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#rockbox log for 2002-12-11

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00:01:36LinusN|away...and Greece...12 points! Grece...douze points!
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00:03:01LinusNhehe, you never watch the eurovision song contest?
00:03:27e-potsi:) Greece always sucks in eurovision :)
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00:04:36e-potiswhere's EV taking place this time?
00:05:08LinusNi dunno
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07:36:55aodhhowdy, i would like to try and code a play directory feature... i've read the docs, and feature requests etc.. is it reasonable to add?
07:37:18aodhor if anyone could tell me what file the action for the play button is defined...
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08:29:22*Bagder bows in the presence of dwihno
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08:37:56dwihnoBagder: aww, you shouldn't! :)
08:38:02dwihnoCarry on! :)
08:38:16*Bagder gets up on his feet and carries on
08:38:34dwihnoDon't forget to do some CVS commits today! ;D
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09:27:27dwihnoYay for Zagor! :D
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09:34:39quelsarukzagor on tv?
09:34:56Bagderlast week, yes
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09:37:53hardeephmmm, has your nick always been Bagder? I thought it was Badger... :)
09:38:17BagderI've always been this dyslexic, yes ;-)
09:44:09dwihnoMr. Sidhu! :D Welcome!
09:47:41hardeepheh heh
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10:11:00*Bagder fires up nessus and directs it on his home machine
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10:12:00Zagordid you use apt-get? ;)
10:12:33Zagorchicken ;)
10:13:06Bagdernessus actually comes with an "installer" ;-)
10:13:37Bagderbasicly a good old shar thing
10:14:01Bagder2.9MB shell script
10:23:39Zagorhow many times will people ask for "whole-disk random play"?
10:24:12quelsaruka lot?
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10:28:48Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
10:28:57Zagorno more tv
10:29:10Topic"" by Bagder (
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10:39:15Bagderhasta la vista
10:39:23hardeepOkay, got a pseudo-working queue function but I have a few items that i'd like some input on:
10:39:28quel|outthat sounded like terminator
10:39:40hardeep1. Where to store the queue list? A. Memory B. Disk
10:39:44hardeepI prefer B
10:39:49BagderI agree
10:39:54Bagderpeople will want resume on it
10:39:58hardeep2. How to handle resume? Ignore queue list?
10:40:01hardeepOkay, heh :)
10:40:22hardeepand 3. What key sequence for queueing a file?
10:40:38Zagori'm about to add ON+PLAY in browser for "special actions"
10:40:59langhaarrocker2.) configurable in some menu
10:41:19Zagorit will bring up a quick-menu with selections for queueing, add to file list, rename etc.
10:41:19Zagorwell, I plan to anyway :-)
10:41:38hardeepokay, cool, that works
10:42:06hardeepi'll just use a temporary setting for now... maybe just the 2s play thing for now
10:43:01Zagorhmm... ON+RIGHT, ON-LEFT could be used for selecting files
10:45:10Hadaka7h runtime even with power-off disabled
10:45:17Zagorvery strange
10:45:34Zagorpower-off disabled should be no different from 1.4
10:45:35Hadakaso it's either that the watermarking code is bad - or my batteries are now bad - or that something else changed between 1.4 and this that is making a big difference
10:45:52Zagorwatermarking differences shouldn
10:46:03Zagor't make 4 hours difference, methinks
10:46:15Hadakayeah - the watermark was even lower than 40000 at some point, which was nice
10:46:16Zagorcan you run another 1.4 test?
10:46:38Zagorsorry to be a pain :-)
10:46:50Hadakayeah, I'll be doing that today
10:47:17Hadakaif the playtime is around 7hours with that, I'm buying new batteries again :)
10:47:19Zagormaybe you could try simply clocking the spinups for a few tracks with 1.4 and BE
10:47:41langhaarrockermaybe someone should change something so that the "Feature Comparison Chart" matches Rockbox... :)
10:48:11HadakaI'll see about that at work
10:48:23Hadakabut it truly might be that I toasted my batteries
10:49:02Bagderlanghaarrocker: meaning... ?
10:50:51langhaarrockereither swap the "battery lifetime" entry or make rockbox use less battery. Just kidding. Sorry.
