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#rockbox log for 2002-12-13

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00:30:57Hadakahmh, around 8-9 hours of playtime even with the rockbox.14
00:31:10Hadakaso I have indeed managed to screw up my batteries
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00:34:04Zagori got 11h 30m today
00:34:13Zagorincluding a fair amount of usb work
00:36:01Hadakayeah - I left the archos unit plugged in via USB overnight, with the travel charger attached, archos flash firmware booted, and MP3's playing over the usb link
00:36:20Hadakathe unit was hot as hell in the morning, and I wouldn't wonder if it had overcharged the batteries
00:36:40Zagorit might have, yes
00:37:29Zagori don't know if batteries are design to withstand that kind of "flow", i.e. simultaneous drain and charge
00:38:13Hadakaso, I'm gonna wait a bit longer, get in the nice charging code you seem to have written - and then do proper testing again with that
00:38:46MrSnazzwhen the batteries are at full, will the archos firmware say so?
00:38:48Zagoractually it's uwes charging code, but it seems pretty nice anyway
00:38:50MrSnazzon the charging screen
00:38:53ZagorMrSnazz: yes
00:38:57MrSnazzcool, thanks
00:39:45Hadakawell "you" as in collaterally the rockbox developers :)
00:40:09Zagorah, right
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00:42:23USAG33khello all
00:43:43USAG33kso like, i got myself a recorder
00:43:51USAG33ka steal at 200 USD with a 40gig
00:44:10MrSnazzwow, nice price
00:44:19USAG33kso i throw rockbox on there (as per usual), and playlists don't want to load
00:44:31Zagordetails, please
00:44:42USAG33kor they seem to, is there something i am missing?
00:45:04USAG33ki just created my playlist as i usually do, in the root of my mounted recorder i do "ls > playlist.m3u"
00:45:15USAG33kand that dumps the directory listing into a plain text file
00:45:28USAG33ki did this on my player to get around the directory buffer limitation
00:46:01USAG33ktried on my recorder, the harddrive light flickers for about 2 minutes straight then a blank wps
00:46:13Zagorsounds like it can't find the files
00:46:26Zagoryou sure the paths are ok?
00:46:40USAG33kthat's why i do the ls
00:46:49USAG33kit will just dump the file names to text
00:46:50Zagoryeah I know
00:47:08Zagorsounds strange
00:47:12USAG33ki will fiddle
00:47:21USAG33kjust wondering if everything sounded fine on your end
00:47:37Zagorsure does. playing a 7800 file list right now
00:47:46Hadakafind . -maxdepth 1 -name "*.mp3" > playlist.m3u
00:47:46USAG33kas long as that's not the issue
00:48:10USAG33ki think i may have found my problem
00:48:28USAG33ki threw it in the .rockbox folder so i could grab it from the initial directory listing
00:48:41USAG33kbut that is probably looking for the files within the .rockbox directory and not the root
00:48:54USAG33ktime to test my hypothesis
00:49:04Zagorthat's right
00:49:09Hadakayou need to either have full paths - or have the files relatively placed correctly
00:50:18USAG33ksounds good
00:50:35USAG33kcan you nest playlists in other playlists??
00:50:49USAG33kstop me if my questions are beyond the scope of this channel
00:51:32Hadakano, not yet atleast
00:52:50USAG33ksweet, everything is working
00:53:15USAG33ki shall have to check the code
00:53:46USAG33ki'm off to go work on some rockbox games, thanks for the help! keep up the great work!
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00:55:32Hadakatack one up for satisfied "customer"
00:58:33Zagoryay, the athlonmp optimisations in gcc-3.2 makes a substantial difference
00:59:20Zagorstandard i386 code: 6.930u 0.430s 0:08.56 85.9%
00:59:34Zagorathlonmp code: 5.050u 0.410s 0:06.10 89.5%
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00:59:46Hadakawhat are you doing?
00:59:50Zagorthat's 25% faster!
00:59:58Zagorinteger cpu operations, mostly
01:00:14Hadakanods, well nice still
01:00:22Zagorit's for my apartment swapping site. the loop that matches all the ads.
01:00:46Zagorlots of numeric compares
01:01:30Hadakaohh, even useful!
01:02:08Hadakanormally the advantages and disadvantages of cpu speeds hardly ever show
01:02:48Zagoryeah, that's why I was surprised to see such a big difference
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01:23:37BoD[]hellow !!
01:24:00BoD[]how are you
01:24:57Zagortired :)
01:25:01BoD[]yeah me too
01:25:12BoD[]as a matter of fact
01:25:17BoD[]i have to go to sleep :))
01:26:27Zagori always stay up too late coding..
