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#rockbox log for 2002-12-15

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00:02:13breaker(back again)
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00:05:48breaker1I'll add start charging if battery level < BATTERY_LEVEL_DANGEROUS in powermgmt.c power_init. Is this ok?
00:06:47breaker1Arr. This code would never be called.. The charger is not connected.
00:07:18breaker1General question: Is it possible to have a startup of rockbox and the charger is connected? I'd say no.
00:09:10LinusNi'd say yes
00:09:39LinusNi start rockbox with the charger connected because i want to charge with rockbox explicitly
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00:14:38breaker1That would be a special case. You must press "ON" and then immediately plug in the charger. OK, if you know that rockbox works this way, it's no problem.
00:15:27breaker1If you don't know, you plug in the charger before starting the device (and Archos firmware starts) or you already started the AJB (with rockbox) and the connect the charger.
00:16:50LinusNbreaker1: no
00:17:17LinusNi plug in the charger, archos firmware starts
00:17:24breaker1ok. Then?
00:17:26LinusNthen i hold ON until rockbox starts
00:17:41breaker1How does that work?
00:17:44LinusNyou hold ON for a few seconds
00:17:57breaker1Cool feature. Since when this is implemented??
00:17:59LinusNthe archos charger code reads the keys
00:18:07LinusNbreaker1: ask archos
00:18:17breaker1Aha. I didn't know that this works.
00:18:31pwaglandHi all, sorry for the (probably) obvious question... but does the rockbox firmware work on the archos multimedia? The web page implies that it doesn't, or at the very least that it has not been tested. Can anyone elaborate for me?
00:18:46breaker1pwagland: No.
00:19:16breaker1Other hardware inside the multimedia.
00:19:32pwaglandbreaker1: Aah. Thanks, this is what I was afraid of....
00:20:51breaker1LinusN: But when Archos firmware already runs (and charged the batteries at least one minute), it should be enough for running rockbox one minute till the charger goes on, or not?
00:22:51LinusNbreaker1: yes, but the user doesn't know
00:23:21LinusNif he starts playing music immediately, the unit will behave erratically
00:23:27LinusNi've seen it
00:23:35breaker1I tested pressing ON when Archos firmware runs (and charged my batteries): It doen't load rockbox!
00:23:45breaker1Recorder 20, 1.28.
00:24:08LinusNbreaker1: not the firmware, the charger code that starts when you plug in the charger when the unit is off
00:24:12breaker1The drive led (red) flashes and then it only starts loading the Archos firmware again!
00:24:21LinusNbreaker1: hold it longer
00:24:29breaker1Oh, that's other code? OK. ;)
00:24:37breaker1How long?
00:25:30LinusNuntil you are sure that it will start rockbox :-)
00:25:54breaker1Oh, wow. That's amusing. I think a thing for the best tip of the year or something like that. :)
00:26:36breaker1Do you have an idea how many people know this? I think < 5 of the rockboxers..
00:27:24LinusNbreaker1: lots of people do, actually
00:27:33LinusNas far as i know
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00:27:51breaker1Really? I think it's a good tip for the faq.
00:29:53breaker1Should I add it to the faq? Or where's the best place in the docs?
00:30:03LinusNput it in the faq
00:30:19breaker1OK. I'll do so later.
00:30:31breaker1Back again to the "start charging immediately".
00:30:31LinusN"i can't start rockbox when the charger is connected"
00:30:44wtrtanyone know if r2l is implemented in the current cvs?
00:31:08breaker1r2l? I know r2d2.
00:31:14LinusNwhat is r2l
00:31:43wtrtrigth to left text, for hebrew/arabic
00:31:59LinusNaha, no it isn't
00:40:21breaker1LinusN: What exactly does happen when the charger is connected and the user starts rockbox? What's the problem?
00:41:09LinusNit will not start charging until after at least 1 minute
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00:41:52LinusNthat means i have to charge using archos firmware for at least a few minutes before i can start rockbox, or it will die on me
00:41:55diddystar5hey Linus
00:44:35diddystar5Linus: i ain't no c developer, but, if i compile the files under UISIMULATOR, will the simulator work?
00:45:19LinusNread docs/README
00:45:32breaker1Is it ok if I add start charging in power_init if battery level < BATTERY_LEVEL_DANGEROUS?
00:45:59breaker1It should be enough not to crash anymore with "empty" batteries.
