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#rockbox log for 2002-12-19

00:00:45breakerHi! I've a prob building a win32 sim version. After "make" I get "*** No rule to make target `font.c', needed by `/home/uwe/rockbox/.deps/font.d'. Stop.". Any ideas?
00:02:07breakerI'm compiling under linux. This gcc-sh1 compiler.
00:02:49LinusNbut you said win32 sim?
00:03:22breakerI want to compile under linux, the result should be a win32 sim version. Isn't this possible? (Never thought about that.)
00:03:39breakerOK, I have no compiler for this, i see.
00:04:13LinusNyou need a win32 cross compiler, or build under windows
00:04:26breakerAr. That's bad.
00:05:08breakerI once tried to make the win compiler run, but I didn't work.
00:05:25breakerprobable me, too. ;)
00:06:31breakerIs there usually a win32 sim version somewhere in the net? Do you know somebody's page where I can find one? ( don't have it)
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00:10:08LinusNbreaker: no, i don't think so
00:10:52LinusNwe build it automatically for the bleeding edge build, but only to check for compiling errors
00:11:01LinusNthe executable we create is not runnable
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00:24:05MeltedGuyhey Linus
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00:27:00MeltedGuyhas anyone written a bmp viewer for rockbox?
00:30:28MeltedGuyhas anyone seen my language file?
00:30:54LinusNwhich one? h4x0r?
00:31:17LinusNhaven't l00k3d at it y37...
00:38:19MeltedGuyIs there anyone else out there making firmware for Archos
00:45:19MeltedGuyI'm thinking about trying to make a code that will allow people to change the GUI of RockBox, like the scroll bars\
00:56:01MeltedGuybecause what if there is someone out thee that dosnt like the way they look?
00:56:35MrSnazzgo for it
00:56:38MeltedGuythe screen is so small though that i dont think they could do anything about that though
00:59:24LinusNmy thought exactly
01:01:06MeltedGuyyou could change the battery icon though to look a little better
01:02:28MeltedGuyor add a border within the status bar 1 or 2 pixels wide
01:03:20MeltedGuyi am probobly better off just editing the source file
01:03:29MrSnazzmake it look better, submit a patch
01:03:49LinusNi agree about the battery
01:05:13MeltedGuyMrSnazz you cant really make the GUI lookbetter with a screen that small, i find that the bold type anrdat.fnt makes the display look much nicer
01:06:55Bryanthey guys
01:07:03MeltedGuyhi Bryant
01:07:23Bryantto use all of the firmware modifications posted on the site, all i have to do is paste the file on the drive right?
01:07:55hardeepbryant: which modifications are you referring to?
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01:08:16MrSnazzMeltedGuy: It was your idea, man :)
01:08:32MrSnazzMeltedGuy: Its my opinion that if you think you can make it look better, go for it, and submit a patch. If not, don't :)
01:08:33MeltedGuyMrSnazz lol
01:08:50MeltedGuyi change my mind i think i will kjust make a patch
01:09:08MeltedGuyinstead of making a program that will allow other people do it
01:09:50uncuedoes anyone know if someone is working on this:
01:09:51uncue08 ??
01:09:56Bryanthardeep: any of them really...i just got the thing running and have loaded rockbox..but nothing else
01:10:18uncuesorry for word wrap
01:11:04hardeepi don't quite follow what modifications you want to use.... if you mean the different fonts and languages then yes, you just need to copy them to the drive
01:11:45hardeepsame with the custom wps and config files
01:13:46MeltedGuyi men changeing the appearence of the status bar
01:13:52MeltedGuylike the bater
01:17:27Bryantmelted..he was talking to me about my question
01:17:45hardeepoh, heh, sorry about not prefacing
01:18:01hardeepBryant: were those the modifications you were referring to?
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01:26:19LinusNhardeep: any news about the write() bug?
01:27:06hardeepLinusN: oh, I fixed it. Fix was included in that queue patch I sent... i should probably just get that checked in
01:28:07Bryanthardeep: yes, modifications like what MeltedGuy suggested...also, what are the files under "recent CVS activity"?
