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#rockbox log for 2002-11-22

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00:48:47sweetyanyone alive here?
00:53:51LinusNi'm here
01:09:47sweetyAnyone who can tell me why my ".rockbox" folder doesn't show among the other folders on my Archos Rec20?
01:10:11LinusNyou mean when connected to a computer?
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01:10:45sweetyNo, I mean when NOT connected to my computer, when browsing using my archos
01:10:53LinusNok, there is a file filter
01:11:05LinusNpress F2
01:11:29LinusNthen Down will change the filter
01:12:00[keno]Hi guys
01:12:10sweetyAh, thanks, I will try that!
01:12:26[keno]I just got the box from amazon containing my brand new AJB recorder 20! :)
01:12:34sweetyBy the way, is there any
01:12:45[keno]waited like a month for it, and now it's here.
01:12:46sweety..sorry, didn't finish my sentence :)
01:12:46LinusN[keno]: congrats
01:13:22[keno]a search on google eventually pointed me to the rockbox site and I must that the entire project is pretty *mingboggling*
01:14:45*[keno] has got a few questions, but is going through the FAQ again before asking, to avoid being annoying.
01:15:17LinusN[keno]: good move
01:15:20[keno]btw I am *SO* happy I spared that extra few bucks and got the recorder instead of the studio
01:15:49LinusNanother good move
01:25:48[keno]Okay, I realise I have a LOT of catching up to do regarding this new hardware/toy I yearned for for so long. I guess my first question would have to be; generally, is there any tradeoff whatsoever in using rockbox 1.4 instead of firmware 1.28 which I got with my recorder (which I can't find on archos' firmware revision history page btw)? −− considering functionality (anything at all archos' 1.28 can do which rockbox 1.4 can't?), skips/gaps protection and o
01:26:50LinusNfirst of all, 1.27d is the same as 1.28
01:27:14LinusNthe obvious tradeoff is that Rockbox 1.4 can't record
01:27:43LinusNthe queue functionality is not implemented in rockbox yet
01:29:03sweetywill the Queue function be implemented soon? I use it very often and the lack of that function is the only reason for me NOT to use rockbox
01:29:45[keno]hrrm.. why do archos label identical firmwares differently anyways? nevermind.. well, I guess recording would be relatively rare in comparison to listening, so whenever I want to record, I can always boot into 1.28 using "rolo" right?
01:29:59LinusNi don't think anybody is working on it at the moment
01:30:34LinusN[keno]: or use the latest daily build
01:30:47LinusNsweety: i don't think anybody is working on it at the moment
01:31:34sweetythat's too bad :( I'm not a programmer, but it doesn't sound like it should be a too complicated function to program
01:31:44LinusNsweety: actually, it is
01:32:00LinusNthere are a lot of special cases
01:32:00sweetyah.. I see
01:32:11LinusNlike the resume functionality
01:32:36LinusNsweety: a question: how do you use the queue function?
01:32:45[keno]LinusN how would that help?
01:33:11LinusN[keno]: i have written the recording drivers for rockbox
01:33:24LinusNthe latest daily build has recording implemented
01:33:30LinusN1.4 doesn't
01:33:36[keno]and btw, as a former TDK MOJO owner (CD based MP3 player) I think playlists are quite enough.. I don't need queue function (having said that, I haven't used the jukebox extensively yet)
01:34:01LinusNi like the queue function
01:34:04[keno]how long do you beleive it will take for recording to be "finalized" to an official build?
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01:34:56LinusN[keno]: not that long
01:35:04LinusNwe are still debugging it
01:35:20mrsubwayI have a question about the batteries. Do they charge differently with Rockbox?
01:35:39LinusNmrsubway: yes
01:35:42[keno]hrrm: Recorder: The current release of 1.2 is much worse than the Archos charger, it tends to stop charging much too early and leave the batteries half empty.
01:35:52[keno]same is true for 1.4 ?
01:36:11LinusN1.4 has about the same algorithm
01:36:21mrsubwayWell, the charger never stopped! It kept saying "charging" for like a day!
01:36:35LinusNmrsubway: you mean the archos charger
01:36:58mrsubwayBut, if I plug the charger in WITHOUT turning on the unit, it will use the archos charger, right?
01:37:05sweetyLinusN: Well, the queue-function is great if you listen to music but don't have the archos near you. Then you can choose the next song to listen to, any time while the current one is playing.. If not using queue you have to be there and change exactly when the previous song ends, if you are like me and hate to interrupt in the middle of songs :) It is also easier than using the playlist in many ways.
01:37:05[keno]I had to make my own charger btw.. I don't have a 220->120v adapter
01:37:14[keno](don't live in the states)
01:37:58LinusN[keno]: we are discussing improvements to the charging algorithm
01:38:24mrsubwayHow can I use the Archos charger with rockbox, or I can't?
01:38:41LinusNmrsubway: rockbox charges only when rockbox is running
01:38:57[keno]mrsubway I think you can boot to archos' firmware with "rolo"
01:38:57mrsubwayOH! DUH! I didn't know that. Sorry. :(
01:39:08LinusNif you insert the charger when the unit is off, then the original firmware is doing the charging
01:39:34[keno]cause it can't be replaced since it's ROM based right?
01:39:47mrsubwayIt was the Archos charger that never displayed "done", then. It did charge the batteries, but never told me it was finished. Using firmware 1.28 on the ROM.
