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#rockbox log for 2002-10-29

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03:17:14merwin-Woo, there's a tornado warning here :P
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03:18:35storm_homeMorning/afternoon/evening, all...
03:19:02merwin-morning... funny, I was just talking about a tornado warning here in houston, and in walks a storm :)
03:19:24storm_homeHeh. Better get under some cover.
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03:19:38*storm_home grew up in Illinois.
03:19:41merwin-I'm on the 7th floor of a hotel... any chance I'll be safe?
03:19:48merwin-I was just in chicago yesterday
03:20:12storm_homemerwin-: Probably not. But you get an awesome view of it coming in...
03:20:25merwin-yeah, I'm not going anywhere
03:21:04storm_homeGot a RockboX question relating to my posts on the mailing list.
03:22:16storm_homeI'm the one thats getting the wierd problem on my AJB6k with the drive freezing and the red light staying on until I reset it. I defragged the drive (nearly sacrificing a Linux LVM partition in the process) and its still doing it.
03:22:31storm_homeCould bad/weak batteries cause something along these lines?
03:22:54merwin-does it happen when it's plugged in?
03:23:26storm_homeNo. Course I don't play it plugged in much. though I just got a car charger tonight.
03:23:38merwin-how old are the batteries?
03:23:45storm_homeAt least a year.
03:24:06merwin-you could always try a new set of batteries... under $15 for a 4 pack of decent ones
03:24:21storm_homeThey are the original set, and the coworker I bought it from said it was out of warranty.
03:24:56storm_homeI got a set a radio shack tonight 1600 or 1800 mAH. They're charging now.
03:25:37merwin-If that doesn't work, I'd try it for a while plugged in
03:26:40storm_homeIt generally never does this in the car. With previous versions, it would just skip to the next track. 1.4 it goes into this drive tailspin, though no one can replicate it. Hence the bug assigned to nobody.
03:27:01storm_homeD'oh. BRB.
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03:28:36merwin-hey dw... seems you
03:28:38merwin-'re here now
03:28:45merwin-(as apposed to gone)
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07:37:22merwin-dead tonight
07:37:24merwin-very dead
07:42:07adi|homenah.. just no one likes you... :)
08:03:45merwin-man that hurt :)
08:04:13merwin-I'm watching an MTV history of nirvana
08:08:50adi|homebah.. thats easy
08:08:55adi|home"shitty music"
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08:08:58adi|home"shitty clothes"
08:09:09adi|home"more shitty music"
08:09:13adi|home"shitty aim"
08:09:17adi|homethat just about does it don't it?
08:11:31dwihnoWho listens to Nirvana when there's Caramell? :)
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08:36:21memhi Bagder
08:36:58memI have a question about the daily builds
08:37:34memDoes the daily builds from like yesterday or the day before have different language files than V1.4?
08:38:12memI tried the daily build but a lot of the menus got wrong text. When I returned to V1.4 the menus got the right text strings again
08:38:23Bagdersounds like a bug somewhere
08:38:50memThen I have to reproduce it to give you some more details
08:39:21BagderI'll check too, I think I know what might be wrong
08:39:48Bagderand this happened very recently?
08:40:35memI booted V1.4 and used the RoLo function to load build 20021028
08:40:42memYes it was yesterday
08:41:35memI can repeat the problem;
08:41:50memI run Swedish lang file
08:43:11memIn the sound settings the first entry should be "Volym" and it is that in V1.4 but when an ROLO to 20021028 I get the string "Balans". When I select that entry I'm still changing the volume so it has to be some (language) string handling
08:43:48Bagderyou know which last daily build that worked?
08:44:18memI get a number of wrong stings, the "Volym" and "Balans" was just one example
08:45:32memIt has been some time since I run a daily build. I haven't run any dailys after 1.4 was released.
08:47:16Bagderyou could always get an updated language file too, to work-around the problem
08:48:25Bagderhm, perhaps not
08:48:38dwihnoHey hey! :D
08:48:39memI could donwload some old dailys to help you find the day the problem was intoduced. It's not hard to test.
08:48:59dwihnoHello hey, what's your name? I need to know! Now I've found you my mysterious boy
08:49:17Bagdermorning dwihno
08:49:26dwihnoIt's a great morning indeed!
08:49:53dwihnoI realized my (not-so-optimized-yet) route to work takes approx 7 minutes (compared to the previous 30)
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08:52:27Bagdermorning Z
08:52:34Bagderwe have a language mixup somewhere
08:52:40memBagder: The same problem for 20021024, and I couldn't find any older builds
08:52:47memhi Zagor
08:53:04BagderZagor: if you make a svenska.lng and play it, the strings get wrong
08:53:33dwihnoDoctor Z! :D
08:53:59memZagor: You know, you have some stupid users running Swedish :-)
08:54:09Zagorbah, stop that! ;)
08:54:38dwihnoAll this localization has led to nothing but trouble, if you ask me! :D
08:54:57*mem thinking of using Danish instead :-)
08:55:26Bagderhehe, well that would check if that has the same error! ;-)
08:55:49memBagder: Could you send me or give me access to older builds than 20021024? Then I could find out when the feature was introduced
08:56:36dwihnoLike the sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives!
