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#rockbox log for 2002-11-24

00:00:12LinusNok, so nothing has changed
00:00:34koshnot since you turned on playback
00:00:52LinusNok, so linus4 is no different from linus3
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00:04:43koshI'm grabbing a cofee downstairs.. back in a flash..
00:12:13*LinusN is comforting a crying baby
00:14:38koshkids first!
00:20:38koshI'm out for tonight.. l8er
00:20:49 Quit kosh ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
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01:29:30Hadakawhee, rockbox is working perfectly
01:30:10LinusNit is?
01:30:43MrHalihey guys
01:30:45Hadakaor well
01:30:53MrHaliwhen did you guys start rockbox?
01:31:15LinusNthe rockbox project started in march this year, i think
01:31:27Hadakait kind of "hangs" when I enter a playlist that has no songs it can load in it ;) but that is to be expected - an informational message would be useful, though
01:31:56MrHalistill charging....
01:32:02Hadakadoesn't hang, but goes into the wps without having anything to play
01:32:11LinusNfor ever?
01:32:19Hadakawell until I press stop
01:32:27LinusNhow long is the playlist?
01:32:45Hadakaoh some hundred entries - but none of the songs exist, the paths are incorrect
01:33:23LinusNit is supposed to quit after having tried all files
01:33:38Hadakaoh, it didn't, atleast - 1.4
01:34:12LinusNah, wait, i think we fixed that after the 1.4 release
01:34:54Hadakaokay, then I'll test it with the daily build I'll load with rolo :P
01:35:33Hadakahmh now let's see
01:35:41LinusNtry the latest bleeding edge if you dare
01:36:10Hadakaentered a 1100 song playlist, now the disk light is blinking like mad, or rather blinking so fast it's almost solid
01:36:14Hadakaand now it stopped
01:36:23Hadakaand it's still in wps
01:36:59MrHaliok guys..
01:37:03LinusNwith the latest CVS version?
01:37:05MrHalicalling it a night for me
01:37:10Hadakano, with a dialy build from..
01:37:27LinusNMrHali: the latest bleeding edge build should work
01:37:44MrHalimonitor on ear with digital?
01:38:34LinusNHadaka: damn!
01:38:55HadakaLinusN: I can try even more bleeding edge if you want?
01:39:07LinusNno need
01:39:16MrHalilinusn: where is it?
01:39:19LinusNwhat are your settings regarding repeat?
01:39:32Hadakaum, repeat all, shuffle on
01:41:19Hadakaok now how do I add a proper directory changing in this commandline of mine
01:42:19LinusNHadaka: were _all_ files unloadable in the playlist?
01:43:21Hadakaoff by one error in directory paths, none of them existed (neither did the directories where they should've been)
01:43:22MrHaliok guys.. g'night
01:43:27MrHalisimma lugnt
01:43:27Hadakanighty, hali
01:44:27LinusNHadaka: file a bug report
01:44:44Hadakado I need a sourceforge account for that? I hope not?
01:46:16Hadakadaily builds or release 1.4?
01:47:33LinusNdaily builds
01:51:37Hadakahmh, what's the box below the main text box on the bug report form?
01:51:49Hadakabelow "please log in"
01:52:25Hadakaoh, that's the user email field
01:52:32Hadakaaccording to the page source I think
01:55:07LinusNgreat report
01:56:55HadakaFilesystem panic (dev 08:01).
01:56:55Hadaka FAT error
01:56:55Hadaka File system has been set read-only
01:56:55DBUGEnqueued KICK Hadaka
01:56:55HadakaDirectory 61237: bad FAT
01:58:34Hadakarockbox usb support is as rock solid as the normal flash firmware usb support?
01:58:42Hadakaas in, there should be no difference, right?
01:59:37Hadakaokay, now it's fsck'd again, nothing but the traditional errors I get
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02:03:52LinusNHadaka: rockbox has nothing to do with the USB, that is entirely done by the ISDx00 chip
02:04:20Hadakaexactly, that's what I thought
02:12:53Hadakafind . -type d -exec bash -c "cd \"{}\"; find . -name \"*.mp3\" -fprint ./dir.m3u" \;
02:13:04Hadakathree mistakes in a row, my shell skills are not so leet
02:13:14Hadakabut now that works exactly as it should
02:18:41LinusNi'm going to bed
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14:54:29paulheuhey linus..