01:39:50LinusNthere have been reports that charging f**cks up when ROLO:ing to the Archos FW
01:40:14LinusNmrsubway: my archos says "charged" after a while
01:40:28mrsubwayI don't remember if I ROLOed or not. From now on, I'll just plug it in with the unit off and use Archos to charge.
01:40:34[keno]btw, is there any chance the unit could draw power or even get charged from the USB connection? USB is self powering (up to 500mAh - just 100 shy of the mah specs for the archos)
01:40:52[keno]the way I see it, archos haven't used USB power at all! (??)
01:41:05mrsubwayRockbox IS great, though. When you guys add recording, I think Archos's firmware site will be dead! ^_^
01:43:45LinusN[keno]: looking at the schematics, it seems to take some power from the USB, but it is not enough to spare the batteries
01:43:45LinusNmrsubway: we have added recording
01:43:45LinusNit's just not released yet
01:43:45DBUGEnqueued KICK LinusN
01:43:45LinusNtry a daily build (on your own risk)
01:43:45mrsubwayOh. Cool. Are you going to trash the limit so we can record at 192?
01:43:45[keno]yeah. How did archos react when they found out about the rockbox project? can you post any correspondance with them?
01:43:45LinusNmrsubway: the encoding is done in hardware, we can't do anything about the bitrate
01:43:45***Alert Mode level 1
01:43:45LinusN[keno]: not a word from Archos
01:43:46[keno]LinusN windows reports 500mah used by the archos device, which is the maximum for a single USB port. my guess is that it doesn't really use all that..
01:43:46mrsubwayI would not be surprised if Archos made you guys an offer when all the bugs are worked out. ^_^
01:43:46[keno](same goes for my usb adsl modem, so I figure it's a USB host bug)
01:43:46***Alert Mode level 2
01:43:46LinusN[keno]: no i don't think it is
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01:44:36mrsubwayBTW, is there a way to delete files with Rockbox? I can't figure it out. That option doesn't seem to be there.
01:45:01[keno]LinusN you guys shoult put up a paypal account or some way for people to donate money.. ever discussed donations? I think you will get quite a few..
01:45:35kargatronthey don't care about money, and no, you cannot yet delete files
01:45:46LinusN[keno]: first of all, we're not in it for the money
01:46:05LinusN[keno]: secondly, who gets the money?
01:46:17LinusNwe have lots of developers
01:46:25[keno]LinusN I know. I didn't say "commercial aspect" or "registered version".. I said donations :)
01:46:32mrsubwayTrue software guys like these don't care about money. Thats Micro$oft'$ department.
01:46:47kargatronthe point is that the donatoins wouldn't actually accomplish anything
01:47:04kargatronthey wouldn't incentivize the devs to work harder
01:47:09mrsubwayDo you guys actually have jobs in software? I understand if you cannot answer that.
01:47:51[keno]well, as an AJB-R newbie, anythink you guys can tell me that will save me some trboule later on? I am already replacing the lame 1500mah batt. with 1800 GP ones. other than that, and ofcourse rockbox, any useful info I should be aware of?
01:47:53LinusNmrsubway: i work as a computer consultant, in the embedded systems field
01:48:19mrsubwayI'm an A+ MCP tech.
01:48:30LinusNmrsubway: and what is that? :-)
01:48:35mrsubwayI wonder if the 2000MAH batteries can be found?
01:48:56mrsubwayMicrosoft Certified Professional in NT server and Workstation, A+ is hardware.
01:49:04mrsubwayI work at City College in NYC.
01:49:13kargatronkeno, just gt satisfactory earphones, and enjoy
01:49:30mrsubwayRadioshack Pro 35 are good earphones.
01:49:33kargatrondon't shy away from premade playlists, i suppose
01:49:49kargatronsome people seem to have some weird hangup against them
01:50:12mrsubwayThey're uncomfortable, though. Can anyone recommend good earphones?
01:50:33 Join ]keno[ [0] (~kenlarzo@
01:50:34LinusNSony EX-70 earbuds
01:51:25]keno[shi*t, I got disconnected. anyone said anything to me after "<[keno]> well, as an AJB-R newbie, anythink you guys ca.."
01:51:59mrsubwayI don't know if Rockbox is causing this. I installed the USB drivers that came with my recorder and it was working fine. Now, however, XP won't detect and mount the drive. I had to uninstall the Archos USB drivers, and now XP detects it fine.
01:52:16LinusNwe said to get you decent earphones, and don't be afraid of playlists
01:52:34LinusNmrsubway: rockbox has nothing to do with the USB
01:52:51]keno[I love playlists;) and already using the absolutely AMAZING koss porta pro (from my CDMP3 days)
01:52:56LinusNthe USB is handled by hardware
01:53:04]keno[these headphones never cease to amaze me.
01:53:47***Alert Mode OFF
01:54:07mrsubwayHMM.. I wonder why that started. With the drivers, XP detects the unit, but won't mount the drive. It says "no drive".
01:54:21LinusN]keno[: the Sony EX-70 rocks
01:54:44nickrkoss KSC-50
01:55:26kargatronmy damn ex-70s are backordered
01:55:50]keno[Sony? well, I never liked sony headphones. never listened to the EX-70 though. are you sure you heard the Koss Porta Pro ???
01:56:15kargatronthe sennheiser mx500s finally on there way, and i am enjoying the sony srs-t77s (travel speakers). so it's all good. (assuming some patience)
01:56:49kargatron[keno], i don't think there's any dissing of porta pros going on
01:57:18mrsubwayAre the Porta Pros really that good? I mainly want good volume and bass. Most Sony's have low volume.
