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#rockbox log for 2002-11-11

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03:38:28diddystar5could someone send me a newest recording build please :)
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08:12:49dwihnoOh, I see recording is in! Cool shiznat! :D
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08:35:15Bagdermorning linus
08:35:36dwihnoI have an idea
08:35:42dwihnoWhich I got kläcked now
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08:35:47*LinusN fears new ideas
08:35:56dwihnoIt's not really RB-related
08:36:00dwihnoAlthough pretty smart
08:36:16dwihnoHow about keeping an "unlock disk" available on the web?
08:36:28dwihnoI mean, there are people who use wintendo and are unable to unlock their drives
08:36:34LinusNsome guys have done that
08:36:36dwihnoBooting from a floppy would be very simple indeed
08:36:50dwihnoSo why aren't there any such thing available on the site? *ehum* :-)
08:36:59*dwihno gets LinusN some buns
08:37:04dwihnoCongrats to the recording!
08:37:08LinusNi don't know where it is though
08:37:10dwihnoIs it working out nicely so far?
08:37:38LinusNit's a linux-on-a-floppy thing, with a patched ISD200 driver
08:37:54LinusNdwihno: yes it works ok i think
08:38:25dwihnoDon't you think it would be swell to keep it on the "unlock disk" page? :)
08:38:28*dwihno got tea
08:38:30LinusNwe do need a patch for the standard IDE driver, so we can unlock recorders as well
08:39:44dwihnoAh. True
08:40:02dwihnoPerhaps some device driver hook for windows as well?
08:48:19LinusNdevice drivers? for windows? ha!
08:48:35Bagderthat won't happen
08:48:44dwihnodevice driver hook
08:48:53Bagderwon't happen anyway ;-)
08:49:00dwihnoBah(tm) on YOU! :)
08:49:13Bagderprove me wrong instead
08:49:50LinusNDRIVER_TYPE tdzSillyLongHookName(DWORD dwEvenLongerSillyName, HANDLE hWeirdoParameterWithLongName);
08:49:59LinusNi think not
08:50:25dwihnoLinusN: you rock the box!
08:52:31LinusNover and over... :-)
08:53:26LinusNyou tend to have some spare time when you are in a hospital
08:53:30dwihnoBut you do NOT rock the VXD's ;-)
08:53:48LinusNthank god for that
08:55:15*adi|home quotes a famous rhyme
08:55:31adi|home"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but would someone please kill my ex?"
08:57:16adi|homeoh.. oh.. how about sheakspeare?
08:57:44adi|home"If you prick me, do I not bleed? If you cleft my ex in twain, do I not celebrate?"
08:57:48*adi|home nods happily
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09:01:47HesRecording!! Yippiaieee!
09:01:50dwihnoHail to Zagor! Hail to the fat(32)master! :)
09:03:08*dwihno sends in the RockBox cheerleaders "Zagor, Zagor, he's our man - he can't code it, no one will" :-)
09:04:40dwihnoZagor: Show me the code, or lose me forever ;D
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10:06:29Zagorhi Schnueff
10:28:39LinusNZagor: tried recording yet?
10:28:53Zagorno. i'm busy fixing O_RDWR.
10:29:06Zagoror rather non-truncating writes
10:30:56LinusNhow is that going?
10:31:13Zagorpretty good. non-truncating writes coming in a couple of minutes.
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10:34:11AtifearI m on windows, I ve downloaded GnU.....etc prog and i want to applythe queue patch but i have only .c .c.diff and .h files, I haven't seen it on the FAQ, what I have to do with this files? I've the source code..
10:35:01LinusNhave you been able to compile the firmware without the patch?
10:35:20AtifearI know exactly how to do it but i haven't tried
10:35:39LinusNplease do that first
10:35:54LinusNthen copy the .c files to the appropriate places
10:36:24LinusNand apply the patch with "patch < <file>.diff"
10:36:48LinusNand compile again of course
10:37:31AtifearIt says "nothing to be done for player"
10:38:02LinusNdid you run ../tools/configure?
10:38:25Atifeararfsorry i ve forgotten
10:38:33Bagderare you using cygwin?
