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#rockbox log for 2002-10-28

00:19:21langhaarrockerLinusN: So we have seamless playback now? cool!
00:24:18langhaarrockerDo you have code that detects frames?
00:24:35LinusNit's in id3.c
00:36:11langhaarrockerGotta catch some sleep. Best wishes!
00:36:18LinusNcu around
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04:36:28adi|dadshowdy all
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08:12:54Bagderhey ho
09:05:05 Join LinusN [0] (
09:05:14Bagderhey Linus
09:05:47 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:05:59LinusNBagder: i am looking at tree.c
09:06:30*langhaarrocker gets a guilty feeling when looking at tree.c
09:06:35LinusNand i think that there are too many LCD updates
09:06:57Bagdernot unlikely, right
09:07:25LinusNlook at line 1097
09:07:55langhaarrockerWhen I get the key scheme demo done it'll be nearly a rewrite for tree.c, wps.c, screens.c, menu.c, all its derivates..
09:08:14LinusNor rather after that if statement
09:08:29LinusNit performs a status_draw() and lcd_update() regardless
09:08:39LinusNfor every key event
09:08:50LinusNincludeing all the newly introduced release events
09:09:08LinusNi think that's why the scroll is so sluggish these days
09:09:33Bagderyes, seems very likely
09:10:07Bagderwe should have a default case for the button reading
09:12:54 Join TotMacher [0] (
09:13:17Bagderme and Zagor discussed some nice ideas during the weekend
09:13:32Bagdereven a Linux fat driver patch coming up :-)
09:14:22BagderLinusN: are you and Sara back home now?
09:15:13PsycoXuloh btw the thing i had where the browser goes to the root directory instead of where i started playing from when it reaches the end of a dir... i've narrowed it down to only occuring when the keylock is on when it ends... i haven't upgraded rockbox in a while though, so it might be fixed already
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09:16:28langhaarrockercvs conflicts again!
09:18:46LinusNPsycoXul: i fixed that yesterday. it's in the latest build.
09:19:24LinusNBagder|dentist: no, i am only here temporarily. Sara's still at the hospital
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09:29:43langhaarrockerI'd be so grateful if someone with competence could verify /commit my peak meter patch. It seems to be prone to breaking as it contains quite a lot of changes in wps.c.
09:30:05LinusNis it in the tracker?
09:30:11langhaarrockeryes, with update
09:31:59langhaarrockerLinusN: as you seem to be concerned about improving update performance: With the changes I made to wps.c we have new means for fine tuning to only update what realy needs to be updated.
09:32:19 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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09:32:29LinusNgood, but i'm not sure about adding all the key bindings that go with it
09:32:41Zagorhi biys
09:32:45Zagorboys :)
09:32:45langhaarrockerThere are no key bindings
09:32:59LinusNlanghaarrocker: is that the peak meter patch? sorry.
09:33:02langhaarrockerZagor: back and brown from sun in spain?
09:33:23langhaarrockerYes, the peak meter patch 629486
09:33:24Zagorback, at least :)
09:33:43LinusNlanghaarrocker: but the performance problem is in tree.c
09:33:57langhaarrockerZagor: Ripped off all the money possible from your clients?
09:34:39 Nick mem_away is now known as mem (
09:35:11langhaarrockerLinusN: If you want me to, I can introduce performance problems into wps, too.
09:36:22Zagorlanghaarrocker: want to buy a lovely time-share condo?
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09:36:55langhaarrockerZagor: I don't buy things of which I don't even know what it is. :)
09:37:09LinusNyou know what it is
09:37:16LinusNit's called a ripoff
09:37:58langhaarrockerSorry, I must go. CU later.
09:40:35 Part Zagor
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09:41:03*Zagor loves flaky tunnels
09:45:24 Join Phil [0] (
09:45:53PhilWintertime gives me another hour. :)
09:46:57PsycoXulit gave it to ME!!!
09:47:44PsycoXulit never loved you, it was just USING YOU to get to ME!
