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#rockbox log for 2002-10-16

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00:27:40Namuchanyone know how to compile the uisimulator?
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00:43:30Loser11anyone here?
00:47:03*norm_ wave
00:48:47*radhard is yawning
00:50:09Loser11i just got my archos 15
00:50:29radhardWell, congratulations!
00:50:29Loser11is it supposed to click when it turns on?
00:50:51radhardIf is possibly a noise from the HD spinning up.
00:51:08Loser11click click click click
00:51:19radhardSome of them click, some of them scream. Hmm, sounds odd.
00:51:20Loser11and it stays on the 3rd bar of th eboot screen
00:51:37Loser11it only does that when i plug it into the usb slot on my comp though
00:51:48radhardNo, that definitively should *not* happen. Original firmware or rockbox?
00:51:55Loser11just got it
00:52:04Loser11cant get it to boot up so i can change it
00:52:14radhardThat was not the question.
00:52:24radhardOk, original.
00:52:39radhardDoes it boot without USB?
00:53:03Loser11it says battery charging
00:53:06radhardHmm. Batteries fully charged?
00:53:11radhardAh, ok. How long?
00:53:17Loser11just started
00:53:20Loser11should i wait?
00:53:29radhardOk, then we should talk in a few hours ;)
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00:54:04Platinumanyways... someone last night in here told me the recorders dont have the overcharge problem the players do is this true?
00:54:10radhardYep. HD operation needs good batteries. They are empty when sipped. I think.
00:54:57Platinumit cant operate off of the power supply?
00:55:03radhardShipped. I never heared of that. Since they charge awfully slow, that shouldn't be a problem ;)
00:55:04Platinumht e dc plug in
00:55:12radhardht e dc?
00:55:27Platinumthe dc plug in into the wall
00:55:28HadakaPlatinum: the charger can't power the hd
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00:55:38Platinumhehe one last q
00:55:39HadakaPlatinum: it needs batteries as well
00:55:50Platinumdoes rockbox support .wma files?
00:56:12Hadaka(don't think he is)
00:56:44radhardNo. It doesn't. The mp3 is decoded with a special hardware. The processor is not even capable of handling mp3.. ;)
00:58:00radhardWhat a suprise tis evening! I found a free replacement of my buggy digicam download program!
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01:00:24radhardPlatinum: Feel free to ask. np.
01:02:17radhardI wonder what processor the multimedia jukebox uses. Does it handle divx video by software? I think it does. Does anybody know?
01:02:40norm_That's a good question
01:04:57PsycoXulmy guess is that even if it uses a dedicated decoder chip, it's probably still powerfull enough to reprogram to do anything you might wanna do on the thing
01:05:34Platinumyeah the multimedia one is cool
01:05:43Platinumyou can d/l movies from internet and play them on a tv
01:05:55radhardMaybe that one is capable to decode wma, wmf and all that stuff.
01:06:00PsycoXulpersonally though, i'm gonna wait for the 2nd or 3rd generation of such devices before i get one heh
01:06:32radhardI think it uses a lot of personal hd-space when converting normal divx or mpeg videos.
01:06:46PsycoXulyou know, smaller, less power-hungry, but higher-capacity drives, build-in cellphone and wireless networking, etc :p
01:07:25radhardBut yes, it should be a cool device. At least if they managed it to write a good firmware ;)
01:08:42radhardYes, I'd also wait a few generations. If you have a look at what they did to their recorders and players, you should at least try before buy.
01:09:08radhardWireless networking? Did i miss that one?
01:09:46PsycoXul^^ speaking of features of future generations
01:10:26radhardAh, ok. Just started to dribble... ;)
01:12:05radhardUuuuah, 57600 kBps is a *really* slow download rate for digicam pictures.
01:12:34Triple-zwhat headphone you guys use with the AJBR?
01:12:39 Quit hardeep ("Killed by Cap (Requested by panasync)")
01:12:49PsycoXuli don't have a recorder, just a player
01:12:55PsycoXulbut i use sony mdr-cd280's
01:13:08radhardAiwa, Sony or cassette. Depends.
01:13:38Triple-zhows the mdr-cd280?
01:13:59PsycoXuli use the ones that it came with if i want less-bulky ones
01:14:08PsycoXulTriple-z: they're not bad
01:14:17PsycoXulnot really great either
01:15:05 Nick radhard is now known as rad[busy] (
01:16:04rad[busy]Just have to sort some stuff an play with the cam... And make some photos of my freinds JBR-remote.
01:17:37 Quit Triple-z ("sleep")
01:19:29Platinumwhats the difference between the recorder and player?
01:20:36PsycoXulrecorders have bitmap screen and can record
01:20:45PsycoXulplayers have charcell screen and can only play
01:20:54PsycoXulrecorders screen is also bigger, and it has more buttons
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01:40:00Platinumyou guys suggest rockbox?
01:45:52TotMacherit is very bad
02:01:21Platinumim being honest
02:01:25Platinumwhat advantages does it have
02:02:53TotMacherin mp3 resume
02:03:17TotMacherfaster playlist load
02:03:36TotMachercustom font support, so you can use a smaller font
02:03:57TotMacher-> see more info on display
02:04:15TotMacherlonger battery life
02:07:47Platinumok screen is flickering and a clikcing noise is being made
02:08:07Platinumwhen i have the JB plugged into wall and i put usb cable in the back of it
02:08:16Platinumstays on the 3rd boot bar
02:08:28Platinumi just plugged it in 1.5 ago for the first time
02:09:35Platinumhow long does it take to charge?
02:12:41 Quit TotMacher ()
02:16:48rad[busy]With the original PS about 10-11 hrs. I know, that's bad. Therefore I use my own with 11.4V, that does the job in 4-5hrs.
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02:45:11Jet8810hey guys!
02:46:12 Quit Platinum ()
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03:49:11rad[busy]n8 @ all!
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04:45:05Platinumanyone here?
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05:10:57Platinumanyone here?
05:12:27_seb_not really
05:12:42Platinumyou know alot about the JBr?
05:12:48_seb_no, I have a player
05:14:06Platinumdo you know anything about them though?
05:18:50 Quit Platinum (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:27:51_seb_what I want to know is who the hell are these people visiting my website
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06:31:52Platinumanyone who knows some stuff about the JB in here?
06:31:55mecrawHey, Loser!
06:32:36mecrawSorry, just had to say it.
06:32:37Platinumits been charging for 6 hours... but when i have the power cord plugged in and i put the usb plug in it will start to boot then it will start clicking and the screen will falsh
06:32:56Platinumit cant turn on without power cord
06:33:17mecrawHold the on button down for 5-10 seconds
06:33:34Platinumholding for about 15 now
06:33:44Platinumwont turn on
06:33:48mecrawyou have a player?
06:34:26mecraware you trying to play music or use the USB?
06:34:26Platinumwhen i plug it in it goes through the little bar thingy then the screen says archos Jukebox recorder
06:34:32Platinumbattery charging
06:34:37Platinumim trying to turn it on
06:34:45mecrawis the USB cable in?
06:35:16Platinumit starts to boot then on the second bar of the loading it starts to flicker the screen and it makes a repetitive clicking noise
06:35:39mecrawsounds like it's trying to boot
06:35:51mecrawdoes it boot without the charger plugged in?
06:35:52Platinumbut can't?
06:36:10Platinumwont even turn on
06:36:52Platinumw/o power cord
06:37:13mecrawsounds like a hardware problem
06:37:42mecrawsorry I can't help more than that
06:39:55Platinumthink its been charged long enough?
06:40:27mecrawit should definitely boot after 6 hours
06:40:35mecrawis it brand new?
06:41:12Platinumill take it back to circuit city tomorrowe
06:41:22mecrawgood plan
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06:57:17Platinumall packed up for return tomorrow
06:57:41mecrawthat sucks
06:58:02mecrawjust think, as soon as you install rockbox it'll be worth twice as much
07:03:35Platinumso rockbox makes it alot better?
07:03:55mecrawas long as you're not recording
07:04:15mecrawI haven't used the stock firmware since early July
07:06:07Platinumits bad for recording?
07:06:31mecrawfile writing isn't implemented yet, so it's not too useful
07:06:50Platinumbut i can use it as a mobile HD?
07:07:25mecrawright, but that is done through USB
07:07:51mecrawWe can't write to files yet in the firmware
07:08:13Platinumdoes it still have the EQ with bass boost and stuff?
