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#rockbox log for 2002-11-21

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11:10:00adiamaszagor you around?
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11:39:05LinusNquote from yahoo:
11:39:08LinusNYesterday I installed the Rockbox, and now it works fine.
11:39:08LinusNIf there were no Rockbox, I would have sent the AJB back.
11:39:24Zagormakes you all warm inside :)
11:39:55LinusN"Suggestion for Linus Nielsen" :-)
11:40:47Zagoryeah. it's funny how people always connect rockbox with single people
11:44:42kargatronIf that's the case, maybe you need a mascot. Rocky "The Rock" Rockbox, at your service.
11:48:26LinusNZagor: in this case, it think he knew that i implemented the recording function, and people tend to mix up recording functions and file system functions
11:50:57kargatronis there a Info:disk-space preference for GB over MB?
11:51:34kargatronsince I only have a few (15?) MB left, I get 18.6 / 0.0, which maybe isn't so useful.
11:52:29Zagori'll make it adapt
11:52:57kargatronshould i bother with a feature request?
11:54:40kargatronperhaps any number <1GB switches to MB?
11:55:17Zagoryeah, something like that
11:58:01LinusNZagor: make a general formatting function
11:58:08LinusNi want it for the recording progress as well
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11:58:40adiamasbtw... have we given any thought to this 'shared memory' idea for the plugins?
11:58:42LinusNand make the unit translatable
11:58:47adiamasie: hows that going to work?
11:59:01LinusNfrench people use Mo
11:59:38adiamasbahh.. screw the french...
11:59:49adiamasthey seem to think the answer to every question is 'i surrender'
12:02:03Zagoradiamas: the memory isn't really shared. it's used by one plugin at a time. only one plugin can be loaded at any one time.
12:03:21adiamasahh.. okay..
12:03:35adiamasso have we decided/discussed/dictatored how that will go yet?
12:04:25Zagorno. "the triad" has discussed it a bit, but not much publicly
12:05:52adiamasthat case im off to bed ;)
12:09:12LinusNsleep tight then
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12:16:56dwihnoDoes Z turn 30 today TOO? :D CONGRATS :D
12:17:13dwihnoZ: Almost halfway to retirement now ;D
12:17:21kargatronhappy bday
12:17:26Zagorevery day from now on :)
12:20:04LinusNkargatron: tried recording today?
12:20:15 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
12:22:02Zagori'll need a bigger disk soon
12:24:51dwihnoZagor: in the rockbox?
12:25:20Zagoryeah. 37 GB disk, 4.6 GB free
12:25:39LinusNZagor: forgot to stop the recording? :-)
12:30:46dwihnoI want a bigger disk too
12:30:57*dwihno is too scared to fuck something up hardware-wise
12:33:21LinusNdwihno: i can help you, if you come visit me
12:33:29dwihnoLinusN: I'll come to Stockholm in a month or so
12:33:54LinusNi thought you lived here?
12:34:00dwihnoYes, I did
12:34:05dwihnoBut I got a new job and moved.
12:34:29dwihnoA world full of changes and surprises ;D
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13:04:53LinusNdoes anybody know where i can put a call to xset so it is called automatically when i run startx?
13:07:23LinusN.xinitrc didn't work
13:08:02LinusNstartx terminated with an obscure error
13:08:56Zagorah, i think .xinitrc replaces the normal /etc/X11/Xinitrc. so you need to put everything (gnome-session etc) in your local .xinitrc if you want to customize it.
13:09:07Zagori'm not 100% sure though
13:09:32LinusNok, so i'll try to copy the bas .xinitrc and modify it
13:10:13LinusNZagor: you are correct
13:10:39 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:12:19Hadaka.xsession would be a nicer place to put that stuff - and if you are using a session manager, you can tell that to run xset at startup
13:12:59dwihno.xinitrc = your friend :D
13:13:04dwihnoand .Xdefaults
13:13:13ZagorHadaka: ok. i said I wasn't sure :-)
13:13:26Hadaka.xsession and .Xresources!
13:13:52Hadakathough ofcourse it depends on the flavor of the OS you are running
13:14:00Hadakasome have wacky scripts
13:15:24ZagorHadaka: so just a single xset line in .xsession would be the right way?
