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#rockbox log for 2002-11-29

00:04:09LinusNZagor: i believe that many people would notice a difference if they had a choice
00:04:35LinusNi think that i am not the only one that has short battery life with SLEEP
00:04:45LinusNbut i'm not sure
00:05:04LinusNthat's why it would be nice to let people try it themselves
00:05:17Zagori agree. but what I mean is it takes hours to notice the difference
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00:13:09Zagorbut yes, my fix is not an elegant long term solution.
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07:57:50Bagderred build red build
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09:17:39Bagdervery nice that people can auto-add me to yahoo groups
09:17:44Bagderveeery nice
09:18:12Bagderthey even made me added with mails to my personal mail
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09:19:06bobTHChi all!!!
09:19:10Bagderhi bob
09:20:17Bagderhm, there seems to be options for that
09:20:25Bagder"Allow group moderators to directly add me to their groups"
09:20:26dwihnoI need advice! Where do I find information about events in sweden?
09:20:40dwihnoSome kind of almighty list with all festivities, exhibitions etc.
09:20:48Bagderno idea
09:23:49dwihnoI thought you knew this stuff :)
09:24:04BagderI read web sites with the info I need
09:24:15Bagderno "almighty" list with crap I don't care about
09:26:49dwihnoYou call fairs etc crap :)
09:26:59Bagder99% of them, yes
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09:33:05bobTHChi pyva
09:33:12pyvaseneYo Bob
09:39:31BagderZagor: those generated .txt files on the site have .html versions, you do remember that, don't you? ;-)
09:41:15ZagorBagder: umm, which ones?
09:41:29Bagdercvs compile status and daily changelogs
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10:05:41bobTHCwhat u decide for auto poweroff?
10:07:01LinusNi think menu item, no persistent setting
10:07:54bobTHCi'm agree with u...
10:08:57ZagorLinusN: good point about the versions...
10:09:40bobTHCthe poweroff at the end of the folder like on stock firmware is possible to add at this menu item
10:10:09Zagordoes stock firmware have that? i've never seen it
10:11:31bobTHCnot in option but if u dont active the repeat, after play entire folder the device stop .
10:11:50Zagoryes, so do we
10:12:01LinusNbobTHC: so does rockbox
10:15:02bobTHC[OFF..15..30..60..120..end of file..end of folder]
10:15:30Zagornah, a timer is enough. it will idle-poweroff on end-of-folder anyway
10:15:56bobTHCas u want sir ;)
10:16:31Bagder[ OFF ... 15 ... 30 ... WHEN USER SLEEPS ]
10:17:10bobTHCbased on low bio rythm detector
10:17:21bobTHCplugged on usb ;ā
10:18:09Bagderno, based on breathing analysis, using the mic ;-)
10:19:21bobTHCpoweroff on whistle based on mic is better ;)
10:20:04BagderbobTHC: you mean when the user stops whisteling? ;-)
10:21:07bobTHCwhen he whistle the device stop
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10:29:41BagderNov 29 10:29:15 localhost kernel: Filesystem panic (dev 08:01).
10:29:41BagderNov 29 10:29:15 localhost kernel: fat_free: deleting beyond EOF
10:29:41BagderNov 29 10:29:15 localhost kernel: File system has been set read-only
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10:35:57BagderZagor: you run dosfsck? which version do you have?
10:36:13 Part LinusN
10:36:35 Join LinusN [0] (
10:36:43Zagordosfsck 2.2, 06 Jul 1999, FAT32, LFN
10:37:56Bagderdosfsck 2.7, 14 Feb 2001, FAT32, LFN
10:39:07Bagderit's not perfect
10:39:25Zagorbut i've been running the latest and greatest at home, I think (debian unstable)
10:39:51BagderI was wondering what that is
10:40:26Zagorbtw, i've installed apt-rpm on labb. it's very nice.
10:40:43Bagdermy version finds the same errrors all the time, when I run it repeatedly and tell it to fix
10:41:21Bagderhm, there seems to be a 2.8
10:42:14Zagor2.8 is from 2001-02-28
10:42:23Zagorso that's what I run at home
10:43:34Bagderthere's *one* changed mentioned from 2.7 => 2.8
10:46:08Bagderdidn't do any difference
10:46:17Bagderwatch this:
10:46:31Bagder[blablla error what to do?]