10:39:16Atifeari m using GNU H8 V203-ELF
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10:39:31Bagderthen you can't run the configure script afaik
10:39:33LinusNin a DOS window?
10:39:54LinusNuse cygwin
10:40:08AtifearIn a DOS window
10:40:15LinusNuse cygwin
10:40:34Atifearwhere can i find that?
10:40:37Atifearin the FAQ?
10:42:52BagderI think
10:42:52LinusNuse google to find it
10:43:06Atifearthx ;)
10:43:47Atifearbefore i must do what "How to compile Rockbox" says?
10:43:50LinusNi found some vital info on the potential resume bug on funmp3players:
10:43:55LinusN"It seemed very hit & miss, but I seemed to remember it would always fail if I changed any EQ settings / fonts / WPS before a shutdown???"
10:44:28ZagorLinusN: ah, good clue
10:51:35Atifearive downloaded the cygwin, what have i to do?
10:52:58Atifearhow can i run the configure script with cygwin?
10:53:25Bagderrun it from cygwin's shell
10:53:36LinusNdo you have a "player" dir in the same dir as firmware, tools and apps?
10:53:47LinusNand docs
10:53:59Atifearjust in apps
10:55:24LinusNdon't have it in apps
10:55:29Atifearcygwin's shell? (sorry about asking those king of questions)
10:55:56 Quit GissXC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:56:03AtifearIve a player folder only in apps with icons.c and icons.h files
10:56:05Bagderwhen you start cygwin it should pop up a command prompt, a shell window
10:56:16Bagderif not, it's not working
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10:57:04Atifearbut there is a lot of folders and a ot of .exe files, wich file ive to run?
10:57:16Atifearsorry about my english, i m french :s
10:57:27BagderI don't know
10:57:32BagderI've never used that
10:58:00 Part LinusN
10:58:32Atifearive a missing dll whan i want to run exe files :s
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11:01:48AtifearLinusN do you know how can i run configure script with cygwin?
11:03:05LinusNstart the cygwin shell
11:03:34AtifearI have a lot of dir ans files, what is the cygwin shell?
11:03:38LinusNthen follow the instructions in docs/README
11:03:46Atifearmaybe ive downloaded the wrong file
11:03:55LinusNdid you install cygwin?
11:04:11Bagderperhaps that file is only the sh1 compiler and not the full cygwin installation
11:04:35Atifearive downloaded a zip file
11:04:46LinusNyou need a full cygwin install
11:04:50Atifearwith bin, include, info,..... dir
11:04:54Atifearah okay
11:05:23LinusNthe zip file is only the compiler
11:05:46Atifeari m downloading a setup file
11:06:19LinusNgreat, remember to install it all, even the native gcc compiler
11:06:46LinusNAtifear: be aware with the queue patch, btw
11:06:47dwihnoAnyone got great URL's dealing with speech synthesis?
11:06:53dwihnoI'd like to know how it works :)
11:06:59LinusNit's old, so it will not apply to the latest source code
11:07:13LinusNand it's written for the recorder
11:07:25LinusNso you'll have to tweak it for the player
11:07:36LinusNi have never tried it, btw
11:07:49Atifearill try :)
11:08:07LinusNmay gcc be merciful on you
11:10:05LinusNGuys, do you think the F1 settings are enough in the recording screen, or do we want the F2/F3 q-menus as well?
11:10:35Zagorprobably quickscreens too
11:10:50Zagorbut we don't have to have them right away
11:11:04LinusNi wish someone could code an f-key status bar :-)
11:11:13LinusNZagor: we have both now
11:11:24LinusNthe first version had only q-menus
11:12:04LinusNi could use some help with the gui stuff
11:12:11LinusNnot my expert area
11:12:23Atifearwith cugwin, how can i go to the config dir?
11:12:29Atifearitsnt like dos
11:12:51Schnuefftype / instead of \
11:12:59Schnueffthats the first hint :)
11:13:27BagderAtifear: cygwin is a kind of unix-emulation layer, so it looks and works pretty much like unix
11:13:48Atifearokay its good
11:13:59LinusNfeels almost like /home :-)
11:14:26LinusN /home is where i put my .cshrc
11:14:38AtifearI m in the dir now
11:14:42Zagoryou do? ;)
11:14:44Atifearhow can i run configure?