10:51:19Bagderthat's just propaganda ;-)
10:51:23Zagorto early for humor :-)
10:51:29Zagortoo even
10:51:37Hadakaanyway, off to work now and more tests there
10:51:52ZagorHadaka: ok. see you.
10:52:34Zagorhow do I easily check if my perl installation has a module or not? Net::DNS in this case.
10:53:10langhaarrockerbtw: In the FCC I read that Archos could "File Delete & Rename" - can it really rename? Never found that.
10:54:11Zagorsomeone else noted that too. it should be changed.
10:55:19BagderZagor: perl -MNet::DNS
10:55:31Zagorah, thanks
10:56:02langhaarrockerZagor: That someone might want to mention that the peak meter is configurable, too
10:56:39langhaarrockerjust for increasing propaganda...
11:08:42 Part Zagor
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11:14:04quelsarukif queue mode is going to be enabled, the repeat all, one, none option should be changed to playmode: normal, repeat all, repeat one and queue, no?
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11:16:18Zagorquelsaruk: huh?
11:16:31hardeephmmm, currently I'm just implementing it so that if you queue a song it's the next song that gets played after the current song
11:16:37ZagorI want to queue a file while repeat-playing a playlist
11:16:45Zagorhardeep: sounds good to me
11:17:19quelsaruki had another idea of that queue option
11:17:37quelsarukto early in the morning
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12:19:35Bagderonly one minor thing found by nessus
12:19:51BagderI allow SSHv1 protocol on my ssh server
12:19:55dwihnois that bad?
12:20:21 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:20:22dwihnoI allow Caramelldansen everywhere, is that a security flaw?
12:20:35Bagderfor people's sanity ;-)
12:21:00ZagorBagder: what is the cvs $ tag for just version number? $Id: is so long..
12:21:16 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
12:21:39Bagder$version:$ I think
12:21:57Bagderor $Version:$ rather, I think differs on case
12:22:01dwihnoBagder: Well, just wait until the kebab dance has reached you... It's a dupe of the ketchup dance, which is a dupe of the macarena, which is a dupe of some latino-blabla
12:22:23BagderI'm still recovering from a bad case of kebab song
12:23:14dwihnoLinus is still under the influence
12:23:17ZagorBagder: neither works. nor $Version: $
12:23:19dwihnoIt might be the fiiina sallad
12:23:25Zagornever mind
12:24:03langhaarrockerMaybe cvs isn't configured to expand variables for this kind of file?
12:26:59langhaarrockerwhat kind of files do you want to contain keywords like $Version:$ ?
12:36:43langhaarrockerAnd I think it is $Revision$ instead of $Version$
12:37:15Bagderah, might be that, yes
12:37:52langhaarrockerIf that fails you might have to check out the CVSROOT module and edit the cvswrappers file in it.
12:38:20Hadakait's $Revision$ or $Rev$
12:40:19Bagderwindows sure is fun
12:40:32Bagdera guy ran some tests on sending data on a socket
12:40:45langhaarrockerbtw: what do you think about establishing a module in the CVSROOT/module file that contains all sources but the www?
12:40:47Bagderif the buffer is 12KB it is WAY slower than if the buffer is 8 or 16KB
12:41:07Bagderlanghaarrocker: that's a very good idea
12:43:34 Part Zagor
12:43:54Hadakayou should write the whole module file properly
12:44:06HadakaI can do it if langhaarrocker doesn't
12:44:16langhaarrockerI'm short of time...
12:55:07 Quit Bagder ("")
12:59:00HadakaI'll try to do it later today
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13:57:59langhaarrockerHadaka: Do you have cvs write access?
13:58:08langhaarrocker(I don't)
13:59:33ZagorI do. neener neener :)
14:01:26langhaarrockerWhat good would be a code police without cvs write access.
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14:09:26Bagderhi edx
14:09:32edxhi :)
14:10:26edxBagder: what has happened to the rockbox t-shirts? You said ppl might be able to order one... (some time ago in the mailing list)?
14:10:54BagderI'm trying to get Adi to send me the design
14:11:03Bagderhires photoshop
14:11:14edxah - that means they still arent printed?