01:58:00]keno[kargatron I'm not defending them that much, am I? :)
01:58:28]keno[mrsubway I was blown away when I first head them. Never thought I'd hear that kind of bass from headphones.
01:59:10mrsubwayHow's the volume. I'll put it this way. Would your Archos at max volume be damaging to your ears?
01:59:28]keno[While listening to some tracks with very subtle tunes (like Air or Faithless) I sometimes hear stuff with the koss headphones that I DON'T hear with my home stereo
02:00:06mrsubwayReason I'm asking. I have a pair of Sony's that SUCK! I can put the Archos all the way up and it doesn't hurt my ears.
02:00:20]keno[I'm afraid I haven't used the archos yet! still waiting for it to charge completely (while looking for the last damn 1800 mah battery which for some reason got lost)
02:00:49kargatronnot heard them, but several koss models are well-reviewed: porta pros, ksc 35, ksc 50 etc
02:00:50]keno[use a kitchen knife then - it does hurt your ears if used properly..
02:01:08nickrI have ksc35s, they are really good
02:01:12]keno[before I got the koss ones I consulted a very good headphone reviews site
02:01:14mrsubwayI don't want to hurt my ears. ^_^ I'm just asking.
02:01:23]keno[don't quite remember the name though :(
02:01:23kargatronif you don't mind the looksfeel, Grado sr-60 and 80s are extremely well thought of
02:01:51]keno[Grados were the only ones which the site recommended as much as the koss
02:01:58kargatronbut for earphones, the sennheiser mx500 and sony ex-70s are the conventional wisdom
02:01:59mrsubwayI'm going into the city tomorrow. Anyone know what stores might carry the porta pros?
02:02:13]keno[I got them from office depot
02:02:27mrsubwayOffice Depot. Thanks.
02:02:37mrsubwayWish I could try them in the store, though.
02:03:06]keno[by the way -very important question - the archos faq says not to connect the unit through a USB hub, but I'd hate to crawl all the way to the back of the box.. any word on the downside of connecting through a USB hub (linksys brand)
02:03:55]keno[mrsubway I think they overcharge it though. You can prolly get it for much less.. office depot. aren't known for their reasonable prices..
02:06:24 Quit [keno] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:09:01mrsubwayI can get them from, but I really didn't want to wait for shipping. Perhaps Datavision or Compusa will have them.
02:12:23mrsubwayOne last question. When upgrading Rockbox, should I delete the old .rockbox foler first?
02:12:32LinusNno need
02:13:11 Quit ]keno[ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:13:32mrsubwayAnd, for the daily upgrade, I just use the old .rockbox folder from 1.4?
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02:14:58LinusNyou may need to upgrade the language files though
02:15:17mrsubwayWould it be safe to keep rockbox 1.4 as the default, and use the Rolo to load the beta to test it?
02:15:34LinusNsure, but the settings will not be saved
02:15:58mrsubwayOkay. Thanks. You guys are great. CANNOT WAIT FOR VERSION 2!
02:16:01 Quit mrsubway ()
02:16:39kargatronLinusN, any rec. oddness progress since the file upload? was gone...
02:17:25LinusNkargatron: i'd like you to try the latest bleeding edge
02:21:07kargatronok, but 2:10am is asking a lot! :)
02:21:56LinusN1:10 here
02:22:11kargatrongreece, got an hour on ya
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02:25:57[keno]Crap. I really need an answer to this one and I keep getting disconnected, so I apologize if someone answered this already - why does the archos FAQ says not to connect the AJB through a USB hub? will it have any negative effects if I do?
02:27:38LinusNi don't know
02:27:57LinusNi know for sure that it may be bothered by other devices on the same bus
02:28:09LinusNlike scanners, modems etc
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02:30:42paulheuHey Linus... still here ;)
02:30:59LinusNyes, a little tired
02:31:19LinusNpaulheu: tried the latest bleeding edge?
02:31:31paulheuYes.. problem's still there
02:32:30paulheuIt's weird.. , archos FW sounds fine.. RockBox has Xtra gremlins on backing vocals..
02:32:49 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:33:01LinusNpaulheu: do you have time for an extra test?
02:33:51kargatronLinusN, just did it. sounds as bad or worse
02:33:55kargatronyou want the file?
02:34:10LinusNpaulheu: when you run the archos firmware, do you hear a "click" in the headphones when you switch to recording mode?
02:34:20LinusNkargatron: no need
02:34:34paulheuNot that I know,.. I will check..
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02:39:24paulheuI hear a short mid-high click
02:39:51[keno]damn this connection
02:39:56[keno][02:15] <[keno]> Crap. I really need an answer to this one and I keep getting disconnected, so I apologize if someone answered this already - why does the archos FAQ says not to connect the AJB through a USB hub? will it have any negative effects if I do?
02:39:56[keno][02:17] <LinusN> i don't know
02:39:56[keno][02:17] <LinusN> i know for sure that it may be bothered by other devices on the same bus
02:39:56DBUGEnqueued KICK [keno]
02:39:56[keno][02:17] <LinusN> like scanners, modems etc
02:40:12[keno]please finish LinusN. very sorry for this..
02:40:20kargatronthat was it
02:40:22LinusNthat was it
02:40:28[keno]oh.. okay ;)
02:41:02[keno]I found the last 1800mAh GP battery! I'll charge it with the external though.. should be faster.
