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#rockbox log for 2002-12-04

00:02:32adi|workis .mod a format im not aware of?
00:03:20LinusNadi|work: huh?
00:03:35LinusN.mod is a file extension
00:03:54adi|workwe got a nother putz who didn't read the FAQ
00:04:19LinusNhey, wait a sec
00:04:56LinusNMOD files are oldskool music files
00:05:02adi|workright.. and?
00:05:08LinusNoriginally from the Amiga/Atari scene
00:05:16adi|workare they mp* ?
00:05:20LinusNsome samples and a sequencer
00:05:31adi|workie: can we play them?
00:05:36LinusNmore like midi files with accompanying sounds
00:05:42LinusNwe can't play them
00:05:48adi|worklike i said.. another putz ;)
00:05:52LinusNwe need multichannel PCM playback
00:06:27LinusNhehe, and he thought that we could use winamp plugins....
00:07:35adi|workyeah..but he's special
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00:08:04adi|workcareful with those heys
00:08:07adi|worktheir dangerous
00:08:17adi|workokay.. headedhome
00:08:25LinusNTriple-z: hi
00:10:30Triple-zwell i wasnt here for like 3 weeks, whats new?
00:11:04LinusNwell, recording, ATA poweroff function and sleep timer
00:11:37Triple-zfor some reasone i had probs with the last builts
00:11:48Triple-zill try the newest
00:11:53LinusNhard drive probs?
00:12:50Triple-zi think, i cant get inside the folder, or it takes for too long
00:13:20LinusNok, disable disk poweroff in the system settings
00:13:25LinusNand see if it helps
00:14:05Triple-zdoes bidi scroll is inside the last builds?
00:14:42LinusNi don't know
00:14:54LinusNi didn't know that was in at all
00:15:25Triple-zyou know what is it?
00:15:29Triple-zit is
00:15:49LinusNbidirectional scroll, like archos
00:16:16LinusNi tried to implement that, but i ran into some problems
00:16:24LinusNon the recorder
00:16:32LinusNso i focused on the recording
00:16:48Triple-zreally? i hoped its a simple thing
00:17:03LinusNit's not as easy as one would think
00:17:39LinusNand i was in a hurry at the time
00:17:53Triple-zoh ok
00:18:26Triple-zso when you find the time.. plz
00:18:54LinusNok, ok :-)
00:19:34Triple-zwhat you guys use: AMD or intel?
00:20:31 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:21:16LinusNi have AMD (athlon XP 1800)
00:21:49LinusNand intel in the laptop
00:22:03LinusNmobile P4 2GHz
00:22:10Triple-zXP 2000 is better than P4 2.0ghz? i didnt really got that, cuse its lower in ghz..
00:22:34LinusNTriple-z: GHz isn't everything
00:22:41Triple-zi know
00:22:44Triple-zbut still
00:22:46LinusNit's like saying that RPM is all in a car
00:22:46TotMacherNAH !
00:22:52TotMacherghz is everything
00:23:02TotMachersize does matter !
00:23:04kargatronrpm is everything!
00:23:26TotMacherwhats more important ? technics or length ?
00:23:44kargatron"girth" is better LinusN
00:25:12kargatron"girth" is a better word to use there than "thickness". More mahnly. :)
00:25:54Triple-ztell me what you think about this parts: AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Tray CPU, Thermaltake Volcano 7 Plus CPU Cooler for AMD, Gigabyte GA-7VAX VIA KT400 Motherboard (AGPx8, 5.1 Sound, ATA133, LAN, USB 2.0), DDR-RAM 256MB 3200 Samsung Original Memory, Gigabyte RADEON 9000 Pro 64MB DDR Bulk VideoCard, TASK 5200B Front USB Case
00:26:18Triple-zhows that?
00:26:20kargatronwow, a sleep timer done? didn't even know it was being worked on
00:27:04LinusNTriple-z: looks ok
00:27:15LinusNwhat will you do with that system?
00:27:27kargatronemail, games, the usual. :)
00:27:47LinusNkargatron: i wouldn't recommend it for video editing
00:27:54Triple-zwell video, internet, some gfx, games
00:28:15Triple-znot really video editing
00:28:44LinusNgood, VIA chipsets are not kind to video editing cards, PCI-bandwidth-wise
00:29:07LinusNsomething about badly or not implemented bus parking
00:29:09Triple-zGigabyte RADEON 9000 Pro 64MB DDR is good?
00:29:40*Triple-z anit got money for all the expencive stuff
00:30:39LinusNi can't tell if gigabyte does better video cards than other companies
00:30:58LinusNbut as long as it is radeon9x00 it sounds ok to me
00:31:15Triple-zits better then gettin a gf4 440mx 64ddr i think
00:31:24LinusNi'm not all up to date with the video card business
00:31:55LinusNi still have a Matrox G400
00:32:31Triple-zever heard on winbond memory?
00:33:05Triple-z thats the mobo
00:34:39LinusNwinbond? no.
00:34:43LinusNnever heard of it
00:34:57Triple-zguess its shitty
00:35:10LinusNi doubt it
00:35:43LinusNi dont think you can find really shitty memory nowadays
00:35:55LinusNas long as you stay within specs
00:36:20Triple-z i think
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02:35:33 Part LinusN
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03:42:08guestanyone here, knows how to put on a patch?
03:42:17guestI can't get a patch on
03:43:54guestwell, could anyone, put the "more games for rockbox" patch on the recorder 1.4 release, and e-mail it to me, compiled and made at
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04:36:01adi|sleepgod damnit...
04:36:10adi|sleepEVERYTIME guest comes in.. im not here...
04:36:15adi|sleepi want to toss that bastard...
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08:55:03dwihnoHey ho!
08:55:25dwihnoI got some feedback on the bleeding edge from last evening
08:55:31dwihnofrom 4pm or such
08:55:38dwihnoFirst of all, a scroll issue
08:55:45dwihno(which has been there for quite a whild)
08:56:13dwihnoafter ffw:ing in a stream, one of my scrolling lines starts to act funky
08:56:31dwihnoI also had a single hang when pressing 'next' while playing a playlist
09:04:18dwihnoThe LED was lit and nothing happened
09:04:35dwihnoBut that scroll issue might have something to do with multiple lines of scrolling
09:14:32dwihnoBagder: Did you ever do win32 API coding? :)
09:14:48BagderI did. Long time ago though.
