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#rockbox log for 2002-11-04

00:00:06langhaarrockerpleased to hear you.
00:06:54mikeare u guys planning on having the archos diplay the idv* tag rather than the filename when seeking through tracks?
00:07:28langhaarrockeryou can customize the display. See the manual.
00:08:08mikesure thing
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00:53:53AaronDhey peeps how is rockbox going?
00:54:52AaronDI havent used it in weeks and havent checked updates
00:55:52AaronDI kinda got another mp3 player when I took my archos back due to a screwed button
00:56:33AaronDkinda miss the excitement of dailey rockbox updates
00:56:59BoD[]well i didn't check the new ones recently neither
00:57:03AaronDI was just about to stop chating to myself I promise
00:57:33AaronDI checked yesterday to see if anything cool had been added
00:58:03AaronDjust to see if I would regret not getting a recorder when I turned in my studio
00:58:45AaronDbut I didnt see the need for recording
00:59:04AaronDand the player I really wanted was there
00:59:26BoD[]i'd like to have a really small memory mp3 player in cunjunction to the archos
00:59:31BoD[]so I can run with it
00:59:51AaronDI do
01:00:19AaronDthe best one ever made according to lots of people, and stupidly discontinued
01:00:35AaronDthe Rio500
01:00:48AaronDI have an extra 64mb card in it too
01:01:10BoD[]is it really small ?
01:01:19BoD[]because i've seen sony players
01:01:22BoD[]that are REALLY small :)
01:01:32AaronDbut its so much hassle deciding what to put on it every time, I prefer being able to choose on the run
01:01:40AaronDits small enough
01:01:52AaronDwas the second mp3 player on the market
01:02:15AaronDsmaller than a deck of cards and I bought a nice leather case that clips to my side
01:02:34BoD[]the sony i've seen is like a pen
01:02:48AaronDand its not an mp3 player
01:02:49BoD[]or like a md remote.. except it's just the remote:)))
01:02:49AaronDuses AAC or some shite
01:03:01AaronDand is not expandable
01:03:11BoD[]yes probably... but I wouldn't care
01:03:15AaronDthat small is just silly
01:03:28AaronDand it is way over priced
01:03:48AaronDyou can find the Rio 500 on ebay for like $60
01:03:55AaronDI almost put mine on there
01:04:06BoD[]well "in the future" the players will be the size of a ear speaker
01:04:34AaronDive seen an add where a women has an earpiece and there is a little disc spinning
01:04:47BoD[]haha :)) good !
01:04:47AaronDbut then there is no display...
01:05:00BoD[]i hope we will see that soon
01:05:12AaronDwell it was a 3d animation but was pretty cool
01:05:41AaronDnah, I like my iPod, it's small enough, pretty and nice to use
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01:14:57BoD[]? :)
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01:24:02AaronD1bad connection
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02:23:48adi|homeinteresting.. rolo is definatly broken
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02:45:32adi|homehehe net split
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10:07:59Zagormorning linux
10:08:28LinusNgprs relly works!
10:08:45Zagorah, you've fixed it now? nice.
10:09:14LinusNthe laptopn overheated when i put the other disk in
10:09:26LinusNand i couldn't get the irda to work
10:09:52LinusNi'm getting another laptop
10:10:23Zagorholy cow! check out this doom3 screenshot:
10:11:39LinusNgive me a break!
10:11:59LinusNand a new graphics card
10:12:01Zagorlooks like something made by pixar...
10:12:18PsycoXulyou can still see the polygons
10:12:44PsycoXuli'll wait for a future generation of realtime-raytracing hardware before i jizz my pants
10:12:46Zagorhah, yeah... we still actually want to play the game, not just look at screenshots ever 2 seconds ;)
10:13:10PsycoXulthough i'm sure i'll do my oohs and aahs over doom3 when i play it
10:13:46LinusNat 3fps
10:13:59 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:14:05PsycoXuli've got a 128mb geforce3 in this 1ghz athlon box
10:14:13PsycoXulit should play pretty reasonably and with all the special eyecandy
10:14:43ZagorPsycoXul: you're kidding, right?
