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#rockbox log for 2002-11-26

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05:28:55MrHalihi hi
05:29:12zoofI just heard about rockbox
05:29:24MrHaliwhat happened to it?
05:29:33zoofI got my archos jukebox recorder last wek
05:29:58zoofand My friend just told me that you guys exist
05:30:07MrHalirockbox rocks
05:30:20zoofI haven't installed it yet
05:30:31zoofI could use some pointers
05:30:49MrHaliyou use pc?
05:31:13MrHalihook up the usb cable
05:31:28MrHaliand look for a file in the root of the archos
05:31:48MrHalicalled ajbrec.ajz
05:31:59zoofi've seen that
05:31:59MrHaliif you see it, rename it to something like archos.ajz
05:32:15MrHaliso, you can optionally boot it if you want the original bios
05:32:40MrHalithen just unzip that .zip file recursively to the root of the archos
05:32:47MrHaliand reboot
05:32:47zoofthat's it?
05:32:48MrHalithat's it
05:33:06zoofwhat does rockbox have better than the original
05:33:16MrHaliif you ever want to remove rockbox, just delete the ajbrec.ajz file and the .rockbox dir
05:33:27MrHaliand rename that archos.ajz back to ajbrec.ajz
05:33:31zoofhow will it boot then?
05:33:47MrHaliit will boot even if that ajbrec.ajz isn't there
05:34:00MrHalibut, it will be the firmware version, that's all
05:34:32zoofI didn't know that
05:34:33MrHalirockbox is still in development... but.. it's hellvucool
05:34:52zoofmaybe when laptop HD's go down in price I will install a bigger one
05:35:01MrHalii just loaded it onto mine a month ago
05:35:26MrHaliif you are willing to dare testing some of the daily builds, the newer ones support recording..
05:35:30MrHalibut it's highly experimental
05:35:42MrHalii.e. the latest one crashes my archos
05:36:04zoofso what do you do then?
05:36:13MrHalihard boot it
05:36:29zoofhard boot?
05:36:39MrHalipress off, press on ;-)
05:37:02zoofbut id doesn't crash every time does it?
05:37:15MrHalino.. it just crashes when trying to recorder
05:37:18MrHalier.. record
05:37:45MrHalithe games they added to it are cool
05:37:57MrHalii'm getting alittle tired of play tetris though
05:38:03zoofI need to record often
05:38:40MrHaliyah, they are *just* working out the bugs now
05:38:53MrHaliit's working with mine on an older build
05:39:39zoofis the current download stable?
05:39:59MrHaliyah.. 1.4 is stable
05:40:06zoofwhat about this thing I read about on the web site about an occational problem with the HD becomming passwrod protected?
05:40:06MrHalibut, there's no recording support
05:40:19MrHalii don't know.. i didn't have that problem
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05:40:33MrHalii'm just a user like you.. not a develop
05:40:45zoofno recording support?
05:40:56zoofI downloaded ""
05:41:16MrHaliyes, that is stable, but it doesn't have any recording support
05:41:35zoofso it can't record?
05:41:38MrHalithey are working on recording now, if you dare to try one of the daily builds instead
05:41:52MrHalibut, as i said, the latest one crashes my archos
05:42:05zoofI think i'll wait until they get it right
05:42:12zoofI record often
05:42:22*MrHali feels like he's talking in circles
05:42:46*MrHali gets spiral eyed ;-)
05:42:47zoofI record meetings with clients
05:43:07MrHalithen use the archos firmware until they release 2.0 stable
05:43:17zoofthat's a good Idea
05:43:24zoofwheb is it due?
05:44:14MrHalii think these people are donating their time for this project... i don't think there's any timeline
05:44:39zoofok, makes sense
05:45:06zoofthanks alot, you've been a great help
05:45:14MrHalino prob
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06:27:19itisican i randomly play all the songs on a jukebox recorder, or do i need to make a playlist in matchbox?
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10:40:50Bagderbouncy day today? :-)
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10:45:00LinusNhey, regarding the "remember settings between versions" request
10:45:36LinusNwhen playing a WPS file, we can copy it to .rockbox/.current.wps
10:45:47LinusNand load that one at boot
10:46:08LinusNsame with fonts and even .cfg files
10:46:49Zagorugh, why copy wps files? we remember them anyway.
10:47:06LinusNZagor: you don't read the mailing list, do you?
10:47:40Zagori do. but apparently I missed something.
10:47:45Bagderit would remove the requirement for users to browse the .rockbox dir
10:48:24LinusNand it would allow us to remember wps files between rockbox versions
10:48:43LinusNeven when the setting disk block is incompatible
10:49:40adi|sleepwell.. frankly.. i would rather see a cfg file that pointed to the defaults of the other files
10:49:50adi|sleepie: defaults.cfg
10:50:04adi|sleepand have: wps=../blah/mine.wps
10:50:22adi|sleepand font=../blah/MyLargeFont.blah
10:50:23LinusNit may be noce, but it is easier to copy files than to edit them
10:50:27adi|sleepto me that would be cleaner
10:50:32adi|sleepand if there is no settings.cfg
10:50:37adi|sleepthen we load system defaults
10:50:59adi|sleepfine then we resort to the default dir idea that .rockbox was supposed to be
10:51:17adi|sleepany .cfg or .wps in the .rockbox dir is the default loaded
10:51:27adi|sleepand if you have multiple, well its the first in the dir listing
10:51:36adi|sleepanything in subdirs is ignored
10:51:44adi|sleepno .wps or .cfg, then we load system defaults
10:51:55Zagori don't like copying. adis idea to create a default.cfg is better imho.