00:46:01diddystar5o thanks linus
00:46:21LinusNbreaker1: that would be just fine
00:46:33LinusNjust so it survives the first minute
00:46:48breaker1In normal cases, I think it's better to wait one minute, because we have better voltage values then -> better max duration value and so on.
00:47:14breaker1(normal case: battery level => BATTERY_LEVEL_DANGEROUS)
00:47:53diddystar5Quote from readme uisimu:For the Win32 simulator:
00:47:55diddystar5 No info yet.
00:48:44LinusNdiddystar5: i have never built the win32 sim
00:48:50LinusNonly the linux sim
00:49:15diddystar5ok, ill try to expirement with it
00:58:05 Part LinusN
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01:02:45pwaglandbreaker1: regarding earlier question (about the Archos multimedia) how different is the hardware? I am thinking of buying one, and would think it cool if this firmware could be made to work with it. Is it totally different, or just different enough that rockbox does not work?
01:02:45 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
01:03:19Hadakathe cpu is different AFAIK
01:03:31Hadakawhich means a world of difference
01:03:34LinusNpwagland: it's a totally different beast
01:03:53Hadakaand that's all assuming that a custom firmware is even possible on that thing
01:04:02Hadaka(that they haven't done any heavier scrambling there)
01:04:08LinusNi believe it has an ARM CPU and a Texas Instruments DSP
01:04:33LinusNand i'm not sure I want to develop a totally new firmware for it
01:04:54LinusNwe would probably have to implement video codecs and stuff
01:06:10pwaglandDisapointing though... :-)
01:06:48pwaglandTo be honest, for me I don't care about the video... I really want it for the USB 2.0, and the compact flash reader.
01:07:17pwaglandSound (and no I'm not mentioning ogg ;-)) would be a real bonus as well...
01:07:38LinusNpwagland: the thing is that Rockbox exists because we felt that the firmware sucked, and we thought it would be fun to hack the archos
01:07:48LinusNit turned out to be a fun experience
01:08:14LinusNdoing it all over again won't be as much fun as the first time
01:08:24LinusNand i don't even own a Multimedia
01:08:26pwaglandthat's a fair comment :-)
01:09:13LinusNpwagland: i think the mp3 decoding is done by a MAS chip in the multimedia too
01:09:49LinusNso i don't know what the DSP is capable of
01:10:18LinusNif it can generate audio, the Ogg may be possible
01:10:35LinusNthe data sheets to the DSP are not publically available
01:14:32Hadakapwagland: you do know that recorder 20 has USB 2.0 (no compact flash ofcourse)
01:15:48breaker1LinusN: I added the turn-on-charging-immediately. But I make one charging cycle before I add the code to cvs "tomorrow".
01:16:39breaker1Did you add the RTC/config block stuff?
01:17:59LinusNnot yet, coming up
01:19:03breaker1Do you add it in the next minutes (so I can test it before I go to bed)?
01:20:34LinusNsure, hang on
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01:24:17miahhey guys
01:25:39miahjust got my gf a recorder 20 for christmas, and i dunno if its working properly. the batteries are in serious need of a charge, but i've got the unit plugged in and when i try to power up, it gets to 3 bars in the startup, makes a clicking noise (sounds like the hdd) and the lcd light flickers at this time, and it just sits there, it will do the clicking sound again randomly.. think i just need to charge more before starting it, or think the disk has a probl
01:26:02LinusNsounds like battery problems
01:26:31miahi figured because i had the units ac adapter hooked up it would be ok
01:27:03breaker1You charged the batteries some hours before trying to start booting?
01:27:15miahwell, yes
01:27:22miahi had charged these batteries like 2 days ago
01:27:25LinusNmiah: never run it until you have completed a first charge
01:27:27miahon my external AA charger
01:27:38miahso i figured the batteries would be charged enough
01:27:55miahbut when i tried to power it up, it didnt work, and i tried the batteries in my studio and they didnt work
01:28:04LinusNmiah: where did the atteries come from?
01:28:14miahso they definately need recharging.. i must have put them on the charger more than 2days ago.. been a busy week so i cant remember
01:28:39LinusNis it a fast charger?
01:28:47miahah, well im charging it with the archos batteries now, but i have some rayovac nimh rechargable AA's
01:29:00miahnah, its a slow charge, takes a couple hours
01:29:17LinusNyou may have killed the batteries if you left them in the charger too long
01:29:30LinusNthose slow chargers are not always to trust
01:29:41miahits a rayovac slow charger too
01:30:15breaker1I recommend that you try four batteries of the same brand/age and charge them some hours in the archos. Then booting up should work.
