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#rockbox log for 2002-12-22

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04:42:47boxman666I see no one turned the lights of on their way out the door
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06:21:27crazybeehello all
06:22:43crazybeedoes anyone have the pinout for the Archos Multimedia jukebox? so I don't have to buy a $50 USB or firewire adapter?
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06:34:03XtUXany info on setting up infra to transfer file to other devices
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06:41:04*X makin *.mp3
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06:48:34crazybeehowdy again, any ways, these people have built a standalone MP3 player using the MAS DSP:
06:49:11MrSnazzthanks for the link
06:49:30crazybeeyup, used a PIC to control it, but the 3507 seems to just do its job no hassles
06:50:40crazybeehmm.. was my previous question answered? I did check the FAQ
06:50:55MrSnazzi don't know the answer, sorry :(
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06:52:14Xhow do you get the rockbox to show the mp3 info while playing is possible ?
06:52:22crazybeedamn.. I was hoping someone outthere bought teh cable and had a multimeter to do a pin sweep to fnd out which pins are what.. I really don't feel like spending anouther $50 on it
06:53:51crazybeehmm.. found a web page in china aboutthe chip
06:55:59crazybeeknow if there is a webpage on the new archos opened up and examined?
07:06:37crazybeehey, is *MB the most you can upgrade the Archos with? the iPod has 32MB
07:06:40crazybeejust curious
07:19:26crazybeeoh, hey, I am assuming the current firmware updates are NOT for the new multimedia jukebox, correct? :)
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08:37:11NorrinHas anyone taken the FM Recorder apart and upgraded the HD?
08:37:31NorrinI'm looking for instructions on how to do it? I have a 40GB I want to move from my player to the recorder.
08:38:02crazybeeprobably, did you go o the website and check the FAQ?
08:38:57NorrinI can only find instructions for the player and older recorder, not the new FM recorder.
08:39:31crazybeegoto the webiste and use teh serach function, it will search all of the archives and then you will probably find your answer..
08:42:14NorrinNo luck, pulls up all the disassemble instructions for the player, not the FM recorder. Thanks though, I'll keep looking.
08:42:39crazybeejust check the archive later.. they say they answer questions posted at a later date
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08:57:20NorrinAnyone else know of a website showing disassemble instructions for the FM Recorder or Multimedia?
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10:30:33Jimbocan't I use floats at all with rockbox?
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13:31:25Phantomif a file have ID3 v1 and V2 which is use ?
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14:06:55Phantomsomebody ?
14:07:07Phantomanybody ?
14:07:42Phantom"In #rockbox, nobody hear you scream"
14:12:17Hadakait's almost christmas :)
14:14:20Phantomif a file have ID3 v1 and V2 which is use in display ?
14:16:19HadakaV2, if they are good
14:16:25Hadakathere's some checks made, afaik
14:16:37Hadakabut v2 is preferred
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17:01:20Bryantanyone here
17:01:36Bryantdoes anyone know if there is a way to browse music while something is playing?
17:02:07Hadakapress 'on'
17:03:14Bryantand then f1?
17:03:30Bryantoh i see
17:03:45Hadakano problem :)
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17:42:32SmoothPeanutButtIs there any difference between the Recorder 15 and Recorder 20 other than the size of the HDD?
17:42:54Hadakahm, lemme check
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17:43:55HadakaI'm not entirely sure
17:44:05Hadakaif there is a difference
17:44:18Hadakathen it's the difference that recorder 20 has USB 2.0 and recorder 15 doesn't
17:44:21Hadakaso if you check that
17:44:22Phantomtwo day without any updaten that is strange ..
17:44:27Hadakayou should be safe
17:44:35HadakaPhantom: jingle bells jingle bells...
17:44:53Phantomyes right
17:45:26SmoothPeanutButtThe box on the 15 says "2.0 Compatible" whether this means that it will do 2.0 is the quesiton...
17:45:39Phantomthe 15 is a fake
17:45:49Phantomthis isn't an official archos
17:46:00HadakaSmoothPeanutButt: it should have a big 'USB 2.0' logo
17:46:50SmoothPeanutButtIt's a real archos. Just that there is a sticker on the box that says "2.0 Compatible"
17:47:05HadakaSmoothPeanutButt: the archos website doesn't sell that model
17:47:27Phantomhadaka you type faster than me ;-)
17:47:38SmoothPeanutButtRwally, cause I saw it at Ciruit city. Official box and eveything. What's the deal then?
