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#rockbox log for 2002-12-10

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00:39:47*BoD[{arf}] sleeptime!
00:39:49BoD[{arf}]a++++ + +
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02:47:48adi|homehow friggin long are we going to have to deal with ppl posting 'feature'/bug requests about stuff thats IN THE DAMN FAQ!
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04:36:14_seb_adi|home: forever unfortunately
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08:48:09dwihnoYay for Bagder! :D YAY YAY YAY!
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08:55:41Bagdermorning Mats
08:56:12dwihnoYay for Mats!
08:56:22dwihnoMorrn morrn!
08:56:31dwihno*koka varma chokladen, med vita grädden på*
09:02:26dwihnomatsl: får jag bjuda dig en kebab, med starka såsen på?
09:02:41adi|homewhat i miss?
09:03:03Bagderanother one of crazy dwihno's weird swedish mp3 songs ;-)
09:03:11adi|homehehe k
09:03:25dwihnoBagder: have you heard it? :)
09:03:35matsldwihno: What's your problem?
09:03:54dwihnomatsl: mentally impaired? :)
09:04:13matsldwihno: OK. Your forgiven.
09:04:20dwihnothank U :D
09:09:51BagderI wonder when Archos' first CD with Rockbox ships
09:10:37dwihnoDo you think they might program the units to use rockbox as default firmware? :)
09:11:01Bagderbut they'll include it on their CD
09:12:17adi|homewhat cd's this?
09:12:43BagderThe one they ship with their Players AFAIK
09:13:33dwihnoIt will be trés cool!
09:14:28BagderI agree
09:14:43adi|homeahh.. was that the big news that was being 'talked' about a few months ago?
09:14:52adi|homethat Zagor couldn't bring public at first?
09:15:15Bagderhm, no, this is somewhat more recent
09:16:05Bagderone of the Archos guys mailed Björn to ask for permission to include Rockbox on their CD
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09:32:38Zagoryeah, I got another request in private mail today. i'm thinking of publishing my paypal account for it. it's never used for anything else anyway.
09:33:27adi|homehmm.. any other options out there besides paypal?
09:33:53Zagornone as widely used. picking a smaller service means more hassle for tippers
09:34:02BagderZagor: if you wait another 3-4 days I'll give you my report on getting funds from paypal to my swedish bank
09:34:10ZagorBagder: ah, excellent
09:35:02adi|homeany chance ppl could consider sending you money orders as well?
09:35:12*adi|home refuses to use paypal :(
09:35:27adi|homeand one thing i would recommend if/when we have cash donated
09:35:48adi|homethere be a listing of what money was received, and what it was spent on.. so ppl know we're not pocketing it ;)
09:36:24Bagder10$ beer. 20$ beer. 14$ beer... ;-)
09:36:25langhaarrockerBut why not pocket it?
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09:37:04Schnueffmaybe there is a BeerPal, too
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09:39:18dwihnoWhat is the most probable causes of dizziness?
09:39:29Zagordwihno: ?
09:41:27dwihnoZagor: do you think the archos would function with 1.4 burned into ROM?
09:41:35ZagorBagder: close requests for existing functions, imho
09:41:40Zagordwihno: i doubt it
09:41:47dwihnoZagor: how come?
09:42:07Zagordwihno: there's most likely some things we don't init since the ROM firmware always does it for us
09:42:42dwihnoZagor: ah. Didn't think about that. Is there some way to test rockbox' ROM functionality without breaking anything? :)
09:43:07Zagordwihno: nope :)
09:43:46dwihnoThen add ^ to the TODO list
09:44:03dwihno"Test if Rockbox works if it's burned into ROM" :-)
09:45:04Zagoryou go first. you're our guinea pig
09:46:13adi|homehe's italian?
09:46:47*Zagor is straining to grasp the joke.... and failing
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09:49:00adi|homeguinea... in america is slang for Italian
09:49:21adi|homeover kill would be "he's an Italian cop?"
09:49:52Zagoroh, I didn't know that.
09:50:08adi|homepig == slang for cop
09:50:22adi|homecop == slang for police officer
09:50:24langhaarrockerCode Police?
