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#rockbox log for 2002-12-12

00:00:34LinusNpaulheu: does this happen every time you record?
00:00:38paulheuhmmm ok.. but you feel changing to 44 should not make much difference?
00:00:45LinusNnot sure
00:00:55paulheuIt has for the last two weeks yes
00:01:05LinusNi don't think the MAS is to blame
00:01:28LinusNit must be that something CPU intensive happens at that point in time
00:01:34paulheuok. It first happened monday last week to be exact
00:01:35LinusNor at a certain size
00:01:56LinusNcan you see anything specific on the display/led?
00:02:32paulheunope.. there is no indication something is wrong..
00:03:05LinusNpaulheu: daily build december 2?
00:03:06paulheunot that I paid much attention to it
00:03:56paulheucurrent is 021209-1642 that's what I used monday
00:10:00paulheuIt just might be that ATA poweroff was enabled.. but I'm not sure. I will try with it both on and off later..
00:10:34paulheuAlso could ATA poweroff be disabled by default when the adapor is plugged in? or am I rambleing here?
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00:11:54LinusNpaulheu: the intention is to make ata poweroff stable, so i don't see the point of disabling it at all when we finally get it working flawlessly
00:12:46paulheuok.. But I'll leave it disables for now to see what happens..
00:13:42 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:17:19paulheuI'm outta here.. gotta get some sleep..;)
00:17:26 Quit paulheu ()
00:17:29LinusNit fails at exactly 28:17
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01:05:46 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:05:55BoD[]hello !!
01:09:04 Quit ken0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:09:21LinusNca va bien merci, et vous?
01:09:45BoD[]:) i'm allright
01:10:04BoD[]just watched billy eliot... it was cool
01:10:41LinusNbilly eliot?
01:11:20BoD[]it's that british movie about a young boy that wants to be a dancer
01:12:22BoD[]7.8/10 :))
01:20:40 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:32:30elinenbe"But father, I just want to dance"
01:38:30elinenbeLinusN: what is in the Rockbox crystal ball?
01:38:48elinenbeLinusN: do you know anyone who DJs with Archos recorders?
01:41:17LinusNelinenbe: i heard about a guy with two recorders in a case, for dj:ing
01:41:45LinusNelinenbe: we are working on the recording among other things
01:42:13LinusNplaylist generation, queues
01:43:15elinenbeLinusN: once those two last things are implemented, then Rockbox will include everything the original firmware had...
01:44:04elinenbeI think it would be a great idea to have a current "play field" of directory and "current directory + subdirectory"
01:44:20elinenbeif you chose the latter, then the archos would create a playlist on the fly...
01:45:28LinusNplay field?
01:45:47elinenbewell, the realm of what you want to play...
01:46:00elinenbeI am having a hard time trying to explain it.
01:46:12elinenbewhat I mean is you know how there is shuffle on/off
01:46:20LinusNok, you select a list of directories to play?
01:46:22elinenberepeat 1/all/off
01:46:48elinenbewell now there is also, "current directory"/"current directory + all sub directories"
01:46:53elinenbefor recursive playing.
01:47:15elinenbeand when you choose, "current directory"/"current directory + all sub directories" , it makes a playlist on the fly and then loads it.
01:47:37elinenbeso, if I had directories like: U2/
01:47:40elinenbewith nothing in it
01:47:46elinenbeand U2/Boy
01:47:51elinenbeand U2/Joshua Tree
01:47:55elinenbeand U2/October
01:48:06elinenbeand went into U2/
01:48:25elinenbeI could choose recursive/shuffle on/repeat all
01:48:59elinenbeand it would play all three albums shuffled and repeated!
01:51:46elinenbewho in their right mind would buy this: ?
01:52:09elinenbewhen you can get an archo 20 gig recorder with USB 2.0 for under $200! THAT is insane!
01:53:46BoD[]I guess playlist generation means beeing able to play a whole directory (recursively) without having to make a playlist (on the computer) first
01:54:19LinusNBoD[]: yup
01:54:32BoD[]so that's perfect :)
01:55:04BoD[]well after that we may need a playlist browser
01:57:00BoD[]anyway i have to go to bed :) see you buy
01:57:22 Quit BoD[] ("i mean BYE not buy :))")
01:57:38elinenbeLinusN: what do you think about Archos including ROckbox with the product?
01:59:30elinenbethe new 1850mAh batteries kick ass!
01:59:38LinusNi think it's flattering, but i think they could have been a little more cooperative by giving us documentation
01:59:55LinusNwe asked for it, but they are silent (again)
02:00:12LinusNwe gave them a week to respond
02:00:17elinenbewell, I am sure they take a while to answer their emails... OH!
02:00:19elinenbeforget that.
02:00:44elinenbeWho emailed you exactly... joe blow secretary, or an engineer?
02:03:01LinusNthe product manager of Archos Products
02:03:07LinusNin france
02:04:21elinenbewell, who knows who he would even speak to?
02:04:43elinenbeit seems that there is a lot of burecratic bullshit at that company.
02:06:25LinusNi wouldn't know about that, i've never been in touch with them before
02:07:35elinenbewell, from what I have heard, requests to the company, even to customer service can be lost in the wind. VERY EASILY!
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02:12:50adi|workanyone remember offhand wha the cli command is to allow remote gui access to your box?
02:12:58adi|workits somehting for X permissions...
02:13:38LinusNxhost +[hostname]
02:13:49adi|workahha.. thanks.. damn its been a while
02:18:36LinusNooops, gotta reboot
02:18:40 Part LinusN
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02:56:37MrSnazzfound out the answer to the "mystery" of the black-trim jukeboxen.
02:57:06MrSnazzarchos sells 15gb models in black, but they also made 20gb black trim models and sell those only through BestBuy
02:57:09LinusNand it is...
02:57:23MrSnazzat first they denied that they made any at all :)
03:06:57 Quit probonic ()
03:07:01MrSnazzanybody here built rockbox under windows? Followed the directions on the site, but hit a snag :-/
03:11:28LinusNi've never done it
03:11:41LinusNtell me about your problem
03:12:05MrSnazzHere's what happens..
03:12:20MrSnazzdemo_menu.c: In function `demo_menu':
03:12:20MrSnazzdemo_menu.c:47: `LANG_BOUNCE' undeclared (first use in this function)
03:14:02MrSnazzthis is while doing a 'make -f win32.mak'
03:17:38MrSnazzI think there is a missing step not in the howto on the site
03:17:47MrSnazzwhich converts the LANG_XXX into the proper value from the .lang file
03:18:09LinusNfirst of all, are you using cygwin?
03:18:34LinusNyou should
03:18:46LinusNsaves you some trouble
03:18:50MrSnazzI'd imagine so
03:18:58MrSnazzI'll get it.
03:19:09LinusNremember to get a full install
03:19:31MrSnazzso this LANG_XXX conversion probably happens in the configure script, I'd imagine
03:19:43LinusNit is done in the makefile
03:19:49LinusNwhen you build
03:20:00LinusNbut i don't know if win32.mak is up to date
03:20:12LinusNalmost nobody uses it...
03:20:21MrSnazzI'll build under linux then. Thanks ;)
03:26:18elinenbecygwin is really nice to use.
03:26:29elinenbeforget that win32 stuff...
03:26:42elinenbeI compile under win2k with cygwin with ease.
03:27:21 Join DotcuM [0] (
03:28:02DotcuMrockbox doesnt work in jb fm recorder right?
03:28:30MrSnazzthe FAQ says nope
03:28:42LinusNDotcuM: no, not yet
03:28:59LinusNwe need someone to take it apart and examine it
03:29:09LinusNnone of the rockbox developers own one
03:29:48LinusNand it seems to use a different scrambling algorithm for the AJZ file
03:29:56DotcuMwell ill be looking forward to when you guys release it for fm recorder, if you ever do =)
03:30:11LinusNDotcuM: you have one?
03:30:51LinusNis the archos firmware crappy on that one too?
03:30:53DotcuMi told 2 of my friends which have the normal recorder about the site and now it will be me that wont have the rockbox ;)
03:31:20DotcuMdont know how crappy is the one from the recorder
03:31:30DotcuMbut there are still features that this firmware doesnt have
03:31:35DotcuMlike full shuffle
03:31:44DotcuMor easier playlist creator
03:35:09DotcuMreally wanted to test the game part of the rockbox
03:36:32DotcuMdo you guys know of any other group of people that are creating other firmwares for archos jukeboxes?
03:38:10LinusNi *really* need some sleep
03:38:21LinusNit's 3:40am over here
03:38:38DotcuMbah its still early ;)
03:38:57 Part LinusN
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04:17:23 Join FreakyFlo [0] (
04:18:22FreakyFlohey! quick question - has anyone experienced the problem (with the original JB6k 4.53) where MP3 playback stops prematurely while being powered by batteries, but not when plugged in? I am using Rockbox 1.4..
