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#rockbox log for 2002-11-03

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10:47:36Giss|XCI want to buy a pda
10:47:58Giss|XCbut I would like one I could use with a archos recorder
10:48:17Giss|XCto use the hard drive within the archos with the pda...
10:48:30Giss|XCanyone know a pda that might be able to do that ?
10:49:12Giss|XC(it's terribly diffucult to find any information about the fact if a pda can do usb master or only usb slave...)
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17:25:44LinusNdamn GPRS connection
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18:45:51talanyone get their hands on an FM Recorder yet?
18:46:09tali'm thinking of selling my recorder 20 and getting that one
18:46:46LinusNno, i don't know anyone with an fm recorder
18:47:20talwill it be open source
18:47:34tali can't use the factory firmware
18:47:40talif it's antyhing like the one on the recorder
18:47:46talthey're fucking idiots
18:47:51tali'm totally spoiled
18:48:06talbeen using rockbox for like 3 weeks
18:48:12talevery time i have to revert
18:48:14talfor recording
18:48:23tali remember how much i dispise their firmware
18:48:37LinusNrecording is coming up
18:48:38taljust like using a dialup modem after broadband for a few years.
18:48:47talyeah but i want to get the FM
18:48:54taland i want to be sure rockbox will support it.
18:48:55LinusNi know the feeling
18:49:37LinusNi'm not sure that rockbox will support the fm
18:50:26LinusNit all depends on the hardware
18:50:30talbest guess?
18:50:34tal: /
18:51:00LinusNmy guess is that the hardware is more like the MM than te older models
18:51:16talgood guess
18:51:18LinusNwith an ARM CPU
18:51:24talwhat's an arm
18:51:43LinusNit's a CPU model
18:51:52talthese models are all RISC's right
18:51:59talmade specifically for the decode
18:52:20talthe MM one is a hardcore pentium 66 or something?
18:52:34LinusNno, an ARM
18:52:57LinusNand a Texas Instruments DSP
18:53:08talso is the MM interface any good?
18:53:35LinusNi dunno
18:53:47tal*beats you with a large fish*
18:53:48LinusNsoma say it sucks
18:53:54talthen it sucks
18:54:00talno one would say rockbox sucks.
18:54:15talwhy do i hear a marching band outside
18:54:36talmake it stop
18:54:37talmake it all stop
18:55:01talalright everyone keep up the good work
18:55:10talif i didn't get a D in unix programming i'de help you out.
18:55:12LinusNwe'll do
18:55:25LinusNthis is not unix
18:55:34tali know
18:55:52talit's its own language right
18:56:14talall unix proging is in C
18:56:21talthe last prog. course i took was unix
18:56:23LinusNalmost all, yes
18:56:42talAI is a lot of programming
18:56:47talbut i fail all those assignemnts.
18:57:56tallearning the stuff for yourself is about 7000 times more powerful than paying a school $4000 a class to force it on you in 15 weeks
18:58:22LinusNi am self-taught
18:58:29talso why the fuck did i invest the price of a lamborgini into getting this fucking diploma?
18:58:49LinusNbecause employers look at the diploma
18:58:58talk i'm gonna go jump off the roof now
18:59:02talyeah right
18:59:10tal"ah i see you went to BU, impressive"
18:59:17tal"why isn't your GPA on here?"
18:59:22talumm.. because it's a joke.
18:59:25LinusNtook me quite a while to get my first job
18:59:33tali can count my GPA on less than one finger
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19:17:46pfavrhi rockbox folks! I'm thinking about getting involved in rockbox development. The feature "play directories recursively" looks tempting. Any thoughts on that?
19:21:16LinusNyes, a lot
19:21:50LinusNit's of course a memory issue
19:22:45LinusNsince there may be thousands of files, we may have to save the playlist on disk
19:23:06pfavrWhat version of GCC do you think I should try? Is 3.2 any good?
19:23:29LinusNit doesn't matter
19:23:43pfavrOk, I'll grab the latest then.
19:24:09LinusNwhat OS?