09:47:55PhilI'm not sure wether I want to share MY hour with you, psycoXul! :)
09:48:36webmindwintertime didn't tell me i got another hour :(
09:49:06 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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09:50:38PsycoXulok shutdown time
09:51:52 Quit PsycoXul ("waaaaah, DOWN WITH SHUTDOWNS")
09:52:30 Part langhaarrocker
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10:11:26memBagder: hi
10:11:50LinusNhi Bagder
10:11:52memAny dental problems or just a regular check?
10:12:01Bagderjust a regular visit
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10:24:17 Join PsycoXul [0] (
10:55:42Zagor"I have a D-link mp3 player with 10 GB model DMPH610...can you help me change the firmware?"
10:56:10Bagderstep 1 - by new hw ;-)
10:56:23PsycoXuloh hey i've got this toaster...
10:56:30PsycoXuland it needs new firmware too
10:56:52PsycoXulit's springs just aren't firm anymore
10:57:43PsycoXulis there a linux driver to access it so i can copy toastbox over?
10:58:17PsycoXulit's 4 slice, if that matters
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12:12:11 Part LinusN
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12:27:43Zagor"I just installed Rockbox on my Archos Recorder 20 and I am close to weeping with joy."
12:27:46 Nick elinenbe2 is now known as elinenbe (
12:34:25elinenbesomething I notice... if I have a clean CVS and I build the firmware in my build dir, then I do another make I get a ton of errors (udating depedencies)
12:37:06BagderI just closed one ogg vorbis request, 30 minutes later there's another one added
12:37:27BagderI guess we shouldn't close it
12:44:42elinenbemaybe it should be left there... saying that it is not possible.
12:45:11elinenbedid you guys see the bugs I filed on the mailing list?
12:45:30elinenbethat repeat bug is there on the latest CVS
12:46:38 Join LinusN [0] (
12:47:20LinusN"you're a fag if you can't live without cross-fade"????
12:47:46elinenbeLinusN: that repeat bus is in the latest CVS
12:47:54Bagderwe do have some true philosophers hiding in the audience ;-)
12:48:03elinenbeI have to go run and catch a train, but I will be back in 2 hours.
12:48:09 Quit elinenbe ("I am leaving for a very important meeting")
12:48:10LinusNrepeat bug?
12:48:42Bagderas he mentioned on the list
12:49:05*Zagor has 127 unread mails in the Rockbox list...
12:49:13LinusNaha, that one
12:52:23LinusNcan you guys repeat it? i can't.
12:52:37BagderI haven't tried
12:53:25LinusNgot it
12:55:44LinusNreally hard to reproduce
12:56:57LinusNi managed to do it once, but now i can't do it again
12:57:19Zagorhave anyone tested the chip8 emulator patch?
12:57:39Bagdernot me
12:57:50LinusNme neither
12:58:12Zagorsounds cool, if it works well
13:16:59 Part LinusN
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13:39:37ZagorBagder: the bug report list could use being broken up in categories, just like the requests
13:57:20Bagder"We we need to do is to convince the Rockbox guys that cellphones need open source firmware upgrades!"
14:03:29Zagorwhere was that?
14:04:38Bagdersome usenet group
14:05:26Zagorgoogle browsing again? ;)
14:05:44Bagderhehe, yah
14:07:52 Quit Bagder ("")
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15:27:29 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:27:47elinenbeabout the bugs I reported to the list
15:27:52elinenbeI am using a CLEAN CVS
15:28:42elinenbewell, LinusN's latest patch fixed the scrolling problem
15:28:57elinenbeand I have not tried the repeat problem yet.
15:29:22elinenbeI am real busy at work tody though
15:29:40elinenbeI will update the list if the current commits have solved the problem
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15:38:22 Join ironi [0] (
15:38:32ironihi ppl
15:40:14ironii have to say that the 6000 is a product of no quality whatsoever
15:41:10ironiZagor: hey you live not far away, caqn you help me fix my buttons
15:41:16ironiI'll pay you if you want
15:41:29ironiif there is a stop button is pretty much unresponsive
15:41:34ironiit has no click resistance
15:43:30Zagori'm not sure what you can do about it
15:43:39Zagorhave you opened it and looked at the micro switch?
15:46:13ironii could
15:46:59 Join Bagder [241] (
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15:51:19 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
15:51:22dwihnoHello! :D
15:51:27Bagderhey ho dwihno
15:51:32dwihnoHey ho! :D
15:51:39dwihnoDone any caramelldancing lately?
