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#rockbox log for 2002-11-28

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02:04:22TotMacheri want FULL version 2.0
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10:00:04b0bTHChi all!!!
10:00:53Zagorhi guys
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10:10:45Zagoryo linus
10:11:04quelsarukhi b0bTHC, LinusN
10:11:24LinusNi have a sleep timer implementation that i could commit today
10:12:22LinusNa patch sent to me
10:12:31b0bTHCcool thing for night listener...
10:12:51LinusNfrom Jim Hagani
10:13:07quelsaruklooks good
10:13:08LinusNwe need to figure out how to implement it on the Player, UI-wise
10:13:22LinusNMenu->Sleep meybe?
10:13:33b0bTHCsurely ;)
10:13:58LinusNthe implementation lets you set a default sleep time in the settings
10:14:34LinusNand Menu->Sleep uses that, plus lets you change it without altering the persistent value
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10:15:04qule|outcu later!
10:15:27ZagorLinusN: sounds good
10:15:38LinusNon the recorder, sleep timer can be changed with a quickscreen
10:15:39Zagorany way to turn it off again?
10:15:50LinusNunfortunately he chose F2+UP
10:16:00LinusNZagor: set the time to OFF
10:16:09Zagori'm not sure it should be on a quickscreen
10:16:39LinusNmaybe not
10:16:41Zagori think the menu->sleep should ask "turn off?" if you go into it while sleep mode is on
10:17:24LinusNwhy not OFF..10..20..30..40...minutes?
10:18:05Zagori thought the time was a setting, and activation was a separate menu item?
10:18:37b0bTHCOFF..15..30..60..120 like on my tv set;)
10:19:15LinusNZagor: the q-screen alters like i described
10:19:40Zagorok, and the menu is a) time b) activate?
10:19:43b0bTHCor OFF ..15..30..60..120..userdefine
10:20:18LinusNZagor: not sure why he has a persistent default time
10:20:32Zagorme neither :)
10:20:41LinusNmaybe so sleep mode is activated on powerup
10:21:21LinusNcan't see how anybody would want it like that...
10:21:47Zagori don't want it on the quick-screen
10:22:08Zagorand only one menu entry, selecting time on activation
10:22:08LinusNmenu->sleep then
10:22:28LinusNand no persistence
10:22:42Zagori think bobs tv set has a reasonable time set too
10:22:53LinusNme too
10:23:42LinusNmaybe a successive fade out?
10:24:14LinusNthe last 15 mins
10:24:32Zagornot that long. a minute is long enough imho
10:24:46Zagorgood idea, though
10:28:13LinusNhmmm, anybody else had recorder lockups like described on the list?
10:31:42Zagornot me
10:31:59Zagorthen again I never have any of the problems people report...
10:32:20adiamasthats only cause your illiterate :)
10:40:11adiamasoh.. btw.. for those that care (and those that dont) im employed again
10:44:00Zagornice! what are you doing now?
10:45:00adiamassame thing i was doing before i was unemployed
10:45:05adiamassame company persay
10:45:17adiamasgot 6 months funding.. hired us back
10:45:23adiamaswell.. the 3 geeks
10:45:25adiamasand our manager
10:45:32adiamasfired the remaining cruft
10:45:37adiamasso.. im good for 6 months
10:46:13adiamaswas great timing
10:46:26adiamasmy unemployment insurance was to run out next month
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11:16:29LinusN|laptopwee, ir works!
11:16:53LinusN|laptopconfiguring my wireless network at home
11:17:36Zagorwireless is nice
11:17:48LinusN|laptopdwihn0r: what laptop did you have?
11:18:26LinusN|laptop(laptop...more like a portable computer...)
11:19:13b0bTHCyep really nice, in my office we have 3 laptop and 2 desktop connected with 802.11b with dlink devices and works really find...
11:19:33LinusN|laptopit's really nice
11:19:53LinusN|laptopthe laptop is for my sick wife to have in bed
11:19:58b0bTHCthe only problem is security ... WEP is really unsecure...
11:20:03LinusN|laptopto play Sims on :-)
11:20:38LinusN|laptopyep, WEP is pretty insecure, but I don't have that much sensitive data in my network
11:20:54b0bTHCi test to play DivX on wireless link from server and works find ....
11:22:02b0bTHCme too only print works, web browse and non sensitive file transfert, no pb...
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11:23:41b0bTHChave u seen the new dlink multi frequency AP (2.4 and 5gHz), looks pretty good...
11:24:32dwihn0rLinusN|laptop: I got a Dell thingy
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11:25:12b0bTHCwith an AP(infrastructure) or in Adhoc mode??
11:25:14dwihn0rLinus: a P4 1.6GHz FreeBSD/Win2k setup. Works out rather nicely.
11:25:26LinusN|laptopdwihn0r: what dell model?
11:25:49dwihn0rLinusN: an Inspiron 8200. How come?
11:26:10dwihn0r(yes, it's the 10kg model)
11:26:26dwihn0rYou want my XF86Config? ;)
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11:26:39dwihn0ror perhaps a working NIC ;)
11:26:47LinusN|laptopi just bought my dell, and wondered what you had
11:26:59dwihn0rTell me about your purchase
11:27:02LinusN|laptopi have a latitude
11:27:41dwihn0rAh. What gfx board?
11:27:58LinusN|laptopgeforce 400mx
11:28:28b0bTHClinux driver for nvidia already exist....
11:28:56dwihn0rLinus: Do you use the XFree driver or the one supplied by NVidia?
11:29:49LinusN|laptophaven't installed Linux yet
11:31:29b0bTHCfor freebsd driver exist too...