04:21:56 Join montykid [0] (
04:25:54 Quit DotcuM (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:28:26 Quit FreakyFlo ()
04:28:52 Part montykid
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05:46:47 Join Artine [0] (
05:48:07ArtineHey all. I'm trying to build the UISim, but I've got two problems. First, the file keysym.h doesn't exist, but button-x11.c seems to need it, and 2, a lot of the files use the directory X11 isntead of x11. I can change it, but this mixed case surprises me. Am I missing something?
05:53:11adi|homeumm why would it use x11?
05:53:56ArtineBecause the file tree has uisimulator/x11 rather than uisimulator/X11
05:55:54adi|homewell 1. keysym.. that a system file..
05:56:03adi|homeif you don't have it.. thats your machine..
05:56:25adi|homeand i don't get what you mean by " a lot of the files use the directory X11 isntead of x11"
05:59:14ArtineOkay, well, actually, your answer about keysym answered my question about the X11 issue. ::feels stupid and runs off to investigate why his system wouldn't have those files:: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :-)
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06:01:35 Nick seb-away is now known as seb-sleep (
06:08:00adi|homeArtine: no prob :)
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07:13:52ArtineCan I use the simulator to test out new binaries of the firmware before putting them on the Archos?
07:14:06adi|homewell.. yes and no
07:14:15adi|homeyes if you are testing code and compile it into the sim
07:14:18adi|homethats why its there
07:14:29adi|homeno if you want to dl a .ajz off the web and run it on the sim
07:14:44adi|homeie: compiled code _for_ the players/rec won't work for the sim
07:14:56adi|homelike compiling for windows vs linux or mac
07:15:02Artineadi|work: Yeah, that's kinda what I figured. I was hoping that as I made the small changes I wanted I could test it without having to rebuild the sim−−seeing as I can't get it built ;-).
07:15:24adi|homewhy can't you get it to build?
07:15:45Artineadi|home: Gotcha.
07:15:56adi|homewhat is the build failure you're getting
07:16:19Artineadi|home: Because it seems the dev libraries for X were never installed. The primary error I'm getting is that various files don't exist.
07:16:37adi|homeahh.. grab them and install them...
07:16:53adi|homelet me know what ones you need and ill see if i can tar them up for you and dcc them to you
07:17:31Artineadi|home: Well, I'm not sure what I need yet. I still have more research to do to figure this out. I'm an old-school programmer. This new-fangled X11 stuff leaves me befuddled.
07:17:40Artineadi|work: Give me a console and I'm happy. :-)
07:18:13adi|homegood enough...
07:18:33adi|homedo a compile.. and email me a dump of the console
07:18:37adi|homeand ill get you what files i can
07:19:00Artineadi|home: Hold on just a second, let me make sure it's in a state where a dump would be meaningful. I'm messing around with all sorts of things.
07:22:05Artineadi|home: Yeah, it seems to be informative, but I worry that if I just grab those files that I need rather than the whole library I'll be screwing myself over later. I think I'll go find out what development libraries are available for X first, and then come back to you if I can't learn anything useful.
07:22:29adi|homesounds good enough :)
07:23:28Artineadi|home: Holy crap... There are thousands of devlibs for X... Err, any idea which one(s) the Rockbox UI sim uses...?
07:24:15MrSnazzI'm trying to build gcc to use for sh1, as per the directions on the rockbox site
07:24:41MrSnazzgetting an error at the very end.. configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables.
07:25:33ArtineMrSnazz: I had that problem, too, but it works nonetheless.
07:25:45ArtineMrSnazz: By that point, the files you already need have been built.
07:25:59ArtineMrSnazz: Just go on to the next step.
07:26:32MrSnazzI was just about to try that, figured it couldn't hurt :)
07:29:43MrSnazzwoo, that works perfectly. Thanks!
07:31:35Artineadi|home: Nevermind, I found the library that has what I need. Thank god for rpmfind.
07:48:08Artineadi|home: Ahhh..... Built. Finally.
07:48:20Artineadi|home: Now to start throwing in those few things I wanted to add.
07:48:27Artineadi|home: Thanks for your help.
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08:12:22 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
08:18:42 Quit Artine ("Client Exiting")
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08:42:21 Join mecraw [0] (
08:42:56 Part mecraw
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09:20:56 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:21:42adi|homezagor.. what are the chances of getting a poll on the front page of the website?
09:21:54adi|hometo find out 'Did you buy your Archos unit because of Rockbox?'
09:22:56 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:23:29ZagorA poll might be fun for us, but not very useful in the big picture.
09:23:52ZagorI'm more thinking about encouraging the people who bought an Archos because of us, to say that to Archos.
09:24:21 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:25:39adi|homeoh i agree.. but it would still be neat to find out
09:34:16Zagoryeah it would. actually, the sf page has a survey engine we could use.
09:34:25hardeepsome more queue function ugliness: what would you expect if you request the previous song in the middle of your queued songs?
09:34:43 Join mecraw_ [0] (
09:40:04hardeepif anyone's bored and wants to try out queueing, i've put a recorder binary up at:
09:40:19hardeepeverything works except: resume, repeat one queued song, prev
09:42:09dwihnoyou are so cool Mr. Sidhu :)
09:42:23dwihnoI always star to think about Apu in Simpsons when I see you :)
09:42:28dwihnoDo you talk english like him?
09:42:30hardeeplaf, fear
09:43:02hardeepnot quite, mainly because i was born and raised in Canada hehe
09:49:54dwihno:O :)
09:49:56adi|homehmmm hardeep.. im looking at that freeshell thing...
09:50:09adi|homedo they not offer ssh access or is it just me missing something?
09:50:58hardeepthey offer both ssh and telnet access.
09:51:08adi|homeokay.. didnt see it listed.. :)
09:51:15adi|homei assume your the lower level...
09:51:20adi|homethe 'send a buck' one?
09:52:38hardeepoh, no, i have an ARPA account
09:52:43hardeepmaybe that's why
09:53:38adi|homehow do you like them?
09:55:02hardeepthey're not bad... the connection can get slow at times but it has got everything i need
09:55:16hardeepalthought i haven't been using it as much lately
09:56:06adi|homei figure ill check out the free account, see how i like it
09:56:48hardeepdepending on what you want another almost free server is at: me> nods
09:58:01 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:02:11 Part Zagor
10:04:49 Join Zagor_ [242] (
10:04:57Zagor_this proxy is driving me nuts. hangs for 2 minutes every 5 minutes... :-(
10:05:00 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
10:10:20dwihnoZagor: tried any other proxies? You know, there are proxies with DCC support *hint* :)
10:10:32dwihnotircproxy is one, I think
10:11:19Zagorit's not the irc proxy, it's the https proxy that's giving me a hard time
10:12:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:12:19Zagormy entire ssh tunnel (mail, irc, the works) locks up solid every few minutes. bloody annoying.
10:14:21dwihnoTell me all about your ssh tunnel, I am curious :)
10:15:58Schnueffonce upon a time there was an ugly big firewall
10:18:49dwihnoZagor: Please tell!
10:19:36Zagordwihno: if your http proxy does https, you can ssh through it into a machine on the outside. and once there, your connection is no longer proxy-limited
10:20:09ZagorI often work at companies who only have a web proxy and no "real" connection
10:20:36Zagorso the ssh/https tunnel trick is a way for me to reach my mail machines etc from there as well
10:23:11 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
10:28:45Zagori'm warming to the bidir scroll idea. rather annoying when a line that's just 1 char too long has to scroll around all the time
10:32:54dwihnoZagor: so you do nothing but SSH?
10:33:30Zagorssh allows tunneling of any number of ports, so I have X11 irc etc over this single ssh tunnel.
10:34:42Zagorremote emacs, xterms etc. unix is beautiful...
10:38:16 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Nintendo Gameboy today!")
10:46:19dwihnoZagor: so you only use ssh port thingies?
10:51:49dwihnoAh, then I'm with ya' :)
10:52:20dwihnobtw, usb hookup fails with the "resume" screen active
10:52:31dwihno(when turning the unit on)
10:52:39Zagoryes, I know
10:52:46Zagordon't do that :-)
10:54:00dwihnoSimple solution to all bugs
10:54:02dwihno"DON'T DO THAT!"
10:54:13dwihnoThe unit hangs when I blahblahblah
10:54:15Zagor"Doctor, it hurts when I laugh"
10:54:17dwihnoAnswer: then don't do that!