01:26:47BoD[]me I stay up too late doing nothing useful :(((
01:26:58BoD[]like watching tv
01:29:05BoD[]anyway :) see you ! buy
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01:35:58Ace_13anyone around?
01:37:31Ace_13You have a second im having a VERY odd prob with my archos jukebox studio 10
01:38:18Ace_13It will play find but about every 1-2 songs it just stops.. the only way to fix it is 1 reboot it or 2 hit the middle of the keypad..
01:39:04Ace_13i find it very odd that hitting the middle keypad would fix it..
01:39:04Zagorwhich version?
01:39:07Ace_13any idieas?
01:39:20Ace_13You mean Firmware?
01:39:33Ace_13well i tryed it 1.4 rockbox and with archos 1.7a
01:39:43Zagorsame thing with both?
01:40:08Ace_13but with arhcos firmware sometimews it will freeze
01:40:16Ace_13ie have to be rebooted
01:40:43Zagorsounds like a hardware glitch
01:41:12myselfcan someone please define 'Firmware'? maybe also put it in your faq
01:41:17Ace_13been on hold on archos support for 25 mins now
01:41:34Zagormyself: firmware is the software running on your archos
01:42:17myselfcould it be called an OS? who's incharge of it? does it have any documention?
01:43:34Ace_13So Zag you think its hardware related? Think I need a replacement? Also Have you ever callec archos tect support
01:43:47ZagorAce_13: yes, yes, no :-)
01:44:08Zagormyself: it's not just an operating system. it's an OS and the application rolled into one
01:44:26Zagormyself: I'm in charge of Rockbox. Archos is in charge of their firmware
01:45:33Ace_13ok zag I guess im going to email them becuase they dont like using the phone apparently
01:47:11myselfzagor, is there any manual for writing modules to firmware?
01:47:56Zagormyself: no. download the code, read it, ask questions :-)
01:49:02myselfyeah was afraid that's the way
01:49:25myselfyour project looks great but very time consuming to 'get into'
01:50:27myselfppl who just want to program the machine and not go throu rockbox modules will have a hard time
01:51:33myselfdocumenting your findings could be a major step.
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02:01:05Zagormyself: 1: it is documented. 2: you can't program the machine without rockbox, unless you want to rewrite all the drivers again...
02:01:21Zagorgrab the code, read the docs included
02:01:33Zagordon't judge before you look
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02:21:25elinenbeDr. Roy is fat!
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03:02:46MrSnazzif 'myself' doesn't even know what firmware is, he probably isn't in a position to be criticizing...
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03:50:33elinenbe"myself" sucks
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04:25:23BOBOratrockbox is great
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06:44:15Bryanti placed an order at for the jukebox, and it took forever to go through
06:44:25Bryantso i placed one at gateway...for a little cheaper
06:44:38Bryantthen went back to cancel my one...except by then it had started shipping
06:45:08MrSnazzthat sucks ;)
06:57:59ArtineOkay, so I'm tracing the code, trying to find the stuff that displays the file listings, but I can't for the life of me find where dircache gets populated... Any pointers?
07:06:19 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
07:24:19adi|homebryant what size and how much?
07:26:31adi|homeartine where are you getting lost?
07:37:13 Quit Artine (Remote closed the connection)
07:42:42Bryantyou there?
07:42:50Bryantit's the jukebox recorder 20
07:42:57Bryantfor 234 i think
07:43:44Bryantthen a $50 rebate
07:48:33adi|homethat the one you are keeping or the extra one?
07:48:39adi|homeis that the extra one?
07:49:34Bryantthat is the one i will keep
07:49:38Bryanthere's my ordeal
07:49:48Bryanti'm in college now...and i want this before i go back home
07:49:51Bryanti go back home next sunday
07:50:25Bryantnow, gateway might not get it to me by then, it should ship tomorrow though
07:51:21Bryantso ... i'm not sure if i should try to get the one or the gateway one
07:52:31Bryantalso...i hope that the date for the rebate is the date the order was placed...and not when it was billed/shipped
08:08:07adi|homeno.. its always when it was ordered...
08:08:12adi|homeno worries there
08:08:18Bryantk good
08:08:19adi|homenow... your saying your going to have an extra one?
08:08:27Bryanthopefully not
08:08:29Bryantdo you want one?
08:08:36adi|homei have one..
08:09:05adi|homebut if you are willing to take a little hit on the price, (Assumeing you can't return one unit) i may be able to see if one of my coworkers wants it
08:09:16Bryantoh ok
08:09:23adi|homeor worst case...
08:09:27adi|homeill buy your's...
08:09:31adi|homeand sell mine..
08:09:32Bryanti will know tomorrow whether i have that problem
08:09:34adi|homemine is a bit flakey
08:09:36Bryantwhich one do you have?
