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#rockbox log for 2002-11-12

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06:03:03bryanhgquick question
06:03:12bryanhgany plans on a rockbox for the multimedia
06:04:07bryanhgdead channel?
06:05:15PsycoXulit's entirely different hardware
06:05:31PsycoXulso it would be an entirely different project
06:05:32bryanhgi know −− it would require a complete reverse engineer
06:06:00bryanhgi understand that −− wondering if same people would be involved in it
06:06:09bryanhgmultimedia has shit loads of potential
06:06:18bryanhgarchos' firmware is laughable
06:06:23PsycoXulafaik, the rockbox developers have no plans at this time to work on the multimedia
06:06:39bryanhgthats all i was asking :-)
06:06:50PsycoXuli think the last i heard on the subject was that they'd consider it if somebody were to send them about a dozen units
06:07:03bryanhgit would also probably kill some units as it gets loaded into ROM instead of read on boot
06:07:17PsycoXulyes that makes it more of a challenge
06:07:19bryanhgarchos should just give them some cash
06:07:33bryanhgwould help everyone
06:07:41PsycoXulcertain aspects would need to be hammered out perfectly before anything could even be tested
06:08:31PsycoXulthis stuff should go on the FAQ somewhere
06:08:47bryanhgi agree :-)
06:09:04bryanhgmaybe they would get some donations :-)
06:09:44bryanhgthough it is possible to send firmware physically to ROM (after opening casing etc)
06:10:00bryanhgso 1 bad update wouldn't can the unit
06:10:43bryanhgimagine them coding full screen divx :-)
06:10:54bryanhgshowing it can be done...
06:11:07bryanhgarchos is claiming that they cant until the Multimedia 240
06:12:21bryanhgi could picture a group like this making a kickass firmware −− skinable etc
06:13:23PsycoXuli'm sure these guys would do something with it if they ended up with some of them
06:13:34PsycoXuland either way, somebody eventualy will
06:13:57bryanhgyeah −− rockbox has come a long way
06:14:10bryanhghas archos ever contacted the project?
06:14:47PsycoXuli personally don't know anything of what, if any, corespondence archos and the rockbox people have had
06:15:12bryanhgit would be amazing to see this firmware on the official site one day
06:15:37PsycoXulyes, amazing seems like the right word
06:16:36PsycoXulit's hard to believe it's getting close to a year that this project's been going
06:17:08PsycoXuland it's funny how long ago it surpassed archos' firmware
06:17:11PsycoXulespecialy on the players
06:17:31bryanhgi have a player (6000)
06:17:43bryanhgi am in process of ordering multimedia
06:18:11PsycoXuland recorders too have a lot more nice stuff than archos', it's just that actual recording is just finaly getting rolling
06:18:34bryanhgis the recording of same quality at this point?
06:18:50bryanhgi know it doesnt work perfectly
06:18:58bryanhgbut the recordings that have been made
06:19:10PsycoXulwell the quality settings are part of the MAS chip
06:19:39bryanhgso the firware basically just accesses the chip
06:19:53PsycoXuli've got a studio20, so i don't really know much about recording
06:20:56PsycoXulbut yeah the firmware just tells the chip what to do, takes it's data and writes it
06:22:00bryanhgwhere is the simulator?
06:22:26PsycoXulsame place as the firmware? heh
06:23:19PsycoXulhey i'm gonna go practice on my violin before it gets too late to make noise
06:23:31PsycoXulthe more involved people in the project are usualy on later
06:23:45bryanhgu sure it is in there?
06:24:52PsycoXulwhat i would recomend if you don't want to compile your own is to go to the daily builds page and get the simulator from under the "Bleeding edge builds" at the bottom of the page
06:25:42PsycoXulor get it from cvs if you do want to build it yourself
06:26:53PsycoXuli think it's under the simulator module or something
06:27:07PsycoXulthere's cvs instructions somewhere on the site, i'm not sure where though heh
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07:17:40*adi|home yawns
07:17:46adi|homeim adding the multimedia question right now
07:17:52adi|homeim _really_ tired of getting it
07:19:38PsycoXulbtw, the FAQ's getting a little long to scroll through to find questions
07:20:08PsycoXulit might be a good idea to have a list of them at the top, with links in the html version
07:20:14PsycoXulif thats possible
07:28:50adi|homewe/ive been working/thinking on it
07:28:59adi|homeprob going to break it up a bit.. just not sure how yet
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08:56:53henrysunsethow goes the rckin box scene?
08:57:11Zagorvery good. we are adding recording just now
08:58:48henrysunseti've heard the joining of rec code an yer fat writing has been harmosious this far
08:59:02henrysunset= good :-)
08:59:16Zagoryeah, the write code has progressed well
08:59:35henrysunseti see my UI thread has died but it can be worried about aftert his fun new feature gets rolled out
08:59:55henrysunsetwhich is more than arguably more important; i'm quite stoked to see it actually
09:00:14henrysunsetit could be hella useful coupled w/ a external mic especially
09:01:22henrysunsetso you have it set to save to a set filename or did u follow the suggestion to do it by datestamp yet?