01:28:08hardeepLinusN: it happens when you write at the end of a sector after an open+seek
01:29:03hardeepBryant: MeltedGuy's suggestion would probably require a rebuild of the firmware
01:29:23Bryanthehe, well forget that
01:29:29MeltedGuyi dont think it would
01:29:46hardeepBryant: the files under recent CVS activity are changes recently made to the firmware... you can get these changes by getting the latest bleeding-edge build
01:30:21MeltedGuyanuyone i dont think it would make to much sense to make a program that changes the gui
01:30:25hardeep(bleeding edge builds can be found at bottom of
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01:35:10*BoD[] dodo bye
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01:43:41MeltedGuywhat source file holds the graphics for RockBox
01:45:40hardeepapps/recorder/icons.c and apps/player/icons.c
01:47:34MeltedGuythats what i assummed
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02:01:39elinenbe3hardeep: nice commit
02:02:07hardeepelinenbe3: heh, why's that?
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02:02:56elinenbefixing nice bugs
02:03:15elinenbeI am just waiting for the queue commit
02:11:38MeltedGuyhardeep what program did they use to convert the graphics for RockBox?
02:13:22hardeepMeltedGuy: I'm not all that familiar with that part of the system but I know you can build a bmp2rb executable in tools/
02:13:50MeltedGuyi found it
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03:41:37Bryanthow long am i supposed to charge the battery for under rockbox?
03:43:58hardeepBryant: just like the archos f/w, rockbox won't let you overcharge the batteries so you can leave the charger in for as long as you want
03:46:01hardeepBryant: you may also want to check out for more info
03:49:47Bryantyou've been too helpful today
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05:16:04AADreamGreetings guys :)
05:17:04AADreamI want to buy a Jukebox, I was wondering if I should buy the Recorder 20 or the NEW one with the FM recording ? Is it worth buying the new one ? Will it work with Rockbox ?
05:17:29PsycoXulsee the FAQ
05:18:01AADreamPsycoXul: on the web site ?
05:18:39AADreamPsycoXul: I went on the web site, I didn't see a FAQ link
05:18:53AADreamPsycoXul: oh under documentation
05:19:03AADreamPsycoXul: sorry!
05:19:43PsycoXulchanserv msg'd you a link to it when you joined the channel even hehe
05:25:43AADreamPsycoXul: ur right
05:26:22AADreamPsycoXul: but I typed /join #rockbox just after typing /server, so the window went right away on top of the main status window
05:27:32AADreamPsycoXul: okay I read the FAQ, Do you think that it will support the FM in the future ?
05:27:47AADreamPsycoXul: Is it the same chip inside or they really re-engineering the board ?
05:28:14PsycoXullast i heard, nobody seems to know much more than the fact that something's different enough for it to not load rockbox as it is
05:29:09AADreamPsycoXul: ok
05:29:35AADreamPsycoXul: I also read in a FAQ that a directory is limited to 400 files... that's for mp3 or for anything ?
05:30:11AADreamPsycoXul: I want to use it to put my Programming projects
05:30:12PsycoXulif you have over 400 files in a single directory it will be difficult to browse, and you're in serious need of organization
05:30:30PsycoXulbut it applies to the files that it actualy lists afaik, i could be wrong on that though
05:30:58PsycoXulif i'm right, then if you set it to show only mp3's then it only applies for mp3's
05:31:01PsycoXuland such
05:31:23PsycoXulit's not a static 400-file limit either, it's a buffer size limit, so the shorter the filenames the more files will fit in it, generaly, iirc
05:31:56PsycoXuland the limit's just in browsing the directory on the archos
05:32:05AADreamPsycoXul: oh so it's only for the display !
05:32:09AADreamPsycoXul: phew !
05:32:15PsycoXulyou can have more files than that there, rockbox just won't show more than will fit in the buffer
05:32:17AADreamPsycoXul: oh for the display it's super !
05:32:50AADreamPsycoXul: I am thinking of synchronizing all my projects on it
05:33:03AADreamPsycoXul: all my "My Documents"
05:33:05PsycoXulwhat programming projects need over 400 files lumped together in a single directory?
05:33:37AADreamPsycoXul: well I have a library that has 200 objects ( 1 header + 1 class )
05:33:45AADreamPsycoXul: plus other files...
05:34:04AADreamPsycoXul: I didn't created these projects ...but I have to work with them, it's at work.