19:24:51pfavrWrt. memory and playlist... would it be possible just to remember the current play position and then rescan the directories on every file load? (or use some minor caching in a buffer)
19:25:37LinusNgood that you use linux
19:25:52pfavrBtw LinusN, I enjoyed you reply wrt. scheduling on the mailing list
19:26:07LinusNrescanning the dirs will take too much time and battery
19:26:57pfavrI guess the trouble is with random play?
19:27:10LinusNenjoyed, as in amused?
19:27:38LinusNrandom is a problem
19:27:42pfavrEnjoy as in shouting: hear! hear! (wrt. buy more trouble than do good)
19:28:07pfavr(or am I remembering it wrongly?)
19:29:12pfavrIf we play the songs in sequence, couldn't we just remember the current file path/directory and then successively go on to play the next one?
19:30:29LinusNyes, that may be possible
19:31:45LinusNbut it is still hard to handle the recursiveness
19:33:07pfavrDo you think it would be possible to implement random play like this: 1) read the root directory 2) choose a random entry (dir or file) 3) if it is a file, play it, else read directory and repeat.
19:33:35LinusNthen you can't keep track of which songs have been played
19:34:28pfavrMaybe we could come up with a scheme for that also.
19:35:07pfavrHow much memory do we have for things like this?
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19:41:28LinusNresume is another thing to consider
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19:51:43pfavrI think I'll sleep on this. But non-random play and random (without memory) should not be that hard. What is the (prictical) upper limit on number of files on the drive?
19:52:03pfavr(prictical -> practical)
19:52:19LinusNonly the size of the disk
19:52:40LinusN65000 entries per dir
19:53:02pfavrHow many .mp3's do you have on your disk for example? (I have about 4000 on mine)
19:53:36LinusNi have about 4000 too
19:54:15pfavrI could imagine a scheme where random (with uniqueness) would be used for e.g. less than 8192 files and above that "true" random play would be used
19:55:49LinusNwhy would the number of files matter?
19:56:00pfavrOr a "cache" remembering the last played tracks (e.g. the last 100) to avoid too early "replay"
19:57:53pfavrBecause I think it would be nice to use an array with a "maximum length sequence" as a random number generator. (A MLS is a sequence of numbers, e.g. 1,2,3...8192 which have been swapped randomly)
19:58:22pfavrBut if we only have 16K, this should not take up too much space
19:59:06LinusNyes, but where will you store the file name data?
19:59:26pfavrI don't think we need to.
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20:00:13LinusNhow will you eep track of which files have been played?
20:00:20LinusNIndio: hi
20:00:34Indioi'm from spain
20:00:46pfavrLinusN, I will associate a number with each file
20:01:10Indioi'm interesting to buy jukebox
20:01:46LinusNpfavr: and how does that association work?
20:01:57LinusNIndio: go buy a recorder
20:02:42IndioJukebox Recorder 20 USB 2
20:02:43IndioMP3 Player & Recorder, 20GB, USB 2.0
20:02:45pfavrI'm not totally sure yet, but I think it is possible to use the ordering of the files in the directory tree.
20:03:00LinusNIndio: that's the one
20:03:12pfavr(I just bought the Recorder 20GB)
20:03:17LinusNpfavr: o
20:03:21Indiois it a good idea?
20:03:35LinusNIndio: yes
20:03:38Indioor is best to buy other
20:05:03LinusNIndio: which other?
20:05:08pfavrI was very dissapointed with my Archos Recorder when I first listened to it (the sound was too low and there was much noise between the tracks). Then I got the RockBox firmware and it solved the problems. Now I'm very happy with it.
20:06:48IndioLinusN: Jukebox Multimedia 20GB
20:07:03Indiothis is much for me
20:07:28Indioit's too expensive
20:07:35LinusNIndio: don´t buy the multimedia just to play mp3 files
20:08:47LinusNbecause the recorder is good enough
20:09:09LinusNand it has the same MP3 chip afaik
20:09:32LinusNand the NN doesn't have Rockbox :-)
20:09:44IndioLinusN: do yo have a ARCHOS Jukebox Recorder 20 ?
