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#rockbox log for 2002-11-30

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06:16:39adi|dadshowdy all
06:54:36adi|dadsim going to need a guinea pig in a couple of mins.. anyone around?
06:57:13nickrawhat .. kind of guinea pig?
06:57:29adi|dadsim clearing one of the feature request
06:57:37adi|dadsfor a 'playlist only' setting
06:57:39adi|dadsfor display
06:57:51adi|dadsand i can't test on my unit, this machine has not usb card
06:58:08nickr'playlist only'?
06:58:12nickrlike only show pls files?
06:58:53nickrah, cool idea
06:58:57nickrvery cool
06:59:09adi|dadswould you be willing to test for me in a few mins?
06:59:52adi|dadsthanks.. may be about 5-10 mins...
06:59:57adi|dadsill bug ya then.. k?
07:17:01adi|dadsstill around?
07:17:12adi|dadsneed you to check on thing before i actually do the playlist bit
07:19:17adi|dadsokay.. you have a player or recorder?
07:21:07adi|dadshmmm..need to fix a bug someone introduced.. give me a few more
07:24:42nickrhaving usb trouble anyway, work ito ut in a sec
07:29:38adi|dadsokay.. finally got it..
07:29:42adi|dadscan i dcc it to you?
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07:50:18nickrI seem to have puged most demons, and things are running smoother
07:50:51nickrand it all works.
07:50:55nickrlemme get a dcc target on
07:52:09nickryea, just send 'er to nickr_dcc
07:53:56adi|dadsokay.. basically...
07:54:11adi|dadsthat fixes the player error on the daily build
07:54:17adi|dadsand just do me a favor..
07:54:35adi|dadsdoes the player have the date/time feature?
07:55:21nickrI don'tk now
07:56:11adi|dadsokay.. then no worries
07:56:19adi|dadsjust make sure the one i just gave you loads and plays fine
07:57:15nickrwow, this is much different than the previous version I had
07:57:31adi|dadshows that?
07:57:36adi|dadswhat was your last version?
07:57:53nickrI thought I was using the build from the 20th
07:58:15nickrthe browser is differrent
07:58:24adi|dadshow is it different?
07:58:36nickrand the it only shows one line of files, and a line with count/total
07:58:49adi|dadshmmm... dunno...
07:59:01adi|dadswell.. as long as it loaded.. that was my main concern to start...
07:59:13adi|dadsnow.. to fix the option for playlist display
07:59:19nickrseems to leave the backlight on now since its plugged in
07:59:28nickrnice feature :)
07:59:32adi|dadsthats the default setting i believe
07:59:58nickrhmm, the remote doesn't seem to work anymore
08:00:21adi|dadslike i said.. dunno :)
08:00:37adi|dadsi can't test here, and i have a recorder, so i don't know the diff :)
08:01:12nickrstop no longer goes to a hicher menu
08:01:36adi|dadshmm.. those are all changes that i didn't touch.. so its gotta be something else
08:02:13nickrso where is what you want me to test? :)
08:02:20adi|dadshehe you just did
08:02:26adi|dadsim working onthe next step
08:02:32adi|dadsshould be another 10 mins if you will be around
08:02:38adi|dadsi was bug fixing a prob on the daily build
08:02:42adi|dadsthats what you just tested :)
08:03:00nickrokay :)
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08:08:04nickrhmm is there on way anymore to set the display scroll speed? its too slow now!
08:08:16adi|dadsin the settings
08:08:41adi|dadsbut hold on..
08:08:46adi|dadsim ready to send you the new test
08:09:19adi|dadsdo you have any playlists?
08:09:26nickryes, I have an all playlist
08:09:49adi|dadsload that version
08:10:00adi|dadsand you know the display files option in settings?
08:13:11nickrI have no such option
08:20:54adi|dadslook for a 'Show Files' setting
08:41:29nickrUnder Menu/Settings right?
08:41:58nickrI don't have a show files
08:50:59adi|dadshmm dunno...
08:51:06adi|dadsdamn.. i really wish someone had a recorder
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13:37:17drink_bleach104is there anyone there?
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15:41:20HadakaI just bought panasonic 2000mAh batteries
15:42:31datazonehow are they
15:44:11Hadakaand.. well I'm considering whether I should charge them with rockbox - or let the archos 1.24 firmware in flash take care of that
15:44:19Hadakacharge them for the first time, that is
15:44:31datazoneyou dont have an external charger?
15:44:43datazoneshould get one
15:44:57datazonebetter charge
15:45:14Hadakabut that would require me to remove the batteries from the unit
15:47:26datazonei do it all the time
15:47:56datazonebut my unit no longer charges anyway
15:51:31Hadakawell, my way of using archos is that I plug it in every time I'm at work - and if necessary, charge it for a while when I'm in front of the computer at home - I don't want to start swapping batteries on it
15:52:15datazonei used to do mines that way
15:52:22datazonebut now i have no choice
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16:13:21Hadakaheh - when changing the batteries, the clock obviously resets - so now I can see from the clock directly that how long have I been charging these :)
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17:20:53Hadakawhoa, 1h30min of charging and the archos claims that the batteries are full (they seemed half-full when I put them in)
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19:44:20MrHalihey guys
19:44:51MrHaliare you familar with the problem with recording for more > 4 hours on the original archos firmware?
19:45:05MrHaliwhere it will crash the archos completely and you will lose your file?
19:45:15MrHalii've heard of this on a few archos
19:45:34MrHalijust wanted to know if you plan to try to overcome this bug with rockbox
19:47:00HadakaMrHali: recording support in rockbox is still very experimental, but should not have such problems
19:47:59MrHalii understand that it's all still in development.. but are you guys aware of that archos bug?
19:48:18HadakaMrHali: well it has been mentioned - someone said it happened around 8 hours for him
19:48:32MrHaliand if so.. i'm wondering if it's somehow hardware related or something... perhaps, it can't handle such a large filesize or something
19:48:35HadakaMrHali: the only comment I remember about it was "That's archos firmware for you."
19:48:40Hadakano, it's not hardware related
19:49:04Hadakathe filesystem is implemented entirely in rockbox as well, large filesizes are it's problem
19:49:29MrHaliok.. just to let you know.. both myself and my friend in germany experienced a crash just after 4h
19:50:20HadakaMrHali: I don't think telling it to me lets that many people know :) you can post about it to the list if you want
19:50:34MrHalihehe... understood
19:50:52Hadakabut in any case, the rockbox firmware is supposed (or planning to) support recording upto very large amounts of time
19:51:04MrHalii'm trying an easyrecovery on the drive know.. but with usb 1.1 it's painfully slow
19:51:25Hadakaand afaik, the only thing that might be a problem with it right now are just simple recording bugs to be fixed
19:51:26MrHalii'm available for as much testing as is needed!
19:51:56Hadakawell - you can download the latest bleeding edge and test recording long sessions right away - I'm sure LinusN is very happy to hear test results
19:52:22MrHaliyep.. thanks!
19:52:37Hadakano problem :)
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21:44:17MrHalihi linus
21:44:37MrHalihow's it going?
21:45:30LinusNnot all that good
21:46:02LinusNfamily stuff (sick wife etc)
21:46:09MrHalioh.. i'm sorry to hear
21:47:17MrHaliwell.. my best wishes! hope everythings goes well for you
21:47:41MrHaliand your family
21:50:51MrHaliok.. i'm about to go to a family dinner... take care
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