11:15:08BagderAtifear: but don't run it in the tools dir
11:15:11LinusNZagor: actually, it's .bashrc
11:15:26SchnueffAtifear: yes, listen to what Bagder says :)
11:15:29AtifearBadger: arf this is what i done
11:15:30LinusNAtifear: read the README and follow it
11:15:38Atifearokay i ll
11:15:40Atifeardo it
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11:17:43LinusNAtifear: what version of the source code do you have?
11:19:03LinusNwhat version is the patch supposed to work on?
11:19:15Atifearthe readme says that i must run make in the tools directory but its already done
11:19:33LinusNand that worked?
11:19:36Bagderif you already did it, then its done, yes
11:20:09Atifearno ècaus the make file isnt here and the tolls are
11:20:26Atifearbut itsays that i must run it to make the tools
11:20:29LinusNno makefile?
11:20:56Atifear Build the tools by running 'make' in the tools/ directory
11:20:56Bagderyou ruined it by running configure in the dir I guess
11:21:09Atifearive reexctract it
11:21:26LinusNcd tools
11:21:28Bagderlater versions of configure prevents that mistake
11:21:37LinusNdid you do that?
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11:22:37LinusNTotMacher: you there?
11:22:42Atifearbut the files isnt here
11:23:18LinusNTotMacher: just wondered. you come and go 24 hours a day, so i wondered if it's really you
11:23:53LinusNAtifear: what files are in the tools dir?
11:24:41Atifearbmp2rb.c configure convbdf.c descramble.c files genlang
11:25:01Atifearmakefile release scramble.c
11:25:03ZagorLinusN: you can now write the header, by closing and reopening the file. i'm looking at lseek() while writing now.
11:25:13Atifearsh2d.c uplang
11:25:25LinusNAtifear: all files are there
11:25:35Atifearexept make
11:25:53BagderAtifear: make came with your cywgin install
11:25:54LinusNcome on, 'make' is not there
11:26:16Atifearso, what ive to do now?
11:26:27LinusNcd tools
11:26:45BagderAtifear: make sure your path contains the dir in which 'make' is put
11:26:48AtifearNo such file or directory
11:27:14LinusNAtifear: did you do a full cygwin install?
11:27:45LinusNtype 'ls -l'
11:28:21Atifearcommand not found
11:28:33LinusNyou are not running cygwin
11:28:50LinusNare you
11:28:57Atifearthis is cygwin
11:29:44LinusNtype 'echo $path'
11:30:13Atifearbothing happends
11:30:24Bagdertry $PATH
11:31:25AtifearBash: usr/local/bin............... ND no such file,or directory
11:31:45Bagderecho $PATH
11:32:21LinusNZagor: no truncate at all?
11:32:28ZagorLinusN: not yet
11:32:34 Quit TotMacher ()
11:34:05Atifear usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/cygdrive/c/windows:/cygdrive/c/windows
11:34:59LinusNlooks ok
11:35:26LinusNbut why didn't ls work? hmmm...
11:35:56Atifearbut it must be a mke file in the tools dir?
11:36:16LinusNit's called 'makefile'
11:36:27LinusNmake is a program
11:36:43Atifeari just have to type make?
11:36:59Atifearcommand not found
11:37:18 Quit Bagder ("")
11:37:19LinusNsomehow, you didn't install everything
11:38:24Atifearin cygwin setup i must make all instal
11:39:39Atifearimù going to réinstall,
11:39:52Atifearthe last time i let default installation
11:39:53LinusNyes, but i don't know is there are different install options
11:40:05LinusNyou said you did a full nstall
11:40:25Atifeari tought but it seems tahts it wasnt
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11:40:51*Atifear est away raison : 1 min please heure de depart : 11:43:49
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11:41:09*Atifear est away raison : 1 min please heure de depart : 11:44:08
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11:43:32*Atifear_away est de retour !!!!! :) raison de son depart : 1 min please heure de depart : 11:44:08 il a été away durant : 35mins
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11:44:18Atifeari haven't done the full installation 'caus its longer now, sorry, i thought :S
11:44:42LinusNremember to install gcc
11:44:59Atifeari make all install, is it an option o fthe istallation?
