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#rockbox log for 2002-12-03

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08:29:56adiamashey bagder...
08:29:59adiamascan you do me a favor?
08:30:02Bagderhey ho
08:30:10BagderI could try!
08:30:19adiamasthe file display
08:30:23adiamasall, music, supported
08:30:25adiamascheck that
08:30:38adiamasit seems on my unit to 1. be causing issues with lockng uyp
08:30:44adiamas2. the filenames
08:30:52adiamason all and supported i have extensions
08:30:56adiamaswith music we don't
08:31:02adiamasi think we need to standardize that
08:31:52adiamasi also need to know if anyone else is having issues with the playlist option other then the guy on the list
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08:36:59Bagderseems to work nicely in the sim
08:38:47dwihnoGood morning, ninjas! :)
08:38:55Bagdermorning dwihno
08:40:24adiamasnods that what i thought
08:40:32adiamasdid you see what i ment about the extensions though?
08:42:05Bagderno, what did you mean? ;-)
08:42:27adiamaswith the "music" setting
08:42:37adiamasfiles like "blah.mp3" become "blah"
08:42:46adiamasbut for all other settings the .mp3 .m3u whatever remain
08:43:21Bagderah, right
08:43:44BagderI don't like that
08:43:49adiamasi agree
08:44:03adiamaswait... you mean you don't like _not_ haveing the ext on music
08:44:11Bagdersince we support .mp3 and .mp2 for example
08:44:13adiamasor you dont like having the extentions on all of them..
08:44:21adiamasokay.. cool.. so that needs fixing.
08:44:25BagderI don't like the extension removal
08:44:29adiamasill look into it
08:44:56adiamasthink theres any prob is i close the 'playlist' request (assuming no more complaints)
08:45:45BagderI don't think there's any probbs with that
08:49:09*dwihno spent last night listening to some sweet music
08:49:14dwihnoand it struck me, how excellent rockbox is
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09:10:28dwihnoYay for Zay! :D
09:14:25dwihnoYou rule!
09:14:29dwihnoSo does Linus
09:14:31dwihnoand Daniel
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09:23:23Bagderwhy is Rockbox better than the original firmware in your opinion?
09:23:35*Bagder tries to sum up a document on this
09:25:01mecrawhow about: 1) It works. 2) See #1
09:25:51Zagori think a biiig feature list is a good idea. there's more to Rockbox than we sometimes realize
09:26:11Bagdernewbies want to see such a list
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09:28:51Zagorwe should ask the yahoo list for help. they often like things i've hardly even thought about.
09:29:05Zagoralso we get it in "user words"
09:29:20adiamaswhat might make sense is a submission page
09:29:32adiamasie: dynamically updateing list of postings
09:29:39adiamasthen we can cull that at our leisure
09:29:47Zagormaybe. there will be a dupe swarm, though
09:29:48adiamasalso a good way to bring in future comments from converts
09:29:52Bagdercan we do that with a tracker then?
09:30:08adiamashmm that might be an idea
09:30:16Zagorpossibly. but the trackers are a bit heavy for small stuff like this
09:30:32adiamasyeah.. we want more of the users ideas
09:30:39adiamasand having it all in one page, easier to read
09:30:47adiamasvs 100 seperate entries in a page
09:31:04BagderI'll ask a question on the yahoo and funmp3 forums first
09:31:07adiamasi mean look how tough it is to go through the feature requests now :)
09:31:50adiamason the games listing.. remove the etc
09:32:28adiamassince when do we have 'gapless' playback?
09:32:42adiamasive always noticed a delay in the play.. to break up the songs
09:33:01Bagderthere is?
09:33:12adiamason mine
09:33:19adiamasit's small
09:33:26adiamasbut there
09:33:31adiamasid say 1 - 2 secs?
09:33:57adiamashmm.. that page.. might work better as a table
09:34:05adiamaswith 1 col rockbox 1 col archos
09:34:23Bagdergood idea, then we can list features both have as well
09:34:26adiamaswhere features are shared, list them on same row (with our adv on it :) )
09:34:49dwihnoBagder: Fast loading of playlists, the configurability, the possibility to change source code
09:35:03dwihnoThe fast playlist loading is per-se kick-arse
09:35:23dwihnoStuff like disk timeout and LCD timeout are cool
09:35:45dwihnoFor "regular" users, it's probably not something worth mentioning. But power users love the ability to change every single detail
09:36:00mecrawshuffle instead of random
09:36:15kargatronfast-loading of playlists isn't kick-ass - it's slow-loading that's suck-ass :)
09:36:25adiamasyeah.. id say a huge feature to list is the ability to add features :)
09:36:26dwihnokargatron: heh, true :-)
09:37:01dwihnoI wonder why the archos loading is so damned slow
09:37:01Zagori'm quite proud of our resume-shuffled-playlist feature
09:37:13BagderI like that too
09:37:15Hadakayeah, that's so rocking
09:37:17adiamasi realized something cool tonight... i don't even remember what the archos interface looks like :)
09:37:18kargatronresume is #1
09:37:20adiamasnods so do i
09:37:31adiamasand the diff types of resume are _so_ cool
09:37:35dwihnoAnother thing which rocks with rockbox is the missing LCD glitches which appear in the original firmware :)
09:37:36adiamasask, always, ask once...
09:37:39kargatronhow bout make the page say: Resumes. Nuff said.
09:38:01dwihnoThe LCD glitches in archos' firmware is quite annoying
09:38:13Hadakahmh, I bought new 2000mAh batteries - charged them to full - let them run dry - and then charged them to full again
09:38:25Zagorkargatron: no. archos also has something called resume. we need to detail why ours is better.
09:38:31Hadakaafter that I got 12h of continuous playtime with 192kbit MP3's
09:38:41ZagorHadaka: yay. cool!
09:38:43dwihnoHadaka: whoa, cool shiznat! :D
09:38:44HadakaI wonder if rockbox does better or worse than archos there
09:38:50HadakaI'd say better :)
09:38:52dwihnoHadaka: You _could_ do a test :)
09:38:56dwihnoHadaka: with power-off+
09:39:01Zagori would definitely think better
09:39:14Zagorunless you have a unit like Linus which drains power on disk-sleep
09:39:37ZagorHadaka: recent feature. cuts all disk power after spindown.
09:40:03Zagornot working 100% on all different disks yet, though :(
09:40:27kargatroni posted a hang problem i had to the list, but didn't mention that it was the stock drive - dunno what exactly.
09:40:56kargatronajb20 blue, bought ~6 mos ago
09:41:08Hadakahmh, I wonder if I could manage another continous playback test, ponder
09:41:42dwihnoAre there 60gb disks which are 9mm thick?
09:41:54ZagorHadaka: I added a battery runtime meter yesterday too. might be worth using.
09:41:58Zagordwihno: yes
09:42:13HadakaZagor: whoa, definitely!
09:42:27dwihnoIBM TRAVELSTAR 60GH 60GB 2.5# 12.5MM IDE
09:42:36dwihnoZagor: Do you know a supplier of those?
