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#rockbox log for 2002-12-09

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03:39:04adi|sleepi don't friggin get it...
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03:39:30adi|homephoenix gets listed with _every_ change on it at slashdot
03:39:47adi|homebut yet... we make great strides.. i enter us..and nothing gets posted
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08:27:31dwihnoHello! :)
08:29:44dwihnowhat's your name?
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09:00:05Bagderhey ho
09:01:35wonkohi there
09:02:26wonkohow do i make the /.rockbox XP wont let me
09:02:37Bagderyou use a dos prompt
09:02:47Bagderor extract the 1.4 zip archive on the disk
09:02:51wonkotried that, wouldnt let me get on the drive
09:04:26CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 40 minutes and 30 seconds at the last flood
09:04:26*wonko kicks windows XP
09:04:52wonkoi did it before on my old one (had jb6000 just got recorder 20gig)
09:04:58wonkobut i forgot how
09:05:08Bagderneat upgrade
09:05:22wonkoi think i did it in windows XP...but using directory opus as my file browser
09:06:13wonkoyah, im really happy with the 20
09:06:20wonkousb2.0 is fun
09:06:36Bagderoh yes
09:07:41wonkoi wish i new how to code this want to make a version of doom for it :-)
09:08:28Bagdermonocrome doom on sh might be a bit boring ;-)
09:08:35wonkothink it could handel it?
09:08:53BagderI don't know much cpu it would require
09:09:36*wonko learns to code
09:14:58dwihnoWhen using custom cfg's, are the last used settings saved in the RTC?
09:15:10Bagdergood q
09:15:29wonkothey seem to be for me
09:15:34dwihnoThere's no spoon? (answer)
09:15:58wonkowhat does the default wps need to be name in the .rockbox dir?
09:16:09Bagderthey are loaded and replace the current values
09:16:16 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:16:16Bagderso yes, they will thus be saved in rfc
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09:18:56dwihnoThanks for the information! :D
09:19:04dwihnoHey Zay
09:19:14wonkocan it be named anything?
09:19:45Bagderwonko: name it anything, if you select it in the .rockbox it will become the default one
09:20:29wonkoand if i load another one that isnt in the .rockbox dir and then restart it it will go back to the on in the .rockbox dir?
09:22:30wonkoi made a couple diffrent ones, i figure a more active display drains the battery faster, so i made a default one thats nice and small/no scrolling/moving stuff and some more cooler ones for when its plugged in and in my car/on my desk
09:23:01BagderI doubt you'll notice any difference in battery time
09:23:25wonkothe display doesnt use much power?
09:23:49Zagoror at least, it doesn't differ btwn static and changing content
09:25:48wonkowould there be a worth whyle diffrence betwwen a 4 line/non moving and a 4/scroling+time+peak meter+progres bar?
09:29:37Zagorbut 4 scrolls+peak meter might give you cpu problems at high bitrate
09:29:52Zagorthat's not entirely ironed out yet
09:30:02wonkoi wouldnt use that as the default
09:32:11wonkoanyone wana buy an archos jb6000?
09:32:56wonkothis jb-r 20 is awesome
09:34:27dwihnohaving several peak meters look cool :)
09:34:55dwihnoHas anyone noticed some fishyness with ID3 on the latest builds?
09:37:20Bagderbeen too focused on spinup-times to watch id3
09:37:32dwihno - cool stuff :)
09:37:44dwihnoIt looks fishy, like some kind of zero-termination has broken
09:38:08Zagordwihno: details, please
09:38:51dwihnoI'll check, wait
09:39:57dwihnoThere's a fishy display
09:40:02dwihnoWorks on some, doesn't work on some.
09:40:10dwihnoI'll check if something is fishy with that tag
09:40:19dwihnoForgot my cable @ home
09:40:30Zagorstart with describing "fishy"
09:40:47dwihno><))))8> ;)
09:40:56dwihnoNow for the details
09:41:10dwihnoI don't know if the file contains v1 and v2 tags, should that matter?
09:41:46dwihnothe title tag shows the comment tag as well as album tag, I think
09:42:02dwihnotitle tag, as in <%title> or whatever it is...
09:42:13dwihno(other tags = id3)
09:42:37dwihnono spaces between
09:43:11Zagorwe need that file. bring your cable tomorrow.