11:45:26LinusNif you install all, i guess gcc is installed too
11:48:18Atifeararf its long to install
11:51:39LinusNtalking to me? :-)
11:51:44LinusNi am god
11:51:53dwihnoHow many bits are a 32-bit register?
11:52:01dwihnoI talk to YOU, linus :)
11:52:40LinusNdwihno: 25? :-)
11:52:44LinusNhi webmind
11:52:56dwihnoLinusN: I'm serious! :)
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11:53:01*dwihno does stupid DOS stuff
11:53:06dwihnoprotected blahblah
11:53:33***Alert Mode OFF
11:53:35LinusNa 32-bit register is 32 bits
11:53:43webmindquestion: all apps in linux are suposed to die on signal 9 right ?
11:54:06dwihnoLinusN: That's what I mean, and a word is 32-bit, right?
11:54:16*dwihno shuts up
11:54:24*dwihno hugs everybody and forgets everything
11:54:37LinusNa word can be 16, 32 or 64 bits, depending on CPU
11:54:59LinusNwebmind: yes, they are supposed to
11:55:23LinusNbut they may be severely crashed, so they won't listen to signals
11:55:34webmindLinusN, then how come they dont if they crash when they try to use my jukebox ?
11:55:34webmindah ok
11:55:53webmindso that's like a very bad design flaw in linux ?
11:55:59LinusNwebmind: they hang on the USB driver
11:55:59dwihnoLinusN: Tell me why unsigned long long won't work with mingw on gcc plz :-)
11:56:34webmindcant copy now from or too the damn thing...
11:56:59Atifeari'll come back later, thx all!
11:57:00 Quit Atifear ()
11:57:45LinusNdwihno: what is the problem?
11:58:21dwihnoLinusN: mingw doesn't support unsigned long long :) Quite a big problem
12:01:49LinusNand this is documented?
12:03:51dwihnoTrying to see
12:03:58dwihnoIf there is some kind of 64 bit integer data type
12:05:57LinusNdwihno: what happens when you use long long?
12:06:05dwihnono compiler warning, no nothing
12:06:15dwihnoand when I do a simple printf with %llu, I get bogus stuff
12:07:10ZagorLinusN: don't try my latest code. i added a silly bug.
12:07:31LinusNZagor: i never try you first version of anything :-)
12:07:51LinusNmy current code depends on the truncate, btw
12:08:32LinusNdwihno: does it work with linux?
12:09:00dwihnoLinusN: yes, so I start to wonder if it's some silly mingw bu.. surprise feature :)
12:11:34 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:16:53dwihno> I would like to know if Mingw supports the "long long" integer datatype
12:16:53dwihno> which is a 64-bit integer.
12:16:53dwihnoYes, and the printf format spec is I64d :
12:17:07dwihno%I64d <−− that is
12:17:12dwihnoIs it standard'ish?
12:17:23dwihnoYou tell me, almighty "getting-paid-for-coding"-gurus :)
12:17:39LinusNlong long isn't standardish either :-)
12:18:10Zagordwihno: long long is a double long. not necessarily 64 bits.
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12:35:44dwihnoSpeaking of long's... Do you know who in china has the longest dick?
12:35:48dwihnoLong dong fjong :)
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13:08:47 Part Norrin
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13:37:35 Part LinusN
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13:48:22elinenbelookie here:
13:48:46Zagorit's slashdotted to hell
13:48:48elinenbean "open" mp3 player
13:49:36Zagoropen? i don't see a source download link.
13:51:19elinenberead the banner at the bottom of the main page.
13:52:07Zagoryeah, but it's all empty words. the forum is empty and there is no source nor docs.
13:57:29Zagorstill, good words anyway. let's hope they back it up with action.
13:57:37ZagorUSB1.1 is a bit lame though :-(
13:57:49Zagorand the 128MB model is $249!