07:09:56Platinumso its not software or anything that is keeping mine from turing on
07:10:19mecrawi doubt it
07:10:35mecrawyou haven't even put rockbox on it yet, right?
07:10:40Platinumit will turn on to charge... then if you hold on it starts to boot and stops at the second bar... clicks and flashes then moves to the 3rd bar and clicks and flashes until i remove the power from it
07:10:49Platinumcant get it to boot up to see it as a hard drvie on my comp
07:11:09Platinumwont turn on without power cord plugged into it
07:11:33mecrawi haven't heard of that before, have you checked the mailing list to see if someone else has seen it?
07:11:42Platinumwheres that?
07:17:25 Join LinusN [0] (
07:17:54mecrawmorning, LinusN
07:17:55Platinumhow long have you had your ajb?
07:18:04mecrawPlatinum: since January
07:18:05Platinumlinus its loser11 from last night
07:18:23Platinumi got the AJB 15 for 179 american but its defective
07:19:00LinusNtough deal
07:19:06LinusNwhat is the prob?
07:20:11Platinumit will turn on to charge... then if you hold on it starts to boot and stops at the second bar... clicks and flashes then moves to the 3rd bar and clicks and flashes until i remove the power from it
07:20:40Platinumwont boot without external power and has charged for 6 hours
07:21:06LinusNwoo, sounds like it's fried
07:21:43LinusNok, first of all, replace the batteries
07:22:13Platinumhow did it get fried it brand new?
07:23:51Platinumim not going to mess with it ill just take it in tomorrow for another one
07:23:56Platinumthey are on super sale right now
07:24:35LinusNoh, i though you got it from ebay
07:25:24 Join Zagor [242] (
07:26:38Platinumcircuit city
07:26:40 Quit RipnetUK ()
07:26:47LinusNok, then you should return it
07:26:50LinusNhi Zagor
07:29:11LinusNZagor: are you able to reboot your recorder by holding OFF a little shorter time?
07:29:52Zagorit has never happened
07:31:44LinusNnot for me either, but a lot of people are complaining
07:33:05Zagorlike the guy who filed a bug because the unit didn't shut off when he wanted to. he didn't want to hold down STOP as long as is needed.
07:34:26LinusNthe weird part is that they say it is a new "feature" in 1.4
07:38:46HesI've been able to do it, I've considered it a nice feature
07:39:02Hesthe difference between too short and long enough is subtle
07:39:21adi|homeso ive been thinking about it.. does anyone have any problem if i flush the resume buffer after you say no?
07:39:26Hesi've been doing it from the start
07:40:15Hesadi|home: think someone asked for a 'resume' feature which one could select from the menu later on even if he chose 'no' in the first place after bootup
07:40:25HesGood morning, everyone.
07:41:11LinusNadi|home: i like that "feature" a lot
07:41:18adi|homewoah.. on the website.. when did "Bandwidth and server sponsored by:
07:41:21adi|home get added?
07:41:27adi|homeLinusN: which feature?
07:41:33adi|homethe constant ask?
07:41:44adi|homeor having another menu option for ask once or ask always?
07:41:47LinusNbut we do have a bug that doesn't clear the resume info when reaching the end of the playlist
07:41:59LinusNadi|home: i like the constant ask feature
07:42:16LinusNbut having another option may be good
07:42:30adi|homesee im the oppisate.. it annoys the hell outta me :)
07:42:46adi|homeill see about adding an option.. cool?
07:42:55LinusNZagor? opinions?
07:43:28Zagoradi|home: in what cases does it annoy you?
07:43:48adi|homeif i choose to stop the player, do a reboot myself
07:43:53adi|homewhen it reboots and i say 'no'
07:44:00adi|homethen reboot again, it asks again..
07:44:06adi|homei find it annoying.. i already said no..
07:44:17LinusNno means no :-)
07:44:20Zagorwhy do you reboot again immediately?
07:44:30adi|homeokay... fine.... i shut down
07:44:34adi|homewait a day and restart
07:44:35Hes=> work
07:44:37adi|homebut if i say no
07:44:39LinusNZagor: as i see it, it doesn't matter why he rebooted
07:44:40adi|homeand i shutdown
07:44:43adi|homeand start another day..
07:44:47adi|homeit asks again still
07:44:51adi|homewhen i already said no ;)
07:45:11Zagoryeah, but "no" doesn't necessarily mean "never".
07:45:18adi|homeit does to me
07:45:21Zagorresume is for resuming the last point you played
07:45:29adi|homeno doens't nec. mean 'ask me again later' either :)
07:45:39Zagornot necessarily the last point you shut down
07:45:46adi|homeright.. but if i don't want to resume... and i say no, STOP asking me :)
07:45:59mecrawadi|home: do you stop before shutting down?
07:46:06adi|homenot always
07:46:18LinusNadi|home: there is a reason we call the settings "persistent" :-)
07:46:20Platinumsorry to interupt but may i ask the proper way to hook up and remove your ajbr from the usb?
07:46:23adi|homesometimes is a power failure, or my player whigging out.. (it has issues)
07:46:24Platinumi dont wanna mess mine up
07:46:30LinusNPlatinum: windows?
07:46:33adi|homePlatinum: what os?
07:46:59Platinumoriginal at first then im going to install rockbox
07:47:10mecrawZagor: doesn't hitting stop, without shutting down, set the resume index to -1?
07:47:22Zagormecraw: yes
07:47:24adi|homemecraw thats not the point
07:47:33adi|homethe point is.. if i say _no_ and go in an play a game
07:47:42adi|homenext time i turn the unit on, I don't want to be asked again
07:47:53LinusNmecraw: it sets it to -1, but it isn't saved until the disk spins up again
07:47:57LinusNon players
07:47:59Zagoradi|home: most users would consider that a feature, not a nuicance :-)
07:48:10Platinumyes im running windows
07:48:24LinusNZagor: actually, i was annoyed at first, but i have begun to like it
07:48:35LinusNPlatinum: there should be a USB icon in the system tray
07:48:46Zagori think we will get complaints if we remove this behaviour
07:48:47LinusNselect "safely remove" from there
07:49:00adi|homesee.. im the oppisate... it progressively driving me more nuts :)
07:49:14LinusNadi|home: then we have succeeded
07:49:19mecrawi thought you were already nuts, adi|home
07:49:42Platinumnot to be ignorant but system tray is in lower right corner?
07:49:46adi|homei am.. and i don't need this constant reminder
07:50:36Platinumnot to be ignorant but system tray is in lower right corner?!?!?!?
07:50:43ZagorPlatinum: yes
07:51:07Platinumand to hook it up just put usb cord into ajbr no snazzy tricks?
07:51:11adi|homewould you guys settle for Yes | No | Ask Once | Ask Always ?
07:51:14adi|homeor something like that?
07:51:21ZagorPlatinum: yup
07:51:28Platinumok thanks for all your help guys
07:51:31 Quit Platinum ()
07:51:44LinusNYes|No|Ask Once|Annoy me
07:51:56adi|homehehe i like that oppition
07:51:59LinusNHarass Mode On
07:52:12mecrawadi|home: how about 'Never Clear Resume'?
07:52:22adi|hometoo long
07:52:28Zagoradi|home: i think i'd like that. but then we need to change the STOP behaviour to not clear resume info on "ask always"
07:52:29adi|homebe nice to keep it < 11
07:52:32mecrawi'd like to be able to resume even after i have hit stop
07:52:53adi|homei can look into that...
07:52:58adi|homelet me see what I can come up with
07:53:36LinusNZagor: we don't clear the resume info when we reach "end of list", do we?
07:53:45mecrawi won't need it as soon as we can bookmark playlists
07:53:58*mecraw looks wishfully towards Zagor :)
07:54:22ZagorLinusN: no we don't
07:54:28Zagorwe should
07:54:39adi|homeumm.. bug in english.lang
07:54:40LinusNjust set resume index to -1?
07:54:45ZagorLinusN: yup
07:54:48adi|homecheck out LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON
07:54:53adi|homeonly a desc there
07:54:56adi|homeno eng: or new:
07:55:16LinusNZagor: that's a tough one
07:55:24LinusNonly wps handles that case
07:56:44Zagorwps already updates running resume info
07:56:55LinusNi just found another related bug
07:57:07adi|homeshould i fix the english.lang or what?