08:56:37Bagderwe don't keep them any longer than what is on the site
08:58:32*dwihno gets all excited
08:58:34memCan I "un-play" my Swedish language?
08:59:02merwin-adi|home: just got that response about Nirvana.... Personally, I think he was a genious :) Great musician. Everyone's just jealous of him. hehe
08:59:09Bagdermem: only by playing another language
08:59:23merwin-Bagder: how goes it?
08:59:28Zagorreset settings should reset language too
08:59:36Bagderah, true
08:59:39dwihnoI have a little question for you guys using USB2
08:59:50Bagdermerwin-: we're keeping busy quite as usual! ;-)
09:00:12dwihnoI tested my archos @ work on a machine equipped with some adaptec thingy... the computer became really slow! (although the initial file transfers were pretty fast)
09:00:17memReset sounds better than playing another broken language :-)
09:00:36merwin-Bagder: you too? My boss has selfishly wanted me to actually WORK all the time lately. geez!
09:00:51Bagdersheesh, some people!
09:01:25Zagordwihno: sounds like a dodgy driver
09:03:51Bagdersounds like windows! ;-)
09:03:54*mem has to have a cup of coffee, to reset my self before resetting the Archos
09:03:59dwihnoLook at that card. Misa want that!
09:04:01 Nick mem is now known as mem_away (
09:04:10*dwihno got an external USB2 box for his 3.5" disk too!
09:04:19dwihnoSo now all I need is a USB2 card
09:04:31dwihno(which isn't that expensive)
09:05:22dwihnoI think I'll postpone my furniture plans and buy computer gear instead ;)
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09:06:15dwihnoCheck those babies out!
09:06:21*dwihno - the URL man
09:07:10dwihnoIs there any other differences between "regular" PCMCIA and Cardbus cards than the voltage difference and 16/32-bit stuff?
09:08:05adi|homeZagor: i noticed that there is no way to return to the default font w/o clearing settings once you load a font...
09:08:10adi|homethat don't seem right
09:21:02Bagderme found language problem
09:21:15adi|homewhats that?
09:21:21dwihnoyay for Bagder! yay yay yay!
09:21:29Bagderall non-english files went bad
09:22:17Bagderwith english.lang 1.25
09:23:32adi|homeim still not getting you...
09:23:46adi|homeonly addition was my last addition.. but that was to the end of the file, which shouldn't be a prob
09:23:49Bagderif you load a .lng file now, the new strings end up on wrong places
09:24:07Bagderthe error is slightly obscure
09:24:33Bagderbut LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON was not a true string until 1.25, before that it was illegally formatted!
09:24:50adi|homeah ha.. so i didn't break it..
09:24:53adi|homethats the key thing :)
09:24:58merwin-dwihno: cardbus is 32 bit, while pcmcia is 16 bit
09:25:17Bagderadi|home: hehe, I honestly don't care that much who did it but how to fix it! ;-)
09:27:14adi|homewell.. is it the LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON thing that caused it?
09:27:47adi|homeokay... so the question is 'how do we get all non-english files to update?'
09:28:31Bagderno, we just remove BACKLIGHT_ON and smile ;-)
09:28:49BagderI fixed a bug in binlang too
09:29:03adi|homeso whats the prob? you already have a solution :)
09:29:22Bagderthere is no prob anymore! ;-)
09:29:29adi|homeheheh k
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09:30:42Bagdermem: should work fine tomorrow again! ;-)
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09:34:38memBagder: Good! I would call that a quick response!
09:35:05memBagder: Do I have to download a new lng-file or just the build?
09:35:34BagderI think a new build will be enough
09:36:00Bagderdo you have the 1.4-vesion of the svenska.lng?
09:36:18 Quit merwin- (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:36:22memYes I have the 1.4 svenska
09:36:48Bagderok, then I think it'll work by only getting the new firmware
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09:37:08merwin-dwihno: did you get your answer for cardbus vs pcmcia?
09:37:16memokay, I just have to wait 24h...
09:37:17dwihnomerwin-: So there is no other differences?
09:37:30merwin-dwihno: hold on a sec and I'll tell you :)
09:38:18*dwihno loves the archos for portable storage
09:38:51dwihnoI mean, I am able to bring several hundred megs of material so easily! :D
09:39:01merwin-dwihno: basically cardbus is tons better.
09:39:20merwin-dwihno: the data transfer rate is about 5-7 times more I think
09:39:34merwin-but it's not quite as compatible
09:39:40merwin-ie: won't work with older laptops
09:39:53*dwihno got high-quality ass-kicking shiznat laptop thingy!