09:15:41dwihnoDo you know how to intercept WM_SIZE messages (mainly to limit the window heights) :) ?
09:15:54Bagderno clue
09:23:08dwihnoI bet you know how to do it with all those widget sets like GTK, athena, wxwindows etc. ;)
09:23:24BagderI don't do much GUI programming
09:23:37Bagderso the answer is no, I'm quite clueless on all of them
09:24:14dwihnoGUI is your friend! :)
09:24:36BagderI know the Rockbox GUI API! ;-)
09:24:48 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:24:54dwihnoIt's a LCD framebuffer for crying out loud! :)
09:25:02Bagderit is? ;-P
09:25:06dwihnoI invented it
09:25:27*dwihno - mister inventer guy
09:25:44dwihnoHi Z
09:26:10BagderZagor_: I read they have problems with 2.4.20
09:26:40Bagderjust fyi, could be worth not upgrading
09:27:39 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:28:54ZagorArchos wants to put Rockbox on their support CDROM for the Studio series.
09:29:28dwihnoShow me the mail! :D
09:29:31dwihnoMisa wanna read!
09:29:49dwihnoZagor: Make a deal with them - They can do so, if they give you the MAS specs!
09:30:07Bagderin fact, they can do that already without asking
09:30:09ZagorI'm not so sure they have them...
09:30:11dwihnoI know
09:30:12ZagorBagder: exactly
09:30:21dwihnoBagder: sometimes, you have to dra en rövare :)
09:30:25Bagderbut asking is nice and polite
09:30:29dwihnoIt is
09:30:47dwihnoZagor: Show me the mail!!! :)
09:30:50dwihnoI wanna see
09:32:58dwihnoZagor: they weren't interested in Rockbox for the recorder?
09:33:11dwihnoProlly due to the missing recording feature and disk writing
09:34:15Zagorexactly. they might be interested once we support recording
09:34:49Zagori won't publish the mail
09:34:55dwihnoZagor - the code crusader! :D
09:36:11 Nick Schnueff_ is now known as Schnueff (
09:36:49dwihnoZagor: I had a nice crash last night when pressing 'next'. The LCD lit and then it locked.
09:36:51 Join LinusN [0] (
09:37:00Bagderhey L
09:37:08LinusNZagor: do you have a player nearby?
09:37:10LinusNhey Bagder
09:37:14dwihnoTry enabling multiple scrolling lines and ffw in a stream and you'll see pretty funky stuff too :)
09:39:21ZagorLinusN: no
09:40:09LinusNthe power_off() function doesn't work on the two players i have here at home
09:49:13dwihnoWhat's the address to the bug tracker?
09:50:40dwihnoI'll add bugs ;D
09:50:49dwihnoBut they do not apply to the bleeding edge, huh?
09:50:56LinusNyes they do
09:51:17dwihnothey do? :D Yay!
09:51:20LinusNjust mention the exact version as told by meny->version
09:51:38dwihnoI need to login to sourceforge to add a report?
09:52:10Bagder"If you have a Sourceforge account, log in before you file the report."
09:52:16Bagder"If you don't have a SF account, sign the report with your email."
09:53:24LinusNZagor: do you use Bagders new num2max5() function for the disk info?
09:54:46dwihnoAnyone with a recorder who can verify my bug?
09:55:03ZagorLinusN: no, forgot about that one
09:55:26Zagoralso, it doesn't handle >4G very well :-)
09:55:51dwihnoI was thinking. What happens if you are recording and run out of disk space while recording?
09:56:42LinusNdwihno: it will probably crash :-)
09:57:09dwihnoLinusN: Hey, you successfully implemented windows emulation with Rockbox - congrats ;D
09:57:14dwihnoNo one has a recorder nearby?
09:57:42Zagorwrite() simply fails when the disk is full
09:57:52Zagordwihno: I do
09:58:39LinusNdwihno: i have too
09:58:42dwihnoZagor: Test if the scrolling lines start to twitch after ffw:ing in a stream
09:59:32dwihnoBlahblah blah a blabla blah bleh bluh
09:59:35dwihnoblah blah a blabla blah bleh bluh
09:59:38DBUGSent KICK dwihno to server
09:59:38dwihnoahblah blah a blabla blah bleh bluh
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09:59:46 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
09:59:49dwihnoIt will twitch
09:59:52dwihnoYou will see what I mean
10:01:44*dwihno is awaiting some kind of reply ... :)
10:04:19Zagori can't see any twitching
10:05:03dwihnoyou can't?
10:05:08dwihnoI'll send you my WPS
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10:09:43Hadakahey Zagor, the harddrive poweroff thingy doesn't work :)
10:10:04Hadakabut it doesn't crash
10:10:08Hadakawhat happens is a bit odd
10:10:54Hadakafirst it plays just fine - then after the first time it has to spin up the hd all by itself, it spins it up and the sound stops playing altogether - and then the sound is never resumed - the mp3 looks like it's still playing
10:11:31dwihnoZagor: fetch! :)
10:11:40Zagordwihno: I can't dcc. i'm in a tunnel.
10:11:54LinusNHadaka: check the debug->mpeg screen
10:12:02Zagordwihno: mail it instead
10:12:24Hadakaookay, booting this thing up
10:12:24LinusNHadaka: forget that
10:12:38LinusNit won't help anyway
10:12:56Hadakanah, I want to see what's up
10:13:31Hadakahmmh weird
10:14:04Hadakafirst the buffered amount goes lower than the lower water mark or whatever it is - it starts spinning up the HD
10:14:30Hadakathen it manages to read only a tiny bit, just enough to put it over the low water mark
10:14:52Hadakaand then the music stops
10:14:57Hadakaand then it reads the buffer in full
10:15:19LinusNwhat says the Lowest value?
10:15:58LinusNtry to increase the low water mark, just to test
10:16:06Hadakawhat do I press?
10:16:58Hadaka#define MPEG_LOW_WATER 0x40000
10:16:58Hadaka#define MPEG_LOW_WATER_CHUNKSIZE 0x40000
10:17:05LinusNset it to 0x60000
10:17:20Hadakaboth or just the low water?
10:17:57Hadakaeg. do I adjust the low water chunksize as well?