13:58:18dwihnoZagor: Hey, it's still USB (as compared to oldschool players like the RIO which used parallell ports) :)
13:58:31LinusNspare us from all these flash players
13:58:31Zagor128 by 128 pixel resolution is nice
13:58:42ZagorLinusN: it can use both 2.5" disk and flash. pretty cool actually.
13:58:45elinenbe4 bit resolution (greyscale)
14:00:13Zagorat least I think I read that somewhere
14:00:43Zagoryeah, found it
14:00:58Zagorugh, it's huge. 5.3 inches tall!
14:01:25Zagorumm, maybe it's not that much :-)
14:02:29>>>"convert 9.4 oz" by Zagor (
14:02:36dwihno"USB cable and Neuros Synchronization Manager Software"
14:02:59Zagoryeah, but all devices have silly software. hopefully it's usb-storage compliant.
14:03:16dwihnoDon't bet your pants on it.
14:03:23>>>"convert 5.3 inch" by Zagor (
14:03:47Zagori never bet my pants :-)
14:04:07Zagori think i'll post a rant about what "open" means :-)
14:04:12elinenbeit seems like it is Zagor.
14:04:23dwihno" Up to 30 minutes of skip protection
14:05:08Zagor"Easily upgrade your Neuros by exchanging the backpack that comes attached to your Neuros 128MB for the 20GB HD backpack. Now you will have 2 units - super portable and huge capacity." Cool idea.
14:05:09dwihnoImagine transfering data from disk to the flash cart, thus saving the power... Or how does it do it?
14:06:16elinenbedwihno: I think it does something like that. There is more than 30 minutes of skip protection.
14:06:22dwihnoThe nomad 3 requires custom software. How day!
14:06:29elinenbedwihno: but only 10 hours of playback
14:06:39Zagorno you can't have both. you have disk *or* flash
14:08:25dwihnoI got something better than the neuros
14:08:28dwihnoI got an archos
14:08:53dwihnoIt has an open source firmware alternative!
14:09:02Zagorif neuros are serious about working with the community, they can surpass archos/rockbox easily
14:09:05dwihnoWith custom fonts, regular playlist parsing and loads of other neat stuff
14:10:02dwihno"Full speed USB 1.1
14:10:14dwihnoThat makes it sound like USB 1.1 is fast :)
14:10:26 Join kosh [0] (
14:10:32dwihnoUsing an circuit like the ISD300 they easily solve the issue with mass storage compliance etc.
14:11:12Zagorit is mass-storage compliant, but they use the iPod method of using an id3 database rather than browsing the dir
14:11:27Zagorso they have to make client software for all operating systems...
14:12:26dwihnoHmm :/
14:12:33dwihnoThat is _NOT_ good
14:14:47 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-away (
14:26:55 Quit kosh ()
14:37:20 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
14:45:51 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:48:44 Part LinusN
14:49:18 Join LinusN [0] (
14:58:20ZagorLinusN: RDWR added
14:59:02LinusNgreat, truncate works now?
14:59:23Zagorno, i'll add that now. (truncate doesn't exist yet)
15:01:34LinusNit did before
15:01:40Zagorno, that was close()
15:02:03Zagorfat_truncate() exists, but that only works on sector level.
15:02:04LinusNclose() truncated before, but not now?
15:02:19LinusNi repeat:
15:02:21LinusNit did before
15:02:38LinusNso it did exist
15:03:04Zagorjust because close() truncated doesn't mean ftruncate() existed
15:03:12LinusNall i want is not to lose clusters when i record to the same file twice
15:03:22Zagori know. you'll get it.
15:03:35LinusNi was not talking about ftruncate()
15:04:05LinusN(didn't even know there was such a function)
15:06:32LinusNtalk about coolness, when we will be able to regenerate the VBR header with Rockbox :-)
15:06:50Zagorhehe. that'll rock!
15:09:37LinusNactually, regenerating the VBR header on ordinary MP3 files may require rewriting of the file, since there may not be room for an extra frame between the ID3V2 tag and the first MP3 frame
15:10:38Schnueffmaybe an optimization to put a sector before the file starts would be neat
15:11:46 Part LinusN
15:12:31Schnueffdont know of fat filesystem structure, could the work for fat somehow?
