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#rockbox log for 2002-11-10

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15:23:48CIMmy compliments about rockbox!
15:24:10CIMjust bought a jukebox yesterday and installed your rom only 10 minutes ago...great sound settings support
15:25:16LinusNwhat model did you buy?
15:25:26CIMstudio 20gb
15:26:13Hadakayo, linus :)
15:26:32Hadakadid you see my mails on the list?
15:27:07LinusNyou're nuutti, right?
15:30:03LinusNdid you fix it?
15:30:05HadakaI do have my real name on whois
15:30:27Hadakawell I found the problem, and this recorder is open in front of me
15:30:35Hadakaand I have a soldering iron hot
15:30:41Hadakaso.. not yet, but almost :)
15:31:03*LinusN holds his thumbs
15:31:21HadakaI'm still wondering though what's the best course of action to fix this
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15:32:00LinusNHadaka: what do you mean?
15:32:07HadakaI need to get the connection solid in those 6 solder "joints", but I'm not sure if I should go all the way trying to solder them tight or just warm them up a bit or something
15:32:38LinusNi think you should solder them tight
15:33:00Hadakathe problem there is that I'm on the "wrong side" of the joints
15:33:11Hadakayou've opened an archos recorder 20, have you?
15:33:18LinusNas long as your iron is hot...
15:33:30LinusNHadaka: actually, no
15:33:43LinusNi have not separated the two boards
15:33:52Hadakaoh that's not necessary
15:34:09Hadakabut have you seen the 6 solder joints where the battery casing is soldered to the top board?
15:34:23Hadakawere they soldered tight?
15:34:34LinusNi think so
15:34:54LinusNwait a minute, define "tight"
15:35:00Hadakaattached :)
15:35:10Hadakafor me, they are completely loose, I can separate them
15:35:18LinusNas long as the connection is good
15:35:26Hadakaand it looks like they could've been like that from the moment the unit was bought
15:35:57LinusNput a lot of (what's it called?) tin on it
15:36:00Hadakawell yes, that's what I'm wondering - should I fix them so they cannot be separated - or just clean them up and make sure they can connect when they are just on top of each other
15:36:22Hadakayeah, I think I'll add some more tin on it
15:36:25LinusNoh, no, solder them together
15:36:51Hadakaookay, off to the soldering iron
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16:41:08LinusNHadaka: any luck?
16:42:55Hadakajust putting it all together
16:43:13HadakaI swear, this must've been the worst soldering I have done in my entire life!
16:43:39LinusNworst as in difficult, or worst as in the result?
16:43:58Hadakaworst as in result
16:45:03LinusNcold iron?
16:45:31Hadakano, too hot probably and wrong kind of soldering iron
16:46:00Hadakaplus just sucky working conditions and just sucky performance in general
16:46:28LinusNor just plain incompetence :-)
16:46:34Hadakaexactly :)
17:17:51Hadakanow, the moment of truth...
17:17:57Hadakapower on!
17:18:29Hadaka..something is weird, more looking
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17:31:52Hadakano smoke
17:31:53Hadakaworks fine
17:31:56Hadakaalmost atlesat
17:32:40Hadakayes, almost - something might still be causing reboots..
17:32:41Hadakawe'll see
17:36:21Hadakathe problem is that now that it's working, it's playing such nice music that I don't want to try and make it hiccup again :)
17:43:00LinusNHadaka: damn! i forgot to ask you to check something for me!
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17:43:21LinusNthe revisions of the two boards
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17:43:34Hadakaopen again
17:43:44Hadakaso tell me where to find them :)
17:43:58LinusNprinted somewhere on the boards
17:44:32Hadakaand then there's 6 boxes after that from which the first is marked with 'B'
17:44:35Hadakaand the rest are empty
17:44:44Hadakado I need to remove the hd for the second board?
17:45:30LinusNi think so
17:45:47LinusNdo you remember your debug hw info?
17:46:18Hadakahmmh, 94V-0 is the only text I can find there
17:46:36Hadakaoh and
17:46:46HadakaV1.3-0062 on the USB port
17:47:14Hadakaoh and MP3FRONT-8.1 on the "front" board where the usb port i
17:47:51HadakaMP3REAR-8.3 on the rear, where the ear plug is
17:48:04LinusNwhat ROM version is on your unit?
17:48:37Hadakaif there's actual text on the bottom board, then it must be between the boards and I haven't separated them
17:49:00LinusNnever mind
17:49:09Hadakaand no, I don't remember the debug hw info, since it's been way long
17:49:17HadakaI can get it later ofcourse
17:49:30LinusNhurry up and assemble it, so you can try the new recording function on the rockbox!
17:49:36LinusNi just committed it
17:49:54Hadakaoh yes, can you do one touch recording later on?
