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#rockbox log for 2002-11-20

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01:05:41elinenbe3LinusN: nice work!
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01:06:20elinenbeLinusN: what does the future hold for recording?
01:06:37LinusNif that isn't one-touch recording, i don't know what is... :-)
01:07:19LinusNelinenbe: i'll start working on adding Xing VBR headers to the recorded files
01:07:23elinenbewhat about timre recording? I know that has been asked about alot!
01:07:36elinenbeLinusN: that is a nice feature.
01:08:18LinusNi don't know what is most wanted, timer recording or silence detection
01:08:57elinenbeoh yeah... could you have it auto on/off depending on noise?
01:10:05LinusNi can monitor the A/D and open a new file when the level is above a certain threshold
01:10:31elinenbeLinusN: that would be an incredible feature.
01:10:54LinusNthe trick is that i need to have a backlog of recorded data
01:11:23elinenbeLinusN: just hit record and you will get the whole CD
01:11:23LinusNsince i need to save the second before the threshold was reached
01:11:51elinenbeah... I see. Well, you need to get to sleep :)
01:11:58LinusNi do
01:12:22elinenbethanks for the AWESOME work.
01:12:24LinusNit's good i have you to remind me :-)
01:12:34elinenbeI know :)
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03:41:39mrsubwayHi. I just got Rockbox for my Jukebox recorder 20. NICE JOB!
03:42:29mrsubwayI have a question about charching the batteries. Does Rockbox change anything about that process?
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08:01:34dwihnoGood morning to YOU! :D
08:01:37CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 15 hours and 1 minute at the last flood
08:01:37*dwihno is happy
08:01:46*dwihno screwed up BIGTIME last night, but was able to fix it this morning
08:02:05dwihnoAnd I also learned a bunch about boot sectors, mbr's etc :)
08:02:52dwihnoOverwriting /dev/ad0 was not good ;)
08:03:01dwihno(I should've thought twice before doing that)
08:03:09dwihnoI made a backup on the same disk
08:03:27dwihnoBut how good is a telephone call, if you can't speak? :)
08:04:00dwihnoOverwriting it with the same data from my other disk got me back the first partition, which was enough to restore the original thingy
08:04:03dwihnoWas that the boot sector?
08:04:39dwihnoWhat good is a phone call, if you cannot speak!
08:04:40BagderI don't know
08:05:28dwihnoIt was fun either how :)
08:05:47dwihnoToo bad i zapped 30 gigs of data just to make a 'dd' backup image
08:05:56dwihno(I didn't need to do that)
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09:21:52*Bagder falls off his chair
09:22:00 Part Zagor
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09:22:13Zagor_oops :-)
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09:23:12dwihnoCongratulations Zagor
09:23:53Bagderhe already forgot about it
09:23:56Bagderthat's age ;-)
09:24:05Bagderor a very hard party
09:24:25Zagoroh, *that* :-)
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09:55:43LinusNZagor: have you seen the recording bugs?
09:56:07Zagori haven't tested recording much yet
09:56:23LinusNi mean the reports in the mailing list
09:59:45Zagorstrange bug...
10:00:25LinusNtry generating the same file names in the fat sim
10:02:25LinusNdamn, gotta reboot
10:02:33 Part LinusN
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10:06:51BagderXscale has a special cache for storing info about branches, so that future branch prediections improve ;-)
10:09:22Bagdernow all I need to do is verify that my linux enables it ;-)
10:11:55Bagderit also has a "mini-cache" which puzzles me
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11:06:09ZagorBagder: we talked a little about plugins yesterday, and I think I want to go with a function-pointer approach after all. a bit like smash does.
11:06:39Bagderwon't that be an awful lot of pointers to pass to the plugin?
11:06:54Zagorit depends. we don't need to expose *everything*
11:07:01Bagderor pass one, that the plugin can use to get the pointers...
11:07:13Bagderlike amigaos exec
11:07:14Zagorfor example, just lcd, file i/o and buttons are enough for many things
11:07:56Bagderif we have a table in mem, we provide the address to that table
11:08:04Bagdercould be any size then
11:08:27Zagorthat's my thought too. we pass a pointer to a struct with all the function pointers.
