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#rockbox log for 2002-10-17

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00:10:23radhardHi there! I hope everybody had a nice evening! I need a short hint: Does somebody know, how general USB detection works while in demos? Should be a system call or something like...
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00:17:28radhardIt's getting a bit cold in here ;)
00:17:29*radhard calls into the dungeon: "Hello?"
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00:18:18Jet8810hey guys
00:18:41Jet8810I have a question for you
00:18:43Jet8810anybody alive?
00:19:05radhardHi! Yes, at least one.
00:19:39Jet8810I just got the archos recorder (studio 20 broke and have best buy warrantee, they happened to have recorder in stock!)
00:19:46Jet8810and...I want to auto load a certain font upon startup
00:19:52Jet8810online it says to put it in the .rockbox folder
00:20:14Jet8810but win2k wont let me make a .rockbox (DOT rockbox) folder...says I need a file name and just plain rockbox wont make it auto load
00:20:16Jet8810what am I missing?
00:20:30radhardmom, have to read that first ;)
00:21:07PsycoXulJet8810: do it in a command prompt like the docs say
00:21:08radhardWhy not. I have W2k here, i'll try.
00:21:18Jet8810heh other way?
00:21:29PsycoXulwhy would you need another way? thats the way to do it
00:21:38radhardIf that ain't easy...!
00:21:48Jet8810alright thanks
00:22:03radhardrun/cmd, cd k:\ or whatever, md .rockbox
00:22:36radhardWorked out?
00:23:07Jet8810how do I get to command prompt? start, run, /cmd?
00:23:10Jet8810because that aint working :(
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00:23:35Jet8810(i used 98 up to last week so I am kind of clueless as to the ways of 2k)
00:23:36radhardYou type much faster that you make directories.. ;) Sprry. Yes. Start/Run type "cmd" enter
00:24:20Jet8810seems to have worked
00:24:41Jet8810doesnt show up in explorer
00:24:44radhardYou should get a command prompt window. type the archos driveletter "cd x:\"
00:24:52Jet8810yea i did that
00:24:58Jet8810then md .rockbox
00:24:59Jet8810did that
00:25:02Jet8810then brought back up C:
00:25:29Jet8810i got it
00:25:34radhardOk. With dir you can see your rockbox root directory? It should stay on your RB drive.
00:26:24radhardWhen in rb /root, type "md .rockbox". Enter. That's it!
00:26:25Jet8810for some reason even after typing cd h: it showed H and went righ tback to c before allowing me to type md .rockbox
00:26:34Jet8810so I just made it in C: and copied it over
00:26:42radhardJust try md h:\.rockbox
00:26:53Jet8810whatever I have it
00:27:01Jet8810made it in c drive and cut and pasted :)
00:27:20radhardGood, congratulations! Have fun...!
00:27:47Jet8810wait, not over :)
00:27:54Jet8810now .rockbox doesnt show up on the recorder
00:28:03radhardHmmm, weird.
00:28:18Jet8810show all files now it does
00:28:30radhardYou see rb drive in explorer? Ok.
00:29:03Jet8810recorder seems far superior to the studio
00:29:09Jet8810and I got a $50 rebate hehe :)
00:29:30Jet8810so my archos stuido broke, took it in with best buy warrantee, luckily they had a used recorder there (working fine so far crossing fingers) and they gave me the $50 rebatre :)
00:29:48radhardThat's cool! Rcorder is much more fun, 'cause it has pixel display.
00:30:25Jet8810how does it work?
00:30:36radhardSorry, not my option ;)
00:30:37Jet8810does it read my mind? :-P
00:30:58radhardSounds like a dynamic compressor, when i turn it on.
00:31:25radhardIt makes soft parts louder and very loud parts softer.
00:31:45Jet8810oh and btw, a question which I have been wondering for 5 seconds a safe spindown??
00:32:00radhardTry 30 or more seconds, that's better.
00:32:36radhardIt is only while user action, hd is immediately shut down after refilling the buffer when playing.
00:33:09radhardIt's very annoying, if hd always spins down while in the menues...
00:33:11Jet8810what is the danger at leaving it at 5 seconds and what difference will it make if I change it to 30 +"
00:33:32Jet8810i remember reading that less shock proof and the like
00:33:50radhardIt makes no difference, except easier browsing. Because that's what it's for. It is not used while playing.
00:34:31Jet8810so its faster?
00:34:32radhardNo. HD spins down after the buffer is full.
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00:34:49radhardYeah, browsing is faster.
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00:35:26Jet8810god rockbox is AWESOME
00:36:24radhardOk, I'll disassemble a friends recorder. Already got my white coat on and a scapell in my hand. Let's see what is in it.. ;)
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00:36:59Jet8810damn, my pc hard drive is only 20 gb hehe
00:38:17rad[dissecting]Hmm, that's bad when your recorder also is 20GB. Hint: Don't use it as a windows bootdrive, you might want to hear some music and that won't work with USB attached ;)
00:39:14Jet8810well I have an 80gb drive that I use as a backup because it REFUSES to work a smaster
00:39:16Jet8810tried everything
00:39:46rad[dissecting]Ok, have to do surgery now, he want's to have it back tomorrow.... That should be ok. Maybe Board/bios issue.
00:41:54rad[dissecting]I've bought a new Bios, then it worked.
00:43:36Jet8810does the recorder stop charger batts when they are charged unlike the studios?
00:46:13rad[dissecting]Good q. I think yes.
00:50:14Jet8810ill ask mailing list to make sure
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00:58:41PsycoXulyeah recorders have intelligent charging code, since they're charging is software-controlled
00:58:54PsycoXulplayers (studio's included) are mostly hardware-controlled charging
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02:18:34rad[assembling]So, I'm almost ready with reassembling. Dos anybody know, how to detect USB insertion while playing a demo?
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02:27:26rad[assembling]Ok, see ya! Good night!
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04:36:36mj_homeIs anybody there?
04:52:07adiamaswhats up?
04:53:16mj_homeadiamas: I have some really weird mounting issues.
04:53:26mj_homeI managed to mount my Archos using:
04:53:39mj_homemount -t vfat -o umask=0 /dev/sda1 /mnt/archos
04:53:59mj_homeBut, even though I'm doing this all as root, I get read-only errors.
04:54:23adiamasdo you have your archos listing in you fstab/
04:54:40mj_homeIt seems to have allowed me to write the Rockbox stuff, but it only allows one write: I now can no longer delete any of the files I put there.
04:54:44mj_homeadiamas: Yes.
04:54:45adiamascause that will make your life easier...
04:54:58adiamasthen you should just be able to do "mount /dev/sda1"
04:55:07adiamasand it will take care of itself...
04:55:10mj_homeadiamas: I did the manual mount because the /etc/fstab entry was also having issues. Here it is:
04:55:21mj_home/dev/sda1 /mnt/archos vfat umask=0 0 0
04:55:31adiamaswhat is the error you get?
04:55:36mj_homeAnd I mount with: "mount /mnt/archos"
04:55:38mj_homeIn that case
04:55:43mj_homeHere you go:
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04:56:21mj_home[root@laptop archos]# rm -rf .rockbox/
04:56:21mj_homerm: cannot remove `.rockbox//dansk.lng': Read-only file system
04:56:21mj_homerm: cannot remove `.rockbox//deutsch.lng': Read-only file system
04:56:21DBUGEnqueued KICK mj_home
04:56:21mj_homerm: cannot remove `.rockbox//english.lng': Read-only file system
04:56:24mj_homeAnd so on
04:56:29mj_homeAlso, now I can't remount it.