10:52:11adi|sleepim happy either way.. but we do need a better way
10:52:18adi|sleepwe could do the settings.cfg to start
10:52:25adi|sleepand if ppl don't like it, try something elese
10:52:38LinusNthe current way is only a temporary solution, since we couldn't write files until now
10:52:52adi|sleepcongrats to you all for that work btw ;)
10:53:13LinusNZagor deserves heaps of credit for that
10:53:56LinusNthe file write work seems to work good now
10:54:09Zagorthat's good
10:54:20LinusNmy english is bad in the morning
10:55:18adi|sleepthats okay.. my swedish is non-existant ;)
10:55:22LinusNOoLio: you there?
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11:09:49ZagorLinusN: did you ever dig up the info for turning off player disks?
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11:14:20LinusNdidn't find the time, will do later today
11:23:50LinusN(i found it in my mailbox, didn't try it myself)
11:29:18Zagoris that connected to anything on the older players?
11:36:48Bagder"I'm very tempted to condem gcc 3.2 and 3.2.1 as unsuitable for kernel compilation."
11:37:12BagderRussell King
11:42:19dwihnoIsn't 3.2 "stable"?
11:42:57Bagderit is
11:43:13dwihnoSo why is it unsuitable?
11:43:25Bagderthey found another pretty serious bug
11:43:52dwihnohow serious?
11:43:57dwihno[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] that serious?
11:44:16Bagderit saves the wrong number of registers on the stack
11:44:24Bagderin this specific case
11:46:05dwihnois that a bad thing?
11:46:37Bagder"Kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!"
11:46:54*dwihno got a new font
11:47:01dwihnoDo you got nice fonts for X?
11:47:09dwihnoI'd like some nice terminalistic fonts :)
11:47:26Zagor"fixed" is the only terminal font you'll ever need
11:49:50datazoneoh my god! they killed init! you bastards!
11:59:14dwihnoZagor: fixed is not a futuristic font ;)
12:01:20dwihnoSuch as that nexus font
12:01:20Zagordwihno: look at plenty of futuristic stuff there.
12:01:24dwihnoor the fonts of artwiz
12:01:47dwihnoZagor - I use old stuff - 'cause it works!
12:01:56dwihnoI got dual view working with my laptop
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12:07:42dwihnoBut it reboots when I do something
12:07:57dwihnoI never have that problem when using DFP-only mode.
12:08:02dwihnoI blame it on the boogie!
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14:03:56Zagori love tunnels
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14:04:51kargatronespecially quantum ones - they're the coolest.
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14:50:55Zagorany player owners here?
14:51:33LinusNi have one :-)
14:51:56Zagoryou have two :-) do you have time to test my ata-power change?
14:52:13LinusNwhat do i have to do?
14:52:35Zagori'll mail you a patch. apply it to player-old and player-new and see that it works
14:53:06Zagoruh, apply it to player and test on both models, i mean
14:54:38Zagorif you have the set-up to measure current, that would be nice too
14:55:03dwihno:-) :-) :-)
14:57:48Zagorpower-up takes a teeny bit more time, but the mpeg thread "lowest" value is still >128KB
15:00:38dwihnoZagor: I need more power!
15:00:43dwihnoLinusN: Maximum warp!
15:00:55dwihnoMr Hadaka - shields up!
15:01:27dwihnoFriday 13 december we will all get warped.
15:01:31dwihnoStar trek NEMESIS
15:03:52kargatronas an ST fan, i look forward to NEMESIS, but keep my expectations sane (considering the track record of those in charge) - but the big money's on LOTR:TTT.
15:25:15dwihnokargatron: Klingon warship decloaking! Shields to the bridge! Modulate the pulsars!
15:42:30OoLioLinusN, do u receive the file ?
15:43:53LinusNyes i have, thanks a lot
15:45:28ZagorLinusN: did you try the atapower patch yet?
15:50:35LinusNno, not yet (busy day)
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18:41:07BagderI'm off, see ya
18:41:10 Quit Bagder ("")
18:43:04ZagorLinusN: no go on the Neo work. he didn't want to pay.
18:47:09LinusNsurprise! :-)
18:47:41Zagornot really. he seemed like "a Gerry" :-)
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19:03:50LinusNZagor: do we have ftell()?
19:05:10LinusNso fseek(fd, 0, SEEK_CUR) then?
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21:00:14[keno]hey guys
21:00:16[keno]anyone up?
21:04:08[keno]I believe I found an undocumented bug (looked at the bugs list)
21:04:18[keno]LinusN you alive?
