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#rockbox log for 2002-10-31

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00:49:36LinusNtime to sleep. night all!
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02:57:08startrekfanjust stumbled across your site and had a few questions
02:57:28startrekfanDoes it work with the archos multimedia jukebox?
02:59:27_seb_I assume you mean the one that plays videos?
02:59:48_seb_no, it is only for the mp3 jukeboxes
02:59:57startrekfansee the problem with it is it makes you resize the video to 352x288 and well, i dont wanna do that
03:00:07startrekfanand it also doesnt allow mpeg playback
03:00:09startrekfanwhich would be cool
03:10:06adi|homei should add that quesiton to the FAQ... we seem to be getting it alot..
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03:51:09T-RexIs there a bot on this channel?
03:52:05CtcpDCC request from T-Rex! (CHAT chat 1147193924 64949)
03:53:08T-RexHow do I ask it when it has seen someone?
03:53:26adi|homeseen adi|home
03:53:30adi|homehmm.. not sure
03:53:32adi|homebeen a while
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03:53:45adi|homeyeah.. seen
03:53:47adi|homemsg him
03:53:49T-RexDoes it use bang? (!)
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03:54:02T-Rex!seen linus
03:54:07T-Rexguess not
03:54:15adi|homesend a private message to logbot
03:54:25adi|home=== /msg logbot seen God
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03:54:44T-Rexthat worked, thanx
03:55:16T-Rex linus ( left the channel 19 hours and 30 minutes ago
03:55:41T-Rexholy cow, must use other usernames.
03:56:21T-RexHe said he wanted to do some tests on my AJBR 20
03:56:53>>>"help" by T-Rex (
03:57:05>>>"cmd" by T-Rex (
03:57:33>>>"alias" by T-Rex (
03:57:55>>>"explain rules" by T-Rex (
03:58:07>>>"explain wholeft" by T-Rex (
03:58:23>>>"syntax" by T-Rex (
03:58:39>>>"syntax alias" by T-Rex (
03:58:57>>>"syntax wholeft" by T-Rex (
03:59:11>>>"wholeft" by T-Rex (
04:02:08T-RexJust got my AJBR 20 and it's great, except that down button press is often interpreted as FF press by rockbox. Very frustrating to be turning down the volume and change to next song. :(
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08:17:18dwihno"Evil me! Seems I need a lesson by Zagors famous Spank-O-Mat."
08:17:20dwihnohahahaha :)
08:20:57henrysunsetdo i want to know?
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08:23:42henrysunset'ello folks
08:24:04henrysunsethow goes it?
08:25:03Bagdera bit too little rockbox hacking the last couple of days, but otherwise its fine
08:25:18henrysunseti see
08:25:38henrysunsetdid u read my post on some new ui design ideas to the mailinglist?
08:25:50henrysunseti was dissapointed to see no replies today
08:25:58henrysunsetmaybe tongiht peopel wake up and read it
08:26:14BagderI read the post, yes
08:26:26henrysunsetdid you have any thoughts?
08:26:51BagderI do, and I think I'll put together a mail later today
08:27:07henrysunsetcoo coo
08:28:15henrysunsetI think that it's the start atleast of getting some more peopel thinking of ui for a change instead of just features features features... granted technical feature geekery is more fun i guess, but we'll see
08:28:47henrysunsetanyway; to bed with me; i look forward to hearign yer thoughts.
08:28:55BagderI agree, I think your work is valueable
08:32:55Bagderhm, very red build indeed
08:34:50memBagder: hi
08:34:55Bagdermorning mem
08:35:42memBagder: I've tried the build from yesterday and found some other language problems
08:36:06Bagderin the same style as before?
