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#rockbox log for 2002-11-13

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00:27:26faethor_ukho hum
00:28:02faethor_ukhi Zagor, I noticed u got my thanx for the lack of RTC noise on line-in recordings
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00:28:17Zagorah, that was you?
00:28:29faethor_uksweatshopsarecool... yes
00:29:02Zagor:-) i'm glad to hear our recordings are better too
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00:29:52Zagorfaethor_uk: did you have any trouble with your recording test? error messages or such?
00:30:04faethor_ukwell done.. I been getting plenty of descent sample recordings through a powered mic with no probs on yesterdays build
00:30:26LinusNfaethor_uk: great to hear
00:30:27faethor_uknot yet
00:31:54faethor_uknot tried recording for any substantial length of time yet tho.. I've done short recordings to feed my sampler
00:32:58LinusNhow long?
00:34:16faethor_ukabout 5 mins average
00:34:28LinusNthat's pretty long, methinks
00:35:16faethor_uk:D mainly capturing sounds to mould into percussion samples
00:36:29faethor_ukI'll be trying it out at a few concerts soon, so time will tell
00:36:52LinusNmake sure you do scandisk first
00:37:21faethor_ukOK ;)
00:39:32faethor_ukanywayz, I'm off... see ya chaps..
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01:14:40MartaVanyone here?
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01:16:33kargatrona scant useless few
01:19:12Zagori was here. i'm off to bed now.
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05:28:53saltydogHello all.
05:29:46saltydogIf anyone is listening, I have a question/possible bug with the 1.4 recorder firmware.
05:32:22saltydogWell, I'll say it anyway, since you are logging this stuff...
05:33:10saltydogI didn't see any mention of this on your site, or in the release notes for 1.4 recorder, but
05:34:13saltydogI lose access to all of my MP3 files encoded with VBR. They won't even show up in the directory.
05:35:09saltydogThey are clearly music files, so choosing "music files only" shouldn't matter, right?
05:36:59saltydogOh well, anyway, that's what I observed. Perhaps I missed something somewhere?
05:37:31saltydogFeel free to ask questions/flame away at this address;
05:37:39henryisherei have vbr's that owrk fine
05:38:07saltydogHow do you have your files listes?
05:38:22saltydogAll supported, music only, or all files?
05:38:37saltydogOops... I meant listed.
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05:39:30saltydogI'm going to try it again, and change the listing method.
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08:03:57DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
08:04:04dwihnoAh. Wonderful wednesday! :D
08:06:19dwihnoGood mooooning Bagder! :D
08:07:26CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 23 hours and 55 minutes at the last flood
08:07:26*dwihno has been up for several hours *eww*
08:09:07Schnueffwhy's that
08:09:20dwihnoWent to bed early
08:09:23dwihnoSick, huh? :)
08:16:24dwihnoBagder: wanna hear something silly?
08:16:37BagderI do I do I do!
08:18:09dwihnoWell, I tried getting my archos (and USB2 disk box) to work under DOS last night
08:18:31dwihnoThe software worked partially - it did only show one directory
08:18:41dwihnostill allowing cd:ing and type:ing :/
08:20:49dwihnofishy huh?
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08:30:04Bagderwork off-line all day today
08:30:06Bagdersee ya
08:30:08 Quit Bagder ("")
08:41:24henryisherewhy u wanna connect in dos anyhow?
08:41:46dwihnojust to check if it's truly possible
08:41:56dwihnoimagine the usage for dos boxes (i.e - using ghost etc)
08:43:51henryisherenot really
08:43:59henryisherewhats the pointo fo a dos box anymore?
08:44:28henryisherea celron 300 box costs liek 100$ prolly
08:44:37henryisherewhy use anythign less
08:44:54dwihnoSorry, I ment booting DOS
08:44:58henryisherehel; werent there some dell p2's for 50$ the other day
08:44:59henryishereoh ok
08:45:05dwihnofor transfering disk images using norton ghost
08:45:19henryisherethat might almost be remotely valid
08:45:27henryisherei dont mess w/ images tho
08:45:36henryisherei prefer reinstalls when i make new boxes
08:45:37dwihnoWell, I do :)
08:45:40dwihnoEvery once in a while
08:45:47henryisherewell to each their own i guess
08:46:04henryisherefor me, reinstall is easy, cuz ll my data resides on the raid server in the closet
08:46:21henryishereso i can format any of my boot drives at any time and lose nothing
08:46:55henryisherei find comfort in that i guess
08:47:47dwihnoDifferent solutions for different people, I guess :)
08:47:50henryishereto many radom drive deaths
08:47:56henryishereyes indeed
08:48:08henryisherehrm, snack ime
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09:58:42kargatronoops, Zagor, duped your comment on that cfg request.
