plain text
17:08:18Zagorok, nice
17:09:19BagderI guess I shall stuff lots of classes in there
17:10:19 Quit TotMacher ()
17:10:23Zagoryup :)
17:11:20edxhmmm i dont get sound on one ear... right now
17:11:36edxi hope i wont have to send in the device again!
17:14:48edxwhy does it work with the original firmware
17:14:55*edx puts rockbox on again
17:15:15BagderZagor: you want me to store a bigger example somewhere so that you can work out some nice ccs stuff before we replace the text logs?
17:16:32edxahh.. now it works ;)
17:22:20 Quit xam (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:23:36ZagorBagder: i think i want it as a table anyway. css can't do that :-)
17:23:57Zagoruh, no wait. i'm silly.
17:24:14Bagdercheck the page now
17:24:29Zagoryup, looks good
17:24:54Bagderbut it needs some formatting to look nice
17:25:04Zagorindeed :-)
17:30:52 Join Triple-z [0] (~Mp3@
17:31:03Bagderhowdy ho
17:31:21Triple-zanyone saw the new nomad zen?
17:32:52BagderI read some of the slashot crap
17:33:20Triple-zgoods bads?
17:33:38Triple-zthe design looks good
17:33:52Bagderthey just talk about how this is cheaper than ipod
17:33:53Zagorit seems like a rec20-style device, but as usual crappy Creative software and limited protocols
17:34:28Bagder"SB1394" is enough to make you laugh
17:34:30Bagderor cry
17:35:17BagderZagor: starting tomorrow, the daily builds get html versions of that changelog too
17:35:29Bagderto work out the css on
17:35:44Bagderthen we can fix the the build table ones to be html too
17:36:20Triple-zwhats the quque function stats?
17:36:55Bagderit won't happen anything much on queue things until we have file writes
17:37:45Zagoroh my god, it actually has usb1, not usb2... bwahaha!
17:38:13Bagderthe specs page only says "USB"
17:38:52Zagoryeah, well if they had usb2, they would be bragging about it all over.
17:38:59Triple-zis there chance for a search option in the future?
17:39:05ZagorTriple-z: yes
17:39:12Bagder"# Transfer your songs and other files in a flash with SB1394 FireWire - 10x faster than USB!"
17:39:18Bagdersurely indicates usb1
17:39:23Triple-zcant wait for quque & search :P
17:39:39BagderTriple-z: stop waiting, start coding ;-)
17:39:44 Part elinenbe
17:40:06Bagder"Powerful, simplistic icon-driven interface with Quick Scroller Navigation"
17:40:32BagderI never understood that kind of marketting talk
17:41:11Zagor"Creative File Manager. Move non-music files quickly and easily with this handy little program that fits on a floppy." did they ever hear of "copy", "drag&drop"???
17:41:22Bagderrequirements include:
17:41:28Bagder"Sound Blaster Audigy?, Extigy? or Live!? For EAX enhanced MP3 encoding"
17:41:43Bagder(the ? above being TM marks)
17:41:46ZagorSB1394 FireWire port (found on Sound Blaster Audigy? series of audio cards)
17:41:51Zagorisn't that nice
17:42:06Zagornot only firewire, but SB firewire...
17:42:08Bagdersomeone should sue them
17:43:48 Join xam [0] (
17:44:39Zagor"Could somebody drag the Irix team kicking and screaming into the 1980's, please? realize it might be quite painful for them, but maybe you could buy them a disco tape, so they'd feel a little bit more at home." −− Linus "Stayin' alive, stayin' alive" Torvalds
17:45:47bobTHC SB1394 is a classical firewire port it's marketing name
17:46:20BagderSB1394 is a creative monster
17:46:38Bagderfirewire is 1394 without SB
17:47:43bobTHCi'm agree with u, it's like sony who name it i
17:47:43Triple-z91% played of track[Guns N Roses - Estranged] album[Best of Guns N Roses (Ltd. Ed) 2001] 9m24s @ 192
17:48:24bobTHCbut it's in fact firewire !
17:48:26Zagori'm off
17:48:27 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
17:50:18 Part Bagder
17:50:29 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:18:02 Part bobTHC
18:18:02 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:26:48Triple-zI Just Love Rockbox!
18:32:22 Join wallie [0] (
18:40:47 Quit Triple-z (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:42:31 Join Triple-z [0] (~Mp3@
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18:55:38 Join calpefrosch [0] (
19:01:41 Part wallie
19:24:17 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpef|away (
19:36:00 Quit TotMacher ()
19:58:21 Quit PsycoXul (
19:58:21 Quit norm_ (
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20:03:51 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/1]")
20:03:51 Join radhard [0] (
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20:08:28 Quit edx (
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21:19:00calpefroschradhard: are u there ?
21:19:44calpefroschI just go and eat something, will be back in 40-50 min..
21:19:50 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpef|brb (
21:26:48 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
21:27:34langhaarrockerHoly cow! What happened today? I count nearly 60 commits!
21:39:38 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:13:11 Nick calpef|brb is now known as calpefrosch (
22:13:11 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:13:28calpefroschradhard: are u there now ?
22:25:13 Quit edx ("n8")
22:45:33 Quit calpefrosch ()
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22:59:40 Join LinusN [0] (
23:34:40Triple-zis there a option for scroll type like in the archos frimware?
23:35:10 Join RipnetUK [0] (
23:57:56 Part LinusN

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