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#rockbox log for 2002-11-18

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05:57:14BACKLIFEne one awake ?
05:58:31BACKLIFEwell just thought i would stop in and say nice work on the firmware and i re-soldered my jb (yay for me?)
06:03:53adi|homeim awake
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08:51:51Zagormorning, all
08:53:54kargatroni just took out my batteries to stretch out my battery springs a little, as suggested, and found something odd
08:54:35kargatronthe left battery spring is half "tied over" by a wire extending from the bottom-left to upper right (looking down on the spring).
08:54:57Zagoryes, that's normal. although nobody knows what it's for
08:55:28kargatronah, figured that might be what you referred to when speculating on power interrupts during jolts
08:55:54Zagorthat could be one reason, yeah
08:55:58kargatronor rather, that the spring not being fully extended was respnosible
09:15:32kargatronZagor, should one of the 'mp3 stops playing' bugs (622799, 624697) include a note about the 'silent playing' issue? Or should that be a separate bug report? Certainly I see it occasionally from jolts, as mentioned, and others have (I'm asking because of the latest email about it earlier today).
09:16:35Zagora note is probably good
09:17:56kargatronyou switched 622799 from 'mp3 playback' to 'drivers' - are they really different categories for this type of bug?
09:18:20kargatron624697 is 'mp3 playback'
09:19:04Zagorthey should be merged into one 'drivers' bug, i think. the problem is in the driver code, not the playback code. thus the categorization
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10:35:49Zagoryo linus
10:36:48LinusNOff topic: how on earth can i control the key repeat rate in KDE?
10:37:00Zagorit struck me today that it would probably be best to make each buffer save a complete open+write+close sequence
10:37:08Zagori've never used kde
10:38:00LinusNZagor: you mean recording?
10:38:13LinusNgood idea
10:38:30Zagorthat way we update the file size and everything each time, making a power failure less catastrophic
10:38:50LinusNand/or maybe update the dir entry once in a while
10:39:05Zagorit's updated on every close()
10:39:21LinusNi know, hence "once in a while"
10:39:33dwihnoIdeas ideas! :D
10:40:00Zagorwe've got plenty :-)
10:43:43dwihnoI yay for the ideas! :D
10:44:09LinusNok, i have an idea
10:44:16LinusNlet's kick dwihno!
10:45:40Zagorsounds like fun :-)
10:46:17Zagordon't be sad, you serve a useful purpose! ;)
10:49:44LinusNyou are our guinea pig, remember?
10:51:35dwihnoATA: -2
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10:57:08LinusNZagor: do you gave an idea what to do with current_dma_tick when we use IRQ7 for DEMAND?
10:57:38Zagoruh, i haven't looked at it at all
10:57:43LinusNwill it be ok tu update it more seldom?
10:57:58LinusNat the IRQ
10:58:00Zagorupdate what?
10:58:14LinusN id3tags[tag_read_idx]->id3.elapsed +=
10:58:14LinusN (current_tick - last_dma_tick) * 1000 / HZ;
10:58:14LinusN last_dma_tick = current_tick;
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10:59:13LinusNnot current_dma_tick, just the elapsed
10:59:25LinusNcurrent_dma_tick is for debugging, sorry
10:59:56LinusNi guess the elapsed time could be updated at MPEg frame intervals instead of every ms...
11:00:24Zagoryeah, or using a separate timer. it doesn't have to be play related, really
11:06:22LinusNi'll do it at IRQ time
11:06:31Zagorwhich irq?
11:07:38Zagorah, right
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11:18:24Zagormaking long filenames is a mess :-(
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11:19:23LinusNas long as you don't mess up the names... :-)
11:25:45Zagorhint: don't create many files with the same starting 8 chars...
11:26:15Zagormaking sure the auto-generated shortnames are unique is costing a good amount of performance
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12:59:01Zagorphew. now I need lunch.
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13:53:33LinusNgah, using irq7 isn't all that easy for playback
13:53:57LinusNi have to enable it and disable it all the time
13:55:32LinusNi can't use edge detection, because DEMAND is active from the start, so there will be no edge for the first demand
13:56:01LinusNso i'll have to use level detection, so i have to disable the IRQ until DEMAND goes inactive again
13:56:25kargatronI love how those sentences are 100% complete jargon. :)
13:56:39Zagorbut you can enable edge detection after it goes low the first time, right?
13:56:46LinusNuntil i pause
13:56:48dwihnoATA: -2
13:57:58ZagorLinusN: right, so you'd need a kind of startup behaviour. still avoiding polling may alleviate some of the peakmeter problems
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13:59:38Hadakahmmh, can you get the line-in come out of the ear plug without recording?