10:46:35Bagder1) Truncate first to 2994176 bytes
10:46:35Bagder2) Truncate second to 0 bytes
10:46:41BagderI pick 1
10:46:45BagderInternal error: didn't find cluster 33491 in chain starting at 0
10:49:06Bagderhow lame
10:49:13Bagderthe prompt code is wrong
10:50:34Bagderso when I switched to use -a for automatic, it worked
10:54:25Bagderprolly fell asleep on his keyboard...
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10:55:05*Zagor buckles up
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10:55:17LinusNit's his cat
10:55:40>>>"help ban" by Zagor (
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10:57:17>>>"bans" by Zagor (
10:57:26>>>"listbans" by Zagor (
10:57:30>>>"banlist" by Zagor (
10:57:41>>>"sview" by Zagor (
10:58:08LinusNBagder: shouldn't Dancer handle those situations?
10:58:25Bagderif it had ops, it could, yes
11:00:32LinusNah yes
11:00:38*Bagder makes his first .rockbox directory ever ;-)
11:00:49LinusNafter a dosfsck
11:00:58Bagderyes ;-)
11:01:02Zagor2.4.20 should contain plenty of usb fixes. something to try for those of you who've had problems
11:01:20LinusNi tried to find the changelog was ./ed and the mirrors weren't updated
11:01:48Zagorkernel org is ok now
11:04:03Bagderusing the latest code, my rockbox is not fine
11:04:44BagderI can't press right to move to the next song
11:04:58Bagderit leaves my red led on
11:05:06Bagdermight be my crappy fat perhaps
11:05:29Zagoryou seem to have the same problem reported on the list. blame linus :-)
11:05:50*Bagder pulls up his big bad blaming device
11:06:32LinusNMine works perfectly
11:06:43Bagderlucky you
11:07:55BagderI can only listen to one song
11:07:56Zagormine too
11:07:57Bagderthen it locks
11:09:16ZagorLinusN: do you have any ideas what it might be?
11:09:23LinusNBagder: which version?
11:09:29Bagder20 minutes ago
11:09:43ZagorBagder: try the 2002-11-27 daily build
11:09:44LinusNlet me try that one
11:09:57Zagorthat was before my poweroff fix
11:12:24Bagderworks fine
11:12:43LinusNBagder: did you have poweroff on or off?
11:12:48Bagdertried both
11:12:54Bagdercouldn't see any difference
11:14:28Zagor27 works?
11:14:35Bagder27 works fine
11:14:52Zagorthen I broke something
11:16:01Bagdernow I ROLOd over to the new one again, and it breaks
11:16:29Bagderhaving disk poweroff on no
11:17:21Zagorthat's what makes me think I've simply made a silly error in the code, and not that poweroff is bad for your unit
11:20:54Zagorcan you look at ata.c and see if you can spot something dodgy?
11:21:02Zagorbagder and LinusN
11:23:32BagderI'm not very familiar with it in the first place
11:32:08ZagorBagder: style updated for the html files. now you change showlog.cgi :-)
11:32:47Zagoror, rather, /rockbox-auto/index.html
11:38:18ZagorLinusN: how about modding your serial-port-screenshot feature to write a file to disk instead?
11:39:55Bagderbrilliant idea
11:40:10LinusNZagor: good idea
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13:34:43 Join [keno] [0] (~kenoken@
13:37:58*[keno] upgraded to trillan pro
13:39:30dwihnoTrillian pro?
13:39:41dwihnoWhat's so good with the pro version?
13:40:34[keno]it's the next version after 0.75, only it's not freeware.
13:41:44dwihnoI knew it
13:41:50dwihnoIt turned into costware!
13:42:19Zagorhow utterly surprising :-)
13:43:07[keno]it's 25 bucks
13:43:28[keno]but they were kind enough to send a free version to every person who donated the $1 or more
13:44:01dwihnoZagor: How about implementing some nagscreens and such in the rockbox firmware? :)
13:44:17[keno]it's really one amazing app.. only I won't pay 25$ for it..
