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#rockbox log for 2002-12-20

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00:01:10addhey all
00:01:35addis any one here?
00:03:18addyou are all gay little pussy developers
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00:03:26hardeeplaf, fear
00:03:53mecrawouch, that hurt my feeling
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01:01:52-->"who are you" received from jce (
01:05:24Pewterrockin' house!
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02:47:53Bryanti wish my archos could take my final
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08:26:43dwihnoGuten morgen alle leute! :)
08:26:50dwihnoWhat is the SCMS protection in the firmware?
08:28:58dwihnonever mind
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09:37:17bobTHCdou think m recorder will be support soon?
09:37:27bobTHCfm recorder?
09:38:18dwihnoIt's a possibility
09:38:23dwihnoI guess you read the posts in the mailing list?
09:38:32dwihnoLooks like the LCD, fat driver etc. works
09:38:54dwihnoBut since I'm no Zagor, Bagder or Linus, I can't tell what is what :)
09:39:36bobTHChehe wizards can tell me more for sure... ;)
09:40:48dwihnoWould be pretty awesome if it would run on the FM without major changes
09:40:54dwihnoRockBox - FM certified ;D
09:42:01bobTHCit will be so good....
09:42:15dwihnoIs there any major hardware differences?
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09:42:25dwihnoYay for Linus!
09:42:47dwihno09:43 < dwihno> Is there any major hardware differences?
09:42:50dwihnowe're talking about FM
09:42:55dwihnoYAY YAY YAY! :D
09:43:19*dwihno hands Linus some kebab with heta såsen på
09:43:21bobTHCwizard in da place!;)
09:45:49LinusNis the CVS server down somehow?
09:48:46dwihnoI haven't cooked myself a ajb in ages
09:51:58Schnueffi could cvs update just now
09:52:12Schnueffwhat was the name of the new module? rockbox?
09:52:29Schnueffcvs module
09:52:51LinusNit's probably my firewall...
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12:30:18Zagorcan you believe my new scrambler works!
12:32:51dwihnoZagor: It works?
12:33:02dwihnoZagor: You mean it compiles? Great ;)
12:33:15dwihnoZagor: Do we got boot on FM?
12:33:18Zagorlook at the list. people are able to start Rockbox on the FM Recorder!
12:33:30dwihnoI read that
12:33:34Zagorit doesn't work very well, but it boots. and that's the important thing.
12:33:34dwihnoWith some major bugs
12:33:40quelsarukZagor: i was thinking in buying a jukebox for my brother, do you recomend me a recorder or a FM?
12:33:42dwihnoYay for Zagor! :D
12:33:49Zagoryes yes but this test was only about the new file format
12:34:17Zagorquelsaruk: I still recommend the Recorder20. Replacable NiMH batteries are better than LiIon in my opinion.
12:34:31dwihnoIsn't the Li/Ion replaceable?
12:34:39quelsarukit's internal
12:34:48quelsarukthx Zagor
12:34:48Zagorand it's custom
12:35:02dwihnoIt's custom?! :(
12:35:07dwihnoAye, the evilness! :(
12:35:16dwihnoWe need to bribe them with kebab.
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12:53:25bobTHCbye all!!
12:53:27 Part bobTHC
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13:21:09quelsarukhi Bagder
13:34:15dwihnoThe only diff between 1.0 and 1.1 ID3 tags is the year?
13:34:27BagderI dunno
13:36:26quelsaruki think it's also the numaber
13:36:48dwihnoThen there's a diff
13:37:36 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
13:38:33Zagor1.1 added track number. 1.0 had year already.
13:39:00dwihnoThat's what i ment
13:39:03dwihnoMe senile
13:39:24*Bagder thinks the Id3-system is really messy made
13:39:26dwihnoZagor: In WPS_BLABLA, there's only version 1.1 in %id3version tag
13:39:32*dwihno agrees to Bagder
13:39:36Zagordwihno: just fixed it
13:39:45dwihnoZagor: Ah, nice :)
13:39:50dwihnoZagor: I just noticed it while reading
13:41:43Bagder"The odds are 1 in 1,429,404 that we will wrap this thing up in the next 24 hours."
13:42:15Zagorit seems the FM recorder uses an Archos-tagged isd300
13:42:58ZagorProduct=ARCHOS USB2.0 (P4a)
13:44:35dwihnoZagor: where did you get that info?