04:56:31mj_homeI get:
04:56:48mj_home[root@laptop root]# mount -t vfat -o umask=0 /dev/sda1 /mnt/archos
04:56:48mj_homemount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,
04:56:48mj_home or too many mounted file systems
04:56:48***Alert Mode level 1
04:57:03mj_homeBoth ways: i.e., if I try manually or through /etc/fstab
04:57:20mj_homeI don't know what I'm doing wrong.
04:57:41mj_homeI'd love to be able to write to the Archos through Linux.
04:57:54mj_homeBut this seems to be frustrating my efforts.
04:58:01adiamasahh okay
04:58:03adiamasive had that
04:58:08mj_homeadiamas: Ideas?
04:58:11adiamasthe usb driver is known to be buggy
04:58:14adiamasreboot :)
04:58:18mj_homeadiamas: Apart from rebooting
04:58:20mj_homeadiamas: Ah
04:58:21adiamasits the only way around it i could ever find
04:58:24mj_homeadiamas: ok!
04:58:33mj_homeadiamas: So...
04:58:35adiamasif you figure something else out.. PLEASE let me know :)
04:59:08mj_homeadiamas: You think my ro stuff is bc of the buggy driver. Or am I doing something wrong? Does your /etc/fstab line look like mine?
05:02:14adiamasyup.. looks the same
05:02:21adiamasand your getting the same issue i have had..
05:02:24adiamasi don't think its you
05:02:33adiamasgotta run for a bit.. ill be back
05:06:49***Alert Mode OFF
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08:04:36Bagderhi edx
08:16:45edxgodd morning
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08:47:43adiamasanyone want to learn an expensive lesson cheaply?
08:48:14Bagderit sounds sorta painful
08:48:24adiamasokay.. when your rearview mirror in your car falls off..
08:48:29adiamasand you go to remount it...
08:48:48adiamaspay VERY close attention...
08:48:53adiamasbecause *coughs*
08:49:12adiamascementing the mounting bracket upside down open a whole new can of worms...
08:55:49 Join Zagor [242] (
08:56:10Bagdermorning bro
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09:03:04bobTHChi all!!!
09:03:09Bagderhey bob
10:02:20Zagorinteresting. archos claims they turn off the charger on players when the batteries are full
10:02:40Bagderyeps, I noticed
10:12:14bobTHCno roadmap for the 1.5 ? just for 2.0?
10:12:30Zagorthe recording release will be 2.0
10:12:32Bagderthere's no plans for any 1.5 ;-)
10:14:56bobTHCthe unified firmware for all player is a good thing!
10:15:33bobTHCu see the stat for rockbox?
10:16:27bobTHC106k visitor this month
10:17:48Zagoryikes, why is everybody looking at that page :-)
10:18:12Bagderthat page?
10:18:15Zagor106812 page views, 31 downloads. hmm...
10:18:19Zagorthe sf page
10:18:27Bagderno, its the rockbox site
10:18:33Bagderthe logo display counts
10:18:41Zagoraaah! now I get it.
10:19:16Schnueffrank 85
10:19:18Schnueffnot bad
10:19:19Zagormore details here:
10:20:19bobTHCfrench are more than swedish hehe....!!!
10:21:06Schnueffthe manual is not very popular :)
10:21:15Schnueffah there
10:22:11Zagorsearch for anything remotely mp3 related on google and you hit rockbox :-)
10:22:22Zagori tried "rip lame nogap"
10:22:36Zagorrockbox #5
10:23:34bobTHCi understand why u add the "Bandwidth and server sponsored by contactor"
10:23:34bobTHC :) 3.40 GB
10:23:34bobTHC of traffic is really heavy
10:24:20Bagderthat's since october 1st, right?
10:24:24Zagorit's not so bad. 200-300 MB/day. the web site is pretty light-weight.
10:24:46ZagorBagder: right
10:24:58Bagderthe curl site served 430MB/day last week
10:25:37Zagorthursdays are our slowest day, for some reason :-)
10:26:18bobTHCfortunatly is lightweight ...
10:27:02Zagorwe had half a million hit on the site in september. that's pretty much.
10:27:14Zagorstatistics is fun
10:27:15bobTHCwhat type of connection contactor own?
10:27:27Zagornothing fancy
10:27:57memHi to all
10:28:03Zagorhi mem
10:28:15bobTHCbostream ADsl....
10:30:00ZagorbobTHC: bostream is our home connections
10:30:29bobTHCi hope so :)
10:30:34 Join vekar_ [0] (
10:30:51adiamasim curious.. the hours...
10:30:55adiamasis that GMT
10:30:57adiamasor what?
10:31:14Zagoradiamas: local time (CET) i think
10:31:25vekar_wps question about conditionals and %pn (maybe for adiamas?)
10:31:31Zagorif you are referring to the statistics
10:31:31vekar_%?pn<%pn|Playlist>: %pp/%pe
10:31:56vekar_does ?pn test for blankness, or 'defined'?
10:32:26vekar_when I play a directory, I get blank instead of the fallback 'Playlist'. wondering why...
10:33:11vekar_(i.e., i'm not playing a particular playlist, so ther's no name for %pn to hold)
10:33:36Zagorgood question
10:34:03adiamaswhat i did was this...
10:34:12adiamasif you are not playing a playlist, there is no playlist name to list
10:34:15adiamasso i don't list it
10:34:28vekar_so %pn outputs blank, that's fine.
10:34:30adiamasbecause dir/path names are already account for..
10:34:37vekar_but why does the wps test fail?
10:34:58adiamashmm... dunno..
10:35:03vekar_that's the question
10:35:14vekar_conditionals on blanks work in other cases (id3 tags, e.g.)
10:35:19adiamasi didn't thin of it to be honest...
10:35:40vekar_adiamas, nothing for you to think about. %pn being blank is logical
10:36:06adiamasbut the conditional should work.. gonna look into it
10:36:11vekar_i just can't figure why my line above would ever produce blank
10:36:15Zagoradiamas: bug: if no playlist, you should return NULL. not a zero string.
10:36:19memZagor: In the FAQ (no 50) it states that the bitrates handled by the encoder is 32k-192k. I have a 16kbps mp3 that works fine on my Recorder
10:36:24adiamasahhh.. thats why
10:36:31adiamasi was returning a Zero string.. right..
10:36:33Zagormem: encoder, not decoder
10:36:52memZagor: You're right...
10:36:58vekar_adiamas, should i file that, or you have it?
10:37:05adiamasZagor you saw the new sokoban_levels.txt file right?
10:37:12adiamasim getting right no.. no need to file
10:37:12Zagoradiamas: yup, looks good
10:37:25adiamask.. then if thats acceptable.. ill work on the actual code
10:37:32adiamasnp vekar_ thanks for catching it :)
10:37:36Zagoradiamas: do so
10:38:11memZagor: So what's the spec for the decoder?
10:38:33Zagormem: 16-320, i think. checking...
10:38:35adiamaswhich makes more sense for reading the data file in. parsing the whole file and indexing the levels like we do a playlist. Or just parsing for a level as we need it?
10:39:00Zagoradiamas: #2, imho
10:39:58adiamasthen thats the way we go :)
10:40:34Zagormem: 8-384 kbit, 8-48 kHz
10:41:22bobTHC for VBR file created with stock firmware u think it's not possible to add the Toc directly with rockbox?
10:41:37BagderbobTHC: when we have file writes, we can
10:41:43Bagderbut it'll be painfully slow
10:41:56memZagor: Quite a large range, I would say. So it wasn't anything special with my 16k-file then :-)
10:42:07Zagormem: nope
10:42:14bobTHCbadger : how long?
10:42:33BagderbobTHC: I don't know, but the entire mp3 will have to be scanned and rewritten
10:42:41ZagorbobTHC: 2 seconds per megabyte, at least
10:42:53bobTHCxwing is better ;)
10:43:28bobTHCand u think with our firmware will be create the toc?
