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#rockbox log for 2002-11-08

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00:05:45adi|napyou guys around?
00:05:54LinusNi'm here
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00:05:58adi|homea while back...
00:06:00adi|home2 months maybe?
00:06:12adi|homerumor had it that you guys were working on something big..
00:06:23adi|homeand that it would break in time.. but i havnt heard anything
00:06:27adi|homeyou know what im talking about?
00:06:41Zagoruh... no :-)
00:06:54adi|homei think it had to do something with archos
00:08:05Zagori guess you don't have an irc log reference i can use to refresh my memory?
00:08:35adi|homelet me see what i can dig up...
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00:17:50LinusNGiess what i just did?
00:17:58Zagorrecorded to a file?
00:18:24LinusNand it didn't truncate... :-)
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00:19:12LinusNi could hear stuff in the file that was saved in the file from an earlier try
00:19:33Zagoroh, bad. it truncates in the sim.
00:19:41adi|homethe file that displays
00:19:43adi|homeis that index.html
00:20:20Zagorindex.shtml, in this case
00:20:27Zagorbuilt from index.t
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00:20:35adi|homeahh. okay
00:20:54LinusNbut this is soooooo cooooool, that i have actually recorded with rockbox!
00:21:45*LinusN dances wildly in the hospital bed
00:22:57LinusNi was wrong, the file is correctly truncated
00:23:10Zagorah, good
00:23:31*vekar test
00:23:34 Part vekar
00:25:17LinusNhow does the write work? does it reuse the cluster chain as far as possible or what?
00:25:40Zagori thought that would be the best method
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00:40:22Zagorbed time
00:40:24 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
00:41:10LinusNi agree, time to sleep
00:41:22 Part LinusN
00:54:17adi|homecan't find a ref anywhere...
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02:49:57henrysunsetso; when will rockbox Raid 5 arrays come out
02:50:19henrysunsethack your box with maybe 20 batteries and put in like 4 60gb drives :-)
02:51:00henrysunsetthen i'd be able to carry 1/2 of my mp3's; instead of 1/16 or whatever.
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09:21:30Zagormorning, all
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09:28:19bobTHChi all!!!
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09:33:24Zagorhi bobTHC
09:34:00bobTHCno new string on langage file??
09:39:53ZagorbobTHC: ?
09:41:00bobTHCnothing, i look the cvs and no new string added in the english.lang
09:41:13bobTHCi'm just too lazy. ;)
09:42:16***No seen item changed, no save performed.
09:43:14bobTHCu think record will be implemented soon?
09:45:32LinusNi recorded my first file yesterday
09:45:46bobTHCgood news!!!!
09:46:44bobTHCsounds good ?
09:48:57LinusNthe firmware has no control over the sound quality when recording
09:49:33Zagorwell we can set bit rate :-)
09:51:29Zagoralso there is of course the question of RTC noise.
09:51:46bobTHCthe hardware limit the recording feature... but a good recording fonction with blank detection and autonaming function will be great
09:52:00LinusNcoming up
09:53:07bobTHCfor the naming function what u plane to use? virtual keyboard or just incremential letter step by step ?
09:53:23LinusNi don't care about the gui stuff
09:53:40LinusNi write the driver
09:53:59bobTHChardware forever!! ;)
09:54:27LinusNZagor: i need non-truncating writes
09:55:12LinusNfor the VBR header
09:56:42adi|homebobTHC: some dev on the char interface has been done
09:57:17bobTHCwhat style?
09:57:39adi|homethe one i did was a 4x10 display or so
09:57:42adi|home10 chars per line
09:57:45adi|home4 lines high
09:57:58adi|homewith a box surrounding a char for 'selecting'
09:58:03adi|homethen play to select the char
09:58:10adi|homeit was rec only on the initial version
09:58:26adi|homea line below the display showed the chars that were selected
09:58:44adi|homeits in the mail list archive
09:59:51bobTHCsorry, it's surely in the mail archive, but the traffic on it is heavy and i haven't the time to read all, so thanx for the precision adi !
10:00:10bobTHCgood choice.
10:00:15adi|homenp.. you want me to send it to you so you can see it?
10:00:28ZagorLinusN: i'll see if i have time to fix that today
10:00:41bobTHCif u want adi .. thx
10:12:01 Part LinusN
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10:16:45 Join Bagder [241] (
10:17:13Zagoryo, baggie. linus did our first recording to file yesterday.
