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#rockbox log for 2002-11-07

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06:47:48CoA-JelloEateroh man i am gonna kill myself
06:47:56henrysunsetplease don't
06:47:58CoA-JelloEatermy archos keeps saying " HD ERROR "
06:48:07CoA-JelloEateri swear i am gonna throw this thing at the wall....
06:48:24henrysunsetremember the Hd is a replaceable component
06:48:29henrysunsetdont break it all for one part
06:48:39CoA-JelloEaterit's been sitting on my desk
06:48:41CoA-JelloEatercan't be broken
06:48:54CoA-JelloEaterworked then i turned it on this morning and it didn't work! just some fucking error
06:49:21henrysunsethd might be loose?
06:49:44CoA-JelloEaterhow do i unscrew the beast doesn't look like a screwdriver
06:50:04CoA-JelloEaterbut i can access it through usb
06:50:09CoA-JelloEaterand put files on
06:50:12CoA-JelloEaterand take them off
06:50:24CoA-JelloEateri tried re-formatting and putting on new firmware
06:50:35CoA-JelloEaterthen i tried the opensource firmware from this site
06:50:37CoA-JelloEaterstill nothing
06:50:42CoA-JelloEateri might be doing it wrong
06:50:53henrysunsetit is infact a special screwdriver
06:50:56henrysunsetcalled torx
06:51:10henrysunsetif its still warrantied
06:51:12henrysunsetsend back
06:51:17CoA-JelloEaternope not anymorew
06:51:22CoA-JelloEateri bought it in july
06:51:27henrysunsetthis year?
06:51:29CoA-JelloEateri have to return "within 30 days"
06:51:42henrysunsetit diddnt have a year warranty from archos?
06:51:56CoA-JelloEateri called them up too
06:51:57henrysunsetwhy not?
06:52:02CoA-JelloEaterhell if i know
06:52:07henrysunseti see
06:52:17CoA-JelloEateri'm gonna cry
06:53:07CoA-JelloEaterok it'll goto the first screen it says "Jukebox ver: 5.08" then shoots to the HD ERROR
06:53:26henrysunsetask more ppl in here before u go to crazy
06:53:34henrysunsetbut its prolly loose or a dead HDD
06:54:46CoA-JelloEaterdo you know if i put in the right dir F:/rockbox
06:54:59CoA-JelloEateri have the archos.mod and the english file in there
07:10:48CoA-JelloEaterFINE FINE
07:10:50CoA-JelloEaterthat's fine!
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08:32:47merwinhey zagor
08:34:14ZagorSchnueff: are you here?
08:35:36merwinfound a great ericsson money scheme :) Licensed downloadable games... the only way to get new games on the T300 is to pay your service provider to get them, at about 2-5 euros per game. Even if you make your own game, it won't work unless it is "Certified" by Mophun (the engine developer)
08:36:11Zagorwhy am I not surprised...
08:36:29Zagorresult: a gramd total of 6 games will be written.
08:37:35Zagorwho wants to download their silly games when you can play Doom on your nokia right now :-)
08:38:55dwihnoWhat OS?
08:51:10Zagorit uses symbian, afaik
08:51:28Zagorthe screenshots look cool:
08:54:05dwihnoherre jösses vad tufft :)
08:58:56 Join Bagder [241] (
08:59:26Zagoryo bro
08:59:40dwihnoHello hello Bagder!
09:02:34Bagderso, no luck on the FM recorder
09:03:07Bagderit needs to be posted and put in the FAQ once we have it solidly confirmed
09:04:34dwihnoBagder: which what doing what?
09:04:50Bagderdwihno: Rockbox does not work on the new Archos FM recorder
09:05:10Bagderpretty much as we suspected
09:05:13dwihnoBagder: who tested it?
09:05:25dwihnoBagder: same scrambling etc.?
09:08:06Zagordwihno: i'm pretty sure the FM recorder is a multimedia with a cheaper display
09:08:25dwihnoZagor: ah, that is possible indeed.
09:08:35Bagderit looks like one
09:09:37Zagorhe came in here a day or two ago, talking about this.
09:09:58Zagorone interesting thing is he couldn't find an "upgrade firmare" option in the menu
09:10:10Zagormultimedia has that
09:10:47dwihnoZagor: it has? so the "store the firmware on the disk" idea has been deprecated on the mmedia?