05:34:42PsycoXulwell if you have dir Blah\
05:34:59PsycoXuland dir's Blah\Hab Blah\Gah and Blah\Foo all have 300 files each in them
05:35:05PsycoXulthere's no problem
05:35:11PsycoXulin case you're misunderstanding the limitation
05:35:25PsycoXulit's just if a single directory has >400 in it
05:35:56PsycoXulit's a pretty rare occurance, which is why the limit's still there heh
05:36:06AADreamPsycoXul: I understand...but you said the limitation is only on the the LCD display screen, I dont' care about that...because I will never use the LCD for my programming projects, I will use the USB to browse inside with explorer
05:36:16PsycoXulbut either way, if you're not gonna be browsing there in rockbox, it doesn't matter either way
05:36:39PsycoXulyeah thats no problem
05:37:36AADreamPsycoXul: this little jukebox is amazing ! ( I will buy on this week I think ) !
05:37:52AADreamPsycoXul: the best price I got is 235 with 50 $ rebate at
05:38:05AADreamPsycoXul: Is there a place you know where I can get something better ?
05:38:34AADreamPsycoXul: I live in Canada
05:38:40PsycoXulheh nope
05:38:43PsycoXulthat sounds like a good deal
05:39:13PsycoXulmy Studio 20 (which is just a 20G player, not recorder) was about that price last xmas :/ heh
05:39:35PsycoXulmy studio20's also only usb1.1
05:39:46AADreamPsycoXul: you can update the usb
05:40:05AADreamPsycoXul: You can support usb 2.0
05:40:13PsycoXulhow's that?
05:40:19PsycoXulthis thing only has an isd200
05:41:09PsycoXulso i dunno how i'd update it without a hardware mod
05:44:00AADreamit says usb drivers 1.1 and 2.0
05:44:07AADreamfor the Studio 20 gig
05:45:02PsycoXulusb2.0 drivers maybe, but that doesn't make my archos support usb2.0
05:45:14PsycoXuli don't use windows or mac either
05:45:44AADreamPsycoXul: maybe it's usb 2.0 but they didn't have the drivers ready when you bought it
05:45:54AADreamPsycoXul: I am just speculating.... I didn't read enough.
05:46:11PsycoXulnah, i know for sure it's usb-ide controller is an isd200, which only supports usb1.1
05:47:23PsycoXuldoesn't matter anyway
05:48:00PsycoXulit only has 120MB left free on it
05:48:28PsycoXuland i've ended up with a few hundred more MB to put on it :/
05:49:40AADreamwhat do you have on it ?
05:49:57PsycoXulalmost 19G of music
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05:54:54AADreamPsycoXul: that's a lot of music !
05:55:07AADreamPsycoXul: anyways...I gotta go to's late ! Thanks for the info !
05:55:14AADreamPsycoXul: Good night
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08:30:33Phantomdjp I have a small answer
08:31:10Phantomdjpis there some place in the characters table to add some new ...characters ?
08:34:13hardeepPhantomdjp: i'm not familiar with the code but I believe you could add new characters to the recorder (a new font for instance)
08:34:40hardeephowever, the player has a fixed character table
08:35:05hardeepi vaguely remember someone mentioning some spare spaces in the table but I forget what they were used for (maybe icons)
08:35:31Phantomdjpthat a good things because that should be fun too add icons for each buttons
08:36:18Phantomdjpfor the french version that should be good because of the lenght of some word :
08:36:26PsycoXulplayers have 4 (old players) or 8 (new players) custom definable chars
08:36:29Phantomdjp"Lecture" instead of "play"
08:36:37Phantomdjpfor exemple
08:36:51PsycoXulthat number is just how many you can show on the screen at once
08:37:01PsycoXulthey can be re-defined whenever you need
08:37:21PsycoXulso you could have as many custom chars as you like, so long as you only display 4 or 8 different ones on the screen at a time
08:37:50PsycoXulrecorders is easy, it's a bitmap screen anyway so you can make it display however you like
08:38:33Phantomdjpanother things : is it possible to make greyscale on recorder (the player is to ....)
08:40:17PsycoXulonly with cheap tricks
08:40:35PsycoXulflashing something really fast so that it looks gray
08:40:37PsycoXulkinda stuff
08:40:49PsycoXuli've seen someone do it with custom chars on the player and it didn't look too bad
08:40:58PsycoXulbut it was a little animated thing that like flew around
08:41:09PsycoXullike a fly
08:45:04Phantomdjpwhat is the language of rockbox ?