20:09:57LinusNand a Player 6000
20:10:20Indiohow long?
20:11:29LinusNi bought my Player in Autumn 2000
20:11:46LinusNand my recorder in early 2002
20:12:31Indioi see, what is the bad option?
20:13:05LinusNwell, there is always room for improvements
20:13:42LinusNwell, the battery time is good
20:13:49LinusNabout 8-10hrs
20:14:09Indioare you american? LinusN
20:14:38Indiovery interesting
20:15:02Indiowhat type of music do you like?
20:15:25LinusNalmost everything, depending on the mood
20:15:36 Join diddystar5 [0] (
20:15:45LinusNnot that much classical stuff though
20:15:55LinusNhi diddystar5
20:16:03diddystar5hey linus! hows the newborn?
20:16:13Indiohi diddystar5
20:16:23LinusNi am at the hospital now
20:16:34diddystar5humm ok
20:16:48LinusNbeen here since monday 21
20:17:15LinusNmy wife is sick
20:18:09pfavrLinusN: how bad is it?
20:18:13diddystar5give her good luck
20:18:16Indioi'm sorry, LinusN
20:19:13LinusNit's bad, she can't sit or stand, constant pain
20:19:37LinusNwill have to sit in a wheelchair the next 6 months or so
20:20:11diddystar5i feel sorry Linus
20:20:18Indiowas she a accident?
20:20:24pfavruh, that's bad.
20:20:42LinusNIndio: no, a pregnancy
20:20:59LinusNi don't know the name for it
20:21:39pfavrBut she will recover completely?
20:21:50LinusNmost women do
20:22:24pfavrok, my wife and I don't have any kids. Guess this is another reason for that
20:22:50LinusNthis is not very common
20:22:57Indioi hope this happend
20:22:57diddystar5i don't have a wife yet, im only 12
20:22:59pfavrWas it your first child?
20:24:36IndioLinusN: your nick is for the operation system, linux
20:24:54diddystar5thats cool :)
20:25:09LinusNnot only the nick
20:25:18LinusNmy name is Linus
20:25:34pfavrmy name is Peter
20:25:38Indiobeautiful name
20:25:48LinusNLinus Nielsen Feltzing
20:26:03Indioit was for linus
20:26:03LinusNwanna see the kid? look at
20:27:17Indiopfavr: where are you from?
20:28:47pfavrnice photos!
20:29:05pfavrdiddystar5: where do you come from?
20:30:47diddystar5great pics linus
20:31:19pfavrSomebody from my family lived in Oregon in 1933
20:31:37pfavrJunction City, Oregon
20:31:55pfavrSon of a danish priest
20:31:55diddystar5that fairly close
20:34:46pfavrThey moved to back to Denmark in 1933 (when he was age 13). He wrote a book about it: "Junction City to Denmark - A boyhood journey" by Visti Favrholdt, ISBN 0-9652961-0-5 (pretty entertaining story if you ask me)
20:34:59IndioHow variety of nationalities, it's the best
20:35:29diddystar5cool pfavr
20:38:45pfavrUnfortunately Visti died at the age of 70 before we got the chance to meet him. He never liked Denmark and moved to Canada with his danish wife Clara as soon as he graduated and earned enough money to pay for the trip.
20:41:34*Indio is away: Cenando
20:42:59pfavrLinusN: consider this: a tree like structure where each node corresponds to directories. In the nodes the total number of files below that directory is stored. When we want to go to file number, say 107, we use this information for finding the right directory, then enumerate the files inside that directory
20:44:03LinusNpfavr: not bad
20:44:15pfavr(I know we have to implement it using an array)
20:44:50LinusNthat sounds possible
20:45:01pfavrLinusN: btw, what do you do for a living?
20:45:27LinusNso the resume info would be a path in that tree?
20:45:50pfavrNo just a number.
20:45:57LinusNi'm a consultant, embedded systems programming
20:46:10pfavrthought so.
20:46:32pfavrThe structure is just used to speed up searching for the right file.