13:16:17Hadakaerr no, .xsession also overrides the normal session startup - just that .xsession is used by both xinit and xdm/gdm/whatever - where as .xinitrc is only used by xdm/gdm/whatever
13:16:36Hadakaso you still need to exec the session manager at the end
13:16:49Hadakabut for example if using gnome, the correct place to put it is in gnome session configuration
13:17:25Hadakathere's a tab for additional startup programs - then they get executed at a suitable place during the startup
13:18:28ZagorI think I'll add "sh $HOME/.xstart" to that list :-)
13:18:55Hadakayeah - you can even assign the priority when it's supposed to be started up
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13:24:35LinusN$HOME/.kde/Autostart/Autorun.desktop works
13:26:13Zagorah, you're in KDE
13:26:51LinusNmy version of KDE doesn't have a keyrepeat setting in the preferences
13:31:58LinusNZagor: why do we have firmware/include/time.h?
13:32:08LinusNit's not compilable and nobody uses it
13:32:15Zagori don't know. bagder fixed those include files
13:32:54LinusNyeah right
13:33:12LinusNnot even the simulator uses it
13:34:12Zagorwhat do you mean, not? check cvs.
13:34:32Zagoroh. with fixed, i mean it was he who added them.
13:35:03LinusNi suggest we kiss it goodbye
13:35:25LinusNbtw, do you think i should call get_time() localtime() instead?
13:35:26Zagorfine with me
13:35:43LinusNproblem is that the arguments won't be the same
13:35:45Zagoronly if it has the same api as the standard localtime()
13:35:54LinusNok, get_time() then
13:50:15 Part LinusN
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15:22:48kargatronHave any devs thought about playlist bookmarking? Conceptually, it seems like a simple extension of the current resume function, needing no additional UI or management.
15:23:30LinusNplaylist bookmarking? you mean saving the position in a playlist?
15:23:44kargatronyes, multiple playlists
15:23:46 Quit TotMacher ()
15:23:52LinusNsounds simple
15:23:53kargatronautomatically on STOP
15:23:59kargatronyes, sounds simple. :)
15:24:03kargatronif you're a C coder. :)
15:24:03Zagoreach playlist has its' own resume point, basically?
15:24:20kargatronand when you play it again, it just asks if you want to resume
15:24:53kargatronplaying playlist, press STOP, bookmark auto-stored, next time PLAYed, asks if resume. finis
15:24:54Zagordo we have a request filed for that?
15:24:55LinusNsure, why not?
15:25:10kargatronsure, request filed
15:25:19Zagorok, good
15:25:34LinusNwe also want file bookmarks, for audiobooks
15:25:55kargatronright, could follow same thing. really, just an extension of the current resume.
15:26:09 Join TotMacher [0] (
15:26:18LinusNsimple and cool
15:26:19kargatronthe beauty is no UI is needed. can't even imagine a good reason for bookmark mgmt.
15:26:39LinusNwe may want to remove a bookmark
15:27:01kargatron610507 & 613681
15:27:12Zagorthe question is when do we update it? it will have to be like the player, during other file accesses
15:27:33LinusNor when you press STOP
15:27:51kargatrononly when STOP, right? for the automatic version
15:28:13kargatronotherwise the current resume function handles it (for OFF)
15:28:15Zagorthat means a spinup delay every time you press STOP
15:28:17LinusNkargatron: have you tried recording?
15:28:22LinusNZagor: yes
15:28:37Zagorno, the current resume does not handle it since it relies on RTC for mid-song info
15:28:38kargatronza, ah, i see
15:29:04kargatronLinusN, no, not tried, since i don't currently have use for it.
15:29:13kargatroni accidentally did once, looking at the new options. :)
15:30:15kargatronit seemed to start recording when I > into 'Recording'. I quickly pressed stop. :)
15:30:27 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
15:30:28LinusNjust wondered, i need to debug it, and i can't record from Line In myself
15:30:43kargatronre: removing bookmarks, maybe, but lower priority - not having that won't affect much.
15:30:51kargatronso what do you need - a line-in recording?
15:31:05LinusNyes, one with Archos FW and one with Rockbox
15:31:12kargatroncan i just pick line-in, put in some earphones as a mic, and test?
15:31:28kargatroni've never done with either...
15:31:43kargatronoh, prefer line-in from real signal.
15:32:08LinusNi need a good wuality signal
15:33:39LinusNpreferably music
15:34:00LinusNjust about 5-10 seconds each
15:34:22Zagori can probably fix that tonight
15:35:47LinusNi want it now! :-9
15:36:10Zagorpatience, grasshopper
15:37:27kargatronpiano a good choice?
15:37:53Zagorpiano and strings are usually tough on mp3 encoders yes, that's a good choice
15:39:20LinusNsure, jazz would be nice too
15:45:24kargatronwow, it turns out i have no idea what to do past that recording screen. :)
15:45:55kargatronwhat starts the recording?