08:09:42adi|homerecorder 20 gig
08:09:53Bryantthat's the same one
08:10:02adi|homelet me know.. .
08:10:14adi|homegoing with the assumption that you do get 2
08:10:21adi|homeare you going to try and return one? or sell it?
08:11:13Bryantif i get 2, i would probably try to return it
08:11:19Bryantunless i can get more for it
08:11:36adi|homewell you could take a shot at ebay
08:11:44adi|homebut you'd prob be better off returning it
08:11:46adi|homeif you can
08:11:55Bryantremember...i am a college student
08:12:01Bryantand this is a serious purchase for me
08:12:15Bryantbut i plan on using it like...10 hours some days
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08:13:04adi|homei know.. thats why im offering :)
08:13:54Bryantk i'll keep it in mind
08:14:01Bryantare any of you students?
08:14:39adi|homei was ;)
08:14:41adi|homenot any more
08:14:44adi|homewhere do you go?
08:14:52Bryantuniversity of illinois
08:14:54Bryantin champaign
08:15:50adi|homeim sorry to hear that :(
08:15:54adi|homenothing personal..
08:16:02adi|homei have a grevance against that school
08:16:14Bryantoh why?
08:16:14adi|homewell.. most of illinois at this point :)
08:16:20Bryanti must hear this now
08:16:26adi|homehas to do with an ex-gf
08:16:38Bryantwhere did you go?
08:16:45adi|homesmall school in NJ
08:16:50adi|homeRamapo College
08:17:03adi|home6000 students or so
08:17:42Bryanti was worried that you had some beef with like...UIUC's education quality or administration or something
08:18:31adi|homehistorically it has a good cs program if thats why you are there..
08:18:38Bryanthaha no
08:18:42adi|homemost of it is just my own mental problems
08:18:42Bryantoh god no
08:18:56Bryanti can't stand computer science
08:19:05adi|homelong, draining, "let's hide the whore's body" kinda story :)
08:19:06Bryanti like hardware ECE would be ok or EE
08:19:13adi|homeim sorry aagain ;)
08:19:17adi|homegive me software
08:19:30Bryantyou like software?
08:19:40Bryanti like to play with it, but not to program it
08:20:16adi|homei like the control of it...
08:20:23adi|homesame reason i loved playwrighting :)
08:20:28Bryantah since i don't have the player yet
08:21:18Bryantperhaps you can fill me in on what's wrong with the original firmware
08:21:23Bryantand why rockboxx is better
08:21:33adi|homewell.. i can give you my opinions
08:21:39adi|homehave you seen the comparison table yet?
08:22:12Bryantwhere is this?
08:23:25adi|hometake a look at that first
08:26:04Bryanthow much longer is the battery lifetime?
08:26:32Bryantwow...this list is impressive do you get longer battery lifetime without being able to charge it 100% full?
08:28:29adi|homebattery life depends on what you do and how you use the unit
08:28:35adi|homethe more spin ups, less the life
08:28:53adi|homewell. we spin up less often that archos does
08:29:01adi|homewe manage power differently
08:29:09Bryantspin up?
08:32:53adi|homeif the unit is not doing anything and you need to do something.. it causes the drive to spin up
08:33:13Bryantah...that's what i thought
08:33:13adi|homeie: when a song is playing most of it is in memory, you come to the end of a song, and you spin up to read more data from the drive
08:33:44Bryantis that how you adjust for gapless track changes?
08:35:40 Join Bagder [241] (
08:37:56Bryantdo you have a jukebox?
08:38:05BagderI do
08:38:35Bryantyou've had one for a while
08:38:44Bryanti've got one in the mail...coming soon
08:38:48Bryantso i'm excited
08:38:56Bagderwhat model?
08:39:02Bryantrecorder 20
08:39:08Bagderthat's what I have
08:39:11Bagderit's a cool piece
08:39:17Bryantit seems to be what most you guys have
08:39:27Bagderbetter sound, better display etc
08:40:09Bryantyou use rockboxx then right?
08:40:15Bagderoh yes
08:40:19Bagdersince the first day it worked
08:40:29Bryantis the automatic volume control user set?
08:40:29BagderI bought my archos because of this
08:40:31Bryantlike...can i turn it off?
08:40:37Bagderyes, its an option
08:40:46BagderI personally don't use it rockbox changes the entire interface?
08:41:08Bryantthat's amazing
08:41:10Bagderit's a complete and full replacement
08:41:18Bryantcreative doesn't allow adjustable firmware do they?
08:41:21Bagdernope's like a mini computer...
08:41:35Bryanti'm so excited
08:41:38Bagderwell, Archos doesn't "allow" it either, but people circumvented their efforts
08:42:02Bryantoh i think they allow it now...on some of the retailer's sites, they advertise adjustable firmware
08:42:57Bagderyou mean Archos?