10:54:19Zagordon't do that
11:02:20*Zagor is in "Rally the troops" mode
11:12:21dwihnoWarCraft III? :)
11:18:21langhaarrockerYou mean the guy who did the cube made a 3d ego shooter? :)
11:20:11 Join Bagder [0] (
11:20:22Bagderhey ho
11:21:06Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:24:19 Join LinusN [0] (
11:25:04Bagderhey ho
11:25:29LinusNBagder: i thought that num2max5 function was old and tested
11:25:55Bagderit was, but it uses floats in its original form and that's why I did that mistake you corrected
11:26:11LinusNi want the proto in an include file
11:26:30Zagorbtw, why are you using %0d ? that 0 seems to do no good?
11:27:04Bagdertrue, it should be %1d really
11:27:30Bagderbut I think %d is good too
11:28:09LinusNany ideas where to put the proto?
11:28:31Bagderprobably a new header file or in some general one
11:31:00LinusNbtw, what do we like most, 1.2Mb or 1200kb?
11:31:19Bagder1200kb is 6 letters
11:31:53LinusNok 1200k then
11:32:10BagderI prefer 1200k
11:32:31LinusNi guess the point is to maximize precision
11:35:22dwihnoPrecision for all!
11:35:38dwihnoinfo should show megs instead of gigs.
11:37:21Schnueffls -h does 1.2M
11:38:01Schnueffwhich i like better :)
11:46:46dwihnoZagor: so how do you access your ssh box from a host only allowing http proxy?
11:47:19Hadakadwihno: corkscrew
11:47:32HadakaDescription: Tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies
11:47:57dwihnoHadaka: corkscrew? :)
11:47:59Zagoractually I use the https proxy, which doesn't have to speak http
11:48:03Hadaka(not to say that zagor would exactly use it)
11:48:11Hadakayeah, corkscrew is a tool which does that
11:48:12Zagor :-)
11:50:23Zagorcorkscrew seems to be for http only, not https
11:50:47Zagorof course, doing it over http is a lot more tricky
11:50:58Zagorso still a hat off to those guys :)
11:51:37dwihnoWho Am I?
11:51:37dwihnoMy name is Pat Padgett. I'm a dork.
11:51:46dwihnoFrom the docs of corkscrew
11:53:06dwihnoSome stupid policy might force http proxies
11:53:59dwihnoLooks like putty has http proxy support built in
11:54:20dwihnohow neat
11:54:27dwihnoZagor: What is your favorite dish?
11:54:45 Part LinusN
11:54:49Zagorkebab med starka såsen! :-)
11:55:35 Join hardeep [0] (
11:56:44dwihnoHow do you access your files when you're not home?
12:00:16HadakaZagor: corkscrew uses the CONNECT method - which _is_ https tunneling through http proxy
12:00:18dwihnoBut how about realtime file access?
12:00:29dwihnoHTTP CONNECT command?
12:00:41Bagderthere's no need for corkscrew if you can do CONNECT
12:01:03Bagderthat's what Zagor does
12:01:15Bagderissue CONNECT and then ssh the rest
12:01:40Hadakawell corkscrew is exactly the program to do that with - which seems to be good with error handling and authentication and all those issues
12:01:54HadakaHost aka
12:01:54Hadaka ProxyCommand corkscrew 8080 %h %p
12:02:04Bagdersure, but Zagor has a 15 line perl script for that
12:02:16Hadakayeah I had one as well
12:03:01Hadakait used perl which is bit big, the reading and writing wasn't too efficient - and it blindly just said CONNECT to the proxy, without doing proper HTTP handling there with errors and authentication
12:03:04dwihnoWho needs evil stuff like corkscrew when you got perl? :)
12:03:10Hadakacorkscrew does those things properly
12:03:19dwihnoHadaka: ah, I'm with ya' :D
12:03:26dwihnoNeil Sedaka :-)
12:04:06Hadakaand... 15 line perl scripts is _huge_, what's up with the man? :)
12:04:39Hadaka(afkish, debugging a kernel panic)
12:11:57 Join |31770| [0] (~milo@
12:12:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:12:39 Nick |31770| is now known as sereal (~milo@
12:12:59serealhey, anyone know anything about the jukebox fm recorder support?
12:13:14Bagderyes, we know that rockbox doesn't run on the fm
12:13:18 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
12:13:45serealis there any plans to support it in the future
12:14:02Bagderpossibly, if we manage to find out how
12:14:02Zagoronly if fm owners help
12:14:23serealno ones come forward yet then
12:14:52Bagderthere are too few fm owners still I guess
12:15:02Bagderor perhaps they're all chickens ;-)
12:15:49serealyeh maybe thats it. Like myself, after spending around $350 - £280
12:16:18Bagderso how much do you think everyone else spent?
12:16:47serealprobably more, cause i got mine off a lorry
12:18:06 Quit sereal ()
12:21:31*dwihno spent too much on his
12:21:34dwihnoJust before the price drop
12:21:42dwihnoNaaah, you can't spend too much on the archos :)
12:37:25BagderRockbox - feeds the hand that bites you
12:46:08 Quit bobTHC ("Trillian (")
13:02:05 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:08:17ZagorBagder: hehe
13:08:42BagderI think it sums up our situation ;-)
13:08:50Zagoryeah, not bad
13:20:40*Zagor is adding hadaka's modules patch
13:30:54 Quit Zagor ("disconnecting from stoned server.")
13:31:05 Join Zagor_ [242] (
13:31:27 Join Josh_ [0] (
13:31:28 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:41:56 Quit pyvasene ()
13:52:24 Join [keno] [0] (~marklar2@
13:52:32 Join huz [0] (
13:53:11huzhello, i have a problem when i want to mount my archos : Dec 12 13:44:50 huz kernel: FAT: bogus logical sector size 64543 | Dec 12 13:44:50 huz kernel: VFS: Can't find a valid FAT filesystem on dev 08:00
13:53:29huzif i specify vfat, i've almost the same
13:53:50huzdoes anyone have a clue of what i can do ?
13:53:56Zagor_looks like a very bad file system
13:54:07 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
13:55:02Bagderdosfsck your archos
13:55:07huzZagor: if i do a windows 'scandisk' do you think it will be better ?
13:55:40huzi try first dosfsck thx
13:55:58Bagderuse dosfsck -a
13:56:15Bagder(for automatic)
13:56:36Bagderat least for me, the prompting stuff doesn't work
13:56:38huzi wanted first to know what are the action of dosfck ;)
13:56:43huzah ok
13:57:01huzCurrently, only 2 FATs are supported, not 191.
13:57:11huzit is a error message
13:57:20dwihnothat does note bode well
13:57:24Bagderthat's a major fault
13:57:30dwihnoMajorens fel!
13:57:46Zagorhuz: how was disk formatted?
13:58:02huzZagor: i never formatted it since i bought it
13:58:25huzfeture request : add ext3 support to jukebox :)
13:58:27Zagorcan you connect it in windows?
13:59:11huzyeah but i have to boot (last time i did, there was no pb), i'll try that later, i've some works now
13:59:34Zagorthe simplest way might be to backup and reformat
14:00:08Bagderbackup might be tricky if he can't mount it ;-)
14:00:27Zagorapparently it worked in windows last time
14:01:08huzI have another idea : does anyone use devfsd here ? because i don't work on /dev/sda1 but /dev/sda . I'm not sure it's correct ... (i think no, but it is all i have)
14:01:25Bagdersda1 is the one I use
14:01:32huz(maybe i had to say that earlier ... )
14:02:22huz/dev/sda -> scsi/host1/bus0/target0/lun0/disc
14:02:26huzno it's ok
14:02:50huzok thx all, and thx for your great job !
14:03:06 Nick huz is now known as huz|work (
14:07:29HadakaI use devfsd
14:08:25Hadakaerr, /dev/sda is not correct
14:08:33Hadakait apparently can't read the partition table there
14:08:56Hadaka(or it's incorrect, whatever)
14:09:57huz|workHadaka: what device do you use then ?
14:10:54Zagoror /dev/...lun0/part1
14:12:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:12:33huz|workyes but it seems correct, if i compare with my toaster :
14:12:38huz|work/dev/sr0 -> scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/cd
14:12:49huz|workmy archos :
14:12:55huz|work/dev/sda -> scsi/host1/bus0/target0/lun0/disc
14:13:19 Join edx [0] (
14:13:21Zagorthat is the disk. you need to mount the partition
14:13:29Zagorthe partition is /sda1 or .../part1
14:13:47huz|workhmm ... i haven't this .. as i can mount the disk ;)
14:14:16huz|worki can't ..
14:14:20Zagorthen you have one of those badly-formatted units without partition a table. i strongly suggest a reformat.
14:16:52huz|workit seems to be a problem with my kernel configuration (or devfsd configuration) as i manage to mount in on my debian box
14:19:30 Quit MrSnazz (Remote closed the connection)
14:19:36 Join MrSnazz [0] (
14:21:35Zagorhuz|work: that's odd
14:23:52Hadakahuz|work: /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1
14:37:21huz|workwhen i modprobe sd_mod, i have this in my var.log.message :
14:37:28huz|workDec 12 14:21:56 huz kernel: Attached scsi disk sda at scsi1, channel 0, id 0, lun 0
14:37:32huz|workDec 12 14:23:36 huz kernel: sda: Spinning up disk.......................................................................................................not responding...