15:46:09kargatronhm, nothing was happening.
15:46:17LinusNf1 for options
15:46:24kargatronpicked line-in
15:46:49LinusNwhich version?
15:47:05kargatronhm, couple days old i think, or maybe yestreday's
15:47:18LinusNuse the latest possible
15:47:27kargatronday or bleeding?
15:52:01kargatronok, i'm a dumbass
15:52:10kargatronusing dig. in instead of line in on the bottom
15:52:16kargatronwas getting no signal - duh
15:54:47kargatronbe w few moments...
15:59:11kargatronno go
15:59:20kargatroni see input signal, but PLAY does nothing.
15:59:22 Join Bagder [241] (
15:59:28kargatronalso, i can't get out of recording screen
15:59:34kargatronthis is 1121 build
15:59:38Bagderhey ho
16:03:38Zagorhi bagder
16:04:41LinusNkargatron: was the music playing when you entered the recording screen?
16:05:29LinusNkargatron: reboot and try again
16:05:35kargatronthe settings work normally, and I can see the signal, but PLAY does nothing, and i have to turn it off to leave recording screen. all menus work
16:06:01*dwihno bjussar på bullar
16:06:05kargatronwhat is supposed to leave the rec. display? OFF/STOP?
16:06:28kargatronwill try again...
16:07:02Zagorkargatron: you have a stop button? ;)
16:09:04kargatronno change
16:09:19kargatronPLAY does nothing. should i try bleeding edge?
16:09:44kargatronmy buttons all work under normal circumstances. :)
16:09:45LinusNbleeding edge is the same
16:09:51LinusNcan you play music?
16:09:59kargatroncan do everything normally
16:10:09kargatronjust never tried the rec. interface before
16:11:40LinusNso Play does absolutely nothing?
16:11:45LinusNcan you leave with OFF?
16:11:57kargatronno, only with true off (hold down)
16:12:04kargatronstuck in that screen otherwise
16:12:12dwihnoGetProcAddress() refuses to work with me :/
16:12:28LinusNkargatron: was the music paused?
16:12:28kargatronso PLAY and OFF don't work in that screen for me. all other buttons do
16:12:35kargatronand the signal is registered
16:12:41kargatronmusic was not on when i entered
16:12:50kargatroni did hear a noise blip tho when i entered
16:12:55kargatronthe jack was plugged in
16:13:03kargatroncould that be related?
16:13:11LinusNi dunno
16:14:20LinusNreally weird
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16:15:26kargatrontried once more - no change. most definitely completely nonfunctional for poor ol' me
16:19:23LinusNit must be that the mpeg_status() function returns non-zero
16:19:34LinusNthat means that it thinks thet it's already recording
16:19:42LinusNor playing music
16:21:24kargatronwhen you were asking those questions, i thought you meant if the line-in was playing
16:21:29kargatroni did have it on pause
16:21:53kargatroncuz i didn't want to lose my playlist place, because we don't have bookmarks. :)
16:22:13kargatronso that was screwing it up?
16:22:28LinusNyes, that bug is still not fixed
16:22:56LinusNkargatron: when you want to save the playlist position, turn it off while playing
16:23:04LinusNand then say no to the resume question
16:23:20LinusNit will ask again when you restart it
16:23:50kargatronah, ok. will try again then!
16:32:10kargatronok, got the two files
16:32:26kargatronman, line-in levels really high, even at lowest setting
16:32:32kargatrontoo high
16:32:44kargatronfor both firmwares
16:32:55Zagorreally? strange.
16:33:05LinusNthat is probably your line-out
16:33:11LinusNfrom the CD player
16:33:22kargatronstd component line-out - thought that was industry std level?
16:33:32LinusNsome people claim that the level is too low, and others that it's too high
16:34:27kargatronwhoa, rockbox recording freaky :)
16:35:21kargatronboth are distorting, but archos sounds 'normal'. rockbox has fun digital artifacts.
16:35:39LinusNthat's what i'm after
16:36:42kargatronuploading to my site, hoas">
16:39:15kargatronall yours
16:39:41kargatronnote the standard distortion on each - that was lowest input level for both recordings.
16:39:53kargatronout of a toshiba dvd player.
16:41:28LinusNis it possible for you to use the same frequency for the recordings?
