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#rockbox log for 2002-12-02

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04:21:25adiamasken0 yeah.. im the same person as adi|dad :)
04:33:53adiamasdamnit.. we got ANOTHER request for file wrap
04:33:55*adiamas sighs
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07:44:16adiamasis Paul van der Heu here?
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07:50:42dwihnoHey ho!
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09:04:37quelsarukZagor: do you know about pc hardware?
09:04:43Zagora bit
09:06:56quelsarukif you get something like cmos error, and it doesn't recognise floppy, HD and CD-Rom... what can you do to make it work?
09:08:29Zagoryou might be able to factory-reset the cmos settings.
09:09:04Zagoreither by entering the BIOS setup screen (DEL on many bioses) or by unplugging the CMOS battery on your motherboard for ~30 seconds.
09:09:04quelsaruki tried...
09:10:10quelsaruki will re-try
09:12:26quelsarukmy parents' laptop had a problem and their floppy drive went off. As i had another fllopy drive (from another identical laptop) i changed it.. and...... now it doesn't want to work
09:14:05quelsarukat least i handled to put the harddisk into the jukebox and make a backup in my PC
09:14:40quelsaruki've lost no info, but we really need the laptop
09:15:12quelsarukDo you know any kind of Techno Deity to pray to?
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09:25:15Zagorquelsaruk: you mean the laptop is now totally dead?
09:25:16quelsarukgood morning
09:25:24quelsaruki thnik so Zagor
09:25:29Zagorthat's bad
09:25:33quelsaruki know
09:26:24quelsarukand i don't know what to do
09:26:47Zagorsounds like something was toasted by that second floppy
09:27:03quelsarukouch.. don't tell me that
09:27:21quelsaruki think i have a second mainboard yet
09:27:28quelsarukbut this is like a nightmare
09:27:58quelsarukit was something like.. floppy is broken, can you change it?
09:28:18quelsarukthat's not difficult, so why not?
09:28:51Zagori'm not saying it's toast, just that it sounds very strange
09:30:04quelsaruki cuold understand that if i changed it not correctly, i had no floppy drive.. but why has the IDE connection gone away also?
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09:36:44quel|outi'm going to work on that
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10:41:01Zagoranyone with a recorder here who can do some ata-poweroff tests for me?
10:49:30*dwihno forgot his usb cable :(
11:11:47mbrZagor: I have my recorder here ...
11:13:39Zagorok, good. i'll cook a version.
11:14:26mbrZagor: My recorder also locks up when power off enabled.
11:16:08Zagorok, test this:
11:19:22mbrplayback works with this version (poweroff = yes)
11:19:33Zagorooh, nice
11:19:34mbrShall i do something special?
11:19:52Zagorjust to make sure, reboot once so it starts up with this mode enabled
11:22:02mbrWorks also (directly booted to your verion)
11:22:41Zagorgreat. and a final check: let the disk spin down, wait 5 seconds, plug in your usb cable and watch the red LED. it should light up briefly when the cable is connected.
11:24:24mbrThe red led is off when connecting the cable (no flash or so)
11:25:14mbrOh! Sorry!!!!
11:25:18Zagorit should light up briefly before the usb logo is shown
11:25:36mbrIt turns on ...
11:26:21Zagorthat's great. looks like poweroff is working then.
11:26:41mbrFor me it works, yes .
11:27:01Zagori'll check it in so others can test too
11:27:40dwihnoYay for POWEROFF! :D
11:27:45dwihnoYAY YAY YAY!
11:27:56mbrShall I recompile the cvs version and report again?
11:28:11Zagorif you like, there should be no difference
11:28:34mbrOK, I'll do it after lunch.
11:32:37Zagormbr: what disk model do you have?
11:33:03mbr Vendor: HITACHI_ Model: DK23DA-20
11:33:11Zagorexcellent. thanks!
11:33:32mbrSo I'm off for lunch ..
11:33:36Zagorok. see you
11:37:11dwihnoI get some pretty funky messages when I connect my archos
11:37:34dwihnoSomething like "increasing something transfer something to something"
11:37:38dwihno(with my freebsd stuff)
11:38:08Zagori need to see that "something" to understand it
11:41:35dwihnominimum transfer rate or such
11:41:43dwihnofrom 6 to 10 k
11:42:14Zagorsave the text next time. it might be interesting.
11:42:57dwihnoWill do!
11:43:43dwihnoI get no mass storage warning though
11:43:47dwihnoyou know, that linux warning thing
11:44:07Zagori know. that's not a "real" warning −− it always prints that
11:44:17Zagordunno why
11:45:13dwihnoUnstable code?
11:45:18dwihnoHow about USB2 support?
11:45:28dwihno(on linux)
11:45:51dwihnoWith cardbus adapters
11:46:03dwihnoUSB2 (and cardbus) will have to wait until FreeBSD 5
11:46:20Zagorusb2 has worked in linux for a very long time
11:46:57dwihnoHow about support for adaptec's cardbus adapter?
11:47:11Zagori don't know. sounds like something that would be supported.
11:47:30dwihnoYou use Debian?
11:48:28dwihnoI tested jblinux a while ago. I liked it.
11:49:29dwihnoA bit outdated packages perhaps
11:49:56Zagorwhat's the point with it?