13:44:23dwihnoZagor: I've been playing around with "nokia-style" animations. It looks rather fishy in 1bit displays :/
13:44:48Zagorwhy? my nokia is 1-bit
13:45:13[keno]which reminds me - I've had strange bugs with the 28th CVS
13:45:14[keno]mostly just weird hangs when entering/exiting dirs with many songs
13:45:37Zagor[keno]: yes, there seem to be a problem with my new disk-poweroff feature
13:45:42dwihnoZagor: I want shading! :)
13:46:08Zagordwihno: hack the multimedia :-)
13:46:16[keno]also had once the same dir name displayed over and over (scrollbar was very small, so I figure it's the maximum entries)
13:46:37 Join tot|away [0] (
13:46:49Zagorthat's an odd bug. haven't heard that before
13:46:58[keno]Zagor well, since I DO want recording, but I dont want to wait for 2.0 to have recording, which CVS should I use (that is stable enough..) ?
13:47:01Zagortot|away: fell asleep at your keyboard previously?
13:47:13Zagor[keno]: 26th
13:47:15[keno]Zagor USB plug was in when it happened
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13:47:47dwihnoZagor: I'll do cool 1bit gfx too! I did USB thingy, remember ;D
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13:47:59Zagorhadaka? lol!
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13:49:00 Join Bagder [241] (
13:49:23Zagorhey bagder
13:49:31[keno]now we only need linus and we got the entire haxx staff around
13:50:20dwihnoZagor: What gfx U want?
13:50:39Zagori don't know. i have no firm plans, just thought it would maybe look nice
13:50:52DBUGsent MODE #rockbox -b *!*tot@*
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13:50:55dwihnohow about memory usage?=
13:51:14dwihno164*112, right?
13:51:50Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
13:52:19dwihnowasting precious memory just to get fancy gfx :)
13:52:57Zagorwell a couple of Ks could be worth wasting if it looks nice
13:54:20dwihnoI don't know where to add some gfx though
13:55:03 Join Hadaka [0] (
13:55:30Zagorsorry Hadaka :)
13:55:41Zagorfor some reason logbot kicked you instead of tot|home
13:55:44Hadakanah, no problem :) I just wonder what was up with tot|away again :)
13:55:57Zagoryeah, very odd behaviour
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14:16:10TotMacherthats my keyboard at fucked up
14:18:55 Quit [keno] (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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14:36:45 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
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14:38:46ZagorBagder: does disk access always freeze after the first spindown?
14:39:46Bagdernot the first, the second or something
14:39:54BagderI can always get a song starting
14:40:09Zagoreven if you let the disk spin down first?
14:40:19Bagderhm, I'll try
14:40:20Zagor(and wait 2s after spindown, for poweroff to kick in)
14:40:34BagderI have poweroff disabled
14:41:12Bagdernah, no can do
14:41:32Bagderonce it has spun down, I can't do anything
14:41:52Zagorhmm, what model of disk do you have?
14:42:01Bagderthe original one
14:42:08Bagderlemme check
14:42:19Zagorboth I and linus have Toshiba disks...
14:42:53Bagder Vendor: FUJITSU Model: MHN2200AT Rev: 7256
14:44:24Zagortry this: let the disk spin down, then insert the USB cable and look at the RED led. does it ever light up?
14:45:46Bagderyes it does
14:46:13Zagorthat means the poweroff switch doesn't work
14:47:10Bagderbut then it also means that poweroff doesn't quite work for me
14:54:52Zagorahhh, i know what it is
14:55:09Zagorit doesn't set the poweroff setting correctly at boot
14:56:08Zagorforgot to add a line in settings_apply()
14:57:15ZagorBagder: try next BE build, or checkout/build now
14:59:41 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
15:01:54Bagderseems to work now, yes
15:02:06Zagorok, good
15:03:09Zagornow try with poweroff enabled
15:04:26dwihnoYay for Zay :)
15:05:12Bagderno fun
15:05:31dwihnono mon' - no fun
15:06:09*dwihno got tragutized today
15:06:19dwihnoWhich wasn't as bad as I expected
15:07:57_seb_What is that?
15:08:05 Join [ken0] [0] (~kenoken@
15:09:35dwihnoGoogle for 'tragus'
15:10:56Zagordamn. i don't understand. :-(
15:11:20*dwihno hands Zagor some hot choco and some gingerbread
15:11:21_seb_I know a girl that had that done
15:11:34_seb_if it is what it appears to be
15:12:00_seb_the little knobby fleshy thing on the "head side" of your ear?