08:36:59memBagder: If I remember correctly it's like that V1.4 and build 20021030 handles the svenska.lng from V1.4 best and the builds 20021028 and 20021029 handles the language files from the web page best
08:37:48memBagder: I guess that the language-files on the web page maybe incorrect after that you corrected the bug in the latest build
08:38:26Bagderok, I'll download the swedish one from there and try myself
08:39:00memBagder: I should test it all over again, I did some tests yesterday and don't remember all the details. I could give you a better report in 15 minutes or so
08:39:20BagderI'll fix the red build in the mean time
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08:52:45Bagderhi phil
08:53:12*langhaarrocker still feels guilty
08:53:58langhaarrockerI'm astonished that there haven't been more complaints about the wps being broken.
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08:54:21bobTHChi all!!
08:54:37Bagdermorning bob
08:55:28memBagder: I have to do a few things in between but I'll get back to you, here or by mail, when I have tested the language things
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09:11:41bobTHCid: LANG_PM_DBFS
09:11:41bobTHCdesc: in the peak meter menu
09:11:41bobTHCeng: "dBfs" ? what is it, Decibel by ??
09:12:06bobTHCit's for french translation...
09:12:21BagderI don't know
09:12:59bobTHCso i leave it like that..
09:13:09Bagderlanghaarrocker is the man to ask
09:13:25bobTHChe just signoff... :(
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09:19:29Zagorhi guys
09:20:06Zagorthe win32sim is very sad
09:20:27Bagderthe recorder one should go green now
09:20:48 Part T-Rex
09:21:06Zagorok, good
09:21:32dwihnoGood morning Mr. Zagor!
09:21:36Zagorhi dwihno
09:21:38dwihno"Evil me! Seems I need a lesson by Zagors famous Spank-O-Mat."
09:21:52Zagorwhat have you done now?
09:22:12dwihnoI was just quoting a message in the mailbox ;D
09:22:25dwihnoSo the real question is, what have YOU done? :)
09:23:02Zagori'm slaving away with FAT writing
09:23:11Zagoras usual...
09:23:18dwihnoany progress?
09:23:37Zagoryeah, most of it works.
09:23:57Zagorsome of the test cases I checked in yesterday barfs though, so it was a good thing I made them :-)
09:24:26dwihnoBarf? That was the name of the dog in "Space balls"...
09:24:30dwihnoRest in peace, John Candy!
09:28:04dwihnoJohn Candy was a genious comedian
09:28:37dwihnoHe did some excellent acting in "Cool runnings"
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09:52:38ZagorBagder: the request list should display the resolution field instead of group. group was a workaround before I knew "resolution" could be turned on for requests.
09:54:39Zagorwe could probably use the same script for both lists. bugs could use being categorised too.
10:01:07 Join LinusN [0] (~linus@
10:01:09Bagdershould I make the wont fix and duplicate to the same class as fixed?
10:01:13Bagderhi linus
10:01:33ZagorBagder: no, make them class "bad" or something. they should be red
10:01:40LinusNZagor: don't you think that there is a flash programming boot loader in a read-only sector of the JBMM flash?
10:02:12ZagorLinusN: i don't know. but i don't want this request hanging around forever just in case
10:02:33LinusNi don't think that they take the risk of trashing the device by flashing a defunct firmware
10:02:39Zagorfor all we know, it can't be done. if it can, i'll be the first to cheer.
10:02:46BagderI think you're right linus
10:02:50LinusNZagor: i agree, JBMM requests don't belong in the rockbox project
10:03:36LinusNi saw that i'm getting sloppy when i apply patches... :-)
10:04:10*Bagder nods ;-)
10:04:14*Zagor brings out the Spank-O-Mat
10:04:30dwihnoOH NO! NOT THE INFAMOUS!
10:05:22dwihnoI got a good answer for a MM-RockBox - "buy us 10 pieces and we'll start working on it" :)
10:05:41Zagor"...and we'll take a look" rather :)
10:06:06dwihnoMen Zagor han ť cool, han muckar! Endavar endavar endavaaaar!
10:11:48Zagorlooks good
10:12:18Zagoryou could list number of fixed in the summary in the bottom line
10:12:48Bagdergood idea
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10:16:57Bagderok, I switch to this now
10:23:14Zagoradded "bad" class
10:24:05Bagdercolourful! ;-)
10:25:04BagderI can't build any new gcc versions, I suspect it might be my very old glibc. I can't even build glibc because it says my make is too old. Now I'm build a new make...
