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#rockbox log for 2002-11-17

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12:43:41GissehelAm I dumb, or is it very very hard to find archos drivers on ??
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13:56:48Indioif i have rockbox installed how can i put in my archos recorder the original OS? thank you
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14:10:24GissehelIndio: just connect to a computer
14:10:39Gisseheland remove/rename the file that you put on it...
14:18:12Indioi did it, thank you Gissehel
14:37:41PsycoXulor you could just use rolo to load it whenever you want to and keep rockbox, if you like
14:37:52PsycoXulif you have a .ajz file to load that is
15:30:10GissehelPsycoXul: hu, don't know how to,
15:30:16Gissehelwhat is rolo ?
15:30:23Gissehela lilo for rockbow ?
15:30:41GissehelI was thinking about such a thing...
15:32:03Gissehelfound rolo.c in CVS !
15:32:07Gissehelthat must be it !
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17:02:56GissehelI understood how does rolo works :)
17:03:12Zagorcongratulations :-)
17:03:18GissehelI was looking for some external soft
17:03:32Gissehelthat would be able to load any other
17:03:44Gissehellike lilo does
17:04:08Gissehelnot somthing within the soft ...
17:04:14Zagorwell we chose a different approach, since most people want to load the same firmware 90% of the time
17:04:31Gissehelyes yes
17:04:34Gissehelthat's a good one :o)
17:07:32Gissehelby the way
17:07:39Gissehelwhere the configuration is stored ?
17:09:16Zagoron a sector on the disk
17:09:30Zagoran otherwise unused sector
17:12:13Gissehelso why does the config is cleared when the firmware is changed ? is there a version check to be sure that all the data are safe to read ? or is it a technical problem ?
17:12:48Zagorwe use a checksum
17:13:31Gissehelyes sorry
17:13:39Gisseheljust found the code in settings.c :)=
17:13:46Gissehelsorry to ask before reading the code :)
17:13:50Zagorno problem
17:19:17Zagori guess we could be saving at a different sector to make switching a little more painless
17:19:24Gissehelhumm, does the api file.c/h safe for writting yet ?
17:19:54Gissehelit wasn't last time I played with the code...
17:20:20Gissehelwill be able to implement what I want to do now :) kool :)
17:20:24Zagorhehe. well we cannot guarantee it's 100% bug free but it seems to work fairly well
17:20:32Gissehelwell yes
17:20:35Zagornice. what are your plans?
17:20:51Gissehelthat's very targeted plan
17:21:05Gissehelso It won't be helpfull to a lot of ppl
17:21:28Gissehela software to be able to render kanjis texts
17:21:28Zagorok. i'm still curious :-)
17:21:34Zagorah. cool!
17:21:39Gissehel(japanese texts)
17:21:51Gisseheland a software to learn kanjis with defnitions...
17:22:21GissehelI'm having an international japanese exam ( like tofel ) on Dec 1st...
17:22:43Gissehelwould be great to have the archos to help to learn :)
17:22:51Gissehelplayed with japanese font earlier
17:23:21Gissehelbut it was quite hard to make something that was not just an exemple
17:23:35Gissehelbecause the font doesn't fit in the RAM :)
17:23:47GissehelI need to put the font on the disk
17:24:30Zagorso you load each character ?
17:25:41Gissehelwhat do you mean ?
17:25:58Zagorsince the font doesn't fit in ram, you load each char from a file instead?
17:26:27Gissehelwhat I did was to only put a subset of the font within the firmware
17:26:32Gissehelso It works
17:26:39GissehelI tried to use the files
17:26:47Gissehelbut had problems with API
17:27:15Gissehelso I put that thing aside :)
17:27:22GissehelNow I'm motivated again :)
17:27:33GissehelI hope this will continue...
17:28:01Gissehelin fact, I need to bring the source code at work :)))
17:30:54Gissehelwell, as your name is a lot in file.c, I thing your the right one to ask something about the API :)
17:30:56Gissehelfor an "open" call
17:31:12Gissehelopen("poide",...) is not the right syntax
17:31:12Gissehelit's :
17:31:33Zagorright. you must always specify an absolute path.