21:05:17[keno]recorder was playing, paused, then I connected and used USB. When I disconnected, the paused "icon" still showed. when I hit play nothing happened
21:05:31[keno]when I hit "right", the next song played.
21:06:36[keno]I tried the exact same thing when the song was playing and not paused.. it did continue playing it when the unit "awoke" from USB, but like the previous case, the screen was blank until "right" (next song) was pressed.
21:06:37Zagori think it is documented. maybe under a bad headline
21:06:48kargatronit's known behavior.
21:07:14kargatron[keno], after USB, you're stuck in browse mode - hit ON, press play, and it should play
21:07:25kargatronthat's my experience.
21:07:35[keno]the song not continuing to play when "play" is pressed is not that much of an issue.. it's the blank screen that's an annoyance
21:07:39kargatronthere might be a bug that the WPS doesn't show in that sich, dunno.
21:07:55kargatronthat's listed somewhere
21:08:08[keno]kargatron I did - screen was blank and song didn't play the first time (when it was paused) and did play the 2nd time (when it was playing before USB), but in both cases screen was blank.
21:08:09kargatronbut it's non-fatal at least. :)
21:08:16[keno]yeah <G>
21:08:29LinusNi'm alive
21:09:09[keno]good (but mainly because there's no rockbox if you suddenly get dead :)
21:09:20LinusNthe mpeg driver gets confused and thinks it is still playing
21:09:36[keno]and the blank screen?
21:09:39LinusNtherefore the WPS is confused as well
21:10:03LinusNwe should do mpeg_stop() when USb is inserted
21:10:22kargatron[keno], not sure you are aware of the non-linus core developers - LinusN is one, but not the only. :) [i am not one, just saying....]
21:10:22[keno]I found another one on the way home, but I forgot it before the PC booted ;)
21:10:59[keno]kargatron I acknowledge and respect all the other developers (even in awe of some :)
21:11:16[keno]but I've had a good run with linus so I try to stick with what werks
21:11:31LinusNhehe, he just meant that you don't have to look for only me
21:12:23kargatroni also meant that perhaps rockbox wouldn't necessarily die with you.
21:12:23[keno]hehe we should publush a "where's linus?" children book
21:12:34kargatronnot that I'm proposing a test...
21:12:56[keno]well, not die, but development would definitely be held back quite a bit
21:13:42[keno]btw, can't there be an option for displaying hidden dirs? I copied a hidden dir and got scared cause I didnt find it while browsing with the archos.
21:13:43 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:14:43 Nick [keno] is now known as non-linus (~kenlarzo@
21:15:12LinusNnon-linus: i thought we could display hidden dirs
21:15:25LinusNjust select "all files" in the file filter
21:16:02non-linushrrm. okay. my bad <G>
21:16:13non-linuswas in "supported"
21:16:38 Nick non-linus is now known as [keno] (~kenlarzo@
21:16:48[keno]wish I could remember the other issue I encountered on the way homew
21:17:31LinusN[keno]: a skip?
21:17:39[keno]I was way to distracted by the oscillograph :)
21:18:06[keno]had only one so far and I was walking very quickly (I keep it on my uniform belt with the provided case)
21:19:00[keno]btw is there a chance of keeping the backlight on when a "demo" is showing? it's kind of annoying to keep pressing a key to keep the backlight on for the oscillograph
21:20:39[keno]a skip.. −−> had only one so far and I was walking very quickly (I keep it on my uniform belt with the provided case)
21:23:27[keno]well, as for the blank screen on resume playing/paused song when returning from USB, should I submit it?
21:25:22[keno]OH. I remember the other issue now. not that much of a bug, but a MUST improvment
21:26:22[keno]not being a C programmer I can't be sure if it's possible technically, but according other implemented features it should be a breeze..
21:26:49*[keno] is talking to himself
21:27:57[keno]got an mp3 here that just wont stop skipping. only happens with this one.
21:29:12Zagorexcellent. please upload it somewhere (or dcc it to me)
21:30:07[keno]Zagor okay but lemme just make sure I defrag and try again first to make sure it's not that
21:32:32[keno]thing is this; when I want to move on to the next song and I hit "next", I can't hit next again to skip that song too until it starts playing.
21:33:27Schnueffthis is because disk I/O hasnt finished then?
21:33:28Zagoryes, this is a bit annoying
21:33:47[keno]I figured that the next song's filename could display for say a ¼ second, and if I hit "next" again during that ¼ second the mpeg wouldnt even start decoding - it would just show the next filename instead
21:33:56Zagorit is due to the mpeg thread design. it will be redesigned Real Soon Now :-)
21:34:36Zagor[keno]: yes. currently it is not just a UI issue, however
21:34:53[keno]great.. but will it be that responsive to allow me to keep browsing forward ?
21:35:24[keno]oh. okay.. I thought that a small timeout before next mpeg starts decoding would solve this..
21:35:43Zagordecoding is not the problem, reading is
21:36:40[keno]a small timeout before reading.. or is the reading of the next filename slows down processing enough by itself to prevent reading the filename after that?