09:41:50merwin-dwihno: simple definition, but has other links
09:41:51 Quit merwin (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:42:05merwin-CardBus Fast Ethernet PC Cards such as the 3Com products run at almost 90 Mbps unlike the 16-bit Fast Ethernet PC Cards which operate at only about 20-30 Mbps.
09:42:12 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (none@
09:43:41dwihnoI guess I'll buy an USB2 card
09:43:47dwihnoAre there any updates or such required for Win2k?
09:44:25merwindwihno: nope
09:44:51merwindwihno: I bought an 802.11b cardbus card... works perfectly in win2k
09:45:04dwihnomerwin: Nice! I'll get the adaptec "usb2connect" thing, just to make sure I get high quality stuff
09:45:30merwindwihno: adaptec is good for high quality... also pricy :)
09:46:46dwihnomerwin: not that pricy... approx 80e
09:47:34merwindwihno: that's not too horrible... I'm cheap though :) I AM getting a Cisco 802.11b router and access point though (won it in Vegas)
09:48:28 Join TotMacher [0] (
09:48:30dwihnoHow kickass isn't that!
09:48:36dwihnoThe access points are costspome?
09:48:46merwindwihno: costspome?
09:49:18merwindwihno: hehe, fairly... I think the cisco AP that I'm getting is around $250e
09:49:33dwihnonot more?
09:49:43merwindwihno: actually, I'
09:49:47 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
09:49:52henrysunsetfor a wireless access point
09:49:57merwinI'm not sure... that's a guess. They're sending me a brand new model that just came out a week or so ago
09:50:02merwinhenrysunset: yup
09:50:10henrysunseti dunno what they worth
09:50:19henrysunseti have a cisco also
09:50:49dwihnosounds pretty cheap
09:50:56henrysunsetits good solid gear
09:51:08henrysunsetthe linksys ones are like 60 bux now arent they
09:51:24merwinhenrysunset: linksys ap's are still around $150
09:51:28merwinhenrysunset: the cards are around $60
09:51:57merwinhenrysunset: well, $150 with a 30 rebate
09:52:01henrysunset"Netgear MR314 Wireless Router for $60 after MIR at"
09:52:32merwinis that with the normal NIC ports also?
09:52:49henrysunset4 bort router for wired plus wireless
09:53:16dwihnowell, I was looking for 55 mbit wlans ;)
09:53:22henrysunsetoh ok
09:53:23dwihnomaybe they are more expensive or such
09:53:28henrysunsetscrew that
09:53:34henrysunsetif u need speed; lay some copper
09:53:57henrysunsetdod any ya read my comments on the Rockbox ui?
09:54:37henrysunseti posted a new ui design i'm workign on on my website:
09:54:53henrysunseti'm gonna try and improve it now...
09:55:03merwinWow, Cisco Aironet 350 Access Point $500
09:57:28merwinok, a little MORE than I thought
09:58:14merwinIn that case, I'm fine with waiting for it since July :)
09:59:24*merwin just downed an entire medium pizza
10:00:30henrysunsetdi u look at that ui doc? i'm tryoign to collect feedback... see if ppl like my ideas
10:00:46merwinui doc?
10:03:15 Quit merwin (Remote closed the connection)
10:15:46adi|homeZagor/Bagder how can i prevent the games from using the loaded font?
10:15:53adi|homeie: make them use the default?
10:16:36Bagder lcd_setfont(FONT_SYSFIXED);
10:18:17adi|homedo i have to do that each time before i do a str()
10:18:22adi|homeor just at the start of the file?
10:18:58Bagderonce only
10:19:56Bagderlcd_setfont(FONT_UI); puts back the regular font
10:36:35Zagorgaaah, i hate sales people
10:36:58adi|homebtw.. im fixing the games to use the fixed font
10:37:25dwihnosales people rooolez! ;)
10:37:29adi|homeand im still working on the sokoban levels being seperate...
10:37:33adi|homeim just slow/lazy
10:38:14Zagori met the guy at 9:00, shook his hand and said "you have your serial number at the wrong address. that's the fault.". still the meeting dragged on for an additional 90 minutes. aaaarghhh!
10:40:07adi|homegames fixed
10:40:21adi|homeis it safe to assume the demos need the font fixed as well?
10:42:02*adi|home screams
10:42:18adi|homefirst time ive looked at cube.c
10:42:30adi|homeso not meeting formating style
10:42:49adi|homeshouldn't that be sin_table?
10:43:19Zagoryup. the logs reveal bagder let it slip through :-)
10:43:34BagderI did
10:43:35adi|homeill see if i can clena it up while im there
10:43:40BagderI'm not the police ;-)
10:44:24dwihnoZagor is :)
10:45:17Zagorand adi is my death squad :)
10:47:10adi|homei try
10:47:17*adi|home slaps Bagder back into line
10:47:29adi|homelike i said months ago.. every project needs an asshole...