10:15:00Zagoreven the current games req 2G+ to play smoothly
10:15:22PsycoXulprobably just have to turn a few settings down a couple notches since i can't get all the performance enhancements to work stable
10:15:37PsycoXulZagor: 2ghz? heh
10:17:11PsycoXulif it doesn't run well on this box i could always try it on the athlon xp1900+ w/ geforce4 next to it, see if it goes any better there
10:17:31PsycoXulthis is all assuming that it's not all upgraded by the time doom3 actualy comes out
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10:45:09mbrHi LinusN. (Delayed) congratulations for your new family member!
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12:25:23LinusNZagor: have you tried the disk writing on target?
12:37:56adi|homehowdy lads.. was waiting for you last night...
12:38:03adi|homefinally had to hit the bed
12:38:17adi|homeLinus, your lseek fixes broke rolo some how
12:38:29adi|hometh 31st daily build works, the 1st doesnt'
12:38:34adi|homethats when the fix went it
12:39:35 Nick adi|home is now known as adi|shower (
12:44:32LinusNadi|shower: i haven't done any lseek fixes
12:49:52adi|showerhmm.. i thought ya did.. sry
12:49:55*adi|shower blushes
12:50:01 Nick adi|shower is now known as adi|home (
12:50:32Zagorthose were my fixes
12:50:39 Part LinusN
12:50:49Zagori'm looking at it now. can't quite see what goes wrong.
12:51:05adi|homeahh. hehehe
12:51:23adi|homeoh sure.. i appologize and he leaves
12:51:24adi|homei understand
12:51:25 Join LinusN [0] (
12:51:42*adi|home hugs LinusN
12:51:47LinusNsilly gprs connection
12:52:10adi|homei ment to ask
12:52:13adi|homewhat is gprs?
12:52:23adi|homei don't remember that acronym here in the states
12:52:49LinusNgeneral packet radio service
12:53:14adi|homehmmm.... no idea what that is...
12:53:21LinusNmobile data
12:53:36adi|homeie: cell phone modem?
12:53:42LinusNlaptop+mobile phone
12:54:08LinusNkind of like a cell phone modem, but i pay for the traffic, not for the connection time
12:54:22Schnueffhow much do u pay approx.?
12:54:33LinusNso i can be online for hours
12:55:12LinusNi pay $10 per month and get 5Mbytes "free" traffic
12:55:24adi|homegot ya...
12:55:26Schnueffhm ok
12:55:43Schnueffnice for chat & mail
12:55:55adi|homethus the web cvs and not just blind pulls from the system
12:57:35 Part LinusN
13:00:19Schnueffhm maybe we talked too much Linus tries to save money :)
13:01:28 Join LinusN [0] (
13:01:53LinusNphone call
13:02:10adi|homecan i have your phone #?
13:02:18adi|homei like watching you get bumped off
13:03:09adi|homecome on.. it can be that expensive to crank call you 100 times from N. America :)
13:03:48LinusNthe # is on the haxx home page
13:04:45adi|homeoff to the ambulance corp.. see you guys later
13:04:53 Nick adi|home is now known as adi|ambulance_co (
13:13:29 Join probonic [0] (
13:27:18 Part LinusN
13:29:35 Join LinusN [0] (
13:39:08LinusNi'm off for a late lunch
13:39:12LinusNcu l8r
13:39:20 Part LinusN
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13:53:10Zagorugh, my scatter-gather code bugs :-(
13:55:04Zagorahh, found it
13:57:23bobTHChi zagor!
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15:50:17Zagorahhhh, nailed the lseek() bug
15:51:29dwihnoYay for Z! :D
15:51:31elinenbenice :)
15:51:33elinenbeWOO HOO!
15:51:40elinenbewe are always here cheering you on.
15:51:58dwihnoAll might to Zagor Zagorino!
15:52:23Zagormy cvs tunnel is painfully slow :-(
15:52:53dwihnoYou need to open more
15:53:03dwihnoto allow more data flow! :D
15:53:20ZagorI need more power, Scotty!
15:54:08dwihnoShe won't hold, Captain!
15:55:30 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:55:49Zagorhey phil. you were right about lseek. fix being committed now.
15:56:07langhaarrockerhey Zagor.
15:56:38langhaarrockerIt was only a guess though...
15:57:05Zagorheh, close enough :-)
15:57:18dwihnoYay for Phil! Lo-lo-longhairrocker! :D
15:58:12Zagorwe have a good cheer-team here today :-)
15:59:17elinenbehip hip horray!
15:59:24langhaarrockerI always wanted cheer leaders for rocktbox!
