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#rockbox log for 2002-11-14

00:01:52LinusNhey Zagor, when and how does it truncate?
00:02:00Zagoron close()
00:02:23Zagormarks all remaining clusters as unused and sets new file size
00:11:04LinusNZagor: shouldn't creat() have O_TRUNCATE set as well?
00:12:21HadakaLinusN: it should
00:12:40Zagoroh, my mistake
00:13:46LinusNZagor: i'm a little curious about the close() code
00:14:14LinusNis file->trunc a bool?
00:14:30LinusNwhen is it set?
00:14:48Zagor if (flags & O_TRUNC)
00:14:48Zagor file->trunc = true;
00:14:54Zagorin open()
00:15:15LinusNit seems like it doesn't flush the sector cache if ftruncate(9 fails
00:15:24LinusNand it will, if the file has grown
00:15:37LinusNor am i wrong here?
00:15:43LinusNi am wrong...
00:15:50Zagorwhy would it fail just because the file has grown?
00:15:58LinusNbecause i am silly
00:16:09Zagoroh :-)
00:18:11Zagorstep #1 in long filenames committed
00:18:23Zagorthe rest hopefully goes in tomorrow
00:19:54Bagder25% of my spam this month use 'iframe' somewhere in the mail body :-)
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00:24:30LinusNZagor: i have found an error case we should trap
00:25:38LinusNdoesn't look quite correct to me
00:26:16Zagoruh, is that in the old code? I just changed 250+ lines in fat.c...
00:26:36LinusNin cache_fat_sector
00:26:41LinusN /* Load the sector if it is not cached */
00:26:41LinusN if(!fce->inuse)
00:27:57LinusNor am i just tired?
00:28:17Zagori don't know. i am too :-)
00:28:28LinusNlook ok, actually
00:28:46Zagoryes, i think so to
00:29:01Zagorif it's the right sector number, and it's in use, we should just return the pointer
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00:32:55LinusNZagor: what do the top 4 bits contain in a FAT entry?
00:34:12Zagoryeah. apparently they are reserved. the only thing I know is you are never allowed to change them.
00:35:11LinusNwell, i have to go to bed now, cu tomorrow
00:35:32 Part LinusN
00:42:22Zagornight all
00:42:22 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
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00:53:22DigitalKihello? anyone awake?
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08:24:38bazzzzzzzzzzzzhey guys, i am running rockbox 1.4 on my recorder20, I cant find how to create playlist ON the player, (which can be done with the original firmware) any ideas? :)
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09:00:28dwihnoGood morning on YOU, Zagor! :)
09:00:40dwihnoIs it a good morning or is it bad?
09:01:14Zagorwet :-)
09:02:02dwihnoSpare me the details
09:03:07dwihnoMy new shoes rock!
09:04:19dwihnoPretty inexpensive too!
09:05:13dwihnoWhat I want:
09:05:17dwihnoSSH daemon for win32
09:05:21dwihnosmbd for win32
09:05:37adi|homezagor.. how well do you know sql?
09:05:50dwihnoZagor: samba
09:05:52Zagoradi|home: uh, i did some long time ago :-)
09:06:01adi|homemaybe you know
09:06:03dwihnoselect * from adi where blabla>0 order by bubu;
09:06:20Zagordwihno: yeah, but smb is a windows protocol. why would you want samba on windows?
09:06:24adi|homeim looking for a way to combine 2 cols into one output
09:06:33adi|homeie: firstName lastName
09:06:36adi|homebeing 2 cols
09:06:49adi|homegiving me "Adi Talkstomuch"
09:06:53adi|homeas a single result...
09:07:10Zagorsounds doable. but I don't have the answer in my head.
09:07:13dwihnoZagor: I don't like the NT way to do it! :( No good logging facility either!
09:07:25Zagordwihno: so why are you running nt?