13:44:52Zagora mail
13:45:00quelsarukfrom archos?
13:45:14Zagorno, from an FM user trying to connect is FM to linus
13:46:13quelsaruki thought archos was colaborating
13:47:19Zagori spoke to them again today. with some patience, I think we can have a good cooperation between them and us.
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13:53:44langhaarrockerHi! Does anybody know wether the daily builds page is generated with some magic build tool / library / cms? Or was it developed for rockbox?
13:54:10BagderI wrote the perl scripts for it
13:54:31Bagderthey were developed for this purpose, yes
13:54:48langhaarrockerAre they triggered by cvs commits?
13:55:20Bagderno, I poll the status in a crontab job
13:55:39Bagderand check for updates
13:58:08langhaarrockerok. Thank you.
14:09:31quelsarukwell, it's time to go home!
14:09:39Bryantgo home?
14:09:40Bryantbut it's morning
14:10:07langhaarrockerno, its 14:10
14:10:09quelsaruktime for lunch,
14:10:21langhaarrockerlate lunch, maybe
14:10:42quelsaruknot in spain
14:10:54quelsaruk14:30 is an early lunch
14:11:26Bryanthah...7am over here
14:11:39langhaarrockerwhen you have lunch that late - haven't you starved to death nearly?
14:12:09quelsaruknot really
14:12:41quelsaruknormally we have breakfast at 10:00 am and dinner at 10:30 p.m.
14:13:01Bryanti don't think everyone in spain does that
14:13:02quelsarukwe are a strange country ;)
14:13:49quelsarukit's usual to have a break at work to have a coffee at 10:00 or 10:30
14:14:34Bryantare spanish general... easy going people?
14:14:51quelsarukeasy going?
14:14:57langhaarrockerso it seems that the average man in spain has a comparable schedule to an average lazy university student in germany ... :)
14:15:00quelsaruki don't understand
14:15:06Bryantas opposed to americans, who sometimes, can be pretty uptight...
14:15:23Bryantexactly what i mean langhaarrocker
14:15:35Bryantlazy student in US too
14:15:51quelsarukwell.. in general, if you work for the state... yes
14:15:53Bryantyou can't expect to be terribly productive if you're working late late at night
14:16:13Zagordo you guys think we should grab and use that instead of ?
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14:16:49quelsarukit's said tha spanish people are the most productive in the world, because we work just 30 minutes and do the same that other could do in 8 hours
14:17:04quelsarukthat's not really true has a negative makes rockbox appear like a hack
14:17:23Zagorwel... it is :-)
14:17:40Bryantzagor: don't want potential rockboxers to think that
14:17:54quelsarukBryant: why not?
14:18:04Bryantzagor: either way.... .org has a more professional sound to it
14:18:05BagderZagor: so you can get the
14:18:17langhaarrockerfor free?
14:18:33Bagder" | Domain taken"
14:18:42ZagorBagder: it appears to be grabbed by, which is a registrant. so I guess I could buy it from them
14:18:43Bryanti wonder if it's a porn site
14:18:58BagderZagor: I checked with them just now, they say its taken .net .org and all taken
14:19:47Zagoryou are right
14:20:07Zagor Lasting Impressions
14:20:07Zagor 16 Cimla Rd
14:20:07Zagor Neath, West Glamorgan SA11 3PP
14:20:07Zagor UK
14:20:27langhaarrockerbut no
14:20:47Bagderwe can't get that now anyway
14:20:47Zagornope, that seems to be free to a final
14:20:55Zagorwe'll have to wait for new rules in april
14:20:59Bryantlater guys
14:21:05Bagderbye Bryant, merry xmas
14:21:14quelsarukMerry Christmas rockboxers! see you in January!!
14:21:40quelsarukand happy new year
14:21:55langhaarrockerguten Rutsch!
14:22:02quelsarukfelices fiestas ;)
14:22:15langhaarrockerlooks like cat party to me :)
14:22:17Zagorgosh was registered in 1997, and paid for until 2008!
14:22:52Zagorfive years later, still no content...