10:43:36Bagderyes it will
10:43:55Bagderusing XING
10:44:52 Join calpef[away] [0] (
10:51:35Schnueffinstead of rewriting the mp3 one could try to prefix it with a single sector or such a thing
10:51:40 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:51:41adiamasanyone have a problem if i change the order of questions in the config script?
10:51:47adiamasif you say you want a sim
10:51:59adiamasit would be nice to answer which one next instead of which lang then which sim
10:53:12Zagorfine with me
10:53:42 Quit vekar_ ("Suckers!")
10:55:13Zagor"The server on which Microsoft makes its beta programs available for testing has been infiltrated by outsiders. MS security flack Rick Miller claims the issue leading to the compromise has been fixed, but would not give any indication of its nature."
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11:04:42BagderZagor: if I upload fonts to the fonts/ dir, do they get converted automaticly or so?
11:05:26BagderI'm gonna put the new hebrew ones up there
11:06:38adiamasknow what whould be nice for the next version of the config file ;)
11:06:45adiamasfirst question being what language
11:06:52adiamasand their being translations for the following questions :)
11:07:18CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:07:18*Zagor slaps adiamas
11:07:42adiamaswhats so wrong with that idea?
11:07:53Bagderit's only for developers
11:07:56adiamasive installed german software where i didn't know wtf i was doing till it asked me the language :)
11:08:19Bagderwe don't need to cuddle developers! ;-)
11:08:27*adiamas sniffles
11:08:33adiamasno one ever wants to cuddle with me...
11:08:40*adiamas feels so used
11:09:02Bagderhey, I'm awaiting that file still
11:09:54adiamasyeah yeah yeah :)
11:11:42adiamasdamn.. that german mp3 player plays: MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV
11:28:23Zagorlots of players d
11:28:38adiamasyeah but this one sounds just like archos
11:30:03Zagorlots of players sound like it :-) it's the details that bring the archos to the head of the pack: the firmware upgrade, usb2.0, replacable upgradable standard batteries etc.
11:30:28 Join Bagder_ [241] (
11:30:43Bagder_heck, had to press my reset button!
11:30:49adiamasshh.. hes back
11:31:03 Nick mem is now known as mem_lunch (
11:31:14ZagorBagder_: yikes! played with usb again? ;)
11:31:29Bagder_no, with my framebuffer
11:32:00Bagder_I "got stuck" on a virtual screen and couldn't shift back to X
11:32:10adiamasheheh ive had that
11:34:47adiamasokay.. %pn now allows for the conditional check
11:38:36bobTHCi think best *.wps will be aviable on the site with screen capture can be a good thing .... isn't it ?
11:39:57PsycoXulZagor: you don't think a company who's got the recorder MAS's SDK could make it play wma or aac?
11:40:05Zagori doubt it
11:40:11Zagorthe dsp is so small
11:44:31 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:44:39 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
11:48:29adiamasnew faq question.
11:48:58adiamasWhat is bleeding edge/daily build?
11:50:26Bagderthe bleeding edge ones are in the bottom
11:50:39Bagderthey're not named like that
11:50:40adiamashehe i know that silly
11:50:47adiamasthat is the new faq question
11:50:51Zagora better question is "what are all these versions", i think. then you describe the official release, the daily build and the bleeding. and the difference.
11:50:54Bagderthat header could be renamed
11:51:15Bagderinstead of "CVS builds" it could say "bleeding edge"
11:51:18adiamasahh.. good point Zagor
11:51:22ZagorBagder: right
11:51:50Bagderonly two more lines left in the compile table until it'll go narrow
11:52:25adiamasQ64: What are all these versions that Rockbox seems to have?
11:52:29adiamasthat acceptable?
11:52:43adiamasor should i say 'release versions'
11:53:11Zagorno, the first version is ok. "release" is one of the versions :-)
11:53:32Bagderoh, you can also make a point that each daily build contains everything in the sources up to that particular day
11:53:42Bagderpeople have asked about that before
11:54:12Zagoryes, the answer should explain all the builds. such as why v1.4 does not have all the latest features etc.
11:54:14adiamaswell if we only say versions, im afraid ppl will confuse the daily/bleeding/release with rec/player
11:54:36Zagoradiamas: right. well, i'm sure you work it out :-)
11:54:55BagderZagor: you can probably remove the player-old .mod stuff from that page now
11:55:15Zagoryup, i'll do that
11:55:15Bagderwe have two merged daily-builds already
12:00:05bobTHCwho work on the searchengine except linus?
12:00:30Zagorlinus works on the search enging?
12:00:48BagderI don't think Linus does that
12:01:21bobTHChe talk with me on that in all case ;) , and he have some idea on it...
12:01:48Bagderhe talked you about algorithm, yes
12:01:54Bagderit doesn't mean he works on it
12:02:36bobTHCi'm agree he dont work on it he think on it if u want.. ;)
12:03:42adiamasany chance we could rename 'Target builds' to 'Daily builds'?
12:04:01adiamasor can i do it?
12:04:04Bagderdaily target builds perhaps ;-)
12:04:10adiamasfair enough :)
12:04:15Zagor"firmware files" sound ok?
12:04:44adiamasi like bagders better :)
12:04:51adiamas"Daily Target Builds"?
12:04:57Zagorwell the whole page is called daily builds, so...
12:05:00adiamasFirmware Files sounds to general
12:05:25adiamasbah.. leave it Target Builds
12:05:38adiamasbut im putting anchors in so i can http://..../#here to it :)
12:07:28PsycoXuleye goos leap nao
12:16:06Bagdergoose leap ? :-)
12:16:30adiamashow cna goose leap?
12:16:35adiamasthey have those funny knees
12:17:53 Quit Bagder ("")
12:19:06adiamasfaq updated
12:21:18Zagoradiamas: actually, we now accept bug reports for daily build
12:30:16bobTHCin the same place?
12:32:49adiamasright.. i said that
12:33:16adiamasDaily and Bleeding Edge builds are expected to be buggy.
12:33:16adiamas We ask that you _do not_ submit bug reports for Bleeding Edge versions,
12:33:16adiamas but would love to hear any reports you may have about Release or Daily
12:33:16DBUGEnqueued KICK adiamas
12:33:16adiamas build versions. (see question #62).
12:34:03Zagorah, right. mea culpa.
12:35:12 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
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12:57:28 Quit mem (
12:57:28 Quit adiamas (
12:57:28 Quit norm_ (
12:57:28 Quit PsycoXul (
12:57:28 Quit Zagor (
12:57:28 Quit mecraw12 (
12:57:28 Quit Hes (
12:57:28 Quit MamaiWK (
12:57:28 Quit bobTHC (
12:57:28 Quit Synthe (
12:57:28 Quit mecraw (
12:57:28 Quit Hadaka (
12:57:28 Quit datazone (
12:57:28 Quit mbr (
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12:57:58NJoinmbr [0] (
13:07:06adiamasZagor you around?
13:07:15adiamascan i kill the 'patch' that just came in
13:07:17adiamasits not a patch
13:34:06 Quit TotMacher ()
13:34:20 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:36:17 Join Bagder [241] (
13:48:33 Join vekar_ [0] (
13:48:44 Nick vekar_ is now known as kargatron (
13:51:49adiamaskargatron: i fixed the %pn for ya
13:51:59kargatronwould the dev team find it useful if a list of organized feature requests (say, by more specific functional grouping) were compiled and sent out, for priority-setting purposes?
13:52:19kargatroni can't help with the code, but could compile that sort of metadata list
13:52:40kargatrondepends on whether the feature request priority list is actually used by team members. :)
13:53:00kargatronadiamas, thx. (not that the blank was all that confusing, but...)