14:37:35huz|workDec 12 14:23:36 huz kernel: sda : READ CAPACITY failed
14:38:00Zagorwhat kernel is this? my kernel never says "spinning up disk"
14:38:06huz|workhehe :)
14:38:11Hadakasd_mod? what kernel is this? :)
14:38:34huz|workit's the 2.4.19-r7 (gentoo-sources)
14:38:53Zagoralso, first load all your code. then connect the archos (running rockbox)
14:39:11Zagordoing it any other way introduces timeouts that mess things up
14:39:22Bagderno, connect archos first
14:39:27Bagderthen load modules
14:39:38huz|workyeah i think it's a better idea
14:39:54Zagorno good. that will make usb-storage fail if no scsi code is loaded
14:40:32Bagderscsi code should be built-in ;-)
14:40:43Zagorthat's whay I said. load all your code...
14:40:48Bagdernot all
14:40:54BagderI can't do that
14:41:19Zagorthat's very strange
14:41:20BagderI need to load ehci-hcd and usb-storage after I connect my archos
14:42:44BagderI originally tried to have em all built-in
14:43:13Zagori always have everything built-in
14:43:23huz|workyeah the good order was - tadan! - modprobe usb-uhci (i've the usb-storage built-in) / connect archos + on / modprobe sd_mod
14:43:37huz|workworks \o/
14:44:03huz|worki think i will do a new kernel with everything built-in :)
14:44:04Zagorugh, that's about the worst sequence. the archos boot-up is longer than the usb-mandated initial response timeout...
14:44:05Bagderwhat is sd_mod ? is that scsi?
14:44:14Zagoryes, scsi disk
14:44:18huz|workscsi disk
14:44:24Zagoranyhow, as long as it works for you
14:44:46huz|workyeah, it's the most important ! thx for your time
14:48:57 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
14:53:40huz|worki'm sorry but i have a question about your native language :) is that correct :
14:54:09huz|workThird, a control master programm whom tasks is to a control master programm whom tasks is to ...
14:59:59SchnueffThird, a control master programme which controls the master programme which ... ?
15:00:21Schnueffnot 'whom' thats for persons only i'd guess
15:00:24Zagoroh, now I get it.
15:00:30Zagorit's "program" not "programme"
15:00:41Zagorand "master control program", not "control master program"
15:00:48Schnuefffamous MCP
15:00:57Schnuefffrom tron, is it? :)
15:01:06Zagordunno. i've actually never seen tron :(
15:01:22 Join rghf [0] (
15:01:24Schnueffi guess its not from tron, but its appearing in tron
15:02:22*rghf has a stoopid noobie question
15:02:34Schnueffgo for it!
15:02:41rghfis the jukebox multimedia support at all?
15:02:55rghfright that answers that one :)
15:03:17Zagorarchos won't tell us and I frankly don't feel like spending another couple of months rev.eng:ing it
15:03:36huz|workSchnueff: i'm written a report on DDOS yeah
15:03:38rghffair enough
15:04:03 Quit rghf (Client Quit)
15:05:47 Quit edx ("brb")
15:05:48 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
15:34:06 Quit langhaarrocker (
15:34:06 Quit elinenbe (
15:34:06 Quit adi|work (
15:34:06 Quit mbr (
15:34:06 Quit mecraw1212 (
15:35:19NJoinlanghaarrocker [0] (
15:35:19NJoinelinenbe [0] (
15:35:19NJoinadi|work [0] (
15:35:19NJoinmecraw1212 [0] (
15:35:19NJoinmbr [0] (
15:48:24 Join edx [0] (
15:51:14 Nick dwihno is now known as JulDwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
15:51:20JulDwihnoHo ho ho! :D
15:51:27JulDwihnoFinns det några snälla barn här?
15:52:01JulDwihnoNehepp, då behåller jag alla datablad och specar själv då ;)
15:53:55 Quit Josh_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:55:04elinenbeZagor: you know how to run Hardeep's queue code?
15:55:16Zagornope, haven't looked at it yet
15:55:31elinenbeZagor: by that I mean, what button to press to queue a song.
15:55:55elinenbe diff:
15:58:35JulDwihnoI think Mr Sidhu's alter ego is Dr Bombay :-)
16:00:27 Quit edx ()
16:01:24 Join edx [0] (
16:01:32elinenbeback already?
16:03:20 Nick JulDwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:05:39 Join edx|notebook [0] (
16:06:16 Quit edx (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:12:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:21:13Zagor"since the version of 20021204 the battery sign in percentation(%) is more less than the version off the day before."
16:21:24Zagorcan anyone interpret?
16:21:49Zagorhe's trying to say newer builds show lower batt% values?
16:22:21langhaarrockerthat's what I'd guess, too
16:22:58langhaarrockermore less == lower
16:23:19elinenbeI think it is code...
16:23:39elinenbeI think he is sending secret messages to his accomplices.
16:23:42Zagoroops, id3.c managed to be tagged as a scroll patch...
16:24:00Zagorelinenbe: :-)
16:24:04elinenbeif you take the first letter of each word he wrote it says "mll rules"
16:24:14elinenbenow, we just have to figure out who mll is!
16:24:33elinenbeis anyone currently working on bidi scroll?
16:25:27Zagori just added it
16:25:48elinenbereally? nice :)
16:26:02Zagoryeah, i finally realized it's a nice option
16:26:16elinenbewow! I ask, and you do!
16:26:24elinenbethat was the fastest request EVER!
16:26:28Zagoryeah, after only a month or so ;)
16:27:23elinenbewhat exactly does the "anti-skip buffer" do?
16:31:12Zagorit makes the disk spin up X seconds earlier than it has to
16:31:27langhaarrockerThe fastest processed commit request I experienced with LinusN. It was only a few hours between request and the red build.
16:31:48Zagor"the red build". :-)
16:32:15 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:34:54 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
16:34:54 Quit [keno] (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:36:20 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:36:41elinenbeZagor: you can now get rid of some of the stuff on the TODO!
16:36:47Zagorah, right
16:37:05elinenbethe configurable scroll
16:37:08elinenbethe sokoban levels
16:37:15Zagorsokoban levels?
16:37:59langhaarrockeryes, I played them all. Lets get rid of them. :)
16:38:02elinenbein the TODO. They are now in an external file...
16:38:28Zagorindeed they are. I have completely missed that :-)
16:38:30elinenbeI think someone should add undo to sokoban
16:39:07elinenbeZagor: while you are busy adding patches, add that star game. That was quite a bit of fun!
16:39:18Zagorthe puzzle game?
16:39:26elinenbethat was a great game
16:39:30elinenbeand still is!
16:39:38langhaarrockeryes. with new levels. I' ve played them all.
16:39:52MrSnazzI was writing a 3d maze game for the jbr, would anybody even be interested in playing it? ;)
16:40:02elinenbethat would be fun!
16:40:13langhaarrockeris it openGL or DirectX?
16:40:18MrSnazzok :) I'll have a patch next week probably
16:40:29MrSnazzits DirectX, but it requires a hardware mod
16:40:40MrSnazzyou have to put an AGP card into the unit
16:40:58Zagoroh, no problem.
16:41:06Zagoreveryone runs agp these days, don't they? ;)
16:41:07elinenbethe Archos could easily do a 3D maze game.
16:41:09MrSnazzhehe, it'll look something like this:
16:41:18langhaarrockerMrSnazz: Hopefully not with a noisy fan. The harddrive already spoils all recordings
16:41:32ZagorMrSnazz: whoa! very nice
16:41:52elinenbeis it realtime updated, or does it draw screen by screen?
16:42:09MrSnazzelinenbe: i havn't decided yet, still playing with it
16:42:33elinenbewhat I mean is, does it allow free movement (reat 3d raytracing engine), or is it "move box by box"
16:42:36MrSnazzif you mean, do you walk forward one square in a jump
16:42:44MrSnazzah, currently its box by box
16:42:45elinenbes/ reat/real
16:42:52MrSnazzbut I'm going to try free movement
16:43:31 Join xam_ [0] (
16:43:36elinenbexam_: hello!
16:43:38 Part xam_
16:43:45Zagoryou scared him!
16:44:06langhaarrockerZagor: Do you allow _two_ new games within _one_ new rockbox release?
16:44:31elinenbelanghaarrocker: I am just waiting for your on box cut editor now that disk writing is implemented... that would be great for me.
16:44:34Zagoractually, I'd like to get that plugin loader working before adding more games. but we'll see how far I get with it.