09:03:59henrysunsetis there a quasi stable build or should i wait a bit longer
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09:07:19Zagoryou should probably wait. the current build is for testing only.
09:09:06henrysunsetand goodnite
09:09:08henrysunsetor moring
09:09:12henrysunsetor whatever :-)
09:09:14Zagor:-) morning here
09:15:19Zagor"We really are absolutely sincere about supporting the Neuros as an open platform and would be willing to support you in such a project." −− Neuros Head of Development
09:15:31Zagorsounds interesting
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10:24:28LinusNwierd fat errors...
10:25:11LinusNhow are your tests done in the
10:25:29LinusNdoes it write long files with different block sizes?
10:26:04LinusNi mean write(5142673)......write(517).....write(1654263)....
10:26:06Zagorall tests are ran with 1,4,8,32 and 128 sectors cluster size
10:26:24Zagorah, no. 80K blocks, plus some random bytes at the end
10:27:07Zagoryou write random sizes?
10:28:17LinusNof course, it all depends on how large the buffer is, how long the drive takes to spin up, where it wraps etc
10:28:54Zagoryeah, but you basically write one or two big chunks? not dozens of small?
10:29:19LinusNit may very well be one small and one big, and vice versa
10:29:29Zagoryes. that's ok.
10:29:35LinusNit may even be 0 bytes, i guess
10:29:49LinusNbut i doubt it
10:30:30LinusNhow are the file contents verified in your tests?
10:30:57ZagorI write unique 8-byte strings. then I read them back.
10:32:40Zagorthe pSOS way: we fill it with 0x00, then take a checksum...
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11:24:38Zagorany player users here?
11:28:13Zagorwhat do you think about the feature request wanting volume as default (no-combo) action in wps?
11:29:44PsycoXulseems kinda weird
11:32:48PsycoXulyeah well since it's all the same keypad where the play/pause and stop buttons are it just seems natural that the left and right ones would skip/seek
11:33:01PsycoXulskipping/seeking seems to me to be something done more often than volume changes too
11:34:05Zagorreally? i change volume a lot more than skip. but ok, it's not an obvious issue then.
11:34:44PsycoXul*shrug* matter of personal preference
11:34:54PsycoXuli'll tell ya what feature request i like is configurable key bindings :p
11:35:14Zagoryeah. nag the longhair ;)
11:40:23PsycoXulblah apparently winxp's pointer shadow is done in software, cause the hardware one on my nvidia card has ugly sharper edges heh
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11:45:12Zagorlovely way to spend your cpu cycles...
11:48:48PsycoXulon ebay there's this pair of headphones that also have an FM tuner
11:49:09PsycoXuland so for Frequency Range in the description it says "FM: 87.5-108MHz"
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12:00:43HadakaI personally enjoy having volume up and down available without any special combos, even regardless of keylocks or whatever
12:02:31PsycoXuli'd like to be able to adjust the volume regardless of keylock, but still with a combo... generaly it seems pointless for combo's to be locked by the keylock since they're only as easy to accidently press as the keylock combo anyways
12:03:26LinusNi think comboless volume would be harmless on the Player
12:03:40LinusNthe keys are pretty hard to puch by mistake anyway
12:04:07PsycoXuli dunno
12:04:17PsycoXulmy player always acts funky in my pocket if i forget to turn the keylock on
12:04:17LinusNat least on my unit
12:04:59PsycoXulneal down and it skips or stops etc
12:06:13LinusNi guess it depends on how tight your pocket is...
12:06:40LinusNit looks like we have to have it configurable then
12:13:45ZagorLinusN: I can't get out from the recording screen
12:18:17LinusNwith OFF?
12:18:35LinusNcan you adjust the gain?
12:19:00LinusNdid you do anything unusual?
12:19:13LinusNis is stopped?
12:19:47LinusNhmmm, something has made mpeg_status() return something other that 0
12:20:10LinusNwas the music playing when you entered the recording screen?
12:20:35Zagoryes. that's probably it.
12:24:26LinusNgotta go, cu later. maybe this evening
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12:56:40dwihnoWhen connected via USB, does the disk ever spin down?
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13:11:49Zagordwihno: no
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13:46:30Bagderhey ho
13:47:25Bagdernice disk size work
13:47:51Zagori figured I should do at least one thing that people can look at :-)
13:52:04Zagor"No crappy screen update interference noise on line-in recordings at last YEEEYYY."
14:06:21Zagora post from the yahoo forum. apparently our recordings have less noise than Archos'
14:20:34HadakaI wonder what could be doing that
14:20:51dwihnoThey are probably doing something ugly! :)
14:21:15Zagorit's probably the same RTC noise they have during playback
14:22:11Hadakaand rockbox doesn't have that?
14:22:31dwihnoZagor: agreed.