13:53:40kargatronthe request list atm is pretty hard to parse, and most priorities are at the default 5
13:54:11kargatroni was imagining that given better grouping, priorities could be assigned more easily by the team. (and dupes might be sniffed out)
13:54:15adiamaswe do go over it though
13:54:26adiamasstuff that peaks our interest gets touched/played with... :)
13:54:48Bagderkargatron: perhaps you could make a first skeleton version to show us what you mean
13:54:50kargatronyes, i know that is the primary filter. :)
13:56:50 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
13:57:07kargatronwell, it would basiclly be to offer subdivisions of, say, Interface Improvements
13:57:35kargatrongroup the playlist requests, battery stuff, music-playing (pitch, mp3gain, etc)
13:57:46kargatronwiththe goal that you guys would then be able to more easily prioritize
13:58:07kargatronotoh, it's not a trivial task, and if the priority-setting doesn't really guide your work, then maybe not worthwhile
13:58:57BagderI think the priority settings would guide us if they were used properly
14:00:19kargatronhaving them 'used properly' would be the goal, yse
14:00:33kargatron90% having priority default 5 doesn't qualify, i'd think. :)
14:01:03kargatronmind you, i wouldn't set the priorities, just compile a listing to let you do it more easily.
14:01:21kargatronso the quesiton being, do it, or don't bother?
14:01:58BagderI think it would be good
14:02:22Zagori think the main reason we don't change it more is that the SF interface is horrible
14:02:40kargatronanother reason i thought of helping in this manner...
14:02:45Zagora million mouse-clicks for each item you want to change
14:03:45Bagdergoing for another reboot
14:03:46 Quit Bagder ("")
14:16:20 Join Bagder [241] (
14:26:34 Join alkorr [0] (
14:26:34 Quit alkorr (Remote closed the connection)
14:27:06 Join alkorr [0] (
14:27:06 Quit alkorr (Remote closed the connection)
14:28:03 Join alkorr [0] (
14:28:17Zagorthe ever-bouncing alan! :-)
14:29:33alkorrhow are you ?
14:29:45alkorrseems there is a lot of progress
14:30:28Bagderthere is
14:41:15kargatronno, it just SEEMS so - it's really all chicanery and fakery
14:41:33Bagderyes, mostly rubbish
14:41:49kargatrondiluted snake oil
14:46:51adiamashungarian notation and .NET code
14:48:58Zagorlots of .net
14:49:11 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
14:51:24alkorrwhat are you talking about ? (hungarian notation and .NET)
14:55:12Zagorbad jokes
14:56:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:03:26kargatronsent feature request breakdown to rockbox list
15:03:35kargatronwasn't so bad to make quick pass
15:05:21 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
15:05:29Bagderkargatron: well done
15:05:54_Snorlax_y0! anybody here who's willing to complie a .tar.gz file for me?
15:06:33_Snorlax_Unpack pcmcia-cs-3.2.?.tar.gz in /usr/src.
15:06:33_Snorlax_Run ``make config'' in the new pcmcia-cs-3.2.? directory.
15:06:33_Snorlax_Run ``make all'', then ``make install''.
15:06:33DBUGEnqueued KICK _Snorlax_
15:06:33_Snorlax_Customize the startup script and the option files in /etc/pcmcia for your site, if needed.
15:06:57_Snorlax_I'm not so good at this..
15:08:05Bagderkargatron: I guess a next step would be to add categories to the request tracker so that we can mark them correctly and set a prio at the same time
15:09:31Bagder_Snorlax_: if you gonna fiddle with those things, that are issues you're gonna have to learn
15:09:38kargatronsure - but i can't do that. :)
15:10:07Bagdernot until we give you the access, no ;-)
15:10:19BagderZagor: any opinion?
15:10:24_Snorlax_k, but can't I send over the source and then you compile it..?
15:10:41Bagdernope, I'm working
15:12:20ZagorBagder: go go go
15:13:00Zagoranyone who wants to help keeping things tidy is welcome
15:13:39 Join elinenbe2 [0] (
15:13:44Zagorkargatron: excellent work
15:13:49 Nick elinenbe2 is now known as elinenbe (
15:13:54Zagorhi elinenbe
15:14:16elinenbehow's life going?
15:14:33Zagornot too painful :-)
15:14:55elinenbethat's good.
15:15:21_Snorlax_anybody how know's which linux raouter/firewall prog to use?
15:16:13elinenbeZagor: I have a problem with my jukebox. I loaded it up with DivX movies I pirated off the internet, and it REFUSES to play them no matter what button I press
15:17:03kargatroncrap, my list didn't contain category = None
15:17:05Zagor_Snorlax_: linux includes routing. for firewall, just use netfilter/iptables
15:17:12kargatrondid realize that was option, and can't choose search on that
15:17:14Zagorelinenbe: you don't have the right firmware loaded
15:17:29_Snorlax_yeah but what easy to use, for a windows user?
15:17:46Zagor_Snorlax_: routing and firewalling is not easy
15:17:57_Snorlax_plz help me, I've tried clarkconnect(
15:18:04elinenbeSnorlax: use windows IP sharing. That is the easiest for windows users
15:18:36Zagor_Snorlax_: i can recomment the #linuxhelp channel for this kind of questions
15:18:37_Snorlax_it's suppose to be easy but I can't get it to work with my pcmcia nic's!
15:18:47_Snorlax_I'm in #linuxhelp..
15:18:55Zagorthis is #rockbox
15:19:26_Snorlax_but u know stuff!
15:19:58elinenbeZagor: in linux I know it as IP masquerading
15:20:36elinenbe_Snorlax_: go to the store and pend $29 on a firewall/router by linksys otr netgear, etc...
15:20:53_Snorlax_linux is suppose to be best for routing, with a p100 for example..
15:21:09_Snorlax_and 2 nic's
15:21:11Zagor_Snorlax_: only if you know how to do it
15:21:25Zagordedicated hardware is a lot simpler when you don't...
15:21:34elinenbeZagor: say it like a true man.
15:21:44_Snorlax_I know, but I'm cheap..
15:21:55Zagor_Snorlax_: then read and learn. that's free.
15:22:16elinenbe_Snorlax _: or read even more and program your own router!
15:23:35Zagor_Snorlax_: is a start
15:24:40_Snorlax_k, #linuxhel recommended
15:25:26 Join matsl [0] (
15:25:26Zagorlooks like a good place too
15:25:30Zagorhey, matsl!
15:26:26_Snorlax_k, thanks!
15:26:30_Snorlax_I'll be back! =)
15:29:16 Join LinusN [0] (
15:29:25Bagderkargatron: I'm adding a few very obvious categories
15:29:25Zagorwoo, LinusN
15:29:41bobTHChi linus
15:29:42BagderLinus da man
15:30:11kargatronBagder, ok
15:30:46kargatroni encourage people to browse the list, tho, see if other cats would be useful, or split out, or conjoined, etc
15:32:42LinusNcat hunt?
15:33:03matslZagor: been thinking about what we discussed yesterday. Removing ifdeffs on SIMULATOR.
15:34:23Zagorany new insights?
15:35:10matslZagor: No. Just that it is probably a good thing to do now before attemting to fix other problems with the player simulator.
15:35:54matslZagor: I have a few hours now so I'll look into it if you don't mind.
15:35:59Zagorwell it's not a single fix, it's more of a goal. "keep down the number of #ifdefs"
15:36:05Zagorgo ahead
15:36:21elinenbewhere do the sokoban levels need to exists?
15:36:36elinenbein the .rockbox directory?
15:37:22Zagor.rockbox/sokoban/levels.txt, i think
15:37:39Zagorthen we can have .rockbox/sokoban/scores.txt later
15:38:04 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
15:38:58alkorrHi linus
15:39:16alkorrcould tell me about mask what means 0x202 ?