10:47:38adi|homeand i bring my own hemoroids...
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10:54:21 Join LinusN [0] (
10:54:31Bagderhey papa Linus
10:54:45adi|homespeaking of code police ;)
10:56:39 Part Zagor
11:09:35dwihnoPAPA LINUS! CONGRATS! :D
11:09:47dwihnoI have a name suggestion: Lina :D
11:10:59LinusNWe're probably going to call her Smilla
11:11:23 Join Zagor_ [242] (
11:11:48dwihnoawwwww! :~)
11:11:50 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
11:12:16dwihnoHow about Vironica? :) A tribute to the best editor in the world ;D
11:12:23dwihnoor Viveca :)
11:12:31dwihnoOr Vivi-anne ;D
11:12:57*adi|home wants a domain too!
11:15:40adi|homethat kid is beautiful :)
11:15:52adi|homebut her dad leaves a bit to be desired
11:15:54*adi|home ducks
11:16:01*LinusN cries
11:16:18adi|homeno reason to cry...
11:16:26adi|homei like my men a bit more womanly :)
11:21:29*dwihno also wants a haxx domain :)
11:22:45*Zagor wants a higher-contrast screen at work. this crt sucks.
11:23:44dwihnoZagor: Get a cool kickass LCD thingy! I think they rule!
11:23:55adi|homewho originally wrote bounce?
11:24:17Zagordwihno: I know. I have a great 1600x1200 20" LCD at home
11:24:27Zagoradi|home: bagder
11:24:41*adi|home slaps bagder with a trout
11:24:52adi|homedude.. wtf with defining #defines mid file?
11:24:53*Bagder likes trouts
11:25:10*adi|home finds that irks him for some reason
11:25:20LinusNadi|home: aspiring code police?
11:25:29dwihnoZagor: I got 1600x1200 on my laptop, it really rocks! Even for gaming! :)
11:25:37Bagderhey, we have no "law" against mid-file #defines ;-)
11:25:48adi|homesorta.. im hoping that fixing others code will help me improve the readability of my own...
11:25:50adi|homehehe i know..
11:26:02adi|homeany prob if i toss them at the head of the file?
11:26:09adi|homewhile im font fixing?
11:26:28Bagderno problemo
11:26:35dwihnoZagor: how is disk writing progressing btw?
11:26:58adi|homebtw.. my girlfriend laughed at 'Pure Pleasure!'
11:27:13adi|homeand i quote "my god, you guys are geeks"
11:27:26Zagorit's coming along nicely. i'm stuck with "real work" a bit though, so it's not going as fast as I'd like
11:27:42Zagoradi|home: what did I miss?
11:27:58Bagderadi|home: my wife said something like "and *this* is what you spend all that time on" ;-)
11:28:08dwihnoZagor: I quote myself for once ... "no stress, no mess" :-)
11:28:11adi|homethat sounds _so_ familiar
11:28:19dwihnoSpeaking of mess - you guys GOTTA see Mr Deeds!
11:28:22dwihnoIt's so great!
11:28:24adi|homethat and 'which part is yours?;
11:28:28dwihnoSneaky sneaky!
11:28:43Bagderadi|home: yeps, and by the time you've explained, she's lost interest ;-)
11:28:43Zagordwihno: yeah, right. like we take film recommendations from Mr Caramell
11:28:58adi|homedamn right
11:29:18dwihnoJust because you don't realize what's the REALLY good stuff in life
11:29:20adi|homei settled with 'A large number of little things and a little bit of large things.'
11:29:24dwihnoUnlike this IBM keyboard
11:29:26adi|homeshe seemed to accept that
11:29:33 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:30:06adi|homecourse i think she would have said anything to get me to put down tetris and go back to snuggling...
11:31:35dwihnoLunch in 30
11:32:25 Quit Bagder ("")
11:34:30*adi|home coughs
11:34:37adi|homesomeone forgot to check for usb insertion
11:34:42*adi|home pokes bagder
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12:00:57adi|homeZagor any chance you could do me the favor of running the bleeding edge build manually?
12:01:05adi|homei want to make sure i didn't screw anything up
12:01:49adi|homethe cvs compiles
12:01:55adi|homei commited 5 files
12:01:59LinusNrunning manually?
12:02:13adi|homefrom the command line?
12:02:24adi|homeassume he can call the script that runs all those compiles
12:02:30LinusNyou didn't build yourself?
12:02:44adi|homei did...
12:02:48adi|homefor recorder
12:02:53adi|homebut not for player
12:02:56adi|homeand player debug
12:02:57adi|homeand sims
12:03:00LinusNwhy not for player?
12:03:16adi|homecause they weren't changes that should effect it
12:03:25adi|homechanges were in apps/recorder only
12:03:38LinusNbut you fear that they will, and you want Zagor do test it for you?
12:04:03adi|homenot so much as i want to see concrete results on the website..