15:12:52 Join LinusN [0] (
15:13:02LinusNactually, regenerating the VBR header on ordinary MP3 files may require rewriting of the file, since there may not be room for an extra frame between the ID3V2 tag and the first MP3 frame
15:13:14Schnueffyes u said that already :)
15:13:29ZagorSchnueff: no. you can't allocate a cluster without it being part of the file data.
15:13:54Zagoryou can leave a free cluster before the file, but the next file written will use it
15:14:07Schnueffbut saying that file starts at a newly allocated cluster and correcting the cluster links?
15:14:37ZagorSchnueff: that is an error state. diskscan and other tools will complain about it and correct it
15:14:41Schnueffhm a cluster is quite big, isnt it? (many sectors?)
15:14:56Zagorit can be 1 - 128 sectors
15:15:39ZagorLinusN: does archos leave room at the beginning?
15:15:49Zagorpadding the id3v2 tag, i mean
15:16:58SchnueffZagor: yes i understand thats an error state, but one would only on demand (i.e. theres no free pad room for the xing headers left, so i try some low-level fat operation, to make room for it without actually copying all the clusters)
15:17:17Schnueffone would only do it on demand, i mean
15:17:53Zagorthe argument is moot, since we don't write those files anyway. when we write, we leave room for the VBR headers.
15:18:19Schnueffyes, but it could happen with an id3 tag editor sometime, too
15:18:42LinusNarchos' files have no headers afaics
15:18:54Zagoryes, but the file is already written to disk. so any lowlevel allocation tricks are too late, since Windows wrote the file!
15:19:30Schnueffand then, the only trick one could (maybe?) do is to prepend a whole cluster to the file, but thats too big?
15:19:51ZagorSchnueff: allocation tricks can only be done when Rockbox writes the file. and we don't need to trick, since we leave enough room so we don't need it.
15:20:04ZagorSchnueff: that could work, actually.
15:20:34Schnueffbut if the cluster is 128 sectors, that would suck much space
15:20:59Zagoryeah, 64 KB. but I would guess normal is 32 sectors/cluster == 16 KB. not too bad.
15:21:19 Part LinusN
15:21:50Schnueffwould be a neat optimization to make room for tags / headers, if no padding is left
15:24:56 Join LinusN [0] (
15:32:55 Part LinusN
15:33:03 Join LinusN [0] (
15:40:22ZagorLinusN: ftruncate() added
15:40:52LinusNhow do i use it?
15:40:58LinusNdoes close() truncate?
15:41:01Zagorint ftruncate(int fd, unsigned int size)
15:41:05Zagorclose does not truncate
15:41:13LinusNshouldn't it?
15:41:34LinusNi think it should
15:41:42Zagorposix thinks otherwise :-)
15:42:16LinusNok, so write() truncates?
15:42:27Zagorno. only ftruncate() truncates.
15:42:28HadakaI don't see a reason to blindly follow POSIX or any other standard - but any gratuitious differences should be avoided like the plague
15:43:00ZagorHadaka: i agree
15:43:02Hadakaand any differences should be lighted with neon signds
15:43:27LinusNso if i create a file with open(O_WRONLY) it never truncates?
15:43:53ZagorLinusN: correct. currently there is no difference between O_WRONLY and O_RDWR
15:43:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:44:04Zagori'm not sure what difference there normally is :-)
15:44:08Schnueffcreate = open, LinusN ?
15:44:25HadakaO_TRUNC should cause a truncate though
15:44:47ZagorHadaka: yeah, if it was supported :-)
15:44:58Hadakaand ofcourse O_CREAT should be needed if creating a file
15:45:33Zagorthat's rather useful. i think i'll add it.
15:45:45Hadakagoodie :)
15:47:47Hadakado you have O_APPEND?