16:44:42elinenbeZagor: sorry :(
16:44:45 Join xam [0] (
16:45:14elinenbexam: hi there!
16:45:19elinenbeI am sorry for scaring you!
16:45:31elinenbedo you have a rockbox?
16:45:33MrSnazzZagor: I was thinking about that this morning actually
16:45:38xami'm waiting for my 2100 mAh AA batteries ;)
16:45:43MrSnazzZagor: Glad to hear that somebody is working on a plugin loader ;)
16:45:47xamelienbe yes
16:46:05elinenbethis is the channel that talks about cardboard boxes for rocks.
16:46:14langhaarrockerelinenbe: I'm waiting, too, but nothing happens. :)
16:46:14langhaarrockerI need time which I don't have. It's still a long way to go for the cut editor.
16:46:18elinenbeI like the really thick ones.
16:46:33*xam is connect to the internet via 1kb/s mobile phone data connection
16:47:10*MrSnazz is connected via rfc1149
16:47:32elinenbexam: wow! I am here on a 16 BIT/sec telepromt connection. everything everyone writes gets printed out here for me.
16:47:43elinenbeI have no monitor.
16:48:03xamelinenbe must be a waste of paper ;)
16:48:28MrSnazzxam: well, most irc conversations can be recycled for bathroom use ;)
16:48:35elinenbeUsually are...
16:49:51Zagorxam: where did you find 2100 batteries
16:50:36elinenbeZagor: read me:
16:51:05Zagoryeah, but I've never actually seen the 2100s for sale anywhere
16:51:07elinenbe (and once on ebay) ... the only companies that manufactures them are sanyo and IPowerUS
16:51:13elinenbethere is the 2100 (and once on ebay) ... the only companies that manufactures them are sanyo and IPowerUS
16:51:33Zagorapparently sanyo makes really good batteries
16:52:11elinenbesanyo batteries kick ass... every test of them show the KILLING all the other batteries.
16:53:00MrSnazzdoes anything in the recharge logic have to be changed if I replace the batteries with higher capacity batteries?
16:53:15elinenbewith my sanyo 1850s, I get 14 hours with rockbox!
16:53:31ZagorMrSnazz: no
16:53:38elinenbehowever, rockbox does not take my half dead 1600s into account when it figures out life left.
16:53:47Zagorwe use delta-V charging, which is the same for all NiMH batteries
16:53:51elinenbeIt goes from 9 hours to dead in about 3 hours.
16:54:05Zagoryeah, the time estimation needs a bit of work
16:54:08 Join xam__ [0] (
16:54:38elinenbea lot of work I would say...
16:54:48xam__argghhhl ... mobile phone connection is unstable
16:54:59Zagorelinenbe: nah, it's pretty good for me actually
16:55:30elinenbeZagor: just wait until your batteries get old!
16:55:34MrSnazzestimating battery life with NiMH can be a pain in the butt
16:55:57 Quit ken0 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:56:01MrSnazzwe have an insanely complex chunk of code in a handheld that my employer makes. I suspect it involves devil worship :O
16:56:10 Quit xam (Killed (NickServ (Ghost: xam__!
16:56:15 Nick xam__ is now known as xam (
16:56:21xami like nickserv ;)
16:56:59ZagorMrSnazz: :-)
16:59:17MrSnazzI'm sure I can find this info in a FAQ somewhere, but I figure it'd be faster to ask. What's the screen resolution of the JBR?
16:59:18langhaarrockerIs there still interest in user configurable key bindings?
16:59:50elinenbelanghaarrocker: I think you were the main promoter of that.
17:00:17elinenbelanghaarrocker: I may not be in the majority here, but I think it would just confuse everything.
17:00:37langhaarrockerelinenbe: that's why I feel so alone...
17:01:14Zagorlanghaarrocker: i think there is an interest, but at least I'm a little wary of exactly how huge a change it will be to the code
17:01:29elinenbelanghaarrocker: that time would be better spent on the split editor :)
17:01:33langhaarrockerhuge is the right word
17:03:40Zagorgotta go.
17:03:41 Part Zagor
17:03:42langhaarrockerelinenbe: the main problem with the split editor seems to be the file system. I haven't even looked at that.
17:03:42langhaarrockerZagor: Do you see a chance to make a file api that can split a file at an arbitrary point?
17:03:59langhaarrockerthat was half a second late :(
17:04:44 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
17:05:32elinenbedoes ayone have Hardeep's email?
17:05:43langhaarrockernot me
17:08:19 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
17:14:48elinenbeI love the new bidirectional scrolling stuff!
17:15:22langhaarrockerDoes it work with high sampling rates and many lines scrolling?
17:16:03elinenbedont know
17:27:21langhaarrockerat least it looks funny with many lines scrolling in different directions
17:28:32langhaarrockerseems it eats 320kBit without complaining
17:29:03elinenbeI don't have a multiline scroll wps.
17:29:11elinenbemaybe I will change to that!
17:29:39langhaarrockerDisclaimer: headacke - risk!
17:29:54elinenbeI think I will like that.
17:30:11elinenbelanghaarrocker: what about an on box text editor... that would be cool
17:30:18adi|workelinenbe: what bidirectional scrolling?
17:30:21elinenbethen you can edit the wps on the box!
17:30:35elinenbemulti-line wps with scrolling.
17:31:18langhaarrockerelinenbe: And I thought it was me who had all the really weired ideas
17:32:06adi|workbidirectional scrolling is what?
17:32:20adi|workahh.. nm..
17:32:25adi|workjust saw the patch info
17:32:27langhaarrockershort lines scroll right - left - right - left ...
17:33:34adi|workzagor.. are you keeping track of the 'compliment' emails?
17:33:50langhaarrockerMain point is that scrolled lines now are readable.
17:33:56langhaarrockerZagor seems to be offline
17:33:58adi|worki thought it might be nice to get an archive of those going to ppl could see 'what others are saying about rockbox'
17:34:06adi|workdamn him
17:34:53adi|workdid i miss something on scrolling? do we now have 1 pixel and 1 char scrolling options?
17:37:06langhaarrockerI can only find n pixel options
17:37:14adi|workokay.. thats what i thought...
17:37:41langhaarrockerBut I don't know anything about the player. I have a recorder.
17:43:52 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.11 [Mozilla rv:1.2.1/1]")
17:49:50langhaarrockergotta go home
17:50:36 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:04:33adi|workanyone around with a recorder that wants to test something for me?
18:06:30MrSnazzabi: sure, I'll test
18:06:36elinenbeI'll do it
18:07:14MrSnazzoops, I mean adi; I had a friend in highschool named abi, read it wrong ;)
18:08:17adi|workheh no prob
18:08:31adi|workokay. you have 2 choices.. 1 update from cvs and check this
18:08:34adi|workor i send you a binary
18:08:38adi|workwhich do you guys want?
18:08:58 Join hardeep [0] (
18:09:25MrSnazzI'd prefer binary at the moment
18:09:36adi|worknp.. recorder.. comming up
18:10:26adi|workumm.. or not.. hold on
18:11:57elinenbesame here... send it my way too
18:12:01MrSnazzcouldn't receive :(
18:12:10MrSnazz09:11 [OPN] DCC can't connect to port 2615
18:12:18adi|workahh. firewall
18:12:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:12:25MrSnazze-mail is fine
18:12:26adi|workbetter yet.. hold on
18:12:40MrSnazzIts odd, there shouldn't have been a DCC issue on my end. Go figure. ;)
18:12:45adi|workmy end
18:14:21MrSnazzalrighty, what's the test?
18:14:36adi|workokay.. scroll speed
18:14:51adi|workf1 -> display -> scroll -> scroll delay
18:15:02adi|workwhat is your initial value?
18:15:24adi|workset it to 4000
18:15:38adi|workthen exit, start playing a song, stop it and return to the same menu
18:15:51adi|workbasically need to spin the drive up so the settings get stored
18:16:14elinenbeI do it now...
18:16:23MrSnazzits still 4000
18:16:28adi|workokay.. good
18:16:36adi|workin the sim, it seems to get an odd number..
18:16:38adi|workgives me: 2440
18:16:43adi|workafter storing..
18:16:46adi|workbut okay.. no biggie
18:16:49MrSnazzlet me try again
18:16:54MrSnazzI only played a few seconds of the song
18:16:58adi|worknow.. drop it to < 2500
18:17:04adi|worknah.. don't matter how long you play
18:17:15adi|workdrop below 2500, play again and come back
18:17:16 Quit tot|away ()
18:17:31 Join tot|away [0] (
18:17:53MrSnazzit kept my value
18:18:00adi|workokay.. now try scrolling up
18:18:06adi|worktell me what your max is?
18:18:18adi|workgood :)
18:18:22adi|workthats all.. ty :)
18:18:26MrSnazzno prob
18:18:47MrSnazzoh, while doing this, I noticed that on the scroll speed option, the example text for the speed doesn't start scrolling until after the delay value has passed. is that intentional?