10:25:26kargatronthe 'different id3v2 tag parsing' patch didn't add tags - it just modifed how currently read tags were handled, is that right?
10:25:41*Zagor sends a Debian missionary to Bagder
10:26:16Bagderyeah, if I would reinstall my box I could consider that
10:27:13ZagorBagder: do we have a submit date? that could be interesting to see
10:27:41 Join NiarkY [0] (
10:27:59Zagornot terribly important though :-)
10:28:03Bagderthere's on open date, yes
10:29:08BagderI can add that
10:29:36Bagderbetween what columns?
10:30:11Zagora new column to the far right, i think
10:30:44Zagordo what you think looks best :)
10:31:05BagderI'll try some variations
10:34:21Bagderlike this
10:34:44Zagorlooks good to me
10:35:04Zagorthe header should be "submitted", i think. so we know it's not last modified
10:35:21Bagderfair enough
10:35:23 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:36:45Zagormaybe summary should be the second column, to ease visual browsing?
10:36:54Zagorperhaps even the first
10:37:18Zagoranything that helps keep the number of dupes down is good in my view :)
10:37:50kargatronZagor, i think folding filename-search into the ID3 db request is a little confusing. At least regarding a new requester browsing the current requests for the former
10:38:12kargatronperhaps 'File search / ID3 database' would help?
10:38:20Zagorkargatron: change the summary then. "ID3 database (search, sort etc)" or something
10:38:52Zagori still want to call it id3 database, since then we know what it's about
10:39:30Zagorwhat's the POSIX api to create a directory?
10:39:56Bagderint mkdir(const char *pathname, mode_t mode);
10:40:09Zagorah, good
10:41:08Bagderis makeinfo in the textutils package?
10:41:43Zagorapt-cache search makeinfo ;)
10:42:14Zagori don't know
10:42:28Bagderit is in the texinfo package
10:42:43Zagorah, ok
10:42:44Bagderweird gnu packaging
10:46:16BagderI'm a bit puzzled I got a gcc cross compiler installed yday that I can't build from source...
10:47:08dwihnoBagder: have you learned the "never-change-something-that-is-working"-lesson ? ;)
10:47:12LinusNcu later guys
10:47:20Bagdersee ya Linus
10:47:46Bagderdwihno: that's only chickenthinking ;-)
10:48:37 Part LinusN
10:49:32 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
10:50:16dwihnoBagder: Nah, it's what my mother thought about win95 until I upgraded it to win2k ;)
10:53:19Zagoryou are one evil guy. what horrible things did your mother ever do to make you go and install win2k on her computer?
10:54:44*Bagder upgrades LOADS of packages. From source. Like men do! ;-)
10:54:57Zagorcave men
10:54:59 Join Synthe [0] (
10:55:09BagderI actually like the source path
10:55:23 Quit Synthe` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:55:56Zagoryeah, me too. but it only works so far. stuff like libc and gnome is really really painful to update from source
10:56:38BagderI'm gonna do the glibc ;-)
10:56:54BagderI noticed I had all sorts of old packages around
10:57:00Bagderlike very old binutils too
10:59:00dwihnosimple solution - don't use gnome ;)
11:01:40Bagderchicken solution ;-)
11:02:29dwihnoactually, gnome is bloatware
11:02:47dwihnobloatware, slowware, use-all-processorware etc :)
11:02:49Zagorall UIs are bloatware. it's what people want.
11:02:50Bagderyou say that while still mentioning you run windows?
11:03:05Zagorok, twm is fairly lean ;)
11:03:23dwihnoBagder: Well, if all software was available for X, I wouldn't use windows.
11:03:30dwihnobut that would be the day ;)
11:03:47Bagdermake them!
11:03:57Zagordwihno: what are you missing?
11:04:05langhaarrockerA multitrack recorder?