09:43:18dwihnoI'll buy one during lunch
09:43:22Zagorand write down which file it is so you don't forget :-)
09:43:43Zagori'll add an %iv : id3 version
09:43:50dwihnoah, that would be neato
09:43:51Bagdergood idea
09:47:19dwihnoI wonder if Linus has figured out what problem there is with the kebab song
09:47:30BagderI think he did
09:47:35Bagderhe committed mp2-adjustments
09:50:16dwihnoErhm. It was a mp2 stream? *scratch the head*
09:50:36BagderLinus said so
09:50:48Bagderpersonally I'm clueless ;-)
09:51:03dwihnoI wonder why no software has said anything
09:51:22dwihno"Warning, this is a mp2 file with a mp3 extension" or such :)
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10:16:21dwihnoLinus is back in town! Yay! :D
10:16:24Zagorhey LinusN
10:16:38dwihnoLinusN: Tell me all there is to know about your adventures with the kebab song! :D
10:17:00LinusNmed mycket fiiiin sallad
10:17:16LinusN*han bliiir så glaaad*
10:17:35LinusNdwihno: it works for you now, right?
10:17:45dwihnoLinusN: I haven't tried it, I forgot my cable @ home :/
10:17:59dwihnoSo it was a mp2 stream?
10:18:14LinusNwell, it used to work before i changed the MAS driver to use interrupts instead of polling
10:18:32LinusNdwihno: version1, layer 2
10:18:50dwihnoLinusN: "regular" mp3 is version 2, layer 3?
10:19:01LinusNand it actually used the padding bit, quite unusual nowadays
10:19:30dwihnoYes, but the kebab is really unusual too (at least if you want some fin sallad)
10:19:49LinusNdwihno: regular files are version 1 layer 3
10:20:47LinusNhowever, the fact that it worked when polling quickly led me to the assumption that the new driver was too fast (!)
10:21:17LinusNof course, the data sheets do not mention anything about this
10:21:39LinusNso i added a 1ms delay when the MAS asked for data
10:21:51LinusNand then it worked again
10:22:20Zagorglorious mas
10:23:28LinusNi guess i get all those errata documents when i sign the I-Will-Buy-Thousands-Of-Chips-Agreement
10:24:33LinusNMicronas are very customer friendly, but they have a very narrow definition of "customer"
10:25:01LinusN"potential customer" is not in their vocabulary, i guess
10:26:36dwihnoLinusN: too fast? :)
10:29:53dwihnoI wonder why they don't want to share
10:30:07dwihnoI mean, they won't sell any less.
10:32:20*dwihno shares some kebab with the rest of the crew (fin sallad, as always)
10:32:54 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:48:31dwihnoI'm impressed, are you impressed? :D
10:48:37dwihnoI'm Mike Levy, for AMAZING DISCOVERIES!
10:51:00adi|homei still can't say i fully understand the dist. project
10:51:03adi|homeseti i get..
10:51:03dwihnoI found this while googling' for Mike Levy
10:51:28Bagderadi|home: it's basicly a competition to find the encryption key
10:51:28dwihno<dwihno><−− is impressed. Much like Mike Levy
10:51:28dwihno<Linus>who is mike levy?
10:51:49adi|homei take it i dl software and let it run (ie: like setiathome?)
10:52:05Bagderyes was out there long before seti ;-)
10:52:51Bagderteam haxx! ;-)
10:54:12adi|homeso when i download and leave this running.. you want my results ;)
10:54:35adi|homeitll only be running on my home machine.. and side by side with seti
10:54:56Bagderthe results are counted on the email address you provide
10:55:09Bagderbut you may connect your email to a team, if you wish
10:55:15adi|homeahh.. gotya
10:58:46adi|homebah.. may as well let it run a bit then give you the data
10:59:04dwihnoZagor: How do I add items to the TODO list?
10:59:10Zagoryou don't :-)
10:59:17Zagortell them to me
10:59:26dwihnoYou won't do them anyhow ;)
10:59:36dwihnoID3 version tag
10:59:59dwihnoConfigurable scroll speed
11:00:05dwihnoDisk defragmenter
11:00:12LinusNdwihno: that sounds more like a feature request list to me
11:00:21Zagordisk defrag???
11:00:24Zagorno way
11:00:29dwihnoZagor: Nah, just kidding :-)
11:00:35dwihnoIt would be pretty cool though :)
11:00:36adi|homeum... scroll speed is configurable?