09:42:44Zagordwihno: Toshiba MK-6018
09:42:51dwihnoZagor: Are they kickass? :)
09:43:04Hadakahmm, I'm leaving for sweden on thursday evening - so I guess I'll have time to run that test before I leave, but not right now
09:43:15Zagordwihno: i don't know. i guess :)
09:43:27Bagderdoes the archos firmware support id3v1 and v2 properly?
09:43:28dwihnoZagor: Hehu. Well, where do you find those drives?
09:43:43dwihnoBagder: I had some problems with v2 tags containing covers
09:43:58Zagordwihno: i don't know. we have a guy at work that handles all purchases.
09:44:10dwihnoZagor: That's so unfair! :)
09:44:15dwihnoZagor: Purchase me one ;D
09:44:50ZagorBagder: ask that the yahoo list about that too. opinions seem to differ.
09:44:54dwihno7200 for a 60 gig disk! :/
09:45:10Hadakathere's no alarm clock or timer for rockbox yet, is there?
09:45:30Hadakahmh, now there's a project to tackle
09:45:45Zagorgo go go! :)
09:45:51Hadakaanyway, fleeing to work now and compiling a rockbox from source there
09:46:24dwihnoZagor: I see nothing but IBM disks on the market! :/
09:46:38Zagordwihno: actually the disk is called mk6021, not 6018
09:48:29dwihnoMisa look
09:49:50dwihno2 MB Tampon Bellek, 12ms süresi
09:49:55dwihnoSounds good :)
09:54:20dwihnoDoes the rotation speed make a difference?
09:54:32Zagoryes. more speed == more battery drain
09:54:41dwihno= faster loading
09:54:49dwihno= less time spent spinning
09:55:00Zagornot really. it takes longer to get up to speed.
09:56:11Zagorthe spinup uses the most power, more than the actual reading
09:56:19dwihnoit does? :(
09:56:29dwihnoSo slow disks are good? :)
09:56:50Zagorit's quite natural. accelerating mass uses more power then keeping it spinning
09:57:04Zagoryes, slow disks are good
09:57:09dwihnoSpinning the wheel
09:57:12dwihno(a great tune btw)
09:57:20dwihno1395 for a 40 gig travelstar
09:57:57dwihnoSwedish stores only keep the travelstar disks :/
09:58:59dwihnoHow hard is it to replace the disk?
09:59:15Zagorvery simple. see "mods" on the web site
09:59:52dwihnoNo soldering or such required?
10:04:35*dwihno does not enjoy touching the intestines of different types of hardware :/
10:06:11Bagderwww/docs/features.t is now the official embryo
10:06:51dwihnoembryo always make me think of jurassic park :)
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10:09:17adiamasthey make me think of sex
10:09:26adiamascourse.. nearly everything makes me think of sec
10:11:19BagderZagor: we should probably make some nice css stuff for the 'yes' and 'no' in the feature list
10:12:39adiamasno no no
10:12:42adiamasstay away from css
10:12:50adiamasthe web should be lynx friendly!
10:12:51dwihnocss is your friend
10:12:56*adiamas pounds the desk
10:13:04Zagoradiamas: css *is* lynx friendly
10:13:23*adiamas cocks his head to the side and says huh?
10:13:55Zagorcss is about margins, font size & weight, colors etc. lynx happily ignores all of that.
10:14:33adiamasahhh okay.. i got ya
10:14:36adiamasand on that note im off to be d;)
10:16:16Schnueffups, sorry :)
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10:24:26adiamasdidn't someone submit a patch for the battery charging (numeric) thing?
10:24:45adiamaswas it to the patch system or just the list?
10:24:57Bagderin the patch tracker
10:25:04adiamasnm.. found it
10:26:53ZagorI plan to start picking off the patches now that disk writing seems pretty much done.
10:27:19adiamasthe CHG patch needs a little work
10:27:35adiamasbut ill kill that tomorrow if thats cool
10:27:56adiamasoh.. and i am still working on the sokoban levels..
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10:55:27Bagdertags-loop-continue rocks ;-)
10:55:45 Join LinusN [0] (
10:55:50Bagderhi linus
10:55:59LinusNZagor: DEADBEEF sounds like a stack problem
10:56:09LinusNhi Bagder
10:57:37Zagordeadbeef? i must have missed something.
11:00:35quelsarukhi LinusN
11:05:34LinusNZagor: in the mailing list
11:05:40LinusNquelsaruk: hi
11:05:59LinusN*PANIC* Dir entry 0 in sector 0 is not free DE AD BE EF
11:08:54Hadakadeadbeef rocks :)
11:09:22LinusNZagor: uninitialized locals maybe?
11:10:28Hadakash-elf-gdb will not help me unless I modify my archos, right?
11:11:03Hadakaok, building only binutils and gcc for now then
11:12:18ZagorLinusN: everything is wrong with that panic message... when is the stack checked för smashing?
11:12:36LinusNat context switch
11:12:44LinusNbut that isn't smashing
11:12:55LinusNdeadbeef is a sure sign of a non-smashed stack
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11:13:17Zagorthe fat code uses rather much stack space, in order to be semi-reentrant. how big stack does the mpeg thread have?
11:14:38Zagorok. i agree, it's not a smashed stack. just curious.
11:15:26LinusNZagor: btw, i was thinking about the poweroff feature
11:15:27Zagorthe thing is, the 0,0 values are wacko and the DEADBEEF value too. that's supposed to be a sector read into a stack buffer. how on earth has it gone wrong?
11:15:54LinusNdidn't we have a theory about on/off switching causing the dreaded hd lock?
11:16:16LinusNZagor: maybe a sector cache bug?
11:16:18Zagorwell we've had lots of theories about that. none was ever really backed up.
11:16:26Zagorthere is no sector cache
11:16:44LinusNor an ata poweroff bug, maybe because of missing error check on a sector read?
11:17:04LinusNthe read failed, but the fat code didn't check
11:17:06Zagorcould be that
11:23:13 Part LinusN
11:34:19kargatroni haven't played with the new poweroff stuff much, but since i was able to use it, but saw a new (for me) type of hang, i'm wondering:
11:34:50kargatron- is that hang probably only to to poweroff=ON (i.e. if OFF, will any problems be bypassed)
11:35:13kargatron- or since I'm leaving for 3 weeks soon, is it safer to go back to an earlier stable build?
11:36:28Zagorhard to say. i'd run the latest but keep an old .ajz file on the disk to ROLO into just in case
11:37:30kargatronso you think it's possible that even with poweroff=OFF, there could still be issues.
11:37:38kargatronbut yes, a good idea for ROLO, ok
11:38:05Zagoreverything is possible. i think my latest read bug fix should make the current code *more* stable than the old, but you never know...
11:38:49kargatronlatest meaning? from yesterday? i grabbed the 6pm bleeding from yesterday
11:39:11Zagorlatest being the 9:00 bleeding edge from today
11:39:46kargatronah. well, i'll update through the week, see what happens. leave sat. (thailand!)
11:39:59Zagorooh, nice
11:50:19dwihnoI have a question *drumroll* :)
11:50:51dwihnoIf I write a function in C and specify a char[8] parameter, what's the difference than using a char* pointer?