10:18:26LinusNyou can try that too
10:18:53Hadakaok first I don't
10:19:39dwihnoZagor: *boing* - you got mail!
10:20:11Hadakaok now the damn fat wait again
10:21:30Hadakanow let's see
10:22:26Hadakauhum, wonder if I did something worng, it didn't start the spin up earler
10:23:00ZagorI have a fix upcoming for "the damn fat wait" btw
10:23:06LinusNmaybe "make clean"?
10:23:29HadakaLinusN: don't tell me I would have to do that? I thought you had proper dependencies handling?
10:23:31dwihnoZagor: got mail?
10:23:43Zagordwihno: haven't checked yet. still writing some other mail.
10:23:52LinusNHadaka: it sometimes fails, and i don't know why
10:24:02dwihnoZagor: mkay
10:24:05Hadakaoh I'll make clean to be sure then
10:24:07LinusNHadaka: and how do you see that it doesn't spin up earlier?
10:24:28Hadakawell I'm in the mpeg thread and the limit when it started doing stuff was still 0x40000
10:25:05Hadakawhat does the unswapped counter mean?
10:25:23Hadakaoh! swapping of the bytes after reading?
10:25:24LinusNit tells how much data that is left to bitswap
10:25:30Hadakaah yes
10:25:35LinusNnot byteswap
10:25:42Hadakayeah, meant bitswap :)
10:25:52Hadakaforgot even that that had to be done
10:26:37Hadakait was as if... it managed to read new stuff but not bitswap it before it was needed - and then stopped playing for some reason
10:27:04LinusNHadaka: that is possible
10:27:08Hadakagods I feel stupid! the reason why the low water mark was not updated
10:27:21Hadakawas that I didn't reboot this box at all since your usb mode is so nice :)
10:27:46LinusNhappened to me quite a few times too
10:28:17Hadakanow let's see
10:28:52Hadakaha! works now
10:29:02Hadakalowest 3e2e6
10:29:25Hadakanow let's see where the unplayed jumps after the first hiccup
10:29:28LinusNHadaka: try this: keep the water mark at 40000 and set chunk size to 0x10000
10:30:01LinusN(chunk size is the amount it tries to read when below the mark)
10:30:43Hadakathe unplayed jumps to 87000 or so when it first starts reading - then falls to 77000 and sometime 67000 before it manages to read more and fill the buffer
10:30:49LinusNHadaka: do you have a "lively" WPS, with lots of scrolling?
10:31:02LinusNHadaka: bitrate?
10:31:05HadakaI'm always in the mpeg thread these times
10:32:28Bagder is long now
10:33:18Zagori think "intuitive user interface" is a bit vague
10:33:24Bagderhehe, I agree
10:33:59Zagoralso I'd like "fast playlist loading" to be something like "playlist load speed" instead, with a "songs / sec" value (about 3200 on my Recorder)
10:34:21Hadakaok now we'll see again
10:34:36BagderZagor: then we need someone to load a playlist on the archos fw too
10:34:54LinusNand "low volume support" sounds silly, better with "ability to set really low volume"
10:35:15Zagor"high resolution volume setting"
10:35:20LinusNah good
10:35:22Bagderfeel free to adjust
10:35:24Zagor"high resolution volume control" even
10:35:30Zagorwe prefer to complain :-)
10:35:32LinusNBagder: the volume? :-)
10:36:12dwihnoZagor: 3200? How come? My recorder loads ~2000 per sec
10:36:39Hadakathe user interface might be intuitive - but it sure isn't too consistent
10:37:00dwihnoZagor: I'll double-check
10:37:36Zagorloading my 7165-file list, the display shows 1, 3167, 6009, 7165(end)
10:37:50Zagorso I guess it's more like 3000/sec than 3200/sec
10:38:11Hadakaok so 60000 with 10000 chunksize worked fine
10:38:20Hadakanow seeing 40000 with 10000 chunksize
10:38:33dwihnoMy 4019 playlist show1 2390 4019
10:38:46Zagordwihno: what disk do you have?
10:38:55dwihnoZagor: I'll check the neato new feature stuff ;)
10:39:09Hadaka3e2d8 is the value where it starts spinning up the hd
10:39:15dwihnoMe thinks
10:39:25Hadaka1e2d8 is the lowest value it hits
10:39:31Zagordwihno: that's what it says?
10:39:38dwihnoZagor: think so
10:39:57Zagordwihno: evil model name :)
10:39:59Hadakaunplayed jumps to 40000 and unswapped is 38000 and the music skips for a moment
10:40:12Hadakaand then the whole buffer is filled
10:40:14Zagordwihno: that's an IBM travelstar 40 GN
10:40:29Zagor(three cheers for google)
10:40:33dwihnoit is?
10:40:36*Bagder cheers one
10:40:36Hadakaso changing the chunksize to 10000 means that now it just skips every time, but no longer stops playing altogether
10:40:52LinusNHadaka: ok, good, then 60000 is the solution
10:41:04dwihnoZagor: is that good or bad?
10:41:09*dwihno has NOT modded his archos
10:41:13LinusNHadaka: try 60000/60000
10:41:14Hadakahm, I have FUJITSU MHN2200AT as a drive here
10:41:16Zagordwihno: neither
10:41:27HadakaLinusN: tried - and it worked
10:41:32LinusNHadaka: we will add a dynamic watermark later on
10:41:51dwihnoZagor: So it's my disk that's slow? :(
10:42:02dwihnoLinus promised me to help me swap my disk ;)
10:42:05Zagorof course IBM can't just write "IBM TRAVELSTAR 40GN" as model. nooooo, not ibm...
10:42:19LinusNZagor: can you add a poweron/spinup timing function in ata.c?
10:42:28dwihnoZagor: IBM is your friend! :)
10:42:29Zagordwihno: might be a slow disk, or maybe you simply have much longer paths than I do
10:42:30Hadakaok so what this means is that the disk is slower to spin up from poweroff - I wonder if draws more power as well?
10:42:36ZagorLinusN: ok
10:42:40Hadakanow it stopped entirely again!
10:42:42LinusNHadaka: i don't think so
10:42:53dwihnoZagor: erhm, my paths are not really that long.
10:43:06LinusNHadaka: with 60000/10000?