15:41:15matslBagder: Q about X11 keys
15:41:33Bagdertry me
15:41:48matslWould case BUTTON_ON | BUTTON_DOWN | BUTTON_REL: work Ok now?
15:42:07matslAha. Why?
15:42:33Bagderthe simulator doesn't handle multiple keys
15:43:58LinusNalkorr: i don't know yet, but the 16-bit word at 0x20000fc seems to be a bit mask that tells things about the hardware
15:45:02alkorri want to see if it has a ISD300
15:49:15 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:52:09LinusNalkorr: that may be possible, i haven't examined the database that much yet
15:54:03Bagdertime to go, bye
15:54:05 Quit Bagder ("")
15:54:14elinenbewow! with the sokoban levels in an external file, the firmware drops by about 60k!
16:02:01 Quit _Snorlax_ ("gittar ny!")
16:02:19kargatronwhy do i often get double copies from the rockbox-sf list?
16:05:38alkorrit would be interesting to have a good exam of hardware info to guess the "mask" usage
16:07:23LinusNalkorr: yup
16:07:32LinusNi have figured the 0x100 bit out
16:08:04LinusNit tells if the UAB detect and PR signalss are inverted or not, and it also tells if the ATA address is 0x200 or 0x300
16:08:28LinusNthe others i don't know
16:10:41kargatronany sf admins know if the category selector can also include 'None'?
16:10:46LinusNfor example, some units have very dark LCD displays at the default contrast of 32
16:10:57alkorr0x200 for ATA 0x200 ?
16:11:04LinusNalkorr: no
16:11:49LinusN0x100 means inverted signals and address 0x200
16:12:00 Join edx [0] (
16:12:06alkorrsee one email which contradicts what I think
16:12:16LinusNif that bit is 0 then it is 0x300 and non-inverted signals
16:12:20edxhi all
16:12:53alkorrsomeone called "chad" here ?
16:14:24LinusNnever heard of him
16:14:59alkorrhe has the same hardware info but he doesn't give his model
16:17:06LinusNwhat is your info, alkorr?
16:18:31LinusNok, that's an old hardware
16:18:43LinusNseems old, but still not
16:19:11LinusNit is not likely that you have an ISD300
16:19:25LinusNall other models with similar HW info are old
16:19:39LinusNthe 0x200 still puzzles me
16:19:54LinusNonly newer models have that bit set in my database
16:21:09alkorrit is why i need to know if Chad has USB 2.0
16:27:55memLinusN: Do you need more HW info? Can I help you to tell mine?
16:37:01 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:37:12 Part elinenbe
16:43:04kargatronin request tracker, when is something closed? upon official release of the item?
16:43:23kargatroni.e. what is a Fixed/Open item, vs Fixed/Closed?
16:44:28 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:44:28 Quit TotMacher (Broken pipe)
16:48:35adiamascan someone read feature request 581908
16:48:52adiamasand tell me if it just sounds like he is saying 'i want the player to read my mind and build a playlist for me'
16:49:45 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:51:28kargatronhis request = queueing + not-writing-to-disk-but-acting-like-it
16:51:49kargatronwho knows why he doesn't want to save the playlist, but it's obviously a trivial aspect to refuse
16:52:14kargatronhe can write it to CURRENT.m3u or something, with little added trouble
16:54:01adiamasanyone know if elinenbe was/is working on the sokoban external levels?
16:54:15adiamasi was/am starting and dont want to do work if he's already taking it
16:54:49 Join Namuch [0] (
16:55:42 Part Namuch
16:55:55LinusNmem: gimme da info!
16:56:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:57:48 Quit calpef[away] ("Bye bye, cu l8r")
16:57:52adiamasLinusN: do you know if elinenbe was/is working on the sokoban external levels?
16:57:56adiamasi don't want to replicate work
16:59:17 Quit tot|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:59:56LinusNadiamas: i dunno
17:12:02 Quit TotMacher ()
17:18:32 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:26:28adiamaselinebe did you start working on the sokoban external levels?
17:27:10adiamaselinenbe heheh sorry.. typo :)
17:27:57 Quit edx (
17:27:57 Quit alkorr (
17:27:57 Quit elinenbe (
17:27:57 Quit seb-school (
17:28:26NJoinseb-school [0] (
17:28:26NJoinalkorr [0] (
17:28:26NJoinedx [0] (
17:28:26NJoinelinenbe [0] (
17:28:45adiamaselinenbe did you start working on the sokoban external levels?
17:39:00memLinusN: I'm been busy for a while, but now can I give you the info. I'm running 1.4 and not todays build
17:42:19memLinusN: Debug HW-info: ROM 1.28, Mask 0x0302, USB: positive, ATA 0x200, PR: positive, Freq 11.0592MHz
17:46:43CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 hours and 33 minutes at the last flood
17:46:43*mem has to go, see you tomorrow
17:46:47 Nick mem is now known as mem_away (
18:02:06 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
18:02:26Zagorkargatron: we close requests on official releases, yes. or when they are invalid.
18:03:08Zagorabout double copies: they aren't really doubles, you get one mail per change
18:04:57kargatronoh, you mean a double simultaneous change will spit two mails?
18:05:11Zagorno, that will just be one mail
18:05:29kargatronhm, then i swear i often see 2 copies come in at once
18:05:45Zagorok. i don't get that.
18:05:55kargatroni wonder if it could be some filter oddity locally...
18:07:43kargatronZagor, can 'none' be added to category search?
18:08:01kargatronwould like to categorize the none, but hard to tell without being able to select on it
18:08:25Zagorit doesn't seem to be possible, no
18:09:15Zagorbut: you could parse the raw xml data and thus search any way you want
18:09:24Zagorwe do that for the on-site lists
18:10:38Zagorgrab it here: (870 KB)
18:10:55Zagoror maybe you're not a perl person? :-)
18:11:34kargatronnp thx
18:11:52Zagorour perl scripts can be found here:
18:12:31Zagor(i'm removing the /sf-tracker.xml link)
18:20:28 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:25:03 Join Synthe` [0] (
18:27:03 Quit kargatron (
18:27:03 Quit mbr (
18:27:03 Quit Schnueff (
18:27:03 Quit Hadaka (
18:27:03 Quit datazone (
18:27:03 Quit Synthe (
18:28:30 Part LinusN
18:29:24NJoinSchnueff [0] (
18:29:37 Join Hadaka_ [0] (
18:29:45 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (
18:32:40 Quit MamaiWK ("Client Exiting")
18:33:36alkorrDid you ever think to use you jukebox as a web server, using RS232 ?
18:34:11alkorrthere is some uIP code which could be port on jukebox :)
18:34:32Zagorwould be fun
18:34:39Zagorslow as hell, but fun :-)
18:34:59alkorrtelnet, html, xml...
18:35:35alkorrwhat a shade we cannot turn USB chip in a network
18:36:51alkorrLinus had made some change in serial.c so we can rx/tx on rs232 ?
18:37:05alkorror we just can rx ?
18:37:40Zagori think we can just rx right now. the serial in gdb/ can tx too.
18:40:29 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
18:42:44 Join datazone [0] ([VbdX2iQ70@
18:50:01hardeepI'm encountering skips on several of my higher bitrate mp3s when using the daily build
18:50:16hardeepI'm suspecting the mpeg changes but I haven't had a chance to investigate
18:51:47Zagorohh, bad :-(
18:52:07alkorrZagor: what's new about fat32 writing ?
18:52:43Zagoralkorr: not much, coming along slowly
18:53:23alkorrwhat is messy is the longname splitting in the directory entries
18:54:40alkorryou should concentrate on writing file with short filename, much more easy to do
18:56:01alkorrno unicode too
18:56:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:57:31Zagoryup. start simple.