02:41:09kargatronstop using me as a puppet LinusN!
02:41:21paulheuLinus.. Just tried recording the same music I do on line-in through mic.. sounds OK!.. so it's definately a line-in problem
02:43:13LinusNvery interesting
02:43:27paulheuDo you want the mic track?
02:43:35LinusNno need
02:44:26paulheuLinus: You are also aware the created file has no datestamp?
02:44:42paulheuI mean no creationdate
02:44:43LinusNthat's Zagors department
02:45:00LinusNi know that he fakes the timestamps
02:47:02LinusNpaulheu: does tha gain value make any difference?
02:47:12kargatronwas wodnering about the timestamps
02:47:20paulheuI will try.. hang on..
02:48:09kargatronpaulheu, are you recording from a standard component in? is your lowest adjusted gain still fairly high? my tests had -3db still distoriting from a dvd player
02:50:16paulheuI always record at -3.. and would prefer to go -10 but that's not possible.. on pre equipment -3 is way to high for average level recording.. I user two 56K resistors on my liev board to attenuate the line out on the board..
02:50:53paulheuLinus: tried +9dB.. no improvement
02:50:57kargatronLinusN, is the -3 hardware limited?
02:51:00[keno]How probable is it that using rockbox will cause the infamous HD lockup described in ? I don't have a laptop nor a 3.5" -> 2.5" IDE adapter..
02:51:17LinusNkargatron: yes
02:51:43LinusN[keno]: haven't seen it since the project started
02:52:16kargatronwell, glad i have no use to record from components then... :)
02:52:20[keno]cool. thanks for all your help linux. I will install rockbox now, for the 1st time <G>
02:52:34LinusN[keno]: good luck
02:52:48[keno]do I really need *luck*? :)
02:52:59kargatronwe can call you linux now?
02:53:46LinusNi really have to go to bed
02:53:53LinusNcu tomorrow guys!
02:54:00paulheuMe too.. l8er
02:54:06 Quit paulheu ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
02:56:40 Part LinusN
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03:32:53DBUGEnqueued KICK haiphong
03:32:53haiphonganybody here?
03:34:47haiphongjust want to leave a message to say you guys are great and keep up the work! rockbox has made my archos worthwhile :)
03:34:53 Quit haiphong (Client Quit)
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09:17:31dwihnoYay yay!
09:22:52Bagderpine with threads!
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10:19:09Bagdermorning bro
10:20:56 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
10:39:05CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 49 minutes at the last flood
10:39:05*Bagder got some code sneaked into glib
10:39:57Bagderthey're importing trio for C99 snprintf() support
10:45:33 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
10:47:27 Join MrHali [0] (
10:47:44Zagorthat's a nice piece of code
10:47:57Bagderyes, its neat
10:48:14MrHalii just wanted to give you guys props for the awesome job you all are doing
10:48:30Zagorthanks! :-)
10:48:36*MrHali hearts rockbox
10:49:28MrHalii was looking at the site, and reading thru yesterdays irc logs.. do you guys need any recording testing help?
10:49:46BagderI believe so
10:49:57MrHalidon't know if i can offer any assistance somehow
10:50:14Bagderme neither, Linus is the man in charge of that
10:50:23MrHalibecause i bought my recorder... as a recorder primarily
10:51:07MrHaliok, maybe i will log on later when he is on then
10:51:17Bagderplease do
10:52:13MrHalijust curious, do you guys know if it is technically possible to make the recorder record in CBR? possibly a future release of rockbox? or is it a limitation of the encoder chip?
10:52:38BagderI think it only does VBR
10:52:58MrHalioh well... thanks though
10:54:08MrHaliok.. i'll look for linus later on... take care everyone
10:54:11MrHalisimma lugnt
10:54:31*Bagder falls off his chair
10:55:00 Part MrHali
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11:08:09*Bagder holds on
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11:30:36Schnueffwb mbr
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11:48:37quelsarukhi all!
11:50:41quelsarukno magic wand yet? ;)
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11:57:37mbrDamn router loop
12:02:16 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:05:32 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:13:52Schnueffhi mbr
12:14:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:18:11 Quit mbr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:31:31 Quit Bagder ("")
12:39:28dwihnoZagor: Me, being a bit curious, how well does the power off function work?
12:41:51Zagoridle-off, you mean?
12:43:32dwihnoI tried it in the early stages
12:43:45dwihno(when it shut down while connected via USB *ERHUMM*) ;-)
12:43:56Schnueffi have no problems with idle-off
12:44:47dwihnoIt's more of a protective issue
12:44:57dwihnoI never turn on the unit by accident
12:45:10dwihnoIt has happened once or twice
12:45:15ZagorI have it on 10 minutes
12:45:20Zagorit Just Works
12:46:05dwihnoZagor: sometimes, you are so wise
12:46:17dwihnoTry to find a hands-on review on the web. Don't you think a great product like this would have resulted in many reviews?
12:46:24dwihnoTalking about the oddysey-thingy
12:46:44Zagorit's true, isn't it?