11:00:40ZagorLinusN: actually, those are things I've said I plan to do
11:00:58Zagoradi|home: yeah, but we'll add update freq too. for those who have contrast problems.
11:01:05adi|homeahh.. got ya
11:01:10adi|homesee. thats diff
11:01:19adi|homeand on that note.. bed time
11:02:02Zagordwihno: added
11:02:05dwihnoadi|home: well, not really, only the pixel steps
11:02:20dwihnoSo scroll speed is a misleading term
11:02:30dwihnoscroll stepping or similar would be more correct, imho
11:02:52dwihnoBut then, I'm just the guy next door, eating kebabs and listening to great Caramell tunes.
11:06:51LinusNdwihno: larger steps makes the scroll faster
11:07:06LinusNso "scroll speed" is not entirely incorrect
11:07:51dwihnoIn my ears, it sounds fishy (><))))8> ya'know)
11:09:17LinusNdwihno: in most computer games, the update frequency is constant
11:10:20LinusNthe speed is controlled by the number of pixels mover
11:10:37LinusNyou still call it speed
11:11:06LinusNthe scroll speed is how far the scroll travels per second
11:11:31dwihnowell, then there's two kinds of scroll speeds :)
11:11:47LinusNnot if it is achieved by increasing the update frequency or by moving it in larger steps
11:14:31*dwihno bjussar Linus på kebab
11:14:39dwihno(med starka såsen på)
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11:53:34Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:53:36e-potishey all (loggers too)
11:54:46e-potisi just wanted to say that you're doing a great job with rockbox
11:54:51LinusNthank you
11:55:00e-potisno thank U :)
11:55:21e-potisI used to be with the creative side
11:55:35e-potisbut just changed camps
11:55:39LinusNwell done
11:55:51e-potisi know
11:56:06e-potiswhere r u from?
11:56:52e-potisis everyone in sweden a hacker or a great looking cheek?
11:57:48LinusNvery seldom both, though
11:57:59e-potisis the whole rockbox project sweedish?
11:58:14e-potisi c
11:58:20LinusNwell, the core team is swedish, but we have developers all over the world
11:58:35e-potisnot greece I suppose :(
11:58:57LinusNwe have a few greek guys here as well
11:59:10LinusNi think
12:00:47LinusNi don't really keep track of the nationalities
12:01:11e-potisthat's all internet is about afterall, isn't it?
12:01:51e-potisI just asked because i didn't see greek in the languages for archos
12:02:13LinusNactually, we could use some help with the greek translation
12:02:18e-potisI could translate it to greek though as fast as i get mine own
12:02:26e-potisi can do that.
12:02:42LinusNbut it's mainly a font/code table problem
12:03:14LinusNwe need greek fonts
12:03:28LinusNand better unicode support
12:03:35e-potisyes I know. But I thought you can make your own fonts for archos can't you?
12:03:57LinusNyes you can, for the recorders
12:04:05e-potisI could do that with little help
12:05:32LinusNthe main problem is that we use 8-bit characters internally
12:05:43e-potisI'm not sure I've order the right jukebox though. I wanted the recorder and order this:
12:05:53e-potiswas that right?
12:06:00Bagdergreek is in one of the iso8859-x ones, isn't it?
12:06:12e-potisthink so
12:06:15LinusNe-potis: that's the one
12:06:24e-potisGREAT! :)
12:06:50LinusNe-potis: you'll like it
12:07:02e-potisI sure will.
12:07:40LinusNe-potis: hand us a few iso-8859-7 BDF fonts
12:07:48LinusNand start translating
12:08:40e-potisI'm just a guy studying geology. I'm not a coder nor an electi. engineer. You'll have to give me more help
12:08:45 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
12:08:51e-potisWhat exactly should I look for?
12:09:29LinusNyou should look for fonts in BDF format, with the iso-8859-7 charset
12:10:08LinusNsmall fonts
12:10:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:14:17e-potisi checked and all i found were ttfz and some fonz
12:14:40e-potisI think I'll have to do some reading on fonts
12:15:20LinusNttf can be converted to bdf
12:15:32e-potisi c
12:15:59LinusNcheck this:
12:20:17LinusNguys, how do we want the settings in the recording screen?
12:20:24LinusNmenu or quick-menu?