15:12:13_seb_ok cool :)
15:12:20dwihnofleshy thing :D
15:12:34 Quit [ken0] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:12:38*dwihno reads the $18 million deal which came with the rockbox mailing list
15:13:21dwihnoI pity the fools who falls for those scams :(
15:13:25 Join [ken0] [0] (~kenoken@
15:13:32 Join Norrin [0] (
15:13:38dwihnoI even read something about someone getting killed trying to frame the ppl behind the scheme
15:14:54 Quit Norrin (Client Quit)
15:15:29 Quit [ken0] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:24:24 Join [ken0] [0] (~kenoken@
15:27:14 Join slazZ [0] (
15:27:43slazZhi seb :)
15:28:00 Quit Bagder ("")
15:31:10slazZseb ???
15:32:56 Quit slazZ ()
15:53:50 Part Zagor
15:54:51_seb_I have to pay better attention to irc
15:57:54 Join slazZ [0] (
15:58:01slazZhi seb!
15:59:03 Quit slazZ (Client Quit)
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16:08:26quelsarukwrong button :)
16:23:14 Join kargatron [0] (
16:25:07 Join Zagor [242] (
16:39:57 Join jh101 [0] (
16:40:26jh101Zagor, are you here?
16:40:38 Quit TotMacher ()
16:41:13jh101Hi, I'm the author of the sleep timer mod that Linus has
16:41:59jh101I was reviewing your IRC log from yesterday when you were discussing how the sleep timer should work, and thought I would try to explain why it was designed the way it was.
16:42:51Zagorare you disagreeing with our conclusions?
16:43:01jh101Specifically, you were concerned why it had a persistent setting.
16:43:57jh101I know that there are many people like myself who use the unit in their car to work. I wanted there to be a fall-back in case I forget to power it off when I leave the car.
16:44:26jh101What I do is set it to 120 minutes in the persistent settings menu (knowing that it only takes about 90 minutes to get to work).
16:44:49jh101This way, if I forget to power down, it will shut off shortly thereafter and I won't return to find a dead unit.
16:46:08Zagorgood thinking, but I prefer that to be handled by a power-off-on-dc-loss feature
16:46:47jh101That's fine, but is there one being implemented?
16:47:24Zagorthere's one requested. and I think it's a good idea.
16:47:30jh101How would it work?
16:48:44Zagori think it should be a boolean setting, and when "true" should ask the user on dc-loss "Power off?" with a 5-10 sec timeout. after timeout, it shuts off
16:49:18jh101But that would not handle the situation I described where DC was being used in the car...
16:49:39Zagorno? isn't your DC cut off when you turn off the car?
16:49:58 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:50:09jh101I don't run it on the car adapter, I run it on the batteries...
16:51:06Zagori'm still not very happy about a persistent sleep timer, though
16:51:27jh101It can be set to off (O minutes), of course, if you did not want to use it.
16:51:42Zagorit's not how people are used to sleep timers working. we'll get bug reports "unit turned off mysteriously after 45 minutes!"
16:52:23jh101Only if the go and set it to 45 it prints "Zzzz...." as it turns off.
16:53:29Zagorjh101: yeah, but the point is "sleep timer" means a one-shot timer. clock radios, tv sets everything works this way. it will be confusing and annoying to have it persistent, because I will forget I used a sleep timer last night
16:54:12Zagori understand your problem, but I don't think the sleep timer is the right solution
16:55:04kargatronagreed on that sleep thingie - should be one-timey
16:55:05jh101The way it is implemented, you could simply leave the persistent setting to 0 (off) and set the sleep timer manually thru F2...To me, it seems that it serves both types of users (you and me).
16:55:18 Part kargatron
16:55:50Zagorjh101: then we'd need a persistent setting to say if the timer setting should be persistent...
16:56:53jh101No, you're misunderstanding what I am saying...This is how it works: if you want to set the persistent setting, you go to the settings menu and do so, or else leave it on the default of 0 (off).
16:57:25jh101Then, if you at some point need the sleep time, set it with F2 (which does NOT change the persistent setting).
16:58:01Zagorwe're having two timers?
16:58:44jh101No, the F2 screen shows you what the remaining sleep time is and allows you to change it FOR THE CURRENT SESSSION ONLY.
16:59:46Zagorah, I see.
17:00:04ZagorI need to think about this some more, thank you for explaining it to me.
17:00:08jh101Would you like me to email you the ajbrec.ajz file so you can see it for yourself?