12:04:13*adi|home searchs for instant gratification
12:04:29adi|homebah ha.. nm :)
12:04:31adi|homecompile ran
12:04:34*adi|home dances off
12:05:32*adi|home is away: sleeping
12:45:07LinusNZagor: you there?
12:45:35LinusNi was thinking about applying Phil's peak meter patch
12:46:13Zagorso we'll have tree pixels moving, just like Archos?
12:46:51Zagorhow... useful :)
12:46:57Zagorbut I guess I'm ok with that
12:47:04LinusNseems that people want it that way
12:49:40Zagorhave you heard about the Intentia/Reuters case?
12:49:51LinusNthe what?
12:50:12ZagorIntentia has sued Reuters for accessing a file on their web server without them linking to it
12:51:11Zagorthe call it "unauthorized entry"
12:52:47LinusNfrom what i read, Intentia claims that the data was protected with a password
12:53:57Zagornah, the "40-charcter ID" is simply a Lotus Notes URL...
12:54:39LinusNstill, Domino URL's aren't that guessable are they?
12:56:53LinusNtalk about ignorance...
13:02:24Zagoryeah. and talk about shooting themselves in the foot, business wise. Their web page proclaims "Our mission is to pursue the perfect partnership, providing security..."
13:02:48Zagorwho would trust a company that can't keep private stuff off their external web site
13:14:24LinusNZagor: i'm about to apply Magnus' settings patch
13:20:09 Join Bagder [241] (
13:21:28BagderLinus didn't append the new strings last
13:24:03Zagorboo for linus
13:25:19 Join ironi [0] (
13:26:23BagderI fix
13:28:39LinusNboo for me?
13:28:46LinusNi just applied the patch
13:28:49Zagoralways :-)
13:29:01Zagorhe who applies code is responsible for it
13:29:13*LinusN is ashamed
13:29:20Zagoror at least for checking that it is correct at the time of merging
13:29:32 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:31:45LinusNwhat do we think about the bidirectional scroll?
13:32:14BagderI'm +1
13:32:28Bagderpeople seem to like it
13:32:39Zagoras long as it's configurable, i'm green
13:32:48LinusNit's not
13:32:52Zagorit must be
13:33:01Bagderit should be, I agree there
13:33:06LinusNok, so a threshold then?
13:33:20LinusNwith 0 as OFF
13:33:24Zagorsounds ok
13:33:26Bagdersounds good
13:34:03LinusNso far, it's only for the recorder
13:34:34Zagori'd like to see it for player too
13:34:38LinusNme too
13:37:09***No seen item changed, no save performed.
13:43:00ironiid like to see my player work
13:43:08ironiis it possible to like change the microswitches
13:43:14ironifor a normal mortal
13:44:21LinusNironi: what's the problem?
13:45:51ironibuttons act strange and when playing a song, i try to access settings/file list it just stops working, the display acts funny
13:45:59ironinow it wont even start up
13:46:24Zagorsounds like more than a bad button...
13:46:24LinusNand you think it'
13:46:34LinusNs a button problem?
13:46:51ironiwell it was problem with buttons now since yesterday it wont even start
13:47:10LinusNtotally dead, or just half dead?
13:47:33ironieh well when i plug in the charger the green lamp is on
13:47:56ironibut nothing more
13:48:12LinusNok, have you opened the unit?
13:48:28ironii can do it now if you want
13:48:48LinusNtry to start it without the cover on
13:49:31ironiwill do
13:51:21ironithe front cover u mean
13:52:20ironii unscrewed the screws removed the battery coves and one of the corner pads
13:52:24ironiand now it works again
13:52:40LinusNlooks like a bettery connection problem
13:53:00ironii guess
13:53:18ironidamn these archos machines are crappy when it comes top quality
13:53:22LinusNi had an oxidated spring once
13:53:33ironicrap materials, lousy fitting, bad buttons
13:53:38ironifeels like atoy
13:53:40LinusNcheap stuff, yes
13:53:43ironiit is
13:53:49ironiis the recorder better?
13:53:56ironior any of the newer devices
13:54:02LinusNnot good, but better
13:54:12BagderI think the mm feels more "plastic" than the recorder
13:54:31LinusNBagder: you have held a MM in your hand?
13:54:39LinusNwho has one?
13:54:39Bagdera broken one ;-)
13:54:58BagderLinusN: there are at least 2 at Contactor who have them
13:55:02Bagderboth broke
13:55:26LinusNat least Archos holds on to their tradition
13:56:05 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
13:57:18LinusNhow is the strategy regarding the online manual when it comes to updates?
13:57:42LinusNwe should probably have a 1.4 manual separately
14:02:00Bagderwe tried that before
14:03:30LinusNi know
14:03:55LinusNbut some people actually read the manual and think it applies to 1.4
14:04:04Bagderyes, that's a problem
14:04:19LinusNyeah, i wish people didn't read the manual :-)
14:10:10LinusNi'm not all that comfortable having the scroll thread in the firmware dir
14:10:20Bagderi agree
14:11:04LinusNhaha, the bidirectional patch will look really nice with multi-line scrolling :-)
14:13:08LinusNi'm suddenly hit with a wish to wait with that patch...
