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#rockbox log for 2002-10-22

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08:24:56henrysunsetis this place active?
08:25:29henrysunseti had some rocbox queries
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08:30:10henrysunsetfyi; good prices on recorder model can be had: 180$ for 20gb;
08:30:21henrysunsetya'll prolly have ome or more machines by now tho
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08:57:54memhi Zagor
08:58:28henrysunsetquery: is there an emulator so I can play with the rockbox on my pc?
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08:59:07Zagorhenrysunset: yes
08:59:08PsycoXulhave you even looked at the website
08:59:30henrysunseti diddnt see a emu download
08:59:45PsycoXulwell i don't think we really have an emulater exactly
08:59:49PsycoXulit's actualy a simulator
08:59:57henrysunseti diddn't see that even
09:00:28henrysunseti just wanted to see what the UI is like
09:00:55henrysunseti'm sorta a ui freak; and i'm hopin you gotcha self a clean easy to use system as i heard the original one is hellish
09:02:16PsycoXulcheck the bottom of the daily builds page
09:02:31henrysunset ok thank you
09:03:36henrysunseti need to be careful not to download code; since my job makes it liek illegal
09:03:47PsycoXulheh whys that
09:04:15henrysunseti work for microsoft... they are pretty careful to cover there asees in that regard
09:04:30henrysunsetwe can't be getting ideas from other open source projects yaknow
09:04:43PsycoXuloh yes
09:04:51henrysunsetit's quite annoying
09:05:02PsycoXuli'm absolutely positive that microsoft has never stolen code from free software. Really, i am.
09:07:59henrysunseti can't read if yer bein sarcastic or not; but from my perspective on the "inside" i'd say they sure as hell try!
09:10:31henrysunsetare you a developing contributor to this app?
09:11:31PsycoXuli've done a few bits of code, but i mainly contribute ideas and bug reports
09:12:53henrysunsetso... if i get this right; you navigate up and down lists with the right and left keys, and in and out of the hierarchy with up and down?
09:13:40PsycoXulum i dunno, i have a player not a recorder
09:13:56henrysunsetoh ok
09:13:59PsycoXuli don't have up/down left/right, just play/stop -/+
09:14:06henrysunsetwhat does it have
09:14:24henrysunsetthat might explain the counterintuitive mapping on the recorder
09:14:41PsycoXulis the mapping counterintuitive? heh
09:15:12henrysunseti dunno
09:15:15henrysunsetlet me [play some more
09:15:17PsycoXulusualy the recorder interface mostly disregards the player interface afaik, since they're so different overall
09:15:37henrysunseti won't make judgement till the real thing comes in the mail
09:15:49henrysunsetoh ok
09:15:54henrysunseti think i had a wacky build
09:16:07henrysunsetno it's ok
09:17:19henrysunsetyou can change pitch? sweet
09:17:36henrysunsetif that is changing speed you could dj with two of these
09:26:47henrysunsethaha, tetris
09:27:36Zagorhenrysunset: the recorder has up/down/left/right, so is a lot more intuitive. the player has only prev/next/play/stop and thus the UI becomes a bit strange
09:30:34henrysunsetyes i am seeing this
09:30:50henrysunsetdoes the recorder utilize the button in the middle of the directions?
09:31:21henrysunset(i am getting a recorder so i won't drown int he kludgey interface anyhow)
09:31:45henrysunsetso far from the windows demo i'm pretty impressed though
09:31:55Zagoryes, the middle button is used for play/pause
09:32:08henrysunseti tried the archos with the builtin os a long time and it made me crazy
09:32:15henrysunsetoh ok, thanks
09:32:31henrysunsetthe only thing that still suck; sis the silly bumbers
09:32:39henrysunsetand that is way beyond the scope of software
09:33:06Zagorthey're not so silly when you drop it on the floor... :-) but i agree they're not very pretty.
09:33:21henrysunsetdoes it really survive arm heingt drops?
09:33:48Zagori have dropped mine a few times, actually. scary, but it still lives.
09:34:02henrysunsetcan you upgrade the harddrive that's inside?
09:34:23Zagorit's a standard fat32-formatted 2.5" laptop disk
09:34:25henrysunset9mmm ide?
09:34:37henrysunsetmost excellent
09:34:48henrysunsetthis should beat my current car mp3 player
09:35:07Zagorwhich one do you have?
09:35:23henrysunsetyou will be entertained
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09:36:07ZagorOMG, that web page is >1MB!
09:36:27henrysunsetmy webpage?
09:36:38henrysunsetyikes, sorry
09:36:49Zagorno problem, i have a fast connection :-)
09:36:50henrysunseti prolly diddnt optimize the images
09:36:54henrysunsetyeah me too
09:36:57henrysunsethence the not caring
09:38:20Zagorwhat kind of laptop is that? no heat problems running with the lid closed?