15:47:51 Part LinusN
15:48:03 Join LinusN [0] (
15:48:18LinusNi still don't get it
15:48:49LinusNif i open an existing file, shouldn't i use special flags to not truncate it
15:49:11LinusNif i write at position 0, i thought it would automatically truncate
15:49:19Hadakanope, overwrite
15:49:28Hadakaman 2 open
15:49:37 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
15:49:46Hadakaconforming to SVr4, SVID, POSIX, X/OPEN, BSD 4.3
15:50:01ZagorLinusN: I can att O_TRUNC support if you like
15:51:05LinusNcreat() is equivalent to open(O_CREAT|O_WRONLY|O_TRUNC)
15:51:08HadakaO_TRUNC and O_APPEND are nice to avoid race conditions - not that you would have such
15:51:31ZagorLinusN: ah! me fix.
15:51:52Zagori hadn't seen that
15:53:12Hadakahow big is the firmware currently btw and how much memory does it take?
15:53:52Zagorwe have 1.690 MB mp3 buffer, the rest is firmware use
15:54:11Zagorfor recorder, that is
15:54:56LinusNi have to go now cu later
15:55:08Hadakaso, 358kilobytes? know what are the big spenders there?
15:55:31Zagori'll look
15:55:47Zagor310 KB
15:56:40Hadakahmh yes, ofcourse, I was being stupid in my calculation
15:57:08Hadakahmh, I wonder where most of it goes
15:59:32Hadakahmh, the ajbrec.ajz is 146K
16:00:07Zagoryou can look in
16:00:12 Part LinusN
16:00:23Zagori can't seem to beat sort into submission...
16:01:13Zagoryeah, so it sorts for me, showing the largest users
16:01:30Hadakaarchos map doesn't exist before compilation?
16:02:00Zagorno, it's created by the linker
16:02:13Hadakalet's see if my sh-elf-gcc is recent enough
16:02:30Hadakaoh, tools/Makefile is still not run automatically
16:02:59Zagorheh, no
16:03:23Schnueffwhat should one sort the .map for? third col?
16:03:54Hadakawhat's name_buffer?
16:03:59ZagorSchnueff: yes
16:04:17ZagorHadaka: dir buffer
16:04:57Hadakaso that's 16000 bytes, not 16K
16:06:35Hadaka.text 0x090002e0 0x1611a
16:07:11Zagor.text 0x090002e0 0x1961a
16:07:21Zagorwe'll get a bit lower with plugins
16:07:41Hadakawhat's that huge .text chunk?
16:07:48Zagorthat's total
16:07:56Hadakaoh yes, ofcourse
16:08:48Zagor .rodata 0x0901d8e8 0x7e4c /home/bjst/rockbox/rec/recorder/sokoban.o
16:11:43Hadaka158904 .bss
16:11:43Hadaka90394 .text
16:11:43Hadaka41524 .rodata
16:11:44DBUGEnqueued KICK Hadaka
16:11:44Hadaka8960 .stack
16:12:07Hadakaand yes, i do have games and demos built
16:13:08Hadakahow is statically allocated memory in code files allocated there? where is it in?
16:16:31Hadakaokay, let's see the breakdown for .bss
16:18:09Hadakaah, here it is
16:18:30Hadaka56548 playlist.o
16:18:31Hadaka18732 librockbox.a(mpeg.o)
16:18:31Hadaka17808 librockbox.a(fat.o)
16:18:31Hadaka9052 librockbox.a(font.o)
16:18:31***Alert Mode level 1
16:18:31Hadaka7204 tetris.o
16:18:33Hadaka6432 librockbox.a(dir.o)
16:18:35Hadaka4096 language.o
16:18:38Hadaka4076 tree.o
16:18:46Hadakarest is less than 4000
16:19:32Zagorfat has a sector cache, playlist is obvious. font too. dir looks big. mpeg i'm not sure what it has.
16:21:09Hadakastatic struct id3tag *id3tags[MAX_ID3_TAGS];
16:21:09Hadakastatic struct id3tag _id3tags[MAX_ID3_TAGS];
16:21:16Hadakajust a guess
16:21:16Zagorok, dir is 260 bytes path + one sector for each open dir (8)
16:22:04Zagor8*(260+512) = 6176
16:22:29Zagorwe never have more than one dir open, so we could lower MAX_OPEN_DIRS
16:23:53dwihnowhat is you doings0r?