15:53:27dwihnoC'est bien
15:53:29dwihnoI was wondering
15:54:41dwihnoWhat's the difference between short and int?
15:54:49dwihnothey are both 16 bit, 2 byte
15:54:52Bagder16bits vs 32 in normal cases
15:55:21Bagdernormal being all modern operating systems
15:55:37dwihnoI am reading about a compiler called SDCC which says so
15:56:08dwihno4294967296 is max for 32-bit int's?
15:56:31dwihnoI thought that was unsigned long.. :/
15:56:41dwihnoOr am I thinking in stoneage terms?
15:56:53Bagderno, long and int are usually the same
15:57:37Bagderunless you have a 64bit machine, on which long becomes 64bits
15:59:27dwihnolong and int are usually the same... hmm :)
15:59:32*dwihno learns something new
16:00:58ironihm version 1.4 i quite buggy for me
16:01:08ironior, my player is going crazy
16:01:21ironii think its time to throw i t away soon
16:02:01Bagderironi: what kind of "buggy"?
16:02:04dwihnoBagder: learn me something cool! such as how I will deal with endianness!
16:02:45Bagderdwihno: endianness you will deal with by swapping them to a common endian before passing them on between machines ;-)
16:02:49Zagoror htonl() htons() on non-rockbox code
16:02:56ironiBagder: well while playing a song, i try to acces smenu or file list nad everything jsut goes crazy, none of the buttons work , and i can hardly shut it down either
16:03:14Bagderironi: uh, yeah, sounds like some hw-related prob
16:03:22dwihnoZagor: so why does not rockbox have such cool stuff? :)
16:03:53Zagordwihno: because we have SWAB32
16:04:34Bagderits the same magic, just different name
16:04:36dwihnoZagor: and that is..?
16:04:47dwihnoswab the floor, landcrabs ;D
16:04:51ZagorSWAB == Swap Bytes
16:05:05dwihnothe assembly optimized stuff?
16:05:16dwihnoah, mkay
16:06:07dwihnoWhat do you guys think about having some kind of "intelligent very-similar-filenames handling"?
16:06:30Zagorit's a neat idea
16:08:11*dwihno gives an example:
16:08:11dwihnoVictoria Silvstedt - Hello hey.mp3
16:08:11dwihnoVictoria Silvstedt - Astro girl.mp3
16:08:11DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
16:08:11dwihnoVictoria Silvstedt - Hello Africa.mp3
16:08:14dwihnocould become:
16:08:19dwihnoVictoria Silvstedt - Hello hey.mp3
16:08:19dwihno* Astro girl.mp3
16:08:22dwihnobut how about hello africa? :)
16:08:37dwihnosome kind of separator parsing stuff(?)
16:08:45Zagorwhat's the problem? just cut all identical text
16:08:58 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
16:09:10elinenbe_hello there.
16:09:15dwihno* Africa.mp3 would look drop dead silly
16:09:19dwihno><))))8> * 10000
16:09:28dwihnohello hey, elinenbe!
16:09:41elinenbe_hello dwihno!
16:10:04dwihnoWhat's your name?
16:10:08dwihnoI need to know! :)
16:10:27dwihnoNow I've found you my mysterious boy
16:10:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:10:44*dwihno is moving tonight - to my 300m^2 condo ;D
16:11:13 Quit elinenbe_ (Client Quit)
16:11:17 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:11:25elinenbeNo Sugar!!! WHAT!
16:11:44Zagordwihno: it would show "hello africa"
16:13:53dwihnoZagor: ah, it would, but let's say they all began with Hello! :D
16:14:37dwihnoand the song titles was "hello ditt" "hello datt" and "hello dutt", they would appear fishy
16:14:41dwihno><))))8>, ya know!
16:16:12Zagoryeah. but let's deal with that when it happens.
16:16:22dwihno"SDCC was written by Sandeep Dutta"
16:16:33dwihnoDo you think he's a friend of Hardeep's? :)
16:16:49dwihnoKneedeep Sitta ;)
16:16:54dwihnoHmm, I need some hot choco
16:17:13 Quit elinenbe ("Client Exiting")
16:19:07dwihnoIs memory fragmentation a big performance issue?