01:30:18LinusNthe hard drive clicking sound is evidence of a broken battery cell
01:30:57miahbreaker1: yea, we're charging now, she's just anxious to put mp3's on it =)
01:31:11miahfor the past 3 years she's been carrying 50+ cd's in her backpack
01:31:26miahwhen i pickup her backpack i usually make a 'unf' sound
01:32:05LinusNok so you bought the recorder to save your back
01:32:13LinusNselfish bastard! :-)
01:32:32miahthankfully i rarely have to pickup her backpack
01:32:33 Quit wtrt ("I like core dumps")
01:32:45miahi still have a studio6, so im jealous =)
01:33:43miahshe wanted a ipod, but i've loved my studio.. plus the ipods are way too expensive
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02:23:14breaker1LinusN? Are you still there?
02:25:56merwinLinusN: shouldn't you be asleep?
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02:26:21LinusNmerwin: maybe...
02:26:21breaker1I waited if you add the battery capacity thing..
02:26:35LinusNbreaker1: ah, i thought you meant the tricle
02:27:01merwinLinusN: finally traded in my old player for the recorder... free upgrade courtesy of the fine american company Best Buy :-) The contrast was waaaaay too high when I turned it on first... almost unreadable.
02:27:42breaker1Hm, both. :)
02:27:48LinusNmerwin: with the original firmware?
02:27:54merwinLinusN: rockbox
02:29:10merwinLinusN: it was good enough for me to to slowly get to the place to change it, but barely. I wonder how archos handles contrast? why it's always correct..
02:29:24breaker1My display is also too dark with the default setting. Above 30 is too dark, 40 is almost black, my default is 26. (Recoder20)
02:30:27merwinbreaker1: heh, mine is 26 also :-)
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02:32:03breaker1Good night. I'm really going to bed now. Bye.
02:32:07LinusNi too wonder how archos handles it
02:32:14 Quit breaker1 ()
02:32:23LinusNi think the displays differ between hardware versions
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02:48:17merwinLinusN: They probably have a huge table of hardware versions and contrast levels :)
02:49:30LinusNat least two
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02:59:32LinusNtime to sleep
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05:58:03merwinhm... how do you start a new recording session?
06:06:08merwinnobody's ever around here until late :)
06:11:19merwinforgot about that funny little play button :-)
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10:06:32Mine78in the TODO dir there is "loadable plugin"... used for what ?
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10:11:51m_neshueempty channel?
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18:16:13nico13I looked at the FAQ, but I was unable to find anything about the jukebox fm recorder. it's factory firmware is such a piece of crap (freezes, do not want to power on or off...) that even if I can't enjoy radio I'd like to try rockbox firmware. is it possible?
18:18:03Hadakathe FAQ does have an answer to that
18:18:23nico13Hadaka: sorry then; i'll check again right now
18:18:55nico13Hadaka: ok, I've seen. too bad
18:19:28Hadakanico13: if people with fm recorders help, it might be possible though
18:19:39nico13Hadaka: do you think it will be possible in a (near) future?
18:20:02nico13Hadaka: I can't code, but i'm ready to make as much testing as needed...
18:20:11Hadakawell it's hard to say - none of the developers have an FM recorder - the changes they have made on it may be trivial - or they may be hard to overcome
18:20:37Hadakain any case, they have changed the scrambling on the firmware, so that's the first hurdle to overcome
18:20:56nico13friends with players using rockbox told me it was far better than original firmware, so I guess I want it too ;)
18:21:55nico13Hadaka: is there a way to check for hardware changes by software (I mean without opening it?)
18:22:23Hadakasomewhat yes - but that's only if you are able to put a new firmware on it
18:22:42Hadakabut like mentioned, the firmware scrambling has changed - so that's the first problem
18:22:51nico13Hadaka: ??? you mean an existing firmware?
18:23:06nico13ah, ok.