21:37:26Zagorno, but adding a timeout will *always* slow down the start of next track, which isn't what we want either
21:37:55Zagorthe redesign will fix so the reading is aborted immediately if you press next
21:38:24[keno]that would be better than a mandatory ¼ sec
21:38:40[keno]damnit wish I could help out this project
21:38:51Zagorwhy can't you?
21:39:05[keno]um.. no C experience whatsoever is a good start :)
21:40:20[keno]but I gurantee that once you get the MAS to support ASP/VB - count me in!!! hehe
21:40:42 Join Mine78 [0] (
21:41:17Mine78hai guy... any plan to a recording release ?
21:41:37Mine78is it possible to know almost when ?
21:41:42LinusNMine78: no
21:41:44Mine78a month ? 2 ?
21:42:03Mine78I tried to search for MP3Pro info...
21:42:03LinusNWhen It's Done
21:42:05Mine78nothing !
21:42:12LinusNthe MAS can't do mp3pro
21:42:14[keno]Zagor: must one know anything about embedded processing to contribute to the rockbox project?
21:42:22LinusN[keno]: it helps
21:42:48LinusN[keno]: but there are lots of non-programming things to do
21:42:51Mine78I dont' want mp3pro to be palyed, only to be correct-display the song lenght
21:43:08ZagorMine78: mp3pro is a proprietary undocumented format
21:43:10[keno]LinusN such as? maybe I can do something
21:43:15Zagorwe will be sued if we implement it
21:43:26Mine78There must be a math function
21:43:34Mine78yes yes, I dont' want MP3pro to be played
21:43:48Mine78I would only that Archos read the song lenght correctly
21:43:52LinusN[keno]: documentation, testing, ...
21:44:16ZagorMine78: find the necessary information, and I will personally add it to Rockbox
21:44:30Mine78I am testing
21:44:44[keno]LinusN alright. good to know. if anything is needed I'd be happy to assist
21:44:54Mine78I am trying to find a relation between the fake lenght and the real one
21:45:13ZagorMine78: it's not that simple
21:45:13Mine78almost to have an "aproximate" correct lenght
21:45:25Mine78why zagor ?
21:45:36Zagorbecause compression is not linear
21:46:04[keno]is there a chance of an option to keep the backlight on when a "demo" is showing? it's kind of annoying to keep pressing a key to keep the backlight on for the oscillograph
21:46:04Mine78Yes, but if you look 3 mins files are almost 25 mins-fake-lenght
21:46:25[keno]LinusN is any testing/documentation needed at the moment?
21:46:27Mine78Maybe not te exact lenght... but near
21:46:35Mine783 mins insted of 25 is enough !
21:46:36LinusN[keno]: backlight on when demoing is a good idea
21:46:41LinusNand easy to do
21:46:56Mine78Zagor a question: is there a way for rockbox to recognize a PRO file ?
21:47:07LinusNMine78: yes it would be feasibke
21:47:16ZagorMine78: not until we get documentation that describes at least part of the format
21:47:29Zagorguessing is no fun
21:47:32LinusNMine78: put an mp3pro file up so i can download it
21:47:41Mine78ok I will put it on my site
21:47:44Mine78one momente
21:48:04[keno]LinusN should I submit it then or is it too small of a feature to mention?
21:48:23LinusN[keno]: submit it, it's so easy to forget
21:49:01*LinusN is working on the MP3 parsing
21:49:11[keno]LinusN right. what about the blank screen on resume played/paused song when returning from USB?
21:49:31Mine78LinusN, will be a variable bitrate Pro good for you ?
21:49:56LinusNMine78: to start with, yes
21:50:10LinusNbut a CBR would be good too
21:52:57[keno]Zagor jeez I need a USB2 PCI adapter.. takess AGES to defrag with USB1.1 even with only 6GB/20GB in use
21:53:52Zagorindeed it does
21:54:07Mine78Linus the file is up
21:54:11Mine78did you received the link ?
21:55:04Mine78Encoding Quality: Highest
21:55:10Mine78VBR Quality: Highest
21:55:17Mine78these are the only info I can give you
21:55:27Mine78I did it with Nero MP3Pro plugin
21:56:05Mine78do you need others ?
21:56:22Mine78maybe some mp3pro done in a particular way ?
21:56:26Mine78for example only silence
21:56:29Mine78tell me
21:57:51LinusNMine78: i'll get back to you
21:58:00Mine78in which way ?
21:58:40Mine78i removed it form the site... xoom doesn't like mp3, even zipped
21:58:56LinusNgive me a minute
22:01:15 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
22:04:20 Join Mine78 [0] (
22:04:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:04:25Mine78here I am again
22:04:35Mine78sorry linus but rockbox won't connect to usb
22:04:38Mine78I had to reboot
22:06:53 Join slazZ [0] (
22:07:39LinusNMine78: the reason that the time is incorrect in the VBR mp3pro file is probably that it has no VBR header
22:08:04Zagorno mp3 vbr header anyway :-)
22:08:47LinusNno header at all as far as i can see
22:09:08LinusNno ID3, no XING, no VBRI, nothing
22:09:54Mine78shoul I try to code in another way ?
