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#rockbox log for 2002-12-14

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00:11:48antzwhats goin on
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11:35:11AcathIahey salut NiarkY ça va ?
11:35:28NiarkYbein vi
11:35:32AcathIa'tain oué ça idle ici aussi...
11:35:46NiarkYvi mais moi je peu rien dir
11:35:53NiarkYj'idle bcp
11:35:58AcathIahéhé :)
11:37:26AcathIahummmm, d'après les photos y'a moyen de changer les boutons par des + souples
11:37:44NiarkYsur ??
11:37:47AcathIamé bon c pas solides ces ptits trucs là
11:37:51AcathIasur l'archos
11:38:00AcathIales boutons durs et bruyants
11:38:04NiarkYvi mais le 6k ?
11:38:26AcathIa /internals/6k_top.jpg
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11:48:12NiarkY Ajout de HDD :)
11:51:19AcathIayeah, mais cet abruti aurait pu profité de l'archos démonté pour dire ce qu'il y a dedans !
11:51:33NiarkYya un yahoo group :)
11:51:51NiarkYje suis en train
11:52:20AcathIatu subscribe ?
11:52:26NiarkYc deja f
11:52:33AcathIay'a les archives ?
12:00:59NiarkYc bon g des images
12:01:03AcathIayeah !
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12:02:19AcathIabon j'pige pas pkoi ils disent qu'on peut pas jouer du PCM, paske d'après la doc du DSP c possible
12:02:25AcathIaenfin j'ai pas creusé
12:04:00NiarkYbon le mod camera
12:04:07NiarkYtt les foto sont rouge
12:04:27NiarkYbein ya des foto sur le group
12:04:35NiarkYet L sont tt comme moi
12:06:26AcathIaspa normal ça
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19:16:04Bryant|sleepanyone here?
19:17:25 Nick Bryant|sleep is now known as Bryant ( looks like i'll be having two players
19:43:18Bryanti'm going to return one if you don't want one
19:43:54MrSnazzmy roommate might buy one off you, what's the specs and price?
19:44:07Bryantthis is the jukebox recorder 20
19:44:18Bryantwhere do you go to school?
19:44:29Bryantoh ok...s
19:44:36Bryantso not a dorm roommate roommate
19:44:41MrSnazzNah, apartment roommate
19:44:56MrSnazzwe both work for a company that makes handheld computers and contact memory buttons
19:44:59Bryantwell, basically i'm paying 230ish for it
19:45:12Bryantand then there is a $50 rebate
19:45:17MrSnazzwell, if adi doesn't want it, /msg me and I'll see if my roommate is in to it
19:45:22MrSnazzI've gotta run right now though
19:45:37adi|homebryant.. ill put an email to my friend right now...
19:45:46adi|homeso figure 200$ with s/h?
19:45:54 Join edx [0] (
19:46:12Bryantthing is...i'm not sure if your friend can take advantage of the rebate
19:46:21Bryantbecause the receipt has my name and address
19:46:23adi|homedamnit.. know what?
19:46:27adi|hometalk with snaz
19:46:38adi|homejeff won't be back till wendsday
19:46:48Bryantsorry...i don't know these people
19:46:49Bryantoh ok
19:46:54adi|homejeff's on a ski trip
19:47:04Bryantoh ok....yeah wednesday may be a little late
19:47:09Bryanti'll be getting the product by then
19:47:23Bryantare you guys all in the states?
19:47:51Bryantthat "nod" was for my last question?
19:47:52adi|homewell.. i am
19:48:01adi|homeI'm in NY state
19:48:21adi|homethats right.. we had this converstaion ;)
19:48:28adi|homei told you i was sorry you were there :)
19:48:30Bryantdid we?
19:48:39Bryantohh...i don't think you told me you were in NY though
19:50:13Bryantquick question...does rockbox have all the major abilities the original archos firmware had? mic recording, and line in recording?
19:51:24adi|homehmmm i don't know on that to be honest
19:51:32adi|homerecording is still being worked on.. thats all i know..
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20:42:07merwinwoo, heyu
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22:35:54LinusNhi uwe
22:36:07breakerI tried to add this function in backlight.c.
22:36:39breakerA make tells me "warning: function declaration isn't a prototype".
22:36:54breakerI added in backlight.h:
22:37:07breakerint backlight_get_timeout();
22:37:16breaker..and implemented the function in backlight.c
22:37:20LinusNmust be (void) in ansi c
22:37:39breakerhm? with braces? ()
22:37:50breakerOnly in the header file?
22:38:00LinusNint backlight_get_timeout(void);
22:38:08LinusNin both files
22:38:12breakerOh, I'll try. Tnx.
22:38:45breakerArr. I see. I programmed too much java, I think..
22:40:13breakerCompilation worked.
22:41:12breakerWhen I'm finished with using the new function, there's one thing left to do: Read/write of the "trickle charge" bit of the general_settings.
22:41:30breakerCould you please do it for me? I don't want to destroy something in that code..
22:43:11breakerIt's apps/settings.c
22:44:12LinusNbreaker: sure, I can do that
22:45:04LinusNdo you have an enable_trickle_charge(bool on) function that can be called from settings.c?
22:45:39LinusNwe don't want to export variables from the firmware library
22:45:51breakerAt the moment, I have a bool trickle_charge_enabled. Is it better to have a function?
22:46:05LinusNbreaker: we prefer functions
22:46:12breakerOK, I see.
22:46:42breakerI'll add this function. Wait 30 min and then I'll be ready with my updates for now..
22:47:21breakerBye then, I'm disconnecting now.
22:48:40 Quit breaker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:27:19 Join breaker [0] (
23:29:08breakerLinusN? I'm done with the changes. You can add the save/load function now. Default should be "on" for trickle charge (reset of settings or rockbox started the first time). Thanks.
23:34:09LinusNi am working on it
23:35:01LinusNwould a "battery capacity" setting help the charging algorithm?
23:35:34breakerYes, this would be nice.
23:36:15LinusNin mAh?
23:36:18breakerI suggest values 1500, 1600, ... 2200.
23:36:31breakereight values. Is this ok?
23:36:48breakerYes, mAh.
23:37:27LinusNi have heard of 1650mAh batteries
23:38:05breakerHm. I think 100 mAh steps are enough.
23:38:24LinusNshould be
23:39:08breakerShould I add a set_battery_capacity(int capacity) in powermgmt.c? Or how should the function be called?
23:39:59LinusNyeah why not?
23:40:21breakerOK. Give me 5 minutes..
23:40:46LinusNi also think that it shoul start charging directly at boot time, until we know the battery status
23:44:50breakeryou mean, if the batteries are empty and I connect the charger, it's better to charge?
23:46:21breakerset_battery_capacity is in cvs now.
23:52:58breaker(start charge at startup:) I think that is not so easy.
23:53:24LinusNwhy not?
23:54:20breakerI thought about it. If the batteries are really empty, the user usually does not switch on the Archos before connecting the charger, right? So when he connects the charger and the dive is off, the Archos firmware is loaded.. and starts charging.
23:54:44breakerdevice :)
23:56:27breakerIf we turn on the charger with charger_enable(bool), it's not the same as when powermgmt.c starts a charge cycle, because some other variables are calculated.
23:57:45breakerBut that could also be helpful. If (charger_enabled && powermgmt_hadn't_started_it) then it was switched on at boot time.

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