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#rockbox log for 2002-11-09

00:00:07HadakaI wish I had a second hd so I could test whether the hd has anything to with the problem
00:00:23Hadakathe hd is working perfectly btw - when I get it to have enough power
00:00:52LinusNcheck the soldering of the battery springs
00:01:01Hadakahmmh, would I dare take the circuitboard off from the hd?
00:01:36Hadakathe soldering on the battery springs look ugly - but nothing that would break per se
00:01:57LinusNthat's hard to see
00:02:22LinusNyou should warm them up with a soldering pen
00:02:25Hadakatoo bad I don't have even a soldering iron here, even less any kind of a meter
00:03:13Hadakaouch, there seems to be one very bad solder
00:03:29Hadakaexactly the battery spring that has the weird over wire
00:03:45LinusNthat might be your problem
00:03:50Hadakathe other end of that is almost torn off
00:04:14HadakaI wonder what I could do to it without a soldering iron...
00:04:49LinusNtake it to someone who has a soldering iron
00:05:24Hadakayeah I have one at home, but I'm at work
00:07:41HadakaI scratched the solder and pushed the wire closer to it, hoping to have caused some effect
00:08:23Hadakaookay, back together
00:13:43Hadakaso, how much do hd's of that size cost?
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00:20:37Hadakawell that - and bigger
00:21:26Hadakathat rattling doesn't really give too much trust in this hd :(
00:23:25LinusNa 40gig fujitsu costs about 1500SEK+VAT in Sweden
00:23:46LinusNi guess that is about $140
00:25:10Hadakahmh not too bad
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00:26:48LinusNdamn gprs
00:30:43Hadakaookay, off to home, have to take this apart and have a soldering iron handy next time
00:32:17LinusNok, good luck
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06:39:54NicBolasHey all.. just downloaded Rockbox. All I have to say is.. YOU GUYS RULE!
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10:09:29Indiohow are your family? LinusN
10:09:42LinusNsame same
10:09:53LinusNthe kid is ok, wife is bad
10:10:38LinusNwe are still at the hospital
10:10:38Indioi see
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11:00:28Indiowhat it has rockbox that it does not may have the one which comes original?
11:00:50Indiowhy is better rockbox that the one which comes original?
11:05:04LinusNmay things
11:05:13LinusNmid-file resume
11:05:32LinusNbetter playlist handling (faster, larger playlists)
11:05:55LinusNno background noise on the Recorders
11:06:01LinusNGames :-)
11:06:15Indioare you a rockbox programmer? LinusN
11:06:20LinusNconfigurable while-playing display
11:06:38LinusNyes i am, i have coded most of the drivers
11:06:47LinusNmp3, rtc, i2c
11:06:56LinusNthe threading kernel
11:07:02LinusNand lots more
11:07:11LinusNwas here from the start
11:07:35LinusNi am working on the recording driver as we speak
11:07:51Indiothank you for that
11:08:04LinusNyou're welcome
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11:08:18Indioi'm not a programmer
11:08:23LinusNhehe, i do my best
11:08:43Indioi'm a user
11:09:17Indioa future user of rockbox :-)
11:09:44LinusNno player yet?
11:10:20NorrinUpdate for ya, tried the following filenames for FM Recorder (ajbrec.ajz, ajbfmrec.ajz, ajbfm.ajz, & ajbf.ajz), no luck on any of them.
11:10:24Indioi must go out, no i hope buy archox this evening
11:10:39LinusNIndio: good luck with that
11:10:45LinusNNorrin: :-(
11:10:51Indio330 euros, is it vey expensive?
11:11:29LinusNlemme check
11:11:46NorrinThe FM Recorder saves a new file in the root directory which holds the FM presets, RSTATION.BIN.
11:12:16NorrinNot the usual text file, would love to have the ability to manually put these in versus have to name them with FM Recorder
11:12:44LinusNIndio: 330 euro is not cheap, but not expensive either
11:13:37LinusNNorrin: Typical, a binary file...
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11:14:43NorrinIf I send it to you, can you look at it? Your call.
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11:14:59LinusNi have no time as it is now
11:15:24LinusNbusy with the recording drivers
11:15:24NorrinOkay, I'll post it in the files section of the Yahoo Groups then.
11:15:31LinusNgood idea
11:15:43LinusNpost two versions
11:16:04LinusNone "original", and one with a new station added
11:16:28LinusNand also describe what settings it reflects
11:16:52NorrinI'll see what I can do. Thanks.
11:22:10NorrinAnybody ever see the archos.mod file for firmware version 5.08?
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11:23:21henrysunsetactive evening?
11:23:27henrysunsethow's everyone
11:23:44LinusNi'm fine, thank you
11:23:57henrysunsetthat is good
11:24:09LinusNworking on the recording
11:24:11henrysunsethow's recording going?
11:24:21LinusNvery well
11:24:21henrysunseti see
11:24:27henrysunsetthat is good
11:24:28LinusNit's working
11:24:42LinusNi haven't committed it yet though
11:24:44henrysunsetso; how do u know ot works? do u have it linked to writing code now?
11:25:01henrysunsetah sweet
11:25:08henrysunsetit's gonan be cool :-)
11:25:30henrysunsettake it to concerts and record the music :-)
11:25:51LinusNwith an external mic...
11:25:57henrysunsetyes ofcourse
11:26:09henrysunsetthe modern DAT :-)
11:26:18henrysunsetcan you bypass the mp3 encoding and do WAV?
11:26:36henrysunsetthat would be neat; oh well
11:28:33 Part LinusN
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11:29:39LinusNdamn gprs connection
11:31:26NorrinLinusN, the FM Recorder doesn't save the file until you add a preset so there is no original.
11:31:49LinusNok, add one, and then another
11:31:57NorrinI can save one preset, copy the file, then save another so you can see the difference.
11:32:05NorrinYep, that's what I thought.
11:37:33NorrinI created a new folder under the archosjukebox6000 section called Jukebox FM Recorder.
11:37:45NorrinTwo files, RSTATION.ORG and RSTATION.BIN
11:42:18LinusNdid you describe what the settings are?
11:42:39LinusNi mean station names and frequency etc
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11:43:46NorrinWill do.
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12:29:07*edx opens his lately received replacment of EX70LPs =)
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15:23:43Indiohi people
15:36:00Hadakamy archos is now open
15:36:09Hadakaand now I have a universal meter and a soldering iron
15:39:42Hadakaso now I would need to somehow realize how the power is distributed in this damn system
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16:25:41Hadakaman, now I'd need linus
16:25:52Hadakaor someone who has done hardware mods on archos
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