09:58:45kargatronoh well
09:59:21Zagorno problem
10:08:40dwihnoZagor: since you're mr. fat32, tell me why I barely saw any files using the DOS USB stuff last night :)
10:09:20dwihnoI downloaded some USB stack
10:09:25Zagoryou tried the dos usb driver on your archos, and it didn't work?
10:09:31dwihnoIt worked partially
10:09:39dwihnoI could type the playlists, cd into the directories
10:09:47dwihnobut when dir:ing I saw nothing
10:10:04Zagordoes your dos understand fat32?
10:10:49dwihnoMy C: is fat32
10:10:53dwihno(which works)
10:11:03Zagorwhich dos are you using?
10:15:24dwihnoWin98SE boot disk
10:15:39dwihnoI think it's the driver which isn't fully compatible
10:15:54dwihnoI downloaded a newer version today which I'll try tonight
10:16:21Zagorbut the driver handles low-level disk I/O, not the file system
10:19:20 Quit kargatron (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:28:26dwihnoZagor: interesting... :|
10:29:05Zagordwihno: on the other hand, we're talking about DOS here so normal rules don't apply. that driver could very well do everything on its own
10:31:37dwihnoYeah, DOS is full of surprises
10:32:12dwihnoI guess trying the newer driver might be worth a shot
10:32:58dwihnoUSB in DOS is a bit exotic :-)
10:33:00dwihnoAnd cute!
10:33:10dwihnoImagine being able to use it with applications such as ghost
10:33:13dwihnoand partition magic
10:33:33dwihnoHow is the unlocking done in software btw?
10:33:50Zagori must admin I don't quite see the point. what does DOS give you that Linux doesn't?
10:34:07Zagorah, it's a special ATA command
10:36:30dwihnoah, okay
10:36:38dwihnoDOS being able to do anything might do the trick in assembly
10:36:57Zagori guess
10:40:56 Join kargatron [0] (
10:44:46dwihnoWhat is the command?
10:45:44dwihnoI need the command captain! :)
10:46:50ZagorSECURITY UNLOCK is the name
10:50:40dwihnoWE GOT THE COMMAND SEQUENCE!!! :)
10:51:11dwihnoI'll see if I can come up with anything tonight
10:53:10dwihnoThen I'll need some volunteers ;)
10:53:38dwihnobut if the driver works as it should, the plain old utility should work
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11:30:43kargatronhave any of the rockbox devs ever seen the sound-stops/playing-continues problem? Have there been any attempts at code diagnosis? An error-handling problem?
11:31:23Zagorwe never get it. it's very strange.
11:31:32Zagormore debugging is needed
11:31:43kargatronhave you tried making it skip?
11:31:46kargatronthat's when I see it
11:32:00kargatrona jolt, sound stops, wait long enough, and sound comes back -
11:32:17kargatroni think upon buffer refresh (my anecdotal analysis)
11:32:48Zagoras I wrote in a mail, i keep in in my handlebar while riding my bike. it jolts A LOT in there, yet I never get skips or any other problem.
11:33:12kargatronhm, probably hardware disk-reading susceptibility differences
11:33:24Zagorthat is not to say this is not a problem, only that I have failed to repeat it myself
11:33:26kargatronyou must have a good one.
11:33:35Zagorcould be
11:33:37kargatronmine's not so hard to disturb
11:34:23kargatronif i have it in a floppy pocket, i could expect it to happen while walking
11:37:39kargatronlet's say you *did* see it in such circumstances (like, jolting it on your desk) - could you get good debugging out of that? I mean, see what happens to cut the sound out?
11:42:00kargatronperhaps i can ask another way - can *I* reproduce it and then via the debug panel, pass on useful info? :)
11:43:02Zagor"As you may know, RockBox has been has reversed engineered our Jukebox Players and Recorders. They have been developing firmware for our units for over a year. We choose to approach them and enlist their help in developing new firmware." −− Archos US
11:43:44dwihnoWhat is that?
11:43:46dwihnoWHAT YOU SAY?
11:43:50Zagorgood question
11:44:04dwihnoWhere did you read that?