14:11:15Bagderno luck
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14:12:33edxdo you happen to know wheather the win makefile's still working? haven't tried for a while
14:22:04edxhey, that's incredible - the makefile's working!
14:23:37quelsarukbagder, in playlist.c there's still a string that doesn't use the lang.h :)
14:23:46quelsaruki'll tell you later, after lunch
14:23:56quelsaruknow i'm really hungry
14:24:04 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
14:31:40 Quit datazone ("zed is dead")
14:35:05Bagdermatsl: running nessus on your machine atm
14:35:24Hadakalanghaarrocker: no
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15:15:36 Join edski [0] (
15:17:25edskiQuick question before I go spend money: Will RockBox recorder software work on Recorder 15 (or 10) as well as the 20? A store here (in Arizona, in the US) has the Recorder 15s for $229.00, and offers a $50.00 rebate after that. TIA.
15:17:53webmindedski, most likely yes
15:18:14Hadakait should - but do note that recorder 20 is the only (afaik) one that has USB 2.0 interface, which gives faster transfer speeds
15:19:25langhaarrockerstrange: I never heared of a jukebox 15. Only 6, 10 and 20.
15:20:08LinusNedski: don't worry, it will work
15:20:29LinusNas long as you don't buy an fm recorder
15:20:40edskiRegular USB should be sufficient. My primary use will be making live recordings and then uploading. Once in my Linux box, all the "real work" will be done there. I'll come back here tomorrow and let you know.
15:28:19Bagdertime to run off
15:28:21 Quit Bagder ("")
15:29:37langhaarrockerIs there any intersting multi track recording software for linux?
15:32:44webmindafaik there is
15:32:50webmindtried freshmeat ?
15:33:04webmind <−− my archos atm
15:39:36Zagorooh, naked! :)
15:39:48webminduhuh :)
15:39:59dwihnoI get no reply
15:40:08dwihnonow I got it
15:40:35dwihnoit looks so green!
15:41:13webmindgreen batteries, green print
15:41:34dwihnoWhy is it naked?
15:41:44dwihnoIs it to provide optimal cooling effect? :)
15:53:23dwihnogameboy is so evil
15:59:45dwihnoI got GBA
16:02:28webminddont really like that i think
16:06:10dwihnoIt's fun for playing games :)
16:06:22dwihnoin W-I-D-E-S-C-E-R-E-E-N! :D
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16:21:22edxZagor: congrats (@ archos shipping rockbox!)
16:21:56Zagoryeah, it's kinda interesting
16:22:32edxare they giving us credits, at least? (I mean, the names are in there anyways, but do they mention it as an "external project"?)
16:23:17LinusNi don't think they care about names
16:23:24Zagori think they are simply referring to it as an alternative firmware.
16:23:29LinusNwhy would they?
16:23:55Zagori think he said something about a link to our web page
16:24:11Zagorbut I don't think it will be anything more than that
16:24:50edxLinusN: not really talking about names here... I think they should mention the page on the outside of the package
16:25:18edxZagor: yea, maybe we'll get even more interested ppl
16:25:27Zagoryup, possibly
16:25:49langhaarrockerSomething like "rockboxable (r)" ?
16:26:25langhaarrockerNo, that would mean rockbox burned in :)
16:27:02Zagorgotta go. see you later!
16:27:02 Part Zagor
16:27:22LinusN"designed for Rockbox(tm)"
16:27:56dwihnoLinus has been taken too much of that starka såsen
16:28:29 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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17:15:44 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:15:47elinenbehi there
17:15:55elinenbeI just read the great news!
17:18:33 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
17:21:07elinenbehow come no one is ever here?
17:21:16*edx is here
17:30:05elinenbehi edx
17:33:18edxgreat news, indeed ;)
17:34:01 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
17:34:03elinenbedid you check out the ONDIO manual?
17:34:19edxno where do I get it?