12:20:35LinusNi like menu
12:20:45BagderI think I like menu too
12:21:35LinusNand i want an F-button status bar
12:24:19e-potislinus:i dont't use linux (yet) so i can't use PfaEdit. is there a similar win tool?
12:25:12LinusNi think there are plenty, but none is free (as always in the Windows world)
12:25:43 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
12:25:56LinusNif you find one, please let us know
12:27:23 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:27:34*Bagder curses redhat
12:27:55Bagderglibc 2.2.93 in redhat 8.0
12:28:11Bagderit does wrong
12:28:17Zagorwe already have a greek font. start with that.
12:29:29dwihnoI think I used pfaedit
12:29:43dwihnoSomething Zagor recommended
12:29:52dwihnoThen you just use a X server and you're set!
12:29:58LinusNi recommended it to Zagor :-)
12:30:15dwihnoWell, I wouldn't recommend it. It crashes. Frequently.
12:30:22dwihno(at least on the wintendo platform)
12:30:22LinusNoh? not for me
12:30:32dwihnoHow is the support for USB game controllers on linux btw?
12:30:34LinusNwindows version? i didn't know
12:30:46e-potiscan anybody send me the file to be translated?
12:32:05dwihnoLinus: Well, it's some ><))))8> thing using cygwin and X.
12:33:09e-potisThanx for the help guys and keep up the good work. we newbies depend on you.
12:33:13e-potissee you soon
12:33:35 Quit e-potis ()
12:46:24Zagorwhat's the name of the emacs mode for editing files over ftp etc?
12:46:48Zagorah, thanks
12:56:15dwihnoYAY FOR ALL!
12:56:21dwihnoY.A.Y! (yet another YAY)
12:58:50 Quit Bagder ("")
13:08:22 Join matsl [0] (
13:08:44Zagorhola matsl!
13:08:49Zagorlong time no see
13:09:40matslZagor: Just wanted to see if you all were there!
13:12:24 Join Moof [0] (~moof@
13:17:24LinusNwe need to look over the remote control interface
13:17:42LinusNso we can lock the keys without affecting the remote control
13:18:11Zagoryes. a new rethink of wps.c
13:39:58Hadakaif you are doing stuff with the keylock
13:40:07Hadakaa short list of things to do:
13:40:37Hadaka1) allow not showing the keylock screens, or if you do, don't force the user to wait the whole 1 second without allowing skipping of the wayt
13:41:07Hadaka2) make the keylock sequence somehow pressable with only one hand - having to use two hands to take away the keylock sucks
13:42:07Hadaka3) Don't light up backlight if a key is pressed during keylock - unless it is the first key to press to take away keylock - no need to spend batteries just because the unit bumps into stuff
13:44:00Zagorsuggestion for #2?
13:44:47Hadakawell in general:
13:44:59Hadakapick a phone, any phone - they all have keylocks - no need to reinvent the wheel
13:45:39Hadakaexcept... that one model from motorola
13:45:48Hadakawhere you had to press two keys together at the same time to take away the keylock
13:45:55Hadakaand it wouldn't even answer phonecalls with keylock on
13:46:15Hadakaso every time somebody called, you took the phone in both hands and cursed heavily while trying to take away the damn keylock
13:46:25Hadakaand just when you did, the caller got bored and hung up :)
13:46:52Hadakait was a prototype, don't think it ever went to regular customers that way :)
13:51:39 Join TotM4cher [0] (
13:51:44 Quit TotM4cher (Remote closed the connection)
13:53:42LinusNhow about starting a timer for every keypress, and include a "TIMER_NOT_EXPIRED" for subsequent keypresses?
13:54:07Zagorthe idea being...?
13:54:27Hadakawell generally if you look at a keylock
13:54:37Zagorah, ok I get it
13:54:52 Join edx [0] (
13:54:53Hadakawhat they have is that first of all if any other key than the key starting the sequence is pressed, set a hard timer during which the sequence can't be started
13:55:04Hadakaand restart it on every keypress
13:55:50Hadakathen when the sequence starter comes up, only allow the next key in the sequence, if any other key comes up, fall back to the former, eg. disabling everything until the unit is left alone for a moment
13:56:13Hadakait's a bit annoying when you push something wrong for the keylock, but is very safe against accidental unlockings
13:56:32Hadakaand ofcourse doable with one hand
13:58:10Hadakahmh, btw, had very bad playtime with the power-off - but it started from a nasty position, I used the archos as an USB drive with the charger attached for quite long before that - so the battery should have been full, but one never knows
13:58:36Hadakaanyway, doing a better test later, when the unit is recharged properly
13:58:42Hadakahas the watermark code been tuned?