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11:45:00Zagoron the JBMMFirmware forum. someone mailed archos US and asked about open source, and got that response
11:45:41Zagorthe thing is they HAVEN'T approach us. would we turn them down without discussion? hell no!
11:45:54dwihnoThey are lying!
11:46:00dwihnoReply to the originator!
11:46:07PsycoXulwell they said they choose to
11:46:09Zagordid already
11:46:21PsycoXulmaybe they haven't gotten any further than deciding yet :p
11:46:21Zagorthey say more:
11:46:29dwihno"If you help us that much, give us the damned MAS specs!" :)
11:46:38Zagor"In exchange for the source code and instructions, the owners want RockBox to sign an agreement that basically says 'The firmware will not be used in another commercial product except Archos'. RockBox was unwilling to accept this limitation."
11:47:07dwihnoFucked up! :)
11:47:08kargatronhow bizarre - someone, somewhere is just making that up?
11:47:26dwihnoIt might be a spoof
11:47:33dwihnoOn ther other hand, it may be not.
11:47:36ZagorI think that archos guy has mistaken a long ranger as talking for Rockbox
11:47:40Zagorlone ranger
11:47:59Zagori know some retailers have spoken to archos about opening the source.
11:48:11dwihnowithout success?
11:48:34dwihnotheir source code is probably just hacked together by the specs provided by the HW manufacturers :)
11:48:37Zagori don't know. i assumed they would talk to me if they were interested...
11:48:43Zagori haven't heard anything
11:49:31PsycoXuldwihno: my guess is that, at least for players, it is a messy hack/glue job of example code from the various component vendor's sdk's or whatever
11:49:47kargatronhas rockbox 'officially' requested info from archos?
11:49:51kargatronspecs, etc
11:49:53Zagorkargatron: no
11:50:35PsycoXulthat'd be sweet if archos really is interested in helping rockbox along and provides some info on programming the MAS chips
11:52:51kargatronstill, regarding the agreement mentioned above, rockbox still wouldn't accept it, right? The agreement seems to basically bar code-reuse for other products.
11:53:25kargatronOr maybe, literally, it's a meaningless restriction, since the firmware as a whole wouldn't be useful on any other product?
11:53:59Zagorwe are already under GPL so it's a bit late trying to put the cat back in the bag...
11:54:16Zagorbut I would appreciate discussing it with them
11:54:37dwihno<Zagor> Show me the money!
11:54:38Zagori don't think it would be difficult getting them to see the obvious benefits
11:54:44dwihno<Archos-dude> I'll give you cash :-)
11:55:02Zagordwihno: I've got plenty of money, thanks. That's not the issue.
11:56:25kargatronZagor, on my debugging qstn above? can i feasibly provide useful info, if I can dupe the problem?
11:56:55Zagorkargatron: just a good description of how you can make it happen would be useful
11:58:29kargatronreally? i mean, take my above description, and add "30% of the time I jolt it on my desk it happens" (for example) - that would really help? :) doesn't seem like much...
11:58:53dwihnoZagor: Where's the sense of humour :)
11:59:07Zagordwihno: here it is: 8-D
11:59:20dwihnoHere it is: :-|
12:01:50dwihnoZagor: perhaps the Archos people are scared because of the RockBox progress? :)
12:04:03dwihnoNow if we only could program that MAS!
12:04:18dwihnoI want recording to be done in a RAW format without lossy compression for editing later on
12:05:47kargatronhow much is a run-of-the-mill portable DAT nowadays?
12:06:11Zagordwihno: you can't do 44.1kHz 16 bit anyway. the serial port is too slow
12:06:13kargatroni figured the recorder aspect was only really atttractive because it *did* compress on the fly.
12:07:01dwihnoZagor: *sigh* I guess you can't have everything :)
12:07:12dwihnoNot that I bought the unit for the recording feature :-)
12:09:22ZagorWhat I really want is Multimedia docs. That machine has great hardware.
12:10:24Zagoranyway, i'm off for lunch
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13:37:16koshZagor: I'm on here now so if you need any info on the recording woes I have been posting here's a direct line ;)
13:41:28Zagorah, good
13:42:21Zagordo you get the panic every time you record?
13:44:22koshNope.. the panic is gone.. got it only once.. but I still cannot record ..
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13:44:51Zagordo you get any error messages at all?
