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#rockbox log for 2002-12-07

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18:02:52Zagorhi LinusN
18:04:31BoD[]hey :) by the way I never reproduced the problem we've talked about with yesterday's build
18:05:33BoD[]yes :) well I hope it's fixed, and it's not a "problem that happens sometimes but never when I want it to happen"
18:05:35LinusNBoD[]: the symptoms you had was evidence of the ATA poweroff bug we killed yesterday
18:05:55BoD[]oh :) well that's cool then
18:06:12LinusNBoD[]: still, something is wrong in that code
18:06:29BoD[]what is wrong
18:06:34LinusNyour unit should *never* power off, since you had that setting to "no"
18:06:43BoD[]oh :)) yup
18:06:52LinusNZagor: comments?
18:07:05BoD[]could there a bug in the "reading settings" part
18:07:46LinusNi dunno
18:08:50ZagorLinusN: it could spin down durin spinup too. it wasn't just poweroff.
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18:16:25LinusNbut the sound of his HD was evidence of poweroff
18:17:58Zagoryou're right.
18:19:15LinusNgotta go, cu
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22:24:54hardeepLinusN: are you working on adding the Xing VBR header to the recorded files?
22:25:56LinusNand to any file you want too, as a special feature
22:26:10LinusNlike vbrfix
22:26:52LinusNi had to rewrite lots of other code, unfortunately
22:27:08hardeepHeh, yeah
22:27:21LinusNi and rewriting lots of id3 tag handling code
22:27:44hardeepAlso, I remember you were working on queueing a while back but then all these other issues came up
22:27:54LinusNbecause it deals with mp3 frame headers
22:28:18LinusNyeah, i was working on queue, but it turned out to be a mess
22:29:05hardeepWhat problems did you run into? I remember you were setting up a separate list to handle the queued files which was checked before the playlist
22:29:12hardeepI can see resume being a problem
22:29:27hardeepWas there anything else?
22:29:42LinusNwell, playlists is a little problem in general
22:30:00LinusNwhere and how to insert/append the files
22:30:46hardeephmmm, wouldn't you insert them after the current playing song? And then go through all queued songs before continuing the playlist
22:31:03LinusNwe can always have the "jukebox" mode, like Django
22:31:33hardeepoh, where playlists aren't supported?
22:31:50LinusNwhere the queued files form a separate playlist, and it forgets the currently playing one
22:31:50hardeeper queueing into playlists
22:32:16hardeepyeah, i like the idea of queuing into a playlist personally (have wanted to do it a few times)
22:32:28LinusNi'd like the queue mode to be "transparent"
22:32:55hardeepand i liked the idea you had where there was a separate queue list which was checked before the playlist when playlist_next() was called
22:33:29LinusNyeah, but it turned out to be a little messy
22:33:49hardeepwhat added to the mess? other than resume
22:35:05hardeepalso, if you're not working on it, mind if I attempt?
22:35:30LinusNi don't really remember, but the playlist_peek() and playlist_next() functions were tricky to write
22:35:44LinusNhardeep: i'd *love* you to take a shot at it!
22:36:29LinusNit would be nice to see someone other than me and Zagor do the coding
22:36:56LinusNnot much coding activity from the other members at the moment
22:37:17hardeepheh, yeah, sorry about that... things got pretty busy here
22:37:40hardeepalthough, it's amazing what just the two of you have accomplished. :)
22:37:59LinusNfile writing and recording
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