14:54:47paulheuget any sleep ;o
15:04:47paulheuLinus: Latest BE build is still not working..
15:05:04paulheuI'll use linus4 tonight..;)
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15:24:02LinusNpaulheu_work: so what is wrong with it?
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17:03:56HadakaI suppose rockbox does compile with gcc 3.2 nowadays?
17:19:01LinusNi think so yes
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21:28:56Hadakagods, the rockbox ui needs quite some work in a few places
21:29:12Hadakaoh well, I suppose I should start writing this stuff down
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22:04:14Hadakais the 6db that both bass and treble have been set the 'default' or something?
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22:45:19Hadakaperfect, now I can compile rockbox
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23:03:50seb-awayde quoi parles-tu
23:04:23BoD[]tu parles franšais ?
23:08:16seb-awayun peu
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23:32:15BoD[]so whatsup
23:32:22BoD[]with rickbox
23:32:27BoD[]hm rockbox
23:32:55LinusNthe usual stuff :-)
23:33:04LinusNbugs, bugs, bugs
23:33:38HadakaI've started writing up a list of stuff to fix so I can go over it at some point and file them in the tracker or something :)
23:34:00BoD[]hhha :)
23:34:37BoD[]hey you know what ... I can't even walk with my unit in the pocke :(
23:34:41LinusNHadaka: like what?
23:36:22LinusNBoD[]: tough luck, why?
23:36:25HadakaLinusN: well such as that the keylock on and off screens force a wait time for the user - keylock is impossible to put on with just one finger - if powered off with keylock on, it would be nice to power on with keylock as well, as an option atleast
23:36:44Hadakathen some more features such as sleep mode, turn off after 1 hour of playing - and alarm clock feature
23:37:18LinusNHadaka: what do you mean with power off/on???
23:37:48BoD[]LinusN : well because of the skipping
23:38:14HadakaLinusN: well, if you have keylock on - and then you hold the off button so the unit powers on - it would be handy if it would automatically go into keylock when powering on - especially since I use the auto-resume always, so then I wouldn't ever have to touch anything else except power off and power on
23:38:16BoD[]If I move too much the music just stops
23:40:08Hadakahey, what do you guys think about "Expert" mode switch? That would remove some useless texts such as "keylock on" or selection screens and other stuff if you already know everything that is there
23:41:17LinusNHadaka: the unit turns OFF when you press OFF
23:41:28HadakaLinusN: yeah, I know that
23:42:19LinusNHadaka: ok, you want the keylock state to be rememberd?
23:42:35LinusNBoD[]: that is the nature of hard disk based players
23:42:51BoD[]I know
23:43:05HadakaI've never had skipping because of harddisk not being able to read data
23:43:05BoD[]but I think some units are more or less sensible
23:43:10LinusNHadaka: expert mode? Are you that bothered by the on-screen text?
23:43:18BoD[]mine is too sensible (bad luck)
23:43:30LinusNBoD[]: is it the original disk?
23:43:40Hadakaand yes, I've ran for several minutes with the archos on my _thigh_ and still no skipping
23:46:15BoD[]yes it is
23:46:47Hadakathen that's real bad luck :(
23:46:55BoD[]well yes :(
23:47:21BoD[]degrag'd :)
23:48:58BoD[]most of my mp3 are 256
23:49:17BoD[]maybe that doesn't help
23:49:33HadakaI stumbled on a 320kbit MP3 today - sheesh
23:49:50BoD[]arh :)
23:51:36LinusNBoD[]: yeah, you run a higher rixk of skipping with high bitrate files
23:52:06LinusNthe retry mechanism for the HD is not perfect in Rockbox yet
23:52:30BoD[]yes I hope it will be better with time
23:53:04Hadakahmmh, I've _never_ had skipping with the archos firmware - but I had a possible skip with rockbox yesterday - it was so momentous that I didn't make anything of it - but if it happens again, I'll have to start investigating
23:53:05LinusNBoD[]: do you have skips with the original firmware?
23:53:16BoD[]when there is an error, the sound stops... I go backwards a few seconds and then it starts again
23:53:38LinusNBoD[]: which version of the firmware?
23:53:56BoD[]well :) I've been using rockbox for a long time now :) I don't remember if I had as much of skips with the archos
23:54:13BoD[]hmm the one from friday
23:54:17BoD[]daily build

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