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#rockbox log for 2002-12-17

00:06:39 Join dudadical [0] (
00:07:05dudadicaldoes anyone know when Rockbox 2.0 will come out?
00:07:54dudadicalhey, is anyone here?
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00:08:27 Join laotan [0] (
00:08:35miahwhen its ready?
00:10:39 Quit NiarkY ("leaving by all :)")
00:11:08MrSnazzGreetings, brothers! I have come from... The future!
00:11:17dudadicalhey, Is anyone frikkin here?
00:11:27MrSnazzIt is known to myself, and other time travellers, that rockbox v2.0 will be released on...
00:11:49MrSnazzI was going to tell you, but since you said "frikkin", I won't.
00:12:01dudadicaldude........come on!
00:12:13MrSnazzask nicely
00:13:10MrSnazzIt'll be released on february 31st of 2003
00:13:17MrSnazzif everything goes according to plan
00:13:38dudadicalyou are probably bull shitting me
00:13:45MrSnazzI'm totally serious
00:13:50dudadicalare you a developer?
00:14:07BoD[]you should never tell an information from the future
00:14:16MrSnazzBoD[]: I know the risks, but I had to take the chance
00:14:24dudadicalcuz, I bet you just give answers, that are fake.
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00:14:38MrSnazzthat's nice, its the best answer I have.
00:14:41BoD[]now that they know the date, the developpers won't do anything
00:15:02BoD[]since they know it'll be released anyway on this date
00:15:06MrSnazzoh no!
00:15:45dudadicalhey, have any of you ever put on the Chip8 games patch?
00:15:50BoD[]you might have created a time paradoc
00:16:22MrSnazzBoD[]: muhahaha! I'm secretly an iPod developer!
00:16:27dudadicalwell, gotta go, you bull shitter
00:16:30 Quit dudadical ()
00:16:31MrSnazzbye dud
00:16:42MrSnazzI'm amazed that he didn't pick up on the fact that there *is* no February 31st
00:31:54 Join wallie [0] (
00:33:00walliedoes anyone know if rechargeable lithon battery works in Jukebox Recorder?
00:33:12MrSnazznot supposed to use those..
00:33:44walliei know that it voids warranty...but has anyone tried it out?
00:33:58MrSnazzthere are electrical reasons not to do it...
00:34:03MrSnazzI don't know if anybody has tried though
00:34:07wallieah I c
00:34:12MrSnazzyou might be the first :)
00:35:03 Join probonic [0] (
00:39:48BoD[]what about combustion batteries
00:40:18 Join LinusN [0] (
00:40:24MrSnazzre LinusN
00:42:12wallieit's a shame that lithon battery can't be used
00:42:36MrSnazzit has to do with the ferocious nature of lion batteries
00:42:40LinusNwallie: why that?
00:42:51 Quit probonic ("Client Exiting")
00:43:34walliethe mileage of my batteries took a dive after just a week of usage
00:43:48walliei suppose it's the memory issue
00:43:53Jet8810hardeep you there?
00:44:18LinusNwallie: memory issue? on NiMh? I doubt it
00:44:40wallieyou have suggestion then Linus?
00:45:01LinusNwallie: what did you do? what archos model do you have?
00:45:01walliejukebox recorder 20
00:45:18LinusNdid you charge them fully before you used them the first time?
00:45:29wallieon the 3rd use
00:45:55wallieI did plugged in the ac adapter after about 1/2 of the power left in battery
00:46:08wallieso that I can use it to record a 4-hour recording
00:46:32LinusNthat shouldn't make any difference
00:47:07walliemaybe the batteries are just bad?
00:47:16LinusNi guess so
00:47:21LinusNdid you use the standard charger?
00:48:50LinusNthen i guess you got a bad battery cell
00:49:13hardeepJet8110: yes, I am here (sorta)
00:49:23wallieyeah...time to hit Radio Shack..hehe
00:49:40LinusNwallie: yeah, too bad
00:49:52walliethx Linus
00:49:53LinusNwas the recorder brand new?