09:14:57dwihnoSo how do you update it?
09:15:08dwihnoLike in the old days with "special" software?
09:16:50Zagorthere's a menu entry "update firmware". i expect you need to have the file names something specific, so the updater can find it.
09:18:36dwihnoto quote the message board:
09:18:36dwihno"The OS on the Archos Jukebox FM Recorder has most of the features
09:18:36dwihnoRockbox OS has. Makes you wonder if they used the Rockbox firmware
09:18:36DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
09:18:36dwihnoto model their own.
09:19:09dwihnoIsn't it illegal to steal code from an open source project due to the GPL license?
09:19:20Bagderyes it would be
09:19:46Hadakawell, incorporating code in a commercial product would be
09:19:49Hesunless you release the source... it's not illegal to reuse ideas though (without reusing the actual code)
09:20:41Hesyou can always incorporate GPLed code in a commercial product, but you need to release the source code as well, and you can not forbid anyone from reusing/redistributing yours.
09:20:57dwihnoHes: that's what I thought the GPL was all about... :)
09:21:19HesGood morning, anyway 8-)
09:21:22Bagderand we don't see any sources released from Archos ;-)
09:21:39dwihnoI'd love to see the UI from the FM-recorder
09:21:43HesI doubt they used any rockbox code. Using ideas is completely fine.
09:22:05BagderI agree, I find it highly unlikely that they would use rockbox source code
09:22:33dwihnowell, the rockbox code IS certified by the C.P :)
09:24:54dwihnoI recall some flash kinda thing being available on the archos' site to test the unit out
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09:54:05Bagderhey Linus
10:08:44 Join kargatron [0] (
10:15:45kargatronZagor or Bagder, on 'rules for feature requests', can a reminder to pick a relevant categoy be included? Might slightly reduce the 'None' cat entries
10:16:00Zagorgood point, I'll add that
10:16:55kargatronnice to have sourceforge remember logins now
10:17:03kargatronalways hated having to relogin every time...
10:17:26BagderI agree with that
10:19:49kargatronjust refreshed my jb contents last night - altho it was plugged into power, the 40 minutes of spinning disc/usb hookup ate up half the mostly charged batteries.
10:19:52kargatrondidn't expect that
10:20:03kargatronthought it would grab most of what it needed from power
10:21:34LinusNi've heard that some people had problems like that
10:22:09LinusNthat the archos shut down during USB transfer even when the charger was attached
10:22:19LinusNnever happened to me though
10:22:24kargatrononly the 2nd time i've done it - can't remmeber the first, but i probably wasn't paying attention
10:22:32kargatroni guess it was a risk, if my batteries had been lower
10:22:39kargatronand if i was using 1.1
10:22:59kargatronactually, the first time i used 1.1, so dunno if something's "changed" internally
10:26:14SchnueffZagor: i am now
10:26:27ZagorSchnueff: who makes the new 80gig disks?
10:27:24Schnueffibm (german news:
10:28:55Bagderbut there's no 80GB on IBM's site
10:29:11ZagorI guess it's only "announced"
10:29:20Schnueffhm maybe
10:29:42Zagorthey say they'll make 7200rpm 9.5mm disks!
10:29:56Zagor2.5" i mean
10:30:16Schnuefffirst sentence says 'ibm has presented 2.5" 80G discs'
10:30:21Zagorthat'll suck your archos dry in under an hour :-)
10:30:24Schnueffhavent yet looked at the page though
10:31:00Bagder" IBM today introduced the world's highest capacity mobile hard disk drive at 80 GB"
10:31:08Schnueffbut actually you know some bits of german, dont you?
10:31:28ZagorSchnueff: a little. i never studied german though. only french and spanish.
10:31:41Bagder"IBM has begun to ship sample Travelstar 80GN drives to customers, with volume shipment scheduled for January 2003."
10:32:05Schnueffk, some months then
10:32:48Schnueff"pixie dust" technology , nice name
10:39:23 Part LinusN
10:45:45Zagorkargatron: I don't think 2auto boot+resume on external power" is an application. i would rather file it under operating system.