12:47:10dwihnoI didn't think about it in that way until you said so :)
12:47:26dwihnoAlways read the review (or consult the developers of the alternative open source firmware) :)
12:47:34dwihnoI read zero reviews about the archos
12:47:47Zagoryou foolishly trusted us :)
12:49:22dwihnoWith rockbox, the unit owns :D
13:00:35 Join kosh [0] (
13:14:55 Nick pyvasene is now known as pyvasene_miam (~pyvasene@
13:23:06 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:01:57DEBUGLost contact with server
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14:02:03***Started Dancer V4.16p1
14:02:03***Connected to on port 6667
14:02:03***Logfile for #rockbox started
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14:02:04 Join pyvasene_miam [0] (~pyvasene@
14:02:04 Join qule|out [0] (
14:02:04 Join adiamas [0] (
14:02:04 Join Jet8810 [0] (
14:02:04 Join mecraw12 [0] (
14:02:04 Join Zagor [242] (
14:02:04 Join ]keno[ [0] (~kenlarzo@
14:02:04 Join nickr [0] (
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14:02:04 Join Hadaka [0] (
14:02:04 Join Hes [0] (~hessu@
14:02:04 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
14:02:13 Join LinusN [0] (
14:06:28 Join Bagder [241] (
14:36:25 Join mbr [0] (
14:46:18LinusNBagder: any progress on the "kilobyte function"?
14:46:40BagderI many letters do you want written, I mean maximum? is 5 good?
14:46:43Bagderhow many
14:46:49LinusN5 is ok
14:46:58Bagdergimme a minute
14:48:58LinusNkosh: you're here?
14:51:11dwihnokosh spice :)
14:53:42BagderLinusN: you want the code by mail or shall I commit it somewhere?
14:53:52LinusNi dunno
14:53:58LinusNis there a good place to put it?
14:54:03BagderI'll mail it then
14:54:06LinusNcommon? :-)
14:54:20Zagorthe diskinfo screen wants it to
14:54:26LinusNBagder: seriously, more than one function will use it
14:57:12Bagderbut only apps, right?
14:59:42LinusNwow! apps/common is coming!!! :-)
15:00:07*Bagder tries to come up with something
15:01:15Zagorit's a tough nut to crack ;)
15:01:35Bagderthe code seems to work though ;-)
15:03:05Bagderapps/string.c ?
15:03:37Zagormisc.c ;)
15:03:50Zagorstring is fine with me
15:04:45LinusNof for me too
15:05:22dwihnobarnens hus
15:05:23dwihnola l ala
15:05:48dwihnoLinusN: Now you need to teach Linusette to upriciate Caramell and Mamma mU ;D
15:06:00LinusNhehe, will do
15:06:01 Join _seb_ [0] (
15:06:14LinusNher name is Smilla by the way
15:06:25 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
15:08:10Bagderchar *num2max5(int bytes, char *max5);
15:09:16LinusNBagder: i want unsigned int or unsigned long
15:09:25Bagdergood point
15:09:37dwihnounsigned long misa think
15:09:59Bagderthere's no difference here
15:11:52dwihnosounds gooder :)
15:11:58dwihnogooder. nice word
15:12:01LinusNanyone here who can test a line in music recording?
15:12:18Hadakado you use the foo2bar notation often in function names?
15:12:34 Quit TotMacher ()
15:12:35Bagdernot really
15:12:39LinusNHadaka: as often as possible, short names are a Good Thing
15:12:40 Join TotMacher [0] (
15:12:41BagderI was just out of ideas ;-)
15:13:11LinusNqule|out: hang on, i'll build a firmware to test for me
15:13:12qule|outLinusN: i was going to have lunch, can i tell you the result of the test at 16:00 ?
15:13:24Hadakaookay then
15:13:43qule|outLinusN: are ypu going to send me a firmware?
15:14:01LinusNi will put it at
15:14:10qule|outoki doki
15:14:29qule|outcall it linus.ajz pliz
15:15:20LinusNthere will be two: reset.ajz and update.ajz
15:16:08qule|outshould i download them into my jukebox?
15:17:23LinusNyup, and ROLO to them
15:18:01LinusNcoming up in a minute
15:18:09qule|outLinusN: if you dont mind
15:18:31qule|outcould you better upload them in my pc via ftp?
15:23:25 Nick pyvasene_miam is now known as pyvasene (~pyvasene@
15:27:12qule|outcu later!
15:29:55 Join laotan [0] (
15:36:56LinusNi am suspecting that the I2C and LCD serial communication interferes with the Line In sampling
15:37:34Zagorso how would archos avoid that?
15:37:40LinusNand those faint high frequencies are generating the artifacts due to bad lowpass filters
15:38:10LinusNwe will know when quelsaruk has tried my test firmwares this afternoon
15:38:17LinusNZagor: maybe thet don't
15:38:31LinusNpeople are complaining about hiss
15:38:56Zagorsomeone said rockbox recordings had less noise than archos
15:39:16LinusNthat may have been a mic recording
15:39:40Zagoryeah. or digital.
15:40:07Zagorthough how you get noise on a digital recording is beyond me :)
15:40:59dwihnoI need advice from you guys
15:41:27LinusNyou must be desperate, asking us for advice
15:41:30dwihnoIf I would to replace my batteries with 1800mAh ones, would the charging become different in any way?
15:41:47dwihnoLinusN: you are underestimating the power of yourselves ;D
15:41:52LinusNit may take longer to charge them
15:42:10LinusNwe need to work on the charging btw
15:42:46dwihnoI think it works rather nice
15:43:02dwihnoI often fall asleep listening to the sweet tunes of Enigma or such :)
15:43:57Zagordwihno: we use 1800 mAh all the time
15:44:16dwihnoZagor: no problems encountered? how much extra time do you gain?