10:43:14Hadakanah, with this 40000/10000
10:43:18Zagordwihno: i think 2000 is pretty normal. probably my Tosh is fast
10:43:37dwihnoZagor: Time to clock a buffer fill
10:44:13LinusNZagor: my playlist loading is about 3800/sec
10:44:21Hadakaso there is a bug in the playing that some buffer exhaustion thing can make the playing stop
10:44:28dwihnoYou have luxorious drives ppl!
10:44:32LinusNHadaka: yes
10:45:30Hadakaso, what should the chunksize be? 10000, 40000 or 60000, if my low water mark is 60000?
10:45:49LinusNi think same as the watermark
10:46:07dwihnoLinusN: Did you get your drive using Zagor's supplier?
10:46:23LinusNyes, we have the same
10:46:53LinusNsame drive, actually
10:46:57dwihnoCan't you get me one? The stores in sweden only carry IBM's drives
10:48:22Hadakaok, I was mean and put 50000 to both, let's see :)
10:49:00LinusNHadaka: try 320kbit/s
10:49:13Hadakadon't think I have such beasts on my drive even
10:49:54Hadakaoh yes - once, just one, I've had a skip on these 256kbit MP3s without the harddrive poweroff thingy at all
10:49:56LinusNhehe, i call 256kbit files beasts :-)
10:50:12Hadakawell me too, lame −−r3mix forever
10:50:33dwihnolame -b192 -q0 forever ;D
10:50:46Schnueffforever = runtime? :)
10:52:26Hadakahey, where are the runtime values on this rockbox counted? from when you boot it up?
10:52:55dwihnoSchnueff: haha, ya
10:53:06ZagorHadaka: it's reset when you plug in the charger
10:53:51Hadakagods, I seem to be wanting dynamic watermark more and more by the moment :)
10:55:37Schnueffmaybe one could adjust the watermark with the average bitrate as a first try
10:55:48ZagorSchnueff: that, and the disk spinup time
10:58:47HadakaI want resume to survive over usb-mode! ;)
10:59:14ZagorHadaka: it does. just rolo the firmware again, and it'll ask for resume
10:59:34Hadakaah! it did!
10:59:45Hadakaexcept that I don't use ask, I use 'yes' :)
11:00:25Hadaka...which reminds me that I should put in the keylock saving stuff
11:01:20LinusN...which reminds me that we must make the remote control work when keys are locked
11:02:17Hadakabut now, off to work (and now I won't forget the usb cable)
11:07:42 Join Mine78 [0] (
11:07:59Mine78hi guys please is there someone who can help me with a serious problem with rockbox ?
11:08:07Mine78Zagor or whoever
11:08:10LinusNno :-)
11:08:15Mine78hi linusn
11:08:26Mine78when I press the on button
11:08:30Mine78it shut off
11:08:38Mine78even when I connect to the usb
11:08:41LinusNsounds like battery problems
11:08:48Mine78if I keep it pressed desn't work
11:09:06Mine78if i keep pressed and then connect the DC adaptor it makes crr crr sounds
11:09:10LinusNcheck your battery connection
11:09:11Bagderanyone feels for some torture? load archos firmware and estimate playlist load speed in songs/sec!
11:09:17Mine78and the HD red light doesn't turn on
11:09:21LinusNalso try to replacve the batteries
11:09:32LinusNyou may have a damaged cell
11:09:37Mine78but even if I connect the adaptor ?
11:09:44Mine78what's cell ?
11:09:51LinusNyes, the batteries are needed even with the dc adapter
11:09:53Bagderdwihno? ;-)
11:09:56LinusNcell == battery
11:10:01Mine78I tell the story
11:10:12Mine78I left the battery charging for almost 20 hours
11:10:13LinusNoh, "the story"
11:10:20Mine78when I return home (eheheh yes the sotry)
11:10:24Mine78the archos was a bit hot
11:10:27LinusN...and then i left iot in the dishwasher
11:10:31Mine78and it started to do that roblem
11:10:43Mine78i keep it like a jewl !
11:10:50LinusNMine78: sounds like you have damaged a battery, yes
11:11:06Mine78I supposed I amaged the archos
11:11:13LinusNi don't think so
11:11:16Mine78what are the specifics pof the batteries ?
11:11:21LinusNtry to replace the batteries
11:11:35LinusN1.2V NiMh AA size
11:11:42LinusN1500mAh or more
11:11:52Mine78I can bought them everywhere, right ?
11:12:17LinusNnot in the grocery store
11:12:27Bagderok, I'll measure it myself
11:12:42Mine78more mah = last more ?
11:13:10Mine78maybe I overused them
11:13:18Mine78ok thabk you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !
11:13:29Mine78I go to buy them
11:13:32 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
11:14:18dwihnoBagder: what?
11:14:23Bagdernever mind
11:14:55BagderI've created a 500-song playlist I'll now load with the archos fm
11:15:01dwihnoYou thought that was me? :)
11:15:07dwihnoI would pull off a greater scam :)
11:16:19dwihnoBagder: 500 songs? It will take 10 minutes to load it!
11:16:57Bagdertake a guess how many songs/sec ? ;-)
11:17:20Zagor100x speed difference. is that much? ;)
11:19:11dwihnoOnly a minor difference
11:19:31Bagdercan't even remember when I last ran the archos fm
11:23:02Bagdermy 500 song list took 27 secs to load
11:23:09Bagderis that pain or what
11:24:16dwihnoBagder: won't the RTC area get fux0red now when you use the archos firmware?
11:25:06Bagderyes, but not the config stored on fisk
11:25:17LinusNno == it is resotred from disk
11:25:24Bagderah, right
11:25:30dwihnoIt will get fux0red and then repaired :)
11:38:43 Join pyvasene [0] (
11:40:31Hadakastopped playing three times on the way to work
11:41:40Hadakaso 60000/60000 is not good either
11:42:09Hadakabut actually
11:42:25Hadakaexplain me the low water chunksize again?
11:42:32LinusNseems like the ATA poweroff shouldn't be the default option...