10:49:59kargatroni was mentally conflating 'applications' and 'functionality'
10:50:31Zagorok. i consider "applications" more in the vein of potential .rock plugins
10:51:51kargatronok. and i thought that OS/drivers was limited to server issues, rather than jb issues. will make mental note
10:52:43kargatronpesonally, a 'misc. functionality' cat stil makes sense to me, for these reasons, but i can deal. though with the occasional burp like the above. :)
11:00:55kargatronas with the submitter, i'm not sure whether that's a request or bug. opinions?/
11:01:31kargatronresume behavior after USB
11:03:49Zagorthat's a feature
11:04:05Zagorbugs are when things don't work as we intend them to
11:04:50kargatronthe current intention was what was unclear (to me) :)
11:05:20kargatronthere is oddness, iirc, in the wps display after you unhook USB in pause mode
11:05:35Zagorafter USB, we intend reread the root dir and go into dir browser there
11:06:35kargatronright. It is a bit confusing, because at first glance it looks like your place is lost, though it's not
11:08:36kargatronsay i want to update ajbrec.ajz
11:09:03kargatroni turn it on, resume starts, i pause, hook USB, unhook, and now looks like my play info is gone
11:09:14kargatrondoesn't return to the screen i left it at
11:09:26Zagorthat's right. after USB it goes to root dir
11:09:27kargatronis silently enters dir browser
11:09:47kargatronhence the 'confusing'
11:11:16kargatroni know better now, but the first time i did that, i panicked, since i hate to lose my resume place :)
11:11:52Schnueffdon't panic
11:13:12ZagorI forgot USB in the manual.
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11:39:24LinusNdo you think it will be interesting to commit a recording-to-RAM-and-playback for people to test?
11:41:06LinusNit's takes quite an effort to do the RAM playback, but maybe it's worth it?
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11:45:14henrysunsetwestern digital is selling 40gb harddrives inside a box labelled 120gb
11:45:29LinusNhow nice! :-)
11:45:37henrysunsetso i have to prove that I am not tryign to cheat the store tomoroow
11:45:45henrysunsetso hows it going
11:46:20LinusNso so
11:46:44henrysunsetworking on the rockbox hackery or just lurking
11:46:52LinusNstill at the hospital, hacking recording drivers
11:47:06henrysunsetyou doing better i hope?
11:47:26LinusNi'm fine, it's my wife
11:47:35LinusNand she's unfortunately not better
11:47:48LinusNbut we're going home next week
11:47:48henrysunsetoh ok; i thought that was the case but i wasnt sure
11:48:07henrysunsetwell i hope she indeed improves
11:48:32LinusNthat will probably take some months
11:48:47LinusNbut i am making progress on the recording features
11:48:53henrysunsetbut there is hope with time
11:48:59henrysunsetoh goody
11:49:15henrysunsetleveraging the progress on disk writing i guess?
11:49:30LinusNhaven't tried disk writing yet
11:49:52henrysunsetit supposedly pretty stable from what I understood
11:50:12LinusNnobody has tried to write to an actual disk yet
11:50:18henrysunsetso to record u feed the line in into the mp3 enc/dec chip and it spits out a mp3 stream?
11:50:18LinusNonly simulation
11:50:34henrysunsetwhat bitrate comes out?
11:50:47henrysunseti clearly never tried it :-)
11:50:48 Join pyvasene [0] (
11:50:56henrysunsetso good enough to bootleg a concert?
11:51:08LinusNyes, if you have a good mic
11:51:19 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:51:22LinusNthe internal mic picks up the harddrive noise
11:51:27henrysunsetthat makes life easier for people
11:51:34henrysunseti have a stereo external mic
11:51:42henrysunseti wish i cad it backi the olden days
11:51:51henrysunsetthrow it in a friends purse
11:51:54henrysunsetcall ti a walkman
11:52:01henrysunsetmerely hide the mic
11:52:27henrysunsetwell good lucke
11:52:34henrysunseti have some sleep to enjoy
11:52:37henrysunsetthen work
11:52:44LinusNsleep tight
11:52:52henrysunsetand yelling at circuit city or the hd company
11:53:06LinusNgood luck with that
11:53:15henrysunsetoh; do u have both a recorder and a player?
11:54:05henrysunsetwhat were yer thoughts on the player button redesign i accidentally stumbled upon trying to improve the recorder?