09:07:31dwihnoZagor: Because' I wanna' :)
09:07:37dwihnoadi|home: combine? :)
09:07:44adi|homehmm.. let me check
09:08:03dwihnoselect firstname, lastname from yourtable;
09:09:10CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:09:10*dwihno does not really get what you're trying to do, but I still can try to help :)
09:10:16adi|homeokay... imagine a 'personnel' table
09:10:24adi|homeprimary key, firstname, lastname, emt#
09:10:27adi|home4 fields
09:10:55adi|homei want to be able to give a table dump of "LastName, Firstname" "Emt#"
09:11:02adi|homeso instead of 3 cols
09:11:03adi|homei get 2
09:11:15adi|homeie: "Hak, Robert" and "302616"
09:11:34adi|homethat make more sense?
09:12:01adi|homei mean, I can do: "select LastName, FirstName, EmtNumber from Personnel"
09:12:06adi|homebut thats not what i want
09:12:36dwihnoI don't get what you're trying to accomplish :)
09:12:46adi|homedamn you .. just read my mind
09:13:01adi|homeokay.. imagine a spreadsheet
09:13:03adi|home3 cols
09:13:07adi|home1: firstname
09:13:10adi|home2: lastname
09:13:14adi|home3: id
09:13:51adi|homebut what you want to 'display' is 2 fields looking like: "Hak, Robert" "302616"
09:14:03dwihnotwo separate selects
09:14:27Zagoradi|home: don't you run the query from perl, php or something which can combine the results for you?
09:14:44adi|homems access
09:14:47adi|homenot my fault
09:14:52adi|homeblame my ambulance corp
09:14:54dwihnoMessy Access :)
09:15:15*dwihno uses MS Access for a test thingy, simple, but slow
09:15:41adi|homeright now a crew mate keeps records of who has what equipement/ids/etc in 6 diff 'tables'
09:15:52adi|homewith data duplicated _all_ over the place
09:15:57dwihnoyay :)
09:16:00adi|hometrying to lay out an easier way for him to do it
09:16:15adi|homeoff to watch '3rd watch'
09:16:19adi|homebe back in 45 mins :)
09:18:47 Join Bagder [241] (
09:40:37dwihnoerhgm, anyone knows how to match 2+ spaces with a regexp? :)
09:41:05Schnueff *
09:41:22Bagder( )+
09:41:29Bagderuh, no
09:41:43dwihno+ is the repeater thingy?
09:41:49Schnueff" *" should work
09:41:50Bagder+ is one or more of the former one
09:41:53Schnuefffor most kind of regexpes
09:41:58BagderSchnueff's should work
09:42:18dwihnoI tried it
09:42:22dwihnobyt why 3 spaces?
09:42:29Bagder* is none or more
09:42:33Schnueffthe third can occur 0 or more times
09:42:50Zagorso " +" should be the same?
09:43:08Schnueffbut in a shell it's better with *
09:43:16Bagder" +" is also faster
09:43:31Schnueffgive me measures:)
09:43:46Schnueffyeah probably, but who cares
09:43:50BagderI'll do that as soon as I don't have anything better to do ;-)
09:43:57Bagderthat'll be in the year 2017
09:44:40Schnueffprobably perl optimizes * to + anyway for example:)
09:44:53dwihno" +" does not work for me
09:45:06Schnueffdwihno: where do u use it?
09:45:06dwihnopattern not found
09:45:10dwihnoSchnueff: in vim :)
09:45:14Schnueff \+ then
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09:45:31dwihnoSometimes it good to think too!
09:45:34dwihno+ is the repeater then?
09:45:35Schnueff* is unbackslashed, + is backlashed in vim
09:45:42dwihnowhat's the diff between * and + ?
09:45:44Schnueff+ 1 or more time
09:45:48Schnueff* 0 or more
09:56:47dwihnome understand
09:56:59Bagderthat's something!
09:56:59dwihnoThat's why I had to have three spaces prior to *
09:57:17Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
09:57:37Topic"dwihno admits to having understood" by Bagder (
09:58:17*dwihno sets mode +><))))8> Bagder
09:58:17ZagorBagder: string order is still important in the .lang files, right?
09:58:28BagderZagor: only in the english one
09:58:33ZagorBagder: ah, ok
10:00:41Zagorheard from kjell or matsl lately? the player sim is working, but just barely...