22:10:31ZagorMine78: di you see a song name or artist when you play that file?
22:10:41Mine78Winamp told me (with mp3pro plugin) it's a 5:25 minutes song
22:11:22Mine78no, only the mp3 name file + MP3PRO written after
22:11:28Mine78in the scrolling bar of winamp
22:12:07Mine78but I think even winamp show incorrect lenght...a notherone bites the dust is not 5:25 !!!
22:12:56Mine78This is what I see:
22:13:01Mine7802 - Another One Bites The Dust.mp3 - MP3PRO (5:25)
22:16:21LinusNMine78: there is probably more to it
22:16:29[keno]Zagor forget about that skipping mp3 file
22:16:38[keno]Zagor winamp skipped too :)
22:16:47[keno]Zagor must be some lame encoder
22:17:35Mine78I don't understand
22:18:18LinusN[keno]: there are lame encoders out there that doesn't set the CRC protection bit correctly
22:18:38LinusNor, the file may be corrupt
22:18:38 Quit edx (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:19:45[keno]LinusN yes.. had my fair share of bad encoders. now I use either lame or aaps (audioactive production studio), that is, if I don't encode to ogg :)
22:20:09Mine78someone want the winamp plugin for mp3pro ?
22:20:56LinusNno need
22:21:14LinusNMine78: tell me, how long is the song, in seconds?
22:21:24Mine78in the reality ?
22:21:28Mine78i must check
22:22:11Mine78some mins
22:25:37 Quit slazZ ()
22:26:27Mine78The winamp bar is still in the middle (almost) but the song end and it start with another song from the beginning
22:26:48Mine78(many grammatical errors, sorry !)
22:27:22Mine78if you want I can send you a complete album difference between what rockbox shows and what winamp says:
22:27:27Mine78015:19 - 23:09
22:27:28Mine78025:39 - 20:57
22:27:28Mine78039:19 - 38:59
22:27:28DBUGEnqueued KICK Mine78
22:27:28Mine78045:15 - 23:28
22:27:28Mine78056:01 - 28:26
22:27:28***Alert Mode level 1
22:27:28Mine78069:00 - 35:40
22:27:30Mine78076:39 - 38:23
22:27:31Mine78088:16 - 37:49
22:27:34Mine78097:23 - 35:34
22:27:36Mine781010:17 - 40:16
22:27:38Mine78115:44 - 26:26
22:27:40Mine78126:43 - 30:04
22:27:41Mine78I don't know the REAL lenght
22:27:47Mine78but i will check the net
22:27:49Mine78one moment
22:29:21Mine78the album is "El Vals Del Obrero" artist "Ska-p"
22:29:30Mine78i cannot find the real lenght on the net
22:32:33Mine78015:19 - 23:09 real 2:43
22:32:41Mine78do you need something else ?
22:34:33Mine78015:19 - 23:09 real 2:43
22:34:33Mine78025:39 - 20:57 real
22:34:33Mine78039:19 - 38:59 real 4:40
22:34:33***Alert Mode level 2
22:34:33Mine78045:15 - 23:28
22:34:33***Alert Mode level 3
22:34:33Mine78056:01 - 28:26
22:34:33***Alert Mode level 4
22:34:33Mine78069:00 - 35:40
22:34:35Mine78076:39 - 38:23
22:34:38Mine78088:16 - 37:49 real 4:27
22:34:40Mine78097:23 - 35:34
22:34:41Mine781010:17 - 40:16 real 4:47
22:34:44Mine78115:44 - 26:26
22:34:45Mine78126:43 - 30:04
22:35:25Mine78Still someone there ?
22:35:49Zagoryup :)
22:36:00Mine78Found something fun ?
22:36:50Mine78there is a strange thing... if i manually scroll the bar near the end the song is still there...
22:36:51LinusNMine78: my mp3 parser program says it's 3:37 long
22:36:54Mine78maybe a bad winamp plugin
22:37:26Mine78I checked it with my clock, maybe I did a 1 sec error
22:37:34LinusNmy program == rockbox
22:37:59Mine78one moment I upload it to rockbox
22:38:21LinusNMine78: don't bother, it's not in the buld yet
22:38:44Mine78So it's an improvement
22:38:46LinusNMine78: just curious, why MP3pro?
22:39:19Mine78rockbox 1.4 says: 29:15
22:39:30Mine78well if it's ok it0's cool !
22:39:43LinusNMine78: let me explain
22:39:58LinusNrockbox thinks that it's a CBR file, since there is no VBR header
22:40:28LinusNi have written a (soon to be included in rockbox) VBR header calculator
22:40:50Mine78Will it take more time to play a song while calculating ?
22:40:54LinusNthat program has no problem with your mp3pro file
22:41:07LinusNMine78: it is supposed to add a header to the file
22:41:22LinusNnot while playing
22:41:26Mine78But it phisiccally add it (writing it in the file) or only in memory ?
22:42:24LinusNwriting to the file
22:42:30Mine78Automatically ?