07:57:17LinusNthe status bar doesn't update if we reach end-of-list when in the browser
07:57:30Zagoradi|home: yes
07:57:31LinusNwe need a callback or something
07:57:36LinusNfrom the mpeg thread
07:57:39ZagorLinusN: hmm
07:57:43LinusNor poll the mpeg status regularly
07:57:58LinusNthe play icon is stuck now :-(
07:58:19Zagorstatus.c should poll mpeg status by itself
07:59:00LinusNZagor: it's not only the status
07:59:10LinusNthe resume info is only saved when in wps
07:59:55LinusNhow to solve this?
08:00:02LinusNwe want independent resume saving
08:00:13LinusNi smell a callback, or a poll
08:02:12Zagorsemms we need a message queue from the mpeg thread
08:02:58LinusNor something
08:03:35LinusNi think allowing the mpeg thread to post to the button queue would do the job
08:06:33Zagorwhy mix up buttons and mpeg messages?
08:08:28LinusNbecause that is the queue that all UI threads listen to
08:09:12Zagorexactly. so we need to have this mpeg code spread out all over.
08:09:17LinusNwe can of course add a resume thread, but that seems overkill
08:09:38Zagori prefer a dedicated queue. it can handle the id3 "callback" too.
08:09:53LinusNwho listens to that queue?
08:10:02Zagora new thread
08:10:03adi|hometo turn off the resume on the one time attempt...
08:10:17adi|homedoes it make sense to just set resume = ASK_NO?
08:10:20LinusNZagor: ok, so a new thread it is
08:10:39 Join matsl [0] (
08:10:48LinusNmorning matsl
08:11:08Zagoradi|home: no, that makes it resume without asking...
08:11:40adi|homeokay.. so how do i turn resume off?
08:12:01Zagoradi|home: set resume_index = -1
08:13:24adi|homeshould i just leave the opitons as ask and ask once?
08:13:31adi|homewould that make more sense?
08:13:47adi|homerather then ask always and ask once?
08:14:23Zagoryes, that seems good
08:15:35LinusNZagor: add the resume issue to the TODO
08:15:42LinusNi can't write to that file
08:20:33adi|homeummm in english.lang
08:20:37adi|homeid: LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON
08:20:37adi|homedesc: in settings_menu,
08:20:40adi|homewas what it was
08:20:50adi|homei changed it to:
08:20:52adi|homeid: LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON
08:20:52adi|homedesc: in settings_menu
08:20:52adi|homeend: ""
08:20:52DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
08:21:00adi|homeand now make is bitching about missing a quote?
08:21:11Zagorend: ?
08:21:20adi|homedoh.. thank you :)
08:21:41adi|homewe need a better error message for that then missing quote :)
08:23:16 Join Bagder [241] (
08:23:41LinusNyo Bagder!
08:23:52Bagderhey ho
08:29:57LinusNZagor: your recorder HW is interesting
08:30:17LinusNit's breaking a perfect pattern :-)
08:30:32LinusNcan you double check the hw info?
08:33:36ZagorROM 1.24, Mask 0x0102, USB+, ATA 0x200, PR+, Freq 11.0592
08:34:30LinusNZagor: ok, my info was incorrect
08:35:10LinusNstill, you have a different mask than i do
08:35:16LinusNi have 0x302
08:35:28LinusNi wonder what that bit tells us
08:35:43Zagor0x200 is the bit for "silly harddisk power circuit" ;)
08:35:59LinusNis your LCD dark at 32?
08:36:00Bagderwow, there's a guy in Sierra-Leone who needs my help and money! ;-)
08:36:08LinusNBagder: help him!
08:44:22LinusNZagor: can you think of any other differences between your unit and mine?
08:44:35Zagorthe noise
08:44:57LinusNBagder: do you have any noise?
08:45:10Bagderwhat kind of noise?
08:45:25LinusNthe white kind, in the background
08:45:35Bagdernot that I've noticed, no
08:46:01LinusNwe'll have to compare at lunch today
08:46:32Bagderme have lunch at home today
08:47:36LinusNfrom a private email:
08:47:40LinusN"Unit made continual clicking noise while it was charging"
08:49:02LinusNwhat about the remote control bug report?
08:49:12LinusNHave you tried the remote lately, Zagor?
08:49:53Zagorwill test now
08:50:20LinusNBagder: what keys for F1-F3 in the sim?
08:50:29Zagorworks fine
08:50:40Bagder /, *, -
08:51:35Zagori renamed the irc logs *.txt so now google index those too. neato.
08:52:05BagderI tried the html version of today's changelog , worked
08:52:09LinusNthe sim and the target display don't have the same aspect :-(
08:52:26LinusNi have 1600x1200 on my pc
08:52:35ZagorLinusN: of course not
08:52:36BagderLinusN: change resolution ;-)
08:52:48LinusNZagor: Bagder claimed they had
08:52:52 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:52:57bobTHChi all
08:53:01BagderI said I thought they had
08:53:08Bagderthe diff is very small anyway
08:53:21LinusNno it isn't
08:53:30bobTHCyou always want my HW info linus?
08:53:39Zagorit's different hardware, of course it differs
08:53:39LinusNmy PC pixels are almost square shaped
08:53:44Bagderwell, its small to me
08:53:47ZagorLinusN: that's your choice
08:53:48LinusNand the LCD has 4:3
08:54:03adi|homesomethng weird is going on...
08:54:06LinusNbobTHC: i think i have it
08:54:08adi|homeon the resume check..
08:54:20adi|homei set resume_index to -1 if resume_ask_once is set
08:54:27adi|homei say no.
08:54:36adi|homego to the browswer, then reboot...
08:54:37bobTHCyep but yesterday u said have odd result to verify, no?
08:54:43LinusNah, yes
08:54:49LinusNplease report
08:54:50PsycoXulwhy am i put in the root directory every time i reach the end of my dir/playlist? it used to go to where i started it from, and that would make more sense to me [this is with follow playlist off, btw]
08:54:52adi|homeand i get asked again, i check global_settings.resume_index and its _not_ -1?
08:55:27LinusNPsycoXul: because you resumed, no?
08:55:38PsycoXulnot this time, no
08:55:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:56:06PsycoXulthats usualy how it goes, but i haven't shut down or anything since i started it this time but it still put me to the root
08:57:05LinusNi am testing now
08:57:18LinusNit went back to the dir where the playlist is
08:57:31bobTHCROM 1.18
08:57:31bobTHCMAsk : 0x0002
08:57:31bobTHCUSB : Neg
08:57:31DBUGEnqueued KICK bobTHC
08:57:31bobTHCATA : 0x300
08:57:31bobTHCPR : Neg
08:57:32***Alert Mode level 1
08:57:32bobTHCfreq : 11.0592mhz
08:57:34bobTHCversion display @startup : 1.17i
08:57:38PsycoXulwell i haven't tested with a playlist, just dir play
08:57:47LinusNbobTHC: last time your mask was 0x0003
08:57:49PsycoXulthe only playlist i've got is 3062 tracks long so i don't reach the end of it heh
08:58:19LinusNyou said dir/playlist
08:58:48PsycoXulsorry heh
08:58:53LinusNi just tried in a dir, same thing
08:59:04LinusNit went back to the dir
08:59:15LinusNtell me how to reproduce it
08:59:49 Join adiamas [0] (
09:00:27 Join calpef[away] [0] (
09:00:34PsycoXulif it's not doing it for you, don't worry about it... if it does it again i'll update my build and look to see if i've mucked anything up somehow too
09:01:16 Quit adi|home (Killed (NickServ (Nickname Enforcement)))
09:01:32 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
09:02:05PsycoXuloh btw is it possible to make an alternative to shutting off players? like standby mode where timers/clocks and such could run but uses very little power?
09:02:41Bagderthe cpu has a standby mode for that
09:03:01Bagderbut I don't think we can wake it up again nicely
09:05:14bobTHCthe bleeding edge is sure or unstable (new fat32 code in particular) ???
09:05:25LinusNand the old players can't shut down the HD
09:05:27Bagderthere's no new fat code in use
09:05:28ZagorbobTHC: there is no new fat32 code, only test code
09:05:38bobTHCok.. thx
09:05:45LinusNthat test code is not in the build
09:06:18adi|homehehe i have to give ppl on the boards credit.. they are good at making archos converts ;)
09:07:10Zagoradi|home: you haven't been to slashdot or arstechnica then? they don't even know the archos exists :-)
09:07:27Bagderor tomshardware
09:07:33***Alert Mode OFF
09:07:44Zagoryeah, there to
09:07:46LinusNsilly ipod zealots
09:08:01LinusNor nomad junkies
09:08:17adi|homei lost respect for a majority of /. posters ages ago.. yo should know that...