11:52:00Zagorthe char[8] is an array of 8 bytes. a pointer is just a pointer, no data
11:53:51dwihnoI like pointers
11:54:03Zagortry this:
11:54:07dwihnobut using it in the function prototyping, does it make a diff?
11:55:30dwihnoaah, good stuff
11:55:43*dwihno is just a wannabe
12:05:56quel|outoh shit!! i forgot intercontinental cup!
12:06:02quel|outand my tema is winning!
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12:08:12 Part LinusN
12:08:14BagderI unsubscribed the guy btw
12:08:24Zagorok, thanks
12:10:09Zagorsami's problems are really strange. i suspect he's not completely accurate
12:18:44 Join LinusN [0] (
12:25:00ZagorLinusN: sleep(0) always sleeps at least one tick, right?
12:25:19LinusNit should, yes
12:25:22LinusNas far as i remember
12:26:06Zagorwell, sleep(1) isn't much of a waste anyway
12:29:54LinusNZagor: read the source
12:30:16kargatronyeah Zagor, rtfm! :)
12:30:48Zagori wonder if the power-on protocol specified in the ata spec really describes first-time power-on or only power-on after SLEEP/STANDBY
12:30:48Zagoror maybe it's normal to expect devices to react within 25us after poweron?
12:31:11Zagoruh, what do you think i'm doing? it only calls it "power-on"
12:32:42Zagoroh well. time for lunch.
12:41:43 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
12:45:37Bagderlooks crap atm
12:46:13Zagorme fix
12:46:27Bagderadd some titles too then
12:46:30Bagderto the columns
12:46:47Zagori'll just tweak the css first
12:46:58Schnueffcorrect reported bugs :)
12:47:17Zagoroh, you used <font> tags instead. booo :-)
12:47:43Bagdernot instead
12:47:50Bagderbefore I put it there
12:47:56Bagderjust fix the #defines
12:50:48 Quit TotMacher ()
12:56:11dwihnoBattery lifetime
12:56:12DBUGSent KICK dwihno to server
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12:56:22dwihnohehu :)
12:56:27kargatroni've seen several anecdotal reports that battery charging using archos gives longer life - should that be mentioned (in the interests of fairness)? though it's a trivial thing, since you just plug it in to get archos
12:56:36Zagoryes it should
12:57:19Zagorcan some html guru take a look at that page and tell me why my <td class=fyes> don't show up green?
12:57:50dwihnoYou should add the rockbox and firmware types
12:58:20BagderZagor: isn't that because the class to modified is rockbox.fyes etc ?
12:58:28dwihnoI don't see which is rockbox and which is archos firmware
12:58:39Zagordwihno: ah, you mean a header. yes
12:58:39Bagderperhaps not
12:58:58dwihnoZagor: ah, a header :D
12:59:13ZagorBagder: tried it, didn't help
13:00:07BagderI'm a css loser
13:00:37dwihnoCSS 1x2
13:04:44dwihnoBattery lifetime
13:04:47DBUGSent KICK dwihno to server
13:04:47Kick(#rockbox dwihno :No flooding!) by logbot!
13:04:49BagderX-Spam-Because: line in the body matched regex "korvsjöar"
13:05:02BagderI hate that lame mail
13:05:03 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
13:05:37dwihnotry td.fyes in the css
13:10:37Bagderlooking better ;-)
13:10:58Bagdernow we just need 42 more features to add ;-)
13:13:23Zagori'll leave that to you :-)
13:13:47*Bagder bows, thank you kind sir! ;-)
13:15:46dwihnoWhy 42 features?
13:16:01Bagderok, gimme only 35 then
13:16:08BagderI just want a full list
13:16:14dwihnoI want to have the snake game back in
13:16:36Zagoryou'll get it when we add plugin capabilities
13:16:45LinusNin rockbox 5.0
13:16:54kargatronin the list, what does backgroun nois=NO mean exactly? i can certainly hear with rockbox the disk-spinup/down noise when the volume is low. It *is* much worse with Archos, of course, but still...
13:17:39BagderI think we should keep the 'yes' ones postive and green in the list
13:18:08Zagorkargatron: it means the constant buzzing sound that the archos firmware constantly has that rockbox doesn't
13:18:16dwihnoheh, background noise: yes :-)
13:18:23Zagori actually don't hear the disk, even in quiet music
13:18:25kargatronBagder, but what if No is good?
13:18:35kargatronKills people: No | Yes :)
13:18:37Bagderthen we reverse the feature statement, imho
13:18:49Bagder"removed background noise"
13:18:50dwihnopink = good? :)
13:18:53Bagderor similar
13:19:05dwihnoCaramell certified: yes |no
13:19:41dwihnoArchos have a text file reader
13:19:46dwihnoSo that's a false statement
13:20:42Hadakathere were two main things why I switched to rockbox
13:20:53dwihnoHadaka: #1 - Caramell? ;)
13:20:55Hadakaboth caused by one single purchase - better headphones
13:21:04 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:21:04LinusNBagder: archos has a text file reader
13:21:13dwihnoWill the WPS font be configurable?
13:21:15Hadaka1) the awful background noise removed that I now could hear :)
13:21:22BagderZagor updates that file now
13:21:29kargatronRewards purchase of better headphones: Yes | No :)
13:21:33ZagorBagder: no, it's all yours :)
13:21:48Bagdercommit it then
13:21:53Hadaka2) Being able to turn the volume low enough (the archos firmware volume 0 is about 60 or 65 on rockbox)
13:22:04dwihnoWhat headphones do you guys use?
13:22:13Hadakakoss porta-pro
13:22:43kargatronearphones, the canonical choices are sony mdr-ex70lp (bud) and sennheiser mx500 (open) i think
13:22:44ZagorSony EX-70, as we've discussed here a dozen times :-)
13:23:16kargatronfor headphones, koss's are popular value choices. Grado gets perpetual great marks
13:23:30ZagorLinusN: can you try the new poweroff code on the players? (if you add the proper code to power.c of course)
13:23:38dwihnoHadaka: true, the lowest setting on the archos firmware wasn't low enough
13:24:04dwihnoHadaka: I tested those porta-pro, they are really good!
13:24:22*dwihno got the Zagor certified EX-70 ;D
13:24:32dwihnoZagortified headphones
13:24:33Hadakadwihno: agreed - better than many non-portable headphones
13:24:47Hadakadwihno: tested against the sennheiser hd-520 just now
13:24:55dwihnoHadaka: I thought they would truly suck when I tested them the first time
13:25:15Bagderdoes the archos have a balance setting ?
13:25:18dwihnoHadaka: I got the HD-570 model, yum
13:25:23dwihnoBagder: Yes, but it's buggy
13:26:02Zagorstatus: runtime 4h 33m, battery 78%
13:26:11Zagorrockbox, star trek edition :-)
13:26:25dwihnostar trek edition?
13:26:26dwihnohow come?
13:26:31dwihnoyou are not a fan, afaik
13:26:40dwihnoTo boldly go where no firmware has gone before? :)
13:26:44Zagorwe can line up tons of "useful" info
13:26:46Hadakabut, I'll get some food now
13:28:03LinusNdwihno: what is buggy?