11:50:34dwihnoI like the structure
11:50:57dwihnoand you really don't have to use gcc 3.2
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12:30:41Hadakato a debian user, hardly any distro other distro has a point in it :)
12:34:12dwihnodebijan rimmar på banan
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12:54:02quelsarukZagor: hey! i've repaired the laptop!!
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12:56:26quelsarukdoes anyone has the atapwd program to unlock a harddisk?
12:56:44quelsarukthe link at rockbox website is broken
13:00:55dwihnoHow do I set individual bits in a byte?
13:03:38Hadakax | SOME_BIT?
13:04:21dwihnoSOME_BIT being 0-7?
13:04:21mbrZagor: CVS works.
13:04:52HadakaSOME_BIT being the value of the bit you wish to set - eg 0x1, 0x2, 0x4, 0x8
13:05:37Hadakabut I would have assumed that you already have a constant for a bit you wish to set
13:06:31Schnueffwith 0 <= SOME_BIT < 8
13:06:51mbr\query Schnueff
13:06:57Schnueffu wish
13:07:00mbrups :)
13:20:11Zagormbr: good
13:24:48quelsarukatapwd link is broken
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13:25:27quelsaruki have the file, if you want to upload it to rockbox web
13:26:01Zagormight be good, yes
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13:44:03quelsarukhi LinusN
13:50:54 Join kargatron [0] (
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14:26:54b0bTHC_hi all!!!
14:48:23 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
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16:08:08Zagorrtc is now full :-)
16:08:45kargatronwhat does that mean for the non-techies in the audience?
16:08:48b0bTHC_bad news
16:09:27kargatronwell i'll pick an amount of detail in between those. :)
16:09:31b0bTHC_no more memory for settings...
16:09:47b0bTHC_isn't it zagor?
16:09:56Zagorit's not so bad. the last four bytes is for my temporary battery runtime meter.
16:10:15Zagoralso now with working file writes, we'll be using more file-based settings instead
16:11:19b0bTHC_but file based settings are more slow and less "secure" than rtc
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17:13:59Zagortime to go
17:14:07 Part Zagor
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18:44:00*adi|work yawns
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20:20:32adi|workhey linus
20:22:37quel|outre-hi linus :)
20:23:33LinusNi haven't heard much about recording bugs lately
20:23:38LinusNdoes it work?
20:25:13quel|outi haven't tested it again, sorry
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22:00:41pdsjanyones here
22:02:13 Join kargatron [0] (
22:03:11LinusNi'm here
22:03:54pdsjdo u have an archor jukebox6000 unit?
22:04:39pdsjand how is it? reliable?
22:04:45pdsjgood quality and stuff
22:05:01pdsjim thinking on buying one on ebay
22:05:03LinusNwell, i haven't had any problems
22:05:24LinusNi think you should consider buying a recorder
22:05:25pdsji have to choose between jukebox6000 and creative nomad both 6gb
22:05:35pdsjwhy a recorder
22:06:01LinusNbetter sound quality, better display
22:06:09LinusNmore fun
22:06:25pdsjnice, and about the creative nomad ones, do u know how are they
22:06:58pdsjill use it jhusto to play music in the car and in my bedroom, very little like a portable unit
22:07:16LinusNi haven't used the nomad
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22:07:20pdsji just want to dont have any kind of problems with jumping and errors in the songs
22:07:47LinusNbut the jukebox can be reprogrammed, and the nomad can not
22:08:22pdsjsure, but for that use i saying to you, archor should have no problems right?
22:08:41LinusNpdsj: if you really care about the skips, then don't buy a hard disk based player
22:08:58LinusNmy archos almost never skips
22:09:06pdsjthats a good advise..
22:09:13LinusNi have both a recorder and a player
22:09:33LinusNand i am as happy as ever with them
22:09:44LinusNespecially with Rockbox
22:10:03LinusNlots of people use the archos in their car
22:10:50pdsjand the results are good?
22:11:42LinusNthere are people with problems, though
22:11:57LinusNit all depends on the hard drive
22:12:16pdsjok.. thanks..
22:13:06pdsjgotta go now. cya
22:13:08 Quit pdsj ("me fui...")
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22:39:33adi|worklinus.. quick question..
22:39:52adi|workdo you konw a quick command line command for converting all upper case in a filename to lower case?
22:40:25adi|workdirectory of mixed case
22:40:36adi|workwant to convert all to lower case w/o having to rename manually
22:40:39LinusNi guess 'tr' could do it
22:40:46adi|workk.. ill look
22:40:49adi|worknot to familiar with tr
22:41:05LinusNtr is a simple char-by-char replace program
22:41:46adi|workthat i know..
22:41:54 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:41:55adi|workits it's cli useage im not familiar wiht
22:42:14LinusNuse 'find' combined with -exec and 'tr'
22:47:02LinusNnot all that simple though
22:47:16adi|workprob is knowing when ive hit a capitol or not
22:47:25LinusNno need
22:47:41LinusNtr can substitute caps to lower
22:48:15LinusNif it already is lower case, it does nothing
22:48:55LinusNecho Ninja | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]
22:51:47 Quit [ken0] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:57:12adi|workgot it thanks :)
23:01:23LinusNtime to sleep, cu
23:01:39 Part LinusN
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23:53:12 Quit TotMacher ()
23:54:05 Part kargatron

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