09:38:41henrysunsetoooooldschool toshiba tecra
09:39:01henrysunsetit has no cdrom/batt/keyboard
09:39:08henrysunsetso it has lotsa air room
09:39:17henrysunseti even 1/2'd the fan speed
09:39:23henrysunsetand the lcd is cracked
09:39:30henrysunsetbut it still tries to run
09:39:51henrysunsetthanks for the tips
09:40:14henrysunseti'll be back in with my comments once the device comes thru the mail.
09:40:27Zagoryou'll get some spare room under your seat with the archos :-)
09:40:32henrysunseti can't believe there 180$ now
09:40:36henrysunsetyes i will
09:40:42henrysunsettho i lose the convenient screen
09:41:02henrysunsetno ext lcd mod yet eh?
09:41:08Zagornot yet
09:41:16Zagorthere's talk about it on the list
09:41:27henrysunsethow'd that work?
09:41:33henrysunsetmad hackery?
09:41:39henrysunsetor is there a way to use serial or usb?
09:41:41Zagorvia the remote control connection in the EAR socket
09:41:46henrysunseti see
09:41:59henrysunsetdoes that have any sane bandwidth?
09:42:07Zagornah, 9600 bps
09:42:26henrysunsetis there instructions to make your own remote?
09:42:47Zagoryup. the problem is it's a single pin (which is rx by default) so we need to device some simplex protocol
09:43:08Zagorsearch the web page for "remoclone". it's a PIC remote hack.
09:43:23henrysunsetworks w/ this eh?
09:43:46Zagoryup it works
09:44:47henrysunsetrequiring a programmer?
09:45:27Zagorumm, don't remember. i haven't built one myself.
09:46:06henrysunsetlooks like a pic16lf84
09:46:14henrysunsetdunno it's specs offhand
09:46:16henrysunsetoh well
09:46:18henrysunsetthanks :-)
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11:56:42Zagorquiet today
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12:38:57ZagorJust received: Linus got a daughter at 23:17 yesterday.
12:46:47dwihnoThe first male who got a daughter (after Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Twins") ;)
12:47:50Zagor:-) yeah, he's kinda special...
12:51:22dwihnoMultiline scrolling looks weird btw
12:51:39dwihnothe scrolling speed should be configurable as well as the pixel setting
12:51:41dwihno(imho) :)
12:51:54Zagorit doesn't make much difference. try it.
12:53:00Zagori haven't tested the multiline scroll yet
12:53:44dwihnoIt's fishy :)
12:53:48dwihno><))))8> x 10
12:54:35dwihnoLooks strange
12:55:04dwihnotry it
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13:32:24Mr_Tulipdoes rockbox work on 4.13 firmware? (Couldn't find this info on the FAQ...)
13:34:02ZagorMr_Tulip: yes it does
13:34:42*Mr_Tulip installed the one labelled 'old', but something's not right =/
13:35:30Mr_Tulipno new menu options, and my MP3 directory is not showing in the directory browser...
13:36:04Zagor"no new menu options"?
13:36:43Mr_Tulipmebbe i did something weird..
13:36:55Mr_Tulipi copied the original archos.mod to a sub-dir
13:37:06Zagordo you see the Rockbox boot text?
13:37:24Mr_Tulipno boot text at all, not even the 5.07a thing
13:37:54Zagorwhat happens when you press MENU
13:38:15Mr_Tulipi get the 'standard' options
13:38:38Zagoryou mean the archos firmware?
13:39:12Zagorit sounds like you are running the ROM firmware
13:39:18Mr_Tulipsounds like it..
13:40:05*Mr_Tulip prolly stuffed something up
13:41:02Zagortry reinstalling rockbox
13:41:12Mr_Tulipdoing that now..
13:42:48Mr_Tulipi forgot to unpack the sub-dir..
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14:13:08NorrinAnyone messed with the new Archos Recorder w/FM player?
14:13:19Mr_Tulipthx Zagor - it's all working now.. looks v. nice
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17:09:58Zagorthe fat write code is now ripe for testing. start with the simulated code (read firmware/test/fat/README)
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18:10:46elinenbeZagor: I like testing write code
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20:09:47oggiHas anyone got the fonts to work in v1.4?
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20:11:31oggiI can't get the fonts to load on my studio 20, anyone have some fix ideas?
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21:13:41adi|homehey zagor.. the amazing 'i don't bother reading docs' virus struck again..
21:14:01Zagorah, sounds fun. what happened?
21:14:09adi|home<oggi> I can't get the fonts to load on my studio 20, anyone have some fix ideas?
21:14:09adi|home<−− oggi has quit ()
21:14:46adi|homei wasn't here to answer him...
21:15:43quelsarukhi Zagor
21:15:54Zagorhi quelsaruk
21:16:39quelsarukcu soon! ( i hope)
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22:54:12adi|homedamn you zagor.. taking away my road flares/cat/microwaves comments
22:54:14adi|homedamn you
22:54:16adi|homedamn you
22:54:17*adi|home smirks
22:56:02Zagorpeople kept having problems finding the USB mening hidden in that rant :-)
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