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#rockbox log for 2002-11-23

00:00:52ZagorLinusN: how come get_time() returns a pointer to a static struct rather than fill in a caller-specified struct?
00:02:01LinusNand because localtime() does that
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00:03:13Zagorah, right
00:03:29Zagoryeah, it doesn't matter much. it's not like people will change the contents of that struct
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02:16:44MrHalihey linus
02:16:49MrHalii logged on earlier
02:16:55MrHaliand was told to talk to you
02:16:56LinusNyou did?
02:17:05*LinusN hides
02:17:17MrHalifirst, i wanted to say that you guys are doing an awesome job!
02:17:25MrHalii love my rockbox ;-)
02:17:49MrHalii was reading thru the logs from a couple days ago..
02:18:01MrHaliand it seems like you were looking for some recording testing
02:18:13MrHaliwell.. i bought my recorder primarily for recording
02:18:20MrHaliso.. i'd love to help you if i could
02:18:41MrHalii am a dj, and i bought it to record several hour long dj sets, etc
02:19:13MrHalinot sure if i can help, but i wanted to offer it if you needed
02:20:42LinusNany testing is of help
02:21:25MrHaligreat! ;-)
02:21:40MrHalido you have some sort of testing matrix of anything structured?
02:21:59MrHalior.. is it find if i just hack with it and try to make it break ;-)
02:22:23LinusNnothing structured
02:22:36LinusNyou see, i can't test Line In and S/PDIF recording myself
02:22:58MrHaliok... i can do that fine
02:23:31LinusNright now i have a nasty bug to kill, but i don't need any testing for it until i have fixed it
02:23:54MrHalido you know if i can use the 1/8' to rca cable as the s/pdif cable? or do i need a special cable?
02:24:17MrHalii have s/pdif on my sound card and my cdj
02:25:00LinusNyou can use that cable
02:25:03MrHalithat i can use for testing
02:25:12MrHaliok.. cool.. i'll play around with it
02:47:55LinusNgoot go to bed now, night!
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12:46:36Hadakanow! finally time for rockbox
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16:42:02PhantomDJPhi !
16:42:21PhantomDJPanybody ?
16:43:04PhantomDJPallo ??? y'as quelqu'un ???
16:43:12PhantomDJPanybody there ?
16:43:40Hadakasome patience
16:44:02PhantomDJPdo you know if it is possible to delete a file under rockbox ?
16:44:34Hadakaon the offhand, I'd say that it's not possible, but lemme check some
16:45:25Hadakahmmh don't think so - the whole disk writing feature is relatively new - and removal files as a destructive action has probably not been implemented yet
16:45:44Hadakaimplementing it should be trivial though, since the code interface does provide it, I think
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16:46:41huzhello, i have a request :) could you put more player's firmware screenshot on the website ?
16:47:12huzas the player dir browser, the player "while playing screen"
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17:03:17koshhey Linus..
17:07:14Hadakahey linus - does rockbox have a way to delete files from the firmware? :)
17:07:24koshI think I found something.. I just remembered all my 'good'recordings were at 32KHz because of the frequency set bug
17:07:28LinusNnot yet
17:07:49koshso I did another 32KHz rec and it is OK except for some MP3 error (vracks
17:07:49Hadakagood - then I answered correctly to the guy who asked :)
17:08:06LinusNsaw that
17:08:30koshI am uploading the 32KHz file now
17:08:52LinusNthanks kosh
17:09:59koshyou still have the address?
17:10:41koshit's not there yet.. but will be shortly
17:11:25LinusNtake your time
17:11:46koshSo 32KHz is OK.. 44.1 distorts.. hope that provides some pointers..;)
17:11:56koshThe file is there..
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17:12:36koshJust for fun I am now gonna try another 44.1 recording
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17:13:46LinusNkosh: no need
17:15:20koshI know.. I was just wondering.. and it's still distorted.. The rockbox reports the fiel as beeing 192 kbps, which cannot be AFAIK (max recording is 170 kbps)
17:15:55LinusNkosh: there is no vbr header on our files
17:16:20koshLinus: On another note.. do you know whether \n can be used in translations.. I would like to break up some strings..
17:16:28koshOK.. but that cannot be the problem?