11:42:54Hadakanot before atleast somewhat dynamic low water mark
11:43:07LinusNwhen the low watermark has been reached, it will read CHUNKSIZE large blocks from disk
11:43:16LinusNuntil the watermark is reached
11:43:31LinusNthen it will read in as large chunks as the buffer allows
11:43:53Hadakaok so it is as I expect
11:44:20HadakaI'm pretty convinced that by lowering the chunksize but keeping the buffer at 60000 I can get good results
11:44:52LinusNHadaka: it should probably correlate to the bitswap chunk size
11:45:07Hadakathe problem is that when I increase the chunksize, it will take longer to read that chunk, which means I should increase the low water mark again - and so on
11:46:28LinusNreading from the hard drive is fast
11:49:37 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:49:46 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
11:49:52 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:57:26 Quit TotMacher ()
12:05:07 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:05:57 Quit pyvasene (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:06:06Hadakaswap chunksize is 0x2000
12:08:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:10:35LinusNreading in 0x2000 chunks from the harddrive will take forever
12:11:18Zagor0x20000 is more like it
12:12:00LinusNZagor: not for the bitswap
12:12:24Zagorno, for the drive
12:13:01LinusNZagor: the bitswap takes place once every loop in mpeg_thread
12:13:19LinusNso we want to do read, swap, read, swap, read, swap in equal amounts
12:13:38dwihnoswapping while reading?
12:13:41dwihnoSounds not-so-optimal
12:13:55LinusNdwihno: only when below the watermark
12:14:04Bagder now with playlist load speed
12:14:10ZagorBagder: do you feel like moving the list from majordomo to mailman? manual bounce removal is driving me nuts.
12:14:12dwihnoLinus: ah, then I'm with you :D
12:14:37BagderZagor: we might consider moving the list over to SF...
12:14:37Zagorthose are nice numbers :-)
12:14:50dwihnobtw, some of my mp3's are sounding fishy
12:14:55dwihnoI'll check if they are brokej
12:15:02ZagorBagder: yah we could
12:15:13BagderZagor: we could still offer the same mail address
12:15:20Bagderjust redirect it over
12:18:30dwihnoMy kebab song sounds glitchy! :(
12:18:38dwihnoWhich sounds good on wintendo
12:19:15Hadakahm, I wonder if I should go for 60000/40000 or 60000/20000
12:19:35dwihnoLinusN: You want a file for analysis? :)
12:20:36LinusNdwihno: dropouts?
12:21:03dwihnoerhm, dropouts?
12:21:15LinusNshort periods of silence
12:21:31LinusNthat means that some frames have bad checksums
12:21:55dwihnothey do?
12:21:59LinusNor it means that is was encoded with an encoder that doesn't generate checksums, but the checksum bit is set
12:22:13dwihnois there some kind of analysis tool to check that?
12:22:16LinusNi have heard of this problem before
12:22:21LinusNdwihno: i think so
12:22:58LinusNdwihno: winamp doesn't care about the checksum, but the MAS does
12:23:57 Quit Bagder ("")
12:29:07dwihnoMen vafanken, hittar inga juutils för ändamålet *morr*
12:33:18LinusNdwihno: VBRfix might do the job
12:34:10Zagorour font lacks the ¼ ½ ¾ characters
12:34:46LinusNwhat do you need those for?
12:34:58Zagormy new keyboard code :-)
12:35:15dwihnoLinusN: I don't think it's vbr
12:35:21dwihnoLinusN: Or perhaps that does not really matter
12:35:45LinusNdwihno: it shouldn't matter in this case
12:37:14dwihnoIt crashed after 49% :)
12:38:21LinusNok, something is bad in your file
12:38:29dwihnonaaah :)
12:38:33dwihnoMy kebab-låt! :(
12:39:07dwihnoFår jag bjuuuda på en kebab, med starka såsen på
12:45:50 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
12:50:01 Join tot|away [0] (
12:51:40 Join pyvasene [0] (
13:07:52 Quit TotMacher ()
13:07:52 Quit tot|away ()
13:16:29 Join kargatron [0] (
13:29:58*dwihno ate sausage salad for lunch
13:30:02dwihnoJust thought you should know
13:37:54 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
13:44:05 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
13:46:42Hadakahmh, I wonder what makes the powerup process take so much longer when the drive is totally powered off
13:47:25Zagorit doesn't take much longer for me. or at least I haven't noticed it
13:47:43Hadakafor me it is very noticeable
13:48:00HadakaI wonder if it draws more power during that as well
13:48:27Zagoryeah, that would be interesting to know
13:48:50Hadakaanyway, if I manage to tune the low water marks and stuff so that these 256kbit mp3's play well, I'm going to leave this unit to play 192kbit mp3's for the night again and see what the playtime is after that
13:49:08Hadakaso I can tell you whether it went up or down from the change
13:49:45Hadakacan I measure the power expenditure without opening the archos up?
13:50:36dwihnoMy disk power up is fast
13:51:40dwihnoScroll speed should be configurable and not only the spacing
13:51:53HadakaFUJITSU MHN2200AT <- my drive, not replaced
13:52:10Zagordwihno: that will consume all cpu
13:52:14Hadakadwihno: heh, I was bothered by the same thing :)
13:53:37HadakaI'd like to lower the scroll frequency
13:53:55dwihnoZagor: then it should be documented
13:54:33Hadakawhat would?
13:54:41Hadaka(consume all cpu, that is)
13:54:58Zagorincreasing the scroll update frequency
13:55:07dwihnoIf you make it configurable, then you can choose
13:55:22dwihnoSome people like to waste CPU
13:55:29Hadakaah, well I'm only considered in decreasing it :)
13:55:33dwihnoand Hadaka like to lower the frequency and have a higher pixel setting
13:55:39LinusNdwihno: wasting cpu means stopping playback
13:55:41ZagorI don't like when they waste my time with bug reports as a consequense...
13:56:01dwihnoLinusN: brask?
13:56:06HadakaI keep the contrast pretty low on my recorder - and with the refresh frequency it has right now, the text is almost unreadable
13:56:44dwihnoLinus: So the speed is as fast as it gets now without stopping the decoding?
13:56:56ZagorHadaka: ah, ok. i've only heard requests for more smooth scroll. sorry for assuming you wanted that :)
13:58:23Hadakaheh, apparently people are different :)
13:58:31LinusNdwihno: the speed is as fast as it gets without "compromising the user experience" :-)
13:58:42dwihnoLinusN: Not good enough :) Gimme more ;-D
13:59:26LinusNif we increase the lcd update frequency we might get audio dropouts
14:00:41dwihnoI already have that on the kebabsång :(
14:00:53dwihnoMy precious!