18:59:53 Join O7713 [0] (
19:00:16O7713hiya all
19:01:11 Part alkorr
19:01:22O7713anyone have any idea what 1.4 version i need for archos studio 20?
19:02:03O7713oops damn i guess i cant read :))
19:03:36ZagorTexas Instruments, please join the 90s!
19:03:57Zagorit's damn impossible to locate data sheets on their web site
19:07:14hardeepWell, they are in Texas which just recently got out of the 1800s... =)
19:12:06norm_Hrm, last time I checked they weren't too hard to find...
19:12:11norm_Zagor: didja try googling?
19:13:10Zagornorm_: oh yes... I'm looking for the TMS320DSC21. Feel free to help.
19:16:35Zagorall I get is silly one-page pdfs showing nice cameras built with the chip
19:16:50elinenbeZagor: what is that chip in?
19:17:24Zagorthe multimedia
19:18:28elinenbenice :) −− have you figured out how the firmware is even loaded though?
19:18:45elinenbeor the compression/encryption?
19:18:51Zagorit's not. it's fricking flashed! :-(
19:19:11hardeepblah, you need to reflash to upgrade?
19:19:25norm_Zagor: how old is that chip?
19:19:25elinenbeooohhhhh... that is NASTY!
19:19:33norm_Looks really new
19:19:45Zagornorm_: i found press releases about it from 2000
19:19:48elinenbehiope you don't kill the player.
19:20:08Zagorelinenbe: yeah, it makes it pretty scary to even think about hacking that one...
19:21:04Zagornorm_: it's a combined ARM7 CPU and TMS320C5000 DSP
19:21:22norm_Mmm... StrongARM
19:21:33norm_I found a boatload of stuff searching for TMS320
19:21:59Zagorwanna hear something wicked about the MM?
19:22:10norm_Found a TMS320C5x user's guide on
19:22:11Zagoryou know how they market is as having 16 MB ram?
19:22:22Zagorwell, that chip has *4 banks* of 16 MB!
19:22:27Zagor64MB, baby
19:22:54Zagornorm_: yeah, but I need the exact chip because it has a lot of DSP code built-in
19:24:03Zagornorm_: right, that's for the standalone C5000 DSP. I need the DSC21 info.
19:24:42 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
19:31:09norm_Grrr. isn't very helpful, despite their multitude of search pages
19:32:18Zagortold you so :-)
19:33:07norm_The chip inside the MM actually says TMS320DSC21 on it?
19:34:19norm_You can ask them to send you their books and CDs full of datasheets
19:34:27norm_It'll take awhile to ship, though
19:34:37norm_When I did it, they sent 'em to me for free.
19:34:42Zagoryeah, well I'm not that interested. was just curious. then annoyed...
19:39:12 Join will1ams [0] (~silverbox@
19:39:28will1amshi there!
19:41:46elinenbeZagor: are you telling me that the MM actually has 64 megs of RAM?
19:41:51will1amsi'm from terratec but in love with my archos recorder, because we only have those biiig players and recorders....
19:42:39will1amsso, the last one or two month i frequently checked the daily builds and it's amazing
19:42:48Zagorelinenbe: it looks like it. this is the chip:
19:43:00Zagorwill1ams: glad you like our work :-)
19:43:17elinenbeso, why are they not enabling all 64 megs?
19:43:21elinenbethat seems so odd.
19:43:34Zagorbeats me
19:43:38will1amshey, it's really perfect to see that motivated people connected over the net are more productive than the company that is building the device
19:43:55norm_Such is the wonder of open source
19:44:11will1amsi remember how long archos took to get rid of the rewind bug
19:44:32elinenbeArchos can suck a big one.
19:44:37elinenbeat least their software can.
19:44:42elinenbetheir hardware is a bit better
19:45:03will1amsa bit ;-)
19:45:25will1amsi had to buy it because it was the first palm sized device i can record my dj-sets with
19:45:31norm_Anybody here played with the Neo jukeboxes?
19:45:42will1amsi'm @terratec because im musician and dj
19:46:01will1amstried it once at a presentation but i don't have more experiences with it
19:46:06Zagorwill1ams: what do you do there?
19:46:23will1amssearching information on the pitch-function you've build in
19:46:34will1amsi scrolled through a few irc logs
19:46:41will1amsand found some information
19:46:59will1amsdon't remember the nick of the one who said he's dj and using it
19:47:24will1amsare the pitch steps limited by somewhat?
19:47:46will1amsa the moment it's always a 1% step, right?
19:47:55Zagoryeah, but that's just our chosen step size
19:48:05will1amsok, that's what my question is
19:48:09will1amsso, i spin records
19:48:20will1amsahm, real records, vinyl, remember?
19:48:27elinenbeit would be nice to have the pitch .1% increments.
19:48:42elinenbe99.9, 99.8, 99.7 and so on...
19:48:51Zagorwe can do it in 1/18000 increments... :-)
19:49:00elinenbewell, that is not necessary
19:49:09will1amsimagine a technics sl1210 (the typical dj-turntable) with a fader that snaps to 1, 2,3 percents, up to 8
19:49:10elinenbeI wish we could speed up button repeat.
19:49:58elinenbeI would like volume to increase faster, and scrolling through directories to be faster... maybe I will check that out today.
19:50:01Zagorwill1ams: i've never dj'd, so I just threw in that 1% step. would .1% be better?
19:50:25elinenbeZagor: .1 would be great with "snaps" at the whole percents.
19:50:31Zagorelinenbe: snaps?
19:50:33will1amsspoken like a prodigy
19:50:50elinenbelike if you hold it down it goes pretty quickly from 100->101 percent and then it stays at 101 percent for a sec.
19:50:52will1ams0.1 would be very good
19:51:17elinenbe100.1, 100.2, 100.3, 100.4, ... 100.9, 101 (hold for a sec), 101.1 ...
19:51:30will1amselin: why that?
19:51:48will1amsbecause it takes to many "presses" to get to higher percentages?
19:51:48Zagorelinenbe: wouldn't that be very annoying if you want to go to, say, 106% directly?
19:51:58elinenbeZagor: true.
19:52:02elinenbeforget that idea.
19:52:11elinenbejust make the button repeat faster :)
19:52:18elinenbethen tetris will be easier too! :)
19:52:35elinenbezagor: while you are at it, make me some lunch :)
19:52:36Zagorhehe. a problem is that I think the dir browser can't scroll much faster.
19:52:58Zagorbut we could always do step-wise acceleration, like in ffwd/rew
19:53:30Zagori.e after 2sec repeat, double the speed
19:53:38elinenbewell, try and do that.
19:53:38will1amsthat is an option, right
19:53:49will1amsbut for me it's not necessary
19:53:55elinenbeI was trying to do that, but when I made it go faster it would give weird behavior.
19:54:08Zagorwill1ams: what is the normal pitch range you use as a dj?
19:54:11elinenbelike if I heald down for 2 seconds, then let go, it would still scroll for 2 more seconds.
19:54:12will1amsnormally you don't pitch records more than 4-6% when you'Re mixing
19:54:29will1amsthey will sound to funny if you go to far
19:54:46will1amsright, there are exections like netherlands hardcore and such things :)
19:54:50Zagorelinenbe: right, that's due to the repeat being faster than the browser can draw. so you fill up the queue more than it can "eat".
19:54:51elinenbeit would go REALLY fast, but it was annoying that it would not stop when I let go of the button.
19:54:52will1amsbut normally....
19:55:13elinenbeZagor: it would be nice to max it out.
19:55:22Zagorelinenbe: i agree.
19:55:32will1amsso, now the harder questions
19:55:37 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|meeting (
19:55:41elinenbeZagor: what about a "smooth" scroll, like in the credits, or in oscilloscope −− that is nice.