09:50:29adi|homeadi == slang for verbose
09:50:40Zagoryeah, I knew pig but not guinea
09:50:55Zagorisn't there a more common slang name for italians?
09:51:08dwihnocp = code police? :)
09:51:08adi|homedepends on how heavily you want to get beaten
09:51:10BagderSopranos! ;-)
09:51:14Zagoradi|home: :-)
09:51:15dwihnoZagor: morons?
09:51:32*Zagor has been watching too many mob films
09:51:34adi|homen1gger always seemed to piss off my italian friends
09:51:35dwihnoBut 95% of all italians on IRC show a lack of intellect
09:51:40adi|homeWop was always good
09:52:02Zagoryeah, i think wop is the one I've heard in cop shows and movies.
09:52:25adi|homeyou know what it means?
09:52:36adi|homemore specifically, its history?
09:52:41adi|homethats a purely american word :)(
09:52:45Zagori know an douglas adams reference, but i guess that's not it?
09:53:10adi|homewith out papers
09:53:33adi|homeits what they used to label imm. coming into the states during the large migrations
09:54:32*adi|home loves acronyms
09:54:47Zagorposh is an acronym?
09:55:09adi|homeportside out, starbard home
09:55:17adi|homerich ppl on ocean liners
09:55:26adi|homeso they would never need to stare at the docks
09:55:45adi|homeyour ticket was 'posh'
09:56:16Zagori love etymology
09:58:05adi|homemy favorite word is still sysophian
09:58:19adi|homewell that and 'hosenfeffer'
09:58:24adi|homethats just fun to say :)
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11:22:09Zagorlunch, even :)
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13:09:43Bagder>>>> Dear sirs:
13:09:47Bagder**** Command 'dear' not recognized.
13:09:58Bagderfrom a majordomo bounce
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13:11:04LinusNZagor: any comments about the FAT creation date bug report?
13:15:19Zagoruh? haven't seen it yet.
13:15:31Bagder"Recorded MP3 file doesn't have date information"
13:15:33Hadakayo guys
13:16:00LinusNZagor: mailing list
13:16:00HadakaI have some test results for the power-off code - and something is majorly pooped
13:16:24HadakaWith exactly the same settings, when I before had 12h of playtime, I now had 7.5h
13:16:39Zagorwhat is "before"?
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13:20:11Hadakabefore is the test I did with full batteries and 1.4 rockbox, playing 192-kbit MP3's
13:20:35Hadakaafter is with the rockbox I downloaded when I was in sweden and playing the same 192-kbit MP3's
13:20:50Hadakaboth times the batteries were charged from empty to full with the archos flash firmware
13:21:02Hadakaand I've narrowed the problems into three choices:
13:21:22Hadaka1) spin-up after a power-off drains really much power
13:21:35Hadaka2) the new watermarking code is really battery intensive
13:21:53Hadaka3) I managed to wreck my batteries with a relatively stupid thing I did
13:23:50Hadakaso, now I'm charging my unit to full with archos again
13:24:31Hadakaand then running it all with the power-off disabled but with this new firmware - if it's still around 7.5h, then it's either 2 or 3, if it's 12h again then it'll be 1
13:26:28Zagorexcellent testing. if it turns out poweroff is really powersurge, we can cut it from the code
13:26:39Hadakabut even 3 is a distinct possibility, so no need to get queasy just yet :)
13:27:01Hadakawell, it might be that poweroff is only that with my drive, and that other drives are different
13:27:09Hadakabut if it is with most drives
13:27:33Hadakathen poweroff could be used when you want to keep the unit on pause for 15 minutes
13:28:20Zagoryes. I and bagder discussed a "hibernate" mode over lunch. for those people who like to leave the archos in the car overnight
13:28:42Hadakaoh, two small questions
13:28:52Hadakadoes deep-discharge work while USB-mode is on
13:29:02ZagorI think so
13:29:35Hadakaand - can the charger be used to mostly power the unit even when not charging, or is it only either charging or entirely on batteries?
13:31:06Zagorthe charger only charges the batteries, it does not power the unit
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13:31:31Hadakaerr, but how can the unit be on then even without batteries?