18:19:03adi|worki assume so...
18:19:13adi|workZagor is the one that put it in...
18:19:21MrSnazzI'll ask him later
18:19:27adi|workwhat i assume is that until the delay changes it doesn't do bidi scrolling
18:19:49elinenbeadi: change the max scroll Hz to 50
18:19:55adi|workwill do :)
18:20:07MrSnazzwow, 50 :)
18:20:10elinenbeI would do it, but my computer with cygwin is out of town for a few days
18:20:11MrSnazzmy eyes would pop out
18:20:24elinenbe1 pixel scrolling really fast is nice
18:20:37adi|workdoing it now
18:21:13adi|worki got 2/3 that you mentioned in the email
18:21:29adi|workthe 3rd one seems to have gone away when i set the max limit to 5000 instead of the 2500
18:22:03adi|worktest and see if you like
18:22:07adi|workyou need a binary?
18:22:17elinenbeI'll take one!
18:22:32adi|workrecorder with everything i assume?
18:22:36adi|workand is english okay?
18:30:11elinenbeyes and yes
18:30:13elinenbeI like it!
18:31:01elinenbenow make it go up to 100 HZ
18:31:03elinenbethen 1000!!!
18:31:25adi|workummmmmmm no?
18:35:26 Quit elinenbe ()
18:50:28 Join kreegee [0] (
18:50:53kreegeeneed some help with GNUSH Tool Chain
18:51:49hardeepkreegee: ask away
18:52:16kreegeeC:\rockboxx\apps>make -f win32.mak RECORDER=1 PROPFONTS=1
18:52:16kreegeeperl ../tools/uplang lang/english.lang lang/english.lang > build.lang
18:52:16kreegeeC:\DOKUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOKALE~1\Temp\ command not found: perl [1]
18:52:16DBUGEnqueued KICK kreegee
18:52:16kreegeemake: *** [build.lang] Error 1
18:52:23kreegeewhats gone wrong? ;)
18:52:54hardeepdo you have perl installed?
18:53:23kreegeehuh? ;) i will
18:53:34kreegeeinstalled, but path= seems to be wrong ;)
18:56:14kreegeedo you know if w2k needs a restart after changing the path variable?
18:56:22MrSnazzyou're probably going to run into LANG_XXX problems too.
18:56:36MrSnazzthat's whathappened to me last night while following the win32 howto
18:56:39hardeepkreegee: not a restart but you need to re-open the command prompt
18:57:15MrSnazzthe win32.mak doesn't seem to replace the LANG_ tags with the proper localized values before compiling
18:58:00kreegeeC:\rockboxx\apps>make -f win32.mak RECORDER = 1
18:58:00kreegeemake: *** empty variable name. Stop.
18:58:17MrSnazzyou don't need to do RECORDER=1
18:58:28hardeepavoid the spaces
18:58:30MrSnazzit defaults with the win32.mak
18:58:44MrSnazzthat too. ;)
18:59:03kreegeeperl -s ../tools/genlang -p=./lang build.lang
18:59:03kreegeesh-elf-gcc -O -W -Wall -m1 -nostdlib -ffreestanding -Wstrict-prototypes -fomit-
18:59:03kreegeeframe-pointer -fschedule-insns -I../firmware/include -I../firmware -I../firmware
18:59:03***Alert Mode level 1
18:59:03kreegee/common -I../firmware/drivers -I../firmware/malloc -I. -DAPPSVERSION=\"CVS\" -Ir
18:59:03***Alert Mode level 2
18:59:03kreegeeecorder -c ./lang.c -o lang.o
18:59:03***Alert Mode level 3
18:59:03kreegeeprocess_begin: CreateProcess((null), sh-elf-gcc -O -W -Wall -m1 -nostdlib -ffree
18:59:06kreegeestanding -Wstrict-prototypes -fomit-frame-pointer -fschedule-insns -I../firmware
18:59:07kreegee/include -I../firmware -I../firmware/common -I../firmware/drivers -I../firmware/
18:59:09kreegeemalloc -I. -DAPPSVERSION=\"CVS\" -Irecorder -c ./lang.c -o lang.o, ...) failed.
18:59:11kreegeemake (e=2): Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.
18:59:14kreegeemake: *** [lang.o] Error 2
18:59:15kreegeeis this the lang-bug? ;)
18:59:26MrSnazznot the same as what I encountered. ;)
18:59:27kreegeeDas System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden. = file not found
18:59:28hardeepheh, i need a translation on that error. :)
19:00:06MrSnazzare you doing the make from the apps directory?
19:00:22MrSnazzand did you grab the firmware,tools,apps, etc from cvs?
19:00:39kreegeefrom the newest tarball
19:00:45MrSnazzwell, I gave up on win32 last night and built on a linux box instead ;)
19:00:52MrSnazzyou can apparently install cygwin and do it that way also.
19:01:10kreegeelet's try cygwin
19:01:10hardeepyeah, it works no problem with cygwin which is what i use....
19:01:25MrSnazzafter installing cygwin follow this:
19:01:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:01:26*kreegee is afk for 1 hour, simpsons and daily news ;)
19:01:30hardeepbut the gnush stuff should work as well.... i guess the makefiles haven't been updated in a while
19:01:32kreegeethx for the link
19:09:04***Alert Mode OFF
19:09:18 Join elinenbe [0] (
19:09:30elinenbehi there
19:09:34elinenbeI have something to send you
19:09:41hardeepelinenbe! howdy
19:09:56hardeepelinenbe: okay, what is it?
19:10:17elinenbeit is some comments about the queue you are working on.
19:10:29elinenbeI am trying to DCC it.
19:11:02elinenbecurrently it just inserts a song that you choose, but why not insert a song or playlist?
19:11:10elinenbealso, I think it should include append.
19:11:21elinenbeso you can either insert a song, or append a song.
19:11:39elinenbeif you have a playlist of songs: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
19:12:27elinenbeand you start listening, and then while listening to song 3, you browse and queue up song 12 with an insert it would look like this:
19:13:16hardeepoh, you mean append to playlist?
19:13:20elinenbethen lets say you listen a little longer, and while you are listening to song 6, you queue up song 15 with append it will then look like this:
19:13:55elinenbeand with playlists, it should do the same thing.
19:14:16elinenbeso, if you are listening to song 4 in a playlist that looks like: 4,5,6,7,8,9
19:14:52elinenbeand you browse and queue up a playlist of songs 34,45,67 as an insert it will now look like:
19:15:13elinenbeare you following?
19:15:20elinenbeare you even caring?
19:15:23hardeepthat's exactly how my current implementation works
19:15:30hardeepin regards to playlists
19:15:36hardeepin fact, it only deals with playlists
19:15:46hardeepbtw, can you resend the file please, i missed
19:16:31elinenbewell, I think when you hold down play on a song, something should pop up that says "left - insert" "right - append"
19:16:35elinenbeand then you can choose.
19:16:36hardeepThe 8 song limit was for testing... we do need a limit for memory reasons but it can be reasonable large
19:17:07hardeepelinenbe: yeah, that makes sense re: insert/append
19:17:24elinenbewhat I was wondering is how are you going to implement shuffle?
19:17:33elinenbeI think this way is easy to understand:
19:17:39hardeepqueues cannot be shuffled imo
19:17:42elinenbeyou are playing a directory of 10 songs...
19:17:44elinenbeI AGREE!
19:17:48hardeepit's a fifo list
19:18:10elinenbeand that is the way rockbox shuffles them...
19:18:35elinenbeand if after song 5 you insert a playlist of 10 songs, thay should go in in the proper order
19:18:55elinenbethere :)
19:19:10hardeepright, i agree... that's also how it works right now. :)
19:19:12elinenbenothing added by queue should be shuffled.
19:19:16elinenbeoh.. okay :)
19:19:17hardeepexcept for the inserting playlists part...
19:19:23elinenbewhat do you mean?
19:19:36hardeepi don't support queueing playlists yet... just individual songs
19:19:49elinenbethat would be nice.
19:19:58elinenbeif that was implemented.
19:20:11elinenbehere is one big question!
19:20:15hardeepagreed. :) but lets get the basics working first
19:20:30elinenbelets say I am listening to a directory of songs 1,2,3,4,5
19:21:01elinenbeand then I browse to another directory and queue up song 15 after song 5 (while listening to song 5)
19:21:06elinenbethen what will happen?
19:21:19elinenbewill it stop (because we are at the end of the directory)
19:21:28elinenbeor will it go on to song 16,17,18...
19:21:30hardeepassuming repeat mode off... ues
19:21:39hardeepno, queueing is for individual songs
19:21:52hardeeper, s/ues/yes
19:22:17elinenbeif repeat mode is off, then it will continue in the directory where the queue was made.