10:01:07Bagdernope, no info from there lately
10:01:39Zagorwrapping a menu "backwards" makes it go bezerk, for instance
10:01:46 Join bobTHC [0] (
10:01:51bobTHChi all!!!
10:02:59Zagorhi bobTHC!
10:03:11bobTHCupdated francais.lang commited
10:03:54bobTHChow are u?
10:04:19Zagorgood. toiling away with the fat code, as usual :-)
10:04:19*Bagder is gonna make his Qt/E use the touchscreen as input device
11:23:11henryishereoh; quick thing; is the fm version of the recorder supported too? it looks identical screen and buttons and OS
11:23:23henryisherei saw one at radio shack today
11:23:34henryisherei diddt realize such a thing existed actually
11:23:38Bagderit doesn't load the firmware the same way
11:23:52henryishereif it did; then it would
11:23:58Bagderwe don't know
11:24:10henryisherewell it looks a lil nicer that's all
11:24:32Bagderit looks like very similar to the multimedia
11:24:44henryisherebut w/ a readable screen
11:24:54henryisherei hear the multimedia is liek a joke of a screen
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13:22:17Bagderwc `find apps firmware uisimulator tools gdb -name "*.[ch]"`
13:22:22Bagder 67104 227156 1855390 total
13:24:20Zagor67 kloc. we're chasing win2k! :-)
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14:17:23Zagorhas anyone tried the chip8 patch yet?
14:18:04Zagorit seems like a prime .rock candidate :-)
14:18:15*Bagder nods
14:27:18dwihnoKan man på något sätt veta om ett e-mail lästs?
14:27:37Bagderwell you can, if the person replies to it ;-)
14:27:40dwihnoInte ens kräva en returned-flagga typ? :)
14:27:46dwihnosorry for spiking svenskish :)
14:28:04Bagderthere's no standard for that kind of receit
14:29:53dwihnoThank you for your kind answer :)
14:32:14kargatronhow many 'active' developers are working on rockbox recently? just the (standard) 4? ( Zagor, Bagder, linus, adi|home?)
14:32:42Zagorkjell and matsl are working on the player simulator
14:33:02Zagorgary is meditating on simplifying the file code
14:33:27Zagorthat's all I think.
14:33:43kargatrongreg still pursuing fat code simplicfication?
14:36:06dwihnoBagder: how about using the "ms outlook" feature? is it some non-standard mumbojumbo 1x2?
14:36:06 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:36:27Bagderdwihno: that'll work if an outlook person reads it
14:37:33dwihnoBagder: mkay... do you know if it's some kind of extra header added by outlook or such?
14:37:42Bagderyes it is
14:38:07dwihnoSo different software _CAN_ support it them... :)
14:38:13dwihno(well, of course they can, stupid me)
14:41:35*Bagder commits >40MB of files into a CVS repo, that makes a lot of cvs-commit mails ;-)
14:43:29Bagderit takes a while ;-)
14:44:01Bagdercrappy 700kilobit upload rate
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16:21:14dwihnovad är northwood för ngt?
16:56:45 Part Zagor
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17:07:07bryanhg -> d2go account disabled please advise
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17:51:15 Join kosh [0] (
17:51:45koshhey there.. any undocumented features found? ;0
17:55:42 Join alkorr [0] (
17:56:21 Part alkorr
18:04:07 Quit kosh ()
18:09:54bryanhg -> d2go account disabled please advise (link to win32 simulator)
18:20:33 Join xam [0] (
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20:14:35koshyo zagor
20:15:38koshI just did a full MD stereo qual7 48KHz. exept for the file being 32KHz instead of 48 it went well
20:16:14koshHowever after tat a 2nd MD caused another timeout panic..
20:16:35Zagornot so nice :-)
20:16:46koshCould it be rockbox chokes on a large existing RECORD.MP3
20:17:02Zagori don't think so
20:17:59koshdo you delete the previous file or just open a new one
20:18:55Zagorwe overwrite the old
20:19:07koshfunny thing is if I rename the file in windows I also get a panic, this time the reserved FAT one
20:20:19koshIf it's a short file it works, larger files always make the archos panic.. The archos FW always asks whether you want to delete an existing file befor continuing..