13:31:44LinusNHadaka: until the hard drive spins up
13:32:11Hadakawell yes, the charger can't power the hard drive, but it seems to power everything else pretty nicely
13:32:15ZagorI didn't know it could... :-)
13:32:44Hadakaand is it that it can't power the hard drive _enough_ or that it can't power it _at all_
13:32:58Zagorenough, I'd think
13:33:00Hadakaanyway, afk a bit, work stuff
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13:37:41Zagorisn't windows grand...
13:41:14ZagorLinusN: you should mark that bug "won't fix". we mustn't keep bugs laying around unmarked.
13:42:21 Join kSADerfos [0] (
13:42:29Zagoror "invalid" or just anything. Resolution "None" means we haven't come to a conclusion about it.
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13:42:55e-potishey all
13:43:23e-potisI need you opinion on smthng
13:44:05e-potisshould I translate every single word of the firmware? I mean i could translate buffer in greek but it would sound very stupid
13:44:26Zagorit's your call. translate so greeks find it comfortable.
13:44:45e-potisin greece we just say "buffer"
13:44:59e-potisoh ok
13:45:00Zagorthen use that.
13:46:22e-potisshould I also translate some idz that have no description in english?
13:46:44e-potisid: LANG_HIDDEN
13:46:44e-potisdesc: in settings_menu
13:46:44e-potiseng: ""
13:46:44DBUGEnqueued KICK e-potis
13:47:22Bagderif it has no english string, then ignore it
13:47:59Bagderthen its just a left-over from the past
13:48:05Zagorno, those are unused
13:49:32e-potisi c. Here's another; Does the description has to be shorter than some # of chars?
13:49:46e-potisi c. Here's another; Does the description has to be shorter than a # of chars?
13:51:07Zagorgenerally not. in some cases they do.
13:51:14Zagorunfortunately that is not clearly marked.
13:51:24Zagorstart with long strings, then test them
13:55:40e-potisok. I guess it's gonna take me long till i finish (although I've translated most of the file), as I'm getting me recorder not earlier than 10 days.
13:56:00Zagorno rush. 2.0 will most likely not be released before christmas.
13:57:47e-potis:). Once again thanx guys for rockbox. I was about to buy a compact flash player, but I heard about rockbox and instantly changed mind.
13:58:11Zagornice to hear
13:58:15Bagderwhere/how did you hear about it?
13:58:22Zagore-potis: you should tell that to archos
14:01:11e-potisI had a Creative D.A.P 20 GB. and was daily checking out for firmware hack attempts on a forum. Stupid creative has it's firmware locked and even if you had the p.key you had to make hardware mods to make a serial port
14:03:42e-potisWell one day a guy posted frustrated for creative's policy and said that if users could make their own firmware for D.A.P. they would sell much more. That was it! after short research i found rockbox's site.
14:04:28e-potisD.A.P sold - Archos ordered.
14:05:26e-potisYeah I guess I should thank archos
14:05:42Zagordon't thank them, they have not helped
14:06:01Zagoryou should tell them Rockbox was the reason you bought their product
14:06:17Zagorcurrently they are ignoring all our communication
14:06:52Hadakawell even their customer service is horrenduously slow, so I don't wonder
14:08:14e-potisreally :(
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14:09:26e-potiswhat do u think about their new jukebox. The one that can play/record divx?
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14:11:59Zagore-potis: looks nice. but I will not buy it unless I can write my own code for it
14:16:03e-potistrue true ;)
14:20:35e-potiszagor what were u doing on TV?
14:21:14ZagorA news show did a spot about a web site I've made. It's a free apartment swapping site.
14:23:27e-potisic. holiwood here he comes
14:24:20Bagder"There's even a hacker group of open source Swedes
14:24:20Bagderwho have their own firmware to run on it! "
14:24:40Bagderpeople like mentioning where people or things are from
14:24:56Bagderand evidently we all are "open source Swedes" ;-)
14:25:01Zagorwhere's that?
14:28:23e-potisguys how easy is it to replace a drive in recordes with a larger one? is there a limit?
14:28:42Bagderthe limit is 2.5" 9.5mm
14:28:43Zagor120GB is the limit :)
14:29:01Bagder120? isn't it more like 138?