11:04:38dwihnoZagor: Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, internet explorer, to mention a few
11:04:57Bagderyou just support the monopoly
11:05:12Bagder"internet explorer"
11:05:26Zagordwihno: those are just brands. equivalent applications exist for linux.
11:05:29langhaarrockerApropos multitrack recording: Let's sync a stack of jbrs via serial and use them as multitrack recorder!
11:05:37Zagorlanghaarrocker: :)
11:07:20dwihnoZagor: not with the same functionality... Same with all DTP software and format conversion, CMYK color templates etc.
11:08:06Zagordwihno: the only thing you don't have is Pantone, since they forbid free software to use it
11:08:19ZagorCMYK is definitely available in plenty of apps
11:09:35langhaarrockerCan the serial mod be used for profiling?
11:09:36dwihnoZagor: So what software has the same functionality as InDesign? :)
11:10:19Bagderwe can name lots of Linux software that have no equivalent on windows, it's not the actual point IMHO
11:11:00dwihnoBagder: such as? :)
11:11:08dwihnoI miss the "lsof" command ;)
11:11:13dwihnothat is really good
11:11:34dwihnomicrosoft DNS server, microsoft mailsender :)
11:11:40dwihnoor whatever the names are :)
11:12:06Bagderthat's a joke, right?
11:12:43dwihnoa quite bad one, if I may add ;)
11:12:46*Zagor stops feeding the troll and goes back to work
11:18:19*dwihno gives everybody a free .NET SDK :D
11:18:41Bagderfree as in free speach? ;-)
11:19:06Hadakanow what would I do with a .NET SDK?
11:19:34dwihnoBagder: free as in "no way josť" ;)
11:19:46Zagorlinus can use it. i think his kids need paper to draw on.
11:20:03BagderI could put my beer glass on the CD
11:21:22dwihnoBagder: You NEED the .NET platform! It's perfect for ... erhm... everyone? :)
11:21:42Hadakaperfect for what? what would I do with it?
11:22:35 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:23:18dwihnoHadaka: Applications for coloring cars!
11:23:23dwihnoSuch as in the advertisement!
11:24:06Hadakabut I don't do such applications
11:24:17dwihnoThere are such people
11:24:25dwihnoWhat sort of appliations do you use?
11:25:11>>>"say Don't feed the trolls" by Zagor (
11:25:15dwihnodo you do
11:25:16dwihnoI ment
11:25:19dwihnomisa tired
11:25:21dwihnomisa need choco
11:25:21>>>"pass" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
11:25:21***SPY: Authentication failed for Zagor
11:25:26>>>"pass" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
11:25:31>>>"say Don't feed the trolls" by Zagor (
11:25:55HadakaWell, at work I code stuff for the linux kernel - and some userland programs - and some shell scripts
11:26:15Hadakaon my freetime, I hack subversion and a lot of personal projects
11:33:51 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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12:12:46 Part bobTHC
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12:26:53PhilHas anybody else problems with breaking buttons of the jb? Mine don't klick any more.
12:27:37 Nick Phil is now known as langhaarrocker (
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12:55:26Zagorlanghaarrocker: ironi has a problem with his STOP button
12:56:14langhaarrockerFor me it's the right, up and down buttons. Probably the most used ones.
12:56:26langhaarrocker(volume and next)
12:57:07langhaarrockerZagor: have you ever tried to profile rockbox?
12:59:04langhaarrockerDo we have any time measurement means more precisely than current_tick? Something to measure the duration of a function with?
13:03:06Zagornothing that's written and ready to use. but there are hardware timers available we can use.
13:03:47langhaarrockerSeem's I'll have to read some sh1 docu.
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13:27:29 Join Bagder [241] (
13:29:52langhaarrockerI'm a bit worried about the peakmeter / 320 kBit problem. I don't really know what to do about it. Do we have to downgrade?
13:30:16Zagori don't know
13:30:50 Join Mine78 [0] (
13:31:19Mine78I have a problem with archos 1.4 with newest Recorder 10 formware 1.28 can anyone help me ?
13:31:57Bagdertry us
13:31:57Mine78Anyone there ?