20:20:22Zagorsounds like windows does something my code isn't prepared for
20:20:48Zagori should install win95 in vmware so I can test :-)
20:20:55koshyeah.. ;)
20:22:04koshhmm weird.. I will record another bit and then run discdoctor.. see if that spots anything.. delete the file and run discdoctor again..
20:23:04Zagoryou don't have linux anywhere, right?
20:23:56koshI did, but gave up on it.. I am not a programmer and after spending three days tring to get my Hollywood plus card working I gave up
20:24:44Zagorwhat's that?
20:24:54koshIt's still just too much hassle for us 'everyday' users..
20:25:30Zagori don't think it is, if someone installs it for you. but anyway...
20:25:45Zagorgotta go grab some food. back in a few minutes...
20:25:50 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|food (
20:26:05Schnueffbe humane
20:26:12koshIt's a hardware mpeg decoder.. there is a driver, but when tring to compile Xine I first needed this, then that plus a specifix version of soandso of which I had an older version which I could not get to update..
20:29:29koshI do not mind poking around with stuff.. We did it all the time back in the C64 days.. I can install Linux just fine but it's just you have to go all over the net to get all the latest drivers.
20:31:26koshAnd when an author af a new program or drive does not use the same distro you are in trouble a lot of the time.. But we're drifting off topic her ;)
20:32:28PsycoXulthe vast majority of stuff is standard between distros
20:32:35PsycoXulespecialy when it comes to kernel-related things
20:32:57PsycoXultry linux-from-scratch, thats fun :p
20:33:10 Quit Giss|XC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:33:49koshThat might be true.. But as soon as you start asking Qs most people strat 'but you should not use distro X.. try Y much better!' and I get an instant headache..
20:34:10 Join Giss|XC [0] (
20:34:32PsycoXuland thats why i said "Fuck distos"
20:37:16koshWell I still do not like windowz.. but hey stuff works.. If I want toplay I go back to my Amiga3000 :0
20:39:51 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:43:36 Join TotMacher [0] (
21:00:51 Join seb-sleep [0] (
21:21:57 Nick Zagor|food is now known as Zagor (
21:32:05koshEnjoyed your food..:)
21:32:20Zagorfood is good
21:33:30koshYup.. just ate a full plate of 'Hutspot', a dutch winterdish.. mashed potatos, carrots, unions, spices, beef and a LOT of gravey.. yum!!
21:34:15PsycoXulsounds just like a crockpot meal my mom makes
21:34:24 Quit TotMacher ()
21:35:00koshWell it's Dutch. but not really ..;) as always we tend to grab all good things and make it our own.. :)
21:36:23koshBeen on the recording track again.. and got some more problems.. like doing a couple of recordings in a row I end up with the dreaded Updating reserved FAT entry 0 panic.. avertime after 4-5 runs..
21:38:03koshI also found the timeout problem strangly appears when you record a 8-10 minute track, hook the archos to the PC and release it again..
21:38:27Zagorapparently the PC changes something that we are not prepared for
21:38:53Zagordo you know any software for windows which can take a raw image of the first few megs of a drive?
21:39:04Zagorlike 'dd' for unix
21:39:06koshIt seems tha way yes, but when you do this on a short recording (2-3 minutes) it does not panic..
21:39:40koshYou want the MBR ?
21:40:21Zagori want the MBR, the fat and the root dir
21:40:33Zagorso the first few megs of the disk
21:41:02koshok.. I know there's a tool for that.. I'll look around and get back to you when I have it..
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21:50:25 Join LinusN [0] (
21:53:30Zagorhi linus
21:55:04koshWell a quick survey did not turn up anything.. but if and when I find anything I will let you know..
21:55:39LinusNhi all
21:55:46LinusNhome at last
21:55:46koshI am recording a looong piece now and when it's done I will start a 2nd recording without going to windows.. just to see what happens..
21:56:10LinusNleft the hospital this morning
21:56:30koshI'll be out for a beer.. be back in an hour or so..
21:56:35Zagorbag full of fun pills :-)
21:56:42Zagorkosh: have fun
21:56:43LinusNZagor: you bet
21:56:54LinusNmorphine and other nice stuff
22:04:09LinusNZagor: any news about the FAT?