20:46:54pfavrSo if we have 10000 files we just remember that we're currently playing number 2003
20:47:16pfavrThe tree is build when the user presses play on the directory
20:48:05LinusNhow about random?
20:48:19pfavrPick a random number then go search for it
20:48:41pfavrUse a cache of e.g. 100 entries to avoid playing the same file too often.
20:49:12pfavr100 entries is about 5 hours
20:50:10LinusNi don't like it
20:50:22pfavrdo you think it is feasible or should we just wait 'til hd-write is working?
20:50:51LinusNmls sounds better
20:51:17pfavryou're concerned about getting the same track too frequently?
20:51:23 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:51:42LinusNi am concerned, yes
20:52:04pfavrI wouldn't mind having to push next track every 5 hours or so
20:52:48LinusNfor me, it's also a principle
20:52:52pfavrI would even go for random play without any guarantee (until something better comes up).
20:53:24LinusNjust scrambling an aray of numbers (MLS) would probably do it
20:53:58pfavrYes, MLS could be used with this scheme as well. It is just that we're tight on memory here...
20:54:21pfavrAnd you will not be able to play 4000 files in a row anyway (without recharging)
20:54:23LinusNnot *that* tight
20:54:41pfavrI took that as a hard limit.
20:54:49LinusNi'm a little concerned about the time it takes to scan the disk
20:54:58LinusNpfavr: hot hard
20:55:24LinusN20k is acceptable too
20:55:36pfavrnow you're talking ;-)
20:55:38LinusNif it solves the problem
20:55:56LinusNas small as possible
20:55:58pfavrOk, (i'm really motivated right now:-)
20:56:38pfavrYour concern about the time it takes to scan the disk... Is that the time when the user presses play the first time or between the tracks?
20:57:01LinusNand when it resumes
20:57:37pfavrI have no idea about it. Will have to try it
20:58:30LinusNdo so
20:58:30pfavrAnother thing: beeps between tracks/on keystrokes... couldn't we just play a short (in memory) mp3?
20:59:29LinusNyes, that's the only way
21:00:19LinusNthe problem is how to insert it into the stream
21:00:23pfavr(Btw: I asked for your occupation without telling you mine: I used to work as a consultant also in embedded/realtime, now I'm back at the university doing a Ph.D. - I'm going to solve the software crisis;-)
21:01:26pfavrI haven't looked at the source code, but I expect the DSP to read a cyclic buffer and the MCU to fill this buffer?
21:02:05pfavrDoes the MCU have a clue about where the DSP is reading from this buffer?
21:03:17LinusNthe CPU has a serial conection to the DSP
21:03:43LinusNand it uses DMA to feed the serial port
21:04:04LinusNand the CPU polls a handshake signal from the DSP for throttling
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21:04:54pfavrHow large buffer is the DSP using (guess this determines the delay if other data is inserted into the stream)
21:05:13pfavrI mean: internally after reception through the serial port
21:06:32pfavrI do not know much about mp3. How come it is hard to insert a beep into the data stream?
21:10:49LinusNfirst of all, the dsp buffer size is unknown, probably 1 frame
21:11:22pfavrhow long (in milliseconds) is a frame?
21:12:19LinusNabout 26ms
21:12:38LinusNthe frames depend on earlier frames
21:13:07pfavrin what way? like mpeg movies?
21:13:23pfavrdo we have to wait for "stationary frames"?
21:14:34pfavr(sorry if I'm asking too many questions)
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21:22:15LinusNpfavr: still there?
21:22:49pfavreverybody dissapeared and joined again. Don't know what happened
21:23:27pfavrThe last thing i wrote was: (sorry if I'm asking too many questions)
21:23:29LinusNa net split
21:24:29pfavrit is a really nice howto you have written on how to build gcc+binutils.
21:25:16pfavrdo you think I should start out with the daily source tarball or version 1.4?
21:25:43LinusNuse cvs
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21:27:34pfavrhow about adding a "CVS" entry to the left pane on the website (should just show: )
21:27:55LinusNi will, i miss it too
21:36:49pfavr"Because it's fun to do." - hear hear!