17:50:30LinusNyou haven't even tried it yet, and you come with feature requests already... :-)
17:53:27Hadakaarghhh if this thing weren't difficult enough to put back together
17:54:34HadakaI manage to stick it in these pads the wrong way around
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18:24:05Hadakanow this is _the_ weirdest problem yet
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19:07:01Hadakayoh, linus - some of the weirdest shit happened with that archos unit
19:07:25Hadakait worked fine - but every time I screwed one of the torx screws, the harddrive refused to spin up
19:07:42Hadakaso finally I took it all apart and put it back together
19:08:03Hadakait seems to work a bit better now, but I have to charge the batteries again so I can reliably test
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19:32:49AtifearAnybody knows if we can make playlists with rockbox?
19:33:01LinusNi know
19:33:08LinusNwe can't :-)
19:33:25LinusNit's coming up
19:33:49LinusNwe've only had disk write support for about a week now
19:34:06LinusNbut I just committed the recording drivers
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19:37:08Atifearand do you know if they're working on the use of the volume keys while keylocked?
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19:37:34LinusNnot that i know of
19:37:40LinusNis that important to you?
19:38:24Atifeara little cauz press on+keys is a little hard when the jukbox is in your pocket
19:38:44Atifearpressing one key would be easyest
19:39:04LinusNok, so + and - become volume keys when locked?
19:39:26Atifearit would be very cool
19:39:31LinusNsounds quite easy
19:39:45Atifearyou think?
19:40:25LinusNit's not a technical problem
19:40:49adi|homewell.. i think the concern was the volume increasing/decreasing
19:40:50Atifearis it easy to modify firmware for a newbie like me :)?
19:40:55adi|homewhen you _don't_ want it to
19:41:06adi|homeAtifear: depends.. do you know C?
19:41:14LinusNif i implement it, someone else will file a bug report about "volume keys not locked"
19:41:19Atifearnope :(
19:41:39Atifearyes its possible LinusN
19:41:44adi|homeahh.. well.. working on the firmware might be a bit tough for you then...
19:41:52adi|homebut we are always looking for hel pin other places
19:41:57adi|homeupdating the manual
19:42:02adi|homeworking on tech documents
19:42:12adi|homeediting the website (corrections for errors)
19:42:20adi|homeoh.. if you feel really up to it :)
19:42:26adi|homeyou could reorganize the FAq
19:42:33adi|homeor help me with it anyways :)
19:42:33LinusNhi adi|home, BTW
19:42:42adi|homehowdy LinusN :)
19:42:56adi|homeill have that tshirt file finally tomorrow.. i have the whole day free for once
19:42:59*adi|home sighs
19:43:04adi|homehows the wife LinusN?
19:43:08adi|homeany better?
19:43:14LinusNin great pain
19:43:28LinusNstill in bed
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19:43:32adi|homeif you get the chance.. could you find out the name of what her affliction is?
19:44:01Atifeari've got to go now, thanks! :)
19:44:04 Quit Atifear ()
19:44:08LinusNi know the latin name
19:45:22adi|homei was just curious
19:45:36adi|homemy family has a history of "1 in a million" things happening
19:45:38adi|homeso :)
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19:46:23LinusNi know the feeling
19:46:29adi|homeon the brighter side.. how's your daughter?
19:46:37LinusNshe has a whiplash injury too
19:47:26LinusNshe's fine, eating, sleeping and growing
19:47:38LinusN...and crying... :-)
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19:55:13LinusNhi Zagor!
19:55:22LinusNi wondered when you would join
19:55:42Zagoryeah, i've had a busy weekend
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19:59:17Zagornice work on the recording code, linus
19:59:34LinusNneeds a lot of work on the gui
20:00:08Zagorit took 16 minutes until someone posted it on the yahoo forum :-)
20:00:16LinusNi saw that
20:00:59LinusNwhat a scoop
20:01:55 Join Mudo [0] (
20:02:56MudoIve downloaded the queue patch, anybody know how i can apply the change and if it works with a jukebox studio?
20:03:24LinusNyou need to recompile the code
20:03:33Mudohow can i do that?
20:03:39LinusNdo you have the gnu compiler and all that stuff ready?
20:03:58Mudoarf i don t know where i can find that$
20:04:14LinusNok, that patch is a source code patch
20:04:15Zagorread the documentation on the web site
20:04:33LinusNyou need to set up a complete development environment
20:05:08Mudoi haven't found hoow to make it in the documentation :(
20:05:38Zagorclick "documentation". click "how to compile rockbox"
20:06:42Mudo"Build the tools by running 'make' in the tools/ directory." i don t know how to run it
20:07:03LinusNok, then the patch is not for you :-(
20:07:46Mudothe ajz file doesnt work with me
20:08:37LinusNyou have a player?