10:17:52Bagderwhat did he record? ;-)
10:18:21Zagorheavy breathing ;)
10:22:29LinusNZagor: exactly, and some humming too
10:22:29 Quit vekar (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:22:54Zagorhigh fidelity humming, i hope?
10:23:14LinusNoh yeah!
10:24:05Zagorgood. our TQM vision clearly dictates that Quality Is Number #1!
10:24:58bobTHCTQM ?
10:31:34 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:36:42Bagderso, how's the progress on long file names?
10:37:03Zagornothing written yet. it shouldn't be a big deal, though.
10:39:08ZagorLinus asked for non-truncating write to be fixed first
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11:06:50Bagder20 identical spam mails, each being 727K was sent to the wget mailing list today
11:07:00Zagorhow nice
11:07:07Zagorsize limit is good
11:08:00Bagderbut these fellows think it is *so* useful to allow huge patches to the same list
11:08:17Zagorstrange people
11:09:34LinusNi'm glad i don't subscribe to that list
11:09:42LinusNespecially over gprs
11:10:06Bagderonly 14.5MB ;-)
11:29:48CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:29:48*Bagder runs for lunch
11:31:56*Zagor too
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12:40:15bobTHCbye all
12:40:17 Part bobTHC
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12:41:03Zagori love tunnels
12:41:24Bagderi love traffic lights ;-)
12:41:38Zagoralthough my name's not Bambo
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12:57:24LinusNreligion alert on the mailing list!
13:01:34Zagori am your mulla
13:02:05LinusNMulla Zagor
13:02:14LinusNhas a certain ring to it
13:02:16Bagdersounds scary
13:03:23LinusNi had a good answer to the Hungry notation mail yesterday, but i deleted it
13:03:34LinusNdidn't want to start a religious war
13:03:48LinusNbut now it's started
13:04:12Zagornah, nobody dares to promote the use of it
13:04:32Zagorall fear the Spank-O-Mat
13:04:40LinusNgood reply there bagder, about "newbies and general losers" :-)
13:04:53BagderI give them a test of my humbleness ;-)
13:06:43Hadakait's torx 10
13:06:46Hadakathe screws on archos
13:07:03Hadaka(you could add that as a hint to the webpage on disassembling)
13:07:10Zagora, good point
13:08:17Hadakahad to take the archos with me to a store to check it
13:08:42Hadakatorx 15 is the normal on old macintoshes and generally all computer hardware which uses torxes (like Itanium boxes)
13:09:02Hadakaso they just _had_ to take the one smaller size :(
13:09:54Zagorinfo added
13:10:48Hadakalooking good
13:13:49Zagorgotta love this:
13:14:45Zagorwhen the BOFH runs the customer service department :-)
13:15:58ZagorLinusN: yikes, linus... and you called Bagder's response harsh!
13:19:09LinusNi am quite sick of all these conventions and guidelines
13:19:16Hadakaso, later today, I'm taking my archos apart
13:19:38Hadakahopefully then I can fix it and start running rockbox again
13:19:39ZagorHadaka: any specific plans, or just out of curiosity?
13:19:50Zagoroh, didn't know it was broken
13:19:57Hadakait's been broken for ages now
13:20:09Hadakamailed archos but they didn't reply - so I said "fuck it" finally
13:20:24Hadakathe latest rockbox that was on it was from 2002-07-09 :)
13:20:54LinusNprehistoric stuff
13:21:59 Quit Bagder ("")
13:27:01 Part LinusN
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14:52:54Zagoroh, crap. i need to implement copy-back caching in the file write...
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15:17:17dwihnoZagor: you rule the ROCKBOX! :D
15:17:40Zagoreh, uh.. what brought this on?
15:18:32dwihnoJust my 2 öre - to show how much I enjoy all your effort! :)
15:18:39Zagorheh. thanks!
15:19:11dwihnoI remember in may when I joined this channel and asked some hardware questions to decide whether or not to purchase the unit
15:19:34dwihnoAnd the first day I got it, I tested the first recorder builds (and got ATA: -2 errors) :)
15:19:51dwihnoLike the sand through the hour-glass, so are the days of our lives!