17:34:39edxok .. just saw your mail
17:36:05edxhehe, yea nice finding ;)
17:46:00 Join quelsaruk [0] (
17:59:36quelsarukhey! i've just read the mail about archos asking for premission to use rockbox
18:00:03quelsarukthat's great
18:00:13edxreally ;)
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20:46:24 Quit elinenbe_ ("elinenbe_ has no reason")
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21:31:51 Part quel|out (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
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21:50:17 Join drink_bleach104 [0] (
21:51:43drink_bleach104is there anyone there?
21:52:48 Join totmach3r [0] (
21:53:13Hadakapatience :)
21:53:30drink_bleach104ah a human....
21:53:49drink_bleach104would this be a good place to ask a ?
21:54:01Hadakaask, no need to ask to ask :)
21:54:56drink_bleach104ok..well i wanted to know if anyone has any intention of writing/rewriting Rockbox for the RCA/Thomson Lyra player
21:56:21drink_bleach104or is that asking for a bit much?
21:56:44Hadakaprobably impossible
21:57:12Hadakavery few players behave as nicely with regard to firmware updates as the archos player does
21:57:27Hadakaand have a suitable processor for which there's a good compiler
21:57:34Hadakaand have a firmware format which can be easily deciphered
21:57:37 Quit drink_bleach104 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:57:53drink_bleach104ok, back
21:58:08drink_bleach104sorry, what did u say?
21:59:14Hadakaprobably impossible
21:59:18Hadakavery few players behave as nicely with regard to firmware updates as the archos player does
21:59:21Hadakaand have a suitable processor for which there's a good compiler
21:59:24Hadakaand have a firmware format which can be easily deciphered
21:59:54drink_bleach104has ne one looked into it?
22:00:17HadakaI don't know of anyone here who would have one
22:00:56drink_bleach104looking at the files for the Lyra wouldnt help would it?
22:01:21Hadakalooking at how Lyra does firmware upgrades would help
22:01:29drink_bleach104i mean, using a hexeditor its easy to change some lables
22:01:33Hadakaand looking at the specs of the chips inside a Lyra would help
22:01:41Hadakaand disassembling the Lyra would help
22:01:54drink_bleach104or the software?
22:01:55Hadakayes, physically
22:02:10drink_bleach104i think i'll leave that to someone else
22:02:29Hadakabut mostly it would have to be some other project - rockbox is for archos - and unless it has the same CPU and chips, I don't think too much would be easily portable
22:03:05drink_bleach104couldnt the same kinda of method that was used to disassemble the Archos be used?
22:03:57drink_bleach104i mean disaamble the Archos software
22:04:02Hadakaerr - there was no special method used to disassemble the archos
22:04:19drink_bleach104do u know how it was done?
22:04:53Hadakawell what's there to be done? the firmware was code - and the processor was known
22:05:05Hadakathe trick was that the firmware was scrambled, but luckily it was a trivial scrambling
22:05:18drink_bleach104is it not compiled?
22:06:12Hadakayes, compiled code
22:07:10drink_bleach104who actualy did all the work for this project?
22:07:24LinusNlots of people, me included
22:07:29Hadakawell, there's a list of people
22:07:29LinusNBjörn started it
22:07:34LinusNI and Björn
22:07:56Hadakayeah, Linus and Björn are the main developers, they can tell you all about how the archos firmware was disassembled
22:07:58LinusNsee the CREDITS file
22:08:03Hadakabut I don't think there was any special trick to it
22:08:17LinusNno, no special tricks
22:08:33LinusNjust a disassembler and some persistence
22:08:43 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:08:43drink_bleach104would ne one like to look at the lyra's software? or is rockbox enough work?
22:08:54LinusNand remember, we haven't disassembled much of the original firmware
22:09:06LinusNjust a small fraction
22:09:12Hadakawhat processor does the Lyra have?
22:09:21Hadakathat's the first step, anyway
22:09:39drink_bleach104i dont know, i dont suppose its on their website....
22:09:49LinusNhehe, i guess not
22:09:55LinusNyou have to open it up
22:10:01drink_bleach104and i dont really want to do that...
22:10:34Hadakadrink_bleach104: that is the very first step - if you don't know what the processor is, disassembling is near impossible
22:10:36drink_bleach104what would be the step after finding out its processor?