20:09:02Mudoa jukebox studio 10
20:09:18LinusNa player then
20:10:28LinusNtoo bad then, the ajz is for the recorder
20:11:06MudoI know but is there any way to make the queue patch work with my player for a noob like me?
20:11:18LinusNZagor: do we need to save the recording gain values in RTC?
20:11:37LinusNMudo: you'll have to ask a developer to compile it for you
20:11:41ZagorMudo: no. you must learn to build the firmware from source
20:12:09LinusNsorry about that
20:12:10Mudowhere can i find a tutorial to learn how to build the firmware from source
20:12:11ZagorLinusN: i don't know. do we? it sounds like a nice thing.
20:12:20LinusNok then
20:13:30Hadakahmmh, I think my archos is charged enough now - time to start testing if it's really ok
20:13:55LinusNHadaka: good luck, and may the force be with you
20:14:31LinusNMudo: the README file in the source code archive
20:14:38Hadakathanks, but I'll leave the blindfold helmet away this time :)
20:15:08LinusNMudo: it is not all that simple
20:15:16LinusNespecially if you run windows
20:15:27Mudoarf i run windows :)
20:15:43Mudo2. Build the tools by running 'make' in the tools/ directory.
20:15:45ZagorMudo: try this page:
20:20:02MudoGNU-SH Tool Chain for Windows
20:20:09Mudoi can t downnload it :(
20:20:20Mudofor the moment...
20:23:00Mudoanyone can tell me his login informatin to Download GNUSH v0203 Tool Chain ? :)
20:23:08Mudoi can t wait :)
20:23:37Zagormost of us use linux, so we haven't downloaded that
20:23:57Mudoarf okay
20:24:23Mudowithout this program i can t recompile i think
20:24:38Zagorthat is the compiler
20:25:35Mudoanydoy had recomile the firmware for a player with this patch?
20:25:55Zagori don't know
20:26:37ZagorHadaka: works?
20:26:51Hadakaexcept for the left side battery cover being a bit more open than before, this unit looks just like it did and now works
20:27:06Hadakaonly god knows what hideous work it contains inside :P
20:27:10Hadakathanks :)
20:27:20LinusNHadaka: God and you
20:27:23Mudobefore recompile i have to copy the files of the patch inside witch directory?
20:27:25Hadakawell, yes
20:27:44HadakaMudo: you need to apply the patch
20:27:56ZagorMudo: please read the FAQ and all documentation. we wrote it so you don't have to ask
20:28:05Hadakathat requires the 'patch' program - I don't know what windows people do to get to applying them
20:28:14Mudookay sorry
20:28:23LinusNi think yoy get it with cygwin
20:28:53ZagorMudo: it's ok to ask, but only after reading.
20:31:02Mudoi think ill never be able to make it :(
20:31:27Mudoi just have to wait
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20:36:01 Part moebius
20:38:57Hadakabut.. I think I'll wait a couple days for rockbox - when this thing broke, I was just moving on to rockbox, having used it for a week or two - I still know the archos firmware better and I wanna see if this thing behaves exactly as it should.
20:39:36 Quit Mudo ()
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21:23:02Indiohello friends
21:23:27 Join elinenbe2 [0] (
21:23:36elinenbe2LinusN: congrats!
21:23:44 Nick elinenbe2 is now known as elinenbe (
21:23:53elinenbeLinusN: great work on the recording.
21:24:12elinenbeyou and Zagor are the only ones who have even been busy on the project!
21:24:26Indiodid you buy archox by inet?
21:24:51LinusNIndio: no
21:25:09Indioi did it
21:25:37Indioit is most cheap
21:34:38LinusNelinenbe: tried the recording?
21:34:59elinenbeLinusN: not yet.
21:35:13elinenbeLinusN: I am afriad... very afraid!
21:37:24LinusNyou should :-)
21:37:48elinenbewhat is the % possibility that there will be data lost?
21:38:14elinenbeI have an 80gig here, and I would hate to have to reload it...
21:38:32Zagorvery little risk, I'd say
21:38:44Zagoryou have an 80gig 2.5" disk?
21:38:51Wouter80gb hehe
21:38:59elinenbeyeah −− brand new.
21:39:04elinenbeI got it from work. free!
21:39:09Zagorcool. i didn't know they were selling yet
21:39:10elinenbeIBM sent us a free sample!
21:39:18Zagorah. cool!
21:39:22elinenbeso, naturally I put it on my Archos!
21:39:45Hadakaheavy duty testing ;)
21:39:52elinenbeyeah :)
21:40:01elinenbeit gets knocked around quite a bit
21:40:04Hadakayou can complain to them if it eats too much power or can't stand rattling :)
21:40:38Wouteris there an easy way to boost the bass further wwithout soldering and stuff ?