19:22:21hardeepwhen you select song to be queued, only that song is put in the queue list
19:22:46elinenbeI understand that, but what happens when it is the last song?
19:23:09hardeepwhen the queued song finishes, there are no songs left in the playlist so it stops
19:23:12elinenbeI think it should stop after that song unless repeat is on, and then it will repeat the entire list (with enqueues)
19:23:39hardeephmmm, enqueues are discarded as they are used
19:23:44hardeepso repeat will not repeat them
19:23:51elinenbeI see.
19:24:05elinenbehow are multiple enquees handled?
19:24:12elinenbeif I listen to 1,2,3,4,5
19:24:23elinenbeand during 3 I enqueue 8,9
19:24:28elinenbedo I get 3,8,9,5
19:24:31elinenbeor 3,9,8,5
19:24:52hardeepit's always appended... but i like your idea of inserts
19:25:25hardeepwhy the ? ? (heh)
19:25:38elinenbewell, for insert I was talking about "insert directly after current song" or "append to end of the list"
19:26:10hardeepoh, yeah, that works to.
19:26:19elinenbeIt would e super awesome if that could be implemented... (and I am always willing to beta test)
19:27:06elinenbecould you amke it an option to be fifo or filo?
19:27:23hardeepwell, for now, I just want to get a simple version that queues after the current playing song, which is what most people are looking for (at least i think that's what they want)
19:27:34hardeep(that's what i want at least hehe)
19:27:39 Join drink_bleach104 [0] (
19:28:07elinenbeso if you are playing 1,2,3,4,5 and during 3, you enque first 8, and then 9 −− you get 3,8,9,4,5 or 3,9,8,4,5 depending on the option you choose?
19:28:08hardeepyeah, lifo is essentially insert instead of append after current song
19:28:18elinenbeyeah −− I get that :)
19:28:38 Quit huz|work ("("envie de mcdo ...")")
19:28:40hardeepit's very possible
19:28:52elinenbethat would be wonderful too :)
19:29:07elinenbewhat you have done so far is pretty nice though
19:29:31hardeepit's got several bugs i need to fix though
19:29:43elinenbenice if you want to DJ something :)
19:30:04hardeepoh, did you notice my bonus feature: the poor man's playlist creator! :)
19:30:04elinenbeI think a limit of maybe 100 queues would be more than enough
19:30:16elinenbeI guess :)
19:30:23hardeepyeah, 100 wouldn't be too bad, an extra 400 bytes
19:30:32elinenbebut they can nnot be saved.
19:30:37hardeeptake a look at /.rockbox/.queue_file
19:30:41hardeepthey are saved. :)
19:30:47elinenbenice :)
19:30:51elinenbeI did not look there!
19:31:00 Quit drink_bleach104 (Client Quit)
19:31:06hardeepthat's needed for resume, plus it saves precious memory
19:31:09 Join Zagor [242] (
19:31:14elinenbeyou better get this stuff committed soon :) otherwise I will go nutty!
19:31:32elinenbeyou can use that same code for recursive directory playing!
19:31:46hardeepheh, my playlist logic is flawed so I need to correct that and fix resume before we think of committing
19:31:50#>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
19:32:07elinenbegete working :)
19:32:11kreegeewhats the best way to download cygwin?
19:32:21hardeepkreegee: use the cygwin installer
19:32:22elinenbekreegee I think
19:32:34kreegeedon't like online installer ;)
19:32:39elinenbedownload the little stub, and then the installer will take care of the rest
19:32:49elinenbeI think that is really the only way
19:33:43kreegeeit's so slow :(
19:35:03elinenbechoose a location closer to you
19:35:25elinenbehardeep: I am looking forward to the enqueue −− good luck on it.
19:36:04elinenbete queue file should be queue_file.mps
19:45:32hardeepwhy mps?
19:51:42 Join montykid [0] (
19:52:49Zagor.queue seems more intuitive...
19:53:01elinenbeI meant .m3u or .pls
19:53:24elinenbeso you can play it later on...
19:55:04 Join Bryant [0] (
19:55:13Bryantanyone here?
20:09:42ZagorBryant: yup
20:11:12MrSnazzis there a howto for putting a larger drive in the jbr?
20:12:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:12:55Zagoralthough I recommend following my instructions for disassembly instead, for less bending of metal parts
20:13:29Bryantdoes anyone know of a good site to order the jukebox from?
20:13:42Bryanti ordered from last week, and they haven't even shipped it yet
20:14:06ZagorBryant: seems like a popular dealer
20:14:21Zagori got mine from a local dealer myself
20:14:42MrSnazzi got mine from ebay, but ended up paying the same as bestbuy's price. It does have the black trim, though :)
20:14:42Bryantthere are $50 rebates going around
20:15:25Bryantthere is a 40gig one now???
20:15:34Zagorno that one is modified by them
20:15:51Zagor"NOTE! The 20GB version is from Archos and comes with 1 year warranty. The 40GB version is upgraded by us and come with a 90 day warranty. If you have any questions, please e-mail us."
20:16:30Bryanti see
20:16:51Bryantdo you know if is a good site?
20:17:09Zagori've never heard of it before
20:17:28Bryantoh well, thanks anyway
20:17:39Bryantthey have a 20gig jukebox recorder for 200 after rebate
20:18:26 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
20:18:27Zagorthere was an announcement of a sub-$200 deal on the archos yahoo list
20:18:38Zagori'll see if I can find it
20:18:38Bryantfor the 20gig one?
20:18:43Zagori think so
20:19:44Zagorremember the 20-gig is the only model with usb2.0. so the difference is more than just disk size
20:20:31Bryantso the 15 and 10 don't have 2.0
20:20:37Zagorno, they only have usb 1.1
20:20:44Bryantwith the rockbox firmware update...does 2.0 transfer much faster?
20:20:54Zagor2.0 is *a lot* faster than 1.1
20:20:56MrSnazzI'll really enjoy the faster speed once I get a USB 2.0 card for my pc ;)
20:21:08Bryantoh i's faster than firewire
20:21:32Bryantbut i heard that archos boasted 60mb/s rates, and with their firmware it only got around 8mb/s
20:21:56Zagorthe small 2.5" disks aren't very fast, so yes you "only" get 6-8 MB/s
20:22:17Zagorit has nothing to do with the firmware. usb mode is completely handled in hardware.
20:23:08 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
20:41:22 Quit webmind (
20:41:22 Quit Schnueff (
20:44:36NJoinwebmind [0] (
20:44:36NJoinSchnueff [0] (
20:45:22 Join hardeep [0] (
20:49:43Bryanti've heard nightmare stories about how the archos players would have hard drive errors and such
20:52:29 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
20:52:40ZagorBryant: not more than other brands, I'd say.
20:56:03 Nick elinenbe is now known as elin|run1kfast (
20:56:07 Nick elin|run1kfast is now known as elinenbe (
20:56:14elinenbeI am tired...
20:59:09webmindi will be
21:29:46 Join Artine [0] (
21:30:29ArtineOkay, now this is bizarre. My computer will mount my rockbox if it's connected and turned on when the computer boots, but I can't mount it if I plug it in after the system is up and running... Anyone ever seen that before?
21:30:51Artineadi|work: Yes indeedy.
21:31:07webmindseen odd things with the linux drives but not this
21:31:10adi|workwhen your machine is up.. do you plug in the usb, then turn your archos on?
21:32:28Artineadi|work: Yes. I've also tried turning the archos on and then plugging in the USB cable. And the system seems to recognize it: /var/log/messages indicates that its connected. But /proc/scsi/scsi kind of has it listed, but all the fields are basically blank.
21:32:34 Quit edx ("on my way home")
21:32:46Artineadi|work: When I say its listed but blank, I mean there's one more entry with it plugged in than when its not.
21:32:53adi|workand if you have the unit on then plug it in, you still can't mount it?
21:32:55Zagoradi|home: also, delay cant be >2500 since we store # of ticks in a single byte.
21:33:02Artineadi|work: Correct.
21:33:10adi|workthat would be the bug we had then...
21:33:11Artineadi|work: I'll give it a try again if you think it's worth a go.
21:33:23adi|workZagor how come the initila value is 5000 then?
21:33:31adi|workill fix it zag
21:33:32Zagornot sure
21:33:44adi|workyou know what im talking about right?
21:34:04adi|work2500 max?
21:34:56adi|workits commited
21:35:11Zagorgoodie. thanks.
21:35:18adi|workyou see the feature request for 'gapless playback'
21:35:23adi|workwe cann't achieve that can we?
21:35:26elinenbethat is high enough −− who really wants it over like 1000
21:35:46Zagorwe already have gapless playback, if your files are gapless
21:35:54Zagorelinenbe: beats me :-)
21:36:01adi|workzagor.. i was considering consolidating the menus...