22:11:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:12:14Hadakadrink_bleach104: well then taking the firmware they have and seeing how edits to it affect the lyra and if you manage to determine the sections from it and if you find any code that's sane in there
22:13:07drink_bleach104perhaps i should find someone more determind than me to look at this....
22:13:24LinusNdrink_bleach104: perhaps
22:13:43LinusNi mean, we had to take our players apart to find out how they worked
22:14:04LinusNdisassembling was only a small part of the reverse enginerring work
22:14:05drink_bleach104i would imaging that wasnt easy still
22:14:33LinusNa multimeter, oscilloscope...
22:15:24drink_bleach104so how did u determin what the processor was?
22:16:45LinusNa friend of ours recognized the chip markings and the pin count
22:18:11drink_bleach104life would be so much easier if they just made the firmware all open source...
22:19:06LinusNit is a custom mask programmed 7034
22:19:18drink_bleach104what does that mean?
22:19:37LinusNit means that it has a 4Kbyte ROM memory in it
22:19:52LinusNwith the boot code specially made for Archos
22:21:08drink_bleach104i think i'll stick to playing around with a hexeditor
22:21:53LinusNdrink_bleach104: can you see if it is acrambled?
22:22:38drink_bleach104do u want me to send u the files? they arnt very big
22:22:57LinusNsure, why not?
22:23:04LinusNlinus at
22:23:05drink_bleach104i'll just zip them up
22:26:32drink_bleach104sending now
22:27:47drink_bleach104linus: sent
22:30:23LinusNgot it
22:30:49drink_bleach104as far as i can tell when the unit boots up it goes for mp3.exe
22:31:14Hadakacould it have a x86 processor?
22:31:15drink_bleach104its just 4 exe files
22:31:56drink_bleach104the text in it is unicode (i think)
22:33:05drink_bleach104Hadaka: would u like the files?
22:33:54Hadakadrink_bleach104: nah, I'm way too busy as it is
22:35:32drink_bleach104LinusN: anything of interest there?
22:35:34Hadakaand I bet linus will come out with some amazing discovery in five minutes :)
22:35:42drink_bleach104i hope so :)
22:37:11LinusNhehe, i'll have to postpone it until i have bathed my little daughter, brb
22:47:05 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:57:41 Join drr104 [0] (
22:58:53 Nick drr104 is now known as drink_bleach (
23:03:20elinenbeLinusN: you here?
23:04:37elinenbeLinusN: I was just wondering what you were currently working on Roockbox-wise...
23:04:52drink_bleachLinusN: those files interesting?
23:04:59elinenbeLinusN: I remember you were attempting a queue mode a little while back.
23:05:22LinusNdrink_bleach: i can't immediately see what cpu it is
23:05:38LinusNelinenbe: hardeep is working on that
23:05:46elinenbeLinusN: currently?
23:06:05elinenbeLinusN: Do you know how his progress is coming?
23:06:34LinusNi dunno
23:06:50drink_bleachLinusN: ok, i'll leave you to have a play with them, i must be on my way now..
23:07:30LinusNdrink_bleach: ok
23:07:36 Quit drink_bleach104 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:07:55 Nick drink_bleach is now known as drink_bleach104 (
23:08:10 Part drink_bleach104
23:14:15Hadakadoes uisimulator use stuff from the firmware directory? I guess?
23:14:26LinusNyes some of it
23:15:46 Part LinusN
23:16:03Hadakaand the gdb directory is only used for the line-in mod as serial port?
23:17:13 Join LinusN [0] (
23:20:42 Join paulheu [0] (
23:21:01paulheuLinus: are you in ?
23:21:12LinusNi'm here
23:21:18LinusNi have looked at your filke
23:21:24Hadakaand the gdb directory is only used for the line-in mod as serial port?
23:21:32LinusNit seems that it ran into some performance problems
23:21:40LinusNHadaka: yes
23:22:03paulheuyou mean it's because I recorded at 48?
23:22:10LinusNpaulheu: i doubt it
23:22:39LinusNi mean that the rockbox firmware ran into performance problems
23:22:40paulheuHmm ok but what can I do about it.. last weeks recording was done on a freshly formatted disk..