22:42:38Mine78The 1st time it's played ?
22:42:47LinusNthat function is intended for the recording function in rockbox
22:43:10LinusNbut i will implement it so people can run it on any file they want
22:43:11Mine78COOL ! So I can say I had been useful to rockbox even if I am not good at programming at all ;-)
22:43:34Mine78But if a header is already present ? It will be overwritten ?
22:43:39LinusNthere is a program called VBRFix that can be downloaded from the net
22:43:47LinusNthis is the same thing
22:44:12LinusNMine78: it will not add a header to a file that already has one
22:44:27Mine78so I have to "pass" all my mp3pro files through that VBRFix, right ?
22:44:35***Alert Mode OFF
22:44:40Mine78where can i find it ?
22:44:45LinusNjust google it
22:44:54Mine78another thing:
22:44:54LinusNit's a Windows program
22:45:00LinusNi have never used it
22:45:30Mine78sometimes, when (i will try it for you) i press the on button to exit a song while playing, when I re-enter the song the screen is blank
22:45:34Mine78is it a known bug ?
22:45:39LinusNno it isn't
22:46:08Mine78It happens when I exit the song and stay out many minutes
22:46:25Mine78when I re-enter (a new song is playing) the screen show only the upper bar
22:46:53LinusNfile a bug report
22:47:26Mine78yes but I dont' know how to exactly reproduce it... if I will find out I will
22:48:02LinusNMine78: please do
22:48:21Mine78Now ?
22:48:34Mine78even if i don't know how to reproduce ?
22:48:50LinusNwait until you can reproduce
22:49:02Mine78ok I surely will !
22:49:15LinusNthat's how non-programmers can help
22:49:33Mine78ah one last thing
22:50:12Mine78sometimes, when the recorder is off and I connect the power supply, it charges for hoyrs (6-7-8 or more) but it still says CHARGING... is it normal ?
22:50:51LinusNthat may happen if the batteries are worn out
22:51:15Mine78but they are new !
22:51:23Mine78only 2 weeks !
22:51:47LinusNi think the archos firmware doesn't use negative-delta detection for the battery charging
22:52:04LinusNonly reaching a certain voltage
22:52:10Zagoryeah maybe
22:52:36Zagoraren't they also using trickle all the time? i.e not full throttle.
22:52:42Mine78VBRFIX WORKS !!!!
22:52:47LinusNand that they have fine-tuned their charging code for those green batteries
22:53:11Mine78Works for rockbox but not for winamp... doesn0't matte r:)
22:53:12LinusNZagor: probably
22:54:01Mine78Thank you all !
22:54:12Mine78I will scan for bugs (if i find them) and report !
22:54:45Mine78I hope a new release with BMP/JPG " abilities ". Someone told me it is already ready but not prefect !
22:55:07Mine78The recording capability will be at 192 max ? as the original ?
22:55:22LinusNyes, we can't change the encoder
22:55:34Mine78ah it's hardcoded ok !
22:55:46Mine78thank you again ! see you soon !
22:56:53Mine78OH ! Another thing (you will say "nooooooooo stop!!")
22:57:02Mine78did you try to skip inside the mp3pro ?
22:57:33Mine78with 1.4 it will go further with seconds (bad-displayed)
22:57:40Mine78is it caused by that absent header ?
22:57:58Mine78wrongly go further
22:59:14LinusNMine78: exactly
22:59:30LinusNwithout VBR header it is impossible to seek within the file
22:59:33Mine78So in the new version or with a good vbr it will be fixed
22:59:38Mine78ok great !
22:59:56Mine78This time is ALL !
22:59:59Mine78BYE !
23:00:01 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
23:00:53[keno]I can reproduce a similar bug to the one he mentioned
23:02:39[keno]3) What are your thoughts about the independent firmwares released for archos jukeboxes? (see specifically) Any negative or perhaps positive critisism? Any warnings/suggestions? They did an amazing work functionality wise, and when they sort out the charging/recording issues it would be a killer firmware replacement.
23:02:39[keno] We don’t have comments on this, you’re free to try it with you own device. Be advice that doing so, may void the warranty.
23:03:12[keno]very lame of them. "no comment" crap.
23:04:42[keno]LinusN Zagor wake up
23:05:25[keno]this bit is interesting too. I don't even understand his answer
23:05:25[keno]5) Why isn't my firmware (1.28) listed on the firmware history page? I am being told it is identical to 1.27d. If so, why the misleading labeling?
23:05:26[keno]6) No, is not misleading. The version on your JB is newer. Though, it is the same as the version posted on our website. Only update when the posted firmware version is high in version number than what you have currently installed.
23:06:04[keno]"the version on your JB is newer" .. "it is the same as the version on our website"
23:06:11[keno]yeah. "is not misleading" alright
23:10:30LinusNtheir answer on the rockbox issue isn't very surprising
23:10:42LinusNmore or less what they have to do
23:11:02LinusNthey can't be negative, cause customers may dosagree with them
23:11:33[keno]I expected they would declare it satan and you the antichrist.