21:36:11adi|worknamely.. we don't need general and sound seperate anymor
21:36:20adi|workseeing as there is so much under general
21:36:36adi|workcoouldn't we just have settings then sound/etc. under it?
21:36:39elinenbeI like that they are seperate −− maybe that is just me though
21:36:41Zagori still think separating them is good.
21:37:04adi|workwhats the advantage to it?
21:37:12ZagorI think I want scroll at the top of the Display menu though (picky me)
21:37:27adi|workeasy fix..i agree. just didn't know where to put it :)
21:37:35adi|worki also consolidated the code there
21:37:38adi|workwe had
21:37:51adi|work#if recorder
21:37:52Zagorthe advantage is that sound is probably the most commonly used settings and having them visible when you hit Menu is a good thing
21:38:00adi|workgot ya...
21:38:11Zagoryeah, step size is only available for recorder
21:38:24adi|workbut we had 2 fields recorder only..
21:38:32adi|workwith 1 mutual between them...
21:38:36adi|workso i just rearranged
21:38:39Zagoroh, ok
21:39:24adi|workorder: scroll, backlight, backlight_charge, peak meeter, volume dis, battery dis.
21:39:27adi|workthat fine?
21:39:28 Quit Artine ("Client Exiting")
21:39:47Zagorsounds good
21:40:09adi|workfixed, again
21:45:31adi|workYes, we changed the power code. What is your request,
21:45:35adi|worki love you zag
21:45:58Zagori hat sloppy bug reports
21:46:04Zagorhate, even :)
21:46:48kreegeei need some help with setting up a sh1 compiler on cygwin
21:46:59kreegeeAdministrator@KREEGEE /home/administrator/build/binutils
21:47:00kreegee$ ../../binutils-2.11/configure −−target=sh-elf −−prefix=/home/administrator/sh
21:47:00kreegeeConfiguring for a i686-pc-cygwin host.
21:47:00kreegeeCreated "Makefile" in /home/administrator/build/binutils using "mh-frag"
21:47:00***Alert Mode level 1
21:47:00kreegeecc: not found
21:47:02kreegee*** The command 'cc -o conftest -g conftest.c' failed.
21:47:03kreegee*** You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler.
21:48:05Zagorread the last line
21:48:13Zagor"You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler."
21:48:28kreegeei guess i can't do it in the windows enviroment variables
21:48:52Zagori don't know
21:49:00Zagorcygwin is not my turf :)
21:51:04kreegeebinutils-2.11/configure doesn't exist :D
21:51:11kreegeelet's try with binutils-2.11/config
21:51:52kreegeethats a file, not a folder this configure thing
21:53:01 Join Artine [0] (
21:55:13kreegeeartine, can you help me with a cygwin problem?
21:55:17kreegee"*** You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler."
21:55:56Zagorkreegee: normally in unix your are expected to have the compiler in your path, and CC is just the name of the compiler exe file
21:55:57 Quit hardeep (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:57:01***Alert Mode OFF
22:00:57kreegee"If someone up there likes you, you now have a working tool chain for SH1." - nobody likes me :'(
22:05:26 Join edx [0] (
22:05:58webmindagain a question about digicams, i know for hardware prints and a scanner is big, but if i want to photograph larger stuff like hacked computer or sth.. what resolution should be minimal for a digicam? :)
22:06:02webmindsorry :)
22:06:44Zagorwell there is no minimal. just make as good pictures as you possibly can.
22:08:22webmindbut when buying a cam for it
22:09:31kreegeei think for some shots 2 megapixel should be enough
22:09:55webmindhm k
22:09:58webmindand what res. ?
22:10:30MrSnazzthis was taken with my 1.3mp cybershot:
22:10:45MrSnazzobviously not zoomed in on any particular components, though
22:10:45Zagor2 megapixel is 1600x1200
22:11:21MrSnazzthat's a scaled down version of the photo, the original is here:
22:11:29Zagorthat's my point too. megapixels are not the crucial factor. setting up the shot is more important.
22:11:57MrSnazzthere was lots of dust on the board, and bad lighting
22:12:12MrSnazzthe purpose wasn't to document the chips in that case, though ;)
22:12:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:12:41Zagoris that a 68360? naah?
22:12:44kreegeeZagor, can it be possible that a standart cygwin installation doesn't include all needed files?
22:13:17Zagorkreegee: sorry, i don't know. maybe. i have never used cygwin myself.
22:14:40 Join mecraw_ [0] (
22:15:31MrSnazzthe board itself is the Portable DataLab that goes with the HP48/49
22:15:50MrSnazzi wrote the firmware for it
22:16:10MrSnazzyea, it was a fun project ;)
22:17:29MrSnazzit actually outputs data in hp's five-nibble-word list format, so the calculator can load the data directly into memory and use it with no parsing
22:17:49MrSnazzthe downside is that I didn't have enough codespace left for anouther output format, so I had to write PC code to parse that HP data.
22:18:15Zagorwell pc software is better than extra hp software, i would guess
22:18:25MrSnazztotally, that's why we did it that way
22:18:35MrSnazzthe calculator was way too slow and burdened already to expect it to parse
22:19:05MrSnazzthankfully I didn't have to write the HP code :D
22:19:34webmindMrSnazz, could 680x480 be enough ?
22:22:14kreegeedo you use cygwin?
22:23:13MrSnazzkreegee: nope
22:23:29MrSnazzwebmind: it might be, if you have good lighting and focus in on parts/mods
22:23:45MrSnazzI think it probably would be.
22:24:05MrSnazzso long as the camera can focus on close objects
22:24:16webmindhm k
22:24:21*webmind wonders
22:24:50webmindhe can buy a cheap digicam for 69euro or use my analogue cam and have to buy film
22:25:12MrSnazzwhat model of cam are you looking at?
22:30:38webmindthat one
22:32:47MrSnazzhmm, don't see anything about focus distance... hard to say
22:33:56 Join LinusN [0] (
22:37:39webminddamn qware is site is japanese or sth
22:40:44webmindlooking on info for cam
22:44:56kreegeeLinusN, do you use cygwin?
22:48:09LinusNno, i use linux
22:50:24LinusNanybody tried recording since yday?
22:52:29MrSnazznot yet
22:52:55MrSnazzI can though, if there's something specific you want tested
22:53:30DBUGEnqueued KICK montykid
22:53:30montykidis it possible to switch back to the Archos OS for recording with Rockbox?
22:54:17Zagormontykid: yes
22:54:19LinusNmontykid: yes, you can d/l the original firmware, put it on the disk as orig_archos.ajz and play the firmware file in the dir browser
22:54:43LinusNsmack! rockbox loads the firmware and runs it
22:54:43***Alert Mode level 1
22:55:05***Alert Mode level 2
22:55:05montykidawesome, i looked for that on the website, but couldn't find it
22:55:31MrSnazzI havn't looked very hard, but is it possible to display ID3 tag info in the file list view, rather than the filenames?
22:56:21 Quit edx ("good night")
22:56:28 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
22:56:50kreegeegood morning ;)
22:56:52MrSnazznot without more code, anyway :)
22:57:28 Part montykid
22:59:17ZagorMrSnazz: reading all tags is too slow. i have an idea about an ipod-style id3 database though, that could be used for browsing id3 tags instead of file names
23:00:05MrSnazzah, I was wondering about the speed issue. Perhaps for now I'll just write a script to alter my filenames to the format that I want them in ;)
23:00:33Zagoryeah, that's faster :)
23:05:06***Alert Mode OFF
23:08:05kreegeetry tag&rename if you use windows
23:10:46 Quit kreegee ("tired")
23:38:22 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
23:48:30adi|workwhy did montykid's text come in green?
23:49:13Zagordid it? I strip all colors.
23:50:27 Quit Artine (Remote closed the connection)
23:52:24LinusN|awayyes, it was green
23:52:36LinusN|awayi have colored nicks
23:52:48LinusN|awaybut all other text is white for me (xchat)
23:53:53adi|worksame here
23:54:00adi|workand on that note.. im headed home...
23:54:05adi|worksee ya guys later
23:54:18adi|workhey you too
23:54:18Bryantdo you guys work at archos or something?
23:54:30Bryantor you just hang out here
23:54:44adi|worki work for a small start up (ver. 2.0)
23:54:47CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:54:47*adi|work smirks
23:54:51Bryantah yes
23:54:58adi|workZagor.. i tell you what we wanted to name the co. this time?
23:55:18adi|workold co. was vPort
23:55:32adi|workso.. we wanted to name the new one AtloV
23:55:49adi|work[a]ll [t]hats [l]eft [o]f [v]port
23:55:51Zagoraloos, even
23:56:03adi|worki love being a geek
23:56:05ZagorA Lot Of Old Shit
23:56:05adi|workhome going
23:56:11*adi|work is away: headed home

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