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#rockbox log for 2002-11-27

00:00:13_seb_paulheu: the US can control everything internationally because they are willing to cut off trade or something similar to any one that doesn't follow them
00:00:18_seb_it's disgusting
00:00:19paulheushould be invasion of course..;)
00:00:20[keno]paulheu yeah.. there was a white house episode exactly about this issue
00:02:08[keno]I can't even grasp the amount of hypocriy required to run the world and still not subject yourself to the rules and regulations you force on others
00:03:26paulheuIn our case.. I am 100% sure this guy is NOT guilty of what he is extradited for.. But when he is I fear he will not go to trial in the US for a year.. If he get jailtime he shoud be allowed to serve it here, but I it will be at least a year before he goes to trial and by then he will most likely be some srialkillerz bitch..
00:04:17[keno].. be it pollution prevention laws that bush canceled when he was elected or the warcrimes immunity issue
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00:04:59paulheuAnd we are talking about a real sweet, skinny, frigid guy here who will most definately NOT survive a year in a US jail..
00:05:30[keno]paulheu aren't there any dutch groups who fight against this sort of thing? any parliament memebers that can fight for him? I mean, they can't all be that blind..
00:06:32[keno]paulheu how incriminating is the evidnce against him?
00:06:34paulheuYes.. there is a lot of people fighting for him, but as you may or may not know we have some serious governemental issues here right now and you know what happens when teh government is is disarray..
00:07:11[keno]paulheu who would have figured.. my governmental role model acting like this.
00:09:46[keno]okay I have to get some sleep. got a trial tommorrow :(
00:10:03[keno]this has been an enlightning conversation.
00:10:16paulheuThe evidence against him is basically two members of a US drugsgang who in order to receive a reduction in jailtime nemed him as the Dutch leader of their XTC ring. One of them has actually been in contact with him for about 6 months and the issue is teh guy sent a package to the US with XTC for the American. It was proven in court here he did NOT know the package contained pills.. He could prove he was convinced te package contained souveniers they
00:10:22*[keno] is away, zZz [log:] [page:]
00:12:05[keno]paulheu so if it's proven he didn't know about the hidden pills what's their problem letting him go???
00:13:01paulheuThe US want him in the US because he was sniotched by the US gangmembers and therefore he 'needs'to stand trial there..
00:14:20paulheuand the US seems to not care about hwat has been proven here or what he has been sentenced for here.. officially they want to 'talk'to him.. but we all know he will be accused once he is ther and put on trial to make an example of onther Dutch Drugsdealer.. As I said Amsterdam.. city of sin
00:18:31paulheuGuess it's time to get some sleep tomorow is gonna be a long day..
00:19:07_seb_night paulheu, good talking with you
00:19:15paulheuCU l8er guys..
00:19:18 Part paulheu
00:20:54[keno]bah I left the webcam on.. cant have it on when sleeping :)
00:21:41[keno]LinusN / Zagor / _seb_ if there's any need documentation or testing (though I'm very good at documenting) just let me know.
00:21:58[keno]gotta catch some zs
00:24:52LinusNsleep tight
00:28:33_seb_night [keno]
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01:38:47jh101Thanks Linus, be gentle - it's my first visit here :)
01:39:42LinusNnot much going on atm
01:40:22jh101Well, I must say i've been busy cracking my old C books since I got my recorder and Rockbox.
01:40:45LinusNoh, planning to contribute?
01:41:02jh101If my coding is up to your standards - gladly!
01:41:35jh101The first thing I did was add a sleep timer.
01:42:44jh101This is how it works - there is a new menu item under Playback - Sleep Timer. Here you set the persistent Sleep timer value - up to 120 min in 10 min increments (redefinable based on compile-time constants).
01:43:41LinusNsounds good
01:44:09jh101Then, at any time, hit F2 and the UpArrow variable is the current remaining sleep time. Press UP and add additional 10 mins. up to 120, then back to OFF. THis does not change the persistent value, only the sleep timer for the current session.
01:46:23LinusNok, so i can have OFF in my pers settings and then start the timer with f2+up?
01:47:13LinusNthat rocks!
01:47:29jh101Then I moved to my second item - instant access playlists.
01:47:48LinusNhave you thought about how to do it on the Player models?