11:08:42Zagorthe struct also contains an api version number
11:09:25Bagderwon't the loader reject the plugin before? I mean, won't that prevent bad versions getting used
11:10:21Bagderanyway, we can start making one single plugin to try out the system on
11:10:28Zagormy thinking is the loader checks checksum and version, then calls the plugin with the struct pointer
11:10:40Zagoruh, checksum and size i mean
11:10:53Zagoryeah, I'm starting with the text reader
11:11:53Bagderah, I was gonna suggest that one too ;-)
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11:36:48ZagorLinus: no problems making these files in the fat sim
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15:20:23koshoh well...
15:20:44dwihnoLinusN: how about farbror frej clips then? :(
15:21:21LinusNdwihno: :-)
15:21:22Zagorany more ideas about the file creation bug?
15:21:43LinusNZagor: it looks like FAt is innocent this time
15:21:47dwihnoLinusN: You know I can't live without the hitlermustasch! :/
15:21:51dwihnoand the avgasr÷r
15:21:52ZagorLinusN: ok
15:21:58 Join quelsaruk [0] (
15:22:18LinusNdwihno: don't worry, farbror frej is safe
15:22:24LinusNquelsaruk: hi!
15:22:40koshOh and Linus.. a 'next' function would be good.. hit F2 and a new file is opened.. do you think it is possible to have an instantanious split (eg when you play both files in sequence there is no gap..)
15:22:47koshNot that I am in a hurry.. :)
15:22:58LinusNkosh: that is certaily possible
15:23:05dwihnoLinusN: *phew* :D
15:23:27koshcool.. when I hit next when recording using the archos fw I always get a gap..
15:24:01koshand sinc I record live sets of 45mins to twoo hours it would be nice to record in 'tracks'
15:26:06Zagorwhy not use next in rockbox too?
15:27:22LinusNyeah, why not?
15:27:38LinusNthe gui will have to be changed though
15:27:58LinusNsince left and right are used for gain as it is now
15:28:54kargatronwhat are up/down?
15:29:31koshOn the arhchos FW next is on a function button.. (F2=next F3=stop)
15:30:00kargatronbut then the players would be left out! :)
15:30:26koshPlayer have a more serious problem with recording :)
15:30:53Zagorup/down for gain and next for new-track sounds rather intuitive to me
15:31:02kargatronagreed, why i asked
15:31:10LinusNZagor: have you used the recording interface?
15:31:19Zagoronly very little
15:31:37LinusNtry using Line In for input and watch the gui
15:32:51Zagori have no input..
15:33:01LinusNnever mind, watch the gui
15:33:11LinusNyou don't need to record anything
15:33:38koshActualy using right for next might lead to accidental starting of new tracks when you hit play/pause while recording..
15:34:43LinusNZagor: see how i use the up/down and the left/right buttons?
15:35:00ZagorLinusN: i haven't installed yet. doing it now...
15:37:18LinusNthe recording works in the debugger, but not in the real firmware... :-(
15:37:18koshI'm off getting my adaptor.. unless the 'out of power.. no recording' bug is fixed I need it.. ;) back in a while
15:38:53LinusNZagor: how is the time set on your computer?
15:39:49LinusNyou mails have the time stamp in the future
15:40:07Zagoroh, that's linux3
15:40:24kargatronahead of its time
15:44:19kargatronin greece (where i am), only 15% of the pop. has used the WWW.
15:44:24kargatronSweden is 66% :)
15:44:49kargatronhm, s/used/uses/
15:45:13Zagori never trust those kind of surveys
15:45:50kargatron fwiw
15:46:13kargatroncertainly, ime, it's a pain to reach many greeks via email
15:50:29quelsarukcu! lunch time :)
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16:31:07Mater_Thello everybody
16:31:33Mater_TWho knows the best about JBR20GB
16:31:58HadakaI have a Recorder 20
16:32:10Mater_TI need to know if there is a posebilty for the JBR20GB to record MP3 in 320 bit quality
16:32:14koshwhat do you want to know?