23:11:38LinusNthey can't be positive, because they don't want to say that their own firmware sucks
23:11:54LinusNso they don't comment it at all
23:12:39[keno]it's a positive thing.. they could have said "We discourage blah blah it is a risk to use 3rd party blah blah from independent developers"
23:13:04[keno]instead they chose to not comment at all.
23:13:05LinusNthey do mention voiding warranty
23:13:22[keno]yep, but I don't think they cover israel, so I don't have warranty anyways :)
23:13:35LinusN[keno]: israel?
23:14:21[keno]or was it israhell? I can't tell <g>
23:15:05[keno]just too many bombs going off lately..
23:15:10[keno]why are you surprised?
23:16:00_seb_I've never seen someone from Israel in IRC before
23:16:31[keno]hey archos should change the answer to this one to "We are consulting linus 'bout this at the moment": 11. Can I get rid of the background noise when recording with I the built-in MIC?
23:16:31[keno]Unfortunately, the background noise is caused by the hard drive spinning. The built-in MIC is more for voice messages. For best results, a pre-amped stereo MIC is recommended.
23:16:44[keno]_seb_ really? I find that hard to believe..
23:16:54[keno]_seb_ it's not a 3rd world country you know :)
23:17:15LinusN[keno]: the background noise is hard to get rid of
23:17:29LinusN[keno]: have you used the archos recording function?
23:18:00[keno]LinusN yes but rockbox (as of 24/11) recordings sound better than archos' 1.28's
23:18:07[keno]yes (mic only so far)
23:18:33LinusNi wonder, does the hard drive spin down with the archos fw?
23:20:03[keno]easy enough to check..
23:20:17[keno]LinusN you're from sweden right? (most rockbox developers are I believe..)
23:20:30LinusNi am
23:22:23 Join paulheu [0] (
23:22:32 Quit paulheu (Client Quit)
23:23:22[keno]I'm probably visiting sweden/holland/czech republic right after I discharge from the army. any must-see places?
23:23:38 Nick paulheu|sleep is now known as paulheu (
23:23:40[keno](sorry for the off-topic q)
23:23:43LinusNmy place
23:24:35[keno]heh.. the linus shrine
23:25:04paulheuThe Amsterdam RedLicht district for sure.. ;)
23:26:09paulheuNot that it's a large place.. always fun when tourists are dissapointed it's such a small area..
23:28:40[keno]I already visited amsterdam.. twice. and I just have to come back..
23:28:56[keno]paulheu you from the netherlands?
23:29:13[keno]I miss de efteling :)
23:30:29paulheuyes.. Amsterdam the Netheralands.. City of Sin if you believe the Americans..
23:31:04[keno]I don't think so at all. City of freedom and open minded government more like it
23:31:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:31:37*[keno] hasn't smoked pot in 2 years and seven months :(
23:31:44paulheuI go to the Efteling, one of the oldest entertainment parks in the world.., at least once a year.. always fun..
23:31:45[keno]I miss dutch pot..
23:31:58[keno]paulheu I loved it so much.. way better than eurodisney
23:32:07paulheu;) .. we seem to have a huge menu here...
23:32:17[keno]though it may be the fact that I was friggin' stoned <g>
23:32:40[keno]I hear it's legal now in sweden (or was it switzerland?) and the UK too, right?
23:33:07paulheuWell ... our governement is soemwhat less openminded nowadays.. at least on paper ;)
23:33:26[keno]paulheu my favorite coffeeshop is "barney's breakfast bar". GOD what I wouldn't give to be there right now instead of serving the damn army.
23:33:27paulheuIt's not legal!
23:33:40[keno]paulheu less openminded? why?
23:34:11[keno]paulheu and I thought the UK government has decriminalized it.. even opened a first coffeeshop and everyhing.. was in the news
23:34:54paulheuSoftdrugs are condoned.. you are allowed to carry a small amount for personal use (I believe 3 gammes.. not sure) dealing is officially illegal.. but hey..prostitution was illegal for a long time too.. so who knows :0
23:36:10paulheuWell on the openmindedness.. Our gov is currently under the influence of some heavy Americanism.. I have seen this closeby.. a bit to much to go into detail.. but the bully that is the USA is even gettig a grip here..
23:36:11[keno]the world is beginning to get more realistic about this issue. it's all because of america (the brainwashing against cannabis)
23:37:33paulheuIt is my opinion that the #1 threat to the world as we know it right now is still mr Bush.. the triggerhappy son of a frustrated former president
23:37:35_seb_the usa has to stop being such a bully, and also stop trying to police sovereign nations
23:37:42[keno]to an exetent that they may affect the locals' life ?
23:37:47paulheuAmen to that _seb_
23:37:56_seb_(and I speak as a USian)
23:38:22[keno]good self awareness there seb
23:38:33[keno](and please dont get me started about israel :)
23:39:35_seb_well I don't know what you think about israel, I have my own opinions there
23:40:03paulheuKeno: definately.. A friend of mine is currently in jail, and has been for almost a year, for something he has NOT done plain simpel because he is not clever enough to even come up with, facing extradition to the USA based on annonymous testimony by members of a US drugs gang.