15:44:36Zagori haven't done any proper tests
15:44:42Zagorit feels like an hour or two extra
15:44:51Zagorno problems
15:44:56*dwihno is considering a hard disk upgrade as well. What do you recommend? Fujitsu, Hitachi or IBM?
15:50:19dwihnoLinus promised me to help me out with that ;D
15:50:37LinusNyes i did
15:51:06Zagordwihno: i have a toshiba :)
15:51:09LinusNihave a 40gig Toshiba by the way
15:51:22LinusNand i like it
15:51:33dwihnoWhere did you purchse it?
15:51:38dwihnoI see nothing @ dustin
15:51:46LinusNi dunno
15:52:16LinusNmy supplier at work ordered it for me
15:54:01dwihno:( )
15:54:20dwihnoTell he to supply me too ;D
15:54:29dwihnoTell him I'll buy him a beer :)
15:55:08LinusNhaha, i'll tell him
15:55:53dwihnoSome of that guinness stuff :)
15:56:59dwihnoThat will convince him :)
16:02:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:54:58 Quit Bagder ("")
17:06:42LinusNZagor: do we have stat() or something to find out file size and stuff?
17:06:59Zagornot yet
17:07:09LinusNwoudl be nice
17:07:33LinusNso that we can do without seek(fd, 0, SEEK_END)
17:07:48Zagoryou can get it from readdir() until stat() is implemented
17:07:57Zagorstat() will just be a wrapper for that
17:08:07Zagor(readdir, that is)
17:09:39LinusNi was thinking of the id3 functions
17:09:54LinusNthey seek to the end to find the file length
17:20:23LinusNmaybe save the file size when opening the file
17:22:24LinusNin the file info struct
17:32:59dwihnoAny of you guys use XFree 4+ ?
17:35:05qule|outLinusN: work half-done...
17:35:25qule|outyou've got the files at the ftp
17:35:32qule|outbut i ran out of batteries
17:35:44dwihnoZagor: Could you do me a favor and check if there's something like ttmk<something>dir?
17:35:45qule|outand i have no update.mp3
17:35:55dwihnoZagor: (for creating fonts.dir's for ttf's)
17:36:12qule|outso you've got just a mp3 using reset mas option
17:36:16Zagordwihno: uh, i'm not at home :)
17:36:58dwihnoZagor: How about remote access? :) You DO have SSH? :)
17:38:53Zagordwihno: my home box is not on
17:39:59dwihnoZagor: That's too bad. I'm so sad :/ :)
17:40:03LinusNqule|out: ok
17:40:28dwihnoIt would be neat to find out if I need to use some kind of external tool to generate the files
17:40:55Zagordwihno: you should be able to find that info on google. it's pretty standard stuff.
17:41:00Zagoror join #linuxhelp
17:41:06Zagorgotta go, see you later
17:41:09 Part Zagor
17:41:54qule|outLinusN: i'll give you the other track tomorrow morning, if you don't mind
17:42:08LinusNqule|out: do you remember if they sounded different?
17:42:34qule|outreset sounded a bit better
17:42:42LinusNthan update?
17:42:42qule|outbut still had that nasty noise
17:43:01qule|outcan't tell you
17:43:44LinusNtoo bad, thanks anyway
17:44:31qule|outtoo bad? me or the song?
17:45:14LinusNhehe, too bad you can't give me the update.mp3
17:45:28LinusNthat was the one i believed would fix the error...
17:46:42LinusNreset.mp3 sounds better, but not good
17:46:50qule|outi know
17:47:14qule|outthat was what i said before... it sound better, but still with that noise
17:56:33dwihnoI was just wondering if building the emulator under freebsd requires some kind of extra stuff
18:01:05]keno[morning (um, yeah)
18:01:22]keno[got a few Qs for you guys..
18:01:39]keno[LinusN you ever sleep?
18:02:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:03:15]keno[well first thing's first, the conditional tags don't work for some reason. Here's my default.wpf:
18:04:10]keno[%s%?%it<%?%ia<%ia - >%it|%fn>%s%?%id<%id|%d1> %?%in<- %in>
18:04:43]keno[also, only 1st scrolling line is really scrolling. the 2nd %s doesn't do anything
18:05:36*]keno[ sits on his archos for a while
18:05:48LinusNi never sleep
18:08:20]keno[hey I just saw very nice!
18:08:54]keno[sleeping is bad for you - you tell'em linus
18:09:14dwihnoWeekend time
18:09:17 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
18:11:20]keno[hmm. why does my "home made" charger makes a louder buzzing sound when charging than the archos one?
18:11:26 Join edx [0] (
18:11:33LinusN]keno[: you run 1.4?
18:11:49LinusNthen only one line scrolls
18:12:00LinusNthe multiline scroll is a newer feature
18:12:09LinusNthe docs are ahead of time
18:12:26]keno[heh, like microsoft! :)
18:12:43]keno[but why doesn't it work? (the conditionals)
18:13:33LinusNi'm no wps config expert
18:14:35]keno[if I use say %s%ia - %it %id - %in it shows the id3 artist/track, but if I use a conditional like %s%?%id<%id|%d1> %?%in<- %in> for the same mp3, it never sees the id3 artist/track/title
18:14:49]keno[hmm.. damn.
18:14:51]keno[who is then ?
18:15:22]keno[is this you btw LinusN ?
18:16:06]keno[you look like my uncle heh
18:16:50LinusNis that a compliment?