14:01:20dwihnoLinusN: how about configurability with a max and minimum value?
14:01:21LinusNdwihno, are you Gollum? :-)
14:01:24dwihnoThat way, Hadaka will be happy
14:01:33dwihnoLinusN: I am Samwise :)
14:01:41dwihnoLinusN: I am galen ;D
14:01:45dwihnoZagor: hehu
14:02:03Hadakahell, I'm happy with just modifying some constant somewhere ;)
14:02:29LinusNdwihno: sure, but i can't promise that we can get any faster than today
14:02:43dwihnoLinusN: nah, but I'm willing to experiment to find a max value
14:02:58LinusNwith 6 scrolls and a peak meter?
14:03:00ZagorLinusN: what is the state of recording right now?
14:03:08dwihnoThe best thing about rockbox is, you can configure everything
14:03:09LinusNZagor: it should work
14:03:18LinusNbut is bretty bare bones
14:03:19ZagorLinusN: so we want more testers?
14:03:30dwihnoLinusN: I disregard the peak meter :)
14:03:48LinusNZagor: yes, but i haven't done anything on it for over a week
14:03:52dwihnoLinusN: I never use it, and I rather use CPU cycles to scroll smoother :-)
14:04:09Hadakaok, now testing 60000/40000
14:04:54Hadakais the mp3 playing with a gap btw?
14:05:21dwihnoLinusN: if the setting is high, then the speed setting could say "WARNING! this setting is too high for peak meter"
14:05:33 Join edx [0] (
14:05:53Hadakayou are not gnome2, just make it configurable and let the user shoot himself in the foot :)
14:05:54LinusNHadaka: with a gap?
14:06:18HadakaLinusN: as in, is there a gap between two mp3's or are they played seamlessly together?
14:07:04Hadakagap being silence
14:08:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:10:53Hadakahmh now this is looking good - testing while walking around soon
14:11:51dwihnoIs it really gapless?
14:11:57dwihnoI'm gonna test with my evilness rip
14:13:45dwihnoI hear a click
14:14:12LinusNdwihno: is it seamless with other mp3 players, winamp etc
14:14:24dwihnoLinusN: it sure is
14:14:41LinusNwhich version of rockbox?
14:14:46dwihnobleeding edge
14:15:05LinusNcan you publish 2 files for me?
14:15:07dwihnothe click is for a split second only
14:15:17dwihnono delays
14:15:31dwihnoplease wait
14:15:44dwihnokråkzoo (techno remix) ;)
14:20:20dwihnoZagor: any ideas about the WPS twitching?
14:20:33kargatronyeah, stop taking drugs
14:20:49Zagordwihno: I haven't had time to test yet
14:21:16dwihnokargatron: hehu, en eskimu :)
14:21:27dwihnoZagor: ah, sorry for being impatient :)
14:42:19 Join Bagder [241] (
14:42:26Bagderrc5-72 is alive
14:46:16LinusNoh no
14:46:50LinusNso what are going to prove this time?
14:47:02LinusNthat stupid people will never get smarter?
14:47:40Bagderthat a bazillion computers can crack a crypto given enough years ;-)
14:47:50LinusNoh, this will take 7 years, i will run my silly cow until my very death
14:48:03Bagderof course
14:48:53 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:51:13Bagder" There have been 558 participants
14:51:13Bagdersince the beginning of this project."
14:59:37 Join xam [0] (
15:28:24LinusNhey zagor
15:28:44LinusNi received an email from a guy who has the same SLEEP problem as I have
15:29:12LinusNwe should probably have an option: STANDBY, SLEEP, POWEROFF
15:29:13Zagorok. tell him to try the latest daily
15:29:22Schnueffwith sleep problems u should visit the doctor :)
15:29:40ZagorLinusN: why would anyone want SLEEP instead of POWEROFF ?
15:29:55LinusNmaybe because the disk takes forever to spin up?
15:30:01Zagordoes it?
15:30:05LinusNbecause of other problems maybe
15:30:09LinusNask Hadaka
15:30:39Bagdernah, he just needs dynamic limits
15:31:03Zagorwe should try to solve the problems first, imho
15:31:12Bagderno one would know what to pick from SLEEP and STANDBY anyway
15:31:12LinusNstill, is the poweroff feature worth it if we need to almost double the watermark level?
15:31:40LinusNZagor: we still don't know if Players have the same problem
15:31:48LinusNthey can't do poweroff
15:31:55LinusNas far as i have seen...
15:31:56Zagorwe should make measurements, of course
15:32:25Zagorexactly. we don't know. so how would a standby option help them?
15:33:45*Bagder runs off
15:33:49Hadakait would also seem that with poweroff, the unit is much more sensitive to skipping when walking with it
15:34:00LinusNHadaka: really?
15:34:03Hadakaofcourse that might be just because it has less time to load because of the watermark change
15:34:22Hadakabut still yes - now it's working just fine when I'm sitting still
15:34:31Hadakabut if I go walking, no bonus
15:35:06Hadakacan I measure the power expenditure without taking the unit apart again btw?
15:35:42Zagoryes. measure between two batteries
15:36:07Hadakatwo batteries? not from end to end on the batteries?
15:36:34Hadakaor doesn't it matter?
15:37:08Zagorno, instert an ampere meter in the power circuit, i.e. between the + pole on one battery and the - pole on the next
15:37:30Zagorthen the power will flow through the meter, and you will see how much
15:37:31Hadakamm, yes
15:37:45HadakaI might be able to check that tonight
15:38:01Hadakaand in any case, I will do the overnight timing to see if the battery life goes up or down from 12h
15:48:21Hadakaand now I'm off to home
15:54:17 Join botman [0] (
15:54:30 Part botman
15:54:39 Join botman [0] (
15:55:09botmanhey, when is Version 2.0 comming out?
15:55:17Zagorwhen it's ready
15:55:37botmanI mean, how far are you into it?
15:55:40 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
15:56:09Zagorpretty far. we need more testing of the recording feature
15:56:10 Join Schnueff [0] (
15:56:26botmanor, can you tell me what to expect other than recording?
15:56:37kargatronis recording the only criterion for "2.0"?