14:23:02 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
14:23:27langhaarrockermaybe the content was illegal? Maby some hacker site? :)
14:23:37Zagornot even an MX entry is free
14:26:36Zagorinfo is a silly domain :-)
14:26:52Zagori want rockbox.tgz ;)
14:26:53Bagderyes, it doesn't have the correct "feeling"
14:27:06Bagderrockbox.ajz :-)
14:28:06dwihnoChange the name to Archbox and get another domain ;)
14:30:58Zagoroooh, that wouldn't be very diplomatic :-)
14:32:03langhaarrockerwhat was the name that was voted for the project originally? :)
14:32:18Bagderorpheus, right?
14:32:27dwihnoOr ZagLiBag-Box ;)
14:32:32dwihnoZagLiBag! :D
14:32:36dwihnoSounds pretty funny :)
14:32:47Zagoryes i think orpheus was the actual winner. until i rigged the vote :-)
14:33:12dwihnoZagor - the vote tamperer
14:33:28langhaarrockerapropos rigging the vote - any news about the t-shirts?
14:35:02Bagderno news, I still need the print in hires
14:36:29langhaarrockerWell, it's too cold for t-shirts anyway...
14:36:46Bagderyeah ;-/
14:37:27dwihnoIt's never too cold
14:37:55langhaarrockermaybe not if you wear all the rockbox t-shirts at once.
14:41:33 Join MeltedGuy [0] (
14:42:02langhaarrockershouldn't it be MoltenGuy?
14:42:22MeltedGuyi got a question
14:42:31*Bagder buckles up
14:42:50dwihno"Don't be a dummy, buckle your safety belt!"
14:42:56MeltedGuywhen i run make in apps it tells me to run configure
14:43:04MeltedGuyso i do that
14:43:07MeltedGuybut that dosnt do anything
14:43:18MeltedGuyso whats wrong lol
14:43:28Bagderdocs/README ?
14:43:37MeltedGuychecked em
14:43:45MeltedGuyit says run configure
14:43:58Bagderyes, in the dir you created at step 3
14:44:00MeltedGuybut when i run configure it says not a reconized command
14:44:11MeltedGuyyeah i did that
14:44:12Bagderright, you need to write the correct path to it
14:44:14langhaarrockeryou use unix / cygwin?
14:44:23Bagdertools even
14:44:57Bagderfor cross compiling?
14:45:16MeltedGuybadger when i run configure it says not a reconized command
14:45:31Bagderyes, because the configure script is for unix or cygwin
14:45:41MeltedGuyah ok
14:45:52Bagderwhich is the best way to build rockbox...
14:46:08MeltedGuynow i hav to downloag cygwin. ok thanks
14:46:41langhaarrockerBagder: you may buckle down, now. :)
14:46:55*Bagder unbuckles and relaxes again
14:47:06*Bagder grins
14:47:43MeltedGuyone more question i compiled bmp2rb and it works, yet when i input a bmp file with 8 bit it says it has a 1024 depth
14:48:28Bagderthat sounds like a kind of bug
14:49:38Zagorbug? but we don't have bugs...
14:49:39MeltedGuyshould i use GNUSH or CYGWIN for compiling rockbox?
14:50:03ZagorI thought I declared that long ago: Stop with those silly bug things!
14:50:23*Bagder puts the blame on.... eeeeh... let's see. uuuh... matsl!
14:50:29MeltedGuyZagor do you know what the problem is?
14:50:42ZagorMeltedGuy: nope, sorry. haven't touch that particular code
14:51:08MeltedGuyso which compiler should i use CGYWIN or GNUSH?
14:51:51*Bagder is a Windows cluebie
14:53:16MeltedGuyC:\rbuild\tools>bmp2rb -i freak -a freak.bmp
14:53:17MeltedGuyerror - Bitmap uses more than 8 bit depth, got 1024
14:54:40Bagderthat tool isn't the highest prio in the project ;-)
14:54:48MeltedGuyi know lol
14:57:00MeltedGuybmp2rb is suppost to hex dump the bmp file right?
14:57:13Bagderit makes a C source out of it
14:57:25Bagderto use in rockbox code
14:57:52MeltedGuythe graphics in the c code are shown as hex in icons.c
14:58:19Bagderyes, the code will use hex
14:58:42Bagderthe rockbox-logo in icons.c is converted that way
14:58:59Bagder(even though we made that before the tool existed)
15:02:03langhaarrockerso the tool was never used? :)
15:02:09Bagderyes it was
15:02:44BagderMats used it for all the icons to the player sim for example
15:04:03MeltedGuyyeah i need to use that tool so i can edit the GUI of the rockbox
15:04:27MeltedGuyi jsut send in a bug report it will probobly get a prioty of like -5 though lol
15:05:44 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:06:43MeltedGuybadger will CGYWIN correctly compile the uisimulator or will i need GNUSH for that?