11:54:35LinusNhaven't had the time to study it, too much going on right now
11:54:42henrysunsetfair enough
11:54:48LinusNi have to go now
11:54:52LinusNcu l8r
11:55:02 Part LinusN
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12:10:40kargatronhow is/will be encoding handled on record (in archos firmware and in future rockbox)?
12:11:00kargatronIs it some hard-coded encoder, or can LAME be used?
12:11:18kargatronnever messed with recording myself, just curious
12:11:30dwihnoIt's the on-board chip which does the encoding
12:11:41dwihnoalthough lame would be pretty neat ;)
12:11:45kargatronguess that makes sense - no room for LAME, is there, probably. :)
12:17:18CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:17:18*Schnueff smells FAQs :)
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12:26:37kargatronwell, the floor's pretty low in chatrooms. :)
12:26:39 Join webmind [0] (
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13:06:54kargatroni've never looked at jbsynch before, because my collection is much bigger than my jb, but i presume it's as useful for synching a backup HD (that is big enough)?
13:07:31Zagori should think so
13:24:46kargatroncurious, what's the status of that queue patch (there was one, wasn't there)?
13:25:13kargatronwouldn't really use it myself, but it is a popular desire
13:25:45Zagorit works, but it's a hack. we want a better design for queues.
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13:53:24kargatronZagor, you're quick on rejecting those requests!
13:53:30kargatronor my mail delivery is slow...
13:55:17kargatronare the 'canned response's customizable?
13:55:34Zagori'll add this...
13:55:34kargatronmight accept faq urls unless they're too long. :)
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15:22:02 Join Bagder [241] (
15:22:10LinusNhi Bagder
15:22:44Bagderhey ho
15:23:08BagderLinusN: no bandy? ;-)
15:23:20LinusNhey Zagor! Do you think i dare to try writing to my disk?
15:23:33LinusNBagder: check the web page
15:23:45BagderI noticed, about 2ms after my message
15:23:51ZagorLinusN: i'd appreciate if you try it. i might have a SWAB32 too little (or too many)
15:24:14LinusNany caveats?
15:24:33ZagorLinusN: only short names work. no mkdir/rmdir yet.
15:24:41Zagorthat's all, i think
15:25:08LinusNopen(FD_WRITE) or?
15:25:30Zagoror creat()
15:25:49LinusNcreat() as in "touch"?
15:26:03Zagorcreat() and open(x,O_WRONLY) is exactly the same thing
15:26:32LinusNi think i
15:26:36Zagorback up your disk ;)
15:26:41LinusN'll try on my Player first
15:26:46Bagdernah, don't be a chicken ;-)
15:26:53LinusNwith the empty hard disk
15:27:21LinusNi don't want to lose my music while i am at the hospital, my backup is at home
15:32:41Bagderok then, you're excused
15:33:28 Part LinusN
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15:41:20 Part LinusN
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15:41:55LinusNshaky GPRS connection today
15:43:55LinusNZagor: can you think of a "safe" way of testing, like in a separate dir?
15:49:38Zagorno. the safest would be creating a new partition, but that's a bit tricky without losing the files
15:49:43Zagorespecially over usb...
15:55:18*Bagder reads that hungarian notation page
15:55:26*Bagder is scared
15:55:26Zagori love it
15:56:08Zagorit proves my point exactly, but it's meant to encourage use of it!
16:00:48ZagorHungry Notation: long juicySteak; short sweetPecanPie;
16:03:47LinusNopen() returned -5
16:04:03 Join n3tw0rk3r [0] (
16:04:09n3tw0rk3rhi all
16:04:14Zagorthat means fat_create_file() failed.
16:04:17Zagorbring out gdb
16:04:22Bagderhey n3tw0rk3r
16:04:23Zagorhi n3tw0rk3r
16:04:37n3tw0rk3rcan i ask a stupid question ?
16:04:52Bagderyes, but we may laugh ;-)
16:04:53LinusNno :-)
16:04:59kargatronwait, let me quote HEATHERS:
16:05:05kargatronthere are no stupid questions.
16:05:09*LinusN holds his breath
16:05:17*Bagder buckles up
16:05:19n3tw0rk3rhow can i compile a language file (.lang) ?