13:29:21LinusNin all fairness, lots of people claim that they experience shorter lifetime with rockbox
13:29:35Bagderright, but I ignore those ;-)
13:30:32Zagorvery few people differentiate between charger efficiency and runtim efficiency
13:30:32dwihnoLinusN: I once set it 100% left (or right) then when I restarted it the next time, it was centered
13:31:38LinusNdwihno: was this archos or rockbox?
13:31:48dwihnoLinusN: It was archos. A long time ago.
13:32:02dwihnoLinusN: I didn't try it with rockbox, but I assume it works flawless :-)
13:33:18Bagderthe archos plays playlists random and not shuffled, right?
13:33:41dwihnothink so
13:36:03dwihnoCool boot logo is something rockbox has and archos hasn't ;)
13:36:44LinusNyeah, for 20ms if resume is on ;-)
13:37:35Bagder"fast and cool boot logo" yes no :-)
13:40:43dwihnoHow about "helpful mailing list"?
13:40:58LinusNqueue function: no
13:41:03Bagderah, good
13:41:08dwihnoI mean, if you want to contact Archos, you need to hire the M.I guys
13:41:28LinusNi haven't tried actually
13:41:57BagderI think "Corrects reported bugs" is a good enough point
13:44:23dwihnoTrue, true
13:46:08 Quit TotMacher ()
13:46:28LinusNZagor: major hang on newplayer
13:46:37LinusNhaven't tried oldplayer
13:46:40 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:46:44Zagorlatest code?
13:46:53Zagortoo abd
13:48:43 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
14:02:30dwihnoconfigurable spindown time
14:02:38dwihnoconfigurable "audio-bars"
14:03:03LinusNauto-volume on recorderd
14:05:22dwihnoHow stable is the power-off stuff?
14:05:33LinusNreally unstable for some people
14:05:45dwihnofor what kind of people?
14:05:47dwihnoFrenchies? :)
14:05:54LinusNthose with certain hard drives
14:06:30dwihnoSo what's the diff?
14:06:35dwihnoThey do not support the ATA_OFF cmd?
14:06:45LinusNthey behave differently on poweron
14:07:10LinusNthe poweroff feature is exactly what it sounds like, we turn off the power to the hard drive
14:07:13Zagorata_off is not a command. we simply cut the power.
14:07:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:08:21kargatroni missed the genesis of the option - during non-read times, the drive consumes non-negligible power, is that it?
14:08:38Zagorit consumes exactly 0 power
14:08:46kargatronno, i mean before
14:08:51kargatronw/p poweroff
14:09:04dwihnoYou cut the power? :(
14:09:05dwihnoPoor disk
14:09:14LinusNZagor: i don't see you selecting master/slave correctly
14:09:18dwihnoMr. Zulu, I need more power!
14:09:25dwihnoShe won't hold captain!
14:09:43Zagorsince we've cut the power
14:09:44Zagornormally, we put it in sleep mode which still drives much of the electronics and thus eats 10-20 mA
14:10:06dwihnowhat's the drawbacks of the power off cmd?
14:10:53ZagorLinusN: ? every command selects master/slave by itself
14:11:01Zagorthe ATA_SELECT register
14:11:13Zagordwihno: nothing, if it works... :-)
14:11:29LinusNi thought that you had to select correctly to be able to read the correct status
14:11:40Zagorpossibly, theoretically, more stress on the drive from power on/off but I doubt that's measurable
14:11:52ZagorLinusN: hmm, maybe. checking.
14:12:26ZagorLinusN: that could be it
14:12:38dwihnoI need to test it
14:12:48dwihnoAnything hazardous added the last days?
14:12:53*dwihno has not used recording yet ;)
14:12:57LinusNyes, the poweroff :-)
14:13:11dwihnoIs it good? :)
14:13:27*dwihno roddar runt in the backpack in search for the USB cable thing
14:14:05LinusNZagor: i don't see freeze_lock() either
14:14:18ZagorLinusN: no, but that's not critical
14:15:59Bagderdoes Archos support the XING?
14:16:10LinusNi think so
14:16:26LinusNi think they even support VBRI
14:16:40LinusNwe will soon too
14:16:45Bagdergo go go ;-)
14:17:00LinusNand soon we will generate XING headers when recording, something that they don't
14:17:17LinusNwe will even have an integrated VBRfix utility
14:19:39dwihnosounds bad
14:19:43Bagderdoes Archos have a known fixed limit of files in a single dir?
14:19:50Zagorwho wants to handle all the language patches? we need someone to feel responsible for the translations
14:19:51*dwihno testes bleeding edge power off shiznat
14:20:04ZagorBagder: 999 i *think*. not sure.
14:20:13LinusNBagder: not that i know of
14:20:31LinusNi don't think they know either :-)
14:21:16dwihnoWhen is the poweroff supposed to hang the unit?
14:21:30dwihnoRe-filling the buffer obviousley works for me
14:21:33LinusNZagor: why do we do those two last statements last in ata_init()?
14:21:44Bagderdwihno: then you're ok! ;-)
14:21:55LinusNwe select the master, but why?
14:22:04dwihnoBagder: There is no special way to find if power-off is possible or not?
14:22:04ZagorLinusN: I'm not sure what CONTROL_nIEN is. interrupt enable?
14:22:08dwihnoAnd what is causing the hang?
14:22:28LinusNdwihno: we don't know yet
14:22:50LinusNZagor: don't know
14:23:18Zagori think LinusN nailed it about the master/slave thing
14:23:21LinusNbut the ATA_SELECT statement should be ATA_SELECT = ata_device; imho
14:23:38Zagoractually, it shouldn't be there at all.
14:23:55dwihnoI bet you will find out
14:23:59dwihnoYou always do :)
14:24:04LinusNZagor: probably not, if all other functions select the drive before they wait for anything
14:24:24LinusNset_multiple_mode() doesn't
14:25:29LinusNno function selects before reading the status register
14:25:53kargatrondwihno, the poweroff works for me, but i did get it to hang with some innocuous pausing and PREV. so it might not be fully stable, fyi
14:26:12dwihnokargatron: innocuous?
14:26:28kargatronseemingly harmless
14:26:46dwihnohm, I can test
14:27:22kargatronmight just be bad luck/special conditions. but this was from yesterday
14:28:04LinusNkargatron: oooh , it's MUCH better today :-)
14:28:35dwihnoLinus: Is the build of today Linus(TM) certified? :)
14:28:56LinusNyup, as certified as i am
14:29:25dwihnoWhat parts of the firmware (except HD poweroff) is unstable right now?
14:29:50ZagorLinusN: test the new ata.c on the player, ok?
14:29:52dwihnoI download the bleeding edge every once in a while, and I have only seen some minor temporary glitches
14:30:08LinusNZagor: allright
14:31:57Zagorthis could be the dreaded disk hang bug too.
14:32:46kargatronmight it be related to the silent-playing bug?
14:33:14Zagorkargatron: I think silent-play was the erroneous return code fixed earlier today
14:33:25kargatronoo, cool
14:33:34Zagoror, I *hope* :-)
14:34:51dwihnoBTW... Have you tested if archos utilize power-off?