16:24:24Hadakapersonally why I'm looking at this stuff
16:24:37Hadakais to see how much memory is wasted on stuff that only needs to be in memory temporarily
16:26:20Zagorthat's probably a good chunk
16:27:05 Join Bagder [241] (
16:27:30Zagorhi bagder
16:28:32***Alert Mode OFF
16:31:24 Join edx [0] (
16:31:27Bagderhey, the build is yellow!
16:32:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:32:01*Zagor points at LinusN
16:40:51dwihnoZagor = &LinusN;
16:41:27BagderI believe its char *Zagor, as he's an odd character ;-)
16:43:52 Part Zagor
16:44:30 Join Zagor_ [242] (
16:47:41 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
16:48:52 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:56:47dwihno.Gud hade varnat och sagt att äpplena var giftiga. När de åt av dem så blev de dummare. VINCENT, 6 ÅR
17:05:18 Quit motiv01 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:06:26 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:06:26DBUGEnqueued KICK dw|gone
17:08:56BagderZagor: why have creat() at all?
17:09:13Zagorno reason, really. just completeness.
17:12:25HesAim for POSIX compliance? 8-)
17:12:41Zagornah. we're a bit from that still ;)
17:13:12 Join diddystar5 [0] (
17:13:46diddystar5where is merwins(jheiner) page i ergot
17:14:49diddystar5thanks badger!
17:16:34Zagorgotta go'
17:16:36 Part Zagor
17:20:36 Quit Bagder ("")
17:26:13 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
17:37:09 Join edx [0] (
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18:46:08 Part elinenbe_
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20:26:56 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:43:20 Join Atifear [0] (
20:46:47AtifearI m trying to compile but i ve practically inish but I dont know how to fing sh-elf-gcc
20:46:56Atifearanybody knows?
20:48:02AtifearI m using cygwin
20:49:40Atifearhelp please
20:50:00Atifeari ve downloaded GNUH8 v0203-ELF
20:50:05Atifearwhat can i do now,
20:59:02 Quit Atifear ()
21:04:51 Join Atifear [0] (
21:05:07Atifearhelp me i cant find sh-elf-gcc :(
21:07:16Atifearis anybody here?
21:08:36Atifearthx for all
21:08:37 Quit Atifear (Client Quit)
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22:05:10 Join Zagor [242] (
22:08:21 Join gizz [0] (
22:09:27Zagorhi gizz
22:10:04gizzyou guys have done great improvements with writing/recording :)
22:11:21gizzhmm.. Zagor, may I ask you some off topic Q ?
22:12:24 Quit edx ()
22:12:40gizzwell, I'm trying to install some RedHat 8.0,
22:13:06gizzI had (hw) troubles to do this,
22:13:32gizzbut now I've got my system running, but I can't compile my kernel.
22:13:41gizzdo you use RedHat 8.0 ?
22:14:11Zagorno, I use Debian
22:14:44gizzIt seems to me that something's wrong with RedHat ANSI C headers install..
22:15:05gizzerr I meant, :-(
22:15:05Zagorreally? have you googled?
22:15:36gizzI tried to find info about "+red +hat +stdarg?h +error" with no result
22:16:09Zagordon't use + on google
22:16:17gizzerrm, yahoo
22:17:48Zagortry channel #linuxhelp. if there is a redhat problem, it's probably well known.
22:18:08PsycoXulthere's always redhat problems :p
22:18:16gizzthx, I'll check out..
22:22:00gizzBTW, Zagor, I've seen you (cool) ISD200 driver's been merged in official 2.4.19, congrats :)
22:22:57Zagoractually it was merged in 2.4.8 already. :-) the changes for 2.4.19 are just updates.
22:26:00gizzThat's it ! I didn't see it because I used the old RedHat shipped with 2.4.7-10 (thus, I was forced each time to patch with your excellent work) hehe
22:34:34 Join webmind_ [0] (
22:34:34 Quit webmind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:46:05gizzsee you
22:46:07 Part gizz
22:56:20 Quit seb-away (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:57:27 Join seb-away [0] (
23:14:02 Join LinusN [0] (
23:16:34 Part LinusN
23:16:34 Quit webmind_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:17:01 Join LinusN [0] (
23:41:25 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
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