18:23:12nico13didn't catch first time
18:23:50Hadakawhen the firmware is stored on the disk - where it gets loaded from
18:23:59Hadakait is in scrambled form
18:24:07Hadakaon other archos models, the scrambling was a very trivial one
18:24:11Hadakaand easily decoded
18:24:20Hadakabut on the fm recorder, the scrambling is different
18:24:21nico13I understand
18:24:34Hadakaand it's not yet known if it's another trivial one or something much harder to overcome
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18:25:17Hadakaanyway, I would expect that for any reasonable support for that device one of the rockbox developers would have to own that device and take it apart to study it's internals once again
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18:25:35nico13actually I'm _really_ upset with archos' one... it's barely usable
18:25:50Hadakathat's sad to hear :(
18:26:11nico13yep, and even more sad when you paid 450 euros for that
18:26:43HadakaI got a recorder 20 just before they started making FM recorders - and have been very happy with it
18:26:57nico13never a freeze?
18:27:16Hadakawell the archos firmware froze every now and then - but it was pretty usable even still
18:27:26Hadakaofcourse rockbox works like a dream, no problems
18:28:04nico13does archos freeze only during some specific operation, or at anytime?
18:28:26nico13because mine freezes during a song, you don't know why...
18:28:36Hadakawell it did that every now and then - some MP3's were bad for it - some other stuff was as well - but mostly it was random
18:28:49Hadakahave you tried seeing if that song is broken?
18:29:06nico13well, maybe should I have bought an ipod...
18:29:08Hadakamany players just ignore errors, the MAS chip is stricter in what it accepts
18:29:46HadakaI don't think I would have been happy with an iPod - Recorder 20 has everything I need
18:34:04nico13Hadaka: yep, me too, but i'm so disappointed with it...
18:34:14nico13i'll check if the song is broken
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19:14:31 Quit nico13 ("leaving")
19:34:26MrSnazzspeaking of errors, I have a particular track which caused my old Rio Volt SP100 to bomb. Quite amusing. ;)
19:47:13Bryanti've noticed that winamp sometimes doesn't play tracks with very long filenames, or ornate directory paths
19:47:18 Quit pwagland ()
19:47:19Bryantmaybe it's the same reason
19:48:22MrSnazzthis one has a smallish filename, plays in winamp but there is an audible error in winamp when it hit sthe spot which crashes the Rio
19:48:49MrSnazzI havn'd tried it on the JBR20 yet, but I'd imagine with the mas chip being picky it probably won't go well ;)
19:49:46Bryantk i'm out to lunch.
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21:22:52 Join nazeman [0] ([
21:40:59nazemanquelqu'un parle t'il le français ? si oui j'aurai une petite question sur rockbox
21:42:21NiarkYc quoi ta question ?
21:42:43nazemanSuper, J'ai lu les maillinglist que le support (enfin peut-etre) du FM/archos ne viendrai jamais ?
21:43:17NiarkYha la ya que les dvp qui peuvent le dir
21:43:33NiarkYmais le matos et po pareille donc c possible
21:43:59nazemanT'es pa un DVP ?
21:44:17NiarkYun utilisateur
21:44:30nazemanle firmware original c'est une catastrophe c'est tres buggé
21:44:44NiarkYsur le FM ?
21:45:11NiarkYha, g un JBMM et c po top aussi mais ca vas encor
21:45:28nazemanJBMM ??
21:45:57nazemanle mien il a de la peine au démarrage chez toi aussi
21:46:06nazemanil démarre pas toujours
21:46:08NiarkYnan ca vas
21:46:16NiarkYt sur qu'il a po un pb ?
21:46:27NiarkYil f po un bruit bizard ton hdd ?
21:46:50nazemannon c'est mon 3ème FM et cui-la il fonctionne le mieux
21:47:06NiarkY3ieme ???
21:47:09NiarkYa ce point ?
21:47:22nazemanle 1er il demarre une fois su 30
21:47:47nazemanle 2 èeme il avait un court circuit batterie naze apres 2 heures
21:48:05nazemanle 3 eme il a l'air d'aller a part qqfois pour le boot
21:48:22NiarkYbein change :) prend 1 multimedia
21:48:39nazemanC'est un peu cher pour changer .....
21:56:30 Join LinusN [0] (
21:58:24LinusNNiarkY et nazeman: We would very much appreciate if you spoke english on this channel
21:58:44NiarkYsorry :(
21:59:53nazemanre: sorry
22:00:04LinusNso you say that the FM recorders are of that bad quality?
22:00:41nazemani have a lot off proble with boot
22:01:19nazeman+ a few bug in system
22:01:21LinusNtoo bad
22:01:46nazemanwhat my english (i know :-)
22:02:27LinusNno, too bad you have all those problems
22:03:10nazemanexample: bitrate is blocked 128 kbits, playlist blocked 999 file (with 20 GB ???)