15:20:06Schnueffpathetic :)
15:20:10Zagorhave you been drinking? ;)
15:20:51dwihnoZagor: Some delicious hot choco :)
15:20:58dwihnoand I also ate a couple of buns (and kex)
15:21:17Schnueffbut no drugs in your food? :)
15:22:36dwihnosugar? :)
15:23:26dwihnoAnd some rocks, from rockbox :)
15:24:52Schnueffhot choco on the rocks?! :)
15:26:50dwihnoI wonder who is using drugs ;)
15:29:06dwihnoZagor: You are sneaky sneaky(tm)! :)
15:29:15dwihno"My company is planning to make a new innovative
15:29:16dwihno+digital camera/PDA/whatever"
15:29:38Zagorsometimes you have to bend the truth a little to workaround buggy companies
15:30:15dwihnoSNEAKY SNEAKY!
15:30:29dwihnoDid you see "Mr Deeds"? (with Adam Sandler)
15:31:43Zagornope. i'm not a big fan of mr Sandler
15:32:14dwihnoWell, there's a pretty good actor playing an español señor, who is sneaky sneaky
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15:40:48 Part Norrin
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16:07:45LinusNZagor: why creat(), and not only open()?
16:07:50Zagoradi|home: i can smell a new faq coming up.
16:07:58ZagorLinusN: no reason really, just completeness
16:08:21Zagoradi|home: q: "can we have a 7-band equalizer please" a: no
16:08:57dwihnoI want to have a playlist editor!
16:09:04Zagordwihno: so write one
16:09:29Zagorrumors say bagder is looking at some basic playlist generation
16:10:17LinusNi heard that too, but i spoke to another guy on IRC that said he would do it
16:10:23LinusNcan't remember who...
16:11:03LinusNdwihno: i recorded my first file yesterday
16:11:14dwihnoLinusN: was it cool?
16:11:30LinusNit was immensely cooooooool
16:11:34dwihnoLinusN: I recorder my first file in july, but welcome to the club ;D
16:11:52LinusNdwihno: not woth Rockbox
16:12:13dwihnoLinusN: What Rockbox? ;) Heh. Cool progress.
16:15:52LinusNZagor: pretty similar responses from both of us :-)
16:16:31LinusNon the mailing list
16:19:08dwihnoHow stable is file writing right now, btw?
16:19:58 Part LinusN
16:20:00Zagordwihno: pretty darn stable
16:20:13Zagorit's just missing some features
16:20:15 Join LinusN [0] (
16:20:45dwihnoSo then we'll have Rockbox commander - a two window file management utility ;)
16:21:02Zagoryou bet. as soon as you send the patch! ;)
16:21:50dwihnoZagor: I can't! The file is too big! :)
16:22:05dwihno(for the mailing list, that is) :) :) :)
16:23:28Zagoryup. we introduced the patch tracker thinking especially about you
16:24:46LinusNcalled the /dev/null tracker
16:25:00Zagor/dev/random tracker :-)
16:25:30dwihnoThat's linux humour ;)
16:26:34Zagorthe best kind
16:27:47dwihnothe nerdy kind :)
16:29:22Zagoractually, that URL is to be commended for it's readability. clearly not designed by Spray.
16:29:31Zagor(not the page, the url)
16:43:26 Part LinusN
16:43:39 Part Zagor
16:44:23 Join Zagor_ [242] (
17:02:32dwihnoTrevlig helg
17:02:33 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:02:33DBUGEnqueued KICK dw|gone
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17:30:14 Part Zagor_
17:30:44 Join Zagor_ [242] (
17:33:38LinusNZagor_: how do you like greg's buffer code?
17:33:51Zagor_not at all. it's DEAD slow. i bet max 400 KB/s
17:34:26Zagor_he double-buffers *everything*. that's why the code gets simpler.
17:35:25Zagor_every sector is first copied from disk to buffer, then from buffer to target memory.
17:35:45Zagor_that's why he doesn't have to care about head and tail bytes.
17:36:20Zagor_yup. i'm sending a response now.
17:36:56LinusNstill, simple is good in most cases
17:37:06Zagor_yeah. but not in this case.
17:37:16LinusNi agree
17:37:31Zagor_the code also has a lot of other silly things, but I'm not going to discuss them
17:37:51Zagor_like seeking from the start of the file for each sector read...