17:47:38HadakaSmoothPeanutButt: but there should be a USB 2.0 logo somewhere on the box
17:47:49SmoothPeanutButtWhat's the logo look like?
17:47:53Bryantno it's official
17:47:56Bryantthey discontinued it though
17:48:06HadakaSmoothPeanutButt: blue, should have a big USB text and 2.0 smaller below it
17:48:08Bryanti don't think they'll be producing it after a while
17:48:10PhantomI'm sure
17:48:16Bryantyou're srue?
17:48:29Bryantbecause it looks quite official everywhere i looked
17:49:13SmoothPeanutButtI'm certain that it's legit. I'd just like to find out what the differences are.
17:49:33Phantomthis is a 6go or 10go or 20go BUT with another hard drive
17:50:05Bryantwho makes the 15 gb model then?
17:50:09Bryantif it's not archos
17:50:33Bryantit's illegal for them to put archos's original packaging on it to sell
17:51:08Phantomthe hard drive is change by another person, it's possible to find 40go archos recorder
17:51:43SmoothPeanutButtI'm guessing that it's a discontinued model. Most people would probably go for 10 or 20. It wans't selling enough probably.
17:51:52Bryantno but still
17:52:03HadakaSmoothPeanutButt: I'd really try to make sure it is USB2.0, if you care about that
17:52:08Bryantit's illegal for that person to sell their modified archos at retailers under archos's name
17:52:23Bryantthey MUST say "modified" someplace
17:52:47Bryantand if smoothpeanutbutt is sure he saw it sold at circuit city in the original Archos package..then well
17:52:52Phantom2 second I search the web site
17:53:16SmoothPeanutButtYeah, that's why I'm trying to find out if it is just a 20 with a 15 drive in it, or a 10 with a 15 drive. The 20 is USB2.0 but the 10 is 1.1
17:53:58Phantomthe two are possible
17:54:21Phantombut I think strange to use a 20...
17:54:59SmoothPeanutButtWhat's the diff in speed between 1.1 and 2.0?
17:55:29HadakaSmoothPeanutButt: USB 2.0 is 480mbit/s, USB 1.1 is 12mbit/s or something like that
17:55:46Hadakathough ofcourse the harddrive can't make such speeds
17:56:08Hadakaso the actual difference is less than 1megabyte per sec vs. several per sec
17:56:30SmoothPeanutButtWhat's the peak bandwidth of the HDDs?
17:56:52Hadakawell it depends on the HDDs, even the same units do not always come with the same HDD
17:57:37SmoothPeanutButtWell, I can get a Recorder 15 for $180 (at the store) or the 20 for $200 (online)
17:57:56Hadakamine is FUJITSU MHN2200AT - you can possibly find specs on the net about it
17:57:57Phantomlook here :
17:58:20HadakaSmoothPeanutButt: I'd advise to go for the 20, even though a bit more expensive - I'm not trusting any other models yet
17:59:14SmoothPeanutButtThat site has these specs for the 20: Transfer Rate: USB (Compatible with PC and Mac)
17:59:14SmoothPeanutButtUp to 1MB/sec.
17:59:41Phantomso they use 10or 6
17:59:51Phantomnormal, they are less expensive..
17:59:51HadakaSmoothPeanutButt: usb 1.1 can do that up to 1mb/sec
18:00:24HadakaSmoothPeanutButt: if they didn't mention it specially, I don't think they had a usb 2.0 card in the computer
18:01:24SmoothPeanutButtAha.. Found a reference on the archos site. Go to the Recorder 10 and bring up the specs. Listed at the top: "Jukebox Recorder 6 - 6GB USB 1.1
18:01:24SmoothPeanutButtJukebox Recorder 10 - 10GB USB 1.1
18:01:24SmoothPeanutButtJukebox Recorder 15 - 15GB USB 1.1
18:01:25DBUGEnqueued KICK SmoothPeanutButt
18:01:37SmoothPeanutButtMystery solved.
18:01:45Hadakaheh, so it seems
18:04:35Bryanti told you it's officially archos
18:06:35Phantomurl please
18:07:22SmoothPeanutButt . Click on the "Features and Specs" link.
18:10:35Phantomright, BUT !
18:10:36Phantom500277 - US Jukebox Recorder 15, 15GB HD
18:10:49PhantomIt was only sell in USA
18:10:59Phantomand... I'm french
18:11:52SmoothPeanutButtah. Probably. Anyone have a link to the "official" usb 2.0 logo image. I want to make sure of something.