08:45:12Phantomdjpasm ? c ?
08:45:27hardeepa bit of both
08:45:39hardeepalthough primarily c
08:46:28PhantomdjpI will be able to work on it in a few month
08:47:06 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
08:47:18Phantomdjp(as soon as I'm accept in an Computering school)
08:54:44 Quit Phantomdjp ("Fermeture du client")
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09:17:22bobTHChi all!!!
09:30:25dwihnoHELLO! :D
09:47:19 Join Phantomdjp [0] (
09:47:41Phantomdjpis there a way to make .lng under Window$
09:47:51Bryantwhere do i set the trickle charge on and off for the recorder?
09:48:36PhantomdjpIf my memory is good, this in the lastest build
09:48:39Phantomdjp2 secondes
09:49:27hardeepPhantomdjp: you need to install perl then run tools/binlang
09:50:19PhantomdjpBryant :general setting/ system/trickle charge
09:52:59Bryantit's not there
09:57:06Phantomdjpdo you have the last build ?
10:09:31Bryantyou still here?
10:09:36Bryantwhich is the latest build?
10:11:33Phantomdjpthe official is the 1.4, but the trickle charge is a new feature so, use one of the daily build
10:11:59Phantomdjpthis one for example :
10:12:00Bryantyeah i'm looking for it now....or is it best to just apply all of the new builds/
10:12:40PhantomdjpI update my recorder with the new daily build 2/3 times a week
10:12:56Phantomdjpso I always have news feature
10:13:05Bryanti just got this recorder yesterday
10:13:36Phantomdjpbut keep an "official" firmware (1.27) from Archos
10:13:47Phantomdjpand the 1.4 rockbox
10:14:01Phantomdjpthey can help you if you have a BIG BUG
10:14:04Bryanti have that too
10:14:13Bryantcould you explain to me this CVS stuff?
10:15:01Bryantis it an update? a work in progress?
10:15:02PhantomdjpCVS is a thing to organize work between programmers
10:15:18Phantomdjpso CVS build is the REALLY lastest build
10:15:37Phantomdjpit is made every 15 minutes if my memory is goof
10:15:42Bryantman, i wish i knew more programming...back in High school i learned C++ and last semester i learned C
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10:15:59Phantomdjpwhere do you live ?
10:16:14Phantomdjpbeautifull country
10:16:18PsycoXulBryant: what more do you wanna know?
10:16:25PsycoXuli never even technically "learned" C
10:16:45Bryantpsychoxul: actually, i guess i'm ok with my archos familiarity
10:16:54PsycoXuli just picked some of it up here and there now and again
10:16:54PhantomdjpI must want one year to learn C/C++ ...
10:17:07Bryantpsychoxul: just that i wish i knew how to program
10:17:16PhantomdjpFrance is beautifull, but education is really bad
10:17:17PsycoXuli bought "beginning linux programming" in 2000
10:17:38PsycoXulbut only read a bit of it before i didn't have the time and inclination to go on with it
10:17:39Bryantis it? i have A LOT of relatives in France
10:18:15PsycoXuland since then i've had lots of time and inclination but the book was in storage
10:18:23Bryantwhere are most of you from?
10:18:23PsycoXulnow that i've gotten the book back i've no more time for it again :p
10:18:47Phantomdjpmost from US
10:18:56Bryantit's 3 am here in Illinois, and i'll be up another 3 hours or so studying
10:18:59Phantomdjpwe are 2 or 3 from france
10:19:17Phantomdjp10:19 am in Paris
10:20:00Bryantmy mom went to a university in montpelier
10:20:29Bryantgot her PHD in chem and chem engineering
10:21:43Bryanttwo of my uncles run dry cleaning businesses in Paris
10:22:38Phantomdjpand myself is a poor student that don't go to school today because he is ill
10:22:53Bryanthow old are you?
10:23:54 Join Zagor_ [242] (
10:23:57Bryantare you at a university now?
10:24:00 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
10:24:08hardeepheya Zagor
10:24:23Bryantso most of us are here in USA
10:24:24Zagornice cvs activity lately
10:24:30Phantomdjpno 1 year left
10:25:31PhantomdjpIn 1 year I will bein one of the best engineering school of France
10:25:48Bryantwhat will be your concentration?