14:13:15BagderI want autmatic vertical scrolling on the whole wps screen ;-)
14:13:29LinusNi want to rotate it :-)
14:14:42LinusNwe are famous
14:15:06Bagder"Swedish coding geniuses"
14:15:22LinusNthat must be me :-
14:15:31*Bagder falls off his chair laughing ;-)
14:22:41dwihnoThat was cute
14:22:45LinusNBagder: you have 1.25, right?
14:23:05LinusNis 32 a good contrast value?
14:24:28LinusNZagor: same for you?
14:24:37LinusNdwihno: you have 1.28?
14:25:29Zagordefine "good". 32 is just barely readable for me.
14:25:37LinusNwhat is optimum?
14:25:44dwihnoLinusN: no, 1.26, I think
14:25:46ZagorI use 45 normally
14:26:07dwihno~30 is good, 45 must be pitch black!
14:27:31LinusNi'm thinking of collecting some contrast data from people, to see if there is a difference between versions
14:30:17dwihnoare we all talking about recorders now ?
14:32:02LinusNso far, yes
14:46:57 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:52:06LinusNdoes anybody want to review my new repeat icons?
14:52:21LinusN {0x44,0x4e,0x5f,0x44,0x44,0x44,0x38}, /* Repeat playmode */
14:52:21LinusN {0x44,0x4e,0x5f,0x44,0x38,0x02,0x7f}, /* Repeat-one playmode */
14:54:03Zagoris that how the player icons look?
14:54:09LinusNi dunno
14:54:39LinusNi think the player has a separate "1" icon
14:54:42Zagorfrankly I don't feel they add much, but that also means I don't oppose them
14:55:01LinusNi think the ordinary repeat icon is better, simpler
14:55:07LinusNthe new one that is
14:55:21LinusNthe repeat one...naah, not that much better, but still
14:56:08LinusNthe old circular repeat icon was hard to understand imho
14:56:36Zagoryeah, maybe
14:58:22LinusNhow about a simple "1"?
14:58:48Zagorno, it must be an icon
14:59:23LinusNi still think my new ones are better than the old, so i'll commit them
14:59:34Zagorgo ahead
15:08:18BagderI'm off
15:08:18 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:08:20 Quit Bagder ("")
15:08:30 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@dnvr-dsl-gw34-poola245.DNVR.USWEST.NET)
15:17:33LinusNZagor: what's the repeat rate of the remote control?
15:19:18Zagori don't know, about 1-2 HZ I think
15:19:57LinusNi was thinking about interpreting remote repeats as held buttons
15:20:07Zagorthat can be tricky
15:20:12LinusNoh yes
15:20:59LinusNi will set the BUTTON_REPEAT flag if the same code comes within ~0.7s
15:21:54Zagorugh. i sense much trouble on the horizon...
15:25:29 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
15:25:29Zagorjust a hunch...
15:25:32LinusNthis must of course be combined with giving the remote control code unique ID's
15:34:46 Join T-Rex [0] (
15:35:02Zagorthree quick taps should give three events, no more no less
15:35:19Zagori think otherwise will be more confusing than useful
15:35:39LinusNat the expense of not being able to fast forward and rewind
15:36:31T-RexHas anyone reported button problems with RB? Very often pressing down results in a FF press for me. Does not happen with Archos FW.
15:37:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:37:35T-RexVery annoying to be reducing the vol and go to the next song. :(
15:37:46LinusNT-Rex: does the angle make any difference?
15:38:12T-RexNope not HW. Never fails with Archos FW...
15:38:21LinusNZagor: does the original firmware fast forward with the remote?
15:39:09LinusNT-Rex: i wasn't asking if Archos FW worked, i asked if there is any difference if you press the button in a different angle
15:39:43LinusNZagor: Tjerk wrote this:
15:39:47LinusNI also found that "repeat" functions (keep a button depressed) needs to be faster than 0.5 s. If it is around 1 second or more it is interpreted as a seperate keypress.
15:40:28T-RexI have tried pressing the left side of the button, yes. Makes no difference.
15:42:29 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:42:49 Join Linus [0] (
15:43:04LinusT-Rex: still there?
15:43:20T-RexI have tried pressing the left side of the button, yes. Makes no difference.