09:08:59adi|homehas there been any discussion of Rockbox on /. ars or toms since our initial release?
09:09:01Zagor"Does anyone know of a hardrive based player at least 5GB with ethier USB or Firewire connectivity, mounts as a removeable drive when connected, and allows you to copy mp3 and playlist (m3u or pls) files TO and FROM it?" And nobody will tell the guy it exists, they only harp on about how there are nice tools for the iPod...
09:09:43Zagoradi|home: no
09:10:28adi|homeyou have a link to that Zagor?
09:10:59Zagorscroll down a bit
09:11:59Bagderbut it doesn't have SB1394 ;-P
09:16:07 Join adiamas [0] (
09:16:19adiamasdamnit.. friggin provider
09:16:38adiamaszagor.. im working on the resume_once issue.
09:16:55adiamasi get to the ask screen, i confirm that we are doing ask_once, and set resume_index to -1
09:16:57adiamasi reboot
09:17:02adiamasand resume_index is set to 0
09:17:10LinusNadiamas: player?
09:17:26Zagoradiamas: you need to call settings_save()
09:17:32adiamasi mean.. if i don't do a play again.. is resume_index getting set?
09:17:35LinusNadiamas: do you save the settings?
09:17:43adiamasah.. hmmm is that/will that be expensive?
09:17:58LinusNexpensive? you have to!
09:18:08Zagorit saves to RTC and flags a save to disk at next disk access
09:18:16adiamasgot ya
09:21:05Zagor"My iPod freezes up every so often, I reboot by holding down play and menu for a few seconds."
09:21:19adiamassweet.. it works.. thanks
09:21:23Zagorreading non-apple ipod forums is enlightening :-)
09:21:28Zagoradiamas: goodie
09:21:40adiamasanyone wanna test before i commit?
09:22:08Zagordid you fix the STOP thing too?
09:22:17adiamasone step at a time
09:22:23Zagorok, np
09:22:25adiamasstop is next if i can do it
09:22:34adiamassim works.. im testing rec now
09:32:54adiamaswho wants to see a pilots eye test?
09:35:25Zagorcheck it in if it seems to work
09:35:34adiamasi did..
09:35:55 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:36:15Bagderwhat does it do?
09:36:35Bagder"ask once" is not exactly clear to me
09:36:38adiamaswhat does what do?
09:36:48adiamasno worse then ask ;)
09:37:02BagderI disagree
09:37:02adiamasit lets ask, only ask once
09:37:07adiamasif you say no, it don't ask again
09:37:10adiamasso it only asks once
09:37:14CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 36 minutes and 39 seconds at the last flood
09:37:14*adiamas shrugs
09:37:22Bagderso it switches off the resume if no?
09:38:01adiamaswe can always pull it out later, but right now the ask (always) was annoying the hell outta me
09:38:49BagderI have a hard time grapsing the use case for this
09:41:41adiamasbeacuse if i say no, i don't want to be asked again
09:41:41adiamasi already said no
09:42:11Bagderright, but shouldn't you switch off resume then?
09:43:29LinusNBagder: turn on the unit, it asks "resume", you say "no", and turn the unit off
09:43:44LinusNthen you don't want to be asked again
09:43:55adiamasbagder i love resume, because my unit is flakey
09:43:57Bagderyes, but people who do that won't have that setting on ask once in the first place anyway
09:44:13LinusNBagder: elaborate
09:44:48Bagderyou're leaning on a very limited scenario that won't happen very frequently for any user
09:45:03Bagderthe user who may want this, wants resume ASK in all other cases
09:45:11Bagderand thus, in this odd case, it'll not do right anyway
09:45:18adiamaswhy not?
09:45:19Bagderjust my thoughts
09:45:25adiamasbagder follow this logic
09:45:28LinusNBagder: why wouldn't it do it right?
09:45:31Bagderbecause users won't select "ask once"
09:45:37adiamasi choose ask once
09:45:40LinusNBagder: why woudln't they?
09:45:42adiamasmy unit crashes
09:45:46adiamasi reboot, it asks, i say no
09:45:50BagderI just don't think they'll do that
09:45:51adiamasthen i play another song
09:45:58LinusNadiamas: most units don't crash
09:46:02Bagderpeople will think they want "ask"
09:46:07adiamaswhen i shut down... the next reboot it -will- ask me to resume.. and i will say yes
09:46:23adiamasLinusN: crash/reboot/batteries die
09:46:28adiamasunit shuts down
09:46:55adiamasBagder: yeah and?
09:47:02adiamasi still don't get you.
09:47:10Bagderand therefore, we add an option people won't use nor understand
09:47:14Schnueffis it 'ask once for the same resume point' ?
09:47:27adiamasjust an option that ppl who don't read or ask questions get
09:47:31Schnueffbut ask again if it is another resume point?
09:47:33adiamaslike nearly every other option we have
09:47:34LinusNBagder: the user who gets annoyed by the repeated asking will understand
09:47:38adiamasright Schnueff
09:47:41LinusNthe others will just select "ask"
09:47:59adiamasif you play a diff song after saying 'no' then the resume is back on
09:48:17BagderI would actually rather have two options for the resume questions
09:48:25Bagderone "no" and one "disable"
09:48:32Bagderexcept for yes, that is
09:48:47LinusN"disable" will certainly confuse people
09:48:52adiamasthats 3 options
09:48:56Bagderthat's 3 yes
09:48:59Bagderthe point being
09:49:10Bagderthat people won't know they want this before this happens
09:49:22Bagderand then they don't have the option set right
09:49:42adiamaswhy do you keep saying 'not set right'
09:49:43Bagderof course all this is my guessing
09:49:48adiamaswhat is "not set right"?
09:50:06Bagdernot set in a way that causes the behavior they'd expect or want
09:50:52adiamasim still not getting you dude..
09:50:56adiamaswhen i first used ask
09:51:05adiamasi only expected it to ask _once_ so who's failure is that?
09:51:13adiamasand i know im not the only person that did that
09:51:28adiamasthat wasn't the 'behaviour' i expected ;)
09:51:36adiamasnor is it what i 'want' :)
09:51:41adiamasso i put in what i want
09:51:43Bagderbut the problem might not be the resume options
09:51:54adiamasbut it is
09:52:00Bagderin your eyes, yes
09:52:08adiamasi don't want to be asked repeatedly if i want to resume at the song i was last at
09:52:30adiamasokay.. so we agree..
09:52:37adiamaswhere's your issue with this option then?
09:52:46BagderI think its at the wrong place
09:53:07adiamasand where pray tell would you have an option releating to resume?
09:53:15Bagderwhen the user realizes he wants this, the option is not there to select
09:53:37Bagderthe user realizes this when he gets the question
09:53:41Schnueffis there already a feature request to resume in pause mode? so i can have a look at the WPS to see where i would resume before playing? :)
09:54:23adiamasso what your saying is you would rahter have 'No' 'Yes' 'No fuck off only ask me this time'
09:54:33adiamasas options to be selected when the question gets asked?
09:54:55adiamasokay, so: "no" "yes" "disable"?
09:54:59Bagderit makes it harder to fit on screen though
09:55:10Bagderfor players
09:55:28LinusN"disable" is not a very good word
09:55:51LinusNit implies that you disable the resume option
09:56:02LinusNi.e turn it off
09:56:15adiamasright.. im just trying to figure out what bagder would rather have
09:56:31Bagderisn't that practicly what you do then?
09:56:43Bagderwhen does it ask again otherwise?
09:56:55adiamassort of.. but i think providing a 3rd answer at the boot would provide more confusion
09:57:15adiamasbecause 90% of users just want ask constant.
09:57:32adiamasi don't think they should be troubled with what the 10% nec. want
09:57:33Bagderok, so explain to me how "ask once" is not a disabled resume when you say no
09:58:03Bagderhm, ok I get it
09:58:08LinusNBagder: disabling resume means "turn it off and never resume anything again"
09:58:20LinusNthat's noit what he wants
09:58:24adiamasthis is more of "turn off resume until i play another song"
09:58:27Bagderhow do you know ;-)
09:58:42adiamasbecause we talked about it before you butted your big nose in ;)
09:58:44LinusNi am psychic
09:58:47*adiamas pokes Bagder in the chest
09:59:46BagderI still think a third option to the resume question is better
09:59:52adiamasheheh this guys blasts archos.. then finishes his post with
09:59:57adiamas"The Rockbox hacked firmware project *is* pretty cool, and I like the fact that it's relatively easy to swap in a new HD, but all in all I cannot recommend an Archos unit."