16:42:39kargatronshoot, i assumed it was the same
16:43:47kargatronyes, will redo
16:54:38kargatronok LinusN, grab ...64032.mp3
16:55:20kargatronthose artifacts are fun :)
16:56:14LinusNhehe, not really :-)
16:57:18kargatron"fun-sounding" then :)
17:03:50LinusNi wish i knew why is sounds like that
17:04:28kargatronare you on any mp3 encoding forums? i bet that's a common artifact
17:04:38kargatroni hear similar stuff on RA streams when the bandwidth falters
17:04:50LinusNmaybe it is, but the MAS is a very secret device
17:04:57kargatronwould expect people to know what the deal was.
17:05:02LinusNnobody knows how it works
17:08:19BagderMicronas might know ;-)
17:08:41LinusNyeah, and they've been soo helpful in the past
17:09:05Bagderwe should sue them!
17:09:26LinusNkargatron: what quality did you use?
17:09:34kargatronfor bothj
17:23:16 Part Zagor
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17:47:29 Part philjw
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18:49:22 Join kosh [0] (
18:50:08koshHey linus.. the requested files are going up on now
18:51:53koshboth are 44.1KHz/Q7/Line-in/Stereo
18:56:11kargatronkosh, compare the files at"> - are they similar to your results?
18:58:57 Join fatboy [0] (
19:08:14 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:17:05 Join edx [0] (
19:17:39 Join Zagor [242] (
19:25:50LinusNkosh: do you know when it started to sound like this?
19:26:14 Quit fatboy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:31:48koshIt was on and off untill last night.. weird eh..
19:35:29koshAnd recording through the mic sounds fine btw..
19:36:08 Quit Bagder ("")
19:37:32 Nick kosh is now known as kosh|food (
19:39:01 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
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20:31:52 Quit kosh|food ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
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21:18:04 Join Bagder [241] (
21:19:24LinusNyo Bagder
21:19:36LinusNhave you tried recording?
21:19:57LinusNi can tell this is a popular feature :-)
21:20:13BagderI've never recorded anything on my recorder ;-)
21:20:36LinusNnether had i until i wrote the recording drivers :-)
21:21:26Hadakaany idea btw how good the MAS chip is at vbr recording?
21:21:37Hadakaat different qualities and so on
21:24:47LinusNno idea
21:25:10LinusNBagder: can you do a test for me, recording with line in?
21:25:22Hadakaok, will have to test later
21:25:41Bagderwon't I need a mic for line in?
21:25:49LinusNuse a cd player
21:26:06LinusNand the cable that came with the recorder
21:26:16Bagderthere was a cable? ;-)
21:28:22BagderI have no idea where my cable is
21:28:51Hadakaat somepoint in would be nice to record a piece with different bitrates and stereo/mono and so on and send them to for comparison
21:29:14Bagderwhat kind of cable? where would I stick it in?
21:30:19LinusNphono plug (red/white) to 3.5mm stereo plug
21:30:57LinusNalso called rca connectors
21:32:05Bagdercan't find it
21:35:34LinusNBagder: i have an assignment for you
21:35:43*Bagder stands tall
21:35:47LinusNeasy as pie
21:36:26LinusNi want a function fmt_numbytes(char *buf, unsigned long numbytes)
21:36:29Bagderit better me for me ;-)
21:36:33Bagderbetter be
21:37:07LinusNwhich formats an amount of bytes and changes the radix depending on the number of bytes
21:37:45BagderI don't understand
21:37:47LinusNso it displays "300", "3.4K" or "1.2M"
21:37:57BagderI have one
21:38:01LinusNin curl?
21:38:08Bagdermax 5 letters I think
21:38:23LinusNanother question:
21:38:35LinusNwhy do we have firmware/include/time.h?
21:38:46LinusNit isn't used, and it can't compile
21:38:59Bagderwe have because we once used it
21:39:02BagderI guess
21:39:09 Join edx [0] (
21:39:15Bagderand if doesn't compile, it should be fixed
21:39:18Bagderor removed
21:39:20LinusNi want to kiss it goodbye
21:39:42Bagderplease do
21:40:10Bagder but never longer than 5 columns. Add suffix k, M, G when suitable... */
21:40:19Bagder /* The point of this function would be to return a string of the input data,
21:40:22Bagder but never longer than 5 columns. Add suffix k, M, G when suitable... */
21:41:17Bagderhow many letters do you want?
21:41:25 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|brb (
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22:02:58 Part philjw
22:03:00 Join philjw [0] (
22:07:25Bagdergotta go
22:07:26 Quit Bagder ("")
22:11:11 Part philjw
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