11:32:18dwihn0rb0bTHC: I know, I installed it and got EVERYTHING working
11:32:34dwihn0rThe only thing I'd like to know is how to make separate windows appear "full-screen"
11:32:34b0bTHCmuti screen works fine?
11:32:38dwihn0rworks flawlessly
11:33:03dwihn0r(with full-screen, I mean multi media applications with overlay mode)
11:33:52b0bTHCok... already not bad to have recent gfx card support...
11:34:21dwihn0rI'm surprised
11:34:39dwihn0rWould be nice to get overlay working
11:34:59b0bTHCyep surely soon, too much ppl want it...
11:35:01dwihn0rAnd being able to run 1600x1200 on the notebook and 1024x768 on the telly
11:35:27dwihn0r(which might be possible, but it's only me being dumb)
11:36:06b0bTHCdig for a patch...
11:36:22dwihn0rfor a binary-only driver? :)
11:36:34*dwihn0r does some googlin'
11:37:44b0bTHCno on the driver just on settings, perhaps odd cfg make it works...
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11:42:45b0bTHChave u seen the Lindows distrib ?
11:47:11dwihn0rI'm reading some message boards.
11:49:42dwihn0rStill looking for information
12:01:50b0bTHCpyvasene u are french???
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13:34:05TotMacherhow much pixels has the rekorder LCD ?
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15:18:39*Bagder thinks Pulp Fiction
15:23:02Bagderthat quit line of datazone's
15:23:33Bagder"who's choper is this? it's zed's. Who's zed? Zed's dead baby"
15:24:00*dwihn0r thinks 90 minutes lunches rules
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17:37:26quelsaruki hate electrical storms...
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18:05:17[keno]anyone up?
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18:20:43[keno]I finally got a regulated charger. thing is it's 500mah, not 600. any downside to this?
18:21:01[keno]unlike the crappy archos charger, it doesn't cause that buzzing sound when charging
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19:16:59maedhrosis it possible to record audio with rockbox?
19:19:04 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
19:19:06_seb_not with 1.4, but with the unsupported recent builds, yes
19:19:47maedhrosok... When will these builds be complete releases?
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19:31:45slazZhy seb!
19:31:55_seb_hi slazZ
19:32:08_seb_etwas sehr komisches ist mir grade passiert
19:32:14slazZsorry for yesterday, i got a bluescreen :(
19:32:20slazZthen i go to bed
19:32:25slazZwas denn?
19:33:03_seb_so ging das gespraech:
19:33:19_seb_meine mutti so "raeum dein zimmer auf"
19:33:43_seb_ich so "um wieviel uhr gehen wir zu meinem onkel?"
19:33:51_seb_sie so "in 5 minuten"
19:33:59slazZhm ;) kenn ich irgendwie... "räum dein zimmer auf"
19:33:59_seb_ich so "and I'm driving?"
19:34:08_seb_sie so "what?"
19:34:19_seb_ich so "und ich fahre? oops... and I'm driving?"
19:35:03_seb_es war richtig komisch weil meine mutter kein deutsch kann
19:35:17slazZdu hast deutsh mit ihr geredet..
19:35:47_seb_total zufaellig
19:35:53 Part maedhros
19:36:26_seb_ich soll aufhoeren, mir deutsche musik anzuhoeren
19:36:26slazZist doch gut, dann bis du der deutschen Sprache schon mächtig
19:36:37slazZwas hörst du denn so?
19:36:45_seb_ja aber je mehr deutsch ich lerne, desto vergesse ich mehr englisch
19:36:59_seb_am meisten deutschrap
19:37:21slazZah, kennst du auch gruppen-namen
19:37:49_seb_ja natuerlich
19:38:01_seb_eins zwo, samy deluxe, nico suave, absolute beginner, deichkind
19:38:26slazZfrüher hab ich auch hip-hop gehört, jetzt aber nicht mehr
19:38:31slazZkenn ich alle
19:38:40_seb_cool :) was hoerst du denn jetzt?
19:38:55slazZmy cousin in a big hip-hop Fan
19:39:02_seb_ah so
19:39:22slazZKennst du Das Gemini-Projekt?
19:39:25_seb_jo trance find ich nicht so gut aber breaks, d'n'b, idm gefallen mir
19:39:33_seb_nein... kennst du blank + jones?
19:39:52_seb_ich muss leider jetzt gehen... tschausen
19:39:53slazZwatching the waves..
19:41:17_seb_sorry aber ich muss zu meinem onkel
19:41:25_seb_wegen Thanksgiving
19:41:30_seb_bis spaeter
19:41:31slazZah, hast du ICQ?
19:41:33 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
19:41:38seb-awayeuh leider nicht, nur AIM
19:41:59slazZgib ma bitte
19:42:00seb-awaybei ICQ melde ich mich bald
19:42:04seb-awayAIM: happilykid
19:42:19slazZbis dann
19:42:59 Quit slazZ ()
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20:05:39[keno]I finally got a regulated charger. thing is it's 500mah, not 600. any downside to this?
20:05:45[keno]unlike the crappy archos charger, it doesn't cause that buzzing sound when charging
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21:32:51[keno]I ran a virus infected exe
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23:48:26LinusNZagor: it would have been better if you could choose POWEROFF, SLEEP, STANDBY
23:50:53 Quit kargatron (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:52:33Zagorthe poweroff switch is just for testing. there's no reason why it shouldn't work.
23:54:36Zagorselecting between the three would be pointless: how would you know which one to choose? for some (many?) people all three would work, and you wouldn't notice a difference

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