16:32:21LinusNMater_T: no
16:32:57Mater_Thave you heard about ROCKBOX firmware updates for the JBR
16:33:24Hadakathe guys here are the guys who code it
16:33:31koshthis guy is funny
16:33:41ZagorMater_T: no you can't. the archos always records in vbr
16:33:46Mater_TThen i`m in right place :)
16:33:54Hadakalinus here just made recording support in rockbox
16:34:14Hadakaso if you've got questions about that, there isn't a guy who could better answer them :)
16:35:10koshLinus: Do you plan to allow uncompressed recording.. I believe it was said this would be possible.
16:35:24Mater_Tso what can be done or what hardware do i need to change in order to make the JBR record in 320 bit quality
16:35:46kargatronBuy a DAT and name it 'JBR'? :)
16:35:56kargatronok, that made no sense, but...
16:36:03Hadakawell the whole DSP chip has to be changed
16:36:13koshMater_T: it is not possible with the AJBR
16:36:38Mater_Tthen lets build a new JBR basd with a new DSP and sell it
16:36:56Hadakayou and what factory?
16:37:07koshand why would you want 320kbps anyway.. from experience the 170 VBR quality is at least as good as MD..
16:37:24Hadakakosh: archival quality encodings
16:37:31Mater_TI`ll find a place to build it
16:38:09HadakaMater_T: there's this guy who modified his archos to have 8megabytes of memory instead of 2 - maybe he can give you an estimate how difficult it would be to replace the entire chip there
16:38:23Mater_Tand regarding my needs i can tell you that recording is very important for some friends of mine
16:38:32kargatronDAT + home use of LAME - is that so much harder than replacing the chip?
16:39:01koshWhat happened to that 8MB mod anyway.. my guessis it did not add much to the main functionality of the archos anyway..
16:39:24Mater_Tright now they are using al kinds of Minidiscs and i think a JBR can be better
16:39:29Zagorkosh: the 8MB mod worked fine
16:39:55koshI know.. but does it improve performance..
16:39:57Mater_Tyes i read it in your web site
16:40:16Mater_Ti think it nice that guys like you are doing this work
16:40:36Zagorkosh: i don't know. i doubt it makes a lot of difference
16:40:54Mater_Tyou are the best and i hope one day you`ll make a lot of money
16:41:05LinusNnot on this
16:41:11Hadakahey guys, are you in it for the money? :)
16:41:16LinusNoh yeah!
16:41:18koshmee too that's why I asked.. BTW.. how does the comuting power of the archos compare to say the motorola 6502
16:41:40LinusNwell, let's say it's a lot faster...
16:41:52HadakaMater_T: if the best JBR can do isn't good enough encoding for you, you'd be better of using real digital equipment all the way in any case
16:41:58koshso it should be possible to do a c64 emu ;)
16:42:32koshnow THAT would be cool.... but I guess emulating the SID and VIC would kill it
16:42:47HadakaI guess emulating SID is impossible
16:42:52Zagorit can work... about 1 frame/minute
16:43:28Hadakamaybe driving a HardSID chip through a hacked serial port could work
16:43:47koshcan't we overclock the archos then :P
16:44:45Hadakanow that would be fun :)
16:45:01koshI would go for a VIC20 emu as well.. playing gridrunner on the archos would be cool..
16:45:34koshmaybe Jeff Minter should come to the rockbox list and code gridrunner for the arhcos.. yeah..
16:45:45Zagorkosh: check out all those chip8 games. that will rock. ?
16:46:29Mater_TI have read in CNET some reviews about the JBR20GB and some peploe had problems with the Hard Drives IO .
16:46:39koshyou guys know gridrunner? I keep a VIC20 enu on my PC just to play that..
16:47:07Mater_Tdo you know if the HD IO problem is fixed
16:47:30Mater_Tis this IO problem is because of BAD HD or is it firmware related
16:48:01koshwhat doe you mean by HD IO.
16:48:05HadakaI never had problems
16:48:29Mater_Tlet get the right line from CNETs reviews ,one minute please
16:49:03Zagorkosh: chip8 is an old virtual cpu that has been emulated by a lot of little devices over the years. and there's a lot of games written for it. and rockbox has an emulator patch waiting...
16:49:34koshcool.. I'll check it out..