21:40:48Zagoryeah, i'm curious about the power issue. they seem to measure spinup power differently from the toshiba. or they really do draw 2x as much...
21:40:53WouterI think the bass is pretty low on my jukebox :/
21:41:06ZagorWouter: get better headphones
21:41:09elinenbemy life is quite long.
21:41:27elinenbeI have never measured it, but I eaily get at least 8 hours (on very old batteries)
21:41:30WouterZagor: allready using my old Sony headphones :)
21:41:44ZagorWouter: what model?
21:41:45Wouterfirst thing I did after unpacking it...get rid of the headphones
21:41:47HadakaWouter: try koss porta-pro if you are on the move ;)
21:42:20Wouterthe single most cheapest version 3 years back or something....about 15 euros at the time
21:42:38ZagorWouter: i repeat my suggestion: get better headphones
21:42:39Wouterthanks :)
21:43:09Zagorif you like earbuds, try the sony ex-70
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21:44:34elinenbeyou guys working on anything new with rockbox?
21:45:04Hadakagods... just turned up the bass to max
21:45:05Zagorelinenbe: i still have some more write fixes to do
21:45:12LinusNrecording, is that old news now? :-)
21:45:23ZagorLinusN: bah, that's HOURS old! ;)
21:45:31elinenbeLinusN: all I ever asked for was queue :)
21:45:41elinenbeLinusN: no, recording is great!
21:56:04Hadakacan rockbox recursively play a directory yet?
21:56:47Hadakahmm, bummer
21:57:47 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59:02HadakaI don't have a single playlist on my drive
21:59:21elinenbeHadaka: neither do I.
21:59:44Hadakaelinenbe: so how do you use your archos then?
22:00:53elinenbesomething like /artist1/cd1 /artist1/cd2 /artist2/cd1 /artist2/cd2 ......
22:01:15Hadakabut you don't ever play several cds from one artist?
22:01:27elinenbenot in a row, but I would like to.
22:01:45Hadakawell I'd like to not only play them in a row, but shuffle-play them
22:01:58elinenbesame here. that would be very nice.
22:02:28Hadakafor now, the archos firmware does pretty trivially that if I don't have over 999 files there
22:02:50elinenbeyeah... but that is shit.
22:03:05LinusNguys, what's wrong with playlists?
22:03:25Hadakawell creating one for every directory seems stupid
22:03:32Hadakaand combination of directories
22:03:50Hadakaif I have an artist, from which I wish to play cd's 1, 2 and 4 - how do I do it?
22:03:51Zagorthat's what recursive-play will do
22:04:43elinenbewell, I have some playlists. But, I hate having to create special lists for every listening scenario.
22:05:18Zagorrockbox will allow playlist creation soon
22:05:28elinenbereally? Is that a hint :)
22:05:48Zagorwith file writing, playlist creation is mostly a question of GUI
22:05:52elinenbewill that come with playlist viewing (browsing through a playlist?)
22:06:06Zagorthey are different features
22:06:14Zagorboth are planned
22:16:40 Join henrysunset [0] (
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22:25:48 Quit edx ()
22:28:10 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
22:30:29HadakaI guess rolo can load the original archos firmware?
22:31:10LinusNthat's the original purpose
22:31:17LinusNbut only from a file
22:31:22elinenbeHadaka: there are problems with it in the current builds.
22:31:57LinusNis it?
22:32:04LinusNworks for me
22:32:13elinenbehmmm.... lemme check mine.
22:32:22Hadaka48. Where's the recording option? Why can't I record?!!
22:32:23HadakaI'd like to say we hid it because we don't like you, but you seem to be a good person so here's the truth. It's just not implimented in Rockbox yet. But stress not, you can still use Rolo to boot the default Archos firmware and record from there. (Check out question #33).
22:32:24*elinenbe loads latest bleeding edge.
22:32:30Hadaka...time to update the FAQ ;)
22:32:54LinusNnot yet
22:33:02LinusNi don't want to rush it
22:36:40Hadakaouch - the battery FAQ seems outdated?
22:38:14Hadakawho's the guy who bought rechargeable batteries in finland? :)
22:38:24henrysunsetwhats wrong about batteries?
22:40:13Hadaka Recorder: The current release of 1.2 is much worse than the Archos charger, it tends to stop charging much too early and leave the batteries half empty.
22:40:17HadakaThe current development code (CVS daily builds as of 20.8.2002) is much better than the 1.2 release, but still not perfect. Linus recently measured 6 hours continuous playtime after a rockbox charge, and much over 7 hours after an Archos charge. We are working on fine-tuning the charger logic to get the most out of the batteries, but the emphasis is on not overcharging them, since that would damage the batteries. Better be safe than sorry.
22:41:24LinusNhehe, ok it's old
22:41:56Hadaka...I figured ,)
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22:44:41 Part LinusN
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