00:50:06wallieabout a month old
00:50:47LinusNyou should complain
00:50:49BoD[]I *gave* one of my two spare batteries to a guy for he can *sell* his old player for he can *buy* a multimedia
00:50:53BoD[]i'm too kind :)
00:51:03LinusNBoD[]: you're a saint
00:51:24BoD[]h ahahaha :))
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00:52:15 Part wallie
00:52:24BoD[]I have to go to bed now
00:52:29BoD[]bye !!
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00:52:51 Quit BoD[] ("cheufeule")
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01:29:08 Part wallie
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02:12:06 Join elinenbe [0] (]I[
02:12:12elinenbehardeep: you here?
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02:23:02hardeepelinenbe: every now and then heh
02:24:17elinenbehardeep: how is the queuing coming?
02:26:39hardeepelinenbe: implementation is complete. There is a bug either in the file writing code or the way I use it that needs to be fixed before it's submitted
02:27:11elinenbeoh... okay.
02:27:20elinenbedo you have a build based on the latest CVS?
02:27:34hardeepyou're welcome to try it if you want:
02:27:52hardeepdiff at:
02:28:05elinenbedoes that compile include the trickle charge changes?
02:28:17hardeepit's almost latest cvs, i think uwe made a few changes today that aren't in
02:28:30hardeepyeah, trickle charge stuff is in, I updated last night
02:28:50elinenbenice :)
02:28:59elinenbeyeah, I saw those.
02:29:19elinenbedoes the resume work at this point?
02:29:42hardeepwell, as much as i've test i should say. :)
02:29:47elinenbeyou should wrtie up a document to explain the exact method of the queuing −− like if you go back to a previous song, or move to the next...
02:30:08hardeepheh, i'm not much of a documenter but you're right, i should
02:30:26elinenbeI think it would clear up a lot of confusion.
02:30:38elinenbeuwe's charging documentation is great!
02:31:01hardeepright now, previous will take you to the song before you began queuing
02:31:12hardeepnext will delete the queued song from the list
02:31:37hardeeponce a queued song is removed (normally once it has been played) it's no longer "remembered"
02:31:44elinenbeand move on to the next queued song −− right?
02:31:50hardeepyeah, if there is one
02:32:01elinenbeif you shut it off, does it remember the current playlist with the queue list?
02:32:17hardeepyes, and it stores the correct index into the current playlist
02:32:25elinenbethat is nice.
02:35:08hardeepas soon as we track down this last bug I'm going to submit the code to the list for review
02:36:26elinenbesounds great.
02:36:44elinenbeI noticed that the last line of the .queue_file in many cases is wrong.
02:36:59hardeepyeah, that's the bug
02:37:16hardeepthe data is being corrupted as it's written to disk
02:37:27hardeepbut only at sector boundaries
02:39:04elinenbeI am thinking.
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05:02:41 Join [keno] [0] (marklar2@
05:29:19 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
05:37:29hardeepwoo, found the bug
05:38:36elinenbecommit the code... commit the code :)
05:38:52hardeepheh, there won't be commits any time soon... need to be reviewed first
05:39:10hardeepplus I need to confirm with Zagor the file fix
05:45:34elinenbepost the infos to the list...
05:46:11hardeepyeah, i will shortly
05:46:42hardeepbut, dinner first. :)
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09:03:16 Join Zagor_ [242] (
09:16:42 Nick hardeep|away is now known as hardeep (hardeeps@
09:16:45hardeepheya zagor
09:16:59 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
09:17:18hardeepi found the bug i told you about last night
09:17:46hardeepit's in the file writing code: file.c:~360
09:18:08hardeepthe headbytes write is writing into the wrong sector (not seeking back to the previous sector like flush_cache() does)
09:18:29hardeepI have a potential fix at:
09:18:37hardeepnot sure if it's completely valid though, works for me heh
09:18:47hardeep(not all that familiar with the file writing code)
09:18:57Zagori'll look
09:19:57Zagorlooks a bit strange. if file->dirty is always true, we will try to flush the cache on close()
09:20:14hardeepit's done right after that if
09:20:48Zagoryes, but now you always set dirty to true, even if the sector cache is empty
09:21:41hardeephmmmm, flush_cache() sets it to false
09:22:04hardeepi was just avoiding duplicating code... we could make it explicit inside the headbytes if
09:22:23Zagoryes. but if the code at ~362 is executed, we should not call flush_cache, since the cache is empty.