10:27:19Phantomdjpprogramming and graphism
10:28:41Bryantdo i have to apply all of the daily builds? or does the most recent one include all previous ones?
10:28:51Zagorthe recent has it all
10:32:54Bryantfor this newest build...just paste everything in there?
10:33:20Zagorhow do you mean? what do you want to do?
10:33:42Bryantapply whatever changes you guys have made
10:35:01Zagorthe latest daily build contains all changes. you don't have to modify anything.
10:35:57Bryanti do i apply it to my archos
10:36:07Zagorah. just copy the mod/ajz file
10:37:00Bryantbut the "rockbox-daily-20021219
10:37:10Bryantbut the "rockbox-daily-20021219" doesn't have has a lot of folders and files
10:37:29Zagoryes. download a target build
10:37:38Zagorthe .tar.gz file is only the source code
10:37:39Phantomdjpthis is the source code
10:37:47Phantomdjparf, same time
10:38:12Phantomdjprename it in ajbrec.ajz and send it
10:38:20Phantomdjpto your device
10:38:29Bryantsorry, ok i'm learning my way around this
10:38:51ZagorBryant: no problem
10:39:04PhantomdjpZagor, how many firmware do you have in your archos ?
10:39:46ZagorPhantomdjp: usually a late build, 1.4 and the archos
10:40:17Phantomdjpexactly as I
10:40:47Zagorold versions are good for testing
10:41:46Phantomdjpyes, and archos, for files modification (delete, rename...)
10:42:10Zagoryeah, I should add that to Rockbox. there's nothing preventing it...
10:42:23Zagorcan the archos firmware rename, btw?
10:42:51Phantomdjpyes, the 1.28 can
10:43:18Zagor1.27d too, I presume?
10:43:41Zagoroh, so there's a difference!
10:43:53Phantomdjp1.27d and 11.28 have 1 difference, this one
10:44:11Zagorannoying, since they don't release 1.28 as a file...
10:45:25PhantomdjpI got it directly from the "last" serie of 10go recorder (I buy it directly in the Archos Store, near of Paris)
10:47:06Zagorbut only in rom, right?
10:48:47Zagorhos does the character input work?
10:49:40Phantomdjpexactly as when you enter a name for a new MP3
10:50:31Zagorah, of course
10:54:53Bryantthanks guys, i'm going to go sleep soon
10:57:25dwihnoZagor: isn't it possible to extract the firmware from ROM? :)
10:57:30dwihnoIt would be pretty cool :D
10:57:48dwihno1.28, I mean
10:58:08PhantomdjpI don't thing
10:58:18Phantomdjpthis is hard coded
10:58:35 Join macabru [0] (
10:58:42Zagorit's possible to extract, but i'm not sure the rom firmware can be used as a loadable firmware right off
10:58:49Zagorwe could try, I guess
10:59:14PhantomdjpNOT with mine
10:59:16Zagorpersonally, I rather spend my time improving Rockbox though :-)
10:59:35Phantomdjpit burn one time, I don't want that again
11:00:14Phantomdjpyes, with fire
11:00:23Phantomdjpa battery problem
11:00:37Phantomdjpit was a 6go
11:01:13PhantomdjpI went to Archos, and they give me a 10go ;-)
11:02:04 Quit macabru ("changing servers")
11:02:04Tomaserawhere are they, near Paris, did you say ?
11:02:09 Join macabru [0] (
11:02:30dwihnoZagor: I think it could :D
11:02:46dwihnowould be
11:02:46bobTHCwhit usb 1.1 ;(
11:03:36bobTHCusb 2.0 is a great improvement for this kind of device
11:04:22bobTHCwhere are the "real" Archos store ?
11:04:41Phantomdjpin Igny
11:04:55Phantomdjpa town in the south of Paris
11:04:55Tomaserathey have a real store ?
11:05:04Tomaseraor is it just a factory and office ?
11:05:14Phantomdjpthis is a factory With a store
11:06:02bobTHCspecial rebate in the store or just like on the web?
11:07:58dwihnoPhantomdjp: you should go there and ask them about their opinion about Rockbox :)
11:08:24bobTHCthety love them for sure!!