15:08:14 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:08:25Bagderyou need to build a crosscompiler or get a prebuilt one
15:09:27MeltedGuyi know that
15:09:55MeltedGuybut in the instruction for compiling the uisimulator it says for gnush
15:10:08Bagderbtw, I bet the bmp2rb compiler is due to your compiler not doing the struct packing correctly
15:10:28Bagderbmp2rb bug I mean
15:10:51ZagorMeltedGuy: you are right. the uisimulator uses a normal compiler, not a crosscompiler
15:11:36MeltedGuybagder i will try building it with cygwin
15:12:11Bagderdo that, if you get problems, don't hesitate to mail to the list if no one is around here to help
15:12:50MeltedGuyzago look at this
15:12:51MeltedGuy656827 bmp2rb.exe does not work correctly 2002-12-20 09:07 zagor meltedguy
15:12:51MeltedGuy* Denotes Requests 31 Days Old
15:13:16*Zagor hangs head in shame
15:13:31 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:13:32 Quit langhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
15:14:16BagderI'm off, see ya at xmas party zaggie
15:14:26 Quit Bagder ("")
15:14:31 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:14:50MeltedGuyi clicked on my bug report summary
15:15:10MeltedGuyand it gives me the option to change who the problem is assigned to
15:15:13MeltedGuyand the resoulution
15:19:22MeltedGuyassigned_to zagor 2002-12-20 09:17 meltedguy
15:19:22MeltedGuyassigned_to nobody 2002-12-20 09:12 meltedguy
15:19:30MeltedGuythis is strange
15:21:14Zagoryeah, that's a shortcoming of the Sourceforge tracker system.
15:21:58MeltedGuywhat you mean?
15:22:15MeltedGuyno seriouley it let me do that
15:22:15Zagorthat anyone can assign bugs to anybody
15:22:41MeltedGuyso thats suppost to show
15:23:20MeltedGuyso who should oi assign it to? :)
15:24:37MeltedGuyi can also change the priority
15:24:40 Join Phil [0] (
15:24:56Zagoryes I know. just leave them alone. it's better if developers modify those fields.
15:26:25MeltedGuyi think i asked this before but, should i use GNUSH or CGYWIN to build the UISimulator?
15:26:46PhilVisual C++
15:27:03ZagorPhil: did you fix it? ;)
15:27:44MeltedGuyi have visual C++ 6.0 but i lost that danm CD LOL my brother gave it to me, he had to buy it for collage
15:28:37*MeltedGuy goes looking for it right now
15:32:11MeltedGuyi found it
15:35:07Zagorthe win32 build is not updated in a long time. better use the unix build.
15:35:46 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:35:49MeltedGuyi don have a unix machine
15:35:57Zagorcygwin is your unix machine :-)
15:36:19 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:36:25MeltedGuyit emulates unix?
15:37:19MeltedGuyso your saying i should cygwin and not visual C++ ?
15:38:28 Quit langhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
15:38:54MeltedGuyso your saying i should cygwin and not visual C++ ?
15:39:02 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:39:26MeltedGuyso your saying i should use cygwin and not use visual C++ for building and editing rockbox and the uisimulator?
15:41:01*MeltedGuy goies and downloads cygwin
15:44:05MeltedGuyshould i download from internet or install from internet?
15:44:48 Quit Phil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:45:11MeltedGuyi will install from intewrnet
15:52:23 Part Zagor
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15:55:02 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
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16:17:36 Part Zagor
16:23:44 Quit MeltedGuy ("If Lamers Could Fly, Then DALnet would be an airport")
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20:13:59Bryantperhaps this is a bug
20:15:08Bryantif i turn the Archos off even though nothing's playing..when i turn it back on, it sometimes asks to "resume: play Yes any no
20:16:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:20:25Bryantoh appears to be an option
20:29:49adi|workif you shut your player off when it is playing something, it stores that resume
20:30:06adi|workand _every_ time you turn the unit on it asks if you have it set to 'resume'
20:30:16adi|workthats why there is the 'ask one' 'ask always
20:30:22adi|workand 'always resume' opitons
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