09:22:50Zagoror am I missing something?
09:22:59hardeepoh, laf, i'm dumb, never mind
09:23:02hardeepi was doing a write twice
09:23:08hardeepit worked! but that's silly
09:23:41Zagorthe write at 361 should seek first, I guess
09:24:04Zagori'm not sure why that happens though
09:24:07hardeepactually, maybe we could just remove the write and call flush?
09:24:16Zagorwe shouldn't have passed the correct sector before this
09:24:24hardeepi do a seek just before the write, maybe that's changing something?
09:24:46Zagoryes, that could be it
09:25:00Zagorflush_cache seems the right thing to do
09:25:32Zagorexcept seeking is expensive in big files. i was hoping not to have to do it all the time.
09:26:33 Join matsl [0] (
09:27:24hardeephmmm, in most cases won't the seek do nothing?
09:27:45hardeepif you're writing sequentially without closing
09:29:10hardeepoh, i guess not, it looks like seek always starts at the beginning of the file
09:29:29hardeephmmm, could we optimize that a bit (fat_seek that is) ?
09:30:22hardeepif (file->lastcluster == cluster) or somesuch
09:36:56Zagor'about 3/64" thick' - how can americans build anything with measurements like that? :-)
09:40:31hardeepstubborness can get you a long way. :)
10:14:41***No seen item changed, no save performed.
10:17:11hardeepzagor: alright, i think i've done as much as I can for queueing... how did you want me to send the changes:
10:17:25hardeepa) sf patches b) mailing list c) html link d) all of the above
10:17:45Zagorsf patch is good
10:19:11*dwihno gets Zagor some choklad
10:56:54hardeepif anyone's bored and wants to try out the patch i just submitted binaries are at: and
11:09:39hardeepsleep time
11:09:41 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Nintendo 64 today!")
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14:59:24 Join Geudin [0] (~ablancha@
14:59:28Geudinhi !
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19:35:09 Join Triple-z [0] (
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19:42:33Triple-zbidiscroll was addad?
19:55:47ken0_who's up?
19:55:52ken0_linus/zagor ?
19:55:58 Nick ken0_ is now known as [keno] (marklar2@
20:01:06adi|workwhats the problem?
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23:06:31 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:06:55BoD[]Hello, world!
23:20:12 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
23:26:41Triple-zwhos alive?
23:28:11 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:31:27adi|workwhats up?
23:32:01Triple-zas usual
23:32:51Triple-zgot a new AMD athalon XP 2000+, man USB 2.0 RoXX
23:40:28Triple-zMerged Uwe Freese's bidirectional scrolling patch. Added configurable scroll step size and scroll start delay
23:40:36Triple-zon 16/12
23:40:46Triple-zhow can i use it you know?
23:47:30adi|workhow can you use what?
23:47:34adi|worki don't get your questions
23:47:38adi|workquestion rather
23:48:23Triple-zthe bidirectional scrolling patch
23:48:29adi|workyeah.. i get that...
23:48:35adi|work"how can i use it you know"
23:48:39adi|workthats the part i don't get?
23:48:53Triple-zits the the wps
23:49:05Triple-zwhats the %thing of it
23:49:17Triple-zin the wps i mean
23:55:18 Join DisciTV [0] (
23:55:22DisciTVHi !
23:55:26 Nick DisciTV is now known as Disciple1 (

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