14:34:57Zagorthey don't
14:35:00dwihnoI mean, it must save loads of powah :)
14:36:27dwihnoor, does it?
14:36:41Zagornot loads of it. 10-20 mA
14:37:25Zagorstill, if we go from 90-100 to 70-80 mA it's a substantial change
14:37:40dwihnoso what uses most current right now?
14:37:47dwihnoand how much does the archos firmware consume?
14:37:49Zagorcpu and mas, I think.
14:38:04Zagorit was a while since I measured, I can't quite remember
14:38:30dwihnorockbox uses less, that's for sure?
14:39:54*dwihno got a mail! yay!
14:40:15Zagoryes it does, if SLEEP is working right for you.
14:40:32Zagorsome units, like Linus', inexplicably draws more power in SLEEP mode than STANDBY
14:42:01dwihnoIt's the hardware "surprise" feature ;D
14:44:59LinusNZagor: major hang, but the interesting part is that the disk does not spin up at all
14:45:21LinusNi thought it would when the power came on
14:46:45LinusNnot that i haveen't tried powering on/off the hd in the player before at all
14:48:13Zagorso we don't actually know it works at all
14:52:48LinusNhey, i discovered something
14:52:56ZagorLinusN: is there a reason you use(d) "sleep(HZ/5); button_get(false)" instad of button_get_w_tmo() ?
14:53:28LinusNyes, that was written before the w_tmo function was written
14:53:36Zagorok. i'm changing it
14:53:42Zagorwhat did you discover?
14:53:56LinusNPB4 seems to control the hard drive, allright
14:53:58Hadakaoh btw, I forgot my USB cable home, so I'll be testing that power off later this evening
14:54:12LinusNbut the dies when i try to turn it on
14:54:14ZagorHadaka: ok, good
14:54:15LinusNthe unit
14:54:21ZagorLinusN: ouch
14:54:24Zagorbad batteries?
14:55:03LinusNwell, i can turn the unit on by hand
14:56:00LinusNthere must be something more to it than just activating PB4
14:56:10Zagori'm about to commit Uwes charging patch. ok with you?
14:56:32dwihnoZagor: something cool and new? :)
14:57:09Zagordwihno: better charging and a new "estimated remaining time"
14:57:44dwihnoCool stuff :D
14:57:58dwihnoBetter charging is always good
14:58:03dwihnoI was thinking
14:58:10dwihnoIs there a way to install the firmware in ROM?
14:58:16dwihnoOr perhaps some kind of bootstrap?
14:58:57Zagoreven if there was, it's too risky
14:59:05dwihnonaah :)
14:59:09dwihnoNo guts, no glory :)
15:02:53dwihnoHow bullet proof is the writing as of now?
15:03:49BagderI shot some nuclear missiles on it, and it didn't move
15:04:46dwihnoYay for Zay
15:04:51dwihnoHe made the day
15:05:11dwihnoReally, are there any known writing bugs nowadays?
15:07:22Zagoror, uh, there was one strange report on the list today. i guess that's a bug...
15:07:28kargatronso it's just waiting for enterprising programmers to heed my clarion call for automatic bookmarking! :)
15:07:37Zagorpretty much so
15:08:19LinusNZagor: the deadbeef bug could be a poweroff/ata bug
15:13:46 Quit Bagder ("")
15:16:57 Join fatboy [0] (
15:22:11Hadakawhee, sh-elf-gcc-3.2 now ready
15:22:58LinusNHadaka: already? I have had mine for months :-)
15:25:21HadakaLinusN: yeah, me too - but just compiled one at work right now
15:29:43Hadakaand every time I'm amazed as to how trivial it is :)
15:33:59dwihnoCVS = red
15:36:55dwihno'11100000' 224 −− beware of my evil calculation routines ;D
15:38:32LinusNevil == miscalculation? :-)
15:39:31dwihnoit is not!
15:39:34dwihnoor is it ?
15:39:42dwihnoYou're messing with me!
15:39:58dwihnoit's correct
15:40:04dwihnoStop messing with me! :)
15:40:14dwihnoYou mess with me, you mess with alla mina kompisar ;D
15:44:29dwihnoDoes the bleeding edge contain everything in the CVS log?
15:45:19dwihnoIt will be neato to check Uwe's changes
15:45:25*dwihno has no compiler suite anymore
16:07:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:10:35ZagorLinusN: about plugins, do you have any ideas what to do about .bss .data and .rodata?
16:11:20LinusNwe should include those as well
16:11:52Zagoryes, but how? (i'm working on the non-hardlinked-to-a-specific-binary idea here)
16:11:56LinusNmaybe create a plugin_init() function in the plugin itself
16:12:16LinusNthat initiates its own bss and data
16:12:46LinusNlike crt0.S does today
16:13:25Hadakahas there been any idea of creating a boot-menu style thing for rolo? eg. allowing you to choose a firmware at boot and defaulting to some after a short timeout? or perhaps putting up a firmware menu by holding down some key during boot?
16:13:27Zagoryes, but the location of bss and data is fixed, isn't it=
16:13:44LinusNHadaka: for what reason?
16:13:58LinusNZagor: ah, now i get it
16:14:03ZagorHadaka: it would be very very simple
16:14:22HadakaLinusN: well for example to have the archos firmware booted by default, but allow booting of rockbox on request
16:14:23Zagormy original idea was to have that, exactly like LILO
16:16:04Zagorbut it turned out more annoying than useful
16:20:18Hadakawell a friend was iffy about changing to rockbox right away - he'd be happier if he could default to archos and use rockbox only when he wants to
16:20:48LinusNHadaka: let him use rolo
16:21:20LinusNwhy develop extra software for those who _don't_ want to run rockbox?
16:23:16HadakaI don't see that as a too much of a sound argument - since it _is_ to ease transition away from archos firmware to rockbox - but it is a sane argument if you just say that not worth the effort
16:23:27Hadakain any case, it was just a question
16:24:58Zagoradd a feature request :-)
16:25:40Hadakanah, not worth it - unless I start wishing it myself as well
16:26:23LinusNHadaka: making Rockbox load Archos by default in a boot menu is not easing the transition imho
16:26:42Zagori disagree
16:26:52Zagorbut i still won't write it :-)
16:27:37LinusNHadaka: what was your friends concern?
16:28:24HadakaI could see myself wanting to select the "default" firmware to load between a bleeding edge rockbox and a released rockbox
16:29:30LinusNHadaka: you have a programming task :-)
16:30:28Zagorhas anyone ran out of batteries lately? I mean *really* out? what happens...?