15:56:41LinusNsleep timer, better battery life...
15:57:16botmanI put a bleeding edge from last night on my R15, the sleep timer works well
15:57:38LinusNgreat, but try with the charger attached :-)
15:57:54botmanIs that in the BE for today?
15:58:25LinusNyes, it is fixed in the latest BE
15:59:19kargatroni definitely think the lead feature for v2.0 should be ID3 Year! :)
15:59:30botmanhow do you stop recording?
15:59:39botmanI just started , but I can't stop
15:59:57kargatronbash your recorder on a hard surface 3 times
16:00:09kargatronSTOP should work, no?
16:00:13kargatronOFF i mean
16:00:24botmanI did
16:00:26botmanit stopped
16:00:44kargatronyou mean bashing it 3 times? :)
16:00:44botmanthere is no way to make the name of the file is thier?
16:00:53kargatronnot atm
16:01:06kargatronno text input interface
16:01:16Zagori'm adding that *right now*
16:02:07botmanZagor, how long did it take you to learn all this "code"?
16:02:27Zagorlearn? I didn't learn it, I wrote it...
16:02:59kargatronZagor, you're adding text interface? was that a patch from a while back? don't remember recent design discussion, though it was up in air
16:03:17Zagorkargatron: it's loosely based on the code John Wood submitted
16:04:43botmanone suggestion that a lot of people would like, is if you could implement more games into rockbox. Play music and games at the same time is cool. Like, put that "more games for rockbox" patch into a bleeding edge, and let people try it. I'm shure it would take only 5min to put that patch on.
16:05:10botmanand compile it
16:05:16Zagorbotman: that will come. we just need to fix a plugin system, so we don't need to have all the games in memory at the same time
16:05:58botmanwhat is your status is firmware size? It there a max size?
16:06:24Zagorthe problem is how much memory is left for mp3 data. less free memory means less battery life
16:06:56botmansince rockbox only has 2mb memory, how much have you used so far?
16:07:00kargatroni think 6 hrs is plenty for those stupid music listeners!!!
16:07:13Zagorwe always use all of it
16:07:19Zagorkargatron: lol
16:07:27Zagori've gotta run. see you later!
16:07:34 Part Zagor
16:07:51botmanhave you ever noticed the high pitch noise when recording from the microphone?
16:08:03botmanit seems like it is comming from the hard drive
16:08:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:09:12botmankargatron, are you a developer, or have you made any pathces
16:09:37kargatroni'm a perl developer, don't know C from a pimple on bush's butt. :)
16:09:45kargatronso to help, i help tidy the feature requests.
16:09:58kargatronnever recorded, sorry
16:10:17botmanoh, so you like manage the web-site?
16:10:29kargatronno, i just mark dupes, help classify them, etc
16:10:47botmanperl is like html?
16:10:50kargatronthe fact that the feature requests are broken in several categories was muchly me
16:10:59kargatronperl is a a regular language
16:11:02kargatronhtml is a format
16:11:16botmanperl is for linux, I assume?
16:11:39kargatronperl runs on windows too
16:12:30kargatroni'm sure there are many perl faqs out there if you're curious. :)
16:13:10botmanhey, when zagor said he needed to fix, the plugin system, what does he mean by that?
16:13:31LinusNbotman: the noise comes from the hard drive, yes
16:13:38LinusNand there is nothing we can do about it
16:13:50botmanbtw, that noise is frikin annoying
16:13:56botmanI know
16:14:00LinusNuse an external mic
16:14:26botmanCan you plug a mic, into the line in?
16:14:38LinusNnot directly, but viua a mic amplifier
16:14:58botmanwhat is the Digital in/out used for? Like minidisk?
16:15:52botmani hate the fact that archos doesn't give you a remote with the jukebox
16:16:00botmanyou have to buy it instead
16:16:07botmanthats retarded
16:17:04botmangot to go
16:17:11botmanthanks- cya
16:17:13 Quit botman ()
16:31:13dwihnoLa la la!
16:31:25dwihnoDansa med oss, klappa era händer
16:31:32dwihnoGör som vi gör, ta några steg åt vänster
16:31:37dwihnoLyssna och lär, missa inte chansen
16:31:45dwihnoNu är vi här med CARAMELL-DANSEN
16:46:01Hadakanow how the hell will I be able to get these things in here so I can measure the current
16:46:21Hadakaha! idea!
16:53:57 Quit pyvasene (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:59:52Hadakaunless someone comes up with a good idea how I manage insert the amper meter into the power circuit, I'm not going to measure the power expenditure today
17:01:25kargatronbatteries don't offer enough room per zagor's idea?
17:05:29 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:05:33 Quit kargatron (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:05:55 Join pyvasene [0] (
17:06:43 Quit mbr ("Leaving")
17:07:27 Join kargatron [0] (
17:08:47LinusNHadaka: i use to put a piece of tape between the batteries, and insert the probes in between
17:09:11Hadakatried that but it was a _pain_ to get them to connect and I couldn't get the setup stable
17:09:14 Join mbr [0] (
17:17:52 Quit pyvasene (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:19:36Hadakayahh! made it!
17:19:39Hadakanow let's see
17:22:10Hadakahmmh, the gauge on this thing doesn't seem to look right at all, it's as if this plug is fixed to being 10A DC
17:22:50Hadakaok, let's work on that
17:31:01 Join Norrin [0] (
17:34:30 Part Norrin
17:45:27 Join probonic [0] (
17:50:14 Join Orby [0] (~gschaefer@
17:50:36Orbyhey peeps and LinusN
17:50:44*Orby is the artist formerly known as gschaefer
17:51:06Orbyhow goes?
17:51:10Orbyget your unit to turn off?
17:51:12*Orby is listening to Christopher Lawrence - Sign of the Sun (headphones)''8
17:51:19LinusNno :-(
17:51:35Orbysee what u get for not going with the small screen player like mine! <g>
17:52:29OrbyI'm downloading the sh compiler now
17:52:39Orbytook a long time to get the email from the site
17:54:08LinusNOrby: it's the players i have problems with
17:54:33LinusNyou mean the mailing list?