16:21:35Zagorwe don't have that
16:21:50Zagorit's only an issue with dynamic memory
16:26:50dwihnohow about PC's then?
16:27:26Zagorwhat is your real question?
16:30:22dwihnoI'm just curious
16:30:22dwihnoNo real questions
16:30:22Zagorthe issue is more about running out of usable memory chunks than performance, usually
16:31:02 Quit Synthe (
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16:34:21dwihnohow dangerous is it to drop a non-running archos 100 cm?
16:35:03Bagderinto a thick pillow, not at all ;-)
16:36:25dwihnoHow about a floor that sounds "pock pock" when stamping on it?
16:36:25BagderI'd say that can be lethal to it
16:36:42*dwihno does not dare to turn it on
16:36:59dwihnoBtw. The tag stuff should return what kind of stereo is in the stream
16:37:00Bagderdoes it rattle any way if you shake it?
16:38:01dwihnoare there any other stereo types than stereo, mono and joint stereo?
16:38:12Bagderwide, narrow, bla bla
16:39:03dwihnoWell, I still think it should be a part of the WPS - me being insane and all ;)
16:54:18 Quit TotMacher ()
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17:04:45 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
17:08:25 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:08:25DBUGEnqueued KICK dw|gone
17:12:12 Part Zagor
17:13:32langhaarrockerSeems I'll be fixing my broken peak meter patch ~ thrice a day due to cvs conflicts.
17:17:47 Join edx [0] (
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18:19:34langhaarrockerBagder: Work only in spain or some spare time, too?
18:22:13 Quit dw|gone (Remote closed the connection)
18:23:58 Join dw|gone [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
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19:40:41Bagderhey ho
19:40:55Bagdermainly work in Spain, not much spare time at all
19:42:30quelsarukbut where?
19:42:49quelsarukin malaga.. near my beach
19:42:58 Quit TotMacher ()
19:43:09quelsarukso i was just 40 km away form you 2
19:44:55quelsarukyou had luck, one week ago, we had really bad time
19:45:19Bagderyou mean wheather wise?
19:46:06Bagderyou should try what we have here ;-)
19:46:19quelsaruki know
19:46:39Bagdernow, its getting dark starting at about 16:00
19:47:02quelsarukhere at 19:00
19:47:27Bagdergetting down to spain was like getting a fresh sip of summer feeling again
19:47:36quelsarukbut you have a season with a lot of daylight, no?
19:47:46Bagderyes, summers are very long daylights
19:49:27quelsaruki think there are so good programmers in sweden because you have to stay at home all day ;)
19:50:01Bagderyeah, freezing darkness make you want to stay in the warmth in front of the light of your monitor ;-)
19:50:46quelsarukand sun make us want to go to the outside... fresh air and so on ;)
19:52:04quelsaruki have to work a bit more, cu later!
19:52:10 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
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20:47:11 Part ironi
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21:05:56adi|homeheheh apparently the scroll speed was my fault :)
21:12:40 Join TotMacher [0] (
21:13:19Bagderin comes Kjell and gets four red boxes
21:15:16 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:15:22elinenbehello again!
21:19:02elinenberehi to you too.
21:19:47adi|homeBagder: was zagor annoyed with my icon->numeric addition for battery/volume?
21:20:04Bagdernot that I know of
21:20:27adi|homewasn't sure where to put the settings.. so it was a shot in the dark :)
21:21:01adi|homei don't seem to have been to far off :)
21:26:55elinenbeI think Rockbox is really good.
21:27:14elinenbeHave "the brothers" started code on .rock files yet?
21:27:28elinenbeI think .rock files should be allowed to be loaded WHIL music is playing.
21:27:53elinenbecan you read .txt files while music is playing?
21:29:46elinenbewhat about chip8 games?
21:29:59elinenbepersonally, I don't think there is one good chip8 game.
21:30:00BagderI haven't tried that yet
21:30:07elinenbethey all are pretty shoddy.
21:30:24elinenbethe emulator is nice, but the games are of the absolute worst quality
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21:53:34 Part kosh
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23:02:12 Part LinusN
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