18:12:23Phantomsure :
18:16:27Bryanthehe..only in usa
18:16:44PhantomYES, but i'm happy with mine
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18:22:06SmoothPeanutButtIt's weord becuase the box for the 15 had the same "USB 2.0 Compatible" stickers on it that the Recorder 20 has.. strange, very strange
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20:12:59ken0_is there any way I could get to the DC IN part to resolder it WITHOUT taking the unit's electronics apart?
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22:09:31Xmmm yea :-0 who cn help ?? Have GNUSH and all that on XP pro, compiled a program and want to mess with rockbox should i just take the .mod and .ajz file and copy to another file, and do what
22:10:16Xalso playing mp3's in car thru fm modulator and the batteries go dead in less than an hour's time is that right ?
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22:17:57hardeepX: copy the .ajz file to the root directory on your JB to use it
22:18:31hardeepX: it's just like an Archos firmware upgrade
22:18:37Hadakahmmh, fm modulator? how does that work?
22:19:01Xit's ok, the mp3's need
22:19:19Hadakais it just a plug in the 'ear plug' on the archos which is then modulated for the car?
22:19:20Xto be ripped at higher bits rate
22:19:27Xfor it to sound good
22:19:52Xhad set up route66 on linux box and ran in car with fm mod, that was really good
22:20:15Xthis is better cause of size
22:20:23Hadakathere shouldn't be a reason why batteries on the archos would die out in one hour
22:20:48Xi charged first 6 hours and second 11,
22:21:13Hadakahow was the archos plugged in?
22:21:18Xthe os doesn't get to start and the screen goes blank
22:21:21Hadakain the car?
22:21:49Xi had it plugged in to the charger on a strip, also had usb plugged in and was ripping at the time
22:22:06Hadakausb drains loads of power
22:22:09Xyes in the car after playing about 40 min
22:22:22Xunplug and charge then
22:22:31Hadakaand so does recording
22:22:48Xmmmm :-> ic
22:22:51Hadakabut while just playing, you should never get something as low as one hour of playtime
22:23:03Hadakamore like 10 or 12 hours
22:23:28Xwhen the player is playing can it be charged at the same time ?
22:23:36Hadakayes it can
22:24:02Xso i will plug in the car also then
22:24:37Xcan you tell me about the compiler a little i have everything the rockbox said to get
22:24:37Hadakathough, continuous discharge and charge on extended periods of time does hurt the batteries quite a lot
22:24:57Hadakasomeone else has to answer that - I haven't compiled rockbox ever on windows
22:25:10Xwell first i have to charge correctly without the usb connected
22:25:21Xlinux ?
22:25:27hardeepX: what problems are you having with the compiler?
22:25:34Hadakarockbox has a deep discharge mode, which will first let batteries drop to 10%, and then charge to full, and then repeat
22:25:39Hadakayeah, linux
22:26:07Xno prob checked to see if i could hello world, and it does, i just need starting point to use with rockbox
22:26:47Xwhat files to use mod and ajz
22:27:02Xshould i use the originals i have in temp dir
22:27:14Hadakaumm, you are asking weird questions :)
22:27:23Hadakawhat unit do you have and what do you wish to do? :)
22:28:24Xi have the archos 20 gig, i added the latest build of rockbox a few fonts and stuff, but i wanted to mess with the rockbox code
22:28:34Hadakarecorder or studio?
22:29:56Hadakawell then
22:30:03Hadakaif you have installed the compiler propertly
22:30:07Hadakaand downloaded the latest sources
22:30:37Hadakayou execute do tools/configure to create a Makefile - and then make should produce you a 'ajbrec.ajz' file
22:30:50Hadakawhich is the thing you should copy at the root of your archos drive
22:31:44Xok i have to get the source, not used to downloading files which need to be compiled into windows
22:32:07Hadakawell you said you wanted to mess with the rockbox code?
22:32:16Hadakaif you just want the firmware, download the latest release
22:32:22Hadakaor daily build
22:32:24Hadakaor bleeding edge
22:32:55Hadaka <- there's the url to the latest bleeding edge build
22:33:13Hadakajust simply copy that on your archos and it should boot into rockbox
22:37:08Xthnks for your help
22:37:41Hadakano problem :)
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22:40:04EnnaNyou know this: −−−−[ 655105 ] Queue function−−−− patch?
22:40:32EnnaNsearching for some1 that uses it...
22:41:04HadakaI don't
22:41:47EnnaNhmm..looks like a good patch...could use the feature...but never read anything bout it on the mailinglist...