15:59:37langhaarrockerShould I post a feature request about thats?
16:01:02elinenbethrow your socks... throw your socks... Archos sux... move to ROCKBOX!!!!
16:01:44langhaarrockerbut - do it really have to be socks? I could imagine more intresting textiles...
16:02:25 Part Zagor
16:02:53langhaarrockerNow see what happens when you throw socks at Zagor.
16:10:36langhaarrockerHow did Zagor know that I suspected lseek? Does he read irc offline?
16:10:36langhaarrockerWatch out folks - Big Zagor is watching us!
16:12:40 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:17:12 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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16:28:07 Part elinenbe
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18:48:13 Part langhaarrocker
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19:19:47 Quit ironi ("leaving")
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21:31:58 Join Zagor [242] (
21:38:28 Part papuni
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22:04:42 Join RipnetUK [0] (
22:12:34RipnetUKcan i just double check before ordering - hdd is 9.5mm right?
22:20:32RipnetUKcool cheers :) ordered a 40
22:22:28 Quit papuni (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:28:41 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
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22:58:54 Join Bagder [241] (
22:59:26Zagorhey bagder
22:59:53Bagdergot that arm linux running today
23:20:00 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:20:34langhaarrockerZagor again!
23:21:41Zagorhi there.
23:22:17langhaarrockerrolo works fine again
23:23:37Zagoryeah, i tested it this time :-)
23:24:20langhaarrockerCould someone fix _my_ bugs?
23:25:28Zagoryou mean steal them? we could never...
23:25:40 Join Indio [0] (
23:25:52 Join laotan [0] (
23:28:26langhaarrockerCould someone check and commit the patches 632667 and 633046? Just because I go on vacation on Wednesday and want to be available if something fails...
23:29:10langhaarrockerI don't feel well going on vacation and leaving bugs open that I introduced myself.
23:30:05Zagori'm not too sure 633046 is the solution I want, but 623667 should be a quick fix.
23:30:43langhaarrockerWhat are your concerns with 633046?
23:31:44Zagori don't want to disable the scroll during loading. it feels cheesy.
23:32:04 Join papuni [0] (
23:32:29langhaarrockerThen we must find other ways to increase its performance.
23:34:15kargatronanother performance tangent - on the 'mp3 stops playing' bug report
23:34:41kargatroni see the sound stops, timer continues bug occasionally, seems associated with a skip jolt
23:34:54kargatroni let it 'play' on today, and the sound eventually kicked in.
23:35:04kargatronperhaps on the time scale of a buffer refresh?
23:35:21kargatronnot sure if that's an inrformative anecdote, but...
23:39:15langhaarrockerkargatron: Do you remember how many lines were scrolling? Which bitrate?
23:40:11BagderI wonder if there's anything we can do to get the win32 sim fixed
23:40:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:41:32 Quit Indio ("Se fue")
23:42:19langhaarrockerI think more people would be interested in the win32 sim if it could be built with cygwin. I don't use it because its so inconvenient to use the VC stuff. Haven't even tried wether I could use it for debugging.
23:43:02BagderI think you're right, but obviously no one cares enough to make it build on cygwin! ;-)
23:43:41langhaarrockerAt least not enough for me to learn how to do makefiles.
23:43:55kargatronlanghaarrocker, i think it was no scrolling, and checking bitrate...
23:44:22langhaarrockerThat's strange. I only had skips / stops with servaral lines scrolling.
23:44:42kargatrona VBR avg of 140
23:44:54kargatronit was in my pocket, i was carrying groveries
23:45:04kargatronpretty sure it was a jolt-skip
23:45:18*langhaarrocker looking up jolt
23:45:34kargatroni've only ever noticed it happen during relatively bouncy situations
23:46:20langhaarrockerThen it's not primarily a performance problem -> sep :)
23:47:15kargatroni *did* call it a tangent. :)
23:48:24langhaarrockerI'm carrying groceries, too. In my guts.
23:48:47kargatrontried that but sorta defeats the purpose of the trip.
23:50:32kargatronhuh, never knew id3v1 genre was only a number
23:54:29Bagderok, I'm pausing the win32 player sim auto build now
23:55:28langhaarrockerIf I had a water proof laptop I could take it to the bath tub. But I don't and that's why I leave now. CU
23:55:42Bagderbye phil
23:55:57 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")

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