17:31:33Gissehelfrom what I've just seen in the code..
17:31:37Gissehelisn't it ?
17:32:03Gissehelthat's probably why I had so many problems before :)
17:33:42Gissehelthe "mp3 buffer" can be used freely while not playing music I suppose ?
17:38:03Gissehelwill use it, while this mean any japanese won't be able to work while playing music :/
17:39:04Zagoryou can't always get everything :-)
17:39:51Gissehelthe other solution would be to open the font file on every single char I want to display
17:42:19Zagornot very nice
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17:57:56Gissehel:/// the LCD api changed since I wrote code :) need to re-think that...
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19:03:39MzMzMzis there any of the developers here ?
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19:06:22ZagorMzMzMz: i'm here
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19:07:25Zagoraway grabbing food
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19:08:41MzMzMzi just wanted 2 ask
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19:09:11MzMzMzwill u write new firmware for jukebox 20 ?
19:15:45GissehelMzMzMz: what is the problem ?
19:15:45GissehelI'm not a formal developper
19:15:47Gissehelwhile I only wrote code for myself
19:15:48Gissehelbut I don't really understand you question...
19:16:10Gissehelrockbox IS about writting a new firmware...
19:16:20Gissehelis there a problem with jukebow 20 ?
19:17:03MzMzMzexept the fact that there is no rockbox firmware for it..
19:17:40Gissehelho ?
19:18:07MzMzMz(20 = the new jukebox with the color lcd)
19:19:12Gisseheldidn't know about this ...
19:19:28GissehelI thought that juxebox 20 was like 10 and 6
19:19:59MzMzMzbecause the firmware versions from archos looks like shit
19:20:03Gissehelbut no recording capabilities ?
19:20:16MzMzMzyep.. there is line in.. and built in mic
19:20:32Gissehelbuilt in mic ?
19:20:45MzMzMzyes.. like in a video cam..
19:21:13MzMzMzno need to attach a microphone or anything
19:21:15Gissehelare you sure it's called "jukebox 20" ?
19:21:28MzMzMzjukebox 20 multimedia
19:21:45Gissehelthat's the multimedia one :o)
19:21:51Gissehelthe one that can play divx ...
19:21:54Gissehelisn't it ?
19:22:19Gissehelthe jukebox 20 is for me, the basical one...
19:22:24Gissehelthere is the recorder 20
19:22:32Gisseheland the multimedia 20 !
19:22:52Gissehelthe basical one and the recorder one can use rockbox
19:23:21GissehelFAQ 67
19:23:26Gissehelthe answer is no :o)
19:24:05Gissehel67 ... will rockbox support other..... (FM player, Multimedia)
19:24:09Gissehelanswer : no ...
19:24:32MzMzMzall i need is just a lead.. i will do it myself
19:24:49GissehelI suppose that such a unilateral answer mean : not same hardware at all
19:25:06MzMzMzbut i need to know how they figured out all the things about the previous versions of jb
19:25:17Gissehelyes yes
19:25:18GissehelI understand
19:25:24Gissehelhow you feel :)
19:25:33Gissehelwell, just by a recorder ;)
19:26:00MzMzMzor maybe i should buy 6000
19:27:28MzMzMzi can't understand what is CVS.. is this the place i should look in /?
19:34:59MzMzMzdid the developers of rockbox had any decompiler for the .ajz files ?
19:41:02Gissehelhum :)
19:41:08Gissehelwasn't here anymore
19:41:26GissehelCVS is a "Concurency version s..."
19:41:35Gissehel(don't remembre S, perhaps server)
19:41:56Gissehelanyway, it's a software to manage version of a project
19:42:18Gissehelyou can retrieve from a cvs "repository" the current version of the rockbox sources
19:42:28Gissehelbut also any version of any file
19:42:51Gissehelyou can ask cvs the differences between some day, and some other day...
19:43:19GissehelFAQ Q5 ;)
19:44:21Gissehel <−− try Q67, Q5
19:44:58MzMzMztoo bad.. :(
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