11:08:48 Quit macabru ("changing servers")
11:08:52 Join macabru [0] (
11:11:19PhantomdjpI ve try ,but they don't want to answer
11:11:47bobTHC<<<updated francais.lang commited>>>
11:11:54Zagori've spoken to Archos about Rockbox
11:12:51dwihnoPhantomdjp: Even if you ask them in person?
11:12:52Zagorhe said "we love everyone who loves our products!"
11:13:11bobTHChehe ....
11:13:12dwihnoZagor: So what about the future of shipping Rockbox with the units?
11:13:29dwihnoZagor: Especially the recorders... :)
11:13:32Zagorthey plan to ship 1.4 with the studios.
11:13:53Zagorwe'll see about recorders later, when recording is officially supported
11:15:24bobTHCship with rokbox natively installed??
11:15:49ZagorbobTHC: no, it will be on the support CD
11:16:12bobTHCok ...
11:17:01ZagorI think that's good. I don't want Rockbox as default unless Archos is willing to support it :-)
11:17:14bobTHCof course!
11:19:31 Quit macabru ("[BX] Time wasted: 32m 2s")
11:21:04hardeepZagor: I just realized the mpeg change I just made is bogus
11:21:10hardeepit doesn't do anything, heh
11:21:11Zagorhardeep: oops :-)
11:21:26hardeepi forgot the thread code was cooperative, not pre-emptive
11:22:17hardeepbut the change doesn't do any harm either, so no worries
11:32:23 Quit Phantomdjp ("Fermeture du client")
11:42:39 Quit hardeep ("[BX] The FDA says 5 servings of BitchX a day increases sexual potency")
11:53:35 Part Zagor
11:54:07 Join Zagor_ [242] (
11:56:07 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
12:10:51 Quit bobTHC ("beeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!")
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12:28:43NJoinSchnueff [0] (
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13:12:28 Part Zagor
13:13:05 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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13:52:40 Part Zagor
13:53:11 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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14:31:57 Join edx [0] (
14:36:14 Part Zagor_
14:37:05 Join Zagor_ [242] (
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14:47:22 Part Zagor
14:51:47 Join edx|notebook [0] (
14:54:44 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
14:57:51 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
14:59:31langhaarrockerHi. Is here anybody who knows wether the daily builds page is based on some library?
14:59:41 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
14:59:54 Quit [keno] (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:04:51 Join alkorr [0] (
15:04:51 Join elinenbe [0] (
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15:05:18 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
15:05:32 Part alkorr
15:08:12 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:09:47 Part elinenbe
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15:17:22 Join Zagor_ [242] (
15:17:37 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:17:49Zagordoes anyone have an FM Recorder?
15:18:04dwihnoZagor: Have you found out something interesting?
15:18:48dwihnoCare to share?
15:19:09dwihnoOr are you a hare with pink underwear? :D
15:19:18 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:19:23Zagorthe scrambling seems to be the same, but the header is different. so I need someone to test a few test-scrambled files to see if the FM will run it
15:19:56dwihnoWasn't the LCD new on the FM?
15:20:33Zagorunfortunately, there's only one FM firmware released yet so I can't make much of some of the fields
15:20:41Zagori don't think so. only the multimedia
15:20:57dwihnoWhat you CAN do, is to make a post in the mailing list and an entry on the homepage
15:21:05dwihnoSaying: test this, report your findings
15:21:05Zagoryes I will
15:23:39Zagori wish someone would take pictures of the FM internals. I got a mail with some chip numbers, but a photo would be nice too
15:23:39 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:23:52 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
15:26:11 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
15:26:11 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:28:11dwihnoZagor: got any nice pics of the FM? I'd like to see it upclosae
15:28:28Zagorno, I said I wish I had some
15:28:46Zagoroh, you mean externals?
15:28:56Zagorstill haven't got any though :-)
15:50:04Zagorthe header has six 32-bit fields. I've nailed down five of them.
15:50:17dwihnoOne to go! :D
15:50:20dwihnoGO ZAGOR!
15:50:25dwihnoZAGOR OWNS, YAAAY!
15:50:40Zagoror actually I only have 3 positively. 2 are guesses :-)
15:51:03dwihnoZAGOR SUCKS :)
15:51:12dwihnoYou rule bigtime!
15:53:30dwihnoWhat's the fuzz about? Isn't there some easy way to brute force them? :)
15:53:56Zagoruh, right. except brute-force means testing. no fm == no testing
15:55:08dwihnoEmulate! :D
15:55:20dwihnoAdd something to the topic
15:55:27dwihno"Test Zagors' almighty FM code!"