16:30:35HadakaZagor: I have
16:30:49LinusNfirst, the keys (recorder) starts malfunctioning
16:30:50HadakaZagor: it goes back to directory listing when the harddrive can't spin up
16:31:02LinusNthen it conjures up its own keypresses
16:31:08Zagorooh, fun
16:31:10HadakaZagor: then every time you press play, it starts spinning up the hd and then it goes back to directory listing again
16:31:16HadakaZagor: and after that it turns itself off
16:31:18LinusNthen it stops playing and finally shuts down
16:31:21HadakaZagor: recorder 20
16:31:31Zagorok, sounds reasonably controlled anyway
16:31:47Zagorexcept for the part about inventing key presses :)
16:32:08HadakaI had none of the symptoms linus was describing
16:32:21LinusNi guess it's very individual
16:32:25HadakaLinusN: I'll code that when it becomes an issue for me :)
16:32:33Zagori'm planning to do runtime tests using the new runtime meter
16:32:35LinusNHadaka: like always
16:32:48HadakaLinusN: or when someone else wants it ;)
16:32:56LinusNHadaka: like your friend
16:32:59ZagorI was thinking of simply starting a huge playlist and let it run until it shuts itself off
16:33:03HadakaI've ran out of batteries like three times now
16:33:20HadakaLinusN: perhaps - I'll first try to have him just make the jump to rockbox directly
16:33:42HadakaZagor: make sure all the songs have the same bitrate so you can document that as well :)
16:33:52HadakaZagor: that's exactly what I did, btw
16:34:19LinusNZagor: make really sure that the batteries are equally charged
16:34:40Hadaka12h is the best I've gotten in playtime right now
16:34:58ZagorLinusN: yes, that's pretty difficult.
16:35:01dwihnois LSB from left or right bitwise?
16:35:07ZagorHadaka: yay, that's a lot
16:35:11LinusNrun once until it dies
16:35:24Zagordwihno: depends on hardware. normally right
16:35:25LinusNthen charge externally each time, with your charger
16:35:42dwihnoZagor: thank U :D
16:35:46LinusNdwihno: in writing, it is always to the right
16:35:47ZagorLinusN: yes
16:35:53HadakaI always charged internally, with the basic archos flash firmware though
16:36:06dwihnoLinusN: I was thinking code-wise and machine-wise :)
16:36:24ZagorLinusN: right, just IBM calls the LSB 15 or 31...
16:36:55LinusNso to be correct, LSB is _always_ the rightmost one
16:37:19LinusNhowever, it may be called bit 0 or bit 31 depending on the architecture
16:38:50dwihnoCan someone always trust a compiler to initialize the values to zero?
16:38:57Zagordwihno: no
16:39:30LinusNglobals are guaranteed to be initialized, i think
16:40:17Zagori wouldn't count on it
16:40:18LinusNdwihno: local variables in C are guaranteed to not be initialized
16:42:42dwihnoLinusN: how come? :)
16:42:59dwihnoI mean, how often do you use the random values provided? :)
16:43:15LinusNhehe, it's a performace issue
16:43:33LinusNand for simplicity
16:44:05LinusNthey are allocated on the stack, and they may be on a different address each time the function is called
16:44:54dwihnoWhat do you call the ants who do not have a home?
16:45:02dwihnoMyrstackarna :-) Hehu!
16:45:27LinusNout of stack space
16:54:20dwihnoMyrstackarna :-) Hehu!
16:55:57 Join tim [0] (
16:56:12 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:56:32timI'm not zagor, I just used that name, because it wouldn't let me log in
16:56:36timI'm tim
16:56:55LinusNhi tim
16:57:07timare you linus?
16:57:19timcause you have a "n" on the end
16:57:26timI have a prob
16:57:29LinusNLinus Nielsen
16:57:33timabout patching
16:57:52LinusNtim: have problems with the 'patch' command?
16:58:00timI have windows, and I have tried all the different things you said
16:58:07timand I am using cygwin
16:58:16timand I can't patch
16:58:25LinusNtim: you realize that it is the source code that is patched?
16:58:37timi am trying to patch the "more games for rockbox"
16:58:42LinusNso you have to compile rockbox
16:58:56timI downloaded the source
16:59:07LinusNso how far do you come
16:59:07timand put it in c:\archos
16:59:25timthen I got the patch, and put it in c:\arhos
16:59:35LinusNtim: have you managed to compile the code without the patch?
16:59:37timthen I downloaded the cygwin
16:59:38fatboywhat is your symptom with 'patch' ?
16:59:51LinusNtry that first
16:59:54timI can't figure out how to compile?
17:00:05timhow do you compile on windows?
17:00:16fatboyjust launch Cygwin
17:00:20LinusNi haven't compiled on windows
17:00:26fatboybe sure to have bash prompt
17:00:31timI have that
17:00:37fatboyget in rockbox/tools
17:00:41fatboydo 'make'
17:01:09fatboyit will make all the necessary tools
17:01:14timmake what?
17:01:23timlike, just type "make"?
17:01:28fatboyjust prompt 'make'
17:01:47 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
17:02:09timit says: bash: make: command not found
17:02:24LinusNtim: you must do a complete cygwin install
17:02:31LinusNnot just the default one
17:02:32timI will
17:02:41timoh, how do you choose all the options
17:02:42LinusNincluding the gcc compiler
17:02:42fatboythat is gcc, make, binutils, etc.
17:02:44timwhen installing
17:02:54fatboydon't forget perl too
17:03:04timso install everything right?
17:03:29fatboyyes you'd better
17:03:38timi'll install everything, and I'll be back later. It takes awhile to install
17:03:51fatboybut you don't need extra stuff like X11 of course ;)
17:04:03timwhat is that?
17:04:08LinusNtim: never mind
17:04:47timi'll install it, and i'll be back
17:05:42timhow big is the install?
17:05:51timlike, full install?
17:05:59fatboytry to install from the internet
17:06:03LinusNi dunno, i have never installed it
17:06:12timok, I will
17:06:18fatboysetup.exe from
17:06:38timDefault text file type, what should I choose?
17:06:44timDOS, or UNIX?
17:06:49fatboyI think the default packages will be enough
17:06:59fatboyoh yes UNIX
17:07:10LinusNthe default is not enough
17:07:28fatboywhat would lack ?
17:07:47timdo you know of the fastest mirror?
17:08:07timcus, if the download is around 500mb, for the full install, I would like the fastest mirror
17:08:15fatboyhuh don't remember, it is a long time ago...
17:08:25timI also have cable, whew, man, it would be an ass if you had dial-up
17:08:39fatboyhopefully for you
17:08:47fatboyjust try one
17:09:20timdamn, the package selections screen froze up
17:11:49timthis is pissing me off, it keeps on freezing up.
17:13:48timwell, i'm gonna restart, and try again,
17:13:51 Part tim
17:52:53 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
17:58:12 Quit pyvasene ()
17:59:18Zagorkeyboard time
18:06:17 Quit TotMacher ()
18:06:30 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:07:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:21:15Zagorfirst runtime test (half-charged batteries): 8h 37m
18:21:27Zagorlots of usb accesses and stuff in this, too
18:24:34 Part Zagor
18:24:58 Join Zagor_ [242] (
18:26:15Zagor_gotta go
18:26:34 Part Zagor_
18:30:19 Join edx [0] (
18:42:12 Join guest [0] (
18:43:01guestis anyone here?
18:43:38guesthas anyone tried the chip8 patch?
18:46:17guestCan any of you pussies answer?
18:46:55Hadakawhat would you assume if there's no answer, eh?
18:47:08guestthis IRC sucks
18:47:16guestI'll go over to
18:47:22HadakaI would suggest some patience
18:47:37Hadakathe rockbox developers are on the channel, they are not just here by the minute
18:48:15guestare you a developer?