10:00:19LinusNadiamas: where?
10:00:36LinusNah, why wouldn't he recommend it?
10:00:41adiamaswell.. how about this.. if we get question(s) about 'what is ask once' then we'll go to 3 options on ask screen.. hows that..
10:00:43Zagori notice many people have a hard time grasping the concept that there are several archos models.
10:00:54adiamasI bought an Archos Jukebox 20. Terrible experience. It's just a shoddy unit −− cheaply put together, and apt to fail. Mine decided after a couple months to shut off if I touched it in the wrong place. And if you browse the Archos Yahoo Group, you'll see lots more issues, including how Archos actually included a power supply that's apt to ruin your unit after several months of use. Mine now can't recharge batteries in-unit;
10:00:54adiamasnd use an external charger. Did I mention pulling and re-inserting the batteries repeatedly has now loosened the spring contacts to the point where it frequently won't get a good connection without fiddling?
10:01:44LinusN"and repeatedly driving my car into a wall wrecks it"
10:06:05LinusNreputation is everything
10:06:38LinusNit takes just a few disappointed loudmouths to ruin a products reputation
10:07:08BagderZagor: all cvs logs now have HTML versions as well, just waiting for you tweaking your scripts and css
10:08:09Bagderand I'll change the build-table generation script when we think the html looks good enough
10:08:32Bagderjust change .txt to .html on the last ones
10:09:36Zagor"the buffer overrun bug on the iPod −− your iPod's hard drive will spin continuously since it can't fit the entire track (album in your case) into it's buffer, drastically cutting your battery life."
10:09:59*Zagor is scouring the net for ipod gossip :-)
10:10:15Zagorthat was from february, so it might be fixed now
10:10:56Zagorthere seems to be a lot of freeze issues. they even have a reset key combo...
10:12:53Zagorthere are no sound settings other than volume
10:13:01adiamasgod damn.. that thing is UGGGGGLY
10:15:50adiamasokay.. so what was the stop / resume issue?
10:16:38Zagori'm cool with just a fourth resume option
10:17:01Zagorah, sorry, wrong topic :)
10:17:28adiamason the website.. roadmap
10:17:34adiamascan i remove the 1.4 info?
10:18:23adiamasokay.. so what was the stop issue?
10:19:12Zagorwell i was thinking maybe we shouldn't set resume_index to -1 when we press stop. but i'm not sure about that.
10:20:11adiamashmm.. well... why would you not want to set it to -1?
10:20:28Zagorto be able to resume
10:20:28adiamasi mean.. i have my opion about about it
10:20:46adiamasright.. but you're not playing anything that can be 'resumed'
10:20:56Zagoryou were...
10:21:09adiamasto me, resume implies that you are in a song and shutdown
10:21:21adiamasbut if you stop. you're not playing anymore
10:21:29adiamasthough.. hmm.. 'off' is stop on recorder
10:21:41adiamasand you need to hold 'off' to shutdown, so 'stop' happens first right now
10:21:50Zagorit was just an idea. ignore it for now.
10:22:11adiamasnods okay
10:22:21adiamassee to that the resume info is saved not only in the wps screen
10:22:25adiamaswhats that on the todo?
10:23:53Zagorit's a bit more complex
10:24:18Zagorwe need to set up a thread to handle resume storage when we are playing music while being in the browser
10:25:41adiamaswell isn't the mp3 thread aware of the settings structure?
10:25:53adiamasah, i thought it was.
10:26:07adiamashow does creating another thread help?
10:26:15adiamaswould it detect when a new mp3 is played?
10:26:19adiamasthen save settings
10:26:39Zagorno, it would wait on a queue that the mpg thread posts too
10:27:59adiamaswhat do you mean posts to?
10:28:19adiamaswhat does the mpg thread put on the queue?
10:28:31adiamasand im assuming you mean a queue as in data structure
10:28:48Zagorwell it's a message queue
10:29:02Zagorit's used sort of instead of signals
10:29:09Zagorto communicate between threads
10:36:29adiamasgot ya..
10:36:39adiamasand the threads poll ont he queue to see if there is data?
10:36:57adiamashow does a thread lay claim to the data?
10:37:03adiamasand still be thread safe as it were
10:37:27Zagoryou wait on the queue, and then you get the message.
10:37:37Zagorthere is no race
10:37:43adiamasright.. but couldn't 2 threads wait on the same queue?
10:37:57LinusNyes they could, but they don't
10:38:06adiamashow do we ensure that?
10:38:12LinusNone consumer per queue
10:38:24Zagorwe don't need to ensure that. we write the code.
10:38:41adiamasyou check if anyone else is a consumer, if not you claim it
10:39:06Zagori know that noone else is using this queue. i wrote the code.
10:39:18Zagorchecking code is only good for code you dont a) write or b) know
10:39:29adiamasok.. let me see if im with you...
10:39:39adiamas1. there is an queue to data between threads
10:39:53LinusNthe mpeg thread creates an info_queue
10:40:02LinusNthe info thread waits on it
10:40:21adiamasand no one else uses that queue right?
10:40:35LinusNno, why would another thread use it?
10:40:45adiamaswhat i thought you were doing at first
10:40:51LinusNit's just like sharing global variables
10:40:52adiamaswas there as a queue for all threads
10:40:57adiamas1 queue
10:41:03adiamasthats where i got confused :)
10:41:14adiamasthat make my questions a bit more logical?
10:41:28adiamasim not insane, just mis-informed :)
10:44:34adiamasgod i love the Barenaked Ladies
10:44:36*adiamas sighs
10:44:55*Zagor loves barenaked ladies too...
10:45:50adiamasthe band or the women ;)
10:46:32 Quit MamaiWK (Remote closed the connection)
10:46:38Zagorthere's a band? ;) (actually I have some of their music)
10:49:06adiamasheheh if i get a job with a decent connection ill hook you up.. i have 100 of their songs :)
10:50:00Schnueffu got movies too? :)
10:52:24 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:53:08adiamassure... 5 cds full..
10:53:17adiamasbut you need to show me proof your over 18 first ;)
10:55:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:00:13BagderKjell did the sim resizable
11:00:41Zagorooh, nice
11:02:57Bagdera bit buggy though
11:03:05Zagorof course :-)
11:06:10bobTHCon the recorder the off button is HW controled ?
11:07:13bobTHCso impossible do delay off when the HD is spinup?
11:07:58langhaarrockerBut it might be done in the simulator...
11:07:59bobTHCbecause off when hd spin up is not really good for the HD...
11:08:26ZagorbobTHC: correct. don't do that :-)
11:09:23bobTHCI attempt, but when the spinup start 0.5sec before u push off ...
11:09:55Zagorit's not a huge problem for the disk. just not recommended behaviour.
11:10:01bobTHCthe disk make a silly off noise
11:11:02bobTHCi'm agree, just digging for fix it, but it's impossible...
11:14:56LinusNi am about to commit a little change in the mpeg thread
11:15:29LinusNit will swap in large chunks while play_pending is true
11:15:50LinusNthat way the playback starts earlier when you press PLAY/NEXT/PREV
11:19:39bobTHCfor search engine what u think it's the best string matching algo ? boyer-moore or u think inverted index is better ?
11:21:59 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:28:24 Nick mem is now known as mem_lunch (
11:28:27LinusNboyer-moore rocks, for what i know
11:30:32bobTHCa tuned version more fast exist
11:36:08 Join MamaiWK [0] (
11:36:45 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:37:03LinusNbobTHC: look nice
11:38:44adiamasanyone else located in the US?
11:39:14bobTHCu dont sleep psyco ???
11:39:27Bagderhe talks in his sleep
11:40:19 Quit bobTHC (Remote closed the connection)
11:41:01 Join bobTHC [0] (
11:41:09PsycoXuli sleep in the day
11:41:53bobTHChehe 3 o clock is a good hour for coding ?
11:42:26adiamasi do my best coding from 0100 to about 0600
11:42:50LinusNadiamas: oh , that explains a lot :-)
11:43:17adiamasbite me
11:43:22adiamasyeah.. yeah.. well.. well.