15:55:31dwihnoThat will fool them enough :)
15:56:53dwihnoI see nothing in the mailing list
15:57:03dwihnoDo you know anyone who owns a FM?
16:09:08 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
16:09:09 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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16:17:14 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
16:18:42 Join Bagder [241] (
16:19:00Zagoryo baggie
16:19:12Bagdernice fm commit
16:19:32 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:19:39Zagoryeah, i'm just a bit puzzled by those extra fields
16:19:50Bagderany report yet? ;-)
16:19:54Zagori'd like another firmware file to compare with
16:19:56Zagorheh, no
16:20:02Bagderlazy bastards ;-)
16:22:01HadakaI wonder if I will have time to hack on rockbox during christmas
16:22:48ZagorI won't. I will be away from sunday until the 2nd or something
16:23:22dwihnoZagor: Will you go to your cousin in Ske-å?
16:23:32Zagornope, parents in Skåne
16:23:40dwihnoCOol :D
16:23:47dwihnoAnd eat some jouuuleskiiinkaaa
16:26:38dwihnoA great christmas gift would be Rockbox for FM
16:26:45dwihno(not that I have a FM unit)
16:27:09dwihnoYou should have some kind of "register your rockbox" to keep a track of number of users
16:27:15dwihnoOn the webpage
16:27:18dwihnoSomething simple
16:27:24dwihnoJust to keep track :)
16:38:00 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
16:38:00 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:45:05 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
16:45:05 Quit ken0 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:58:16 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:03:58ZagorI like the id3 version display.
17:04:34BagderI'm ashamed to say I don't have my own wps ;-)
17:05:04ZagorNeither did I, until dwinho forced me to test his :-)
17:05:17Zagorbattery time left is also nice to have on the wps
17:05:47Zagoractually we should have an option to show timeleft instead of battery level!
17:06:05Bagdertrue, but that takes more space
17:22:18 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
17:25:03Zagortime to go
17:25:03 Part Zagor
17:31:55 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
17:36:10 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:37:19 Join ken0__ [0] (marklar2@
17:40:59 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
17:41:00 Quit ken0__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:41:21MrSnazzSo our engineer isn't going to put a realtime clock into our new handheld, because "Its anouther chip".
17:42:39MrSnazzWelcome to my job, where its 1989 every day of the week
17:42:56Bagdernothing beats nostalgia ;-)
17:47:03 Join ken0_ [0] (marklar2@
17:47:04 Quit ken0 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:48:50 Quit Bagder ("")
17:54:45 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
18:07:02 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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18:38:29 Join EnnaN [0] (
18:38:51EnnaNany1 here?
18:40:58 Quit EnnaN (Client Quit)
18:48:35Bryanti am
18:48:40Bryantbut i'm gonna go
18:52:45adi|worki love ppl that log in and do 'anyone here?'
18:52:48adi|workthen logoff
18:54:01MrSnazzI love people who ask "ne1" or "any1" here :)
19:00:52 Join marcusian [0] (
19:01:00 Nick marcusian is now known as kwha (
19:03:10kwhaif i cat /proc/bus/usb/devices i don't see my archos device listed, can anyone give me a clue on this?
19:07:47MrSnazztry usbview
19:08:18kwhaonly root hubs...
19:10:57kwhaother devices show up fine
19:11:09kwhaif i plug them on
19:21:44 Join Jet8810 [0] (~Josh@
19:28:31 Quit ken0_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:29:03 Join _Dino_ [0] (~dan@
19:30:20 Quit hardeep ("BitchX: for distribution only with a new PC")
19:30:21_Dino_someone in my office got a jb multimedia, it's cool
19:31:02*_Dino_ wants
19:34:06_Dino_any one have any advice on resampling a lot of mp3's? I know lame does it and I know I want some kind of bash script/batch file to do it recursively for me... just haven't quite figured it out yet :(
19:35:12 Join [keno] [0] (~marklar2@
19:35:49*_Dino_ is trawling through _ebook_pdf_Teach_Yourself_Shell_Programming_in_24_Hours_1_.pdf
19:51:05 Quit _Dino_ ()
19:57:04 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
20:01:15 Quit kwha ("you cried for the moon")
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