23:41:36[keno]_seb_ what can one think about a country which is led by general after general? that right now is being led by a right wind fanatic (though much less than before)?
23:42:27[keno]a country that is also "beind held hostage" one too many times by religous zelouts who keep blackmailing the government?
23:42:52[keno]paulheu that's very bad! what is the charge?
23:43:39paulheuWell the whole issue is one that will be extremely hard to resolve.. I fear that trust is hard to find nowadays and not that I approve, but when you have nothing to put against tanks and well equipped soldiers I can imagine you get 'creative' ;(
23:43:45[keno]_seb_ I believe generals should lead armies and spiritual statesmen should lead nations. generals are too war mongering and set in their ways to rule nations.
23:44:42[keno]paulheu I agree to a certain extent. Civilians should never be targeted though, no matter what.
23:45:46[keno]paulheu a "hamas" group terrorist shot 2 jewish kids in their bedroom at POINT BLANK, *THROUGH* their mother who was trying to protect them.
23:45:54paulheuHe is charged with being the dutch leader in teir XTC ring.. could face 20 years in a US prison. And believe me when I say that this guy has to be an EXTREMLY good actor to have done this, since he NEVER had any money.. and I often payed for his drinks of a cab home ..
23:46:04[keno]paulheu this took place within israel, not in one of the illegal settlements
23:46:26[keno]poor guy
23:46:53[keno]his story should be made public so that pressure could be put on dutch authorities..
23:47:17_seb_[keno]: although it does not happen as often, one must keep in mind that jewish extremists have made similar attacks
23:47:19paulheuKeno.. I agree with you.. and as I said I do NOT approve.. but I think the hugh problem now is that teh current generation on both sides grows up with hate built in.. and this is always a bad thing..
23:47:31_seb_paulheu: I totally agree
23:48:36[keno]_seb_ if my military unit would have been stationed near a settlement I would have personally made sure israeli extremists never lifted a finger against arabs, any arabs
23:48:59[keno]but the thing is - israeli extremists NEVER hurt arab children - not once.
23:49:34_seb_of course, the israeli military has destroyed entire buildings, where innocent families live, in retaliation for suicide bombings
23:49:43[keno]the israely army has, but it has issued a formal apology and is paying money to the family of that child every month.
23:50:17[keno]_seb_ yes I know. It is the only intimidation that ever worked against suicide bombers.
23:50:30_seb_I know, the fear of their families suffering
23:50:32[keno]I know soldiers who have abused arabs.
23:50:49[keno]I have personally reported two soldiers who have stolen from arab homes during curfews and such
23:51:04paulheukeno.. We do everything we can.. As he is a regular in the Amsterdam Music scene we have held concerts, been to TV shows,, Hell even did a huge public Jamsession in fron of the house of government here.. December 3rd we hope he will be alowed to leave jail, but I fear he will be shipped of to the USA.. The most f*cked up thing is the prosecutor in the US even told his lawyer'he was willing to 'rethink the extradition' if he could name some names of ot
23:52:16[keno]many israeli soldiers ENJOY hitting arabs and it's the most disgusting thing I ever heard of. the FIRST "commandment" any israeli soldier is taught is "weapon purity" (free translation) which means a soldier should never use his weapon or body for anything other than what he's been ordered too.
23:53:05[keno]paulheu but if he's ideed innocent and there are no others to tell on??
23:53:38_seb_[keno]: don't they understand that such actions only contribute to the Arab/Israeli hatred?
23:54:03[keno]_seb_ they are young and too blinded by hate. it's a cycle that's very hard to break.
23:54:09_seb_paulheu: I hope your friend doesn't get sent to the USA, we have really bad drug laws here
23:54:17[keno]_seb_ whenever I speak against it among other soldiers I get teased, but some hear me.
23:54:49[keno]_seb_ then join DRC / NORML - they write congress and try to change drug laws in the states
23:55:02paulheu_keno_ That's the issue.. he is doomed from the get go.. no way he can 'assist' the US gov. Once there he either pleads guilt and gets a deal.. or goes to trial and faces 20 years.. you tell me that sounds like a fair deal..
23:55:25_seb_[keno]: yeah I know, but I'm young and really busy... once I am in college I'll get more involved
23:56:12[keno]paulheu but are dutch authorities one hundred precent sure that he's guilty? positive enough to extradite him???
23:56:39_seb_even if they have no clue about his case, the USA will bully them into extraditing him
23:57:06[keno]_seb_ rightous mr. bush.. yep.
23:57:07paulheuTey do not HAVE to be sure.. if the US gov can make a case or even say they have a case he might be extradited
23:57:42paulheuIt is really f*cked up and makes me mad writing about it!
23:58:22[keno]paulheu the americans have that much power over dutch gov. ??? jesus
23:58:33paulheuIt is my belief the US systemof law if more that you are guilty unless proven innocent to be honest..
23:58:48_seb_paulheu: I definitely agree. especially if the trial is at all publicized
23:58:55 Part kargatron

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