18:48:33HadakaI've submitted one single patch ever, so no
18:48:58fatboythis a channel for developers, why ?
18:49:16Hadakaerr? who said that?
18:49:22guestwhat patch?
18:49:49Hadakaguest: just some random stuff, several months ago
18:49:59fatboyor more usually for technical issue about Rockbox
18:50:10 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
18:50:20Hadakaas far as I know, this channel is for rockbox, not specifically anything else :)
18:50:35Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
18:54:55 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|bath (
18:55:59Hadakahm, time to put my cvs built rockbox in
18:56:30Mode"#rockbox +o Hadaka " by LinusN|bath (
18:56:52 Part fatboy
18:57:13 Part guest
18:58:18LinusN|bathHadaka: i felt we needed some operators on the channel when someone logs on and says "this channel sucks" :-)
18:59:12HadakaLinusN|bath: heh - agreed :)
19:00:56Hadakaookay, now the traditional wait on first write to the drive
19:01:03Hadakapuuh, someone really has to make a fix for this
19:08:18Hadakahmh ok now I need zagor to tell me about this harddrive poweroff :)
19:08:55Hadakaand the battery life gauge
19:10:45Hadakaok, atleast does not work as it should :)
19:11:14 Quit TotMacher ()
19:11:52 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:11:56Hadakait stops playing music after the first time it has to spin up the hd :)
19:12:04Hadakalemme try without the poweroff
19:17:30 Join tot|away [0] (
19:17:31 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:17:54 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:19:14Hadakaworks fine without the poweroff
20:07:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:14:11 Join pyvasene [0] (
20:24:02 Quit TotMacher ()
20:24:10 Nick tot|away is now known as TotMacher (
20:34:01 Join [ken0]_ [0] (TrillDude@
20:34:01 Quit [ken0] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:42:59 Join tot|away [0] (
20:42:59 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:50:46 Join k3n0 [0] (marklar@
20:50:47 Quit [ken0]_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:21:29 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:27:13 Join xam [0] (
21:30:00 Quit pyvasene (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:30:00 Quit k3n0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:30:41 Join k3n0 [0] (~bmwZ3@
21:57:22 Nick LinusN|bath is now known as LinusN (
22:04:23 Quit xam (Remote closed the connection)
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22:15:20 Quit edx ()
22:25:50 Join gschaefer [0] (~gschaefer@
22:26:09gschaeferhey peeps
22:26:37gschaeferI lost my archos virginity today by plugging in RockBox, go me!
22:26:53*gschaefer likes it so far!
22:27:16gschaeferdoes it only run under archos?
22:27:25LinusNonly archos
22:27:34LinusNwhat model do you have?
22:27:45gschaeferstudio 10 w/ 20gb drive
22:27:50gschaefersoon to be 30gb drive!
22:28:17LinusNgschaefer: i need you to try a thing for me
22:28:18gschaeferscratch taht
22:28:20gschaeferI have the 10 soon to be 20
22:28:40gschaeferwhich I'm inheriting from my 20 gig notebook which is getting the 30 gig
22:28:44*gschaefer stays confused.
22:28:49gschaeferhow can I help?
22:28:59LinusNdo you have the archos in front of you?
22:29:10gschaeferbut I ain't soaken it in water!
22:29:14gschaeferI know THAT won't help!
22:29:33LinusNgo to settings->system->idle timeout
22:29:40LinusNset it to 1 minute and wait
22:30:22LinusNbut you need to leave the settings menu for it to take effect
22:30:51gschaeferIdle Poweroff?
22:31:00LinusNyes, sorry
22:31:14gschaeferbut had that already
22:31:35gschaeferthough haven't tested
22:31:38gschaeferguess I need to wait a min now
22:36:23LinusNi guess your unit didn't shut off?
22:36:30gschaeferit worked (once I realized I had to have it unplugged)
22:36:38*gschaefer isn't the sharpest tool in the box!
22:36:41LinusNit worked for you?
22:36:48*gschaefer isn't the sharpest tool in the #rockBox
22:36:51LinusNit doesn't work for me
22:36:52gschaeferyeah, worked
22:36:59gschaeferworked first time for me
22:37:09gschaeferis yours idling?
22:37:23LinusNmy two Players don't shut off correctly
22:37:56gschaefersend them to me, I'll fix em! <wink>
22:38:02gschaeferhow big is your 'drive?'
22:38:39LinusN6 one one Player, 30 on the other and 20 on my Recorder :-)
22:38:57gschaeferI saw the multimedia one this w/e at the store
22:38:57LinusNsorry, 40 on my recorder
22:39:01gschaeferI want that!
22:39:12gschaeferactually I'd be happy with a cradle
22:39:14gschaeferor carrying case
22:39:51gschaeferso are you invovled in this project?
22:40:03gschaeferI see your name on the irc list on the page
22:40:10LinusNi started it together with Björn Stenberg
22:40:40gschaeferI was amazed so much development has been done
22:40:47gschaeferI was living under this rock apparently
22:40:50LinusNwe have lots of experience
22:41:00LinusNand we are lots of skilled people
22:41:21gschaeferis sh1 similiar to sh3?
22:41:37LinusNi don't know, i haven't seen an SH1 before this project
22:41:41gschaefermy jornada is sh3 and I'm guessing the archos uses sh1
22:43:26gschaeferhow's 1.5 coming along?
22:43:37LinusNgood, i think
22:43:51LinusNactually, we're seldom thinking about 1.5
22:44:01gschaefer2.0 ? :)
22:44:05LinusNwe just work on the features
22:44:21LinusNwhen they are ready, we release it
22:44:32LinusNand, yes, it will probably be called 2.0
22:44:49gschaeferthose are the daily builds?
22:45:01gschaeferI am trying to d/l the compiler but haven't been "processed" yet
22:45:03gschaeferwtf that means
22:45:10gschaeferguess they're contacting my mommy!
22:45:14LinusNthe daily builds contain the latest and the greatest
22:46:02LinusNcan you test another thing for me?
22:46:12LinusNdo you have a net connection?
22:46:15gschaeferif you can tell me how to get the fonts to work
22:46:18LinusNi am stupid
22:46:24gschaeferhow would I be on irc w/o net connection?!
22:46:26LinusNof course you have :-)
22:46:33LinusNhahaha, i'm tired
22:46:34gschaeferof course :)
22:46:41gschaeferI coudlnt' tell, HONEST!
22:46:46LinusNlet me give you an URL
22:46:56gschaeferno porn though, I'm at work
22:47:48LinusNput it in the root of your archos
22:48:13gschaeferthis isn't gonna wipe my mp3's off is it? :P
22:48:30gschaeferme gots 9.99 gb on there!
22:48:42LinusNdon't worry
22:48:55 Nick tot|away is now known as TotMacher (
22:49:09LinusNit will reset your settings, though
22:50:15gschaeferdo I need to rename archos.mod to something else?
22:50:22gschaeferand then rename linus.mod to archos.mod?
22:50:29gschaeferor will it auto-load all .mods?