23:22:50paulheuand still the same problem after about 27 minutes
23:23:21LinusNthe file looks like if the firmware had problems keeping up in pace with the MAS
23:23:37 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
23:23:38LinusNpaulheu: so it's about the same amount of time?
23:23:59paulheuok.. I will try at 44 until you can come up with anything.. Strange though I could easily record 80 minute MDs before..
23:24:16paulheuyes .. always around 27 minutes
23:24:16LinusNpaulheu: you mean with earlier rockbox versions?
23:24:37paulheuearlier versions allowed 80minute MD recording without probs..
23:24:42LinusNpaulheu: remember that the MD recordings were S/PDIF
23:24:49paulheunope.. through line-in
23:25:11LinusNcan you remember which firmware was the last that worked?
23:25:31paulheuaround two weeks ago.. before the new ATA code
23:25:33LinusNHadaka: the Lyra CPU may be a texas instruments DSP
23:25:51LinusNpaulheu: try to disable ATA poweroff
23:25:57paulheuit is
23:26:20HadakaLinusN: just a DSP?
23:26:35LinusNHadaka: i dunno
23:26:57LinusNi haven't found out anything from the code, i read a press release on the net :-)
23:27:56Hadakahehe :)
23:28:05paulheuon a different mode. Do you think Archos can get their hands on the MAS DSP codeset....
23:28:23paulheuwould be a goo dtrade ;)
23:30:08 Join TotMacher [0] (
23:30:08 Quit TotMacher (Remote closed the connection)
23:30:30Hadakaposted the CVSROOT/modules patch to the mailinglist (through gmane, so it can take a few)
23:30:54 Join TotMacher [0] (
23:32:02LinusNpaulheu: archos has no right to give it to us, even if they had it
23:32:53paulheushame.. but you can always ask..;) anyway.. I hope you can come up with anything.. I will try recording at 44 next gig to see what happens..
23:34:07paulheuOh.. the funy thing is that the archos plays the file fine.. just any windows plyer/editor chokes..
23:34:38 Quit totmach3r (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:35:53LinusNpaulheu: we have asked archos for documentation, but they haven't replied
23:36:19LinusNpaulheu: i doubt that the file plays fine, it's really corrupted
23:36:38LinusNmust be lots of sound artifacts
23:37:16paulheuon the archos it plays without problems.. I can FF/REV to any place.. but as soon as I load it into WinAmp after 27 minutes it just freezes
23:37:48paulheuI am currently playing the file into SoundForge..
23:37:58LinusNpaulheu: but it must sound strange
23:38:34paulheuI have not tried the short version yet though.. but it should make no difference..
23:38:35 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:39:21 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
23:40:38 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
23:41:25LinusNpaulheu: for what i can see in the file, it should sound like sh*t
23:41:58paulheuI could call you and let you hear.. I am now playing the section I uploaded at the 26 minute mark
23:42:04paulheuand it sounds fine
23:42:26paulheuI wa joking about he calling part ;)
23:42:41LinusNpaulheu: don't trust the time information
23:43:17LinusNthere is no VBR header
23:44:21LinusNi wonder what happens after 30 minutes...
23:44:51LinusNor is it a certain file size?
23:46:22paulheuI am plyingthe file in winamp now.. sound fine.. it starts to act up at wround 17:55 then quits.. I am scanning for the same fragment on the archos now
23:48:03paulheuOn the archos I can at least scan past the point where WinAmp fails
23:48:19paulheustil sounds fine
23:49:32paulheuat the point where winamp fails, the archos is quiet for a fraction of a second then just continues..
23:49:41paulheuand sounds as before
23:50:43paulheuat least we know the archos is the better player ;)
23:51:34paulheudo you know of any tools to fix broken mp3s?
23:52:33paulheuhmm indeed ;)
23:53:47paulheuI'll be igratin to linux soon.. so linux tools will also be ok..;)
23:55:52LinusNhehe, i am writing one (that's the one i am using for my analysis now)
23:56:14paulheuVBRfix reports: Change in mpeg version found at frame pos 70729
23:58:34LinusNyup, thatäs it

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