21:37:47 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
21:38:18LinusNpfavr: that's why Rockbox exist in the first place - because it's fun to do
21:39:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:40:24pfavryeah, but Rockbox also avoided me throwing the Recorder20 back on the counter. It is the most amazing open source project I have experienced. I mean: it turned me from being an unsatisfied customer who were going to throw the thing out, into a very happy customer. What I do not understand is that Archos is not doing a better job (e.g. fixing that noise problem).
21:40:56LinusNthey don't see it as a problem i guess
21:41:22langhaarrockeror as a less problematic than paying for the fix
21:41:23pfavrthey're virtually deaf then.
21:44:23 Part LinusN
21:44:32 Join LinusN [0] (
21:44:35pfavrwhat sourcefiles should I read first?
21:44:59LinusNfor what? the dir play?
21:45:22LinusNplaylist.c and tree.c
21:45:32LinusNdir.c and file.c
21:46:18langhaarrockerLinusN: you still haven't been able to make the jukebox stutter / stop playback?
21:46:47langhaarrockerAdmit! You tuned it!
21:47:06LinusNi have a hitachi drive
21:48:01langhaarrockerHave you had multiple lines scrolling when you tested it?
21:48:41LinusNno, only one, plus a peak meter
21:49:08langhaarrockerI can get the jb stop playback with 4 scrolling lines without any meter.
21:49:17langhaarrockerat 256kbit
21:50:05LinusNhaven't tried multiple lines
21:50:47 Quit TotMacher ()
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21:53:18langhaarrockerHas anybody noticed that rolo seems to be broken?
21:53:43LinusNi haven't tried it for long
21:54:15langhaarrockerHow can you live without rolo? :)
21:54:27LinusNi haven't tried a daily build for over a week
21:55:48langhaarrockerIt says something about an error reading the file length
22:00:59langhaarrockerfound something?
22:01:49langhaarrockerso why "uhuh" then?
22:03:54LinusNjust "aha" or "nod" or "i see"
22:04:17LinusNi don't have the source code here, just the CVS web
22:04:52LinusNlaptop+gprs from the hospital, running Window$
22:05:38LinusNgprs works just fine
22:05:53LinusNbut the laptop sucks
22:06:36langhaarrockerI am lying in bed with a laptop on my knees. But I have an ordinary cable attached.
22:08:12LinusNdid you try 0x4000 for MPEG_BITSWAP_CHUNKSIZE
22:08:44langhaarrockernot yet. was busy key scheming again. But I'll try now.
22:09:55langhaarrockerWhere do I find it?
22:10:46pfavrLinusN: how about running linux on the laptop as well? Is it because of GPRS you're not doing that?
22:11:46pfavrI have a problem building, make stops when it hits the apps dir.
22:12:08pfavrrecorder/wormlet.c:36:18: lang.h: No such file or directory
22:13:26LinusNpfavr: i can't, it's not my laptop, and i can't change hard disk either, because the new disk overheats
22:14:08LinusNpfavr: did you run the cnfigure script in an empty dir?
22:14:21pfavrLinusN: ok, just thought I might have helped you out by saying "atdt *99#"
22:14:22LinusNread the README
22:14:56LinusNaha, actually, i couldn't get the irda to work either...
22:15:12LinusNtotally dead, without any errors
22:16:08pfavrYes I made a new dir, ~/Rockbox/build2, cd'ed into it and did ../tools/configure then make
22:16:35pfavrmake -C ../apps TARGET=-DARCHOS_RECORDER NODEBUG=1 OBJDIR="/home/pfavr/Rockbox/build2" VERSION=021103-2215 LANGUAGE=english EXTRA_DEFINES="-DDISABLE_NOTHING"
22:16:35pfavrmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/pfavr/Rockbox/apps'
22:16:35pfavrUpdating dependencies for /home/pfavr/Rockbox/build2/recorder/wormlet.c
22:16:50pfavrrecorder/wormlet.c:36:18: lang.h: No such file or directory
22:17:17langhaarrockerpfavr: have you run make in the tools dir yet?
22:17:24LinusNdid you run "make" in tools/?