22:03:32nazemanvbr play but is not reconnigise
22:04:50LinusNnazeman: are you sure that your VBR files have correct headers?
22:05:17nazemanyes you have a info box and that alwas 128Kbit + No VBR but i have file with 160 kbit + a paar in VBR mode
22:06:00nazemanyes in xmms is ok and winamp
22:06:07LinusNnazeman: i mean, do your VBR files have a correct VBR header? Xing or VBRI?
22:06:22LinusNwinamp doesn't count
22:06:37LinusNthose programs don't need VBR headers
22:06:43LinusNthe archos does
22:07:09nazemanany programme for test ?
22:07:17LinusNthe 128kbit issue is different though
22:07:25LinusNthat may
22:07:36LinusNare your files compressed with LAME?
22:08:29nazemannot all lame, or with software was inclusif in archos CD
22:08:59LinusNnazeman: the VBR ones, were they created with musicmatch?
22:09:44LinusNok, then it may be that the FM recorder can't understand the VBRI header
22:10:38nazemanand for bitrate ?
22:10:45hardeepheh, doesn't the FM recorder come bundled with musicmatch?
22:11:10nazemanyes version 7.2 ~
22:11:59hardeepyou'd think the archos firmware would support the format generated by the software they bundle
22:13:10nazemanthat normal for a tested product but this FM for me is total untested !
22:13:46nazeman3 FM in 2 week !
22:13:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:14:18LinusNthat's lame
22:14:55nazemanlame ? i dont understant
22:16:10Bryantsnazz you there?
22:16:19LinusNlame == really bad
22:16:33LinusNin this context
22:18:38LinusNde rien
22:20:05nazemanca fais tjrs plaisir quelques mot en francais ( it's very kool a few word in french)
22:22:19NiarkYis somone works on the JBMM firmware ?
22:22:27LinusNNiarkY: no
22:22:46NiarkYok thx LinusN
22:23:08LinusNNiarkY: none of the rockbox developers own a JBMM
22:23:24LinusNnor an FM recorder
22:24:08nazemansniff, no support for FM,
22:24:27LinusNnazeman: at least not yet
22:24:57nazemannot now ? but asap ?
22:25:15NiarkYyou have alredy good works on the Jukebox
22:25:27NiarkYthx for all
22:25:41LinusNnazeman: we are examining the archos firmware file
22:25:57LinusNthe scrambling is different from the older models
22:26:07LinusNso we have some cryptanalysis to do
22:26:23LinusNNiarkY: you are welcome
22:26:49nazemanLinusN: can i help you but i dont be a devellopper ?
22:27:44LinusNnazeman: yes, by testing stuff, coming with ideas, and writing documentation, just to name a few
22:33:12nazemanlinusN : I will testing if you have no a FM. a after i come perhaps with good idea
22:35:06LinusNi guess i'll never buy an FM recorder
22:35:20LinusNi'm quite happy with my JBR20
22:35:46NiarkYthe JBMM have better sound quality (bass)
22:36:41NiarkYbut the JBR was great
22:37:03NiarkYi have 1 :)
22:37:20LinusNNiarkY: yeah, maybe the JBMM has a better amplifier
22:38:06NiarkYno archos have respected the french aplification limitation :( ( i think there the only)
22:39:36nazemanLinusN: If you want i test the firmware for FM please contact me, my mail is in my home page">
22:40:14LinusNnazeman: we still haven't figured out how to scramble the firmware, so we have nothing to test :-(
22:42:40nazemani have read archos will shipping rockbox, perhaps archos can liver one for test
22:46:50LinusNnazeman: we have asked for documentation
22:46:57LinusNbut they have not replied
22:47:30LinusNthey are afraid of releasing details, because they don't want their competitors to know more than necessary
22:51:24 Join montykid [0] (
22:52:53 Part montykid
22:54:51nazemanLinusN: i muss go thanks
23:00:57 Quit nazeman ("Fermeture du client")
23:01:26 Quit TotMacherr (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:04:01hardeepi think i might have found a bug in the file write code
23:04:23hardeeptake a look at this generated queue file:
23:05:15LinusNwhat is wrong with that file?
23:05:26hardeepthe last line
23:05:50hardeepif you look at the binary, the characters are all 0 at the beginning
23:06:06LinusNah, now i see
23:06:15LinusNmy browser filtered that out
23:06:36LinusNis that a a sector boundary?