13:45:53koshno.. I got a recfile: -2 on the first build with recording after I hit play/pause a second time by accident. This was after recording a fulle 80 minute MD to the archos..
13:46:26koshHang on a sec.. I will try a mic recording.. not that I think that would mae a difference but hey..
13:46:55koshOeps... have to wait until ths surface check finishes..
13:47:09Zagorand Norton DiskDoctor says the disk is clean and uncorrupt before you start recording?
13:47:35koshYes.. just to be sure I am running a full surface check now.. but I am pretty sure it's ok..
13:50:36koshIt's halfway now.. I'll be back when it's done..
13:58:27koshSurface test came up with no errors.. I will reformat the disc anyway and try on a clean disc.. any info from teh debug screen you might want..
14:01:42Zagorno, try the clean-disk approach first.
14:02:35koshok.. I'll be back ...;)
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14:23:40dwihnoYum! Lunch!
14:23:45*dwihno found some buns in the fik too!
14:25:10 Join datazone [0] (~datazone@
14:32:50 Quit datazone (Remote closed the connection)
14:39:40koshZagor: OK.. I guess I found what was wrong.. maybe I misread, but recording stereo is (not yet) possible.. If I do a mono recording it works. As soon as I select stereo the recorder starts, after a second or two the red LED comes on and stays on. Pressing OFF the record icon changes to the stop icon, but the led stays on. Turning off is the only way out (recorder does not recover from record mode). file is (obviously) corrupt.
14:40:17Zagorok, that's useful info. i'll tell Linus
14:41:15koshI will do the full MD recording in mono anyway to see what happens.. see how it handles a shitload of input ;)
14:42:42Zagoryeah, it's a good test
14:43:01koshOh... another thing .. when I record in stereo mode the meters update REAL slow, about 1/4 of the normal frequency
14:43:36*dwihno gets everybody some buns and hot choco
14:43:54Zagorkosh: ok
14:44:04Zagordwihno: hot buns with choco? ;)
14:47:40dwihnoZagor: Yaa :D
14:47:43dwihnoIt's yumyum
14:47:56dwihnoOr are you trying to be funny?
14:47:58dwihno(you are not) :)
14:48:19dwihnothou must master thy skill of funniness! :)
14:48:57Zagormy skill is far too subtle for your apprentice mind :)
14:51:47koshZAGOR: got a *PANIC* Timeout: 0 after about 30 seconds
14:52:48Zagorthat's an mpeg error too
14:52:57dwihnoZagor: for gods sake! do something about the panic!
14:53:04ZagorDON'T PANIC
14:54:06dwihnoTOO LATE RUTH!
14:54:22koshIf I play the file it starts skipping through it.. plays 2 seconds, jumps 5 seconds forward..plays a bit and returns to the start..
14:55:02koshHmmmm now its keeps playing (now at 50 seconds while the file is 17 seconds long..)
14:55:24Zagorkosh: the time info is incorrect. linus has said that from the beginning.
14:55:31Zagorwe don't write time info into the file
14:55:34koshAnd at 1:00 it starts over again
14:55:45Zagorthe sound or the time display?
14:56:11koshthe time display.. Oh well the joys of new features.. ;)
15:03:38koshZagor: 2nd attempt and still recording.. Would the spindown time have any influence.. I record with poweradaptor plugged in so I might as well not spin down..
15:03:56Zagorspindown should not matter
15:04:22Zagorbut the recording code is Linus' creation. I haven't looked much at it yet.
15:04:27Zagori'm doing the file write code
15:04:50koshok... well sofar the file is being written so.. ;)
15:12:19 Join kargatron [0] (
15:18:14koshZagor: Well.. I'll get back on this when Linus is around.. Just recorded two 7 minute tracks in one go. Ended up with a file about 2:30 long which has the first part of the first track and then skips to the start of the second. In short.. I am missing about 10 minutes which were not recorded..
15:18:41Zagorare you listening, or just looking at the timer?
15:19:00Zagorignore the time display. it is wrong.
15:20:23koshI am listening.. and I timed it.. Winamp displays the correct playtime.. have not checked on the archos yet.. It just appears a whole chunk was not recorded.. I did not see the LED come on for a long time so that's why I stopped the recording.. I assume the red led should come on every once in a while (when the buffer needs to be written..
15:20:50Zagoryes, about once per 70-90 seconds.