08:43:04Bagderthey do offer upgrades yes
08:43:19Bryantoh hmm
08:43:31Bryanthehe, oh well, maybe they don't support 3rd party updates
08:43:34Bagderbut they scramble the files to make it hard to write your own
08:43:46Bryanti don't see why
08:43:56Bagderme neither
08:44:00Bryantlike...people like to customize...and if you give them that option, it sells
08:45:53adi|homeill never understand.. ppl won't buy a car that is hermetically sealed but they do it with software
08:45:57*adi|home shakes his head
08:47:14Bryantoh well, thank god for hackers
08:50:56 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
08:51:03 Nick dwihno is now known as JulDwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
08:51:05JulDwihnoHo ho ho!
08:51:16Bryant"file delete and rename" NO
08:51:22Bryantwhat does this mean?
08:51:26JulDwihnoI see a whole bunch of CVS commits! :D
08:51:39BagderBryant: that we don't have support for that added in rockbox yet
08:52:37Bryantyou mean i can't delete a file that i've written to it?
08:52:44adi|homenot in rockbox no
08:52:50adi|homebut you can if you go to the archos firmware
08:52:58adi|homeor if you mount your player from your machine
08:53:04BagderI always do things like that when connected to usb anyway
08:53:05Bryantcan i switch between firmware JUSt to do that??
08:53:21BagderBryant: yes, you can always switch fm i thought you meant that you simply can never delete
08:53:36Bagderfrom rockbox => whatever but not from archos to rockbox
08:53:42adi|homerockbox -> archos is okay
08:53:44JulDwihnoGod lucia, Bagder :)
08:53:47adi|homelaundry.. brb
08:53:53JulDwihno(or whatever you say this splendid day=
08:54:02BagderJulDwihno: uh, right I forgot
08:54:55JulDwihnoBagder: You haven't had any lucia-trains yet? :)
08:55:08BagderI doubt any will come home to me ;-)
08:55:42JulDwihnoPoor you!
08:56:12Bagderbut I have a bunch of lussebullar! ;-)
08:57:40JulDwihnoThat's a good start
08:57:46*JulDwihno is gonna check bi-dir scrolly
09:02:31Bryantok guys i gotta sleep
09:02:37Bryantthanks for the info
09:02:42 Nick Bryant is now known as Bryant|sleep (
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09:25:50 Join TotMacher [0] (
09:33:45Schnueffgood morning
09:34:40langhaarrockeroh, please, another 15 minutes.
09:34:40*langhaarrocker is turning over the pillow</BODY></HTML>
09:35:51Schnueffirc is distracting you, turn it off :)
09:38:24 Quit Bagder ("")
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10:39:55hardeepdoh, no more space in rtc ram
10:42:58LinusNhardeep: yup
10:43:14LinusNbad luck
10:44:33hardeepi need 4 bytes to save the queue index, guess it goes on disk. :)
10:44:51langhaarrockerMaybe we should move other things to disk - like the peak meter settings.
10:45:18LinusNlanghaarrocker: can we omit/shrink some peak meter settings?
10:46:01langhaarrockerSome bytes already have double uses
10:47:41LinusNhardeep: any progress with the queue?
10:48:25hardeepLinusN: almost done, only resume support left which i'm testing
10:48:34hardeepthen some code cleanups and should be good
10:48:50LinusNwas it tricky?
10:48:56hardeephowever, there is one open issue:
10:49:14hardeepas soon as a queued song is finished, i remove it from the queue
10:49:45hardeepso previous doesn't take you to that song
10:50:10hardeepi don't know if that's what a user would expect
10:50:44LinusNi do
10:51:14hardeepwhich way? should prev take you to the queued song or the previous song in the playlist?
10:51:37LinusNi see the queue as a kind of "overlayed", temporary queue
10:52:02LinusN"i want to play the playlist, but please play this song in between"
10:52:11langhaarrockeris it one song queuqe? if it's multisong I'd expect it to go back to the queued songs
10:52:32hardeeplanhaarrocker: it's queueing into a playlist
10:52:48hardeepLinusN: yeah, that's what I thought of it as well and that's how I implemented
10:52:57LinusNhardeep: describe the behaviour of your queue
10:53:42hardeepOkay, playlist contains 1 2 3 4 with song 2 currently playing
10:53:46LinusNI can imagine two queue modes, hardeep/linus style and the Django/Jukebox style
10:53:54hardeepqueue 100 101 102
10:54:08hardeepthe playlist order is now 1 2 100 101 102 3 4
10:54:30hardeepafter song 100 finishes playing playlist order is 1 2 101 102 3 4
10:54:56LinusNhardeep: exactly my thought
10:55:31LinusNDjango style would be 1 2 3 4 100 101 102
10:56:05langhaarrockerThen I don't line Django style.