11:43:28adiamasyour a swede
11:43:29adiamasso there
11:53:53 Part Bagder
11:57:27 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
12:32:04 Join McWizard [0] (
12:32:13McWizardHeya! Any Developer here?
12:35:49langhaarrockermost of them seem to be eating.
12:36:29adiamasim here.
12:36:32adiamaswhats up/
12:36:42McWizardWell I didn't intend to give them new work :) I only wanted to drop in and tell them what a neat thing they did! Thx :)
12:37:24langhaarrockeradmiration is always welcome :)
12:38:06adiamasheheh thanks :)
12:38:06McWizardI know (open source coder myself) :) That's why I did it
12:38:23adiamasso when you gonna pitch in and join the fight then? ;)
12:38:59McWizardNah. I'm a java coder at heart.. It like Hardware<−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−Me->Software :P
12:39:33langhaarrockerI am a java programmer, too. It wasn't that difficult to downgrade to c.
12:39:35adiamasyou know c or c++?
12:39:43adiamashell.. come in and help with the docs..
12:39:47adiamasthose are out dated ;)
12:39:59McWizardI know.. i know.. but I'm all busy with my own project sorry :)
12:40:06adiamasheheh wuss ;)
12:40:08adiamaswhat project?
12:40:17langhaarrockerWhat kind of project can be more important than rockbox?
12:40:22McWizardBut at least I admit it.. Not like most ppl: "I'd love to help but I cannot code and I cannot write" :P
12:40:38McWizard <−− my project
12:41:56langhaarrockeris it with client server stuff?
12:42:47McWizardI've to go now. I'll drop by later.. have fun :)
12:43:05langhaarrockermust work -> no fun
12:43:25 Quit McWizard ("(I was using -«jPolaris»-) Version: .45. Webpage: Wasted: 11 Mi")
12:47:05langhaarrockerHe should port his project to rockbox.
12:49:49bobTHChehe and port the game too... for special harcore gamers
12:52:37bobTHChave u seen the sourceforge stats?
12:52:53bobTHCimpressive "takeoff"
12:54:34adiamasdamn 106k page views
12:55:36bobTHCi'm curious to know how many device archos sell...
12:55:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:57:46adiamashhehe my bowling team.. we are 1200 pins ahead of the next closest team in total pins..
12:57:55adiamasbut we are still in 4th because of stupid handicap :)
13:00:13adiamasLinusN|lunch or Zagor
13:00:25adiamaswhen you guys get back.. i have a few questions regarding sokoban levels
13:01:12bobTHCsoon on the /.rockbox/ folder and out of the *.ajz
13:06:39adiamas<bobTHC> soon on the /.rockbox/ folder and out of the *.ajz
13:06:43adiamaswhat the hell are you talking about?>
13:08:04bobTHCyesterday we talk about the possibility of extract sokoban level from the *.ajz file to /.rockbox/ folder to win memory
13:08:54adiamasahh.. right..
13:08:55adiamashehe no..
13:08:58adiamaswhat i mean is..
13:09:09 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:09:10adiamasim trying to decide if we should allow comments in the levels file
13:09:23adiamasand how we are denoting the different levels
13:09:35adiamasi figure just a blank line is good enough.. but i want to ask opinions
13:09:40adiamaswhat do you think?
13:10:34LinusNuse whatever is easiest to parse
13:10:42LinusN# comment
13:10:49LinusNlevel: xxx
13:10:57LinusNdatazone: xklhdajfsfa
13:11:05bobTHCfor me, arbitrary number is sufficient
13:11:06LinusNdatazone: kfldjfsögsg
13:11:10adiamasi was also thinking.. does it make sense to read the levels file totally when you enter sokoban, and then just index to it the way we do in a playlist?
13:11:11LinusNdamn completion
13:11:41LinusNdo it the easy way first
13:11:57LinusNthen, if it turns out to be slow, index it
13:12:11adiamasright but when you switch levels we will need to open the file reparse to find our level and then do our work.
13:12:32adiamaswhich means it gets increasingly slow
13:13:41LinusNyes, but how slow is it?
13:14:01adiamasgo to spam for sec
13:15:35bobTHCadiamas, u think the kjer zoom will be used with sokoban? it's to small for me
13:15:47adiamasfor the sim?
13:16:43bobTHCsorry, i read too fast the cvs activity
13:17:08bobTHCor just enlage the actual sokoban?
13:31:00 Part elinenbe
13:36:27 Join Bagder2 [241] (
13:38:08 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:39:33matslBagder2: There something bad with the webb page and labb.
13:39:53Bagder2"something" ?
13:40:17matslMultiple processes. The pages doesn't seem to be updated. something might hang.
13:41:07matslBagder2: 4 running. Should it be like that?
13:41:25Bagder2no, but that's no biggie
13:41:56matslok. I might be wrong. The page is updated now.
13:44:32Bagder2time to reboot on my new kernel
13:44:34 Part Bagder2
13:53:01adiamasneed an opinion
13:53:12adiamasthat simple enough for now?
13:54:07Schnueffi would have preferred chars instead of digits, i.e. w = wall, space = empty, etc.
13:54:19Schnueffor # = wall
13:55:13 Join Bagder_ [241] (
13:55:29Bagder_now why didn't I have my framebuffer enabled before? ;-)
13:57:21LinusNadiamas: looks perfect
13:57:34LinusNcan you have comments?
13:57:47Schnueffuh w8 a sec
13:58:38LinusNadiamas: is it possible to validate the levels? I mean, compare the number of boxes with the number of "targets"
13:59:51adiamasnot yet.. no code yet :)
13:59:57adiamassure.. i can do that...
14:00:27adiamasschnueff i can write a script to fix that if we want...
14:00:54adiamasbut then each line needs " around it so we know where the white space ends
14:01:24Schnueffi'm just looking up what the level format of xsokoban ist
14:01:28Schnueffis, argh
14:01:37LinusNto know where the white space ends?
14:01:48adiamaswell. for user stupidity
14:01:54adiamasthats all..
14:02:03adiamasmake the image cleaner etc.
14:02:16LinusNyou mean like "0000 22 0000"?
14:02:42LinusNjusr read the whole line and remove all white space
14:02:42Schnueffthe vim sokoban ( uses some ascii format .sok
14:02:43adiamasthis is in response to Schnueff thinking about chars instead of ints
14:03:44LinusNno need for "
14:03:46 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
14:03:50 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
14:04:09Schnueffxsokoban seems to use the same format, althought the levels can get large, so we need scrolling :)
14:04:16Bagder_hey ho snorlax
14:04:29_Snorlax_I've got a prob!
14:04:32adiamasokay.. so do we want to go char based instead of ints?
14:04:41 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
14:04:42LinusNadiamas: of course
14:04:45_Snorlax_I'm setting up a linux server in my home network
14:05:00Bagder_Snorlax_: I'm listening
14:05:06Schnueff# wall, @ starting position, $ movable, . destination, space empty
14:05:17adiamassweet.. thanks..
14:05:17Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
14:05:19_Snorlax_I'll be using clark connect(
14:05:58_Snorlax_can I use your linux usb driver cuz my laptop which is going to be server hasn't got a cd!
14:07:38BagderZagor's linux isd200 driver is included in all recent linux kernels
14:08:13matslBagder: I have run out of ideas (and the mpeg-thread-simualtor-job seems to much at the moment) got any suggestion?
14:08:16Bagdersince 2.4.8
14:08:33Bagderany suggestion for what?
14:08:41_Snorlax_k, but CC is a "standalone" os which is build of linux(translated directly from swedish)
14:09:01matslBagder: useful rockbox hack
14:09:14Bagder_Snorlax_: so download the patch and apply it, rebuild and reboot
14:09:32Bagdermatsl: ah, eeeh, not really.
14:09:35_Snorlax_k, sorry but where do I download it?
14:09:52 Nick mem_lunch is now known as mem (
14:10:40Bagdersorry, but I don't know how to download it
14:10:47Bagderthere doesn't seem to be any download link there
14:11:01_Snorlax_I know!
14:11:05Bagderwe should probably punish Zagor for this ;-)
14:11:07_Snorlax_what do do?
14:12:03_Snorlax_so gimme a hnad here, plz
14:12:24adiamasokay.. 0's are the black background.. what char do we want for them?
14:12:50Bagder_Snorlax_: so wait until Zagor gets back
14:13:25Schnueffadiamas: they're not present in the levels files i have seen, so we're free to chose
14:14:01adiamasthats why i asked :)
14:14:03adiamaswould X
14:14:16adiamasor B
14:14:21adiamasi like B what do you think?