15:21:26Zagorhow big is the file, in MB
15:21:30koshDid not happen.. The recorded file has about 1:30 of the first track.. then it just skips to the beginning of the next
15:21:53koshthe file is 3210 Kbytes
15:22:59Zagorwrite a detailed mail to the list. that's the best way.
15:23:13koshok.. I will..
15:23:49kargatroni haven't been keeping track of recording - you can record multiple tracks now?
15:23:59kargatron> Just recorded two 7 minute tracks in one go
15:24:08kargatronor did he mean he was overwriting the second?
15:24:49koshNope.. I just hit record on the archos and play on the MD.. I then wait.... and after two tracks on the MD had played I quit recording..
15:26:36kargatronoh ok
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15:56:10Zagorkargatron: have you tried tightening your battery springs?
15:56:57kargatronuh, nope
15:57:15kargatronnever had any indication i needed to mess with the hardware
15:57:41kargatronexcept for when i had to get a cat hair from underneath the display screen. :)
15:57:41Zagorthat could be the cause of your jolt problem
15:57:54kargatronyou mean a power blip?
15:58:15kargatrondo you happen to understand how a power blip could cause the audio interrupt?
15:59:00kargatronand is there anything to 'tightening the batter springs'? most springs are not configurable, ime :)
15:59:26Zagorif a power blip causes the drive to reset itself, we might hang on the read
15:59:54Zagorjust remove your batteries and pull slightly on the spring so it presses more firmly on the batteries
16:00:18kargatronand, and since the timer is actually not related to the actual data, it's just cruising along, regardless of the data flow?
16:00:24kargatronah, ok, will try, why not
16:02:26 Join Atifear [0] (
16:02:41 Quit Atifear (Client Quit)
16:03:33dwihnoZagor: you did a pretty bad change to the pitch when forcing the user to combine on+right+up to increase the pitch by 2% :(
16:03:58Zagorour resident DJs loves it...
16:04:21dwihnoshould be configurable at least
16:04:50dwihno0.1% steps are imho too small
16:06:13Zagorsubmit a patch
16:07:31dwihnonah, I'm too lazy :)
16:07:46kargatronZagor, is there (conceptual) room for improving the read error-handling?
16:07:58kargatroni.e. did you code it to be as flexible as it could be,
16:08:04Zagorno, it's very simple
16:08:40kargatronah, so just waiting on demonstrated need for more flexibility.
16:08:42kargatronthat's good to know
16:31:16 Join Atifear [0] (
16:31:36Zagorhi Atifear
16:32:08AtifearI've got a problem when i try to recompile, can anybody help me?
16:33:15Zagorwhat is your problem?
16:34:34Atifearwhen the program is using the file adc.o i've got a lot of errors about a temp file ccPJ50hc.s
16:34:53Atifearbut with the others file it works fine
16:34:54Zagorwhich environment are you using?
16:35:13Atifeari ve installed teh full version
16:35:20Atifear1.20go :s
16:36:09 Quit kosh ()
16:36:34Atifeari m disgusted cauz i managed to apply the patch but i can t recompile :(
16:37:25Zagordid the patch change adc.c?
16:37:49Zagorso the clean source doesn't compile either?
16:37:51Atifearjbut with the non-patched version ive the same problem
16:38:38AtifearI ve got the 1.4 source, maybe an another version.......
16:39:21Zagori don't know. i've never seen this problem, but also I have never used cygwin :-)
16:39:27Atifearah i see
16:39:42Zagoryou could mail the list and see if someone else knows what this might be
16:39:51Atifearsigh, the patch is the only thing i need to use Rockbox
16:40:16AtifearI ll try to download th last version trought CVS
16:40:32Zagorwhich patch is it? queue?
16:40:54AtifearI use a lot the playlist option
16:41:01Atifearin the original firware
16:42:31AtifearDo you know if somebody has already compiled the patched source ?
16:42:45Zagornot for player
16:42:52Zagorthat is, I don
16:43:03Zagor't know if anyone has compiled it for player
16:43:37AtifearThe tutorial about using CVS is only for linux?
16:43:53Zagorit's for the command-line version of cvs
16:44:10Atifearwhere can i found it?
16:44:22Atifeari found sorry
16:45:17Atifeararf wat is .rpm file?
16:45:26Zagor.rpm is for linux
16:45:41Atifearcan i use it with cygwin?
16:48:20Atifearcan i download the lastest source without cvs?
16:50:12Zagoronly a daily snapshot
16:51:07 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:51:07DBUGEnqueued KICK dw|gone
16:51:42Atifearwhat is the difference?