14:31:09Zagoruh, maybe
14:31:17e-potisboth sound fine
14:32:28e-potisafterall it's music for the road. I'm going to buy me one of those new 250gb maxtor externals for desktop music :)
14:34:07 Quit Bagder ("")
14:37:01e-potisbye all
14:37:06 Quit e-potis ()
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14:43:43*dwihno gives Linus some kebab (med fiiiin sallad)
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15:49:01elinenbehow are you?
15:49:16elinenbelanghaarrocker: anything brewing up your rockbox sleve?
15:50:45langhaarrockerbrewing slowly: I'm very busy at my day job currently.
15:50:56elinenbeI know what you mean?
15:51:07langhaarrockerBut there is still this thing with user editable key bindings which is 3/4 done.
15:51:20elinenbelanghaarrocker: now with disk writing you can implement in your split editor
15:51:39langhaarrockerYes, that's another thing.
15:52:22langhaarrockerAnd I'd like to make a calender with events like wake up, shutdown, start recording, start playback, reminder, ...
15:52:50langhaarrockerBut I don't see any spare time for that this year any more.
15:53:25elinenbethe pda idea is a great idea... a pda for music!
15:53:33elinenbestar playback of this song tomorrw at 10am
15:53:42elinenberecord for two hours Friday!
15:54:18langhaarrockerbetter: wake me up moday to friday at 6 am and on weekends on 10 am - but leave out my birthday
15:54:26elinenbeyeah :)
15:54:48elinenbeand Enya in the moring, ubt come 10pm play Darude
15:54:57elinenbes/ ubt/but
15:55:42langhaarrockerNo, I won't implement that. You'll only get Tool, Soundarden and Kyuss! :)
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16:11:00Zagorhow does the cvs $ver$ tag look?
16:11:06elinenbenice :)
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16:20:49webmindhmm, would a 640x480 digicam be enough for documenting electronics?
16:21:26langhaarrockerI use my scanner for that
16:21:27webmindwhat would be ?
16:21:34webmindhmm, analogue cam ?
16:21:49webmindi mean taking pictures of disection for exmaple
16:22:20Zagor_it could be useful, but generally higher resolution photos are more valuable
16:22:25langhaarrockerAs soon as it comes down to being able to read the numbers of the chips you'll get into problems
16:22:45webmindsugestions on what would be good ?
16:22:50webmindlooking for a low cost cam
16:23:00langhaarrockerI'd prefer a scanner.
16:23:18 Nick tot|away is now known as TotMacher (
16:24:14webmindlanghaarrocker, with analogue pics u mean ?
16:24:17Zagor_langhaarrocker: how well is scanner for stuff with prodtruding things
16:24:56langhaarrockerThe pictures of the guts of the recorder are made with a scanner.
16:25:37langhaarrockerThe scanners differ very much regarding the depth to which they can make sharp images.
16:25:57langhaarrockerwebmind: no, i put the pcb directly on the screen.
16:26:17webmindlanghaarrocker, but that doesnt work for complete devices ?
16:26:32Zagor_webmind: look at these photos:
16:27:07langhaarrockeras long as they aren't deeper than say 3 - 6 cm it works fine. But that depends very much on the scanner.
16:27:19webmindZagor_, done with a scanner ?
16:27:40langhaarrockerwebmind: yes, with my cheapo scanner.
16:27:47webmindhmm k
16:28:10webmindneed to get a scanner then
16:28:58webmindbtw, think it would be possible to upgrade the screen on the player ?
16:29:05langhaarrockera big advantage is: the scanner doesn't distort. Digicams - especially when in wide angle - tend to do so.
16:31:40webmindpics i took now with digicam of my case-less archos are uh.. "out of shape"
16:32:46webmind <−− how did u make that one btw
16:33:31langhaarrockerI simply but the pcb on the scanner and activated my twain module.
16:34:05webmindisnt that bit high ?
16:34:28langhaarrocker? high resolution? High on dope?
16:35:15Schnueffhm its the only one with a bright background
16:35:27Schnueffstrange :)
16:35:29langhaarrockerI didn't close the cover.
16:35:47webmindah k
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