17:38:22Zagor_that's a but easier to fix than the double-buffering though
17:38:25Zagor_a bit
17:40:58Zagor_time to go home
17:41:00 Part Zagor_
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19:20:46 Part LinusN
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20:41:12 Join slakwhere [0] (
20:41:22slakwherehey kids
20:42:06CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:42:06*LinusN is flattered, someone called him "kid"
20:42:09slakwhereso the firmware looks like its damn amazing, and i wanna try it :)
20:42:24LinusNthen try it
20:42:27slakwherei got the installer off the website, ran it... it created a mod file an a .archos directory
20:42:37slakwherei boot my player, and i get the same screens as before
20:42:49slakwhereis there something im missing?
20:42:58LinusNyou use Windows, right?
20:44:20LinusNok, did you "safely remove"?
20:44:37LinusNwin2k? or XP?
20:44:54LinusNwin2k has issues with that
20:45:43LinusNtry running a tool called "directory snoop" that can cure this
20:46:41LinusNi don't know where to find it. use google.
20:46:51slakwhere ?
20:47:15LinusNi dunno, i have never used it
20:47:33slakwherealright. guess i'll give that a whirl tonite
20:47:57LinusNit looks like that is the program people use
20:48:29slakwherewhat exactly should i be doing with it?
20:48:32LinusNsilly windows
20:48:51LinusNit locates hidden files and allows you to remove them
20:49:07LinusNtry looking in the message board at
20:49:15slakwhereso i should remove all the .mod's and .archos dir's and then do the install again?
20:49:16LinusNthey talk a lot about it
20:49:17slakwhereoh ok
20:56:46 Part LinusN
20:57:36 Join neur0 [0] (
20:58:11*slakwhere can't find any mention of directory snoop on richard's site
20:58:50 Join LinusN [0] (
20:59:37neur0LinusN: remember my prob from yesterday?
20:59:49LinusNno :-)
21:00:19neur0no harddisk under w2k while rockbox was running fine...
21:00:45LinusNany news?
21:01:15neur0well I couldnt find out what exactly it was, but I could resolve it...
21:01:34neur0by deleting the partition and creating a new one...
21:01:49neur0seems that the partition was messed up
21:02:42neur0tried to install rockbox again and reconnected to computer afterwards, everything is fine...
21:03:07neur0I will have to be more careful with setting up and breaking the usb connection i guess
21:03:25LinusNyup, and don't use w2k or xp
21:03:37LinusNthose os'es are evil
21:03:42neur0just to let u know...and thnx again, to all of the developers...
21:04:01neur0yeah I know, but...(yeah I know:)
21:04:01LinusNif you do, run Directory Snoop to purge the dir entries
21:05:20neur0why if i may ask
21:06:02LinusNwhy dir snoop?
21:06:11neur0btw, i tried to install debian today but messed up the installation, it booted to runlevel 3 and then i got no login:((
21:06:23neur0but i will try again
21:06:33LinusNwin2k and XP don't delete the files entirely
21:06:53LinusNso if you copy a file over another, the old is still there
21:06:55neur0you mean they delete to recycle bin?
21:07:11LinusNyup, in some wierd way
21:07:24neur0ok thanks for the advice
21:07:29LinusNdir snoop can purge the dir entries so the old file disappears
21:07:40slakwherelinus: so i need to use dir snoop to REALLY delete the files, then move the rockbox stuff over?
21:08:00LinusNi think you can run it after the installation too
21:08:24slakwhereso install the new stuff, then use dir snoop to purge the old?
21:08:32LinusNi believe so
21:08:45slakwherethanks a ton, both for development and the help just now ;)
21:09:02LinusNyou're welcome
21:09:13LinusNrecording is coming up any day now
21:09:20*slakwhere doesn't have a recorder
21:09:32slakwherebut that auto-playlist builder would rule ;)
21:09:33LinusNi recorder my first file yesterday
21:10:09slakwherei can't wait to see the new code
21:10:12neur0LinusN: I just tried to delete a dir on the Jukebox, if you really delete it (shift+del), the free space on the jukebox grows accordingly...
21:10:14slakwherein action that is
21:10:50slakwhereneur0: if you reed the directory snoop homepage, that's the OS lying to you. the file might still be there
21:10:57slakwherebut the OS ignores it because its been "deleted"
21:11:17LinusNi think w2k and XP can mark certain drives as removeable and get rid of the trashcan
21:12:20LinusNi don't know how, though...
21:12:49slakwhere*twitch* must. run. new. firmware.