13:32:19Mine78I put the language file italainao.lng in the .rocbox dir (that is hidden while playnig songs)
13:32:21dwihnoBagder is a militant non-windowser, so don't forget to feed the trolls! :)
13:32:28Mine78but when I restart the language is always english
13:32:30langhaarrockerDo you think detecting the bit rate and reducing the peak meter performance accordingly could be a valid way?
13:32:41dwihnolanghaarrocker: that would be a way
13:32:52dwihnothere should be a stereo tag available too!
13:32:59dwihnoFor WPS
13:33:05Mine78can someone "support" me ;) ?
13:33:25BagderMine78: did this just started happening at some particular version?
13:33:27langhaarrockerMine78: not if you don't ask questions :)
13:33:33dwihnoMine78: you must name the file system.lng or something, someone verify me
13:33:41Bagderdwihno: nope, that's old stuff ;-)
13:33:42Zagordwihno: no
13:33:47Mine78question: I put italiano.lng in the .rocbox dir but when I restart rockbox always in english
13:33:51ZagorMine78: did you ever "play" the file?
13:34:02Mine78yes If i play it it works
13:34:07dwihnoBagder: You need to upgrade to WPS XP! :)
13:34:11Mine78but I have to put it outside the .rocbox dir
13:34:16ZagorMine78: just copying it there is not enough. you must play it, then it will use that file on next boot
13:34:29Zagorand the dir is called ".rockbox", not ".rocbox"
13:34:48Mine78but how can I access the .rockbox dir ? It's hidden
13:35:07dwihnoHow are the persistent settings saved?
13:35:07Zagorchange the "dir filter" setting. press F2+DOWN
13:35:15Mine78ah ok
13:35:21Mine78sorry it is just arrived today
13:35:26Mine78firmware 1.28
13:35:27Zagorno problem
13:35:34Zagordwihno: in rtc and on disk
13:35:44Mine78Show files = all ?
13:35:53ZagorMine78: yes
13:35:56langhaarrockerdwihno: which channel should a mono peak meter use? Both?
13:37:23Mine78It must be done only one time, right ?
13:37:36ZagorMine78: right
13:37:43Mine78great !
13:37:53dwihnolanghaarrocker: the third :)
13:37:55Mine78waht about a KARAOKE function with tezxt files ;-) ?
13:38:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:38:15langhaarrockerdwihno: Ah, the microphone recording channel :)
13:38:34dwihnolanghaarrocker: the more channels, the merrier :)
13:38:40langhaarrockerMine78: I don't want to encourage bad hobby singers.
13:39:23Mine78like me ;-P
13:39:37Mine78Is there a way to play songs while the usb is connected ?
13:40:05Mine78in the future ?
13:40:12langhaarrockerhard drive acces is restricted to either cpu of usb chip.
13:40:32Mine78ah ok almost understood
13:40:34Mine78another thing
13:40:35langhaarrockerWhile usb chip has control of the drive we can't access it. -> no way for playing songs while usb
13:40:44dwihnoDid you guys check the creative nomad 'zen'=
13:40:51Mine78which is the best combination of fonts ?
13:42:32 Part langhaarrocker
13:43:03 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:43:46Mine78how much time to a full recharge ? 2 hours ?
13:46:35Mine78can I put languages and fonts in a subfolder of .rockbox dir ?
13:46:50Zagoryes, but they will not be loaded at boot then
13:47:04Mine78that is the answer I was looking for ;-)
13:47:06Zagoronly files directly in the .rockbox folder are used as boot settings
13:47:07Mine78thank you zagor
13:47:22Mine78what kind of fonts are u using ?
13:47:28Mine785x7 ?
13:47:46BagderI use the built-in
13:47:56Zagori'm using the uwe_prop font
13:47:59BagderI never get around to install a better one ;-)
13:48:06 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:49:12Mine78another question: can I recharge while playing ?
13:49:23Bagderyes you can
13:49:52Mine78That's a really great piece of software !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13:50:04Mine78THANK YOU ALL GUYS !