16:50:42Mater_There is the review
16:50:55Mater_Tescuse me for the fload in lines
16:50:57Mater_TI bought one at compusa, and after trying to use Musicmatch to transfer songs(which it doesnt do) I just created folders on it in windows. Used it for about 2 hours, and then the music cut out and the message " HD Error" came up on the screen and it shut off. Nothing would make it turn back on so i exchanged it for a new one, open the box, and plug it in, "HD Error". And people think that creative labs products have problems? This thing was released about
16:51:36ZagorMater_T: some people have had bad luck. most people have no problems.
16:52:13Mater_TO.K then I asume this problem is hard drive related and not because of the firmware
16:52:25Mater_Tthank you very much Zagor
16:52:33Zagoryou're welcome
16:53:03Mater_Twhat hard drives can i use in the JBR20 cab i change it to 40 GB
16:53:23Zagorany 9.5mm 2.5" ata disk will work. 6-80GB
16:54:09Mater_Ti dont need to do nothing to the firmaware in order to change this hard drive
16:54:12Zagorkargatron: will you fix the duplicate request? (and reject the other since this is a PC problem, not a rockbox)
16:54:27ZagorMater_T: no change
16:55:08Mater_TThanke you Zagor and once again I`m sorry for floading the chat with my questions .
16:55:11kargatronZagor, my list email is slow to arrive - haven't seen anything
16:56:26kargatronbut yes, glad to fix
16:57:03Zagorok, thanks
16:57:16ZagorMater_T: don't worry
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17:08:25koshZagor: just had a peek at the chip8 site.. looks good indeed.. Also sent Jeff Minter an Email asking hime to have a look at RockBox. I'm not saying he will.. I do not even know him in person (isn't internet a wonderous thing..)
17:09:08koshBut I would even pay for a gridrunner clone on rockbox if it would be possible..:)
17:10:13koshThat would be another cool thing with a more modular approach.. One would be able to link in a specific game if I understood correctly
17:12:12koshNow that I am rambling on about emulation.. would a sinclair Z80 emu be a possibility.. since it did not have any specific video hardware AFAIK
17:13:09Zagorthe 1-bit display is generally a limiting factor
17:13:22koshthe Z80 was black and white..
17:13:57koshand I have a LOT of Z80 stuff still around.. text editor, even spreadsheat.. loads of games..
17:14:27Zagorhow much ram did it have?
17:14:44Hadakawhat was the size of the recorder display btw?
17:15:07koshhmmm could be an interesting thing.. Hell If only I could do some programming.. I really should get into that.. seeing I can at least read your sources and sortof understand it..
17:15:09Zagoror 112x64 (width x height)
17:15:15Hadaka(I want loderunner)
17:15:39koshIZagor : I believe 1K
17:15:53koshYou could get extension of course..
17:16:54koshProgramming.. I used to be OK at doing Arexx scripts on my Amiga so I guess I could make the jump if I set my mind to it..
17:16:55Zagoris this the "microprofessor" you mean? (since z80 is just a cpu)
17:17:48Zagormaybe it doesn't matter...
17:18:10koshIt has a z80 yes, it was called the sinclair Z80.. a small black box (the later Z81 was white).. it was the verry first 'home'computer
17:18:19Zagorah, right that one
17:19:06koshit was the predecessor of the spectrum,
17:20:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:20:22koshhmm it was the zx80.. not the z80.. oh well
17:20:27 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:21:10koshlook here:
17:22:22Zagorgo for it! :-)
17:23:12koshI'll look into it.. with the available opensource and PD stuf I should be able to get this going.. might be fun justto try;)
17:42:01 Nick quel|out is now known as quel|work (
17:47:42TotMacherhey guys
17:47:46TotMacheri smashed my LCD
17:47:54TotMacherfrom my recorder
17:48:08TotMacheris that a standart LCD ?
17:48:19Zagorsort of
17:48:25TotMacherdo you think i can get it i a normal electro shop ?
17:48:36Zagori don't think it's custom, but i don't think it's all that common either
17:49:00TotMachereverything works, but you cant see anything :(
17:49:04quel|workdoes that hurt?