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17:40:44LinusNkosh_food: the recorded files are VBR
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17:41:22LinusNif the first frame in the file is 192 kbit/s, then Rockbox will think that it's a 192kbit/s CBR file, since there is no VBR header
17:41:35koshok.. I get it
17:42:19koshAnd this behaviour could not cause trouble at higher sample frequencies
17:45:13LinusNno, that behaviour is only a playback issue
17:45:38LinusNthat is independent of frequency
17:46:01koshOK.. I just ran the file throuh MP3 tag studio and the repair/add VBR header option reports this:
17:46:18LinusNERROR ERROR ERROR i guess
17:46:29koshMP3 headers out of sync for file R021123171244.mp3
17:46:55LinusNthat's the bug i'm chasing
17:47:04koshon the 32KHz file is addthe the header without problems
17:48:43LinusNbut that file was an older recording, right?
17:49:37LinusNhow old then?
17:49:40koshI recorded the 32KHz first then switched to 44.1 and recorded again. The 32KHz file repairs OK, the 44.1 file fails
17:49:48LinusNok, interesting
17:50:40koshSo we can assume that at 44.1 things start to go wrong.. You listened to the 32KHz file withthe cracks
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18:13:58LinusNgotta reboot, su soon
18:14:01 Part LinusN
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18:37:29Hadakahey, is it possible to get the volume lower than what the archos firmware can put it at?
18:38:31LinusNmy jukebox is silent at about 30-40
18:38:32Hadakabecause it's too damn loud :)
18:38:38Hadakaso was mine
18:38:44Hadakabut then I bought koss porta-pro
18:39:02Hadakanow I can hear the RTC noise generated by the archos firmware - and I can't get it quiet enough :)
18:39:13LinusNuse rockbox then
18:39:59Hadakayes, I'm going to do just that - I'll generate a few playlists first though
18:40:07Hadakabut my usb cable seems to be at work
18:40:22Hadakaso I'm wondering that can you make the volume go as low as you want or is there a limit :)
18:40:48LinusNwell, it goes to 0
18:40:58LinusNcan't get more silent
18:41:40Hadakahmmh I wonder what that means really
18:41:46LinusNso you mean that you still hear the music at volume 0?
18:42:04HadakaI have it at whatever archos firmware has as the minimum sound volume - eg 0 - and it's loud still
18:42:42LinusNrock box can go lower
18:42:51Hadakaokay, that's yet another reason to use it
18:43:10Hadakanot that I would need any
18:43:15Hadakaespecially with rolo being so nice
18:43:34 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|fairytale (
18:43:47LinusN|fairytaletime to put my son to bed
18:55:47Hadakafound the usb cable from my jacket pocket!
18:55:53Hadakatime to rock(box)!
19:03:05 Join kosh [0] (
19:06:22Hadakawooh, first rockbox boot since before 1.0 :)
19:11:13HadakaWHEE! no rtc noise atleast!
19:12:51Hadakaand yes! the volume goes a lot lower
19:13:11HadakaI can still hear something around 25, but that's about the limit
19:13:13Hadakaso perfect
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19:17:15MrHalilinus: you around?
19:28:33 Nick LinusN|fairytale is now known as LinusN (
19:28:36LinusNi'm back
19:28:46MrHalii've done some testing
19:29:18MrHalithe rockbox recording seems to be recording in CBR!
19:29:26MrHalidon't know if that was on purpose or not
19:30:10MrHalialso, the s/pdif isn't working at all
19:30:30MrHaliand the level meter is reading off the linein, even when digital is selected
19:31:38MrHaliso.. because of the CBR thing, it doesn't record well at quality 5 thru to 7.. there are clipouts
19:31:53MrHaliquality 4 = 128kbps CBR
19:31:56HadakaMrHali: are you sure the entire song is the same bitrate?
19:32:24MrHalii recorded for a few minutes
19:32:35LinusNMrHali: the MAS can only record CBR
19:32:42MrHalilet me pull them in.. one sec
19:33:23MrHaliok, well then quality 5, 6, and 7, are experiencing clip outs
19:33:56LinusNyes, but what makes you think it's CBR?