22:18:03pfavrthis isn't a gcc2.96 thing is it?
22:18:31pfavr(no I'm running 3.04, pyh!)
22:18:33LinusNdo you have 2.96 cross compiler?
22:18:49pfavrno, I thought about the tools!
22:19:01pfavrthey run on the host right?
22:20:27LinusNpfavr: but the app builds ok, right?
22:21:34pfavrmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `../docs/CREDITS', needed by `/home/pfavr/Rockbox/build2/credits.raw'. Stop.
22:21:40pfavrneed docs
22:22:08pfavr(I did read that, but had to wait pulling the website from CVS before getting the docs)
22:22:21pfavr(lots of large pics in there)
22:22:33LinusNyou don't need www
22:23:18langhaarrockerHint: never put your 0dB 1kHz test tone files into the same directory with music!
22:24:37pfavrLinusN: maybe "docs" should be added to "Checking out the source" at
22:25:30pfavrThen while you're at it please remove www from that page to save innocent bandwidth ;-)
22:25:53LinusNfrom what page?
22:27:00LinusNwhat's wrong with telling people that the www/ exists? i don't get it
22:27:24langhaarrockerMPEG_SWAP_CHUNKSIZE at 0x4000 doesn't solve the problem
22:27:44LinusNit doesn't?
22:27:47pfavrYou're right, maybe just add a note saying: lots of images and you don't need it to build the software
22:28:13LinusNthe README says it all
22:28:36LinusNbut that is in in the firmware module :-)
22:28:58langhaarrockerbehind the abondonned toilet with the sign about the tiger?
22:29:16pfavrNo the readme in the firmware module says: go look in docs/readme
22:30:07pfavrthat should be changed to ../docs/README to be correct (the build process depends on docs being at the right place)
22:31:09pfavrI don't mean to be picky. Just want to share my experiences while I'm at it (and new to the project, of course it is of small interest to you guys).
22:31:46LinusNchange all things you find and send us patches
22:31:57pfavrBut I better go and get a CVS account at sourceforge. Then I can fix it myself instead of bother you.
22:32:19pfavrI'm off to bed. Have a nice evening!
22:32:22LinusNyou don't have commit access
22:32:54langhaarrockerMPEG_SWAP_CHUNKSIZE _almost_ does the trick
22:33:00 Part pfavr
22:33:03langhaarrockerat 0x8000
22:34:44langhaarrockerastonishing: berzerk meter or not hardly makes any difference.
22:35:13LinusNmaybe it's the lcd updates
22:38:42LinusNi think it's the disk spinup time
22:39:37LinusNthe disk loading may be slower when the wps is heavy
22:40:01langhaarrockerthe led blinks -> I think you're right
22:43:16langhaarrockerI'm fed up with that peak meter. I want to do other things.
22:43:56LinusNthen do them
22:44:23 Quit TotMacher ()
22:44:38*Indio is back (gone 02:03:04)
22:47:39 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:47:40langhaarrockerNo time - the peak meter keeps me busy
22:47:45BoD[]youhou !
22:48:33langhaarrockerBoD: please transfer some of your enthusiasm here.
22:49:51BoD[]well .. what's the problem ?
22:50:28langhaarrockerrolo broken, wps to slow, still no key schemes working ...
22:50:37 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:50:48BoD[]well I never used rolo
22:50:58BoD[]I don't even know how to use it :)
22:51:17 Join TotMacher [0] (
22:51:17BoD[]key schemes .. well ..
22:51:33BoD[]I'd really like to see it working soon :)
22:52:03langhaarrockerI'll be on vacation soon - with the notebook for bad weather.
22:52:20BoD[]you go somewhere ?
22:52:29langhaarrockerTo the netherlands
22:52:49BoD[]cool !
22:52:57langhaarrockerWell actually I _want_ a little bit bad weather. At least windy for windsurfing.
22:53:12BoD[]the drugs and the prostitute shops
22:53:38Indiowhere? langhaarrocker
22:53:50langhaarrockerEverybody keeps saying that. But they must be somewhere else in the Netherlands.
