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#rockbox log for 2002-11-25

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00:28:23BoD[]my sister wants me to find her a software named 'trados'
00:28:37BoD[]that's the stupidest name i've ever heard for a software :)
00:30:05LinusNfor translation?
00:30:54BoD[]exactly :)
00:30:57BoD[]you know it ???
00:31:25LinusNi know nothing about it
00:31:28BoD[]well ;) ok
00:31:36BoD[]maybe it's well known
00:31:44BoD[]in the world of translation softwares
01:01:54BoD[]oh my god :
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01:04:41LinusNdon't bother, you'll have to pay through your nose to get that one :-)
01:06:20BoD[]what is even more scary is that some people are actually bidding for this !!!!
01:17:45BoD[]i go to bed now see you bye
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02:48:29elinenbe3i love rockbox!
02:48:40elinenbe3especially that sokoban game <snicker>
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07:15:20MrHalidoes linus know that archos20021125.ajz crashes when you enter recording mode?
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09:30:51kargatronweird, trying to change a request resolution to 'none' from duplicate, and it always says 'nothing's changed, update cancelled'
09:30:59kargatronseems you can't set a res back to 'none'
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11:30:38adiamashowdy linus
11:30:50adiamasand good night
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11:33:04dwihnoLajnus is in da house! :D
11:35:25LinusNoh yeah
11:45:10HadakaI asked this late last night, but - is the 6db shown on bass and treble in the sound settings "normal" - or does that mean that by default there's a boost to both?
11:51:03LinusNHadaka: there is a boost by default
11:52:40Hadakado you know if the archos firmware had the same?
11:52:47LinusNi don't know
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13:26:36kargatronnothing like a stimulating conversatoin
13:27:37LinusNhehe, we had a private conversation
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13:45:12LinusNblah, the recording doesn't hang when i debug, but only when running the real firmware
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14:16:06LinusNsilly, silly, SILLY, STUPID MAS!!!!!
14:18:29kargatronis it a proprietarily-licensed chip to archos, such that you can't get specs?
14:18:49LinusNthere are specs, but they are not complete
14:18:57LinusNand they are also incorrect
14:19:15LinusNplus Archos has connected the MAS in a silly way
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16:43:51ZagorLinusN|away: can you fix ide_power_enable() so it works on players too?
16:47:13LinusN|awayi think so
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16:48:07Zagori want to add the power-down state to ata.c
16:48:55LinusNi see
16:49:10LinusNbut we still have players that can't shut down the HD
16:49:24Zagorwe do?
16:49:36Zagorso only studios can power-down?
16:50:25Zagorit is newplayers? so even 6k >=4.50 can power down?
16:53:43LinusNi think so
16:53:53Zagorwe'll see :-)
17:01:10LinusNi don't remember which pin it was, do you?
17:01:40Zagorthat's why I asked you to do it :*)
17:01:59LinusNok then, i''l do it
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17:21:05Zagorgotta go
17:21:05 Part Zagor
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19:04:53paulheug'day all..
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20:55:31OoLioi need some help for installing rockbox1.4 (i know its easy but it doesnt work) on old player
20:57:31OoLioim on win2k ..i unzipp in the root of jukebox hd
20:57:51OoLioits create a archos.mod file and .rockbox dir
20:58:43OoLioi "unmount" the jukebox by the unmount device function of win2k
20:59:07OoLioi switch off and unplug when win2k told me that i can unplug safely the device
20:59:31OoLioi switch on the jukebox but it seems that rockbox mod dont load
20:59:54OoLioit is in firmware 3.18 (original)
21:01:58OoLioafter i change file attribut for archos.mod : hidden,archive read-only (as my updated 5.07 archos.mod)
21:02:17OoLio..but doesnt work ..rockbox dont load
21:02:37OoLioi hope its not a lame problem :)
21:04:32LinusNit's a normal problem for windows usres
21:06:10LinusNtry this:
21:06:11OoLioah :/
21:06:24LinusNdownload Directory Snoop (
21:06:42LinusNrun it and select "Purge directory" (or something)
21:06:54LinusNi haven't used it myself, but people keep talking about it
21:07:32LinusNthe problem is windows and its habit of not doing what you tell it to do, in this case replace the archos.mod file
21:08:10LinusNthe old file is still there, somewhere in the wastebasket or something
21:09:02OoLiook..ill try it
21:13:18OoLiooh cool..that works
21:13:28OoLiothx LinusN :)
21:14:08LinusNOoLio: do you want to help out?