18:17:15]keno[heh yeah
18:17:21]keno[he's a sports broadcaster
18:18:59]keno[kinda known around here
18:19:00LinusNoh, i have a radio face!
18:19:37]keno[he's on tv a lot too, so it's okay
18:21:04]keno[well, who do you think I should consult about the conditionals not working in custom WPSs ?
18:22:02LinusNsomeone else :-)
18:22:20LinusNwell, i could help you by digging in the code, but i have so many other things to do
18:22:20]keno[other than the wps conditionals thing, I think there should be a menu option in SOUND menu for selecting CFGs from a pre defined dir. It's annoying to browse to the CFG files DIR all the time, especially if you have "follow playlist" on..
18:22:32LinusN]keno[: good idea
18:22:46]keno[nah, I'm sure I'll find someone whod listen soon :)
18:22:56LinusNthat has been suggested quite a few times actually
18:23:02 Quit TotMacher ()
18:23:08]keno[LinusN the q is has it been posted?
18:25:23]keno[I mean, "feature request" doesn't show it
18:25:56LinusNi was looking there too
18:26:09LinusNpost a request so we won't forget it
18:26:21LinusNwe could use a font browser as well
18:26:30LinusNand a language selector
18:26:59]keno[I can do some translations if you like btw
18:27:20]keno[you want me to post these too, or are they already there?
18:27:38LinusNwhat language?
18:28:06]keno[btw is it just me or does the sound quality get really "overdrive" and very distorted and, well, BAD, over 96 percent volume on rockbox 1.4 ?
18:28:40]keno[recorder 20
18:29:12LinusN]keno[: is this true for both headphones and when connected to an amplifier?
18:29:26LinusNRockbox is generally louder than Archos
18:29:41]keno[didn't try with an amp
18:30:31]keno[I can tell you that the same "volume overload distortion" (heh real technical am I) happens when I raise bass boost, then lower it.
18:31:08]keno[I can distinctly hear the audio becoming terribly "overdrive"ed when bass boost is lowered to 0 from say 10 percent or more
18:34:53]keno[anyone alive?
18:35:30LinusNare your mp3 files loud in general?
18:35:55]keno[no, have tried with various ones
18:35:57LinusNand how on earth can you raise the volume to 96 and not hurt your ears? :-)
18:36:28LinusNwhat are your settings?
18:36:41]keno[volume: 90
18:36:41]keno[bass: 2
18:36:41]keno[treble: -1
18:36:41DBUGEnqueued KICK ]keno[
18:36:41]keno[balance: 0
18:36:41]keno[channels: 0
18:36:41***Alert Mode level 1
18:36:41]keno[loudness: 0
18:36:43]keno[bass boost: 20
18:36:45]keno[auto volume: 0
18:37:00LinusNi can tell you right now that it certainly is possible to "overdrive" the sound
18:37:23]keno[try to lower the bass to 00, or raise the volume above 96. it's worse if bass is +4db or more
18:37:32LinusNto avoid distortion, we have to follow the following formula:
18:38:02LinusN(bass+treble+loudness+bass boost) < 0dB
18:38:11LinusN(bass+treble+loudness+bass boost+volume) < 0dB
18:38:33LinusNthat means that we have to lower the volume if you increase the other parameters
18:38:52LinusNe have decided no to, because people appreciate the loud volume
18:39:25]keno[.. myself included, but not at the expense of quality..
18:39:40]keno[this is very strange.. are you sure noone else encountered this issue?
18:40:01LinusNthe thing is, if you want a volume of 96, you are in trouble anyway
18:40:21LinusNif we compensate, you will never reach the volume you want anyway
18:40:36LinusNthen you will set it to 100 and feel it is too low
18:40:38]keno[heh, you got the EX-70, I use the porta pros :)
18:41:31LinusNbut you see my point?
18:41:48]keno[I can live with 96 percent volume just fine, but the bass boost thing is puzzeling me. why in the world would LOWERING it cause distortion? If I raise it back again to 10 percent, the distortion goes away.
18:41:57]keno[yes I understand and agree
18:42:22LinusNthe bass boost is a peculiar thing
18:43:18]keno[meaning.. it can have unpredictable effect?
18:43:24]keno[earthquakes and such?
18:43:54LinusNnah, it reshapes the sound, so the ear perceives a bass frequency that actually isn't there
18:44:27LinusNso it might even help combat distortion, because it may remove "real" bass frequencies
18:44:36LinusNas far as i have understood it
18:45:32]keno[hmm. strange.
18:46:42***Alert Mode OFF
18:46:47]keno[by the way, has anyone noticed a louder buzzing sound when charging with a different charger than the provided one?
18:48:11 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:48:45]keno[I can't use the provided one without a 220>120 voltage adapter (not US based), and I won't carry it with me, so I found this old 9v DC 600mA charger, which works fine but does cause a much louder buzzing sound.
18:49:11]keno[is it safe? (or AS safe)
18:49:49LinusNi don't know, but as long as it is 9V 600mA
18:49:53LinusNis it regulated?
18:51:47]keno[no idea
18:52:05]keno[it barely has the voltage stated
18:54:46 Quit pyvasene ()
18:59:24]keno[I dont wanna open it up ;)
18:59:36LinusNi'm here (coding)
19:00:09CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:00:09*]keno[ is mad at himself for delaying the next rockbox by disturbing linus <g>
19:13:11 Join [keno] [0] (~kenlarzo@
19:26:59 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
19:31:57 Quit ]keno[ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:32:01 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:32:32 Join [keno] [0] (~kenlarzo@
19:45:42qule|outummm.. an offtopic question
19:45:55qule|outhas anyone digital tv?