22:53:59langhaarrockerI go to Zeeland
22:54:29BoD[]zeeland ?
22:54:45BoD[]dont know that
22:54:56langhaarrockerThat's the sout west of the Netherlands
22:55:36langhaarrockerThe island is called Noord Beveland, the village Kamperland.
22:55:42BoD[]i've been to the nl once but i was young
22:55:58BoD[]but i remember it was cool
22:56:12langhaarrockerTo young for the above mentioned touristic attractions? :)
22:56:42BoD[]héhéhéh exactly :))
22:57:00Indioi didn't know what in Netherlands is good for windsurfin
22:57:09 Join mike [0] (~mike@
22:57:16langhaarrockerIndio: Wind and water
22:57:39mikeis the ui simulator available or is it no longer there?
22:58:01LinusNthe source is there
22:58:20mikebut it used 2 just b a binary right?
22:58:26mikeis that no longer availabe?
22:58:28LinusNwe use it for development
22:58:42mikeoh ok thanks
22:59:22langhaarrockerI don't. I use windows and cygwin.
22:59:28*langhaarrocker runs away
23:00:28mikealright and i should prob check the faq 4 this but ill ask anyway- if i already have music on my archos will i have 2 get rid of it 2 put rockbox on my player
23:01:00langhaarrockerIs it good music?
23:01:22mikelol i think so
23:01:41langhaarrockerThen you may keep it. But don't pollute rockbox with bad music
23:02:21BoD[]if it is bad music rockbox will automatically erase it
23:02:39langhaarrockerYou should put that on the feature request tracker.
23:03:28LinusNmike: it's just like any archos firmware update
23:04:03BoD[]except it's better
23:05:34mike...anything is better than the archos firmware
23:06:24langhaarrockerBut they can have 320kBit playback with a peakmeter simultaniously
23:06:59BoD[]and rockbox can't ?
23:07:09BoD[]i dont use the peakmeter
23:07:12LinusNa lot of people say that they don't
23:07:28BoD[]it's only because it's not default
23:07:46BoD[]so i never took the time to enable it
23:08:04BoD[](yeah i know : how lame am i!)
23:10:43mikeok im gonna go try rockbox...keep up the great work
23:10:51langhaarrockerBoD: well, I never adopted to lame
23:10:59 Quit mike ("Trillian (")
23:11:17BoD[]wmmm . what ?
23:11:53langhaarrockerI use the fraunhofer encoder -> I am not lame
23:12:43BoD[]hmmmm ... ok ? :)
23:12:51langhaarrockerI just notice that the original firware disables the peak meter while loading, too.
23:13:30BoD[]while loading?
23:14:08langhaarrockerwhile loading mp3 data.
23:14:34BoD[]like when you press next
23:14:44 Part langhaarrocker
23:14:53 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:15:04langhaarrockerclumsy fingers
23:16:10BoD[]was it a rumor that video game vm thing ?
23:16:22BoD[]or is it really in development ?
23:19:00LinusNyou call an HP calculator a video game?
23:19:28langhaarrockerProbably has more horsepower that a c64 :)
23:20:21BoD[]well i dont know what i must call it .. but is it already implemented or ??
23:22:01LinusNthere is a patch
23:23:16BoD[]space invaders
23:23:21BoD[]best game ever ;)
23:26:27langhaarrockeryes, but then came wormlet...
23:26:58BoD[]i dont know this one
23:27:17BoD[](how lame am I -again)
23:28:16 Quit Indio ("Client Exiting")
23:33:29 Quit TotMacher ()
23:38:53langhaarrockerLinusN: if the spinup of the disc was the problem - Should increasing MPEG_LOW_WATER solve the problem?
23:39:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:40:41LinusNut it is very high today
23:40:46LinusNfor me
23:46:11LinusNtime to sleep
23:46:16LinusNgood night!
23:46:25langhaarrockernice dreams
23:46:29 Part LinusN
23:50:17langhaarrockerdisabling scrolling the wps while loading cures the performance problem.
23:56:25 Join mike [0] (~mike@

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