01:48:26jh101I don't have a Player and really don't know much about it - what is the Player missing that makes a sleep timer more difficult?
01:49:03LinusNf1-f3, plus it has only a 2x11 char text display
01:50:03jh101Ouch. That does make it tough. One way to double the effective number of buttons is to allow for "Double-click" buttons.
01:50:41jh101What I mean is that F1 clicked once means one thing, clicked twice within a certain number of milliseconds means something else.
01:50:44LinusNdouble-click is normally hard to implement
01:51:41jh101I've looked over the button code - what makes it tough is preventing the unit from processing the first click before a second click can be received.
01:51:43LinusNsince you have to carry out the single-click event regardless of the second click
01:52:35LinusNin the computer world it's almost always "select" on the first click, and then the extra action on the second
01:52:57LinusNbut there is not many such things in the rockbox world
01:53:50jh101Are there many rockbox features that the player has trouble with?
01:54:15LinusNnot many, mainly UI things, except for recording and pitch bend
01:54:41LinusNand lots of sound settings
01:55:00jh101Since I don't have a player, I welcome you or anyone else making any mods to my sleeptimer code to get it functional with the player.
01:55:25LinusNcan you submit a patch to the patch tracker?
01:56:01jh101I've never used CVS (I'm currently running Win2K) - if I can get the time to figure it out, I would.
01:59:17LinusNCVS won't help you
01:59:28LinusNyou need GNU diff
01:59:52LinusN(well, cvs can diff for you too)
02:00:24LinusNwhat rockbox version did you build upon?
02:00:55jh101I built on 2002-11-06.
02:01:42LinusNok, fairly new then
02:02:03LinusNis it possible for you to send me the code for only the sleep timer?
02:02:25LinusNwithout the instant playlist stuff
02:03:27jh101Sure - I added /firmware/, and modded a few others.
02:03:59LinusNmail it to linus at and also state your real name, for the credits
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02:04:36jh101OK - i'll do it tomorrow - once I clear out the other mods I've made and are working on.
02:05:02LinusNi have to sleep now
02:05:13LinusNit's 2am here ion sweden
02:05:40jh101No prob. - have a good one. If you need to reach me, my email is jhagani at earthlink dot net.
02:06:20LinusNok, thanks
02:06:27 Part jh101
02:06:29 Part LinusN
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09:19:17adi|sleepman of few words
09:22:19langhaarrockerThe long answer: You need two rockboxes and an external crossfader for that.
09:23:48 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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09:48:33Bagderoh no! the mozilla 1.1 skins aren't compatible with 1.2 ;-O
09:49:02ZagorBagder the skin ninja :)
09:49:12BagderI love the orbit skin
09:53:09dwihnoBagder has skinned his archos with bumper stickers
09:53:32BagderI'm making a fortune now, selling "rockbox skins" ;-)
09:54:05langhaarrockerI designed the skin "scratched", but it's still under (de)construction.
10:01:24Zagorvirus flood today
10:04:00dwihnodid you get that nasty bear "virus"? ;)
10:04:24Zagori don't know what all these mails are. except annoying.
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10:05:06ZagorBagder: have you looked at KDrive? "KDrive is an X server written by Keith Packard that was designed for low memory environments. On Linux/x86, a KDrive server with RENDER support but without support for scalable fonts compiles into less than 700 KB of text."
10:05:31Zagormaybe it's not useful
10:05:42Bagdernot really, I still need a powerful browser on that
10:05:56Bagderand afaik, konqe is the most capable one for small memory
10:06:03Zagorstill having speed problems?
10:06:35*dwihno donates some extra CPU cycles to Bagder
10:30:27Hadakadillo for browser ;)
10:32:01Bagderit ain't good enough
10:32:31Bagderdoesn't even do cookies
10:35:49Hadakait shows html
10:36:01Hadakahyper-text markup language
10:36:11Bagderyes it does
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11:07:58Bagdercurl is mentioned in the new edition of "unix power tools"
11:10:27dwihnoCurl? Sounds grok'ish ;)
11:15:59dwihnoWhat's wrong with wget?