21:12:55neur0LinusN: tried to find that setting for the jukebox, didn't find it...either the jukebox drivers already did it (there's no trashcan on my jukebox) or the setting moved to another place
21:13:02 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
21:13:27neur0The setting is supposed to be in Device Manager
21:13:53neur0Well you are not running windows anyways..:)
21:15:40 Join edx [0] (
21:15:49LinusNhi edx
21:16:22neur0btw I would like to request a feature, but you probably thought about it..
21:16:32neur0shutdown timer
21:17:00neur0so I can listen to that big playlist on shuffle and still conserve batteries
21:17:42*slakwhere wonders how much energy turning the display off entirely would save
21:17:50LinusNthat is in the feature request database
21:18:15neur0ok...browsed there but didn't find it, excuse me...
21:18:34LinusNslakwhere: not much at all, i guess
21:18:47slakwhereLinusN: forget i said anything then ;)
21:18:58LinusNit's called "sleep timer" in the database
21:19:21LinusNi think
21:19:53neur0I will take another look and be patient for the implementation:)
21:20:26neur0ok thnx again to all of u developers, i am happy with the product:) cu, i'm off
21:20:30LinusNneur0: or code it yourself ;-)
21:20:56neur0maybe if it takes long enough
21:21:17neur0I have only little experience in coding...
21:21:29neur0...but I will take a look at the source
21:21:50LinusNdo so. a sleep timer would be quite simple
21:22:00LinusNwe are thinking of two alternatives
21:22:11neur0i would think so too....if there is a clock
21:22:14LinusNshut down after X songs
21:22:20LinusNshut down after X minutes
21:22:52neur0i was thinking of shutdown after 10*x minutes, would be enough
21:23:01neur0form 10 to 90 minutes
21:23:05LinusNi guess
21:23:56slakwhereok, i gotta go get some real work done
21:23:58neur0ok cu:)
21:24:00slakwherethanks again for everything :)
21:24:04 Part slakwhere
21:24:07 Quit neur0 ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
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22:04:02 Join carrot [0] (Gagan@
22:05:02carrotanyone awake?
22:05:14LinusNi'm here
22:05:48carrotim intrested in getting an archos
22:05:54carrot(the cheapest one)
22:06:06LinusNbuy a recorder
22:06:06carrotcan i be able to *hack* it as well
22:06:16carrotwhat version u recommend
22:06:28LinusNrecorder 20
22:06:35LinusNhas usb2.0
22:06:51LinusNi have one
22:06:55LinusNand a Player
22:07:02LinusNthe recorder is superior
22:10:54carrotmy budget is 200 or less
22:11:41LinusNthere are a lot of price discussions at
22:12:30carrotim just wondering if i would be able to upgrade the hard drive as well
22:12:46LinusNand in the archosjukebox6000 forum at yahoo
22:12:51LinusNyes you will
22:12:58LinusNin all models
22:13:16LinusNthe sound quality is better on the recorder
22:18:46carrotsorry but im at work co i leave unexpectedly
22:19:13carrotthe recorder are the new ones right?
22:19:29LinusNquite new
22:19:46LinusNbut the newest is the Multimidia
22:19:52carrotthats why im looking towards the older one's (cheaper) lol
22:20:04carrotyea i know about those usb 2
22:22:07LinusNpeople say that you can get a recorder for $180 at
22:23:02carrotthats after rebates
22:31:37carrotim leaving now thank you
22:31:55 Quit carrot ()
22:50:14 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:53:52 Join sand [0] (
22:56:34 Part sand ("I like core dumps")
22:59:42 Quit laotan (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:42:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:51:13Hadakamy archos is coming apart at this very moment
23:51:41LinusNgot a torx 10 now?
23:51:56Hadakayah, got it this morning, just wasn't able to do the job
23:52:03Hadakajust took the bumpers off
23:52:23LinusNwhat was wrong with the old HD?
23:52:31Hadakanot hd
23:52:37Hadakasomething is loose inside this
23:52:40Hadakaand it's rattling
23:52:45Hadakaand the power goes out all the time
23:52:51LinusNah, now i remember
23:56:07Hadakahmm, how do I get the harddrive off?
23:57:19LinusNlift it up in the back end and pull it out
23:57:35Hadakano screws to unscrew before that?
23:58:17LinusNonly the torx
23:58:19Hadakait's off
23:58:39LinusNthe small ones too?
23:58:49Hadakathe rattling comes from inside the hd :(

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