19:34:06MrHaliyes, you are correct
19:34:10MrHalithey are VBR
19:34:27MrHalithey aren't reporting properly on the rockbox then.. sorry
19:34:58LinusNMrHali: i haven't added the VBR headers yet
19:35:11MrHalimy mistake, i'm sorry
19:35:36MrHaliso let me start again...
19:35:56MrHalii found that the levelmeter is reading the linein, even when digital is selected
19:36:09LinusNyes, people say that
19:36:15MrHalithat anything above quality 4 is clipping
19:36:19LinusNi cant' test that myself though
19:38:36Hadakathis was way leet
19:38:44Hadakafind . -type d -exec find "{}" -name "*.mp3" -fprint "{}/dir.m3u" \;
19:39:02LinusNah, making playlists?
19:39:25Hadakathat made all the playlists I need ever
19:39:40Hadakadir.mp3 in each directory contains all the mp3's from the whole subdir tree below it
19:40:28Hadakaand.. let's see
19:40:55Hadaka3000 files, like a second to load
19:41:38Hadakathis is prefect, but I gotta run now
19:41:41Hadakaso bbl
19:41:49LinusNMrHali: you there?
19:43:19MrHaliyes.. sorta floating around
19:43:30LinusNcan you test a firmware version for me?
19:43:40MrHalihow do i do that?
19:43:51LinusNi'll put it up form download
19:43:52MrHalioh.. sure.. just gimme the url
19:46:12MrHaliyou want me to test the levelmeter, digital, and quality 5-7 again with that?
19:47:59MrHalilevelmeter still on linein
19:49:39MrHalii'm doing that now
19:49:47LinusNonly quality with line in
19:49:58MrHaliok.. i'm on q7.. still recording
19:51:28MrHalii finished recording, but i'm having difficulty playing with this build
19:51:36MrHaliit sits at 0:00
19:51:36LinusNoh, sorry
19:51:53LinusNforgot to tell you
19:51:54MrHalishould i rolo to the last cvs?
19:52:33MrHalinice... quality is good
19:52:37MrHalino clipouts
19:52:53LinusNdoes it sound good?
19:53:07MrHaliyou want me to put it up somewhere
19:53:12*LinusN does a littl dance
19:53:20MrHaliyou want to hear it?
19:53:30MrHalione sec
19:53:55LinusNwill y be around the next few hors?
19:56:54MrHalii will have to go pretty soon
19:56:59MrHalimaybe for the next 30 min
19:57:05MrHalidamn this ADSLow
19:57:16MrHaliit's upping.. one sec
19:59:44LinusNdl:ed thanks
20:01:28LinusNsounds great
20:01:37LinusNthat is line in?
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20:04:41MrHalihey linus.. i have to step away for a few minutes.. but i configured my trillian to flash on the monitor if you /msg me
20:05:01MrHaliso.. if you need me for another test, just /msg MrHali Y0!!! ;-)
20:14:05koshI'm back
20:15:13LinusNkosh: does s/pdif work at all?
20:15:56koshDunno.. have not ever tried.. is it coax or optical :)
20:16:01LinusNnever mind
20:16:14LinusNcan you test
20:16:30koshjust grabbed it.. will try in a sec..
20:16:46LinusNremember that it can't play music
20:18:08koshYou I need to play through PC aI assume??
20:18:25LinusNor an older version of the firmware
20:18:54koshhere we go..
20:19:08koshsound good.. at 44.1
20:19:25koshI'll do another test also at 48 hang on..
20:21:47LinusNcan you try as well?
20:22:06LinusNit should be no difference
20:23:13LinusNwould you prefer a different naming scheme btw?
20:24:56koshboth 44.1 and 48 work with linus.ajz.. now trying linus2
20:25:47koshAnd for met just HHMMSS would be OK.. little chance of starting a second recording at the exact same date next day :)
20:26:10koshor r001 .. R002 etc..
20:26:24LinusNkosh: the current way is best for sorting purposes
20:26:57koshtrue.. it's OK..
20:27:01LinusNbut now when the FAT finally sets correct timestamps R001, R002 would be fine
20:27:30koshFilenames with a lot of numbers tend to cunfuse though..
20:28:11koshBTW.. did you catch my remark on using newline in translations?
20:28:30LinusNi saw that, and no, it will not work
20:28:47koshBummer.. who does the UI for the Fbuttons?
