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#rockbox log for 2002-12-08

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02:34:12BoD[]hi !
02:41:17Triple-zlinus: you got ABJR20? or other model?
02:41:58LinusNand ajb6k
02:42:54Triple-zi saw that theres new wps tags
02:43:52BoD[]what do they do ?
02:44:33Triple-zfor ganre year
02:44:40Triple-zdont remeber what
02:44:49Triple-zBod: whats your wps?
02:45:34BoD[]the default one except vumeter on the last line
02:47:31Triple-zi need to find a good way to sort all the mp3s, i mean i alwys dl new stuff, and i got it sort by Albums etc, but its still a mass
02:49:34BoD[]I use artist/year - album/track# - trackname.mp3
02:49:50BoD[]except I have a misc directory
02:50:02BoD[]where I put all the mp3 that aren't part of an album
02:50:13BoD[]and this one is BIG :)
02:50:26BoD[]but I always do a global random anyway
02:50:42Triple-zand the newest?
02:50:53Triple-zi hear the newest the most
02:51:12BoD[]I put them in the misc directory
02:52:42BoD[]by the way does anyone know a simple "sync" software for windows?
02:53:13Triple-zi think that like 20GB of my 30GB drive is mp3s
02:53:16BoD[]a software that will see the files that are on the archos and copy them to my pc, and the inverse to
02:55:06Triple-zwhere do you get most of your stuff from?
02:55:21BoD[]kazaa, winmx
02:55:43BoD[]well 80% of my mp3 come from ripped cds
02:55:59BoD[]15% from the net
02:56:06BoD[]and 5% from friends I guess
02:56:42Triple-zi got a Ripped folder for my rips
02:56:56BoD[]why :)
02:57:05BoD[]do you have a lot of full albums ?
02:57:14Triple-zwhat your using for rippin?
02:57:19Triple-zyeah i do
02:57:49BoD[]why do you have a special folder for ripped
02:58:01BoD[]me I use the same organisation for all the albums
02:58:19BoD[]and the ones that don't belong to an album go to /misc :)
02:58:48BoD[]I used to use EZ cdda extractor
02:58:53BoD[]but now I use cdex
02:59:06Triple-zdunno, i sparete my rips and the downloaded stuff
02:59:13Triple-zi use cdex too
02:59:18Triple-zits great
02:59:26Triple-zwith lame
02:59:26BoD[]yes :) simple and powerfull
02:59:50BoD[]I like ez cdda extractor too, but I have a problem with one of my drives with it
02:59:56BoD[]some noise on the end of all tracks
03:00:11BoD[]and dont have this prob with cdex
03:01:52Triple-zwhat do you hear?
03:03:37BoD[]like garbage data played very loud
03:03:51Triple-zRock? Rap? Trance?
03:04:11BoD[]oh ;) I thought you were talking about the noise :)
03:04:42BoD[]hmm I listen to different kind but I think mainly pop rock
03:06:20BoD[]alanis morissette, bjork, garbage, genesis, jamiroquai, michael jackson (!), jonatha brooke, leah andreone, mariah carrey, nirvana, sarah mclachlan, tori amos
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04:44:02BoD[]time to go to bed now
04:44:04BoD[]bye :
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18:47:37_seb_edx you're in mainz?
19:25:27edx_seb_: yea
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21:35:22BoD[]youhou !
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