22:50:33 Quit TotMacher ()
22:50:36*gschaefer is sorta/kinda/very new at this :)
22:51:48gschaeferu there?
22:52:02LinusNuse ROLO
22:52:06 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:52:12LinusNselect "All" in the file filter
22:52:21gschaeferum, k, but what's ROLO?!
22:52:29LinusNthen select linus.mod and press Play
22:52:40LinusNROckbox LOader
22:52:50gschaeferdunno wot dat is
22:52:51LinusNit can load and run any MOD file
22:52:54gschaeferis that on the archos?
22:52:59LinusNin rockbox
22:53:31gschaeferso copy the linus.mod onto the root, unplug usb, power up by holding on button for 5 secs?
22:53:33gschaeferlike dat?
22:54:12LinusNthen go to the settings->general settings->file view
22:54:17LinusNselect "All"
22:54:29LinusNthen go back and select linus.mod and Play it
22:54:59gschaefernow whattodo?
22:55:01LinusNyou can also download the archos firmware with that
22:55:24LinusNdo the same thing as you did earlier, with the idle poweroff
22:56:09gschaeferwaiting 1 m
22:56:27gschaeferso while I wait, how do I switch fonts on it?
22:56:34 Join TotMacher [0] (
22:56:47LinusNthat is only possible on the recorder
22:56:49gschaeferI put the .fnt int he .rockbox folder
22:56:51gschaeferclicked on it
22:56:54gschaeferOH! :(
22:57:03gschaeferdang, I liked that idea!
22:57:08gschaeferokay, back to you
22:57:10gschaeferit shut off
22:57:15gschaefer(just like it did before)
22:57:44LinusNi wonder why it doesn't work on my units
22:57:44gschaefernow back to me
22:58:05LinusNno games yet on the Player
22:58:14LinusNdo you have any good ideas for games?
22:58:14gschaeferonly the recorder?
22:58:17gschaeferwhy all the player-hating?
22:58:25Hadakasmall screen...
22:58:31gschaeferdoes recorder have bigger screen?
22:59:08LinusNthe players have an 11*2 character display
22:59:21LinusNthe recorder has a 112x64 bitmap display
22:59:23gschaeferthat's no good
22:59:39gschaefercan we hack the ipods screen and put them on here?
22:59:42gschaeferI got some tuct dape!
22:59:43gschaeferer tape
23:00:41LinusNif you have a good idea for a game that could fit on the player screen, please tell
23:00:54k3n0hangman heh
23:01:01 Nick k3n0 is now known as [keno] (~bmwZ3@
23:01:38*[keno] got his USB2.0 PCI card today
23:01:48[keno]FINALLY the recorder 20 is running at full spped
23:01:54[keno]speed even
23:01:57[keno]what a difference..
23:02:05LinusN[keno]: isn't it wonderful
23:02:20LinusNgschaefer: thanks for your help
23:02:36[keno]amazing! and the card only set me back ~30$
23:02:49[keno]small price to pay to avoid those HOURS of transferring
23:03:32[keno]err.. ST LAB (VIA chip, OEM)
23:03:57[keno]why ah?
23:04:05[keno]bad ah?
23:04:19LinusN"ah", as in "aha, ok"
23:04:23[keno]I figured it's a VIA chipset, which isa good brand
23:04:36[keno]the NEC chip was 150NIS.. this one was only 100
23:04:41[keno]oh cool :)
23:04:41LinusNi have VIA's internal USB on my KT333
23:04:45gschaeferk, me will think of somefin
23:05:17LinusN[keno]: not all that reliable, at least not with 2.4.19 kernel
23:05:25LinusNworks in Windows though
23:05:28[keno]arg.. keno needs a new mobo
23:05:55[keno]LinusN that's what I use :(
23:06:07[keno]LinusN too scared to install redhat on this machine
23:06:15gschaeferu must have a 2.0 archos!
23:06:16LinusNi use redhat
23:06:32[keno]8 ?
23:06:32LinusNi have a recorder20 with USB2.0
23:06:39[keno]gschaefer yeah
23:06:47[keno]LinusN why 7.2 ?
23:07:27LinusN[keno]: that was the latest when i installed it :-)
23:07:55gschaeferwe get the point!
23:08:10gschaeferI'm not bitter with my usb 1.1 setup!
23:08:23gschaeferor my small screen
23:08:34gschaeferor small hard drive!
23:08:46[keno]gschaefer you know, we only have bigger screens to compensate ....
23:09:11gschaeferEek! Via! reminds me, lost my USB Root Hub at home somehow :(
23:09:18[keno]LinusN how is yourwife btw?
23:09:24gschaefercan't see any usb devices no more :(
23:09:36gschaeferwhat o/s u runnin?
23:09:47LinusN[keno]: still bad
23:09:48 Nick gschaefer is now known as Orby (~gschaefer@
23:10:08LinusNOrby: linux
23:10:16LinusNdual boot with win98
23:10:29Orbyoops ... just read that
23:10:35[keno]LinusN I didn't know giving birth could be so dangerous..
23:10:42[keno]LinusN what do the doctors say?
23:10:46OrbyI just d/l'd 8
23:10:52Orbyand freebsd 5
23:11:00LinusN[keno]: it's a hormone thing, very few women get it
23:11:10Orbyhaven't had the time to play wif either
23:11:18Orbyso u guys go through as many MP3's as me?
23:11:32OrbyI think I have some 227tb of em myself now!
23:11:33[keno]LinusN and the recovery time is usually this long?
23:11:41LinusNfor those women, yes
23:12:14LinusNtakes months, up to a year
23:12:26 Quit Orby (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:12:56 Join Orby [0] (~gschaefer@
23:13:30[keno]LinusN that's a long time to suffer. I know that this must somehow diminish the joy of having another kid, but you two should try to take comfort in that..
23:13:35Hadakahmh, I'd guess zagor is not suddenly gonna pop up anymore today
23:13:44[keno]giving life is the ultimate goal..
23:15:35LinusNHadaka: i guess not
23:15:45LinusN[keno]: we'll survive
23:15:52LinusNthe kid is wonderful
23:16:27Hadakaoh well, I'll holler him tomorrow about this drive-poweroff thing
23:17:06[keno]LinusN gonna grow up and make unofficial firmwares just like his dad eh ? :)
23:18:07LinusNsure, both of them
23:18:36[keno]need an extra one? a bit old but still in very good condition <g>
23:19:31LinusNi'll pass on that one
23:20:05[keno]okay, but I would have made a very good son :)
23:21:07[keno]okay, I'm gonna take a shower and hit the bed. got guard duty tomorrow :(
23:21:58[keno]tell your wife the entire linus fanclub wishes her well
23:22:25[keno]and you take care too. seeya
23:23:44LinusNthanks and goodnight
23:24:28 Part Orby
23:28:54 Quit TotMacher ()
23:39:40 Join TotMacher [0] (
23:44:44Hadakauhum... ra_svn still fails in a lot of operations
23:45:06Hadakanot to mention all the other stuff it's still missing
23:45:52LinusNwhat are you talking about?
23:46:02Hadakawhops, sorry
23:46:14HadakaECHAN :)

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