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#rockbox log for 2002-11-16

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13:55:13Jegowow, so much happening!
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16:02:38Indiohas in the webside how to install rockbox?
16:11:55_seb_I think, yes
16:12:12_seb_Do you have the Recorder or the Player?
16:12:52_seb_Did you download this file:
16:13:06Indioyes, i did
16:13:35_seb_and you unzipped it? Did it make a ".rockbox" folder?
16:14:19Indioyes, i did
16:15:30_seb_ok, you must move ".rockbox" and "ajbrec.ajz" to the root directory of your Recorder
16:16:12Indioand something more?
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16:16:50_seb_No, then you can disconnect your Recorder from your computer like you normally do, and turn it on, and enjoy Rockbox :)
16:17:17_seb_You may want to use a Spanish language file, but I am not sure how that works exactly.
16:17:52Indiohow do you know that i'm spanish?
16:18:14_seb_from your IP name:
16:18:38_seb_I think you can go (on the recorder) to .rockbox, and press "PLAY" when on Espanol.lng
16:18:39Indiothank you, _seb_
16:18:51_seb_You're welcome, I hope you enjoy Rockbox!
16:19:00Indiowhere are you from? _seb_
16:19:05_seb_New Jersey, USA
16:19:55Indiorockbox doesn't record, can i change to firware to record?
16:20:16_seb_Yes, but the way to do this is a little complicated.
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16:20:51_seb_This is the original Recorder firmware.
16:21:16_seb_You should download it, unzip to a folder, and rename the .ajz file to something like "original.ajz".
16:21:16Indiodo you use this for to record?
16:21:24_seb_No, I have the player.
16:21:50_seb_Put the "original.ajz" in the Recorder root directory, and in Rockbox I think you can press PLAY on the file to restart with that firmware.
16:22:13Indiothank you, friend
16:22:27_seb_No problem :) Your english is very good, did you learn in school?
16:23:28Indioa little, thank you, i'm learning now .-)
16:24:46_seb_Hehe, many of my friends know Spanish but unfortunately, I am only learning French and German... I think I will learn Spanish when I am at university.
16:25:29Indiowhat old are you? _seb_
16:25:37_seb_*how old
16:25:40_seb_I'm 16
16:26:12Indiovery young
16:26:29_seb_Yes, I know :)
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16:28:41Indioi don't see root , i see files, my music files
16:31:18_seb_"root" is the main directory... can you see ".rockbox"?
16:31:25Indionow it begin
16:31:45Indioi have got rockbox xD
16:32:15_seb_sorry, I mean "it's good"
16:32:46_seb_sometimes I can't type
16:34:19_seb_my brain is confused, I need more coffee/tea/cola :)
16:35:34Indiowhat time is there?
16:37:03_seb_10:36 in the morning
16:39:55Indioi must go out, hasta otra
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17:15:16jmc0002anyone have the archos multimedia 20?>
17:20:06Zagorsomeone does :-)
17:22:20jmc0002are there any hacks for it yet?
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19:14:03bazzzzzzzzzzzzhey guys
19:14:50bazzzzzzzzzzzzim using rockbox on a recorder20 , does anyone have info on adding tracks to playlists? it works on the orig firmware
19:17:17Zagorwe haven't added playlist editing yet
19:20:32bazzzzzzzzzzzzthanks zagor
19:21:15bazzzzzzzzzzzzjust wanted to be sure i wasnt missing something! i wouldve returned my archos if it wasnt for rockbox, its makes it rock!
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21:28:57dw|gone <- now don't wank0r too much :)
21:29:39dw|goneoops, wrong window ;)
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21:29:52dw|gonenevermind ;)
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