17:00:20Zagorno, i think I understand it now
17:01:03jh101OK...maybe I should discuss the next mod I've done too...
17:01:39jh101I wanted any quick way to access all my playlists, so I added an item to the F3 screen.
17:02:53jh101When to hit F3, the unit checks the ./playlists directory - using the UP arrow cycles through each playlist in that directory−− when you have the one you want, press PLAY to launch it.
17:04:02Zagorcould be nice. although shoving everything onto the Fx-screens isn't very scalable :-)
17:04:35jh101I know, that's why I'm working on adding new screens - accessed by DOUBLE clicking F2!
17:05:32jh101Click F2 once, you get the current F2 screen, but if you click it twice (within, say 1 second), you get different screen.
17:06:13Zagorworth trying
17:07:06jh101it's simple: simply check the time when you enter F2 and when you exit, if less than, say, 1 second, it was a double click - i've implemented it and it seems to be viable.
17:07:34Zagoryes, the code is simple. i'm more concerned about the user experience. :-)
17:07:53Zagori need to go out a while. see you later.
17:07:56 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
17:08:25 Quit jh101 ()
17:11:31 Join slazZ [0] (
17:12:25 Quit slazZ (Client Quit)
17:46:03 Quit pyvasene ()
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19:28:54 Join werty1st [0] (
19:29:05 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
19:29:54DBUGSent KICK werty1st to server
19:29:54werty1stdo u still think about ogg?
19:29:54Kick(#rockbox werty1st :Colourcodes are *not* appreciated here!) by logbot!
19:30:04 Join werty1st [0] (
19:30:24werty1stdo u still think about ogg?
19:30:26Zagorhehe, logbot is picky :-)
19:30:51Zagorwell, ogg is nice but we can't change codec
19:31:44werty1stcould it be possible to replace the mp3 chip from the archos with one who is writeable?
19:32:04werty1stso u could load different codecs
19:32:28Zagoreverything is possible, but that would be one heck of a mod...
19:33:52werty1stif i copy a bootdisk on my jukebox will i be able to boot frrom the jukebox?
19:34:07Zagoronly if your BIOS can boot from USB
19:34:08werty1stor is the jukebox drive different from normal usb HDs?
19:34:17werty1styes it can
19:34:26Zagorthe Recorder20 is a normal USB disk, but not the other models
19:34:57werty1stdo u know why there are different?
19:35:24Zagorthey use an older usb controller, which does not follow the usb standard
19:37:23werty1stits very uncomfortable, if i think about this USB memory sticks which who
19:38:34werty1st... sticks which can be used without any driver
19:39:14werty1stbut most of the people have internet so its no act to downlod them ;-)
19:39:37Zagorwhich model do you have?
19:40:12werty1strec 10
19:41:32werty1sti havenīt yet tested the new daily mod but there is still missing a good playlistgenerator or am i wrong?
19:42:25Zagorno, it's still missing. i think it will come soon, though.
19:44:22werty1stwhere is the differencee between disk spindown and power off?
19:45:06Zagordisk spindown takes the disk into SLEEP mode, while poweroff actually cuts the power to the disk and thus saves even more power
19:46:19werty1stand when does it power off? if i select yes or after a few minutesß
19:46:54Zagorit powers off right after spindown. it's just an extra battery saving measure.
19:49:07werty1stwhy doesnīt it allways power off after spindown?
19:50:04Zagorit's supposed to. I have added the switch for testing. some people's disks have trouble waking up after poweroff
19:50:24werty1stmine too
19:50:39Zagorwhat model of harddisk do you have?
19:50:48werty1stafter power off i couldnīt enter a directory
19:51:04werty1stwhere can i look for the modedl type?
19:51:10Zagoryes, that's the problem. it works on my unit though :-(
19:51:24Zagori think in the device manager
19:52:12werty1stin windows?
19:52:33Zagoryes. "this computer->properties->device manager" (I think)
19:52:48Zagoror maybe if you have a little app in the status tray
19:53:58werty1stwhats wrong with my hd?
19:54:37werty1stdoes it have other commands to wake up?