10:56:31hardeepthat's not too difficult to do either (elinenbe also proposed this and it makes sense)... insert vs. append
10:56:42hardeepbut the queue would still be temporary
10:56:44langhaarrockerEspecially with a jukebox where you tend to have HUGE playlists this Django style is rather pointless
10:56:50LinusNI like Django style for "live" playlist building, like a "party mode"
10:56:57JulDwihnoPARTY MODE
10:57:36LinusNthe original Django style always starts from scratch
10:58:05LinusNand Django and hardeep style combined would be a killer
10:58:05langhaarrockerThan that would be two different animals to me: building playlists and queueing
10:58:46hardeeplanghaarrocker: well, django style can still be queueing
10:59:05hardeeplanghaarrocker: but i do agree we need to distinguish queueing from playlist building
10:59:26hardeepessentially temporary vs. permanent
10:59:37langhaarrockersmells like a load of options in the menues
10:59:52hardeepwell, it can be done through key commands while browsing
11:00:36hardeepbtw, if anyone's interested in what i've done so far, all changes except for resume can be found at:">
11:00:48langhaarrockerthat's a superior approach.
11:00:48langhaarrockerI do not volunteer to write the manual :)
11:00:48hardeepi also put a recorder binary at:">
11:02:12hardeephehe, i'm not much of a manual guy either. :)
11:02:36langhaarrockerot: can anybody recommend a free service for setting up a mailing list?
11:04:06hardeephmmmm, aren't the yahoo lists free?
11:05:04*langhaarrocker investiagates
11:35:55LinusNhardeep: how about dirplay?
11:37:09hardeepLinusN: i make no assumptions on how the original playlist was created so this works fine with dirplay as well as playlist files
11:38:15LinusNhardeep: using a file is cheating :-)
11:38:33hardeephehe, it's my poor man's playlist creator!
11:38:54LinusNhardeep: but it's good, then you can borrow the code for real playlist generation later on
11:39:35LinusNbut i'm not sure that the code that creates an empty playlist file works as expected
11:39:54LinusN fd = creat(QUEUE_FILE, 0);
11:39:54LinusN if (fd > 0)
11:39:54LinusN close(fd);
11:40:28LinusNoh sorry, i am silly
11:40:31hardeephmmmm? it's been working quite well
11:41:18hardeepi've run into zero problems with the file writing code, very cool
11:41:33LinusNyes, it's been very much simulated and tested
11:41:50langhaarrockerconcerning settings: now that we have file writing - are there already plans for a real config file that stores settings that aren't changed frequently?
11:42:19langhaarrockerI think that's where peak meter settings belong, too
11:43:06hardeepyeah, we could probably move all the settings menu settings there
11:43:45langhaarrockerbut not something like current song position as that would require writing to a file at each shutdown.
11:46:04LinusNlanghaarrocker: exactly
11:46:26LinusNi think only resume information should be stored in RTC/sector 62
11:48:40langhaarrockerMaybe other info, too. Like the uptime.
11:49:12LinusNlanghaarrocker: yes, frequently, automatically updated info
11:50:32langhaarrockereg. the database with the statistics which song was played how often? :)
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11:51:19 Quit seb-away (
11:52:13langhaarrockerbtw: LinusN: How is your family. Everybody up and home for xmas?
11:53:12LinusNoh no
11:53:26LinusNshe's still in bed, and will be so for several months
11:54:00LinusNi have the computer in the bedroom, so i'm with her all the time
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12:04:06hardeepsleep time
12:04:08 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: good to the last drop!")
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13:18:10 Join [keno] [0] (marklar2@
13:22:36 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
13:23:28 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:31:14 Join Bagder [241] (
14:04:58 Join Tomasera [0] (
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14:29:30 Join edx [0] (
14:29:45Bagderhi edx
14:30:24edx*weekend* :D
14:34:06Bagderit is? ;-)
14:35:54*Bagder debugs
14:49:52 Join edx|notebook [0] (
14:58:23 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:02:42BagderDurand called Zagor
15:03:41langhaarrockerwho the <beep> is Durand?
15:03:52Bagderhe's the Archos guy
15:04:05langhaarrockerDid he offer money?
15:04:15langhaarrockeror better: info?
15:04:55Bagderthey talked Rockbox, and more specificly if Archos should provide Rockbox for Player users and/or Recorder users etc
15:06:04BagderZagot asked about info on the FM and MM but he said he'd need to talk to his boss etc about it
15:06:23langhaarrockerprobably no rockbox for recorder due to the lack of scms
15:06:44Bagderthe lack of recording even more I guess
15:06:55Bagderat least until 2.0
15:06:56langhaarrockerat least it was no direct 'no'. -> No need to bury all hope.