17:54:52Orbyyeah, had to sign up on the download site before I could download that compiler for SH
17:54:54OrbyGNUH8 v0203 Windows Tool Chain (ELF Format)
17:55:34Orbyno, me not hating today
17:55:37Orbythat was me yesterday
17:56:19Orbyoh wait, you mean the H8 in GNUh8
17:57:08Orbydang d/l'd the wrong one!
17:57:08 Join Zagor [242] (
17:59:14LinusNshould be sh1
18:00:31Zagorsmile guys, you're on tv! ;)
18:00:33Orbyyeah, I see that (now)
18:00:43*Orby is download the RIGHT one now
18:00:56Orbyso what kinds of music do u like?
18:01:07LinusNalmost everything
18:01:18LinusNit depends on the mood
18:01:37Orbywot's dat?
18:01:49Orbyoh dat's the thing my UltimateTV records stuff off of!
18:01:58Orbyu like christopher lawrence (dj)
18:02:02BagderTV! ;-)
18:02:13Orbydance music?
18:02:15*Bagder returns
18:02:33Orbyhis new cd is rawkin
18:03:01Orbywhat tv?
18:03:16Orbyme no see no tv here
18:03:32BagderZagor is having guys from a local TV station visiting him today
18:03:58*LinusN combs his hair :-)
18:04:03 Quit Orby (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:05:17Zagoryup, they're making a spot about my aparment swapping site
18:05:52Zagorit's airing tomorrow. everybody get glued to their sets! ;)
18:06:10Bagderhey, you need to tape it
18:06:51Zagoryeah, I will
18:08:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:10:07Zagorscreen shots now. smiiiile! :-)
18:10:32*Bagder grins
18:14:58 Join quelsaruk [0] (
18:16:38quelsarukbuenas tardes Bagder :)
18:17:21quelsaruki think you miss Nerja :)
18:27:12LinusNquelsaruk: thanks for the flowers!!!
18:27:28quelsarukyou got them?
18:27:34quelsarukmision impossible III
18:27:46LinusNSara was pretty surprised
18:27:50LinusNme too
18:27:55Bagderhehe, you rock quelsaruk
18:28:08LinusNi had to think....who is Jose Maria...?
18:28:17LinusNthen i saw the card
18:28:44quelsarukwell, linus i couldn't tell you :) that's why i wanted zagor
18:28:51quelsarukspanish rockbox friend
18:29:05quelsaruki forgot your adress
18:29:13LinusNthanks a lot, that warmed
18:29:25quelsarukit's the less i can do
18:33:46LinusNadiamas sent us a get-well card the other day
18:34:14quelsarukthat's great :)
18:35:11Hadakawhat's the hard-drive when it's not totally of - sleeping or standby?
18:35:58Hadakaok - writing a mail about my findings to the list
18:53:52 Quit Bagder ("")
19:02:08 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/1]")
19:10:54Hadakaooh, I like svn+ext://
19:27:25 Quit TotMacher ()
19:27:42 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:29:59 Join PhantomDJP [0] (
19:30:03PhantomDJPHELP !
19:30:12PhantomDJPhow to use the new keybord ?
19:30:22PhantomDJPthe virtual keybord, sure
19:30:24LinusNi don't know :-)
19:30:30PhantomDJPreally ?
19:31:18PhantomDJP"Added virtual keyboard for text input"
19:31:42LinusNZagor did that
19:31:50LinusNi don't think it is in use yet
19:32:14 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
19:32:42PhantomDJPbut it is in the new daily, so there is a way to use it, isn't it ?
19:36:07LinusNno, i think only the code for they keyboard entry is added
19:36:13LinusNno use for it yet
19:36:23LinusNwe will use it for filename entry later on
19:37:00PhantomDJPPutain de merde
19:37:05PhantomDJPfait chier
19:38:31LinusNPhantomDJP: what did you want to use it for?
19:38:40 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:39:05PhantomDJPrename recorded mp3, filename, folders, and co
19:39:48quelsaruki think it's supposed to be used for that
19:39:52quelsarukbut not yet
19:40:18PhantomDJParf, so, s y s
19:40:26 Quit PhantomDJP ("Fermeture du client")
20:06:10 Join Mine78 [0] (
20:06:30Mine78THANK YOU !
20:06:35Mine78Probably one of them was faulty !
20:06:38Mine78I will check !
20:06:43Mine78with a tester
20:06:51Mine78hoping to find the non-working one
20:06:59Mine78I don't think all 4 batteries went bad !
20:07:57Mine78thanx to Zagor and LinusN
20:08:16quelsarukLinusN: you have another fan :)
20:08:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:09:48Mine78How much does a 1.2V 1800 millampere costs in your coiuntry ? There costs 6 dollar !
20:10:07LinusNfor one battery?
20:10:20Mine78just arrived
20:10:36Mine786 Euros = ~ 6 dollars
20:11:06Mine78how much do you pay them ?
20:12:38LinusNi din't remember
20:12:47LinusNmaybe 4-5 i think
20:12:53Mine781.600 milliampere 4 dollars
20:13:30Mine78but how a battery can break-down ?
20:15:05 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
20:18:23 Join Bagder [241] (
20:18:37quelsarukhi Bagder
20:24:41 Join Moof [0] (~moof@
20:25:20 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
20:30:08 Join xam_ [0] (
20:35:03 Nick xam_ is now known as xam (
20:36:44 Join jh101 [0] (
20:37:29 Quit jh101 (Client Quit)
20:41:31 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/1]")
21:04:33 Join tot|away [0] (
21:04:34 Quit TotMacher (Connection reset by peer)
21:17:49 Nick tot|away is now known as TotMacher (
21:22:37Bagdertime to run off
21:22:39 Quit Bagder ("")
21:31:32 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
22:01:32 Quit TotMacher ()
22:01:43 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:06:47 Join TotMacher [0] (
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22:13:46 Join slazZ [0] (
22:13:51slazZhi seb
22:14:26 Quit slazZ (Client Quit)
22:21:11 Quit TotMacher ()
22:22:02 Join TotMacher [0] (
22:31:23 Join edx|notebook [0] (
22:34:06*adi|sleep sighes
22:34:13adi|sleeppssst zagor?
22:35:54 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:40:55 Quit Zagor (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:44:52 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
22:44:55 Join Jet8810 [0] (
22:50:20 Part kargatron
23:02:43 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
23:09:36 Quit TotMacher ()
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23:15:21 Quit edx ("n8")
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