20:29:53koshAh.. Because for me the arrows in the UI are too far apart.. keeping them 2 characters more to the center of the display would help a LOT.. try viewing the dutch translations to see what I mean
20:31:07koshWOW.. I can do 48KHz recordings! :)
20:31:51koshIt appears to work Linus!
20:32:04LinusNkosh: i agree, the quick-screens need work, both for linebreaks and the arrow placement
20:32:10LinusNkosh: great!
20:32:47koshteh arrow placement would be enough but the ability to use /n sowewhere in the future would be nice..
20:33:37koshI had another idea on starting a new file.. why not use the ON button for that.. As OFF ends recording.. ON start a new one.. seema logical..
20:33:52LinusNplease file a feature request or a bug report on the quick-screens, i will forget otherwise
20:34:01koshI should learn not to type so quick.. too much errors;)
20:34:14LinusNkosh: what would Play do then?
20:34:23koshI will..
20:35:04koshPause recording.. hit play again and resume (in the same file)
20:35:30koshIf that would be possible..
20:35:52LinusNit's possible
20:36:23LinusNkosh: the reason i use Play and off is because the playback uses that
20:36:47koshI am REALLY happy recording seems to be working.. I will record a gig I am doing sunday to see how it goes..
20:37:44koshYes.. OFF to quit a recording is OK.. But what I would like it to be able to start a new file WHILE recording
20:37:59LinusNsure, with right arrow
20:38:02koshIf I record a 45 minute set I would like to keep songs in separate files
20:38:17LinusNright arrow is not implemented yet
20:38:58LinusNkosh: what type of gigs?
20:39:06koshAh.. OK.. well IMO the ON button would be more intuitive.. as on an MD recorder you hit RECORD again to start a new track, not the next buttton
20:39:38LinusNi've never used an MD recorder
20:39:45koshTomorow I do a local cpverband I have been doing for 4 years now.. a bargig we do once every moth.. always fun
20:40:10koshI do mostly Funk/Fusion and R&B type stuff..
20:40:30koshyup.. It's a cool job and I am happy to be able to live off of it!
20:40:51LinusNeven nicer
20:41:10koshYou heard the tracks I upoloaded for testing. That I recorden about two years ago..
20:42:20koshAnd I've got LOADS more hehehe..
20:42:54koshoh well.. And tonight I have the night off so I thought see if we can fix this rockbox problem ;)
20:44:18LinusNthank you for that
20:44:46LinusNi worked on it until 2am last night
20:44:50koshYou're more then welcome! Ain't we having fun :)
20:45:05koshAh.. well I got home 5:30 this morning :)
20:45:12LinusNi still have a few quirks to fix
20:47:43koshYeah.. I'll be paitently waiting.. hope to have a working CVS build to test with tomorow...
20:48:04 Quit _seb_ ("mir Schnuppe was meine Kritiker sag'n...")
20:48:53koshwe'll see.. I'm off for a while now.. see ya l8er
20:49:13LinusNand thanks again
20:52:54MrHalihey guys
20:53:04MrHalido you want me to try a s/pdif test?
20:53:10LinusNyes please
20:53:19MrHaliwith linus2?
20:58:56MrHaliworks fine
20:59:00MrHaliquality is good
20:59:04MrHalijust no levelmeter
20:59:59MrHalibut the s/pdif works properly.. the input and \=-5-i'
21:00:04MrHali,\yt=7f t7r5/-+
21:00:34 Join _seb_ [0] (
21:01:49 Join MrHali_ [0] (
21:02:14MrHali_the s/pdif input and output work
21:02:54MrHali_when it's in rec mode, it sends the input thru to the output for monitoring
21:03:08MrHali_just the way that the archos bios works too
21:03:34MrHali_i tested at q7 and q5
21:03:38MrHali_no problems
21:04:51LinusNMrHali_: so the archos fw has no monitoring through the earphones?
21:06:30LinusNwait a sec, we have no monitoring in the ears, but archos has it, correct?
21:08:15Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:08:27Kick(#rockbox MrHali :LinusN) by LinusN!
21:12:26 Quit MrHali_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:21:09 Join MrHali [0] (
21:21:15LinusNwelcome back
21:21:20MrHalidamn connection
21:21:28LinusNdid you see my last question?
