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#rockbox log for 2002-11-05

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01:23:40LinusNweee! finally got gprs working on my linux laptop!
01:25:07adi|ambulance_cowooo hoooo
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01:25:24adi|homesoooo had my first patient die today...
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01:39:54adi|homethey were in cardiac arrest when we arrived
01:40:00 Part LinusN
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01:41:04adi|homeyeah.. we worked for about 10 minutes when the medics finally called it...
01:41:42Jet8810what happened?
01:41:42adi|homewas eerie, but not as bad as i had feared...
01:41:42adi|homesorta sureal
01:41:46adi|homeJet8810: i had my first patient die today while riding for my ems corp
01:42:20adi|homei didn't know her, so its not all that bad...
01:42:25adi|homewas just one of those days...
01:42:25Jet8810i could not be a doctor because of that though
01:42:58adi|homeokay.. nap time...
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07:58:13Bagdermorning dwihno
08:00:11dwihnoGood morning Bagder! :D
08:01:29*Bagder screams
08:04:45dwihnoYeah, a clear blue sky
08:04:57dwihnoPerfect for a nice figure skating session on the lake :)
08:14:10dwihnoI was wondering...
08:14:32dwihnoIs it possible to do cut'n'pasting with mp3 files?
08:14:53dwihnoI have a song which is 20 minutes long (5 minutes audio, 10 minutes silence, 5 minutes audio)
08:15:09dwihnoI want to separate the 5 last minutes to a separate file
08:15:13Bagderit is possible
08:15:17dwihno(and remove the silence)
08:15:29dwihnowithout losing any quality, of course... :)
08:15:30Bagderbut without a proper program to do it, you may get some noise in the cut
08:15:45dwihnothat's what I suspected
08:17:30dwihnoany ideas what kind of software that is required? :)
08:19:19dwihnomp3Direct is a simple and efficient tool for cutting MPEG audio directly. That means you don't have to decompress your MP3 files into a pcm format to remove parts from it or to copy parts out of it. This saves work, encoding time and disk space. And there is no quality loss through any re-compression
08:19:24dwihnoHey, that might be it
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08:21:16dwihnoYay for Zay! :D
08:21:16Bagderhey Z
08:21:37*dwihno brings in the Rockbox girls ... And now, in number 57, Zaaaagoooooor Zagoriiinooooooooo!
08:21:42dwihnoThe crowd goes wild!
08:21:46Zagori have the weirdest problem here. my box can't find the ip address for localhost...
08:21:57dwihnoZagor: ifconfig lo :-)
08:22:16Bagderthat is weird, yes
08:22:26Zagori *have* a localhost, just the ip lookup doesn't work. means all sorts of "fun" timeouts for pretty much everything.
08:23:03Bagderso is localhost in /etc/hosts ?
08:23:13ZagorBagder: yes.
08:23:21dwihnoIt's that damn linux thing ;)
08:23:42dwihnoHow are you supposed to do any real work without a good point-n-click interface? :)
08:23:55Bagderping6 ip6-localhost
08:23:55BagderPING ip6-localhost (::1): 56 data bytes
08:23:55Bagder64 bytes from ::1: icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.086 ms
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08:44:23dwihnoLaaaaaaaaanghaaaaaaaaaaaaarrocker!! :D
08:44:31dwihnoWelcome back, to the wonderful world of RockBox! :D
08:44:48langhaarrockerAlways a pleasure to meet you.
08:46:04dwihnoNo no no, the pleasure is all mine! :D
08:47:23langhaarrockerdwihno: btw - are you a doctor? The three last letters of your name suggest you are a "Hals- Nasen- Ohrenarzt" :)
08:47:32*Zagor is being offered Hot Latino Sluts
08:48:00langhaarrockerfor rockbox?
08:48:10Zagordoesn't say :)
08:49:41langhaarrockerMaybe you should forward them the "WORK FROM HOME... " mail that spammed our beloved mailing list...
08:52:14Zagori'm drowning in spam :(
08:54:16dwihnolanghaarrocker: I'm the doctor! :)
08:54:17Bagder~500 during October alone
08:54:21*langhaarrocker throws a life belt to zagor
08:54:35dwihnolanghaarrocker: have you ever heard the tune "Doktorn" by Caramell?
08:54:36ZagorBagder: we need to set up blacklists on haxx and contactor
08:54:48Zagorcan you talk to arne about it?
08:54:54Zagoror can we fix it ourselves?
08:55:12langhaarrockerdwihno: no
08:55:42Bagderwell, personally, I'm gonna have a go at spam assasin "any day" as I don't believe any blacklists are gonna even half the amount
08:55:57dwihnolanghaarrocker: you sure missed something :)
08:56:15dwihnoBagder: how does spam assasin work?