13:59:38Hadakabtw, no skips what so ever with this code, regardless of anything I've done to the unit
14:00:10Hadaka(never had skips with the Archos firmware either)
14:00:27Hadaka(except when it crashed ;) )
14:06:13 Join bobTHC [0] (
14:06:17bobTHChi all!
14:08:16dwihnohi all!
14:10:14dwihnoLinus: I got a sladd.
14:10:39dwihnoI also ate rullpizza med fin sallad och starka såsen på
14:10:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:21:18LinusNwebmind: hi
14:22:11*webmind gonna try and build is now caseless archos into a gameboy case.. hope to get the case this week :)
14:22:46Zagortake many pictures!
14:22:51webmindok :)
14:23:00webminddont have a digi cam :(
14:23:09Zagorboo! ;)
14:23:18webmindi know
14:23:22webmindthings are expensive
14:23:31webmindi need it for more tweaks..
14:30:33 Join Bagder [241] (
14:31:26Zagorhi bag.
14:32:39Bagderrehi even
14:44:18 Join helpme [0] (
14:45:19helpmeI have tried numerous times, got errors, downloaded files, tried them, everything, and I can't get a patch on the rockbox file
14:45:59LinusNare you trying to patch the rockbox binary?
14:46:25helpmeI was wondering if anyone could take 5min, to put the "more games for rockbox" patch on rockbox and compile it, and send it to me?
14:46:45helpmeIt would be great
14:46:48LinusNhelpme: it probably won't take us 5 mins
14:47:01helpmehow long would it take you?
14:47:02webmindhelpme, are u trying top patch the binary ?
14:47:23helpmewell, the source
14:48:33helpmeI thought that because you all know alot, and you do it alot, I thought it wouldn't take you that far out of your way to help me
14:49:03Bagderhelpme: well, the patch is rather old now, lots of code have changed since then
14:49:16Bagderit'll take tweaks
14:49:27helpmeyou couldn't put it on the 1.4file?
14:49:40Bagderpossibly, I don't know
14:50:28helpmeCould you help me out, and put the patch on, compile it, and send it to me at
14:50:58Bagderso tell us again, why don't you do it yourself?
14:52:07webmindbtw, anyone know why there is a odd metal plate glued upon the harddisk of the archos ?
14:52:25LinusNi don't know
14:52:37helpmebecause, I have tryied patching it on the source, get errors. Tryied compiling it, get errors. It just doesn't wanna work. Also, I have windows, so most of the stuff you all post is for linux>(i said most, not all)
14:52:49webmindhmk, me neither.. it covered the -do no cover hole- of the harddisk :)
14:52:49LinusNmaybe extra protection against mechanical pressure
14:53:05Bagderhelpme: that's not true, if you use cygwin you can use 99.9% of the stuff we all post
14:53:06webmindLinusN, could be
14:53:16helpmeI have cygwin
14:53:39helpmedid the full install of everything, including "patch" utility
14:54:00Bagderso, start off with building rockbox 1.4 without any modifications
14:54:23helpmewhat do you mean by building? like get the source?
14:54:43webmindhm, 2800mAH batteries.. 2bad not rechargeable
14:54:53Bagderget the sources, compile, link, download your archos.* file to your archos and smile
14:54:59 Quit Moof (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:55:04Bagderthen that works, you can start thinking about patches
14:55:26helpmecouldn't Ijust download the already compiled 1.4?
14:55:35LinusNhelpme: come on
14:55:39Bagdernot if you want to patch it
14:55:47 Join Moof [0] (~moof@
14:55:57LinusNyou need to be sure that you can rebuild from source
14:56:05LinusN*then* you patch
14:56:11LinusNand recompile
14:56:26helpmeI have tryied to compile but it down't work. Could you tell me again, what utilities to get in order to compile?
14:56:48LinusNhelpme: how far did you get?
14:58:00LinusNdid you follow the instructions in README?
14:59:42helpmenot far. I downloaded cygwin, the 1.4 source, and the patch. I extracted the patch and 1.4 source to h:\
14:59:58helpmeistalled the full cygwin
15:00:10helpmewent to h:\ in cygwin
15:00:38helpmepatch >h:/chip8-diff
15:00:50LinusNhelpme: forget the patch for a moment
15:00:52helpmethe chip8-diff, never had a fileending?