21:21:32MrHalis/pdif works
21:21:46MrHalibut.. you can't monitor it on the headphone out
21:21:50MrHalionly the digital out
21:22:02MrHalithe archos bios monitors on both
21:22:16LinusNi'm puzzled
21:31:33MrHaliis there some bug with this linus2? i had left it on record mode in linus2, and now i look and it's booted in the default archos firmware? mind you my batteries are ultra low
21:31:49MrHalinow, it's in charging mode
21:31:56MrHalimaybe that's what that was
21:33:13LinusNi guess it shut off due to low batteries and started charging with the archos firmware
21:34:17LinusNdid you ROLO to linus2.ajz?
21:34:44MrHalii roloed from rockbox 1.4
21:34:55MrHalithat's my default
21:35:13LinusNthen we have a bug in ROLO
21:35:14MrHalithe reason i noticed was because i heard a bunch of digital clips
21:35:40MrHaliand i look down and it was the main menu of the archos firmware
21:35:48MrHaliand then it went to charging mode
21:37:46LinusNpeople talk a lot about charging not working when ROLO is used
21:37:55LinusNi haven't investigated it yet
21:38:30MrHalii'm going to idle mode.. if you need any more testing, msg me
21:38:47MrHaligotta charge these batteries anyways ;-)
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23:00:59 Part LinusN
23:02:42 Join LinusN [0] (
23:18:44 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:31:54koshLinus: I read about the rolo-charching ug.. I just ROLOd to linus2 and both the power icon are there and the battery level is 'running' Dunno if it's actually charching.
23:34:11LinusNkosh: check the battery debug screen
23:34:39koshIt says it's charging in info
23:34:47LinusNpress Down
23:35:18koshit says yes to charging
23:35:55LinusNpress Down again then
23:36:05LinusNyou should see a voltage graph
23:36:37LinusNoh, it't up
23:36:48LinusNoh, it's Up
23:36:55koshWhen I unplug the power it's still reporting as charging
23:37:17LinusNit checks it once a minute i think
23:37:24koshAha.. I'll wait
23:37:40LinusNthe voltage should rise
23:37:56koshOK.. itturned to no.. and the scal goes down.. Now I plug it back in
23:39:29koshNow it still says it's charging, but no more graph
23:39:45koshAh.. here it is again..
23:39:50LinusNwait a while so it updates the graph
23:40:34koshIt did.. It charged .11 volts over one minute if I read the stats correctly
23:40:53LinusNok then it works
23:41:19koshThe stats name voltage deltas is the amount charged over time I presume
23:41:38LinusNactually, the complaint was that the Archos firmware didn't charge correctly after being ROLO'ed
23:42:27koshAh.. but I am at linus2 now.. coming from BE CVS.. I don's care much about archos fw anymore ;)
23:42:46LinusNne neither
23:43:04LinusNwanna try another test?
23:43:51koshAns as soon as recording gets anywhere near reliable (I will know after sundaynight..) it'll most likely get banned ;)
23:45:33koshwhat do you want me to try..
23:46:05LinusNshould work with both recording and playback
23:46:21koshok.. here goes..
23:49:10koshYou know the meter takes input from line-in even when digital recording is selected ?
23:49:38LinusNyes i know
23:49:44koshno sound during recording
23:49:52LinusNdoes the meter work for the archos firmware?
23:50:08koshon digital you mean? dunno but will check
23:50:10MrHaliyep ;-)
23:50:20MrHalimeter works on archos
23:50:23MrHalifor digital
23:50:31LinusNthat is so strange
23:51:05LinusNaha, now i have an idea
23:51:26koshI guess I should wait for linus4 now :)
23:52:27kosh48KHz, stereo, Q7, line in, linus3 sounds good to me..
23:52:58koshI will do a looong test on linus4 ??!
23:54:09LinusNok, linus4 is up
23:54:20LinusNplease tell me if the audio feedback is there
23:54:41 Quit kosh ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
23:55:44 Join kosh [0] (
23:55:55koshoeps.. :)
23:56:23LinusNit's there?
23:56:48koshat least PLAYBACK is, just not monitoring
23:57:15LinusNaha, so when you record it is working?
23:57:46koshno, the other way around. I can play a recording, but hear nothing while I record
23:58:37koshI am ready for now ..;)

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