08:56:35langhaarrockerI feel quite sane -> I don't miss no docter.
08:56:45langhaarrockerwell - others may disagree
08:57:28Bagderdwihno: it tries to detect patterns of spam or not spam in the mail, including all headers, user names, email adresses etc
08:57:32dwihnolanghaarrocker: Caramell - c'est parfait
08:57:43dwihnoBagder: ah, smart.
08:58:09dwihnohow many spam mails do you recieve a day?
08:58:45Bagderduring October 2002: 15.06/day
08:59:42dwihnoSpam sucks
09:00:55Bagder6.5% of my received mail is spam
09:01:43langhaarrockerOnce upon a time I played in a band named Damn' Spam...
09:02:18langhaarrockerBut that was before there was mail spammint.
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09:26:55henrysunsethow goes it
09:28:45Schnueffi'm ready to start work :)
09:33:18Schnueffi got to prepare some presentation on verifying a paging mechanism
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10:03:21henrysunsetany more thoughts on that ui stuff bjorn?
10:04:07Zagornothing major. i've been kind of busy with "real" work lately.
10:08:56henrysunsetah alright
10:09:04henrysunsetthat thing gets in the way sometimes eh?
10:13:04Schnueffsomeone knows if one can use here files with backgrounding in bash?
10:13:32Schnueffi want to do "cat <<EOF ..text..many..lines.. EOF"
10:13:55Schnueffbut cat is a different cmd and should be forked by adding ampersand somewhere (&)
10:14:16Schnueffforked=executed in bg
10:15:19Schnueffputting in a subshell (cat <<EOF .. EOF )& worx
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10:52:01Zagorand we all love, the wibbely wobbely net
10:52:29langhaarrockerthe ww?
10:58:03Zagorit's a reference to the movie "Hardware"
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12:18:21kargatronchoosing refreshed contents for my jb is a pain, since my collection is 3-4x bigger than the jb. pickin'n'choosin' is time consuming
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15:30:10elinenbehello LinusN
15:30:29elinenbehow is the baby?
15:30:31Zagoryo, linus
15:30:40LinusNhi Zagor
15:30:55langhaarrockerLinusN: online via gprs again?
15:31:03LinusNwe're still in the hospital
15:31:07kargatrondidja name it rocky? rockette?
15:31:44langhaarrockerI guess she'll have lots of smilies.
15:33:38 Part LinusN
15:33:43Zagorwhy can't frickin IT support departments ever actually SUPPORT people? they've now removed 'localhost' from the domain nameserver. yeah, great. that helped us a lot!
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15:34:09LinusNgprs isn't all that reliable
15:35:06elinenbeso, you are on your phone?
15:35:50 Part LinusN
15:35:57langhaarrockernot any more...
15:36:17elinenbelanghaarrocker: is that what he is using?
15:36:39 Join LinusN [0] (
15:36:39langhaarrockerI assume, but I don't really know.
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15:44:12Zagoryeah, he's using the mobile phone and a laptop
15:44:22LinusNcan you make konqueror not load images?
15:44:39Zagorgood question
15:45:34Zagorahh. squished yet another fat bug
15:45:41LinusNold or new?
15:45:48elinenbeI am sure you can do that.
15:45:53elinenbedo you guys use KDE here?
15:45:55ZagorLinusN: rather new
15:46:03langhaarrockerwas it me?
15:46:05LinusNi use kde now
15:46:16Zagori use gnome2 at home
15:46:30elinenbeI have been playing around alot on KDE. I like it much better then gnome. I feel it is more "polished"
15:46:32ZagorI didn't mean to, but Debian threw it in for me :-)
15:46:52elinenbeRedhat 8.0 defaults to gnome, but you can easily switch it to kde.
15:47:19Zagori don't care much. i only work in xterm and emacs anyway :-)
15:47:36LinusNZagor: same here
15:49:07elinenbeI agree with that, but I do like looking at nice eye candy
15:49:39elinenbecome on... I know you both use the GUI file manager to move around files :)
15:49:55langhaarrockerlet's have skins for rockbox
15:50:24elinenbelanghaarrocker: that is called customizable fonts
15:50:50Hadakagnome2 caused a lot of headache for me - but I must say I like it better than kde
15:51:10Hadakagnome feels... less intrusive.
15:51:50 Part LinusN
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15:52:14langhaarrockerthat was quick
15:52:35ZagorHadaka: what would you say is the least painful way to set up local resolution of 'localhost'
15:52:58elinenbeZagor: in /etc/hosts
15:53:11Zagorelinenbe: no, that doesn't help
15:53:17elinenbeZagor: why not?
15:53:21LinusNwhile we're at it, how do i make use of the "usepeerdns" PPP option?