15:09:42Bagderit sounded on Zagor as if Durand was open for more discussions further on too
15:10:02langhaarrockerDurand goes rockbox? :)
15:11:44Bagderthat would make my day ;-)
15:14:20JulDwihnoDurand! :D
15:14:28JulDwihnoYay for Durand!
15:14:44JulDwihnoArchos has gotten a face. Durand! :D
15:15:00JulDwihnoCalled, as in telephone?
15:15:02JulDwihnoHow cool :)
15:15:08Bagderas in GSM :-)
15:15:11JulDwihnoI bet he sounded like the police in "allo allo"
15:15:18langhaarrockerWasn't there a band in the 80ies? Durand Durand?
15:15:24JulDwihnoDuran duran
15:15:28Bagderperhaps he was one of them? ;-P
15:17:36JulDwihnoDURAND HAS SPOKEN!
15:17:58JulDwihnoDurand might be the promised man helping us finding MAS specs!
15:18:27langhaarrockerI think a NDA might keep him from doing so.
15:19:52JulDwihnoPerhaps he might encourage his BOSS to aide us
15:20:12 Quit pyvasene ()
15:20:18langhaarrockerI fear that programming the MAS in open source is inherently illegal
15:20:54Bagderyes, it might very well be so
15:22:10langhaarrockerMicronas is the company to persuade for that.
15:23:03 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:26:13JulDwihno"Hi Micronas, I am Syengan Nataasenam, producer of cool mp3 hardware. I am considering using the MAS blabla for mpeg decoding on our new and innovative super-player, but before that, we would like some tech docs to find out what we can do with the hardware" :-)
15:28:27elinenbego for it!
15:34:10 Join kreegee [0] (~kreegee@
15:38:01 Join yoldTAF [0] (
15:38:07yoldTAFyop yop
15:38:22kreegeedoes somebody here use cygwin?
15:38:28yoldTAFno sorry
15:38:55kreegeelanghaarrocker, sound like you're speaking german, do you?
15:39:08langhaarrockernormalerweise ja.
15:39:08kreegeeAdministrator@KREEGEE ~/build/binutils
15:39:08kreegee$ ../../binutils-2.11/configure −−target=sh-elf −−prefix=/home/administrator/sh
15:39:08DBUGEnqueued KICK kreegee
15:39:08kreegeeConfiguring for a i686-pc-cygwin host.
15:39:08kreegeeCreated "Makefile" in /home/Administrator/build/binutils using "mh-frag"
15:39:08***Alert Mode level 1
15:39:08kreegeecc: not found
15:39:10kreegee*** The command 'cc -o conftest -g conftest.c' failed.
15:39:12kreegee*** You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler.
15:39:20kreegeewie richt ich den compiler ein....
15:39:29kreegeeoder wie setz ich die umgebungsvariabel...
15:39:35kreegee? ;)
15:40:13yoldTAFexport CC=gcc
15:40:40Bagderis this a full cygwin install?
15:41:01kreegeestandart plus gcc
15:41:12Bagderand gcc is in your path?
15:41:15kreegeelooks like its running (w00t)
15:41:25yoldTAFmy archos is detected under linux but i can't mount the device, anyone can help me please ?
15:41:41BagderyoldTAF: how do you mount it?
15:41:54yoldTAFmount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/archos
15:42:14Bagderand what happens then?
15:42:32yoldTAFnot a valid block device :(
15:42:54Bagdercat /proc/scsi/scsi
15:43:06Bagderdoes it show your Archos' HD?
15:43:30yoldTAFno :(
15:43:31yoldTAFHost: scsi1 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00
15:43:31yoldTAF Vendor: Model: Rev:
15:43:31DBUGEnqueued KICK yoldTAF
15:43:31yoldTAF Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: ffffffff
15:43:40yoldTAFonly scsi0 but it's my cdrom
15:43:52Bagderso how is it detected you say?
15:44:05yoldTAFDec 13 15:44:54 biohazard kernel: hub.c: new USB device 00:11.3-2, assigned address 3
15:44:05yoldTAFDec 13 15:44:55 biohazard kernel: WARNING: USB Mass Storage data integrity not assured
15:44:05yoldTAFDec 13 15:44:55 biohazard kernel: USB Mass Storage device found at 3
15:44:20yoldTAFi think it is
15:44:59Bagderand you have the necessary usb drivers loaded?
15:45:14Bagderwhat kernel? what usb? 1.1 or 2.0?
15:45:34yoldTAFi have compiled my kernel whithout module
15:45:57yoldTAFonly Y to usb, premliminary, mass storage, via chipset, etc ...