17:49:11kargatrontry it
17:49:14TotMacherit hurts
17:49:26kargatronnow you have to tell us how it happened
17:49:36kargatronto properly gauge our pity
17:49:57TotMacherit fell down
17:50:05TotMacherand then
17:50:11kargatronand landed on your bed of nails?
17:50:39quel|workonce my recorder fell down and now i hve my earphone output more or less broken
17:50:45TotMacherand landed on a step
17:50:55quel|workif i touch it it powers off
17:51:11TotMacherthat problem
17:51:13TotMacherhad i too
17:51:16TotMacheryou have to open it
17:51:35TotMacherand braze the contacts
17:52:22TotMacherhad the same problem
17:52:27quel|workwhat did you do exactly?
17:52:50TotMacheron the sides of the plugs
17:52:53TotMacherboth sides
17:53:08TotMacherthese are connected to the main platine
17:53:18TotMacherthese contacts have been broken
17:53:21TotMacherhad beed
17:53:25TotMacheron my recorder
17:53:27quel|workhad been
17:53:32TotMacheri brazed them
17:53:38TotMacherthen no
17:53:57TotMacherthen the insulate contact was gone
17:53:58quel|worki'll take a look this night
17:54:14TotMacherbe careful
17:54:17Hadakasame problem with my recorder, the contacts were broken
17:54:18TotMacherwarranty will void !
17:54:21quel|workand see if that is what has happened to me
17:54:55quel|workTotMacher: i installed a 30GB HD last year
17:54:55TotMacherbut NOW
17:55:04quel|workno warranty
17:55:14quel|worki love risk
17:55:18TotMacherif you done it very good
17:55:18 Quit kosh ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
17:55:22TotMacheryou have still warranty
17:55:24quel|workor maybe i'm quite stupid
17:55:39TotMacheryou can remove the warranty sticker
17:55:43TotMacherwithout damaging it
17:56:00quel|worki had no that care
17:56:08quel|worki tried... but still damaged it
17:56:19TotMacherme too :)
17:57:05quel|workif i only could install a 2.0 usb conection instead of the 1.1 usb connection... but i have no idea of how that could be possible
17:57:24quel|work1.1 is reeeeeeeally slow for me
17:57:26TotMacherthat would be kewl
17:57:33TotMacheri have 40 gig :)
17:57:38HadakaI'm so happy I got a JBR20
17:57:48TotMachershut up !
17:57:52*quel|work look to zagor
17:57:52Hadakaeven though I don't use the recording for anything
17:58:06quel|workmaybe the *big boss* knows how to do that
17:58:07TotMacherok i have to go, uni
17:58:10 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
17:58:26Zagorit's not worth it. you need to replace the chip and practically make a new circuit board.
17:58:48quel|workbut you have a magic wand that can do that, don't you?
17:59:22quel|workOne month in Granada if you have it
17:59:34quel|workmy last offer
18:00:09quel|workyou'll have lot of sun
18:00:20Zagorhehe, so if I get you and jbr20 you buy a month vacation in Granada. sounds like a nice deal :-)
18:00:59quel|workups.. i have university too!! Cu later!!
18:15:23 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:30:30 Part Zagor
18:49:14 Quit kargatron (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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20:30:29 Quit Master_T ()
20:41:35 Join Zagor [242] (
20:42:27 Join nickr [0] (
20:42:57LinusNZagor: what happens if i open a file and close it without writing to it?
20:43:42Zagorumm, i'm not sure :-) could that be the bug?
20:53:50Zagori'll run some checks
21:07:44 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
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22:31:20kargatron#blackboard bc
22:32:27 Join adiamas [0] (
22:44:51ZagorLinusN: can't seem to find a problem with it
22:45:05 Join starmanj [0] (
22:45:39starmanjDoes anyone know how to get Rockbox to playback songs by ID3 track number order?
22:45:56dw|goneName the files, or use a playlist
22:46:04dw|goneNo other way (atm)
22:46:28starmanjmaybe a good new feature
22:46:55starmanjlots of CD's require playback by track number order to sound right
22:48:28 Part quel|work (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
22:49:27 Part starmanj
22:50:28 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
23:06:13LinusNZagor: that was just a theory
23:06:30LinusNthat could explain the error messages from fsck
23:06:42 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|fairytale (
23:07:11 Quit edx ()
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