16:52:07Zagora lot :-)
16:52:48Atifeari m trying with it
16:55:05 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:55:43AtifearError: Invalid character Error: no such instruction 'rts'......
16:55:57Atifearthis is an example of errors i see about this ******* temp file
16:56:11Zagoryou are using a sh-1 compiler, right?
16:56:50Zagorstrange. sorry I can't be of more help.
16:57:06Atifearisn't it beacaus of windows?
16:57:21Zagorit should work with cygwin
16:59:09Atifearis there others compilers?
16:59:37Zagorthere's the GNUSH package.
17:00:37AtifearIve downloaded it
17:00:52Atifearand there isnt sh-elf-gcc
17:01:50Atifearive put it but i ve got an error
17:01:57Atifear sigh, again
17:02:29Zagorlinux is always the easiest way :-)
17:02:46Atifearzsh: permission denied?
17:02:52Atifearwhat is it?
17:03:12Zagorit can be a lot of different things
17:03:50Atifeari know but i don t want to (i dont know how to say "partitionner") my hd
17:07:43Atifearif i had an another computer,...... lol
17:08:01Zagor:-) you could get a second harddisk
17:09:22AtifearI ve got and usb harddisk , an mp3 player
17:09:28Atifearbut usb is too slow
17:14:22Atifearbut if i run it under ms-dos maybe......
17:14:41Atifeararf but cygwin isnt an msdos application
17:15:40AtifearError: Invalid character Error: no such instruction 'rts'
17:16:05Atifearthat might be becaus of windows that wrote a file in windows 'language'
17:16:21Zagorcould be
17:16:32Atifear******* windows :@
17:18:10Atifearif i install linux, i have to 'partitionner' my hd?
17:18:21Zagoryes. or use a different hd
17:18:41Zagordisks are cheap
17:19:00Atifearin France not
17:19:51Atifearwith mandarake linux, can i install it with only the 2 firsts cds?
17:20:37Zagori don't know. I run debian myself
17:24:16 Join kosh [0] (
17:24:38koshZagor: I hope my post to the list will be detailed enough ;)
17:24:59Zagorit looks good
17:25:59koshI noticed on the last try the first buffer is written and then it appears everything is discarded until you hit off and whatever is in the buffer then get's written..
17:27:41koshI must say I have had some weird stuff happen when using the archos FW also.. Not the same stuff. But I cannot even record at 48KHz.. the Archos FW goes bezerk then..
17:28:46koshOn 44K1 is goes Ok most of the time, but sometime the archos FW just locks up or starts skipping . other times I can record for 5-6 hours without a hitch..
17:30:20koshI will let the archos record on the mic for a while.. see what happens..
17:31:24AtifearWhats the best prog for doing partitions?
17:31:51ZagorAtifear: partition magic is pretty standard
17:32:15koshDisk management on windows XP works quiet nicely as well..
17:32:49Atifeari¨m on 98 :d
17:33:16koshin that case.. Partition Magic
17:34:54AtifearIve got to go, Thaks for your help zagor ang kosh!!!!!
17:34:56 Quit Atifear ()
17:38:32 Part Zagor
17:39:32 Quit kosh ()
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17:43:28 Quit kosh (Client Quit)
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20:06:15 Part Norrin
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21:52:26 Join kosh [0] (
22:32:54 Join Bagder [241] (
22:36:22BagderI got an interesting spam today
22:36:36ZagorOooh, we love spam.
22:36:45BagderI decided to check why my filter didn't catch it
22:36:55Bagderlook at this:
22:37:00BagderAs se<!−−5−−>en on NB<!−−D−−>C, CBS, and CN<!−−H−−>N, and even Opr<!−−D−−>ah!
22:37:11Bagderbeen report<!−−daniel−−>ed on by the Ne<!−−test−−>w Engl<!−−−−>and
22:37:31Bagdera serious attempt to confuse spam filters I bet
22:38:03Bagderthey've added that <!−−daniel−−> all over
22:40:02Zagorbtw, I got closed down yesterday :-)
22:40:34Zagor"Dataf÷reningen Kompetens"
22:41:08Bagderhunt down all spammers! ;-)
22:47:11 Join LinusN [0] (
22:47:54BagderI think I have a spam record today
22:48:06LinusNoh, did you spam many people?