14:14:28Schnueffi like X better
14:14:37adiamasokay.. X it is :)
14:14:54_Snorlax_wait a minute! the install cd is on the jukebox, which I need driver to get...
14:16:24Schnueffnice, but first line is missing
14:16:31_Snorlax_really funny..
14:16:32Schnueff(leve: 1)
14:16:36Schnuefflevel even
14:16:37adiamasnods just realzied
14:18:27Schnueffhm in levels like 85 with open bottom line, can one walk into the memory?
14:18:29adiamasthe levels file.. name?
14:18:59_Snorlax_but what if I acces the install cd over the LAN(in windows)??
14:19:01Schnueffhm, is checked
14:19:17Schnueffhm no
14:19:52Bagderanyone using linux framebuffer on matrox?
14:20:35 Quit mem ("has to do some network changes, see you soon")
14:20:47Bagderanother reboot then
14:20:48 Quit Bagder ("")
14:21:29Schnueffjust wondering, the walking code in sokoban doesnt seem to check for validness of the coordinates
14:23:36LinusNadiamas: soboban_levels.txt
14:23:50LinusNthen you can view the levels in the text viewer
14:24:01adiamassmart ;)
14:24:35Schnueffadiamas: why your levels are only 15 rows high?
14:24:51adiamasare they?
14:24:58adiamashmmm odd... must be a bug in the script
14:25:00Schnueffif i dont count wrong, yes
14:25:18adiamashmmm nope.. your right..
14:25:29Schnueffyes, wc just confirmed me :)
14:27:04 Join Bagder [241] (
14:30:26_Snorlax_CC is based on Redhat kernel: 2.4.9-31
14:31:29_Snorlax_has it got Zagors usb driver impleamented?
14:32:20Bagderit should
14:32:25Bagderit's in 2.4.8
14:33:29_Snorlax_quote from bjorns page:"While the driver code was merged into the 2.4.8 kernel, due to an oversight the entry (that makes the driver selectable in the config menus) didn't appear until 2.4.10. "
14:36:41Schnueffadiamas: first level line still missing?
14:37:03adiamasnot any more.. new version
14:37:34adiamassigh 3 commits in a 2 min sad ;)
14:37:59Schnueffok, only have the first two :)
14:38:14langhaarrockernothing compared to yesterday: I saw 54 commits.
14:38:38 Join mem [0] (
14:43:42Bagderanother reboot
14:43:42langhaarrockerHas anybody tried to read an e-book on rockbox, yet?
14:43:45 Quit Bagder ("")
14:45:31bobTHCe-book ? pdf files ?
14:45:34adiamaswe need word wrap before ill try it
14:45:54langhaarrockerI wordwrapped offline with Word.
14:46:05langhaarrockerNow I want bookmarks.
14:46:15 Join Bagder [241] (
14:46:20bobTHCin txt files?
14:46:31Bagderframebuffer mod works neat now
14:46:40Schnueffwordwrapped with word *shiver*
14:46:40 Part LinusN
14:47:09 Join LinusN [0] (
14:47:16LinusNBagder: what cool with that?
14:47:34Bagderbooting up in 1600x1200 in 24 bits ;-)
14:47:48Bagderbut more seriously, I hope to get QT/e to work
14:48:02bobTHCbig screen badger?
14:48:26bobTHChehe cool monitor....
14:48:29_Snorlax_baj baj
14:48:29langhaarrocker21" with 112x64 is pretty stupid.
14:48:39 Quit _Snorlax_ ("gittar ny!")
14:49:02LinusNFrom funmp3players:
14:49:05LinusN"Keep in mind, that most of the posts you see are from people who are having questions or problems. Most people don't post to announce that the unit works just fine (Unless they just loaded Rockbox for the first time and have the "Wow, this is too cool" experience!)"
14:49:40langhaarrockerWe ought to do something about our image:)
14:50:37langhaarrockerIs anybody working on the text viewer? Like wordwrapping, bookmarking, and so on?
14:50:50Bagdernot that I know
14:51:21langhaarrockerMaybe I'll open a new source tree tonight...
14:51:28adiamasLinusN: hehe you have the url for htat
14:55:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:01:23xamlanghaarrocker what about pdf support?
15:01:45xamlanghaarrocker and a picture viewer would be fine, too ;)
15:01:54bobTHCjust a joke
15:14:31 Part LinusN
15:15:05 Join LinusN [0] (
15:26:19LinusNtime to go home. bye all!
15:26:25Bagderbye linus
15:26:39 Part LinusN
15:37:02 Quit TotMacher ()
15:47:16 Quit xam (Remote closed the connection)
15:50:43 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
15:50:55Zagorhow's that for a lunch? :)
15:53:43Bagderloooooong :-)
15:59:28Bagderdon't you love duplicates
16:00:24Zagorthe more the merrier :-)
16:03:46 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:04:23 Part bobTHC
16:04:56BagderQT/e runs fine now on my linux
16:05:00matslBagder: need advice.
16:05:56matslwe have a lot of ifdefs in the code. Like. have_lcd_charcells and have_lcd_bitmap
16:06:25matslThen comes the player simulator that has both. Gets tricky.
16:06:36matsl(at least in my head ;-)
16:07:17matslcan we make it simpler?
16:07:21Zagorwe're trying to do away with as many as possible using stubs, but not all can be removed
16:07:40Bagderright, we should add more stubs to remove #ifdef SIMULATOR as much as possible
16:08:17Zagorcharcells/bitmap is probably going to stay. they are mutually exclusive and can't be abstracted away.
16:08:46Bagderthey're not mutually exclusive when the player sim is built ;-)
16:08:53matslOk. so player simulator should not actually use have_lcd_bitmap
16:10:27Bagderit needs to
16:10:50Bagderthe simulator is not a true target, thus it doesn't (need to) use the exact same features
16:12:28matslWell I just had two different LCD_WIDTH defined because of passing through lcd.h with different settings. Thats bad.
16:12:58Bagderyes, that's bad, but what does that has to do with the features?
16:13:25matslI'm not sure I follow you about the features. Elaborate.
16:13:38Bagderthe defines saying HAVE_[blabla]
16:13:52matslgo on
16:14:12Bagderno, you tell me what the problem is
16:14:15BagderI don't understand
16:14:40matslhey. I wanted the advice in the first place ;-) OK. I'll try.
16:15:09 Join edx [0] (
16:15:45Bagderhey felix
16:19:52matslBagder: Well one problem is that the simulator gets the have_lcd_bitmap code when it shouldn't. If the test is done on have_lcd_charcells then it is OK.
16:20:13Bagderso you made it all work without that define set?
16:20:22Bagderthen remove the define
16:21:38edxhmm got problems with my headphones..
16:21:49edxone earplug seems to be death..
16:22:14matslBagder: I don't get through to you. I'll contemplate on this further. cu
16:22:26Bagdermatsl: hehe, please do, see ya
16:22:32langhaarrockeredx: swap them to make sure it not your ear that's dead...
16:22:32 Part matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:22:41 Quit calpef[away] ("Bye bye, cu l8r")
16:23:22edxlanghaarrocker: sure i did that :P i also made sure that it's not the archos which is dead.
16:24:46langhaarrockeredx: I had a headphone within which a little 'bonding' wire broke. A bit of solder solved the problem.
16:25:18edxit's just very muted... i can hear very little.
16:25:51edxi wonder where the wire could be broken..
16:27:00langhaarrockerDoes your hp have a volume dial in the wire?
16:28:09norm_Chances are low that the break is in the main length of wire. More likely, it'
16:28:12langhaarrockerI never experienced that a headphone was muted by a broken wire.
16:28:17norm_s in the earphone end or the plug
16:28:40edxyea.. tried to look there but i dont want to void warranty if i damage the earplug
16:28:42norm_If it's a very loose connection, it's possible to be highly muted as opposed to totally dead
16:28:48edxits difficult getting there... but it looks ok to me
16:29:12norm_edx: I meant the earphone's plug, not the Archos' plug
16:29:28edxsure the earphones plug..
16:29:50norm_What sort of earphones are you using?
16:30:11edxsony EP70...
16:30:17edxlike half of the ppl around here :P
16:30:50ZagorEX70 you mean?
16:31:01langhaarrockerI sometimes have something like a bend and scrumbled membrane in the earphone. Blowing and sucking the earphone helped usually. But on the other hand I have distorted sound insead of muted.