16:05:26Zagorkargatron: quote headers? stdio.h or what? ;)
16:05:29kargatronwow, that's the stupidest question i've ever heard
16:05:48n3tw0rk3rsorry :-$
16:05:51Bagdern3tw0rk3r: 'binlang' is the tool, a perl script
16:06:05Zagorn3tw0rk3r: ignore kargatron, he's just the janitor ;)
16:06:25n3tw0rk3ris this script included with the sources ?
16:06:34Bagdern3tw0rk3r: yes, in the tools dir
16:07:13kargatron(i hope none of those comments mean people haven't seen HEATHERS. one of the best black comedies of all time)
16:07:27BagderI've seen it
16:07:28n3tw0rk3rI've downloaded them and there is a tool called "genlang"
16:07:42n3tw0rk3ris this the same ?
16:07:51Bagderbinlang is missing
16:08:19LinusNZagor: the file was created (had to use uppercase file name) but it was empty
16:08:59ZagorLinusN: weird. you shouldn't need uppercase either.
16:09:07n3tw0rk3rthank you very much!
16:09:17ZagorLinusN: ah, right you have no serial port. booo... :-(
16:10:00Zagor"Hungarian Notation is the tactical nuclear weapon of source code obfuscation techniques. Due to the sheer volume of source code contaminated by this idiom nothing can kill a maintenance engineer than a well planned Hungarian Notation Attack."
16:10:28Bagderwise words
16:10:53n3tw0rk3rah, i've got the jukebox 6000 and what the heck is that line in connector for ?
16:11:55Bagderiirc, nothing
16:12:15Zagoractually, you can use it to mix another sound source with the mp3 audio
16:13:12LinusNwell, i gotta go now
16:13:19LinusNZagor: don't forget my stick
16:13:22Bagdersee ya in a while
16:13:37n3tw0rk3rthank you very much for helping me. Keep on codin' guys!
16:13:47Bagderbye n3tw0rk3r
16:13:59 Part n3tw0rk3r
16:14:02 Part LinusN
16:21:53 Quit merwin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:23:34Zagorxscale vs strongarm article:
16:23:50Zagorinteresting graph on second page
16:24:11Zagorxscale @400MHz runs on 1.0V !?!
16:31:49Bagderthe article is a bit too much comparison of the PDAs based on those CPUs rather than the CPUs alone
16:32:32Zagorbut i thought that power graph was enlightening. now I know what the difference btwn the two is :)
16:32:40Bagderhehe, yes
16:50:25*Bagder is off
16:50:27 Quit Bagder ("")
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16:56:40 Part Zagor
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18:19:21 Join vinchu [0] (
18:19:31vinchuhello everyone
18:20:06vinchui just known about your firmaware and it seems usefull
18:20:57 Part vinchu
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18:45:32 Join Indio [0] (
18:46:34kargatrondo people who say hi think it's rude if people don't respond? :) Never known that about chatroom etiquette
18:50:31Indioi'm from spain, hello is the correct
18:52:47kargatronno, it's about whether someone entering a chatroom feels bad if they don't get a response after a greeting
18:53:01kargatroni.e. are we obligated to respond?
18:57:33 Join Thrill [0] (
18:58:00kargatronflash poll: single most awaited rockbox feature
18:58:18kargatronme: playlist bookmarks
18:59:08kargatrontach? a tachometer? :)
18:59:21Thrillnich ganz
18:59:38Thrilleher tageszeit...
18:59:40Thrillso wie
18:59:48Thrilloda so
18:59:50kargatronnich spriech deutsch. (sp?)
19:00:35kargatron(spelling? - i.e. unsure spelled right)
19:00:58kargatron:) surprise
19:03:14 Part Thrill
19:03:19kargatroni declare the flash poll a failure. :)
19:03:39 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
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19:40:57 Part kargatron
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19:48:45 Join Zagor [242] (
19:54:29Hadakataking apart my archos right now
19:54:53Hadaka(for the first time)
19:57:36Zagorooh, a virgin! ;)
19:57:56Hadakaargh! apparently my torx is too big!
19:58:22Zagoroooh, hadaka! your torx is so... big!
19:58:40Hadakaexactly :)
19:59:11 Join Giss|XC [0] (
19:59:15Hadakais it... torx 10 what's needed? or torx 15?