11:16:03dwihnoI tried curl a time or two
11:16:15Zagorthey serve slightly different purposes
11:16:52Bagderwget is fine, if all you need is recursive download
11:20:01 Join LinusN [0] (
11:20:05dwihnoSo what is curl good for? :)
11:20:35LinusNcurl groks your URL
11:21:05Bagderfor example HTTPS, POST, PUT and cookie stuff
11:21:37Bagdertry writing a script that logs in to netscape mail and sends off a single mail
11:22:07 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:23:14Schnueffi would take perl for that, but with much handwork I suppose
11:23:33Zagoryeah, *much* handwork... :-)
11:23:39LinusNSchnueff: you would take Perl _and_ curl
11:23:52Schnueffperl + LWP
11:24:05Bagdersome people prefer lwp
11:24:23Bagderinsane people ;-)
11:25:01Schnueffif curl provides some magic to handle login on webpages and such this could be cute
11:25:43Bagdernot really magic, just full cookie support, combined with POST and control of all headers etc
11:26:58Schnueffbon appetit
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17:51:04quelsarukhave you find out how to resolve the recording problem?
17:56:10LinusNi didn't know we had any more problems
17:58:07quelsarukusing line in
17:58:22quelsarukit's ok now?
17:58:47quelsaruki have some kind of mind lag :)
17:58:50LinusNi think so, nobody has complained
17:59:08LinusNhaven't you tried yourself?
17:59:49quelsaruki'm a bit busy trying to solder the ear output :)
18:00:16LinusNhow's that going?
18:01:25quelsaruki have a disassembled jukebox
18:01:29quelsarukjust that
18:01:48quelsaruki hope i have some time tonight to solder that
18:01:59LinusNi wish i could help you
18:03:44quelsaruki have a friend who has done electronic ingeniering, and when i told him about the digital output conversion.. he now wants to do it
18:04:14quelsarukso if i finally try that other way, he could help me
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18:04:42quelsarukand we could have a reeeeeaaaally useless mod
18:10:09LinusNgotta go, cu
18:10:14 Part LinusN
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18:34:11quelsarukhi TotMacher
18:36:23*[keno] has returned. [gone:18h26m8s]
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22:58:21slazZHi !
22:58:34_seb_hallo slazZ!
22:58:52slazZOnly one question: Is the Wired Remote from the Jukebox Travel Kit compatible with rockboxx?
22:59:23slazZ_seb_, bist du deutschsprechender?
22:59:52_seb_deutsch kann ich nicht als muttersprache aber ich lerns in der schule
23:00:12slazZkannst du ja schon recht gut :)
23:00:42slazZcan you help me with my question?
23:01:15_seb_well, I'm not sure if it works
23:01:29_seb_I don't have it, and the FAQ doesn't say anything
23:02:07adi|sleepas far as im aware, the remote is not fully compatible.. but im not 100% on that
23:02:44 Quit edx ("off")
23:03:19slazZnut fully? what do you mean with this? can i pressed "next" but not "prev" or what?
23:03:59_seb_na probier's mal! :)
23:04:14_seb_und sag uns danach, ob es richtig funktioniert
23:04:40slazZjaja, un wenns nicht geht hab ich den salat ;)
23:05:03nickrworks for me
23:05:07nickrall the buttons on it
23:06:03slazZhm i think i will bue it then
23:06:15_seb_slazZ: was heisst "den salat haben"
23:06:27nickrthe main diff is the stop doesn't turn off the unit, and also there is no menu or on button
23:06:41slazZhm, how can i explain it
23:07:20slazZthx nickr!
23:07:34slazZso seb
23:07:38slazZnun zu dir
23:07:55nickrno problem :)
23:08:38slazZdas ist sowas wie..
23:08:56slazZdas ist schwer zu erklären!
23:09:09slazZich bin am überlegen!
23:09:25slazZdas ist sowas wie "schlamassel"
23:09:36slazZdo you know that?
23:10:46_seb_ok like "to be in a mess"? "ich hab den salat" so "i'm in a mess"?
23:10:59slazZsowie: "unglückliche angelegenheit"
23:11:22_seb_ah so
23:11:54_seb_yup, thank you :)
23:12:12slazZso far, is my english ok?
23:12:12_seb_freu mich immer darueber, neue redensarte zu lernen
23:12:17_seb_better than my german :)
23:12:38_seb_but instead of "what do you mean with this" I would say "what do you mean by this"
23:20:48 Quit slazZ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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23:45:56*[keno] is away, .zZz. [log:] [page:]
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