22:04:59Zagorany news about the recording? :-)
22:06:09LinusNhehe, no
22:06:16LinusNi was thinking
22:06:42LinusNhow does the ?ECORD.MP3 entry look like?
22:06:51 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
22:08:15Zagorwhat do you mean?
22:11:10LinusNi mean, is the cluster chain still there?
22:12:45Zagorbeats me. he's on windows, so he can't send me the data
22:16:36 Join kargatron [0] (
22:38:05 Quit _seb_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:45:02 Join _seb_ [0] (
22:47:54 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:54:31koshnothing I can find to get the MBR, FAT and root dir of te drive.. I have a tool which displays them, but cannot write them.. I assume you guys do not have these problems..
22:54:54koshI am almost ready to install Linux just to test this... :)
22:54:56Zagorno :-)
22:55:02LinusNno, we use real operatinh systems :-)
22:57:53koshyeah.. yeah.. To be honest I liked Linux.. made me feel like I was sorta back with my Amiga so I blew the dust of my A3000, which still worked ..:) But seriously. and off topic.. On of the main things why I do not use Linux is that I could not find a good soundeditor like SoundForge and I believe Linux still does not suport the Creative LiveDrive ports..
22:58:40PsycoXuli think also supports the livedrive ports, but i'm not sure cause i don't have one
22:58:53Jet8810can somebody tell me what my IP is please? not sure if ipconfig is workinmg
22:58:59PsycoXuland you're right, there's no good sound editor
22:59:10PsycoXulthere's a few that're getting ok, but nothing as robust or stable as soundforge
22:59:19LinusNkosh: have you tried this?
22:59:57koshMaybe I should install linux and vmware back to windows but what performance will I get from soundforge through WMware and how good is it anyway?
23:00:08LinusNkosh: you can dual boot
23:00:13Jet8810can somebody tell me what my IP is please? not sure if ipconfig is workinmg
23:00:15bryanhg -> d2go account disabled please advise (link to win32 simulator)
23:00:23ZagorJet8810: has address
23:00:39koshI HATE dualboot.. Maybe I am strange in that but I refuse to have to reboot just because I need to run X
23:00:43koshor Y
23:00:45bryanhgjet - works too
23:00:53Zagorbryanhg: seems edx has closed his web page
23:01:16bryanhgwhere can i get win32 simulator... or do i need to compile?
23:01:22Zagorkosh: i never reboot. I always run X :-)
23:01:36Zagorbryanhg: the win32 simulators don't work. nobody is updating them.
23:01:45kosh;) yeah.. yeah.. I know..
23:02:08bryanhgi joined the ABJMMFIRMWARE group on yahoo
23:02:15bryanhgseems they have archos cooperation
23:02:35Zagorbryanhg: not yet
23:03:17bryanhgthey arent NOT cooperating though... they are in discussion... they have cooperation if they use archos
23:03:48Zagorbryanhg: we don't know that yet. the guy from Archos hasn't responded yet.
23:04:41Zagori'm on that list
23:05:32bryanhgoh ok, i missed the part where he has to take it a step further
23:05:59bryanhgmy bad
23:06:01koshPsycoXul: I need sourceforge.. I make money with it.. maybe it hte near future I will just add (yet another) PC to my network and run linux on that.. phew..
23:06:25bryanhgzagor - u have a jbmm?
23:06:56bryanhgi have an order in for 2 through scott −− having some paypal issues though
23:06:57koshI will have my widowz machine, my video player, my Amiga3000 and a linux box should be fun :)
23:07:07Zagori might get one if we get some help from archos
23:07:40bryanhghow feasible is a more graphical interface... provided the player can handle it
23:08:08Zagorwe know very little about the MM so far
23:08:28bryanhgno info on a graphics processor if it has one?
23:08:58 Quit _seb_ ("mir Schnuppe was meine Kritiker sag'n...")