13:50:12*Bagder bows humbly
13:50:29Zagor:-) thanks
13:51:34Mine78I want to tell you a funny things... I bought the archos recorder 2 weeks ago... it went to INDIA insted ITALY !
13:51:51Mine78Federal express went wrong !
13:52:31Mine78I phoned to france from italy (20 mins !!!)
13:52:38Mine78the girls was so upset... INDIA ?
13:52:42Mine78Yes INDIA ! MUMBAI !
13:52:55Mine78Well look at the id tracking number...
13:53:19Mine78oh well (her english was really bad !)... is it a problem... well YES ! I WANT MY RECORDER !
13:53:39Mine78They sent me another recorder !
13:53:49Mine78It arrived half an hour ago !
13:53:58Mine78Now I am an happy (an logorroic) guy !
13:54:38Mine78Thank you all again, I will come there often i suppose ;-)
13:55:06Mine78Ah one last question: why recorder is heavyer than player ?
13:55:13Mine78)very stupid question)
13:55:17Bagderit is?
13:55:25Mine78350g instead of 290
13:55:30dwihnomust be the trolls
13:55:34Bagder290 is the multimedia one
13:55:35dwihnodon't forget to feed them ;)
13:55:42langhaarrockerOnly if you have heavy metal loaded onto it.
13:55:45Mine78290 also the jukebox player
13:56:07Mine78will be possible to emulate some VERY SMALL mame game ?
13:56:21langhaarrockerwhat is mame?
13:56:25BagderMine78: get the source, get mame, merge, tell us if it worked! ;-)
13:56:26Mine78I can distribute mame to ALL OF YOU if you will be able to do taht ;-)
13:56:38Mine78ehehehhehehe sure...
13:57:09Mine78I will try to "corrupt" nicola salmoria to do it for me :_) (he is italina, you know !)
13:57:29 Quit TotMacher ()
13:57:30dwihnociao a tutti!
13:57:37Mine78italiano ?
13:57:41 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:57:51dwihnopizza ragazza! :D
13:58:17Mine78......... ok but don't start with bad words :-)
13:58:29Mine78we are called "italiani pizza mandolino mafia"
13:58:46Mine78Ok goodbye (for now)
13:58:53dwihnowhat's ragazza btw?
13:58:59Mine78ragazza = girl
13:59:04dwihnoparli ltaliana? :)
13:59:12Mine78mandolino = a "strange" kind of guitar
13:59:16dwihnoragata = swedish for bitch :)
13:59:17Mine78mafia = you all know !
13:59:34Mine78do not try to use it here in taili ;-)
13:59:38Mine78taili = itali
13:59:47Mine78 :(
13:59:51dwihnoso how do I say pizza-girl?
13:59:55Mine78fast writing..
14:00:10Mine78you mean the girl who brings the pizza to you ?
14:00:14langhaarrockerdwihno: "Number 24, please!"
14:00:29dwihnoMine78: yaman :)
14:00:38dwihnolanghaarrocker: du bist der Strudel!
14:00:57Mine78Ragazza che porta le pizze (girl who brings pizza) or pizza-service-girl
14:01:10Mine78strudel = cake here in italy
14:01:24dwihnolanghaarrocker: aber ja! apfelstrudel und apfelkorn :)
14:01:27 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
14:01:34dwihnomit kartoffel und sauerkraut :)~®
14:01:42Mine78It's getting too hard for me now... goodbye all ;-)
14:01:55Mine78kartoffel = potatoes = patate (italian)
14:02:02 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
14:02:23seb-schoolwas fuer ein komischen geschmack haben diese schweden
14:03:02dwihnosie sind aber naturlich kickarse ;D
14:08:40 Join edx [0] (
14:11:54 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:12:43 Join edx [0] (
14:12:48 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:13:07 Join edx [0] (
14:20:12 Join probonic [0] (
14:39:26 Quit Zagor ("disconnecting from stoned server.")