21:15:23Hadakaho hum, if I were to go about removing keylock texts - would you guess anything would break if I just removed the calls to display_keylock_text()?
21:15:39LinusNHadaka: not that i know of
21:17:07OoLioLinusN : help out ? what means exactely (im french so my english is ..... :))
21:17:50LinusNOoLio: help us by writing a turotial on how to to what you just did to fix your problem
21:18:52OoLiois there a way to submit it ?
21:19:09Hadakahmh, there's something wrong with this usb interface - every time I plug the archos in and start transferring something, the first time it tries to write to the disc, it takes like 5 minutes until it happens - after that everything is fine though
21:23:12Hadakayah! works and no annoying keylock texts
21:23:28Hadakaonly that when taking off the keylock, it always goes into the menu, but I guess that's to be expected or something
21:23:53Hadakagood enough for now, until the feature is implemented for real
21:26:10LinusNOoLio: mail to the mailing list or to me
21:26:40LinusNHadaka: the USB phenomenon you describe is an IDE driver "feature"
21:26:51LinusNi assume you run Linux
21:26:52HadakaLinusN: so, any fixes? :)
21:27:15Hadakawhen I ran with the preemptible kernel patch, it used to work better - but it was unstable
21:27:16LinusNit reads the entire FAT to find free clusters
21:27:30LinusNone sector at a time
21:27:34LinusNtakes forever
21:28:00LinusNnot noticeable on a local hard drive, but is a pain over USB
21:28:34Hadakaso it's the FAT filesystem support which is to blame after all?
21:28:48LinusNyes, the linux FAT system support
21:30:45HadakaI wonder if anyone has attempted a fix...
21:31:03LinusNZagor and Bagder were discussing a patch
21:31:26Hadakawell I have to holler them at some point
21:32:10OoLiomail at ?
21:35:12LinusNOoLio: mail it to me
21:35:17LinusNlinus at
21:37:21Hadakaatleast this made sure that I can compile rockbox on this machine - and it's fast to compile, too
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21:56:43LinusNhardeep: long time no see
21:56:56hardeepheya, yeah it's been a while. :)
21:57:41hardeeprecording support is very cool...
21:58:05LinusNyeah, and also a pain to code
21:58:33hardeepheh heh, where would be the fun it was easy. :)
21:58:49hardeepso, is the fat writing code basically stable?
21:58:55LinusNseems so
22:01:07hardeepcool, time to test it out. :)
22:01:19LinusNbackup first :-)
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22:31:58OoLioLinusN, i sent the tutorial
22:32:36OoLioi leave now ..its 10.35pm and i dont have lunch :)
22:32:53OoLiosee u :)
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22:33:02*OoLio *away*
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23:13:11LinusNyo Zagor!
23:14:50LinusNi found a nasty MAS I2C bug thanks to your timestamp feature the other day
23:15:21LinusNand an I2C mutex lockup in the recording screen as well
23:16:23Zagoroh, nice. how did the timestamp feature help?
23:16:42LinusNit used the I2C in another thread
23:17:41Zagor"I think the sound would be better if you use the MAD decoder." :-)
23:17:46LinusNthe recording screen polled the pseudo peak every time the thread got to run, and never yielded
23:17:57LinusNyeah, that's a good one
23:18:25LinusNthe i2c yields in itself, but then the i2c mutex is always locked
23:18:47LinusNso no other thread got the chance to use i2c when the recording screen was active
23:32:33Zagorwell, i'm off again. see you tomorrow.
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