22:48:13Bagderyeah :-P
22:48:47Bagder57 spams yday and today
22:48:55Bagderso far
22:51:12Zagorthere was some interesting talk on the JBMMFirmware list today
22:52:14Zagorsomeone got a mail from an Archos US representative, claiming we had been offered the source but declined
22:53:01LinusNwe don't need no steenkin source!
22:53:03ZagorI'm trying to reach the guy to see what has really happened
22:53:16ZagorLinusN: it would be nice for MM
22:54:03BagderBlaine Greenman
22:54:14Bagdercall him! ;-)
22:55:38LinusNi guess he declined necause they wanted him to sign an NDA and sell his soul to the devil :-)
22:56:03Zagorwho is "he" ?
22:56:13Zagorthat's what I want to know
22:56:15BagderI think he dreamt it
22:56:59Zagorno, I think he has talked to one of the US retailers selling archos. I have talked to one of them about Archos and Open Source.
22:57:27Zagorpretty odd
22:58:04ZagorLinusN: paul reformatted before recording. he was in here when he did it.
22:58:25koshI'm here again..:)
22:58:55koshgood to see you all ... glad we can do more then just translations..;)
22:59:58koshSo I guess you read about my test..
23:00:04LinusNi did
23:01:31koshI tried another few things, but end uup with the same thing.. either a lockup/panic or a 2k+ file with the first 100 seconds plus the remaining bit in the buffer it seems.. weird..
23:02:10koshthat should be 2MB+ file
23:03:09Zagorkosh: was it always PANIC Timeout: 0 ?
23:03:32LinusNkosh: which firmware version did you run?
23:03:38LinusNbleeding edge of today?
23:03:59CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:03:59*LinusN spots a huge bug in the mpeg file saving code...
23:04:00kosheither that or Updating reserved FAT entry 0
23:04:15koshlemme check..
23:04:21Zagorkosh: you still get that, after reformat?
23:05:00koshits more likely to happen if I delete the file through windows instead of let the archos overwrite it seems
23:05:35koshI use CVS21113-1001
23:06:40koshI tried disabling both recycle bin and Restore on the archos.. the only thing I can think of now is it might have something to do with the fact I have a 2nd NTFS partition on the archos
23:06:47koshbut I doubt it
23:07:31Zagorwell it could, theoretically, be a bug in rockbox... :-)
23:07:55Bagdera bug? in rockbox?
23:08:02koshNah.. not possible.. Rockbox only has undocumented features
23:08:04LinusNthat would be a first
23:08:24*LinusN spots a huge undocumented feature in the mpeg file saving code...
23:09:34koshSee.. I told you
23:09:48LinusNbla, it wasn't a bug
23:11:18koshLinusN: saw your message on the list.. after every *PANIC* I ran norton discdoctor.. and get:
23:11:19kosh\RECORD.MP3 first allocation unit is not valid. The entry will be
23:11:30LinusNsaw that after i posted...
23:12:01LinusNwas it like that every time?
23:12:10koshafter that everything turns up OK. no problems.. untill I get a panic again
23:13:36koshYes, everytime I get a panic (either the timeout ofr updating reserved FAT entry 0)
23:13:41LinusNand the disk is empty, except for ajbrec.ajz?
23:13:50koshplus the .rockbox dir
23:14:11koshit's the stock HD
23:18:15Bagderyou can yield() fine in the sim too Linus
23:18:21Bagderjust fyi
23:19:52koshI'm outta here..gotta work.. lemme know if you need any more info
23:20:27LinusNi have a fix coming up
23:33:16 Quit Giss|XC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:45:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:45:21LinusNwow, i managed to reproduce it
23:45:45LinusNthe LED stayed on when i began recording, for maybe 30-40 seconds
23:45:48LinusNthen PANIC
23:45:54LinusNtimeut: 0
23:46:03Zagorhow did you do it?
23:46:04LinusNfile size 0 bytes
23:46:12LinusNi recorded a 2-minute file
23:46:17LinusNno problemo
23:46:31LinusNthen i listened to it, stopped, and began recording again
23:47:50LinusNdosfsck hangs, so i have to use windows scandisk to check the file system...
23:48:05LinusN(the dosfsck hang is a USB problem)
23:48:19 Join Giss|XC [0] (
23:50:14ZagorFATs differ but appear to be intact. Use which FAT ?
23:53:38LinusNhow nice of fsck to let you decide :-)
23:53:59Zagoryeah :-)

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