19:54:43Zagorit's just that this poweroff thingy works for some people and not for others. it's probably just a bug that I haven't found yet
19:56:11 Quit reeler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:57:36werty1stthanks for the information
19:57:55Zagoryou're welcome
19:58:11werty1stiīll learn c in the future and then i hope to become as good as u are
19:58:34werty1stnow i only write in VB and delphi
20:01:00 Quit werty1st (""Ich darf keine Schafe in die Klasse bringen"")
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20:27:34 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:41:57 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
21:12:12 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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22:06:47 Join edx [0] (
22:21:26 Nick [ken0] is now known as [keno] (~kenoken@
22:32:44 Join TotMacher [0] (
22:33:30 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
22:42:16 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:47:52 Join LinusN [0] (
22:48:46 Join edx [0] (
22:50:49 Quit tot|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:50:55 Join tot|away [0] (
23:05:01 Join PhantomDJP [0] (
23:05:05PhantomDJPHi !
23:06:28PhantomDJPnobody ?
23:07:24[keno]kinda of :)
23:08:02LinusNi'm here too
23:08:26PhantomDJPI ve a question
23:08:40PhantomDJPI ve send a "feature request" :
23:08:53PhantomDJPFiles sharing between Two archos device by the USB
23:08:53PhantomDJPlink should be could, I know that file creating is really
23:08:53PhantomDJPnew but I'm sure file transfer is possible (and that should
23:08:53DBUGSent KICK PhantomDJP to server
23:08:53PhantomDJPbe VERY cool if just one "rockbox powered" archos is
23:08:53Kick(#rockbox PhantomDJP :No flooding!) by logbot!
23:08:53 Join PhantomDJP [0] (
23:09:23LinusNpeer to peer USB is not possible with the archos
23:09:39PhantomDJPwhy ?
23:09:46[keno]USB slave can't communicate with other USB slaves.. read the rockbox FAQ
23:09:56PhantomDJPI've read It
23:09:57LinusNbecause the USB controller is a USB to ATA bridge and nothing else, read the FAQ
23:10:06PhantomDJPbut I've have find that..
23:10:44PhantomDJPIt is another dream that I loose
23:10:50LinusNsorry about that
23:10:55LinusNit would have been cool
23:11:27PhantomDJPyes, In my school we are 10 to have an archos recorder...
23:12:03[keno]around here people think it's a mindisc
23:12:10[keno]I'm the only one who's ever heard of the company
23:12:21[keno](except a friend of mine, who just got his after playing around with mine)
23:13:11[keno]phantom you just need any PC with two free USB ports .. not that hard to find in a school
23:13:25PhantomDJPAnd an interface ?
23:13:35PhantomDJPbetwenn two archos ?
23:14:16LinusNno, just connect the two archoses to the same pc
23:14:34[keno]the PC's hard drive controller *IS* the interface between the two archos units
23:15:16[keno]what's the big deal? just copy from drive X to drive Y and unplug both when done.. not that much of a hassle..
23:15:32LinusN[keno]: but you can't do it on the bus...
23:15:32[keno]so you can't trade songs while riding the bus (unless you record heh)
23:15:47[keno]stole my line! :)
23:15:48LinusNtwo minds...
23:16:06PhantomDJPIn my school (In france) PC are reserved for Computer Lesson and for teacher use expect the one of the library...
23:16:56[keno]I wonder a bus is perceived as the hardset place to be technically advanced :)
23:17:03PhantomDJPA notebook
23:17:17PhantomDJPthis is the last solution
23:17:18LinusNPhantomDJP: sure, a notebook will do
23:17:33LinusNnot all notebooks have several USB ports though
23:18:13[keno]phantom even a an archos multimedia jukebox will do I think.. it accepts USB IN from various cameras.. maybe from archos jukeboxes too
23:18:23 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
23:18:45PhantomDJPnot stupid, but... do you try it ?
23:19:44[keno]no I didn't
23:19:55PhantomDJPArchos (the firm) is at 2 or 3 kilometers from my home and I've try all the last devices
23:20:07[keno]didn't get the multimedia box as it was (is) way too expensive.
23:20:18[keno]so glad I didn't when I first hit :)
23:20:29PhantomDJPFM recorder have the same firmware than a recorder but a bit "power up"
23:20:38PhantomDJPthe MMP is : SCHIIITTT
23:20:45[keno]phantom really? it's french??? I thought it's US based!