23:06:45hardeepsector is 512 so no
23:06:48hardeepit's at like 400
23:08:14hardeepmake that byte 485
23:08:50LinusNi think it looks like a shared buffer problem
23:09:15LinusNlike if you reuse the buffer before write() is done with it
23:09:15hardeepyeah, possibility. let me debug my code
23:09:58hardeepi do reuse it _after_ calling write
23:12:01hardeepyeah, the function doesn't return until the write returns and it's only one thread so the buffer isn't reused until then
23:19:07LinusNmaybe the file write code reuses a buffer inappropriately
23:19:54LinusNor could it be a buffer overflow in another buffer, before that one in memory?
23:20:28hardeepyep, another possibility... i'll continue debugging
23:20:53hardeepone of these days i'm going to have to set up the debugger, this lcd_puts/panicf debugging is rather slow hehe
23:21:05LinusNhardeep: gdb rox
23:21:34hardeephehe, yeah
23:21:43 Join TotMacher [0] (
23:21:58 Join totmach3r [0] (
23:22:19LinusNTotMacher: split personality?
23:22:38TotMacheryeah, and more than two characters
23:22:44 Quit totmach3r (Client Quit)
23:23:05 Join totmach3r [0] (
23:23:08 Quit totmach3r (Remote closed the connection)
23:23:45 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:23:46BoD[]hello !
23:25:48 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
23:28:31 Quit edx ("off!")
23:40:49 Join Disciple1 [0] (
23:40:53Disciple1Hi :)
23:42:08NiarkYby all
23:42:10 Quit NiarkY ("leaving by all :)")
23:42:43Disciple1I've just setup an SH1 cross compiler (GCC 3.2.1) on Cygwin and compile my 1st FW for my Recorder20 :))))
23:46:00LinusNwow! congrats!
23:47:13Disciple1that's strange but with the Archos FW i got a very annoying metalic/hissing sound, and it disapear using Rockbox :)
23:47:30LinusNDisciple1: yup, isn't
23:47:34LinusNtha great?!
23:47:39Disciple1yeah :)
23:47:45Hadakathat sound was the other main reason why I changed to rockbox
23:47:57LinusNthe sound most definitely comes from the I2C
23:48:15Disciple1or LCD :)
23:48:28LinusNDisciple1: no, probably not lcd
23:48:51Disciple1Anyway, I'll hack Rockbox in the near future (I'm embedded developper in the real life :)
23:49:13LinusNDisciple1: welcome to the team
23:49:17LinusNany plans?
23:49:48Disciple1for now ? no ! I'm trying to understant how it works :)
23:49:59LinusNDisciple1: feel free to ask
23:50:06LinusNand read docs/TECH
23:50:15Disciple1yeah :)
23:50:36LinusNand please update it if something is missing/wrong
23:50:49Disciple1hmmmm, do you got any free source browser/editor to advice (for windows) ?
23:51:05Hadakaxemacs :)
23:51:31Disciple1I'll can use products from where I work(ed), but that too..... BIG :)
23:51:36LinusNactually, emacs for windows is really goos
23:52:10Josh_hey guys!
23:52:15 Nick Josh_ is now known as Jet8810 (
23:52:28Jet8810Linus, do you know when queueing may become a reality?
23:52:36LinusNJet8810: soon
23:52:39LinusNask hardeep
23:52:57Jet8810alright th anks
23:53:04Jet8810hardeep , you here? ;)
23:53:39Hadakahmmh, should I start testing the latest BE wrt charging code...
23:53:58BoD[]what is I2C ?
23:54:31LinusNBoD[]: I2C is a serial bus
23:54:44Disciple1and that where the hissing soudn come from :)
23:54:57BoD[]what is it used for
23:55:10LinusNRockbox has a faster I2C driver than archos, and talks less on it
23:55:43LinusNtherefore the interference has a higher frequency,
23:56:02LinusNBoD[]: it is used to talk to the MAS and the RTC
23:56:18BoD[]hmm :)
23:56:19LinusNand the DAC on the Players
23:56:43BoD[]so it can be used to transfer data and orders between several parts ?
23:58:23LinusNyes, it is a bus
23:58:36LinusNevery device has a unique address
23:58:55Disciple1introduce a shared global memory buffer that all exclusive applications use

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