15:53:36HadakaZagor: 'local resolution'? /etc/hosts?
15:54:11Zagor# host localhost
15:54:12ZagorHost not found.
15:54:17Hadakadon't use host
15:54:22Hadakaping localhost
15:54:26Hadakahost uses DNS
15:54:28Zagor# head /etc/hosts
15:54:31Hadakait's not the same as resolving
15:54:41Zagoryeah, but everthing uses dns so I need that to work
15:54:49Hadakawhat uses dns?
15:54:53Hadakanothing should
15:55:03Zagorssh, cvs, X etc etc
15:55:18Zagorok, then I've misunderstood my problem
15:55:22Hadakathose all work fine without a dns server
15:55:37Hadakaso, what's the real problem? :)
15:55:55 Part elinenbe
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15:56:08 Quit TotMacher ()
15:56:13Zagori have horrible timeouts for all my network activity. from what I saw, it all began when host localhost stopped resolving
15:56:45Hadakadoes your machine know it's dns name? does it's dns name resolve?
15:56:59Hadakadoes the dns server answer in general - for failed queries as well?
15:57:10Zagorand yes
15:57:24langhaarrocker"We know system administration under unix and we are skilled in TCP/IP down to the bits."
15:57:40elinenbehas your computer eaten recently?
15:57:49elinenbelanghaarrocker: good one!
15:57:53*Zagor slaps langhaarrocker
15:57:59*langhaarrocker ouch
15:59:29HadakaZagor: say ssh -v something - and see where it hangs
16:00:43 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:00:57Zagorwell it hangs immediately. the thing is everything I do goes through this same SSL tunnel that I'm IRCing through now.
16:01:37Hadakasay strace ssh -v something
16:01:39 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
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16:02:24Hadakasee what it is trying to resolve that doesn't resolve
16:02:49Hadakayour /etc/hosts should be - my localhost
16:03:19Zagorssh uses async lookup so it's a bit hard to see :)
16:03:56*Zagor feels like a newbie. Interesting experience :-)
16:04:30Hadakadoes it?
16:05:01Zagorlooks like it anyway, it hangs on poll()
16:05:11Schnueffsome nscd running? once had problems with that
16:05:12Hadakahmmh, I wonder
16:05:38Hadakais /etc/hosts's first entry set up as I mentioned?
16:05:59kargatroni'm on the 1030 build atm - nothing much has been added in the last week, hsa it? any reason for me to update? easier to ask than to hook it up. :)
16:06:42ZagorHadaka: yes it is
16:08:31Zagorkargatron: no nothing important. mostly fat write code commits the last days.
16:09:49HadakaZagor: and that matches with hostname −−fqdn?
16:11:06Zagorehm... hostname −−fqdn hangs on poll() too...
16:11:50Hadakanow we are on to something
16:12:18Hadakaand you are sure that 'host' resolves?
16:13:05Hadakahmm - but does hostname −−fqdn provide the correct answer after hanging at poll?
16:13:15Zagori'll wait and see
16:14:25Zagoryup. timeout is one minute precisely.
16:14:54 Quit mecraw1212 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:14:55 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:14:55Hadakawhat do you have in /etc/nsswitch.conf for 'hosts'?
16:15:19Zagorhosts: files nisplus nis dns
16:15:20 Join mecraw1212 [0] (~mecraw@
16:15:40Hadakacould it be that nis resolving is the one that really hangs?
16:15:50Zagorcould be. i'll try removing it.
16:15:58Hadakayeah, hosts: files dns is quite ok
16:16:01Hadakaif you are not using nis
16:17:43Zagorthat solved it. thanks!
16:18:03Zagori wonder what made it go bad...
16:18:39Hadakatry saying 'hostname -y'
16:19:02Hadakafor me, that's (none)
16:19:21Zagorit gives my domainname
16:19:53Hadakawell then that might've been the culprit - someone managed to set a nis domain for you - hence your nsswitch tried to use that nis domain
16:20:01Hadakaand ofcourse nothing answered from the network
16:23:59Zagorthat someone, of course, was me... :-)
16:24:26Hadakaerr? how?
16:24:47Hadakayou didn't literally type 'hostname -y my.domain' did you?
16:25:21Zagorno, but "domainname my.domain" :-) i mistook that for the 'search' entry in /etc/resolv.conf
16:27:06HadakaI have 'domain' in my /etc/resolv.conf
16:27:10Hadakait doesn't do that stuff
16:27:55Zagorobviously not :-)
16:28:22Hadakaoh well anyway, nice to get that sorted out
16:41:01 Part LinusN
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17:21:43 Part LinusN
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17:32:12Zagori'm off
17:32:13 Part Zagor
17:38:48 Part LinusN
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18:26:23 Part kargatron
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