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#rockbox log for 2002-11-06

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04:17:54nutsIs there a Win32 based simulator that allows one to test firmware and WPS files before loading them on the recorder?
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08:19:51dwihnoMOINS0RENS! :D
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09:43:49Zagormorning linux
09:43:59Zagori need coffee :-)
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09:50:40Zagorhaha. "now you see me, now you don't" :-)
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12:33:34Zagorooh, busy here today ;)
12:34:16langhaarrockerNot me: I'm on vacation
12:34:41langhaarrockerJust grabbing current cvs and than cu in 2 weeks
12:35:07langhaarrocker(besides I find an internet cafe...)
12:35:14Zagorwhere are you going?
12:35:47langhaarrockerThey say its good windsurfing wind tomorrow.
12:36:16Zagorbring the thick wetsuit :-)
12:36:28langhaarrockerno, I have a thick drysuit :)
12:36:53langhaarrocker(which isn't as dry as it claims to be)
12:37:34Zagorno? when I use them for diving, they are plenty dry :-)
12:39:33*Bagder studies the "LINUX ALLOCATED DEVICES" list
12:40:17langhaarrockerBut when you dive _into_ the water at 40 kmh with the head in front some water still spills down the back...
12:40:52Zagoryeah, i never tried that while diving :-)
12:41:27BagderI've tried that sitting in a kayak ;-)
12:41:42langhaarrockerHow do I mount the jukebox waterproof? :)
12:41:45Bagderbut only with wetsuit
12:42:26Zagorlanghaarrocker: there was a question (and several answers) about that on the yahoo list yesterday or the day before
12:42:53langhaarrockerAnswer? I ment this to be a joke!
12:45:29langhaarrockerBut when I think about it: I have a waterproof plastic bag for my camera. With a flex pcb cable I might get the headphone through the seal...
12:46:11langhaarrockerShould have thought about that earlier to solder something. Where do I get water proof earphones?
12:47:26Zagorhehe. didn't sony sell some kind of water resistant headhpones in the 80s? you know that yellow waterproof "sport walkman"
12:48:17langhaarrockerOh I remember the case. Since then yellow was associated with water proof. I consider this as good marketing.
12:49:28dwihnoPaint the jukebox yellow then
12:49:36dwihnoand it will inherit the waterprofness :)
12:50:04langhaarrockerDo I have to swap the backlight leds, too?
12:50:52dwihnojust to make sure
12:53:10langhaarrockerYou guys infect me with dangerous ideas. Pray that you don't exchange a rockbox developer (with jukebox) with a rockbox developer without jukebox and some heavy rocking fish!
12:53:53dwihnoHow much rock a rockbox rock box box rock? :)
12:55:08langhaarrockerI give in.
12:56:45langhaarrockerOk. Cu in 2 weeks, or so.
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13:06:13ZagorI found this today:
13:06:23ZagorIt's code I wrote back in '96...
13:06:33Zagorsomeone apparently still uses it :-)
13:06:45Bagder"wanted" ! :-)
13:07:26Bagderbrand new registered
13:07:45Zagoryup. it's fun to look at how you wrote code long ago. :-)
13:08:06Zagorapart from some oddball naming conventions, it looks fairly ok
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14:36:39dwihnoI don't fall for those cheap stuff ;)
14:38:02kargatronuh, popups, like, suck...
14:41:29Zagoruh, popups, like, blocked... :-)
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15:34:29NorrinTried the Rockbox firmware with the new Archos Jukebox FM Recorder today.
15:34:54Zagorhow did it go?
15:35:13NorrinI suspect Archos is jealous of your work. It didn't pickup the file.
15:35:27NorrinLooks like they changed the way they handle firmware upgrades.
15:35:31Zagordo you have an "update firmware" menu entry?
15:35:42NorrinDidn't come up.
15:35:49NorrinLet me look again.
15:36:09NorrinWhile I'm doing that, can you explain "Now also displays WPS lines without format codes
15:36:12Zagordon't try it, just say if it exists
15:36:33ZagorNorrin: there was a bug that made wps lines without % codes not display
15:41:15NorrinTried it, doesn't give the option to update firmware.
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15:41:31kargatrontry dropping it from a height of 3 inches
15:41:52Zagorok, we'll just have to wait until a) someone opens up their fm recorder or b) archos releases a firmware update for it
15:42:07kargatron(the canonical first things appliance techs do in their service shop :)
15:43:06Zagorthe multimedia also doesn't load files from disk. instead it reprograms the flash rom via a menu option.
15:43:32NorrinHave you seen a picture of this Jukebox? Note at the bottom of the player it has what appears to be a finger inset to open it.
15:43:58NorrinThis flap is sealed closed with two screws and I'm not going to be the first to open it.
15:44:27NorrinThere's no Warranty Sticker anywhere on it either which makes me suspect they have it rigged inside somewhere.