19:55:56Zagoryeah, and 8 times as slow...
19:55:57elinenbeand as shown in oscilloscope it can be done VERY quickly.
19:56:07elinenbeoh, it is 8times as slow?
19:56:14will1amszagor: imagine you're mixing records. the left player is to fast. what do you do? you take your fingers and "brake" a bit, or you accelerate the right one a bit
19:56:15elinenbeit seems really fast.
19:56:17Zagorwell it is if you have 8 pixel chars
19:56:27Zagorwe could experiment a little with that
19:56:28elinenbeoh... I see.
19:56:48Zagorwill1ams: ON+PAUSE does that. pause while held down, resume when you release.
19:57:08will1amsso, with pitchable cd-players for deejays you have to buttons, one to nudge it a little faster, one to make it slower
19:57:17will1amszag: yepp, i know that, but you can't speed
19:57:33 Quit O7713 ()
19:57:39will1amsthe problem: you only want to change the speed of the record the crowd isn't hearing at the moment
19:57:45Zagorwill1ams: ah. how much would it normally speed?
19:58:11Zagorwill1ams: well, you'll have two archoses of course. and do this adjustment on the one not mixed out to the crowd.
19:58:31will1amsin most cases you press the button and it affects the pitch for the time you pressed it to on1 or two percent higher
19:58:58Zagorwill1ams: is ON+PAUSE useful at all?
19:59:18will1amszag: right on this, but: the one for the crowd is to fast, you can't brake it, you have to speed up the other one
19:59:49will1amsso, you need both: pause and "go faster"
19:59:55will1amsand now i have to catch my train!
19:59:59will1amssorry for that!
20:00:07 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Windows 95, coded entirely by blondes")
20:00:10will1amsi will connect from my home or i will be here tomorrow!
20:00:18Zagorcool, see you then
20:00:27will1amsnice guys here!
20:00:29 Quit will1ams ("Leaving")
20:01:08elinenbeZagor: I have been a firm supporter of this project from the VERY beginning (LCD blinks!) and I have tried to code some along the way, and I just want to give an honest thanks for all the hard work and shit the main developers have had to deal with with this project. I truly belive that with rockbox on the recorder, there is no better protable mp3 player. Way to go!
20:01:22elinenbeRockbox is the best!
20:01:28Zagorelinenbe: thanks!
20:09:14Zagortea time!
20:33:03Zagordoh, i'm silly. the ram chip is of course 64 Mbit, not 64 Mbyte...
20:48:15 Join Danny [0] (
20:48:45DannyI've just put Rockbox on my JB6000....
20:48:50Dannyit's quite cool :) :)
20:49:07Dannyhowever, I noticed it's *permanently* scrolling the songname/artist...
20:49:29DannyI'm sure the original f/w did it just once then stopped, and I wondered what effect this'd have on the batteries.... :-\
20:52:24PsycoXulhow sure are you-
20:52:36PsycoXuland little to no effect on the batteries, probably
20:54:19 Join chpelle [0] (
20:55:29Dannyok :)
20:55:52PsycoXulon mine, the archos firmware just paused at the beginning before scrolling again, iirc
20:56:16PsycoXulbeen a while since i used that crap though heh
20:56:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:56:31Dannymaybe mine was the same then, but depending on the power usage, might be an idea to stop it :)
20:56:37Dannywhat kinda power does the screen use anyway? 99% of the time, it's not being looked at, so surely turning it off (like the backlight) would save power?
20:56:49norm_The backlight sucks a fair bit of power
20:56:59Dannybut when it's off?
20:57:03Dannydoes the screen use much?
20:57:12norm_If the backlight is off, it won't suck any power
20:57:13Danny(the backlight off, playing mp3s...)
20:57:26Dannythe screen still uses power??
20:57:34Dannyturning it off after 20secs would save power?
20:57:44norm_I don't think we can turn the screen itself off
20:57:48PsycoXuli implimented a key-combo on my local copy that turns the screen off
20:57:58PsycoXuli haven't noticed any significant change in play time
20:58:04Dannyhmmm, what language are you doing this in?
20:58:09Danny(not that I fiddle with things like that ;))
20:58:20PsycoXuland my changes are a little buggy to have comitted
20:58:31Dannynever used it :(
20:58:38Danny(I'm a web programmer ;))
20:58:48norm_PsycoXul: do you mean blanking the screen or actually shutting it right off?
20:59:06DannyI woudln't mind either, just thinking of power while it's not being looked at :)
20:59:07PsycoXulnorm_: the LCD has a powersave mode
20:59:33norm_Turns the power inverter off?
21:00:03PsycoXulnorm_: i turn "powersave mode" on, "oscillator" off, and you're supposed to turn off a couple of other circuits, but i can't get them to turn back on properly so i leave them on as it is
21:00:26chpellehi all! i have a question: i own a jukebox studio 20 and tried the new rockbox 1.4, but i can't save the settings! can someone help me??
21:00:48PsycoXuland i've only tried it on my player
21:01:04Dannyand another question from me... :D
21:01:04Dannyif I take the %s out of the WPS and the text is too long, do I just see the first bit?
21:01:05PsycoXulyou can see about the powersave mode in the commandlist of the datasheet which you can get from the rockbox site
21:01:15Dannyoooh, cool :)
21:01:24DannyI must learn C.... ;)
21:01:40PsycoXulDanny: yeah, if it doesn't have %s it shouldn't scroll
21:01:53Dannyso I'd never see the full name? that's no good :(
21:02:07PsycoXulchpelle: make sure the disk gets spun up after you set your settings..
21:02:20PsycoXulDanny: why would you want to do that? heh
21:02:32DannyIt seemed ok today, but I'm just thinking of the drive to work, all day in the office, and the drive back (8:20am-6:30pm) and want to make sure the batteries will last :D
21:03:02Dannyit seems to have been ok today though, and it's still going
21:03:04PsycoXulwell you can bring your adapter and plug it in in the office if you're worried about it
21:03:06Dannyah, however....
21:03:17Dannysomething I kept noticing today....
21:03:31Dannythe power level, one bar would be filled (of 3, it's the player) pretty early on in the day
21:03:35Dannythen later, 2 were!!!
21:03:43Dannyit doesn't seem to be able to keep track of the battery :-\
21:03:44chpellei used the daily builds before, everything was ok. the disk gets spun up
21:04:03Danny(this was the Archos firmware, not sure if Rockbox would fix this....?)
21:04:04PsycoXulchpelle: hmm
21:04:32chpellepsycoxul: yes :-)
21:04:33PsycoXulDanny: rockbox does the battery thing a bit differently
21:04:49PsycoXulactualy we don't know how much differently exactly, but it does it differently :p
21:04:58Dannyso it might be fixed now? :)
21:05:28PsycoXulwell the archos firmware i know doesn't accurately reflect the battery state untill like a minute after you turn it on
21:05:40Dannyah, maybe that was it
21:05:45PsycoXuland other odd things like that
21:05:55chpellei tried older rockbox-releases but it does not save anything
21:06:22DannyI just noticed it was up and down between 1 & 2 blocks like a yo-yo when I looked! I was watching the battery, cos I got it yesterday and wanted it to last the 2 drives & the office (it has and still going!) :)
21:06:45PsycoXulchpelle: what was the last daily build you used before upgrading to 1.4? there was a point at which the settings version was incremented, which resets the settings to sane values [for the sake of new/removed/changed options]
21:07:10chpellelet me see
21:07:29PsycoXulif you've tried it a few times and it still hasn't saved, thats probably not it though
21:08:24chpellewas between the 28th nov and 5th oct
21:08:42Dannyanother quick one... does the volume effect battery usage? I have a car kit, but lineout is too quiet (one of those crappy casette things), but headphones with volume on 100% is much better quality....will it make much difference to the batteries?