23:21:04PhantomDJPthe color screen is juste 3/2 mor big than the recorder one
23:21:25PhantomDJPNO : ARCHOS IS A FRENCH company
23:21:32[keno]then perhaps you could do us all a favor - sneak in in the middle of the night and steal the source code to their firmware :)
23:22:05PhantomDJPI don't think to be able to do that
23:22:12[keno]then I wonder why on the recorder 20 costs like 30 percent more than on
23:22:20PhantomDJPbut , I ve something fun to say
23:22:40PhantomDJP2 month ago My recorder burned
23:23:02PhantomDJPI've try to fix my self a bit problem
23:23:17PhantomDJPso, I m gone to Archos
23:23:25[keno]well, french or no french, it's still made in china heh
23:24:01PhantomDJPAnd give it to them, 10 minute later, The guy come bvack With a 10Go insteed of a 6 !!!
23:24:22PhantomDJPIt give my and said "sorry, we don't have 6go anymore"
23:24:56PhantomDJPDuring the 10 minutes I've waited do you know what I ve see ?
23:25:22[keno].. the guy changing the hard drive to the 10GB ?
23:25:31PhantomDJPabout All people At the coffe machine whithout work...
23:25:42PhantomDJPI ve buy a 6
23:25:49PhantomDJPhe give me a 10
23:26:14PhantomDJPthat a good guy
23:26:28[keno]very nice. maybe you can check and see if any of those guys run rockbox on their personal unit.. would be a hoot
23:27:17PhantomDJPI ve ask them by email, they never answer...
23:27:21[keno]it was prolly more expensive for them to order one 6GB HD especially for you
23:27:40[keno]they answered me.. though the have "no comments" about the rockbox
23:30:10PhantomDJP !!!
23:30:16PhantomDJPanother request :
23:30:47PhantomDJPthe ability to run the firmware include IN the archos
23:31:00PhantomDJPbecause in mine it is the 1.28
23:31:17PhantomDJPand Archos only release the 1.27d
23:31:52[keno]] <PhantomDJP> the ability to run the firmware include IN the archos <−− explain ??
23:32:12PhantomDJPthe "original"
23:32:22[keno]you mean ROLO to the original?
23:32:31PhantomDJPwhich is includ in ram or rom I don't know
23:32:45[keno]linus told me that 1.27d and 1.28 are identical, and archos told me the same (kind of)
23:33:20PhantomDJPso I think they stop to update it definitly
23:34:04[keno]maybe not.. who knows. who cares now
23:34:35PhantomDJPI've heard about a chip8 emulator,what that ?
23:34:59[keno]no idea
23:36:19PhantomDJPthat would be cool
23:36:30PhantomDJPthey are some fun mini games on cip8
23:37:37LinusNPhantomDJP: running the internal firmware might not be easy to do
23:37:56LinusNthe first thing it will do is try to load ajbrec.ajz, and you'll be back again
23:38:29PhantomDJPI'm going to play Team fortress classic, bye
23:38:58[keno]LinusN isn't there a way to copy what's in the rom to an azj ?
23:39:12[keno]like bios export on PC ?
23:39:20[keno](.bin file of my bios)
23:40:20LinusNwe could try that, but why?
23:41:18[keno]just curious if it's possible to have my ROM version as a file.. not much use for it
23:42:36LinusNthe problem is that it is linked to a different address space
23:42:55LinusNthe ajbrec.ajz file is linked to run at 0x900000
23:43:04LinusNthe ROM is at 0, i think
23:43:06 Quit PhantomDJP ("Fermeture du client")
23:44:30[keno]I understand, but I don't have a clue as to why is that a problem..
23:44:39*[keno] doesn't know C or ASM :(
23:49:32LinusNajbrec.ajz will be loaded at address 0x900000 in memory
23:49:45*[keno] lowers his head in shame :(
23:49:47LinusNbut the ROM firmware is compiled to run at address 0
23:51:00[keno]I got that, but I still dont see why it cant be dumped into a file
23:51:29[keno]prolly a waste of time explaining it to me anyways since it doesnt matter that much even if it was possible :)
23:51:33LinusNit can, but the file will be loaded at 0x900000
23:51:49LinusNand crash
23:53:02[keno]oh. I understand.
23:54:02[keno]and since it's hard coded there really isn't a way of changing it.. well, in any case, don't think I'll be needing any archos firmware now that I got recording and soon (?) I'll have dir/file operations
23:56:24LinusNgotta reboot, cu soon
23:56:26 Part LinusN

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