15:45:20Zagori have only seen the official archos photos. no detailed ones.
15:46:12Zagori'm pretty sure it uses the multimedia hardware platform
15:46:29NorrinIt uses the same LiOn battery.
15:46:39NorrinSame footprint.
15:46:55Zagordo you run windows or linux?
15:47:11NorrinWindows XP
15:47:29Zagori'd like to see the id of the USB chip. can XP show that?
15:48:35NorrinDon't think so, can't find it anywhere in device manager anyway.
15:48:51NorrinHave the manual zipped if you want me to send it to you. 1+MB
15:49:05Zagornah, manuals never contain useful info :-) thanks anyway.
15:50:39NorrinIt does have a flaw already noted over in Yahoo, when using the FM radio, you can't turn the volume off.
15:51:04NorrinIf with the volume showing completely down, it's still pretty loud.
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17:22:36Indiois this chanel only about jukebox?
17:25:37Zagorit's about rockbox
17:26:31Indiorockbox is about jukebox, isn't it? i'm spanish
17:28:29Zagoryes it is
17:28:43Indiothnak you Zagor
17:29:28Indioi hope to buy jukebox soon
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17:35:27Zagorif you can afford it, get a recorder. they are much more fun than the studios.
17:37:11Indioare you musican? Zagor
17:39:13Zagorno, i'm a programmer :-)
17:39:38Zagoractually, I'm a singer too so in a way I guess you could call me a musician
17:39:55Schnueffin which way?
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17:41:24Indiook, but do you have jukebox for listen music or for recorder? Zagor
17:43:25Indiook, where are you from?
17:44:02Indiothere are very much sweden here
17:44:44Schnueffsweden is the land of the 'rockbox'
17:45:31Indiook, i didn't know it, where are you from? Schnueff
17:45:37Schnuefffrom germany
17:46:12Indiodo you singing too? Schnueff
17:46:34Schnueffon rare occasions maybe. but most of my lifetime not :)
17:47:27Indiothen you use rokbox for listen music
17:56:11Indiook, :-)
17:59:55Zagorgotta go. see you later!
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20:32:12Schnueffhm 80G on 2.5" 9.5mm now
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20:58:36ZagorSchnueff: who makes it?
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21:13:51LinusNdo you understand what the file/fat buffer discussion is about?
21:15:43LinusNdoes he mean that there should be only one buffer?
21:16:01Zagoryes. i don't agree, and he is not reading the latest code...
21:17:25LinusNwell, his patch will prove his point, i guess
21:17:34Zagori hope so
21:18:33PsycoXulso up untill sometime recently, i could turn my player off with rockbox by holding stop for like 2 seconds and then it'd say it was shutting down and then shut down
21:18:34LinusNthis silly laptop has no serial port! i can't debug! :-(
21:18:55PsycoXulsince i upgraded to newer rockbox i have to hold it for at least 3 seconds and it just shuts straight off
21:18:58LinusNPsycoXul: and now you can't?
21:19:37LinusNPsycoXul: are you quoting someone?
21:19:47PsycoXulquoting? no...
21:20:13PsycoXulbefore i could hold it for a short time, let go, and it'd wait a second and shut off.. now i actualy have to hold it untill it shuts off or it won't
21:20:15LinusNrockbox has never had any "shutting down" message
21:20:49PsycoXulwell i may be confused about that particular bit, maybe it didn't say anything, but it's still behaving differently lately heh
21:21:04LinusNsince when?
21:21:25PsycoXuli'm not sure exactly, i went a long time without upgrading
21:21:29xamPsycoXul teh original firmware has a "shutting down" message
21:21:40PsycoXulxam: i know
21:22:08LinusNwe changed the power down handling a little, but that was quite some time ago
21:22:46PsycoXulok the old version i was using before upgrading was from oct 14 i think
21:22:59LinusNPsycoXul: i can imagine that you actually saw a "shutting down" message when shutting off rockbox
21:24:42LinusNthe earlier versions of rockbox actually rebooted when holding STOP long enough
21:25:17LinusNmost units shut off before that happens
21:26:32PsycoXuli think it would be interesting to have a rockbox-specific "alternate" shutdown procedure that would take care of pending writes and such before shutting off
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21:26:58PsycoXulbut maybe it's not that useful *shrug*
21:30:28PsycoXulthe faster "software" or whatever shutdown that i just described as disappearing gave me the idea, but the button-holding-time till shutdown varies per unit i guess it wouldn't be the right thing for it
21:30:58PsycoXulbut if the button... even
21:32:13xamargllll ... I should have bought a proper DVD drive instead on relying on this shite Compaq CD-ROM drive ... CD ripping with 1x, but it's 32x Data ... arglllll
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21:54:37Zagorxam: dvd drives are not particularly good at ripping. a good cdrom is faster.
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