15:43:36Linusgo to menu->debug->i/o ports
15:43:42 Quit ironi (
15:43:42 Quit dwihno (
15:43:42 Quit mem (
15:43:42 Quit Zagor (
15:43:42 Quit webmind (
15:43:42 Quit LinusN (
15:43:42 Quit probonic (
15:44:20NJoindwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
15:44:20NJoinmem [0] (
15:44:20NJoinwebmind [0] (
15:44:20NJoinprobonic [0] (
15:45:06Linuspress down and then right
15:45:06Linusobserve the AN5 value
15:45:07T-Rex0 changing to 1 or two occasionally
15:45:47T-RexOh, sorry
15:46:48T-RexDown = 3F6 (changing to 3F7, 8, 9)
15:47:45T-RexRight = 18C (changing to D, E, F)
15:48:32Linuswith those values, i can't see how a Down press could be mistaken for a Right
15:50:00T-RexGood point. Should I send the unit back?
15:50:26Linusfrom what i can see, it must be a mechanical issue
15:50:40T-RexI just don't understand why it never happens with the Archos FW
15:50:54Linustry to jiggle the Down button, pressing at different angles and different positions on the key
15:51:24Linusrockbox probably has different thresholds for the key voltages
15:51:46Linusand press both soft and hard
15:51:54Linusand watch the AN5 value
15:52:16*dwihno just tested odbc stuff on win98!
15:52:19dwihnoit worked! ;D
15:52:25dwihnoNext step: test it on win95 :)
15:52:42Zagor_dwihno: no foul languange in this channel, please
15:53:11dwihnoWindows blahblah odbc blah .net blahblah MFC blah :)
15:53:43Zagor_think of the children!
15:53:57Linusand the elderly
15:54:08dwihnoYou mean you guys? ;)
15:54:18*dwihno hands Linus a new wheelchair
15:54:33 Nick Linus is now known as Linus|shower (
15:59:10 Part T-Rex
16:12:18 Nick Linus|shower is now known as LinusN|hospital (
16:31:21 Quit dwihno ("gtg")
17:13:18 Part Zagor_
17:31:43 Join edx [0] (
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18:54:37 Quit TotMacher ()
19:11:05 Quit mem (
19:11:06 Quit probonic (
19:11:06 Quit webmind (
19:13:23NJoinwebmind [0] (
19:21:25NJoinmem [0] (
19:22:07 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:24:56 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
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20:02:50 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:13:48 Quit NiarkY ("leaving by all :)")
20:52:05 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
20:52:06 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:14:43langhaarrockerLinusN|hospital: Thank you for committing the peak meter patch. And sorry for the histogram(m) typo...
21:22:40langhaarrockerHrgh. And sorry for the red builds on the simulators. I shouldn't have made this kind of mistake since I did exactly the same thing before. Well, you have to train the mistakes before you master them...
21:37:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:41:49 Join Gissehel [0] (
21:45:05GissehelHello, has anyone succeded in connecting an archos to a Windows NT4 ? (by using driver for another hardware using the isd200 for exemple or anything like that) ?
21:45:08langhaarrockerWith more than a dozen commits today I request to alter the topic of the rockbox chat!
21:45:40langhaarrockerGissehel: Only with 98, 2000 and XP
21:45:57Gissehelyes the official drivers...
21:46:03Gissehelthat's why I'm asking here :)
21:46:16Gissehelif anything none official came out
21:46:29Gissehelhere is THE location where I can find this information :o)
21:47:06langhaarrockerI have no clue about nt. But somewhere in my brain some bell rings that says: Wasn't there the need to use some kind of service pack to get nt use usb at all?
21:47:08Gissehelthey only use Windows 95 and for the newer computer NT 4 at my work :(((
21:48:29Gissehelwell, I can use usb with that nt 4 (SP 6) while I succeseded to install a iomega zip usb this afternoon...
21:53:22langhaarrockerPoor dude - has to use a zip drive instead of the jukebox. :(
21:54:10Gissehelwell, this is a revolution at work... until 2 or 3 month, we were using floppy disk :(((
21:55:21langhaarrockerAsk them wether they have heared that there will be a new technology rising within the next decade that might make it possible to write your own cds (!!!) :)
21:55:42Gissehelthey have a cd recorder
21:55:47Gissehela paralell one :)
21:55:49Gissehelx 2
21:56:04Gissehelit's paintfull to find :
21:56:11Gissehel1/ where it is
21:56:19Gissehel2/ where are the CD we can use
21:56:25Gissehel(CD cost too much !!)
21:56:40Gissehel(same for pens for writing on CD !!!)
21:58:26langhaarrockerHave you already upgraded to 486 processors?
21:58:54Gissehelyes we use PIII as mini computer
21:59:02Gissehelnew computer arrive with XP
21:59:15Gisseheland they're ghosted with 95 next :)))
21:59:58langhaarrockerMust be a big, stubborn company then.
22:00:32Gissehelwell, that's a small company, but that owned by a big one...
22:00:54Gissehelsys admin want to use 2000 too !
22:01:16Gisseheland we're using 2000 for the products we release :(((
22:01:29Gissehelbut we develop them under 95 and nt4 :((((
22:02:54Gissehelwell, I'll fall back to the last solution : a dual boot linux
22:02:58langhaarrockerI smell trouble. Somehow I have a similar situation: We develop software that uses AS400 database, but we don't have any.