19:59:40Zagori don't know what it's called
20:00:41Hadakaeither one anyway, I think torx 10
20:04:10Hadakahmh, apparently I have no way of getting this thing open today then
20:04:11 Join LinusN [0] (
20:04:25Hadakahave to go fetch a better torx tomorrow morning
20:12:08ZagorLinusN: making a 312 bytes file works fine in the simulator
20:13:01Zagorso it seems like a target problem. probably an endian bug.
20:13:14 Quit Indio ("Client Exiting")
20:17:41LinusNwhat exactly is -5 from open()?
20:23:15Zagorif means fat_create_file() failed
20:24:54LinusNi removed the file and tried again: open() returned -5
20:25:04LinusNno file was created
20:25:12LinusNi tried again, no error
20:25:32LinusNand an empty file was created
20:26:12Zagora lot is actually working if the dir entry is created
20:27:02LinusNi guess so, but why does it only work the second time?
20:28:18Zagorgood question
20:32:38LinusNmy code:
20:32:44LinusN {
20:32:46LinusN int fh;
20:32:46LinusN int rc;
20:32:46LinusN char data[] = "Linus rular fett\n";
20:32:46DBUGEnqueued KICK LinusN
20:32:46LinusN fh = open("/NEWFILE.TXT", O_WRONLY);
20:32:46LinusN if(fh < 0)
20:32:48LinusN panicf("Open: %d", fh);
20:32:50LinusN rc = write(fh, data, sizeof(data));
20:32:52LinusN if(rc < 0)
20:32:54LinusN panicf("Write: %d", rc);
20:32:56LinusN close(fh);
20:32:59LinusN }
20:33:10Zagorlooks good
20:41:47Zagori'll test it with gdb a bit later
20:42:47CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 3 hours and 26 minutes at the last flood
20:42:47*Zagor goes hunting for food
20:44:43LinusNadd_dir_entry() returns -3
20:46:15Zagorthat means ata_write_sectors() return an error
20:46:34 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
20:53:16LinusNZagor|out: ata_write_sectors() returns the number of sectors written
20:55:14 Join Norrin [0] (
20:55:16LinusNbut not your simulated ata_write_sectors() in ata-sim.c
20:59:22 Part Norrin
21:01:40 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
21:11:12LinusNi changed ata_write_sectors() so it returns 0 on success, and the file was successfully created!
21:13:07LinusNway to go Zagor|out!
21:16:02 Part LinusN
21:16:12 Join LinusN [0] (
21:20:41LinusNthis is damn cool! we just created our first file on target!
21:33:29 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
21:42:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:07:45 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
22:10:04 Part LinusN
22:10:51 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
22:15:51 Join LinusN [0] (
22:36:48 Join neur0 [0] (
22:37:10neur0Hey anybody here?
22:37:21LinusNi'm here
22:37:30neur0I have a prob with rockbox
22:37:42LinusNi don't believe you :-)
22:38:00neur0welll it's very nice
22:38:31neur0but since i put ver 1.4 on my jukebox 6000 i can't connect it to my computer
22:38:47neur0the computer gets an io error
22:39:02neur0but the jukebox works fine
22:39:10LinusNdoes the unit play music?
22:39:22neur0yeah works fine
22:39:47LinusNthen i can't see how rockbox can be at fault
22:40:11 Join kargatron [0] (
22:40:16neur0i don't know if it is i just wanted to check if any1 has had the same prob.
22:40:26LinusNwhen you connect, do you insert the USB plug before or after you turn on the unit?
22:41:11LinusNthen rockbox isn't even running when you connect
22:41:29neur0ok so it has to be a prob with the harddisk!?
22:41:32LinusNwhat OS is on your computer?
22:42:00LinusNwindows, that is
22:42:19LinusNand the i/o error, when does it come?
22:42:23neur0btw, thanks for asking these couple of questions
22:43:17neur0when i power on the jukebox, the explorer (windows) freezes and after 2-3 minutes an error window opens with the io error
22:44:10LinusNthat sounds like you didn't do "safely remove" when you last transferred files to your jukebox
22:44:41neur0i think i did....but what to do if i didnt? can u tell me?