16:31:38edxno its not like that.. its really extremely muted..
16:32:56norm_edx: does anything change when you wiggle the wires?
16:33:10langhaarrockerI have the EX70, too. Don't you go mad due to all that noise when the da*%ed cable rumbles over your collars, with zippers and so on?
16:33:31edxnorm_: nope.
16:33:34Zagortape the cable to your neck :-)
16:33:50edxlanghaarrocker: not... actually not
16:33:50langhaarrockerZagor: A tacker is more reliable.
16:34:33edxhmm damn... ill have to send it back grmbl... hope they'll replace it
16:35:58langhaarrockerI use the EX70 only when not moving much eg in a train. On the street I use Sony E868
16:38:10Zagori've learnt to tuck the cable inside my collar, so it doesn't move so much. then the noise is not a problem. i could never go back to old style earbuds...
16:39:40langhaarrockerI fixed a 'crocodile clamp' to the cable of my E868. So I can fix the cable to my cloth easily.
16:46:17langhaarrockerThere are so many cool patches in the patch tracker. I just hope the core team will find the time to review and apply them.
16:49:33Zagorisn't that nice. linus fix today made this morning's daily build magically repair itself...
16:52:53edxshall I commit the fixed stuff for the win32 simulator? - the player display is incorrect somehow, but at least the recorder simulation works now
16:53:15Zagordo so
16:55:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:56:07langhaarrockerWill the table on collide as soon as there is no content for the old player columns any more?
16:57:04Zagorcollapse, yes
16:57:14edxwhy aint there any compilations for the old player?
16:57:16langhaarrockerI never get things right.
16:57:25Zagoredx: we have merged new and old player
16:57:30edxah cool
16:59:01edx../../apps\language.c(46) : error C2065: 'LANG_LAST_INDEX_IN_ARRAY' : undeclared
16:59:02edx identifier
16:59:13edxthat's new..
16:59:16Zagorhave you updated everything?
16:59:24edxactually yes, but ill retry
17:00:43langhaarrockerCan anybody recommend me a good freeware editor for coding c?
17:00:52langhaarrockerUsing windows
17:01:18norm_There's vi for windows d:)
17:01:25langhaarrockerI'm a windows user.
17:01:39Zagoremacs is for all systems, including windows
17:01:47Zagorit takes a bit to learn, but you will never go back
17:01:58langhaarrockervi and emacs are only for unix users who migrate to windows.
17:02:09Zagorit's for power users
17:02:20langhaarrockerI'm a very tiny person.
17:03:12adiamasgive me emacs for developement, and vi for administration
17:03:17adiamasand ed to be sadistic
17:03:45langhaarrockerall of them are sadistic when used on a windows user
17:05:27Zagorlanghaarrocker: you have to make a choice; do you want to be productive, or click on shiny little buttons?
17:06:38adiamaslanghaarrocker: but it does behoove you to learn them though...
17:07:05adiamasi like knowing both vi and emacs because that way im sure to piss someone off..
17:07:16Schnueffu got too much time
17:07:24adiamasheeheh nah..
17:07:32adiamasemacs i learned in college.. my prof swore by it
17:07:40Schnueffknowing one of vim/emacs is a life-time job :)
17:08:00adiamasvi i learned the night before i had to teach a 3 day course in unix which one day covered vi
17:08:09adiamasand then i ended up using vi on the job for 1.5 years
17:08:15Schnueffi would recommend vim, but i wouldnt recommend vi
17:08:20adiamasno no no
17:08:22adiamaslearn bi
17:08:28adiamas_then_ learn vim
17:08:43adiamasif not, its like 'learning' emacs with someone else's .emacs file
17:08:49adiamasyou learn their shortcuts, not emacs
17:09:00Schnueffi dont think so
17:09:08Schnueffbut anyway, this is not an editor channel
17:09:13langhaarrockerI have all those windows editor typing reflexes which usually can't be applied to emacs / vi.
17:09:13adiamassure it is...
17:09:24adiamassure they can
17:09:28adiamasyou just need to map them
17:09:39langhaarrockeroh no. Not bindable key schemes again.
17:09:43adiamasbesides.. unix editor commands are designed to be faster
17:10:05adiamasf1 is linegoto for me in emacs
17:12:31langhaarrockerLast time I fiddled with vi / emacs was about 8 years ago. Probably things have changed. Probably emacs grew even bigger that it used to be already.
17:13:06norm_Eighty Megs And Constantly Swapping d:)
17:13:29langhaarrockeroh. Than it changed by factor 10 :)
17:13:40Schnueffgood operating system, lousy text editor :)
17:13:56Schnueffoh shh, no editor channel :)
17:14:02langhaarrockerI never want to lisp again.
17:14:49adiamassee.. thats your problem.. you didn't learn lisp
17:14:54adiamasif you had you wouldn't have said that
17:15:03langhaarrockerI had to learn scheme.
17:15:11adiamasscheme is not lisp
17:15:25langhaarrockerIt's a dialect of lisp I was told.
17:15:38adiamassure.. thats like saying C++ is C
17:15:57adiamasor assembly for the pentium is the same as 386
17:16:22langhaarrockerI won't learn lisp unless we have a lisp interpreter for rockbox.
17:17:38langhaarrockerActually I believe that when learining scheme my computer had less MHz that the archos...
17:21:32edxLANG_LAST_INDEX_IN_ARRAY <−− where is that defined?
17:22:13Zagorgenerated by genlang
17:22:21Zagoryou are calling genlang, right?
17:22:29edxbut maybe i have not updated tools
17:23:54edxok.. now what did you do to creadits?
17:24:01edxits generated by
17:26:26edxhow is it supposed to be called? it uses <STDIN>?? to get the data
17:26:42Zagorlook in Makefile
17:28:31edxwhere is DOCSDIR - the directory where CREDITS is in?
17:28:43Zagorit's a separate cvs module
17:28:45edxah ok
17:30:16langhaarrockerAbout global_settings: Do you think we should split it up somewhen? It seems to be a typical point where things cumulate. It already contains many things that aren't related much with each other. And right now I wonder wether I should put some settings of the viewer into it (e.g. wordwrap_enabled), too. Somehow they are global settings and on the other hand they don't feel as if they belong there.
17:31:16Zagorgood point. as we add more non-mp3 applications, we might want to put their settings elsewhere
17:31:47Zagorhopefully, we'll soon get working file write so we can write config files
17:32:14langhaarrockerGood that it wasn't me who said that... :)
17:34:31langhaarrockerZagor: can you estimate how long it might take to get the writing? That will influence my decision wether to use a config file right away or writing global_settings code that must be migrated later on.
17:35:02Zagordon't use a saved setting for now, just use a toggle
17:35:03Schnueffnow you said it :)
17:35:15Zagorit can take weeks
17:48:40edxyeah! finally got the credits thing to work *puh*
17:49:26*edx waits for thousands of linker errors
18:01:10 Quit Bagder ("")
18:02:08 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:12:31 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
18:14:00 Join McWizard [0] (
18:28:27langhaarrockerare functions line isalpha from ctype.h valid? It seems strange to me that the table in ctype.c doesn't seem to be target specific. And as far as I know the character tables of the players and recorder differ.
18:30:32langhaarrockerOr has that been cleared out with the fonts?
18:31:18langhaarrockerAh, I see: it's been unified with the display drivers.
18:39:22 Quit McWizard ("(I was using -«jPolaris»-) Version: .45. Webpage: Wasted: 26 Mi")
18:44:19 Join Namuch [0] (
18:45:49 Part Namuch
18:47:11 Join Namuch [0] (
18:47:43 Part Namuch
18:55:22 Part langhaarrocker
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19:34:16 Nick edx is now known as edx|off (
20:39:45 Join datazone-work [0] (
20:56:01***No seen item changed, no save performed.
21:15:57 Quit datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
21:41:31 Quit TotMacher ()
21:44:12 Nick edx|off is now known as edx (
22:01:44 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:32:29 Join LinusN [0] (
22:47:36 Quit Hadaka (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:48:51 Join Hadaka_ [0] (
22:48:53 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (
22:56:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:08:26 Part LinusN
23:23:09 Join vici [0] (
23:26:19viciIs there anybody who writes code for rockbox on windows?
23:28:25viciI want to start writing smth but I'm even unable to compile the daily versions...
23:32:05 Part vici

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