22:04:00Gissehelhey :) every where the same "good organisation" :)
22:04:31Gissehelwell, we have windows 2000 computers... the "products", but they're not connected to the internal network...
22:04:59langhaarrockerFor testing we use VNC on our clients computer via a 33kBit modem...
22:05:07Gissehelso we use floppy disks to move hunderds of Mega Bytes of data :)
22:05:24Gissehelmy archos is THE solution...
22:05:36Gissehelwhile it's all ok on the 2000
22:05:59GissehelI should use an "illegal Win 98" on the network
22:06:05Gissehelthis one has no screen
22:06:20Gisseheland a Win98 with no screen is very hard to manage...
22:06:32Gissehel"is there a blue sceen right now ?"
22:06:48GissehelI prefered unix boxes for "no screen" computers :)
22:07:11Gissehelthat's why I was hopping finding here a way (any way) to use the archos with nt 4 :)
22:08:04langhaarrockerSorry I can't help.
22:08:23langhaarrockerTime for bed now, gonna have a busy day tomorrow.
22:08:39 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
22:39:33 Nick LinusN|hospital is now known as LinusN (
22:45:12 Join edx|notebook [0] (
22:46:15 Quit edx (Killed (NickServ (Nickname Enforcement)))
22:46:27 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
22:48:28 Join TotMacher [0] (
23:03:02LinusNdoes anybody else have problems with high bitrate files?
23:05:00seb-schoolhow high?
23:05:03 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
23:05:32_seb_I use a maximum of 192, and everything is fine...
23:07:44 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@dnvr-dsl-gw34-poola245.DNVR.USWEST.NET)
23:09:42LinusNpeople talk about problems at 256 and up
23:09:51LinusNand i don't have any problems with that
23:13:03mecrawHi, LinusN
23:14:11mecrawhow are the latest CVS versions? i stopped updating regularly last week after Zagor added the fat write stuff
23:14:23LinusNthey work just fine
23:14:58mecrawBTW, congrats on the newborn!
23:15:20_seb_ah yes, congratulations Linus
23:15:28LinusNthx again
23:17:52LinusNdammit, the USB driver has gone picking daisies
23:17:58LinusNgotta reboot :-(
23:18:02LinusNcu soon
23:18:27 Part LinusN
23:23:53 Join LinusN [0] (
23:25:09 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:27:58 Part LinusN
23:36:24 Quit _seb_ ("mir Schnuppe was meine Kritiker sag'n...")
23:37:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:41:24 Join LinusN [0] (
23:42:41Gissehelby the way
23:42:58Gisseheldoes the archos hardware can do master usb ?
23:43:15LinusNonly slave ATA
23:43:33LinusNGissehel: BTW, NT4 and USB is bad news
23:43:46GissehelI thought so
23:44:03Gissehelwell, iomega zip works...
23:44:12LinusNthere are third party USB drivers out there, but i don't know if they can talk to the Jukebox
23:44:17Gissehelwhile the way it works look like an ugly driver :)
23:44:41LinusNGissehel: do you have a recorder?
23:44:41Gissehelwell, I'm looking for third party driver
23:44:47Gissehelyes, recorder 10
23:44:51Gissehel(no USB 2)
23:45:05LinusNhave you reported your HW info to me?
23:45:14Gissehela doc about how to code a driver for nt4 :)
23:45:23Gissehelhummm no
23:45:30Gissehelwasn't here for a long time
23:45:34LinusNgo to menu->debug->HW info
23:45:54Gissehelhave I to use the CVS version ?
23:46:05Gissehelor any binarie would be fine ?
23:46:24LinusNat least 1.4
23:46:40LinusNsorry, use the latest daily
23:47:47Gissehellong time since I didn't update CVS
23:47:50Gissehelthat's cool
23:47:59Gissehelif I can write to disk now !
23:48:19LinusNon your own risk
23:48:23GissehelIt was really to do what I wanted :)
23:48:41LinusNwe have no code that writes to disk yet
23:48:44LinusNonly drivers
23:48:50Gissehelok :)
23:48:54GissehelI'll wait :)
23:48:59Gissehelbefore playing with :)
23:51:48Gisseheldoes the "TARGET" line definition has been moved ?
23:52:03Gissehelcan't find one in apps/Makefile !
23:52:15LinusNwhy do you care?
23:53:13LinusNjust run the configure script
23:53:19Gissehellot fo changes :)
23:54:05GissehelI just didn't see the configure script for the old version I used to use :)
23:56:57Gisseheldon't compile :(
23:57:32LinusNyou use windows?
23:58:21Gissehelbut I had problems
23:58:27Gissehelwith gcc
23:58:32GissehelI solved them
23:58:39Gissehelnow, there are still here
23:58:51Gisseheldon't remember how I solved them :)

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