22:45:12LinusNit sounds like windows has problems reading the FAT
22:45:32LinusNmaybe you could try to connect it to a Linux box
22:45:49neur0i only have a unix box (freebsd)
22:46:10neur0without usb:(
22:46:35neur0but i could try it at a friends
22:47:30neur0btw rockbox is plain good compared to the archos firmware
22:48:46 Part LinusN
22:49:01 Join LinusN [0] (
22:49:06neur0so if i have the USB ACTIVE screen on the jukebox it's just hardware, no firmware
22:49:18LinusNsorry, bad GPRS connection
22:49:34LinusNit's the Archos firmware
22:49:35neur0gprs? u live in sweden?:)
22:49:51neur0very cheap there
22:49:53LinusNi'm in a hospital at the moment
22:50:07neur0r u hurt?
22:50:21LinusNmy wife, not me
22:50:49neur0wish her well from me...
22:51:03LinusNi will, thank you
22:51:17neur0ok so the hard way for my prob will be formatting the drive
22:52:05neur0thanks for the quick and good info
22:56:38neur0If i get to know the exact problem i will tell you how i fixed it...
23:02:29 Quit seb-away ("restart to try and get this usb hard drive to work")
23:06:53neur0so let's see if linux can help...(made a boot disk)
23:07:04 Quit neur0 ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
23:11:53 Join CoA-JelloEater [0] (
23:11:57CoA-JelloEaterhey hey
23:12:01CoA-JelloEateri need help with my jb
23:12:13 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
23:12:20ZagorLinusN: it works?
23:12:29CoA-JelloEaterusb does :-p
23:12:33CoA-JelloEaterwhen i boot it
23:12:47CoA-JelloEaterit says jukebox ver 5.08 and then shoots to the HD ERROR
23:13:35CoA-JelloEatercome on anyone
23:13:40*CoA-JelloEater cries
23:13:40 Join seb-away [0] (
23:14:05ZagorHD error is usually just bad batteries. have you left them charging overnight?
23:14:08LinusNZagor: yes it does, after i changed the return code from ata_write_sectors()
23:14:19ZagorLinusN: awesome! wooohooo
23:14:30*Zagor does a little dance
23:15:05LinusNdoes write() truncate the file?
23:15:15Zagorcurrently, yes. i will fix that.
23:15:47LinusNi think open() should do that
23:16:35Zagoractually, it's close() that does the actual truncating. i thought you meant more abstractly, that we should be able to write in the middle of a file.
23:17:11LinusNi want that, with O_RDWR
23:17:11Zagorit's better that close() does it than open(). it gives us an existing cluster chain to use during write.
23:17:19Zagoryeah, it's coming
23:17:22LinusNi see
23:21:13 Quit CoA-JelloEater (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:21:14 Join CoA-JelloEater|w [0] (
23:21:18 Nick CoA-JelloEater|w is now known as CoA-JelloEater (
23:21:42LinusNZagor: how do we want ata_write_sectors() to do regarding the return code?
23:22:08*CoA-JelloEater cries
23:22:30ZagorLinusN: the same as read_sectors, i.e. 0 == Success
23:23:05LinusNcan you fix and commit?
23:23:16LinusNtakes forever over gprs
23:23:16CoA-JelloEaterwhy why do i get this error
23:23:21CoA-JelloEateris a box supposed to come up
23:23:27CoA-JelloEaterafter i install rockbox?
23:23:28ZagorCoA-JelloEater: did you read my message about batteries?
23:23:38Zagora box?
23:23:45CoA-JelloEateri'll do that
23:23:59ZagorHD error is usually just bad batteries. have you left them charging overnight?
23:24:16 Quit tot|away ()
23:24:32 Join TotMacher [0] (
23:25:00CoA-JelloEaterhave you ever gotten that error?
23:25:12CoA-JelloEateryeah it shuts off after it says hd error
23:25:14 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb (
23:25:17Zagoryeah, and it always went away with charged batteries
23:25:17 Nick _seb is now known as _seb_ (
23:25:19CoA-JelloEateri am guessing batteries dying
23:25:32CoA-JelloEaterfuck and i re-formatted
23:26:00 Nick Giss|XC is now known as Gissehel (
23:40:36ZagorLinusN: committed
23:42:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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