22:41:53EnnaNwhat you think bout it?
22:43:08Hadakahaven't looked into the patch myself
22:45:33 Quit EnnaN ("Leaving")
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22:51:22NiekIs there a limit to the stack size?
22:53:28HadakaI do think so
22:54:02Hadakadefault stack size is 400 bytes
22:54:21NiekI've ported the game Asteroids to the RockBox, pretty neat, but since I've removed all global variables in to locals it wont run anymore
22:54:23Hadakabut you can apparently specify it by hand per thread
22:54:46Hadakait may be that it hits the 400byte limit then
22:54:54NiekI have it running in the win32 emulator real good thoufh
22:55:02Hadakastatic char usb_stack[DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE];
22:55:12Hadaka create_thread(usb_thread, usb_stack, sizeof(usb_stack), usb_thread_name);
22:55:26Niekmy program doesn't use any thread
22:55:38Hadakawell then it runs in the application thread, lemme check that
22:56:50Hadakahmm, can't find the size now
22:56:56Hadakabut I would expect it be the 400 bytes
22:57:17Niekah the game uses more than that (a lot more)
22:58:07Niekso I need globals for that...
22:59:17Hadakain the debug menus, there should be a 'view stack usage' or something similar
22:59:37Niekunfortunately when I start the game the entire archos crashes
23:01:04Hadakathe entire stack available to rockbox seems to be something rather small as well
23:01:14Hadakaso you probably do need to lessen the stack usage heavily
23:01:47NiekDo you have any experience with changing floating point code to integer code?
23:02:13Hadakanot much
23:04:35NiekOkay made them globals again... let's see
23:05:38Niekhe, runned for a few seconds, then it gave me a *PANIC*
23:05:50NiekStkov scroll
23:06:10HadakaI think that's a stack overflow too
23:06:59Hadakait means that the scroll thread got a stack overflow - I'm not sure if it directly means that or that the previous thread got an overflow
23:08:35Hadaka if(stackptr[0] != 0xdeadbeef)
23:08:35Hadaka panicf("Stkov %s", thread_name[next]);
23:08:53Hadakaso it means probably that the previous thread write over the next threads stack
23:08:59Hadakaand the next thread was scroll
23:10:47NiekI see...
23:11:05NiekWhich buttons can be pressed simultaneously?
23:11:39 Join TotMacher [0] (
23:11:56Hadakathat I do not know at all
23:12:19Hadakaif you go to the debug menu
23:12:22NiekSince thrusting the ship and stearing at the same time isn't possible
23:12:27Hadakaand go to View I/O ports
23:12:36Hadakaand then press buttons
23:12:48Hadakayou should see what values different io ports get
23:12:58Hadakaand you can perhaps determine the thing yourself
23:22:01 Quit ken0 ("zZz")
23:22:30 Join ken0 [0] (marklar2@
23:27:44XTrying to debug on win XP pro any suggestions ?
23:27:48Xkernel.c: In function `IMIA0':
23:27:48Xkernel.c:206: insn does not satisfy its constraints:
23:27:48X(insn 143 142 144 (set (mem:SI (pre_dec:SI (reg/f:SI 15 r15)) [0 S4 A32])
23:27:48DBUGEnqueued KICK X
23:27:48X (reg:SI 151 fpscr)) 112 {movsi_i} (insn_list 142 (nil))
23:27:48X (expr_list:REG_INC (reg/f:SI 15 r15)
23:27:48***Alert Mode level 1
23:27:48X (nil)))
23:27:51Xkernel.c:206: Internal compiler error in extract_constrain_insn_cached, at recog
23:27:54XPlease submit a full bug report,
23:27:57Xwith preprocessed source if appropriate.
23:27:58XSee <URL:> for instructions.
23:28:00Xmake[1]: *** [kernel.o] Error 1
23:28:02Xmake[1]: Leaving directory `G:/Program Files/kpit/GNUSH v0204-ELF/Build/firmware
23:28:06Xmake: *** [librockbox.a] Error 2
23:28:22XBesides submit a full bug report
23:29:51Hadakacheck if there is a newer gcc available
23:30:32 Quit EnnaN (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:30:57NiekNo you need an older version
23:31:09NiekYou're trying the 204 version
23:31:15Niekyou need the 203
23:31:40Niek(I had that problem too)
23:31:57X203 ? sounds good
23:37:49***Alert Mode OFF
23:56:15 Quit X ()
23:58:38Niekanyone interested in having the win32 simulator binary of asteroids?

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