15:46:04yoldTAFkernel 2.4.20
15:46:09yoldTAFusb 1.1
15:46:35yoldTAFin my kernel:
15:46:57yoldTAFscsi support, scsi disk support, scsi generic support
15:47:04Bagderwhat Archos model is this?
15:47:15yoldTAFstudio 20
15:47:39Bagderin my case, I never succeeded having them *not* loaded as modules
15:47:43 Join [keno] [0] (marklar2@
15:47:52Bagderme having a rec20
15:48:07yoldTAFok ;)
15:48:07BagderI must connect my Archos first, then load the drivers
15:48:11Bagderthe usb ones
15:48:22yoldTAFand perhaps i will put "USB Mass Storage verbose debug" in my kernel ;)
15:48:38Bagderthere is also two different USB drivers you can select
15:48:59yoldTAFBagder: usb mass storage and isd-200 in module ?
15:49:09***Alert Mode OFF
15:49:27Bagderdo you use uhci or ohci ?
15:49:42yoldTAFuhci => via chipset
15:50:27Bagderright, I have those two as modules (even though I don't use isd200 since I have a rec20)
15:51:21yoldTAFok, it's compiling ;)
15:51:27yoldTAFthx :)
15:52:01Bagderlet's hope it works too ;-)
15:52:14yoldTAFyeah thanks ;)
15:52:29yoldTAFafter that, i will change to rockbox firmware =)
15:52:44Bagderyou do that
15:53:11yoldTAFyeah, i bought it 10 min ago :)
15:57:38yoldTAFBagder: ? did you install usbmgr ?
15:58:27yoldTAFok ;)
15:58:49Bagderbut then I have a mere usb2-patched 2.4.18 :-)
15:59:58yoldTAFok ;)
16:00:03yoldTAFreboot time :)
16:00:07yoldTAFchanging kernel
16:00:12 Part yoldTAF ("Client Exiting")
16:03:09 Join yoldTAF [0] (
16:03:16yoldTAFBagder: yeah it's working :)
16:03:24yoldTAFthanks for the module tips ;)
16:04:49Bagderit has something to do with a timeout due to long archos response times
16:05:28yoldTAFwhat i have to do ?
16:06:02Bagderlive with it ;-)
16:06:14yoldTAFlol ;)
16:06:57yoldTAFchanging firmware time !! :)
16:07:27Bagdergo go go!
16:07:31yoldTAFyeah :))
16:08:06yoldTAFto unplug the device properly, i have to unmount and rmmod the mass storage module ?
16:08:32LinusNrmmod isn't necessary
16:08:42LinusNjust unmount
16:08:49yoldTAFok :) thanks :)
16:08:57yoldTAFgo go go :)
16:11:12yoldTAFtoo easy :) yeah =)
16:11:20 Quit TotMacher ()
16:11:50Bagderget the sources off cvs and build them, to bump up the level a bit ;-)
16:12:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:14:01 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|away (
16:15:04kreegeelanghaarrocker ?
16:15:10kreegeenew problem with cygwin ;)
16:15:19kreegeeAdministrator@KREEGEE ~/build/binutils
16:15:19kreegee$ make
16:15:19kreegeebash: make: command not found
16:15:21CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 4 minutes and 23 seconds at the last flood
16:15:21*langhaarrocker busy
16:15:33Bagderkreegee: then you don't have make in your path
16:15:55LinusN|awaykreegee: did you do a full cygwin install?
16:16:10LinusN|awaythen you are out of luck
16:16:26kreegeehow big is the whole thing?
16:16:29LinusN|awayyou must install the build tools, make, compiler etc
16:16:41LinusN|awayi don't know
16:19:09 Join LinusN [0] (
16:19:20kreegeelets install make ;)
16:19:53*elinenbe has joined #rockbox
16:20:14*elinenbe has joined #rockbox too!
16:20:53 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:21:19yoldTAFkreegee: do an echo $PATH and paste here what you have ...
16:22:08 Quit edx|notebook (
16:22:08 Quit langhaarrocker (
16:22:08 Quit noy0m_ (
16:22:08 Quit Hadaka (
16:22:08 Quit laotan (
16:22:08 Quit LinusN|away (
16:22:08 Quit Hes (
16:22:08 Quit JulDwihno (
16:22:09 Join noy0m [0] (
16:22:10kreegeenetsplit :o
16:22:26 Join Naked [0] (
16:22:26 Quit kreegee ("i will return to wub you")
16:22:28 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
16:22:37 Join kreegee [0] (~kreegee@
16:23:36NJoinJulDwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:24:28 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
16:28:06JulDwihnoGod jul!
16:30:16 Join Hes [0] (
16:32:35yoldTAFarg !! when i press "-" or "+" button, it press stop button too and the archos is halting :/
16:50:44 Quit kreegee ("i will return to wub you")
17:15:33 Join laotan [0] (
17:16:05elinenbeI think this whole rockbox thing is a scam.