14:22:32Zagorno. we read it much less frequently.
14:22:56Hadakaookay, well that's nice
14:24:02dwihnoZagor: did you try to provoke some noise by doing massive RTC reading?
14:24:18dwihnoIt would be a cool thing to test :)
14:25:50dwihnoWith disk reading + writing working, how far away is the "on-the-fly" playlist generation?
14:26:10Zagornot far at all. we just need to write a GUY
14:27:32dwihnoHere's one screen:
14:27:32dwihnoSelect dirs to add:
14:27:32dwihnoo Bad music
14:27:32dwihnoo Country
14:27:34dwihno* E-type
14:27:37dwihno* Good music
14:27:39dwihno* = marked
14:28:04dwihno"press 'play' to booyaw!"
14:29:09dwihnothen there should be some kind of dir editor to remove dirs that was selected
14:29:14dwihnoand thus, a "save playlist"
14:29:18dwihnomenu option
14:29:35dwihnoand like in archos firmware - press play for 2 sec and it builds a playlist based on the dir reading
14:29:40Zagori mean write as in "program", not as in "describe" :-)
14:30:04dwihnoZagor: I'm show you the damn pseudo-code!!! :) Stop naging :)
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15:09:14elinenbe_I was just looking at the TODO. The F1 quick menus is a GREAT idea!
15:17:54Zagoryeah, we just need to do it a little different from F2 and F3. more like with ON (displays on BUTTON_REPEAT)
15:18:18elinenbe_I likie the idea
15:18:45elinenbe_I think the archos should support LAM, so I can add it to my beowulf cluster.
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15:18:56elinenbe_well TCP/IP too then :)
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16:50:33dw|goneWhat is uhci and ohci?
16:50:48Zagordifferent usb controller types
16:51:17dw|goneis it possible to do USB in DOS?
16:51:43Zagorsome nutcase has written an usb-storage implementation for dos
16:52:17dw|goneYay for the nutcases! :)
16:56:00Zagor seems to be the best
16:57:02Zagorgotta go
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20:19:46Zagorheyyy baggie
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20:32:43Bagderwhat units does fat_size() return?
20:33:03Bagdersingle bytes?
20:35:32Bagderwhy is the build red?
20:35:42Bagderah, win32
20:35:45Bagderme blind
20:37:25elinenbeI love ROCKBOX!
20:37:33Bagderbye ;-)
20:37:37elinenbeI still thin k TCP/IP should be incorporated :)
20:37:44 Quit elinenbe ("Client Exiting")
20:37:58ZagorBagder: KB
20:38:13BagderI added a silly fat_size() for win32
20:38:43Zagorok. i probably should have added a fake one, i just didn't think of it
20:38:53Zagorright. like that :-)
20:42:09Zagori don't like that fat panic recording produces
20:42:22Bagderno, that looks nasty
20:42:44Zagori need to do more target testing
20:42:58Zagorlucky I added those panic checks :-)
20:43:31Bagderyeah, A Good Move (tm)
20:44:04Zagori'll add one in ata.c too
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20:50:55Mine78hi guys
20:51:02ZagorMine78: hi
20:51:07Mine78I would like to report a problem playing MP3PRO files
20:51:09Mine78can I ?
20:51:19Zagormp3pro is not supported
20:51:21Mine78The problem is: lengh of the song is badly wrong
20:51:22Bagdermp3pro is not supported
20:51:25Mine78it works
20:51:33Bagderyes it works, but without the pro part
20:51:51Mine78but isn't there a way to show the correct lenght ?
20:52:28Zagori don't know
20:52:57Mine78it says always fron 25 to 40 mins
20:53:03Mine78depends on real lenght
20:54:02Zagorif you can dig up info about the file format, someone might fix it. but mp3pro is not a high priority, since we can't play them properly anyway.
20:59:33Mine78I will look for them !
20:59:45Zagorok, good
21:10:54Bagdergotta go
21:10:56 Quit Bagder ("")
21:12:05Mine78damn mp3pro algo is propertary ! is not public !!!
21:12:16Mine78But i will find !!!
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21:17:00 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
21:19:39Atifearanybody can tell me why when i try to compile firmware, Ive an error when I do make in my built-dir: Ive a lot of erros abou a temp file and about an adc.o file, why?
21:21:37Atifeari m using cygwin...
21:23:46Atifearokay thx
21:23:49 Quit Atifear ()
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21:59:38Zagorhi linus
22:05:30LinusNany ideas about the trashed disk when recording?
22:05:39Zagornot yet. i
22:05:52Zagor'll port the test cases to target and try them there
22:10:51LinusNit's a nightmare do debug rockbox nowadays
22:11:04Zagorfor you, yes
22:11:09LinusNall these fat/ata/disk messages are killing me
22:11:26Zagorkill LDEBUGF. that's what it's for
22:11:55LinusNLDEBUGF, what dies the L stand for? Loud?
22:12:12Zagorit prefixes file and line
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