21:08:46chpellei even formatted my harddisk but nothing changed
21:09:26PsycoXulDanny: higher volume uses more power in my experience
21:10:51norm_PsycoXul: I think it depends on the device
21:11:09PsycoXulnorm_: well on my studio20...
21:11:19norm_i.e. budphones will draw less power than, say, a cassette adapter for a car
21:11:50PsycoXulwell with my sony headphones... heh
21:12:18PsycoXuler mdr not mcd
21:13:01Dannythe car kit (not an Archos one) I've got has an adjustable voltage... would it work with the kit? and is it possible to have it play from that while in the car, and leave the batteries alone?
21:13:15chpellewhere does rockbox saves its settings? on the hd?
21:13:32norm_Danny: what do you mean, adjustable voltage?
21:13:46norm_Oh, the power supply that you plug into the cig. lighter?
21:13:52Dannyyup, sorry
21:14:17Dannyyou can chose the voltage, but not sure what the amps have to do with it (never was good with that electricity stuff ;))
21:14:19PsycoXulchpelle: on sector 63 (or was it 64?) of the HD
21:14:25PsycoXulchpelle: for players
21:14:39PsycoXulchpelle: recorders save to the RTC, and then the same on the HD
21:14:39norm_If it puts out 9VDC w/ center-positive polarity, it *should* work
21:15:03Dannycenter-positive? how would I know?
21:15:08matsl|meetingZagor: I have an idea for the player simulator.
21:15:10norm_There's usually a diagram on it
21:15:15chpelleah... so it should work if i "renew" the partition? perhaps there's something wrong?!
21:15:34norm_A plus or minus sign pointing to a small dot inside a bigger circle
21:15:50PsycoXulchpelle: no idea... i've never had problems with it
21:15:55Dannycool :)
21:16:13norm_You might even be able to set the polarity, either with a switch or by changing the tip (the part that would plug into the Archos)
21:16:14Dannywell, thanks for your help, I'll leave you be now, just keep doing what you do ;)
21:16:14Dannybtw, do you have a mailing list when for when you release updates?
21:16:31DannyI've got lots of tips, so I'll take a look later :)
21:16:43norm_Right. You can unplug the tip?
21:16:58elinenbeZagor: Kjell is contributing now??!?!?
21:17:01Dannycheers Pysco
21:17:04norm_OK, if you plug the tip in one way, you get center-positive. The other way, you get center-negative
21:17:22Dannycool :)
21:17:23chpelle i hope this will work because i want to use rockbox! it's a really great thing!!!
21:17:31Dannywill this just charge it though, or will it run from the car power and leave the batteries?
21:17:35elinenbeZagor: has he been feeling left out?
21:17:39norm_You want center-positive. The tip should have + on one side, and - on the other. And the part it plugs into should have an arrow with a "tip" lavel on it
21:17:55PsycoXulDanny: it just charges the batteries, while the unit still runs off them...
21:17:56norm_Make sure the "tip" arrow aligns with the + symbol
21:18:04Dannyyup, I can manage that :)
21:18:23PsycoXulDanny: generaly using it uses a bit more power than the charger provides, so it won't actualy be "charging" just prolonging the charge
21:18:27norm_Danny: sorry to be so verbose, but better to give too much info, than not enough
21:18:28matsl|meetingelinenbe: Nice to have Kjell working but I need to get him in sync with what I'm doing.
21:18:55DannyI know, I'm very greatful for all your help :)
21:19:02 Nick matsl|meeting is now known as matsl (
21:19:15Dannywell thanks norm_, PsycoXul.... :-)
21:19:37norm_glad to help
21:19:53 Part Danny
21:21:33chpellethanks for your help! i'll try some things
21:21:36 Quit chpelle ()
21:22:29 Join williams [0] (
21:22:30matslZagor: are you there?
21:23:06williamszagor still there?
21:25:13 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:25:39williamslooks like he is in great demand :)
21:37:29matslbbl cu
21:37:38 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
22:01:40 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:08:30 Join O7713 [0] (
22:09:29O7713my archos makes strange noises during battery loading since the 1.4 upgrade, any ideas? :)
22:12:21PsycoXulbattery loading?
22:12:52O7713ya, battery charging
22:12:59O7713sorry for my tarzan english
22:13:01O7713 :)
22:13:24PsycoXuldoes it make the noises if you plug the charger in while the unit's turned off?
22:14:06O7713yea when i pull the plug (charger) the noise is gone
22:17:32PsycoXulwell i mean does it only happen when it's actualy turned on, or just always when charging?
22:17:48PsycoXulthe noises, are they from the headphones, or the archos itself?
22:17:57O7713always when charging
22:18:01O7713its off atm
22:18:40PsycoXulmine makes a sort of buzzing sound on occasion while charging
22:19:12PsycoXuli can make it change the way it sounds and get quieter by moving and bending it a bit
22:19:18PsycoXulis that what you've got?
22:19:30O7713lemme check
22:19:46O7713the plug or the player?
22:19:55PsycoXulthe player
22:20:06O7713how can you bend your player`? :)
22:20:15PsycoXuljust like putting pressure on it
22:20:27PsycoXulnot much
22:20:31PsycoXuljust sorta tweaking it about heh
22:21:04O7713no, it still the same noise
22:21:23PsycoXulanyways, if it happens when it's turned off too
22:21:27PsycoXulthen it's nothing to do with rockbox
22:21:43PsycoXuljust a coincidence that it came about when you installed rockbox
22:21:54O7713do i have the wrong charger maybe? what is written on your charger, if i may ask?
22:22:19norm_O7713: Are you using the charger that came with the unit?
22:22:37O7713im not sure, i guess its the right one, but you never know
22:22:59O7713i have dozens of chargers here
22:23:23O7713it says KINGS ELECTRONICS LTD 9v
22:24:12norm_High-pitched buzz or low-pitched buzz?
22:24:37O7713kinda high pitched
22:25:48norm_This is a player, right? I forget, is the screen on or off when it's charging?
22:26:19O7713its off it says BATTERY CHARGING
22:26:25O7713thats all
22:26:28norm_On the screen it says that?
22:26:31O7713the player is off
22:26:45norm_OK, could be the power inverter for the screen that's buzzing, then
22:26:55norm_It'd be pretty high pitched
22:27:07O7713i need a 9 volt charger for it, right?
22:27:19norm_It should be 9VDC
22:28:03O7713well, it is a 9volt charger
22:29:53norm_How many Amps?
22:30:11O7713600 mA
22:31:23norm_That's the same as mine. In fact, my unit came with a King's brand charger
22:31:32norm_I guess that's the brand they ship
22:31:49*norm_ shrugs
22:32:05norm_Maybe your power inverter is just louder than normal
22:33:03O7713hmm, ok im gonna ignore that noise then :)
22:39:23 Join LinusN [0] (
22:42:06 Part LinusN
22:43:14 Join rad[assembling] [0] (
22:43:21 Nick rad[assembling] is now known as radhard (
22:44:43radhardIf anybody from germany is interested in 4pin 3.5mm plugs for remote experimenting: I know where to get them for an affordable price!
22:53:52*Zagor is back
22:54:26Zagorwilliams: did you have a question?
22:56:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:00:09 Quit williams (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:01:54Zagorguess not :)
23:02:24Zagorelinenbe: yeah, kjell is working on the player simulator
23:03:55elinenbesomeone is back!
23:07:32 Quit edx ()
23:09:23 Join Synthe [0] (
23:10:07 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:10:20 Quit Synthe` (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:11:33 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:16:20 Quit norm_ ("vacation")
23:43:58 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:57:50langhaarrockerDon't we have any repeat masks in button.* any more?
23:58:22langhaarrockerDoes that mean every button fires repeat events?

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