19:46:11qule|outi mean, that kind of service installed at home
19:51:28qule|outok.. seems that no one has a digital tv decoder
19:53:53[keno]I got a sattalite TV dish at my dad's
19:54:21[keno]and it's a thomson digital tv decoder I believe (haven't been there in a while)
20:02:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:19:26*[keno] is away, f00d [log:] [page:]
20:33:15 Join Zagor [242] (
20:43:43 Join gnng [0] (
20:45:27gnngdo you know where i can download the binary-files of that "ui simulator"? i didn't find them on the page
20:46:28Zagorit only exists for linux
20:46:36Zagorthe win32 version is too out-of-date
20:47:07Zagorthe linux versions are at the bottom of
20:47:31gnngfine, i gonna try it, thx
20:56:32 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:57:49 Quit TotMacher ()
20:58:01 Join TotMacher [0] (
21:10:31 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
21:15:40 Join probonic [0] (
21:24:37gnnghmm, how to tell the simulator which firmware to use? currently it closes himself right after having show the rockbox-logo
21:24:55 Quit probonic ()
21:26:44Zagorgnng: create an 'archos' dir/link in the dir you run the simulator from
21:34:15 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
21:55:14 Quit gnng ("Peace and Protection 4.22")
21:55:28LinusNanyone here who can do a Line In test?
22:02:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:07:31qule|outLinusN: not until tonight, and u know it :P
22:07:55LinusNit is night :-)
22:08:28qule|outnot in spain
22:09:04qule|outwell.. we have no sun, but nights here start at 12:00 pm
22:10:12qule|outi mean..
22:10:23LinusNit's friday!!!!!
22:10:52qule|outwe call night to the time after dinner and if it's friday we cal it to the hour we go to pubs or so
22:11:26qule|outif you say, i'll call you home tonight, it means, i'll call you after 10:30
22:11:37LinusNqule|out: i think i have found the error
22:12:25LinusNit's a timing error in the DMA protocol
22:12:29qule|outor even better.. could you send me a repaired.ajz ?
22:12:35qule|outto test it
22:12:45LinusNi haven't been able to fix it yet... :-(
22:13:01qule|outdon't work to hadr tonight
22:13:05qule|outit's friday!
22:13:16qule|outgo and drink some beers
22:13:26LinusNi can't
22:13:40LinusNi must stay home and take care of my sick wife
22:16:06LinusNcomplications from the birth of our daughter last month
22:16:19qule|outi've seen her in your web
22:17:37qule|outLinusN: an offtopic question
22:17:59 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:18:16qule|outdo you have in sweden some kind of digital tv?
22:18:34LinusNor rather digital transmitted TV
22:18:44LinusNnot hdtv or something
22:20:14qule|outdigital transmited tv..
22:20:28qule|outi have installed it at home
22:20:43qule|outbut i have to pay a lot for films, or football matches
22:21:04qule|outand i don't know how to do that "for free"
22:21:17qule|outi was wandering if you know how to do that..
22:21:32LinusNi don't know anything about that
22:21:33qule|outbecause i suppose the decoder is more or less the same
22:21:42qule|outwhat a pitty
22:21:48LinusNexcept that the encryption in sweden is quite tough
22:23:32qule|outin spain it was easy to decode.. until 4 months ago... they have changed it
22:24:09LinusNqule|out: are you talking about cable TV?
22:24:18LinusNor satellite TV?
22:24:40LinusNok, that was not what i was talking about
22:24:58qule|outdigital tv via satellite
22:25:15LinusNok, that is often cracked in sweden
22:25:55LinusNi haven't done it myself
22:27:00qule|outi'll search the web
22:27:08qule|outmaybe i'll find something
22:29:03qule|outLinusN: i'll upload the last file to the ftp tomorrow at 10:00 more or less, ok?
22:29:17qule|outmy pc is always online
22:29:21LinusNqule|out: no need
22:30:02LinusNi see the error here anyway
22:31:23qule|outtime to go home!
22:31:25qule|outsee you!
22:31:34qule|outand i hope your wife gets better
22:31:42LinusNthat will take about a year
22:31:49qule|outthat long?
22:32:07LinusNshe is in great pain and can't move out of bed
22:32:48qule|outthat must be really hard...
22:33:03LinusNyeah, it is tough on us both
22:33:14LinusNbut worst for the oldest kid
22:33:26qule|outthe other boys at the photos are yours too?
22:33:49LinusNthe boy, yes, the other girl is a friend
22:33:59qule|outahmm.. ok
22:34:47qule|outif you where in spain i could offer myself if you needed anything, but too many kilometers
22:35:07LinusNi'll have to put my son to bed now
22:35:11LinusNcu l8r
22:35:21 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|fairytale (
22:35:22qule|outsee you tomorrow
22:35:37 Part qule|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
22:19:48 Nick LinusN|fairytale is now known as LinusN (
22:24:30ZagorLinusN: anything you want tested?
22:24:41LinusNno, not yet
22:46:27LinusNZagor: i want timestamps on the created files
22:46:45Zagorso add it ;)
22:46:51Zagorok, i'll fix
22:54:49 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:44:43 Join Jet8810 [0] (

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