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14:41:08 Quit datazone (
14:41:08 Quit Schnueff (
14:41:08 Quit mbr (
14:41:50 Join Zagor_ [242] (
14:41:51langhaarrockerTwo Zagors! That's what we always needed!
14:41:52Zagor_cloning rocks
14:41:53dwihnoYay! Now we'll get the fat driver even faster ;D
14:41:54 Join PsycoXul_ [0] (
14:42:01Zagor_that bugger is turning out to be nastier than I expected
14:42:53langhaarrockerbugger == fat stuff?
14:42:56 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
14:43:47NJoinSchnueff [0] (
14:43:57langhaarrockerZagor: same goes for key schemes :(
14:44:57Bagdermy /home is full
14:45:27NJoinedx [0] (
14:45:27NJoindatazone [0] ([jexCxYYdC@
14:45:27NJoinmbr [0] (
14:48:55 Join T-Rex [0] (
14:51:31langhaarrockerbug in file writing?
14:52:43Bagderyeah, too much crap ;-)
14:59:33 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
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16:54:30Zagorfuckin' aye!
16:54:37Zagorall test cases are green
16:54:45Zagorthis calls for a commit
16:55:38kargatron'fuckin aye'? Are you a pirate, harrr, matey! ;-)
16:56:00Zagortoday I am :)
17:04:53dwihnoyay for Zagor!
17:07:03elinenbeZagor: with respect to disk writing?
17:07:15Zagorelinenbe: yep
17:07:38elinenbeso, when will the first application have disk writing?
17:07:47elinenbedo long file names work?
17:07:56Zagorno long files yet
17:08:00Zagorlong filenames
17:08:16elinenbeis that all it is missing?
17:08:34Zagormkdir() and remove() is also still missing, but they are simple
17:09:16elinenbemkfile() and rmfile() −− are they there?
17:09:53 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:10:02kargatronelinenbe's question is a good one tho - how will it first be made available?
17:10:08Zagormkfile is called creat() in posix. and rmfile is remove().
17:10:32kargatron<hypnosis>booookmaarrks booookmaarrrkks</hypnosis>
17:10:33Zagorkargatron: it is available already. anyone can write an app to use it.
17:10:52Zagorbut we should test more before calling it safe
17:11:15elinenbeyou should put up a sample app to show how it works.
17:11:54Zagorit's pure posix. creat(), write(), close()
17:12:07Zagorlook in firmware/test/fat/main.c if you want example code
17:12:58Zagorboo, found a bug already :-)
17:14:24elinenbeso did I −− everything has been erased!
17:14:50elinenbewell, it was fun while it lasted :)
17:14:57elinenbeby the way −− I am just kidding
17:15:07Zagori know. you were too quick :)
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17:45:51 Nick tot|away is now known as TotMacher (
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18:15:06 Part T-Rex
18:21:33 Join notch [0] (
18:22:10notchThe 400 file directory limit... Where is this in the code... Can it be easily changed?
18:31:30 Join matsl [0] (
18:36:47Zagorwhoa! icon time!
18:36:52kargatroncurious, what is an actual example of the contents of a directory that's 400+?
18:37:23kargatrondo they simply concern owners who have no desire for order? :)
18:38:49matslZagor: well player simulator should be back to normal again now after kjers and my fixes.
18:38:58Zagormatsl: excellent!
18:39:34matslZagor: i tell you it was more fun to draw the icons in gimp than in ascii. ;-)
18:41:33 Quit notch ()
18:45:07 Nick Synthe` is now known as Synthe (
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20:14:25 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|busy (
20:18:02adi|homezagor what do you mean about icon time?
20:18:05adi|homewhat did you do?
20:18:41 Join EnnaN [0] (
20:21:36>>>"help" by adi|home (
20:21:47>>>"cmd" by adi|home (
20:24:08Zagormatsl checked in some new playsim icons
20:24:55elinenbeZagor: with file writing
20:25:18elinenbeZagor: we will have to have some quick buttons for delete... etc.
20:29:44 Quit EnnaN (
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20:57:56Zagorouch, i broke lseek()...
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