13:59:54LinusNZagor: indeed, i'm working on it
13:59:59Hadakaoh gods, that was a badly put question, but I hope you got the point :)
14:00:00LinusNi was just letting my anger out
14:00:14LinusNHadaka: yes i can
14:00:46LinusNi can mix with the mp3 audio as well
14:00:50Hadakayou can?
14:00:52Hadakaoh gods
14:01:05HadakaI know a friend who will be very interested in hearing that
14:02:07Hadakahe has this wacky setup - where his phone's headset goes through the archos - so when his phone rings, he wants to get the line in to go through :)
14:02:38dwihnoHe's japanese?
14:02:38LinusNi've had the same idea myself :-)
14:02:44Hadakano, not japanese :)
14:02:55Zagorright, it would pretty useful for the mobile phone
14:03:06kargatron"I'm sorry, no, I can't turn down the music, without turning you down too. Just shout."
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14:12:45LinusNkind of cool to record the conversation
14:12:59dwihnoThat would be cool
14:13:31LinusNalso kind of not-all-that-useful, since only the other part is recorded
14:13:44dwihnoless good :)
14:13:49Zagorcool idea. actually it shouldn't be too difficult making a Nokia adapter. They use a standard 2.5mm plug.
14:13:51dwihnoYou can make funny dialogs with yourself
14:14:23LinusNZagor: yeah, a atandard 4-pin plug
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15:02:32Zagorhi b0bTHC
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15:45:45LinusNZagor: how about basing the playtime on the amount of bytes sent to the MAS for CBR files?
15:46:01LinusNthe elapsed time
15:46:25Zagorsounds ok. but why do it differently for cbr and vbr?
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15:48:44LinusNbecause CBR time is harder to calculate by just using the number of bytes played
15:48:58kargatronVBR you mean?
15:49:03LinusNVBR, yes
15:49:35Zagorexactly, so we'll need to use elapsed-time anyway. so what's the gain in having two algorithms instead of one?
15:49:49LinusNbytes played is accurate
15:50:00LinusNticks are not
15:50:30LinusNbut i see your point
15:50:59Zagorif it's not much extra complexity, I say go for it.
15:51:06LinusNwe'll see
15:51:18LinusNbtw, it's not irq7
15:51:22LinusNit's irq3
15:51:40LinusNand it works now
15:56:00LinusNi was thinking about using the mpeg frame count for elapsed time
15:56:40Zagorwhy not sent-bytes? it only has a KB or so buffer, doesn't it?
15:57:05LinusNmpeg frame count works for vbr as well
15:57:37Zagorah, right. frames are different size, but same timespan
15:57:43LinusNthe only problem is when we pause the stream
15:58:01LinusNthen it will lose sync and reset the counter
15:58:15Zagoryeah, we should only use it for relative measurements
15:58:38LinusNi'll have a go at it
15:58:55Zagorthat would fix time display while pitching too. nice.
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16:11:19LinusNmy recording hangs in write_long_name()
16:11:47Zagordo you have the latest?
16:12:42LinusNi'll retry
16:17:18LinusNno hang this time
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17:32:21LinusNhi Bagder!
17:33:33Bagderbeen offline during the whole day
17:34:05LinusNmust have been hard for you
17:34:24Bagderyeah :-/
17:35:42LinusNtoo bad zagor left
17:35:52LinusNmy write() calls have started failing
17:40:40BagderI got myself a few more curl hacking jobs
17:43:14LinusNBagder: great
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17:52:13BagderI'm becoming quite good at logging on to webmail systems ;-)
17:55:53LinusNBagder: :-)
17:56:03LinusNmake clean fixed the file write issue
17:56:20Bagderthat's bood good and bad I guess ;-)
18:02:29LinusNi got rid of the MAS poll on the recorder
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20:02:52Bagderhey edx
20:03:30edxjeez.. i've been pretty busy with school the last few weeks :/
20:04:10Bagderbeen pretty busy myself
20:04:26edxbut still you've been working on rockbox :)
20:04:35CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 8 hours and 50 minutes at the last flood
20:04:35*edx is looking forward to his holidays
20:04:37Bagderactually not that much recently
20:04:54edxlots of tests written at school atm... but only 2 weeks left :D
20:05:28Bagderchristmas vacation is nice
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20:10:53Bagdergotta go
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22:23:57kargatronre: the latest feature request about treble/bass
22:24:04kargatronis it true that 6 is 'neutral'?
22:24:18kargatroni thought that was picked as default for earphone use
22:24:30LinusNi think he meant "default"
22:24:34kargatronmy lineout.cfg sets those to 0 - not appropriate?
22:24:51LinusNi think the dB values we use today is the best
22:24:58LinusNi mean 0 is neutral
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