15:01:17LinusNtry to build the 1.4 release without patch first
15:01:25LinusNjust to see that everything works
15:02:19helpmeI am downloading the 1.4 source code
15:02:27LinusNfollow the instructions in docs/README?
15:02:32LinusNfollow the instructions in docs/README
15:03:22helpmereadme or faq?
15:04:41 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:05:07 Part elinenbe
15:05:08 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:05:24helpmereading it
15:05:49helpmeit says build tools by running "make"
15:06:17helpmewhat do I do?
15:06:23LinusNcd tools
15:06:46helpmeis cd tools a program?
15:07:03LinusNno, cd is a command, tools is a directory
15:07:29LinusNtype "cd tools"<enter>
15:07:35LinusNthen "make"<enter>
15:07:44helpmein command prompt?
15:08:18helpmeI forgot the command for the command prompt, what is it?
15:08:32helpmeI know from thier what you are saying
15:08:42Bagderyou should use the cygwin bash
15:09:24helpmewhat is the command for command prompt
15:09:43Bagderwhat are you talking about?
15:10:00Bagderdidn't you install cygwin?
15:10:14LinusNstart cygwin, it will open a command prompt for you
15:10:25helpmeThat command prompt
15:10:43helpmeI thought windows commmand prompt
15:11:58helpmedamn, I forgot that I deleted it yesterday.
15:12:07helpmeLet me get it again
15:12:12helpmeI'll be back
15:13:27 Part helpme
15:13:28 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:29:12matslZagor: bye for now. you all seem to be here. Good to know! ;-9
15:29:30 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:47:36 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:47:43 Join kSADerfos [0] (
15:49:25 Quit kSADerfos (Client Quit)
16:04:36Zagordwihno: your elvis track id3 info should work now
16:09:36dwihnoZagor: As in not being displayed or correctly displayed?
16:10:16Zagordisplayed correctly. i was wrong, it was a correct id3 tag. it just had some garbage before it that made me not see it
16:10:42dwihnoAh, so what was the problem with the tag?
16:10:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:11:18Zagorthe title string used all bytes of the field, and the copy didn't limit the length, so it copied both fields at once
16:12:00dwihnoSo another bug is squashed! Yay! :D
16:12:06dwihnoYay for Z, Z has made the day!
16:14:15Zagoryou've got version now too. pretty spiffy, imho.
16:14:29Zagorsee if you can find 2.2 or 2.4 files. i didn't find any to test with :-)
16:14:33Bagderit'll be useful for future debugging stuff
16:14:42Zagorit certainly will
16:17:10dwihnoI just love the smell of CVS commits in the afternoon :-)
16:18:45*Bagder grins
16:19:25 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
16:19:50*dwihno has the ticks for hot choco
16:24:22dwihnoZagor: you can remove "%iv - id3 version" from TODO then
16:24:54dwihnof1 quickscreen sounds neato :D
16:25:16dwihnoQuickbox would be a more appropriate name :)
16:44:06dwihnoZagor: what is the latest cvs thing?
16:44:17dwihnoAdded recalculation of free disk space. ... ?
16:45:21Zagordwihno: if Info shows wrong free space on your disk, you can run this to recalc it
16:59:25dwihnoZagor: Really neato :D
16:59:33dwihnoDisk defragmenting is coming closer ;D
17:00:27Zagorfuggedit! :)
17:07:36 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:07:50 Part Zagor
17:39:13 Quit Bagder ("")
17:52:12*adi|work yawns
17:52:23adi|workid rather be paid AND unemployed :)
17:57:21 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:59:51 Quit bobTHC ("operation reset by beer!!!")
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18:18:48 Quit TotMacher ()
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18:44:27 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:53:03 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
18:57:00 Quit wonko ("jesus ate my underpants")
18:58:58 Quit adi|work (Remote closed the connection)
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19:03:19 Join kSADerfos [0] (
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19:21:00 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the BeOS today!")
19:27:00 Quit adi|work (Remote closed the connection)
20:06:30 Quit pyvasene ()
20:08:59 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:09:00elinenbehi there.
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20:53:27 Join Zagor [242] (
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23:03:53 Join matsl [0] (
23:10:08 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:10:10BoD[]youhou !
23:38:03 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
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