17:16:31webmindelinenbe, ?
17:18:32yoldTAFrockbox rox ! have a nice week-end !
17:18:51 Part yoldTAF ("Client Exiting")
17:22:01elinenbeI don't think there is a rockbox software.
17:22:09elinenbeI do not believe that it exists.
17:34:33LinusNif anybody tells about it, we will deny it all
17:36:00*Bagder just finished a call from a swedish Archos user
17:36:12Bagderhelpdesk R us
17:36:17LinusNa call?
17:36:19JulDwihnoBagder: You got a PHONE CALL?!
17:36:24JulDwihnoThis is freaky :)
17:36:29JulDwihnoThey actually figured your phone number out!
17:36:37LinusNwe have it on the haxx web page
17:36:42JulDwihno"YOU LIKE ARCHOS FIRMWARE?" *hoahahaha*
17:36:58Bagderhis display was all blank
17:37:04JulDwihno^ should be "YOU LIKE SCARY FIRMWARE?"
17:37:19Bagderthe disk spins up, it works over usb, it switches on the backlight on keypress but nothing is shown
17:37:35elinenbeI am going to call you guys too.
17:37:38JulDwihnoI bet his contrast is zero
17:37:39elinenbejust to talk!
17:38:20adi|workbagder.. what was/is the problem?
17:39:06Bagderwell, he basicly can't use it and asked me if I knew why
17:39:27JulDwihnoRockBox support line :)
17:39:31JulDwihnoSo how did he start the phone call?
17:39:42JulDwihnoVia direkt, kan jag hjälpa till med något? :)
17:42:07Bagdermore like Archos support line, it was a pure hw issue
17:42:55MrSnazzalles klar, herr kommissar?
17:43:43LinusNBagder: did he live in stockholm?
17:44:16Bagderno idea, he called from a mobile
17:45:29JulDwihnoSecret phone number and all?
17:45:44Bagderno, but I don't know from where since it was mobile
17:45:52Bagderand I didn't ask
17:46:46JulDwihnoTime for company festivities
17:46:48 Nick JulDwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:49:56BagderI'm off too
17:49:58 Quit Bagder ("")
18:05:01elinenbehasv a good weekend boys
18:05:04 Quit elinenbe ()
18:05:27 Join edx [0] (
18:12:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:20:38 Part LinusN
18:21:25 Join LinusN [0] (
18:21:27 Join hardeep [0] (
18:21:46 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|cooking (
19:23:16 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
20:05:44 Join quelsaruk [0] (
20:06:20 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:06:57 Join yold [0] (
20:06:59yoldhi !
20:12:38 Nick LinusN|cooking is now known as Linus (
20:12:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:13:40 Nick Linus is now known as LinusN (
20:16:52quelsarukhi linus
20:18:11yoldi have timeout under linux when writing files on my archos :/ have seen that before ?
20:19:45quelsarukLinusN: who is in charge of the windows makefile?
20:21:21MrSnazzoops, wrong channel :)
20:23:44LinusNquelsaruk: nobody is...
20:23:57LinusNyold: timeout?
20:25:00yoldit copy files extremely fast ans without any reason the transfert slow down down down down :(
20:25:05yoldkernel 2.4.20
20:25:41quelsaruki've found a program called tmake that works on linux and windows and uses makefiles, maybe that way it's easier for windows users to build their own rockbox firmware
20:25:47quelsarukjust an idea...
20:25:58yoldperhaps i have to active "Long timeout for slow-responding devices"
20:26:57LinusNyold: i have heard about that, but I haven't experienced it myself
20:27:17LinusNquelsaruk: 'make' isn't the main problem
20:27:38LinusNthe problem is that we need Perl and Bash
20:27:51quelsarukummm.. i forgot that
20:28:12quelsarukso i think cygwin is the best solution
20:29:53yoldLinusN: has the pb been resolved ?
20:35:43LinusNyold: i don't know
20:35:51 Quit Schnueff (
20:35:51 Quit webmind (
20:35:53NJoinSchnueff [0] (
20:35:56NJoinwebmind [0] (
20:35:59LinusNit's a linux kernel driver issue
20:36:17LinusNand i use the recorder (with other weird problems)
20:40:23yoldok thanks ;)
21:16:40 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
21:23:56 Join montykid [0] (
21:28:16quelsaruktime to drink some beers :)
21:30:56 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:37:28 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
22:00:27 Part LinusN
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22:39:12 Join LinusN [0] (
22:53:10 Part LinusN
23:06:45 Join LinusN [0] (
23:09:47 Join [keno] [0] (~marklar2@
23:44:10 Part LinusN

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