23:09:03Zagorno info that I've seen
23:09:11koshWhy not make a basic interpreter on rockboX..;)
23:09:28bryanhgkosh - what would that accomplish
23:09:40koshfun and games.. mind the ;)
23:09:47bryanhgyou can already make a patch
23:10:26bryanhgwould it be possible to invert the display on the recorder? that would be cool :-)
23:10:30Zagorbryanhg: how is the screen on the MM? someone said it was unsharp?
23:10:41bryanhgi dont have it yet... waiting patiently
23:10:43Zagorbryanhg: yeah, it's possible
23:10:53bryanhg$379 is an amazing price
23:11:14bryanhgit comes with photo modules and USB 2.0 cables free shipping included
23:12:07bryanhgmine was part of a new shipment that supposedly addresses some of the battery concerns... though that is hearsay and not confirmed
23:12:10koshit's 350 euro here
23:12:22bryanhgorder from scott...
23:12:40bryanhghe can write warentee replacement and you have no customs charges
23:12:52bryanhgjust a little bit of shipping not much
23:13:07Zagorbryanhg: we are in europe :-)
23:13:11bryanhgi know
23:13:14koshthe recorder 20 is now at 335 euros
23:13:29koshZagor: check
23:13:40bryanhgwhat is euro -> dollar conversion?
23:13:45 Quit kosh ()
23:13:58 Join kosh [0] (
23:14:00kargatron1:1 effectively
23:14:06koshsorry.. wrong button ;)
23:14:14Zagor100 USD (United States Dollar) = 99.404 EUR (European Currency Units Euro)
23:14:15kargatronmaybe 1:.98
23:14:21kargatron.994 then :)
23:14:57koshZagor : I still dunno where you guys are..
23:15:03bryanhg<−− US
23:15:03Zagorkosh: sweden
23:16:15bryanhg$8 shipping outside of USA i believe
23:17:09koshWell since you are EU.. you can order from NL easy..
23:17:29bryanhgso you would get JBMM, photo modules, USB 2.0 for $388 -> 386 euro
23:18:02Zagorbryanhg: shipping is not the problem. horrible custom charges and VAT is the problem.
23:18:45koshZagor: as said ordering from NL.. 350 euro incl. tax ex shipping..
23:19:01Zagoryeah, well I can order from sweden too. thanks anyway :-)
23:27:29Zagorkosh: try the new bleeding edge build
23:28:21koshI will
23:33:18 Join _seb_ [0] (
23:33:27koshUpdate to latest BEB.. Just finished 80 minute recording.. quit rec-update BEB-record .. sofar OK.. in a minute or 10 I will delete the recorded file in windows and record again.. fingers crossed..;)
23:37:54bryanhgZagor - there is a way around the VAT / custom charges
23:38:22bryanhgyou can write replacement part "$0.00 Value" and there won't be any charges
23:38:35bryanhgI have seen it done - it works
23:45:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:46:11koshit ppears to be fixed..
23:46:46koshIt seems I can bin the archos formware soon..yeah!
23:47:32koshlinus: is it correct recording is at 32KHz nomatter what the setting (since we are in testphase)
23:50:29koshZagor: next one the timeout.. it popsup now instead of the FAT panic (coming from a 10 minute recording)
23:50:45Zagorkosh: that is in linus code
23:51:00koshok.. and linus is busy :)
23:51:22Zagorit seems so
23:54:29LinusNyes i am
23:54:42LinusNand i have been chasing the timeout bug for a long time
23:55:05LinusNand 32kHz regardless of freq. setting is a bug to
23:55:43koshok.. but with the FAt bug gone I will start a new series of tests to see what happens.. I will post to teh list as soon as I have something to share..
23:55:44Zagoris the file closed before you panic? if not, that might be a good idea to minimise disk corruption
23:55:51LinusNi would appreciate if someone could find a definite way of provoking the timeout
23:56:01LinusNZagor: it is closed
23:57:01LinusNfyi, the timeout is because the MAS seems to stop responding to DMA transfer requests
23:57:12LinusNsee dma_tick()
23:58:30LinusNit *could* be about updating PORTA in an interrupt
23:58:50koshI'm off doing stuff.. be back later..
23:58:51LinusNwhen a thread is updating it at the same time
23:58:56LinusNcu kosh
23:58:59 Part kosh

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